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Seducing McCoy
by : Tori Carrington

Two Tori Carrington stories in one volume:
Law enforcement brothers David and Connor McCoy find that upholding the law can get in the way of love as they try to convince two women not to settle for less than the real McCoy in this duo of stories.

Book 1 - You Only Love Once.”
Originally Published -
Date: March 2001 . . . ISBN: 0373259239 . . .
Publisher: Harlequin Temptation - HT # 823
David McCoy likes to live on the edge. But even he never guessed that the gorgeous blonde he took to bed one night would end up assigned as his partner the next day! Sexy Kelli Hatfield is spirited, independent . . . and fully determined that their one-night stand will be just that — one night. Only, she hasn't counted on David's powers of persuasion.

Book 2 - Never Say Never Again.”
Originally Published -
Date: July 2001 . . . ISBN: 0373259379 . . .
Publisher: Harlequin Temptation - HT # 837
Connor McCoy — Strong. Serious. He's the last McCoy bachelor — and he intends to keep it that way.
Bronte O'Brien — Smart. Savvy. She's lusted after Connor for years. And now she has him right where she wants him.
U.S. Marshal Connor McCoy, the oldest of the McCoy clan, is used to looking after himself — and everybody else, too. But he's definitely out of his element when he finds himself framed for murder and has to rely on the talents of sassy, sexy junior U.S. Attorney Bronte O'Brien to prove his innocence. Only, there's nothing innocent about Bronte's intentions toward Connor. And she's about to show him just how talented she really is.

Series: Magnificent McCoy Men
License to Thrill - Book 1
P.I. Who Loved Her, The - Book 2
For Her Eyes Only - Book 3
You Only Love Once - Book 4
Never Say Never Again - Book 5
Real McCoy, A - Book 6
Seducing McCoy - Book 7

Seducing McCoy

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Harlequin/Silhouette Signature Select
Publish Date:
June 2006
Contemporary: General Romance

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