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Witness (Guarding Jeannie/Defending His Own)
by : Beverly Barton ,
Beverly Barton.

These are the first two books in the on-going 30 novel series, THE PROTECTORS. The prequels to these three "first" novels in the series are: This Side of Heaven, Paladin's Woman, and The Outcast.

The Protectors are back! From New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Beverly Barton come the first two chilling stories in this beloved series.

Guarding Jeannie For six years, Jeannie Alverson had thought about Sam Dundee’s haunting blue eyes, his warm touch. His was the face she saw in her dreams. He was the man she never expected to see again.

But now he had returned…to protect her.

Sam couldn’t turn his back on Jeannie. Once she had saved his life, and now she needed him. He vowed to guard her against all danger, but who would protect him from the innocence and love shining in her eyes?

Defending His Own Once Deborah Vaughn had loved Ashe McLaughlin with all of her teenage heart. Then he’d disappeared, leaving Deborah with nothing…except their son. Now Ashe was back, insisting she play the part of his lover.

Ashe had never forgotten Deborah and the night of passion they’d shared, or the way her father had railroaded him out of town.

But as the star witness in a murder trial, Deborah needed Ashe, and he would do anything to keep her safe.

Series: The Protectors
Witness (Guarding Jeannie/Defending His Own) - Book
This Side of Heaven - Book 1
Protectors - The Beginning, The - Book 1
Paladin's Woman - Book 2
Outcast, The - Book 3
Defending His Own - Book 4
Guarding Jeannie - Book 5
Blackwood's Woman - Book 6
Roarke's Wife - Book 7
Man Like Morgan Kane, A - Book 8
Gabriel Hawk's Lady - Book 9
Keeping Annie Safe - Book 10
Murdock's Last Stand - Book 11
Egan Cassidy's Kid - Book 12
Navajo's Woman - Book 13
Whitelaw's Wedding - Book 14
Sweet Caroline's Keeper - Book 15
Jack's Christmas Mission - Book 16
Princess's Bodyguard, The - Book 17
On Her Guard - Book 18
So This Is Christmas (Anthology) - Book 19
Grace Under Fire - Book 20
Downright Dangerous - Book 21
Keeping Baby Secret - Book 22
Laying His Claim - Book 23
Worth Dying For - Book 24
Worth Dying For (reissue) - Book 24
Ramirez's Woman - Book 25
Penny Sue Got Lucky - Book 26
Dangerous Deception - Book 27
His Only Obsession - Book 28
Time to Die, A - Book 29
Dying For You - Book 30

Witness (Guarding Jeannie/Defending His Own)

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Publish Date:
November 2010
Anthology- Suspense

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