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Pocketful of Blessings (Anthology)
by : Carolyne Aarsen ,
Valerie Hansen, Cynthia Rutledge

Steeple Hill introduces an anthology of previously published stories by some of Love Inspired's top authors. Each story contains inspirational romances collected by theme: marriage, healing, family matters, and reunion . . .

Pocketful Of Blessings, written by the following authors:

  1. Carolyne Aarsen - "Homecoming."
    No way would Sheryl Kyle trust in men -- or heaven -- again. Her heart had been broken a hundred different ways, her once-sunny soul shadowed by unanswered prayers. Now she hid behind a cynical, citified shell, where neither God nor man could hurt her.

    And that's where rugged rancher Mark Andrews found her. He'd come to take her home to Sweet Creek -- to make peace with her stepfather before it was too late. Mark embodied strength. Offered tenderness. And urged Sheryl to let faith, forgiveness . . . and love . . . guide her way. Would Sheryl run? Dare she stay?

  2. Valerie Hansen - "The Perfect Couple."
    Despite their differences, Tyler Corbett assumed Kara Shepherd was a fine woman...for somebody else. He had no intention of falling for her, despite a vast local conspiracy. But how could the strapping cowboy avoid Kara when she popped up everywhere he went -- even in church?

    Widowed Kara figured there was only one way to get her family - and Tyler's - to stop matchmaking. They'd simply pretend to fall in love, then break up. Step One of the charade was surprisingly easy. But when a few fake kisses unexpectedly led to the real thing, Step Two was in serious jeopardy!

  3. Cynthia Rutledge - "The Marrying Kind."
    Taylor Rollins was struggling to save her family; the last thing she needed was to be unemployed. She prayed for help, never dreaming God's answer would be a fake engagement to CEO Nick Langan III! Yet the deal Nick offered was too good to pass up . . . and so was Nick.

    Nick needed a fiancee fast -- and Taylor more than fit the bill. He had planned on keeping the relationship all business. Though the more time he spent with her, the more Nick wanted Taylor in his life for good. But how was he going to convince her that her pretend CEO fiance was ready to become her loving husband?

Books listed alphabetically by author.


Pocketful of Blessings (Anthology)

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Steeple Hill Love Inspired
Publish Date:
August 2003
Anthology- Inspirational

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