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Lords of the White Castle
by : Elizabeth Chadwick

From the publisher: LORDS OF THE WHITE CASTLE is a breathless tale of honor, loyalty and revenge. Fulke FitzWarin is a fortunate young man. In the court of King Henry II, he serves as a companion to the Kings youngest son, Prince John. But the only thing the two have in common is their age. While John reaps the rewards of a priveleged and very spoiled life, Fulke treasures honor and loyalty to his family. When the Prince accuses Fulke of cheating at chess, Fulke must defend his family's name and gives the Prince a lesson in justice that he will never forget. A hostile rivalry is born that will span a lifetime and could threaten to keep the FitzWarin family from reclaiming their home.

Fulke remains in King Henry's court, serving as a squire to Lord Theobald Walter. Under Lord Walter's mentoring, Fulke flourishes into manhood and learns the great importance of morals and admiration. On the eve of his knighting, he meets Maude le Vavasour, a rebellious young girl twelve years of age. On the day heshould be celebrating his knighthood, Fulke is shocked to learn that he will also stand witness to the betrothal of Lord Walter to the adolescent Maude.

Years later, fulke returns to Lord Walters' side to celebrate the matrimonial festivities and give his respect to Lord Walter's new wife, Lady Maude Walter. Upon his arrival, Fulke is captivated by a stunning woman and instantly falls madly in love...with Maude! His feelings towards Maude are reciprocated but the two are forlorn since they can never reveal their love for fear of hurting Lord Walter. While the pair does what they can to steer clear of each others' paths, Fulke must face another obstacle. Prince John is to be instated as King, and he has not let go of his bitterness towards Fulke--leaving him to choose life as an outlaw, or bowing down to his worst enemy.


Lords of the White Castle

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St. Martin's Press
Publish Date:
April 2002
Historical: Medieval & Middle Ages 481-1453

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