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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Jennifer Roberson
Pseudonym/s: Jennifer O'Green
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Since 1984, Jennifer Roberson has published 21 solo novels, among them thirteen bestselling fantasy novels: the 8-volume "Chronicles of the Cheysuli", about a race of shapechangers and a divine prophecy; and the 6-volume "Sword-Dancer" saga the author describes as "Conan the Barbarian Meets Gloria Steinem."

Other novels include three mainstream historicals: LADY OF THE FOREST, an award-winning reinterpretation of the Robin Hood story emphasizing Marian's role in a story of how the legend came to be; a sequel, LADY OF SHERWOOD, continuing the adventures of Robin and Marian; and LADY OF THE GLEN, the documented story of 17th-century Scotland's Massacre of Glencoe, similar in theme to the films "Rob Roy" and "Braveheart"; plus an original novel based on the international hit television series HIGHLANDER; spun off from the movie featuring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery; and THE GOLDEN KEY, the DAW Books fantasy collaboration with Melanie Rawn and Kate Elliott, which was nominated for the World Fantasy Award in 1997. She has also contributed many short stories to collections, anthologies, and magazines, and has edited the DAW anthology RETURN TO AVALON, a tribute to bestselling author Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of the Darkover novels and THE MISTS OF AVALON; and HIGHWAYMEN: ROBBERS AND ROGUES. For Roc, she edited OUT OF AVALON, featuring Arthurian stories by such New York Times bestselling authors as Marion Zimmer Bradley, Eric Van Lustbader, and Diana Gabaldon. Roberson's novels and anthologies have been translated and published in Japan, Germany, France, Russia, China, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

The sixth and final novel in the Sword-Dancer" series is due out in February '02. Upcoming projects include the first three volumes in a new fantasy universe, titled KARAVANS, from DAW Books. It's a vast history combining a cast of humans, demons, devils, gods, demi-gods, and a magical, dangerous land called Alisanos that appears and disappears at random, taking with it everything--and everyone--in its path. No one going in ever returns--if he returns--fully human. The first volume will probably appear in late '02 or early '03.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Northern Arizona University, with an extended major in British history. She spent her final semester in England at the University of London, which enabled her to do indepth research at such sites as the museums, great homes, and cathedrals of England; Scotland's Edinburgh, Loch Ness, and Glencoe and the castles and countryside of Wales. In 1985 she returned for more research and visited Dublin, Ireland, as well. Prior to becoming a full-time writer in 1985, Jennifer was employed as an investigative reporter for a morning daily, and as an advertising copywriter for a major marketing company.

Jennifer Roberson grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and used to compete in amateur rodeos. Her primary hobby now is the breeding, training, and exhibition of Cardigan Welsh Corgis in the conformation, agility, and obedience rings at dog shows and trials. She lives on rural acreage in Northern Arizona with (currently) seven dogs and three cats.

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