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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Mary Anne Wilson
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Mary Anne was born in Toronto, Canada, and started writing when she was nine years old. She was so acutely disappointed in the ending of A Tale of Two Cities that she rewrote the last chapter, letting Sydney Carton live . . . and still made him a heroic character.

Years later, she moved all the way to Southern California, where she found the love of her life. She also found out she really didn't miss all that snow in the winter, and found the courage to finally start writing her own novels, making sure they had happy endings. She wrote eight romance novels before she did it right and sold her first book. Hot Blooded was published by Silhouette Intimate Moments in 1988, and since then she's sold almost 40 novels. She has written for Intimate Moments, Shadows, Yours Truly, and Dreamscapes, and is currently writing for Harlequin American Romance. In her spare time, she's working on finishing a single title romantic suspense novel.

Mary Anne lives in the high desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas with her husband, Tom, who meant it when he said he'd be there "for better or worse." They have three children, who have proven that teenagers really aren't teenagers forever. They also have a huge black-and-white dog named Jack and an ancient Siamese cat named Bailey. To her chagrin, Mary Anne found out there is snow in Southern California if you live where the elevation is 4,000 feet or greater, but she's still writing happy endings.

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Book Series
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Book List
For the Love of Hayley (02/13)

Home for a Hero (09/07)

Home To The Doctor (07/07)

Alegra's Homecoming (05/07)

Jack And Jillian (03/06)

Holiday Homecoming (11/05)

Judging Joshua (08/05)

Discovering Duncan (04/05)

When Megan Smiles (03/04)

Winning Sara's Heart (02/04)

Predicting Rain (01/04)

Montana Miracle (12/02)

Hart's Dream (reissue) (12/02)

Millionaire's Christmas Miracle (11/01)

C.E.O. & the Secret Heiress, The (10/01)

Regarding the Tycoon's Toddler (09/01)

False Family (reissue) (09/01)

That Night We Made Baby (05/00)

Rich, Single & Sexy (07/99)

Cowboy in a Tux (06/99)

Valentine for an Angel (02/98)

Mr. Wrong! (10/97)

Strictly Personal (07/97)

Just One Touch (03/97)

Mismatched Mommy? (10/96)

Nine Months Later (07/96)

Christmas Husband, The (12/95)

Hart's Dream (07/95)

Bride Wore Blue Jeans, The (02/95)

False Family (12/94)

Her Bodyguard (07/94)

Jake's Touch (06/94)

Could It Be You? (02/94)

Hart's Obsession (07/93)

Two Against the World (04/93)

Two for the Road (01/93)

Echoes of Roses (07/92)

Nowhere to Run (12/91)

Child of Mine (03/91)

Brady's Law (09/90)

Dream Chasers (05/90)

Straight from the Heart (09/89)

Liar's Moon (06/89)

Home Fires (12/88)

Hot-Blooded (03/88)


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