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Natchez Moon
by : Clara Wimberly

Released under the publisher's multi-author mini-series - "Magnolia Road"

LeBeaux —
Bordered by sweetly scented hyacinths, gently blooming magnolia trees and lush, green fields of cotton, the magnificent Natchez plantation house sat proudly along the moonswept banks fo the vast Mississippi River.

Aimee —
LeBeaux Plantation, her late husband's recently restored ancestral home, was also a place of welcome refuge! But the lovely widow's peaceful world was shattered the fateful night darkly handsome Dominic Valcour arrived!

As her husband's business partner, the rugged, half-breed adventurer held legal claim to half her home . . . and he seemed determined to prove his mastery over her as well. Yet try as she might to resist, Aimee was soon trembling beneath the heat of his searing gaze. And when he swept her into his powerful arms — his fiery kisses branding her his forever — she knew that surrendering to her deepest desires could cost her her heritage . . . and her heart!

Magnolia Road — a Pre-Civil War Historical Series, written by different authors, that follows a distinct publisher-created theme

There was perhaps no place in history more filled with romance and beauty than the old South in the days before the Civil War. Now, journey down Magnolia Road and visit the most majestic plantations of that gracious era . . .

Bk 1: Ashley Snow — Southern Fire — Dec 1991
Bk 2: Jennifer Stevens — Louisiana Heat — Mar 1992
Bk 3: Charla Cameron — Sultry Nights — Jun 1992
Bk 4: Leigh Fletcher — Lilac Seduction — Sep 1992
Bk 5: Elizabeth Sherwood — Virginia Embrace — Dec 1992
Bk 6: Danette Chartier — Alabama Twilight — May 1993
Bk 7: Charla Cameron — Glory Nights — Jun 1993
Bk 8: Clara Wimberly — Natchez Moon — Sep 1993

Bk 9: Millie Criswell — Promise of Eden — Dec 1993


Natchez Moon

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Publish Date:
September 1993
Historical: American - (1820-1861) Antebellum

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