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In My Wildest Dreams
by : Christina Dodd

Beautiful 17-year-old Celeste Milford is only the gardener's daughter, but she falls madly in love with the younger brother of the very rich and powerful Garrick Throckmorton the Third. Lady Bucknell, proprietress of the Distinguished Academy of Governesses and a family friend, assesses the hopeless situation and graciously offers to enroll and train Celeste as a governess at her academy. So Celeste leaves for London and Paris, protesting loudly. Four years later, Celeste returns to Blythe Hall a poised, well-traveled, independent woman experienced with the intrigues of politics after a stint as governess to the children of the Russian ambassador. Hired by Garrick to be governess to his motherless daughter and niece, Celeste has a not-so-hidden agenda, for she plans to charm Ellery Throckmorton away from his fiancé. Garrick has no intention of letting Celeste's plans come to fruition and sets out to monopolize her time and seduce her away from thoughts of Ellery. Much to his surprise, Celeste enchants him, fills him with lust, and destroys his famous self-control. Celeste is equally stunned to find herself drawn to Garrick--and she begins to see Ellery in a less flattering light. But Garrick doesn't believe in love, and when Celeste's appeal threatens to overwhelm him, he's determined to send her back to Paris. Before he can do so, however, he'll have to resolve the question of who's leaking information about his spy activities. Could it be Celeste? And just how does she know so much about spying, anyway?

In My Wildest Dreams is author Christina Dodd's historical homage to the classic film Sabrina. Dodd gives the story a unique twist with a heroine more sophisticated and wise than Sabrina and a hero more forceful than scheming. Readers also get witty dialogue, a colorful English setting, and very sexy love scenes in this well-written and thoroughly delightful romance. --Lois Faye Dyer

Series: Governess Brides
Rules of Surrender - Book 1
Rules of Engagement - Book 2
Rules of Attraction - Book 3
In My Wildest Dreams - Book 4
Lost In Your Arms - Book 5
My Favorite Bride - Book 6
Hero, Come Back - Book 7
In Bed With the Duke - Book 8
Taken by the Prince - Book 9

In My Wildest Dreams

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Avon Books
Publish Date:
October 2001
Historical: England - (1837-1901) Victorian

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