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Bobbi Smith

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Bobbi Smith
Halfbreed Warrior (reprint)
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Susan Krinard
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Trained as an artist with a BFA in Illustration from the California College of Arts and Crafts, Susan Krinard became a writer when a friend read a short story she'd written and suggested she try writing a romance novel. A long-time reader of science fiction and fantasy, Susan began reading romance-- and realized what she wanted to do was combine the two genres.

Prince of Wolves, her first romance novel, was the result. Within a year Susan had sold the manuscript to Bantam in 1993 as part of a three book contract, and the novel went on to make several bestseller lists. Since then, she's written four contemporary paranormal romances, two fantasy romance novellas, a futuristic romance, a time-travel romance and the historical werewolf romances, TOUCH OF THE WOLF, ONCE A WOLF, and SECRET OF THE WOLF. She is currently working on her first Regency-set historical pranormal romance.

A native Californian, Susan just recently moved cross- country to make her home in the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. Susan and her husband, Serge Mailloux, fell in love with the Southwest on their very first visit, and Susan knew it was to be the "home of her heart." She celebrates her love of her new home in her latest novel, ONCE A WOLF.

Susan counts among her "family" three very spoiled dogs and two cats. In addition to writing, Susan's interests include music (New Age and Classical), old movies, reading, nature, animals, baking and collecting wolf-related items.

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Photo: Susan Krinard
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