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Shana Abé

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Shana Abé
Sweetest Dark, The
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Cindy Holby
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Cindy Holby has always written stories in her head. From the time she was a small girl her imagination was always taking her to different times and places. She envisioned fantasy lands with fairies, knights of old, cowboys and Indians and far away worlds in distant galaxies. From the time she could hold a pencil she was putting words to paper. Of course everyone around her knew she had a vivid imagination but they never imagined that she would actually be a writer. Especially after the first paper she wrote in college got an F. The professor didn't quite get her slanted view of the universe.

After being told not to waste her professor's time with anymore writing, Cindy pursued a career in marketing, got married, had a family and worked in an art gallery where she could put her creative talents to work.

But she always wanted to write. It got to the point in her life where she couldn't stand not to write. God kept putting angels in her path to nudge her in that direction. She sat down one weekend when the family was out of town and started her first book, Chase the Wind. It was if a dam had opened, she could not get the words out fast enough. She quit her job at the art gallery and decided to pursue writing on a full time basis.

What started as one book quickly became a multi book series. The Wind series follows the Duncan family throughout several generations of the family. She also has the Star series, which is a Futuristic Action Romance starting next year. But that's not all. She's writing a baseball contemporary and has plans also for a Romantic Suspense.

When she is not writing you can usually find Cindy at a baseball game with a pair of knitting needles working on a project and goosing unruly fans. She lives in Winston Salem, NC with her handsome husband of twenty six years and has two college age sons. The nest remains full however with two cats, a bird, a pond full of fish, an elderly cocker spaniel and a daschund puppy named Cody.

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