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Embrace the Dawn
by : Kathleen Morgan

Morgan Shares the story of Killian Campbell, a young, strong-willed American woman visiting family with her husband, Alexander, in the Scottish Highlands. Desparate to escape an abusive and lifeless marriage, Killian plots to take their young son, Gavin, and return to their tobacco plantation in Virginia--and leave Alexander behind. When she's unable to convince Alexander's cousin, Adam Campbell, Laird of castle Achallader to help, she's left to escape on her own--and barely makes it out of the castle alive. As Alexander pursues them and attempts to kill them, a stranger emerges from the forest and saves their lives. And, Alexander ends up dead.

Killian's savior turns out to be Ruarc MacDonald, Laird of Rannoch Moor, and archenemy of Adam and the Campbell clan. Adam is determined to kill Ruarc to avenge the death of his foster sister, Sheila, Ruarc's first wife. Adam and Sheila had an affair, and Adam believes that Ruarc murdered Sheila, although Ruarc claims innocence.

In a strange twist of events, Killian saves Ruarc's life from Adam's grip and returns with him to Rannoch Moor. Father Kenneth, the priest at Rannoch, feels that it is God's will that Ruarc and Killian marry. Feeling trapped, Killean agrees to a six-week courtship although secretly plans to escape to America with Gavin before time runs out.

But trouble is brewing at Rannoch Moor. Someone is leaking information to Adam, determined to put an end to Ruarc. And Killian is the perfect bait.

Throughout this epic story, Killian and Ruarc must come to terms with the pain of their pasts and with God, whom remains faithful no matter what the circumstances. Morgan says that the main thing she wanted to get across to readers about faith in God is that he is Love.


Embrace the Dawn

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Tyndale House Publishers
Publish Date:
August 2002
Inspirational: Historical (various time periods)

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