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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Kylie Brant
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I spend a lot of my day juggling...not in the way that requires talent and dexterity, both of which I lack. But managing a full time teaching job, five kids, husband, and my role as professional spectator at high school sporting events does take some creativity. Maybe that's the reason it’s taken me so long to get this web page up and running. At least it’s the excuse I’m sticking to. I’m often asked how I got started writing. The truth is I honed my skills in high school study hall. The only way we could get the supervisor to let us talk was to tell her we had to collaborate on a writing assignment for English class. She fell for it every time. As a result, my friends all starred at one time or another in plays that even now sit boxed away in my attic. What the plays lacked in skill they made up for in ingenuity. Like many of you, I grew up reading romance, first those written for young adults and then almost twenty years ago discovering contemporary romance. Even so, it never occurred to me to try writing one of my own until about ten years ago. I’d discovered a real problem with my favorite authors...they just couldn’t get their books out fast enough for me. And since my youngest, a set of twins, had just turned four, I figured I was going to have all kinds of time on my hands. I’m blindly optimistic that way. I sold two years later, and even managed to sell my first attempt, after performing major surgery on it a couple of times! And I have, over the course of the years, managed to learn to write amidst chaos. Which is fortunate, because that’s the state of affairs around here more often than not. If I hadn’t acquired that knack, I’d never have gotten beyond that first chapter, that first interruption, that first blood-curdling scream.... Yes, optimism has stood me in good stead. That and a well honed ability to ignore. My children soon learned that only two things can consistently get my immediate attention when I’m writing...fire and blood. Lots of it. And despite what my family will tell you, when I’m at the computer I really am writing, not playing solitaire. At least most of the time.

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Photo: Kylie Brant
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