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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Dara Girard
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I would love to have a more interesting story to share about my writing career. For example, I would love to say that I was twenty, thirty or forty-something and suddenly decided to be a writer. Then sitting in a café, on the beach, over the cliffs of Dover, I wrote a book that took me only three days to compose then shipped it off and received a reply within 28 days and a contract that made me a millionaire. Unfortunately, that is not my story to tell. It is rather ordinary.

After years of perseverance, I received “The Call” while struggling with the indignities of being a freelance writer (clients who tell you how to write though they can’t, then refuse to pay you) and having my ‘day job’ made redundant (I received a lovely call from my supervisor telling me my job no longer existed, right before the fourth of July. Independence Day indeed).

“The Call” (a moment when an unpublished, disregarded writer morphs into a credible author) came in October 2002 the day before Halloween. I was living on my savings, determined to write full-time until the money ran out or before my parents could gather enough evidence to send me to a nut house. Fortunately, The Call came before either event. One evening I received a phone call from an editor at BET Books to inform me that they wanted to buy my book, Table for Two and offer me a two-book contract. I was thrilled! My parents were thrilled that they had not reared a scribbling lunatic.

There are three lessons you can learn from this little bio.
Lesson one: Don’t put a deadline on your dreams.
Lesson two: Don’t worry what other people think; dream big anyway.
Lesson three: I leave that up to you.

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Photo: Dara Girard
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