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Tapestry (Anthology)
by : Lynn Kurland ,
Madeline Hunter,
Lynn Kurland (Bk 9 de Piaget series),
Sherrilyn Kenyon,
Karen Marie Moning.

Welcome to the world of chivalry and honor, of danger and desire, of legend, and of love... These four original novellas bring to life all the romance and adventure of the Middle Ages, with the common thread of a rich medieval tapestry woven through each tale by an acclaimed master of historical romance . . .

Book 1 -
Dragonswan - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dr. Channon MacRae wanted to unravel the mystery of the Dragon Tapestry. What she never expected to uncover was an entire society that is older than time. A secret society that has existed as part of the world and yet apart from it.
Sebastian Kattalakis has come forward in time to reclaim the tapestry he sold years before. The last thing he expects is to find a woman whose intellect and charm captures his animal attention. But he is a man on the run, outcast and ostracized, he can offer her nothing except a heart that was broken by circumstances four hundred years ago.
Channon doesn't see the outcast. She sees only a man who is noble and brave.
But will the kiss of the dragon free her or will it bind her to his side forever?

Book 2 -
To Kiss in the Shadows - Lynn Kurland
The women fear the arrival of Jason of Artane. However, one Lianna of Grasleigh hides in the shadows of her tapestry yet somehow Jason will find his heart's quest if he can make her see what he sees.

Book 3 -
An Interrupted Tapestry - Madeline Hunter
Desperate to make remittance on her brother's debt, Gisele tries to sell her best tapestry to old friend Hanseatic League trader Andreas. However, though not good for trade, Andreas and Gisele fall in love.

Book 4 -
Into the Dreaming - Karen Marie Moning
Re-released as single - under title: "Into the Dreaming."
Date: February 2006 . . . ISBN: 051514150X . . .
Publisher: Berkley (Jove)

Jane Sillee is a struggling romance writer whose dream Highlander has gone missing. Before she knows what's happened, she's been thrust back into the middle ages and into the arms of a magical Highlander who doesn't remember her, let alone his own name. Aedean MacKinnon was laird of his clan before the dark Unseelie king captured him and turned him into a ageless creature called Vengeance. Now, Jane has only one month to make Aedean remember himself . . .

Series: de Piaget series
Another Chance To Dream - Book 1
If I Had You - Book 2
Dreams of Stardust - Book 3
When I Fall in Love - Book 4
Christmas Cat, The (Anthology) - Book 5
This Is All I Ask - Book 6
More I See You, The - Book 7
From This Moment On - Book 8
To Kiss In the Shadows - Book 9
Tapestry (Anthology) - Book 9
Stardust of Yesterday - Book 10
Till There Was You - Book 11

Tapestry (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
September 2002
Anthology- Time Travel

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