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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Penny Jordan
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Penny Jordan was a storyteller long before she began to write romantic fiction. At the age of eight, she was creating serialized bedtime stories, featuring make-believe adventures, for her younger sister who was always the heroine. After reading a serialized Mills & Boon book in a woman’s magazine, she fell in love with the hero. Penny was eleven and she quickly became an avid fan.

Her goal, when writing romance fiction, is to provide readers with an enjoyment and involvement similar to that she experienced from her early reading. She likes nothing more than to hear her fans share her love: romance.

She works from home, in her kitchen, surrounded by four dogs and two cats, and welcomes interruptions from her friends and family.

Penny believes in the importance of love, including the benefits and happiness it brings. It’s the special bonds linking Harlequin readers and writers that she personally treasures!

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Photo: Penny Jordan
Website Links
Book Series
Mistress To A Millionaire
Arabian Nights series
Bride's Bouquet series
Fantasy for Two series
Jet Set Wives
Russian Rivals
Sweet Revenge/Seduction
The Crightons series
The Leopardi Brothers
The Parenti Dynasty
Book List
Pride and Consequence (anthology) (02/13)

Sicilian Nights (anthology) (02/13)

Legally His (anthology) (02/13)

Little Seduction, A (anthology) (02/13)

Just One Night (reissue) (10/12)

Conveniently His (reissue) (10/12)

High Society (reissue) (10/12)

Sheikh's Baby, The (reissues) (10/12)

Secret Disgrace, A (06/12)

Secret Disgrace, A (large print) (06/12)

Price of Royal Duty, The (large print) (05/12)

Price of Royal Duty, The (04/12)

Passion and the Prince (01/12)

Passion and the Prince (large print) (01/12)

Power of Vasilii, The (large print) (12/11)

Power of Vasilii, The (12/11)

Most Coveted Prize, The (large print) (11/11)

Most Coveted Prize, The (11/11)

Stormy Spanish Summer, A (large print) (07/11)

Stormy Spanish Summer, A (07/11)

Giselle's Choice (02/11)

Reluctant Surrender, The (01/11)

Her Christmas Fantasy / The Winter Bride (reissue) (11/10)

Marriage: To Claim His Twins (09/10)

Italian Duke's Virgin Mistress, The (08/10)

Wealthy Greek's Contract Wife, The (07/10)

Bride for His Majesty's Pleasure, A (12/09)

Falcon's Prey (reissue) (11/09)

Sicilian's Baby Bargain, The (06/09)

Sicilian Boss's Mistress, The (05/09)

Captive At The Sicilian Billionaire's Command (04/09)

Virgin For The Billionaire's Taking (11/08)

Sheikh's Blackmailed Mistress, The (07/08)

Silk (06/08)

Royal Bride At The Sheikh's Command, A (02/08)

It Happened At Christmas (Anthology) (10/07)

Future King's Pregnant Mistress, The (07/07)

Taken By The Sheikh (02/07)

Taken By The Sheikh (UK) (12/06)

Christmas Bride, The (UK edition) (12/06)

Christmas Bride, The (12/06)

Master Of Pleasure (10/06)

Master of Pleasure (UK edition) (10/06)

Prince Of The Desert (07/06)

Prince Of The Desert (UK) (06/06)

Italian Duke's Wife, The (04/06)

Her Lover, Her Husband? (UK-Anthology) (03/06)

Italian Duke's Wife, The (UK) (01/06)

Blackmailing the Society Bride (12/05)

Response (12/05)

Expecting the Playboy's Heir (10/05)

Bedding His Virgin Mistress (08/05)

Possessed By the Sheikh (04/05)

Sweet Revenge (UK) (03/05)

Boardroom to Bedroom (02/05)

Mistress to Her Husband (10/04)

Mistress of Convenience (08/04)

Mistress Purchase, The (04/04)

Blackmail Marriage, The (02/04)

To Love, Honor and Betray (reissue) (12/03)

Now or Never (12/03)

Blackmail Marriage, The (UK) (11/03)

For Love or Money (Anthology) (07/03)

One Night With a Sheikh (07/03)

What Women Want (Large Print) (06/03)

Sheikh's Virgin Bride, The (05/03)

Marco's Convenient Wife (04/03)

What Women Want (UK-Anthology) (01/03)

Christmas Eve Wedding (11/02)

Latin Lovers (Anthology) (10/02)

Collection, A (UK-Anthology) (09/02)

Women And Love (UK-Anthology) (08/02)

Tycoon's Virgin, The (07/02)

Tycoon's Virgin, The (UK) (05/02)

Blackmail Baby, The (05/02)

Starting Over (UK) (03/02)

City-Girl Bride, The (02/02)

Marriage Demand, The (11/01)

Perfect Night, A (Large Print) (11/01)

City-Girl Bride, The (UK) (10/01)

Starting Over (09/01)

Crightons, The (Anthology) (09/01)

Marriage Demand, The (UK) (07/01)

Ultimate Surrender, The (07/01)

Demetrios Virgin, The (04/01)

Perfect Night, A (UK) (04/01)

Mission: Make-Over (02/01)

Demetrios Virgin, The (UK) (01/01)

One Intimate Night (12/00)

Power Play (reissue) (11/00)

Marriage of Convenience (11/00)

Coming Home (10/00)

Back in the Marriage Bed (09/00)

Bride's Bouquet, The (UK-Anthology) (09/00)

Ultimate Surrender, The (Large Print) (08/00)

Perfect Night, A (05/00)

Perfect Father, The (04/00)

Perfect Sinner, The (UK) (04/00)

Perfect Father, The (UK) (04/00)

Marriage Resolution, The (02/00)

Treacherous Seduction, A (01/00)

Treacherous Seduction, A (Large Print) (01/00)

Lover by Deception (12/99)

Mistress Assignment, The (11/99)

Lover By Deception (Large Print) (10/99)

Wanting His Child (Large Print) (10/99)

Mistress Assignment, The (UK) (08/99)

Marriage Resolution, The (Large Print) (08/99)

Perfect Sinner, The (07/99)

Wedded Bliss (Anthology) (06/99)

Perfect Lover, The (05/99)

Reason for Marriage, A (Collector's Edition) (02/99)

One Night in His Arms (01/99)

Yesterday's Echoes (Collector's Edition) (01/99)

Marriage Make Up (10/98)

To Love, Honor and Betray (09/98)

Fantasy For Two (07/98)

Forbidden Loving, A (Collector's Edition) (07/98)

Lovers Touch (Collector's Edition) (06/98)

Perfect Match, The (05/98)

Perfect Marriage Material (04/98)

Perfect Seduction, The (Large Print) (04/98)

Perfect Seduction, The (03/98)

Perfect Family, A (02/98)

Perfect Family, A (UK) (09/97)

Too Wise to Wed (07/97)

Too Wise to Wed (Large Print) (07/97)

Best Man to Wed (06/97)

Woman to Wed (05/97)

So Close and No Closer (Collector's Edition) (03/97)

Love's Choices (12/96)

Her Christmas Fantasy (12/96)

Her Christmas Fantasy (UK) (11/96)

Trusting Game, The (10/96)

Unwanted Wedding (07/96)

Power Games (07/96)

Matched by Mistake (Anthology) (05/96)

Unforgettable Man, An (04/96)

Trusting Game, The (Large Print) (12/95)

Cruel Legacy (12/95)

Yesterday's Echoes (11/95)

Unforgettable Man, An (UK) (11/95)

Power Games (UK) (09/95)

Past Loving (08/95)

Passionate Possession (06/95)

Tug of Love (04/95)

Matter of Trust, A (02/95)

Law of Attraction (12/94)

Cruel Legacy (UK) (09/94)

Lesson to Learn (08/94)

Past Passion (06/94)

For Better or Worse (06/94)

French Leave (UK) (04/94)

Mistaken Adversary (02/94)

Stranger From the Past (11/93)

Rekindled Passion, A (UK) (10/93)

Lingering Shadows (08/93)

Cure For Love, A (08/93)

Tug of Love (UK) (07/93)

Second-Best Husband (05/93)

Dangerous Interloper (04/93)

Time to Dream, A (02/93)

Man Possessed, A (UK) (12/92)

Forbidden Loving, A (11/92)

Lingering Shadows (UK) (10/92)

Matter of Trust, A (UK) (10/92)

Payment Due (09/92)

Passionate Possession (UK) (09/92)

Law Of Attraction (UK) (07/92)

Second Time Loving (07/92)

Past Loving (UK) (06/92)

Lesson To Learn (UK) (06/92)

Kind of Madness, A (05/92)

Mistaken Adversary (UK) (04/92)

Game of Love (03/92)

Out of the Night (01/92)

Past Passion (Large Print) (12/91)

Rival Attractions (12/91)

Hidden Years, The (10/91)

Unspoken Desire (10/91)

Dangerous Interloper (UK) (09/91)

Time to Dream, A (UK) (08/91)

Breaking Away (08/91)

Sunsational (Anthology) (07/91)

Second Time Loving (UK) (06/91)

Payment Due (UK) (05/91)

Bitter Betrayal (05/91)

Time for Trust (01/91)

Rekindled Passion, A (12/90)

Free Spirit (11/90)

Payment In Love (11/90)

Hidden Years, The (UK) (10/90)

Flawed Marriage, The (10/90)

Out of the Night (UK) (09/90)

Game Of Love (UK) (09/90)

Rival Attractions (UK) (06/90)

Beyond Compare (06/90)

Equal Opportunities (05/90)

Breaking Away (UK) (04/90)

Time For Trust (UK) (03/90)

Power Play (01/90)

Valentine's Night (01/90)

Silver (UK edition) (11/89)

Lovers Touch (11/89)

So Close and No Closer (UK) (09/89)

Without Trust (09/89)

Bitter Betrayal (UK) (09/89)

Free Spirit (UK) (08/89)

Potential Danger (08/89)

So Close And No Closer (UK) (07/89)

Valentine's Night (UK) (06/89)

Reason for Being, A (05/89)

Force of Feeling (04/89)

Expert Teacher, An (03/89)

Equal Opportunities (UK) (03/89)

Lovers Touch (UK) (01/89)

For One Night (12/88)

Without Trust (UK) (10/88)

Levelling the Score (10/88)

Substitute Lover (09/88)

Power Play (UK) (08/88)

Fight for Love (07/88)

Loving (05/88)

Payment in Love (UK) (03/88)

Special Treatment (UK) (03/88)

Savage Adoration, A (03/88)

Reason for Marriage, A (01/88)

Desire's Captive (01/88)

Too Short a Blessing (11/87)

Levelling the Score (UK) (11/87)

Passionate Relationship (09/87)

Time Fuse (Large Print) (08/87)

Research Into Marriage (07/87)

Substitute Lover (UK) (07/87)

Expert Teacher, An (UK) (06/87)

Passionate Relationship (UK) (06/87)

Desire For Revenge (06/87)

Man Possessed, A (03/87)

Savage Adoration, A (UK) (03/87)

Too Short a Blessing (UK) (03/87)

Desire Never Changes (01/87)

Capable of Feeling (11/86)

Loving (UK) (11/86)

Stronger Than Yearning (UK) (11/86)

Return Match (UK) (10/86)

Fire With Fire (09/86)

Hard Man, The (07/86)

Injured Innocent (05/86)

Desire Never Changes (UK) (05/86)

Permission to Love (03/86)

Capable Of Feeling (UK) (02/86)

Exorcism (01/86)

Desire for Revenge (UK) (12/85)

Injured Innocent (UK) (11/85)

You Owe Me (10/85)

Time Fuse (10/85)

Taken Over (09/85)

Permission to Love (09/85)

Permission To Love (Collector's edition) (09/85)

Six-Month Marriage, The (08/85)

Only One, The (07/85)

Time Fuse (UK) (06/85)

Exorcism (UK) (06/85)

Friendship Barrier, The (06/85)

Taken Over (Collector's Edition) (05/85)

You Owe Me (UK) (05/85)

Six-Month Marriage, The (UK) (04/85)

What You Made Me (03/85)

Campaign for Loving (02/85)

Friendship Barrier, The (UK) (02/85)

Only One, The (UK) (02/85)

Rules of the Game (01/85)

Campaign For Loving (UK) (12/84)

Darker Side of Desire (12/84)

Wanting (11/84)

Wanting (UK) (09/84)

Darker Side Of Desire (UK) (08/84)

Shadow Marriage (07/84)

Inward Storm, The (UK) (07/84)

Love's Choices (UK) (04/84)

Response (UK) (04/84)

Forgotten Passion (02/84)

Savage Atonement (12/83)

Man-Hater (UK) (12/83)

Island Of The Dawn (11/83)

Forgotten Passion (UK) (10/83)

Passionate Protection (10/83)

Sudden Engagement, A (08/83)

Passionate Protection (UK) (06/83)

Rescue Operation (06/83)

Phantom Marriage (05/83)

Desire's Captive (UK) (03/83)

Escape from Desire (02/83)

Bought With His Name (01/83)

Unbroken Marriage, An (12/82)

Daughter of Hassan (10/82)

Caged Tiger, The (08/82)

Unbroken Marriage, An (UK) (08/82)

Daughter Of Hassan (UK) (08/82)

Long Cold Winter (UK) (06/82)

Northern Sunset (06/82)

Blackmail (06/82)

Marriage Without Love (06/82)

Caged Tiger, The (UK) (04/82)

Long Cold Winter (03/82)

Falcon's Prey (12/81)

Tiger Man (UK) (11/81)


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