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Lisa Jackson

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Hometown Heartbreakers
by : Susan Mallery , 3 in 1 special request

3 in 1 special request . . .
These heart-stopping hunks are rugged, ready, and able to steal your heart . . .

Book 1 - The Best Bride.”
Original Publish Date: January 1995 . . . ISBN: 0373099339 . . .
Silhouette Special Edition - SSE # 933
With his sexy Stetson and X-rated grin, was Sheriff Travis Haynes Glenwood's leading lady-killer or Elizabeth Abbot and her daughter's knight in shining armour? Finally pulling her life back together, Elizabeth couldn't afford more heartbreak. Still, Travis was awfully tempting . . .
With every fragment of her betrayed heart, Elizabeth longed to trust the legendary lawman - enough to become his bride and give her child a daddy. But would her shattering past forever hold her hostage . . . even from the love that could make her whole?

Book 2 - Father in Training.”
Original Publish Date: July 1995 . . . ISBN: 037309969X . . .
Silhouette Special Edition - SSE # 969
Single mom Sandy Walker came to Glenwood seeking a quiet, friendly place to raise her three children. No way was she looking for a walk on the wild side with notorious bachelor Kyle Haynes. So what if the impossibly sexy deputy enthralled her kids and made Sandy ache with desire? She needed a provider, not an adventurer.
For sixteen years, Kyle had been harboring a crush on Sandy. And as luck would have it, she didn't want to be anything more than friends. She insisted he wasn't the father type. But didn't she realize he'd been in training for this all his life?

Book 3 - Husband by the Hour.”
Original Publish Date: May 1997 . . . ISBN: 0373240996 . . .
Silhouette Special Edition - SSE # 1099
Hannah Pace needed a pretend husband – fast! She lied to her long-lost mother about being married, and now she had to produce the groom. So she hired hometown bad boy Nick Archer. Though he wasn't every mother's dream, he sure was Hannah's hottest fantasy . . .
Trouble was, Nick relished the part a bit too much. Dizzying kisses, heated glances, tender touches. Minute by minute, Nick's paid performance was feeling all too real. And soon Hannah wanted him to be a husband for life . . .
She's got a hometown hunk husband for the weekend -- but can she keep him for a lifetime?

Series: Hometown Heartbreakers
Best Bride, The - Book 1
Marriage on Demand - Book 2
Father in Training - Book 3
Part-Time Wife - Book 4
Holly and Mistletoe - Book 5
Husband by the Hour - Book 6
Good Husband Material - Book 7
Completely Smitten - Book 8
Hometown Heartbreakers - Book 9
One in a Million (reissue) - Book 9
One in a Million - Book 10
Quinn's Woman - Book 11
Quinn's Woman (reissue) - Book 11
Quinn's Woman (reprint) - Book 11

Hometown Heartbreakers

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Publish Date:
March 2003
Anthology- Contemporary

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