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Shana Abé

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Shana Abé
Sweetest Dark, The
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Leigh Greenwood
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Leigh Greenwood is a man! He knows men aren't supposed to write romance, but he does and he doesn't intend to quit. Leigh didn’t know what romance was when he got married in 1972, but suddenly romances started collecting all over the house. They were everywhere he looked, in the den, on the kitchen table, in the living room, stacked along one whole wall in the bedroom, even in the bathroom. When his wife wasn't cooking or taking care of the children, she was reading a romance, so you can blame it on his wife.

He admits he was a little supercilious about her choice of reading material. Until he read Georgette Heyer's These Old Shades and then he changed his mind. He loved it. To this day it's one of his favorite books. Being thoroughly hooked, he searched new and used bookstores until he'd collected every book Georgette Heyer ever wrote.

Somewhere along the line, he read that women could make decent money (more than he could as a music teacher) writing historicals, so he tried to get his wife to write one. She told him she couldn't write, that he ought to write one. He didn't know much about writing, and nothing at all about the romance market, so he joined Romance Writers of America. Wyoming Wildfire was published by Zebra in 1987, the rest is history . . .

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Photo: Leigh Greenwood
Website Links
Book Series
Cactus Creek Cowboys
Night Riders
Seven Brides
The Cowboys
Book List
Forever and Always (11/15)

To Love and To Cherish (11/14)

To Have and To Hold (11/13)

Heart of a Texan (11/12)

Texas Pride (03/12)

No One But You (09/10)

Seven Brides: Fern (reissue) (08/10)

Seven Brides; Rose (reissue) (08/10)

Seven Brides: Iris (reissue) (08/10)

Seven Brides: Laurel (reissue) (08/10)

When Love Comes (04/10)

Someone Like You (03/09)

Texas Tender (01/07)

Texan's Honor, A (07/06)

Colorado Bride (re-issue) (06/06)

Rebel Enchantress (re-issue) (02/06)

Mavericks, The (12/05)

Scarlet Sunset, Silver Nights (09/05)

Captain's Caress, The (07/05)

Arizona Embrace (03/05)

Reluctant Bride, The (01/05)

Independent Bride, The (03/04)

Seductive Wager (02/04)

Sweet Temptation (10/03)

Born to Love (06/03)

Family Merger (02/03)

Texas Bride (12/02)

Wicked Wyoming Nights (04/02)

Texas Homecoming (03/02)

Undercover Honeymoon (02/02)

Matt (06/01)

Luke (12/00)

Drew (05/00)

Love on the Run (03/00)

Married by High Noon (01/00)

Pete (08/99)

Winner's Circle, The (07/99)

Chet (04/99)

Sean (04/99)

Just What the Doctor Ordered (01/99)

Buck (03/98)

Ward (09/97)

Only You (09/97)

Jake (03/97)

Lily (09/96)

Violet (03/96)

Their First Noel (Anthology) (11/95)

Daisy (09/95)

Laurel (03/95)

Old-Fashioned Southern Christmas, An (Anthology) (11/94)

Iris (09/94)

Fern (04/94)

Rose (10/93)

Rebel Enchantress (11/92)

Colorado Bride (11/90)

Wyoming Wildfire (06/87)


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