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by : Bertrice Small

Vixens is the tale of three of Skye O'Malley's great-great-granddaughters. Fancy Devers, Fortune and Kieran's youngest child, who arrives in England surrounded by scandal and mystery. Diana Leslie, Patrick and Flanna's daughter, who finds herself caught between identical twin brothers. And Cynara Stuart, Charlies, the not-so-royal Stuart's last child; a headstrong girl who falls in love with the wrong man. Or is he? These three beauties, first cousins, set the court of King Charles II on its ear in their determination to find their happily-ever-afters.

Surrounded by mystery and scandal, the widowed Fancy Devers, Fortune and Kieran’s last child, arrives in England only to catch the roving eye of King Charles II—who makes the raven-haired, turquoise-eyed beauty one of his many lovers. But when their fiery romance settles into a comfortable friendship, the king is determined to find his glamorous mistress a husband—no matter her strenuous objections…

Siren The lovely Lady Diana Leslie, Patrick and Flanna’s daughter, has been nicknamed “Siren” by the gentlemen of the court. Her exquisite beauty, her generous nature, her charming manners, make it difficult for even her rivals to speak ill of her. But when Diana’s heart is engaged by identical twin brothers, she finds herself torn. Choosing is impossible—yet choose she must…

Cyn Lady Cynara Stuart is the not-so-royal Stuart’s youngest daughter. Despite her family’s insistence that she settle down, Cyn wants no man unless he can be her plaything. Then she meets the earl of Summersfield, a dangerous man every bit as adept at the game of love as she is. Only one can win at this game. And neither Cyn nor Harry Summers is a good loser…

Naughty. Notorious. Compelling. These three heroines prove that bad girls not only finish first, they lead the way to undeniable desire…

Series: Skye's Legacy
Darling Jasmine - Book 1
Bedazzled - Book 2
Besieged - Book 3
Intrigued - Book 4
Just Beyond Tomorrow - Book 5
Vixens - Book 6


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Kensington Brava
Publish Date:
February 2003
Historical: Ireland (various time periods)

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