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Bobbi Smith

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Bobbi Smith
Halfbreed Warrior (reprint)
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Donna Hill
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My love for writing began many moons ago and not so much as a writer, but as a reader. I read everything I could get my hands on. I began with Greek mythology. I was fascinated by how the ‘gods’ could manipulate the poor unsuspecting humans. I moved on to the romance classics like Rebecca, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights… all of which I must have read a zillion times each. After that it was Agatha Christie!!! I was determined to discover whodunit before the last page. To this day I have yet to solve one of her cases before she lets me.

I suppose my early reading had a major influence on my writing style. I went the fiction route because I wanted to be able to manipulate people and cirmcumstances. My love of romance comes from reading from some of the best and even in my romances there was always the hint of mystery.

My life as a writer has been filled with incredible experiences, the best of which is hearing from readers and finding out how my work has impacted them in some significant way.

That is my goal–to use the power of words to take my readers to another place, but one that is familiar and full of possibility.

What a wonderful life!!

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Website Links
Book Series
Ladies of the TLC
Sequel to Welcome To Leo's
The Ladies of TLC
Book List
My Love at Last (09/15)

Way You Love Me, The (01/15)

For You I Will (08/14)

Mistletoe, Baby (11/13)

Everything is You (11/12)

Legacy of Love (09/11)

Heat Wave (07/11)

Intimate Betrayal (reissue) (04/11)

Spend My Life With You (02/11)

Scandalous Affair, A (reissue) (12/10)

Scandalous (reissue) (10/10)

Private Lessons (09/10)

Heart's Reward (08/10)

Through the Fire (reissue) (05/10)

Prize of a Lifetime (10/09)

Pieces of Dreams (reissue) (09/09)

Private Affair, A (reissue) (07/09)

Temptation And Lies (02/09)

Seduction and Lies (12/08)

Temptation (10/08)

Chances Are (08/08)

Sex And Lies (02/08)

On the Line (01/08)

Wicked Ways (Hardcover) (10/07)

Moments Like This (09/07)

Indescretions (07/07)

After Dark (07/07)

If I Were Your Woman (02/07)

Saving All My Lovin' (11/06)

Guilty Pleasures (10/06)

Love Becomes Her (08/06)

Courageous Hearts (Anthology) (08/06)

Long Distance Lover (06/06)

Getting Hers (05/06)

Destiny's Daughters (Anthology) (02/06)

Dark Thirst (Anthology) (10/05)

Dare To Dream (06/05)

Big Girls Don't Cry (Anthology) (01/05)

Let's Get It On (Anthology) (10/04)

Say Yes (08/04)

Divas, Inc. (07/04)

Where There's a Will (Anthology) (05/04)

Whole Lotta Love, A (Anthology) (01/04)

In My Bedroom (01/04)

Rockin' Around That Christmas Tree (Anthology) (11/03)

Living Large (Anthology) (01/03)

Ordinary Woman, An (10/02)

Sister, Sister (Anthology) (10/01)

Through The Fire (06/01)

Going To The Chapel (Anthology) (06/01)

After The Vows (Anthology) (05/01)

Scandalous Affair, A (12/00)

If I Could (11/00)

Della's House of Style (Anthology) (07/00)

Pieces of Dreams (03/00)

Soul to Soul (01/00)

Winter Nights (Anthology) (11/99)

Interlude (03/99)

Chances Are (12/98)

Rooms of the Heart (10/98)

Indiscretions (10/98)

Charade (08/98)

Quiet Storm (07/98)

Private Affair, A (02/98)

Temptation (12/97)

Intimate Betrayal (05/97)

Love Letters (Anthology) (02/97)

Deception (07/96)

Scandalous (06/95)

Spirit of the Season (Anthology) (12/94)


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