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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Judy Di Canio
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Award winning author Judy Di Canio is a teacher, writer, healer, jewelry designer, as well as a psychic.

A "journey of the soul"...... When she was born, Judy Di Canio's mother was told that the baby girl would never walk. But numerous operations, as well as a drive to assist her mother (who had been going through treatments related to breasta cancer), led Judy on a "journey of the soul" that continues to this day.

Judy is also a published author.... One of the things Judy did in the past was to go to many writing classes, workshops and conferences. Judy has spoken at several national writing conventions as well as regioinal and local conferenes. She has taught topics such as point of view, characterization, plotting, and pacing. Her time travel book, BELOVED WARRIOR won the Prism Award and placed in numerous chapter and regional contests across the country.

Judy was also a finalist in the Golden Heart Contest, which is a national writing contest sponsored by Romance Writers of America. In addition, she had a mystery story published in DEATH KNELL II, by Sisters in Crime. She has received reviews for her books that include the following: "Judy Di Canio .... is one to watch." says Jill M. Smith, reviewer for Romantic Times Magazine **** 4 stars Review for BELOVED WARRIOR Now, Judy is self-publishing metaphysical books that are focused to assist people to be more balanced in mind, body and spirit.

A diverse journey.... Judy is a Frequency Balancing Master & a certified medicinal aromatherapist. She has given workshops across the country on various topics including alternative healing and writing classes. She has given lectures at expos including the Mind Body Spirit Expo in King of Prussia, PA. Judy has also spoken at health fairs in various states and gives lectures at companies interested in further educating their employees. . She sees clients at her office in Trooper, PA with her business partner, Al Rieth. Judy also facilitates distance sessions for people across the USA and in other countries.

Judy is also an energy practitioner.... Judy Di Canio incorporates powerful, sacred energetic techniques in each healing session. Working with the soul as well as the physical body, mental and emotional states of a person, Judy is able to assist clients on many levels. Incorporating energetic techniques such as karma clearing, soul retrieval, chakras, meridians as well as crystals, she is able to work with core matters of an energetic concern that affect the physical body. A Frequency Balancing Master, Judy has spent numerous years researching the energy system. She incorporates this knowledge in every energy session she facilitates. A typical Frequency Balancing session will entail an assessment of the client's energy system, and discussion on what the person wishes to focus on at that time. Frequency Balancing energy is then sent by Judy. Some people describe the feeling as warm currents of energy flowing around them. Others sense a swirling and see different colors. A few report a sense of calm during a session or the desire to sleep or relax.

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