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Shifting Calder Wind
by : Janet Dailey

Someone was trying to kill him.

That’s the only clear thought that comes to Chase Calder when he regains consciousness, with no memory of who he is, why he came to Fort Worth, or who tried to put a bullet in his head the night a cowboy named Laredo Smith saved his life. Laredo seems sure that the big, burly man with no memory is Chase Calder, owner of the Triple C Ranch in Montana. And according to the local papers, Chase Calder has just been declared dead—a victim of a fiery car crash. Chase’s gut tells him to stay dead until he can find the answers he needs. And the only place to find those answers is back in Montana.

The one person he can risk taking into his confidence is his daughter-in-law, Jessy Calder. Doing Chase’s bidding without tipping her hand that he’s alive forces the level-headed widow into an uneasy alliance with Laredo, who sparks an attraction Jessy can’t deny. But lawman Logan Echohawk’s sixth sense tells him there’s much more to Laredo Smith—if that’s even his name—than meets the eye, and he intends to find out what it is.

With the threat of discovery growing nearer, Chase fights to regain the memories that will tell him who wants him dead and why. And when one of his own family is murdered on Calder soil, Chase resolves to track down a killer . . . before the killer finds him first . . .

Series: The Calder Saga
This Calder Range - Book 1
Stands a Calder Man - Book 2
This Calder Sky - Book 3
Calder Born, Calder Bred - Book 4
Calder Pride - Book 5
Calder Pride (Reissue) - Book 5
Green Calder Grass - Book 6
Shifting Calder Wind - Book 7
Calder Promise - Book 8
Lone Calder Star - Book 9
Calder Storm (reissue) - Book 10
Calder Storm (Hardcover) - Book 10

Shifting Calder Wind

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Publish Date:
July 2003
Contemporary OR Suspense: Family Saga

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