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Summer Skies
by : Judy Christenberry

They are a family of deep commitments, strong loyalties and everlasting ties, but there are two Randall brothers who have yet to find brides, and a long hot summer is approaching . . .
Left to their own devices, the bachelors would happily hole up at their Wyoming ranch. But now they have two contentedly married siblings to deal with, not to mention two very determined sisters-in-law – all of whom are out to put an end to the legendary Randall solitude.
Two full-length novels by bestselling author Judy Christenberry.

Book 1 - "Cowboy Groom."
Originally Published -
Date: January 1997 . . . ISBN: 0373166613 . . .
Harlequin American Romance - HAR # 661
The Cowboy Was Hog Tied!
One minute there were no women on the Randall ranch and the next Brett Randall was in knots over two!
Brett chose his rightful place behind two of his married brothers, but when he snuck back home to share his news, he got decked by a redheaded spitfire. Maybe it was the blow to his head, but suddenly he had visions of eyes as blue as the Wyoming summer sky . . . a petite country midwife bearing his children . . .
The last coherent thought this thinking-man’s cowboy had was: He’d found the woman of his dreams, all right – but it wasn’t the woman he’d proposed to!

Book 2 - "Cowboy Surrender."
Originally Published -
Date: February 1997 . . . ISBN: 0373166656 . . .
Harlequin American Romance - HAR # 665
How to Match a Matchmaker . . .
Redheads raiding his bunk, blondes batting eyelashes, brunettes bearing food . . . One by one they came after Jake Randall. Now, Jake had been known to stare down a charging bull at three paces, but these husband-hunting females made him turn tail and run!
But the only way he could outrun his newly married, matchmaking brothers was to find a girlfriend himself. A PRETEND girlfriend. And there was only one female he knew he'd be safe with – ranch vet B.J. Anderson. He'd worked alongside her for months. Heck, he'd even taught her son to rope a calf. Surely she'd save him from marriage and fatherhood.
And then Jake made one tactical error: To seal their bargain, he kissed her . . .

Series: Randalls
Cowboy Cupid - Book 1
Cowboy Daddy - Book 2
Cowboy Groom - Book 3
Cowboy Surrender - Book 4
Cowboy Come Home - Book 5
Randall Pride - Book 6
Wyoming Winter - Book 7
Randall Riches - Book 8
Summer Skies - Book 9
Randall Honor - Book 10
Unbreakable Bonds - Book 11
Randall Wedding - Book 12
Randall Renegade - Book 13
Randall Returns, A - Book 14
Randall on the Run - Book 15
Randall Thanksgiving, A - Book 16
Randall Hero, A - Book 17

Summer Skies

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Harlequin HQN Books
Publish Date:
May 2002
Contemporary: General Romance

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