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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Carla Neggers
Pseudonym/s: Anne Harrell, Amalia James
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CARLA NEGGERS started writing at a young age, when she'd grab a pad and pen and climb a tree to spin stories. She grew up in rural western Massachusetts with six brothers and sisters and assorted dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, sheep, guinea pigs and one cow. Her father was a Dutch sailor who immigrated to the U.S. after World War II, and her mother hails from the Florida Panhandle. They packed up the car with all their belongings just before Carla, their third child, was born, and headed north to start a new life. After graduating magna cum laude from Boston University and a brief stint as an arts and entertainment writer, Carla turned to writing fiction full-time. She has written more than 50 novels -10 of them New York Times bestsellers-and has earned raves from critics and readers alike for her unique blend of fast-paced action, suspense and romance. In addition to writing, Carla enjoys travel, karate, hiking and kayaking. She and her husband have two children and live in Vermont , where they recently renovated their mountain house not far from picturesque Quechee Gorge.

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Book Series
Black Falls
Lovers and Legends
Sharpe and Donovan
Swift River Valley
Welcome to Tyler
Book List
Liar's Key (hardcover) (08/16)

Spring at Moss Hill, The (01/16)

Knights Bridge Christmas, A (hardcover) (09/15)

Keeper's Reach (hardcover) (08/15)

Harbor, The (reissue) (06/15)

Echo Lake (01/15)

Christmas at Carriage Hill (ebook) (12/14)

Trying Patience (reprint) (09/14)

Harbor Island (hardcover) (08/14)

Declan's Cross (07/14)

Cabin, The (reissue) (05/14)

Cider Brook (01/14)

Carriage House, The (reissue) (10/13)

Bewitching (reissue) (05/13)

That Night on Thistle Lane (01/13)

Waterfall, The (reprint) (10/12)

Night Scents (reissue) (10/12)

Heron's Gate (hardcover) (07/12)

Saint's Gate (paperback) (07/12)

Secrets of the Lost Summer (01/12)

Saint's Gate (Hardcover) (09/11)

Kiss the Moon (01/11)

Cold Dawn (11/10)

Whisper, The (06/10)

Mist, The (paperback) (04/10)

On Fire (reissue) (02/10)

Cold River (12/09)

Mist, The (Hardcover) (07/09)

Mist, The (07/09)

Angel, The (06/09)

Betrayals (03/09)

Cold Pursuit (11/08)

Angel, The (05/08)

Abandon (06/07)

Cut And Run (03/07)

Widow, The (10/06)

Dark Sky (08/06)

Rapids, The (05/06)

Night's Landing (05/06)

Waterfall, The (05/06)

Carriage House (05/06)

Breakwater (03/06)

Kiss the Moon (10/03)

On Fire (10/03)

Cold Ridge (08/03)

Harbor, The (01/03)

Stonebrook Cottage (08/02)

Cabin (01/02)

White Hot (07/98)

Night Scents (08/97)

Claim the Crown(reissue) (04/97)

Just Before Sunrise (03/97)

Rare Chance, A (10/96)

Groom Who (Almost) Got Away, The (06/96)

Finding You (03/96)

Night Watch (10/93)

Bewitching (07/93)

Matching Wits (05/93)

Tempting Fate (03/93)

Trying Patience (01/93)

Wisconsin Wedding (05/92)

That Stubborn Yankee (04/91)

Within Reason (12/90)

Finders Keepers (11/89)

Winning Battle, A (01/89)

All in a Name (06/88)

Family Matters (02/88)

Trade Secrets (07/87)

Captivated (05/86)

Interior Designs (08/85)

Apple of My Eye (02/85)

Uneven Score, The (02/85)

Southern Comfort (12/84)

Knotted Skein, The (10/84)

Venus Shoe, The (07/84)

Delinquent Desire (06/84)

Touch of Magic, A (03/84)

Heart on a String (10/83)

Outrageous Behaviour (08/83)


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