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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Myra Nour
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I'm optimistic; happy unless something really bad happens; a good listener and friend. My best compliment came from a friend who said I was a 'Steel Magnolias'. She thought I was kind and gentle when she met me, but then found out the difficulties I've had in my life, and added a "backbone of steel" to that assessment.

I was an LPN for a total of 8 years; became interested in the mind more than the body, and helped put myself through college working as a nurse. Graduated cume laude with a BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling. Until several months before I graduated with my BA, when I met Simon, I was a single mother of two small children.

I worked odd jobs until I landed my first job working in my college area - as a social worker for physically and sexually abused children. Then, I found my nitch, as a college counselor. Loved it! Spent the rest of my career in this area, except for 3 years when I taught Psychology and Sociology at a local college. Loved this even more!!

My Simon has been very supportive about the whole writing process. We both agreed that when our financial circumstances would allow, that I'd quit work and write full-time, and that happened in 1998. I've been very lucky. After 24 years of working in a profession that helped people, I am able to do something for myself - writing.

How I Got Started:

My very first memory was wanting to write in a vague way as a teenager, but I think it was only because I was so in love with reading. I started writing in 1978, when I hand-wrote one half of Love's Captive, then stored it in a drawer for years. I wrote several short stories during my college years - 1980-1984 - and came up with many other ideas for short stories and novels... which got jotted down and stuck in that drawer. I finally got serious about my novel in 1997, after I realized 40 had passed me by and I had gotten no closer to my dream of "writing my novel one day."

How I Get Ideas:

My ideas come from 3 main sources: (1) I try to think up a story about a particular subject. (2) I spontaneously think up a story. (3) I dream a story.

With #1, there's usually a reason behind my effort: like the idea I came up with for a fellow, young writer who is blind - for her to use her own experiences and write about a blind heroine who can see into another dimension and finds her soul mate. Once, I wished to take an ordinary person and make him someone scary; so I chose a harmless old man around town and made him into the devil's soul collector.

Number 2 is easy - a light bulb goes off, an idea/story just pops up. On these occasions, it's handy to have a pen and paper available.

Dreaming up stories is my favorite; it's the easiest and at times has given me my best results. I use day dreaming and night dreaming. Sometimes I simply wake up and I've dreamed a whole story, then I grab a pen and jot it down.

But, I have purposely dreamed stories. I kept trying to think of a 3rd book to end Volarn's saga. It needed to be different from the 1st and 2nd, involve some of the prior characters, have romance, and the biggest problem - how to bring peace to the planet. I periodically tried to consciously think of a story line for several weeks, with no success. Then, one night I said to myself, "You're going to dream up the 3rd book". And, I did. I'm very happy with the story, all the elements I needed are wrapped up in a web of events that culminate in peace on Volarn.

Thoughts on Marriage:

The keys to a happy, long-lasting marriage, besides love: respect for each other; compromise; listening to one another; enjoy doing activities together; and I think being best friends helps tremendously. Last, but certainly never least, is, great sex! Keeping those "sparks" in a marriage are hard with the day to day grind and problems of daily life; but infusing marriage with the above elements, keeps the couples interest in each other sparkling and lively.

Meet Myra's Prince Charming Here

Favorite Authors/Books:

There are too many to name them all, but some are: Dara Joy, Tanith Lee, Kathleen Morgan (her cat books), Johanna Lindsey, Jude Deveraux, Kathleen Woodiwess, and Dean Koontz. My favorite author is Stephen King and favorite book, The Stand. Other favorite books: The Montgomery brothers 4 books by Jude Deveraux, Birthgrave, Interview with a Vampire, Intensity and Warrior Woman.


Reading and writing of course! I love doing many things with my husband and best friend Simon; including going antiquing, camping, dancing, to the movies, out to dinner, going to the beach, sharing time, jokes, and talking with hubby.

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