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Eye On Romance
Featured Author
Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Linda Goodnight
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If Linda had a theme song, it would start, "Well I was born in a small town..."

Growing up in Prague, Oklahoma, a "Mayberry" kind of place, Linda dabbled in poetry, made up stories in her head, and read every book she could get her hands on. Though she received encouragement from her high school English teacher, she never considered fiction writing a viable career.

When a former neighbor, award-winning author Sharon Sala, began selling romance novels, Linda realized small-town girls could be writers, too. Linda joined a writers' group and wrote persistently while also raising a family and working full time.

A nurse for 14 years, Linda switched to education in 1985 and accepted a teaching position in a small rural school. In 1995, her colleagues voted her "teacher of the year," an honor she treasures greatly.

One of the most unique experiences of her life came when she and husband, Gene, delivered their third child at home with only the two of them in attendance. She's happy to report that son, Cody, suffered no ill effects from this insanity.

Still a small-town girl, she lives with Gene on their farm/ranch outside Seminole, Oklahoma. Resident dogs include a coonhound, a stray that came to stay, and Mugsy, an adorably obnoxious rat terrier that climbs trees. The cat, Dynasty, loves dogs, never climbs trees, and has used at least three of her nine lives.

Linda's hobbies include reading, watching rodeo and football, and taking long walks in the woods behind her house.

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Photo: Linda Goodnight
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Rain Sparrow, The (02/16)

Memory House, The (03/15)

Lawman's Honor, The (03/14)

Sugarplum Homecoming (12/13)

Baby in His Arms (07/13)

Baby in His Arms (large print) (07/13)

Rancher's Refuge (01/13)

Rancher's Refuge (large print) (01/13)

Snowglobe Christmas, A (large print) (11/12)

Snowglobe Christmas (anthology) (10/12)

Season For Grace, A / Heart of Grace, The (reissue) (07/12)

Last Bridge Home, The (large print) (02/12)

Last Bridge Home, The (02/12)

Christmas Child, The (reissue) (10/11)

Nanny's Homecoming, The (large print) (07/11)

Place to Belong, A (03/11)

Lawman's Christmas Wish, The (12/10)

Wedding Garden, The (05/10)

Her Prince's Secret Son (02/10)

Finding Her Way Home (01/10)

Finding Her Way Home (Large Print) (01/10)

In The Spirit of... Christmas and A Very Special Delivery (reissue) (12/09)

Cowboy Daddy, Jingle-Bell Baby (Large Print) (11/09)

Cowboy Daddy, Jingle-Bell Baby (11/09)

Baby Bond, The (05/09)

Home to Crossroads Ranch (03/09)

Snow-Kissed Bride, The (01/09)

Millionaire's Nanny Arrangement , The (10/08)

Time To Heal, A (09/08)

Missionary Daddy [Large Print] (08/07)

Missionary Daddy (08/07)

Heart of Grace, The (06/07)

Heart of Grace, The [Large Print] (06/07)

Heart Of Grace, The (06/07)

Touch Of Grace, A (03/07)

Season For Grace, A (12/06)

Married Under The Mistletoe (11/06)

Married Under the Mistletoe (UK) (11/06)

Very Special Delivery, A (05/06)

Prince Incognito (04/06)

Sometimes When We Kiss (01/06)

Cowboy Christmas (Anthology) (10/04)

Saved By The Baby (02/04)


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