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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Amy Andrews
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I was born in Rockhampton, in central Queensland and you know what they say . . . you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. So I guess I'm a country girl at heart and even though I now live in the big smoke, Rocky, especially while my parents still live there, will always be home to me.

I also did my nursing training in Rocky at the Base Hospital and I can't help but feel there was something fated about that - working in the very building where I had been born. Like I was completing a journey. Coming full circle. It was strange actually that life took me down this path. I was never one of those little girls who always wanted to be a nurse, in fact I'd never considered it. But I had one of those out-of-the-blue, almost spiritual epiphany's at the age of fifteen whilst visiting a friend in hospital and knew with absolute clarity that nursing was my destiny. And I've never looked back.

The only other time that's ever happened was the moment I met my husband. I was sixteen and we were introduced through a mutual friend and I knew that fateful day that I'd met the man I was going to marry. Mark and I have been together nineteen years this year and have two children. Jack, who is ten and Claire, who is eight and we live in Brisbane's beautiful Samford Valley on acreage. We are very blessed to have health and happiness and be living in such a gorgeous part of the world.

When I was growing up my mother was writing a romance novel. She'd get the typewriter out and bang away on it until something invariably demanded her attention. She was very busy with the four of us and I honestly don’t know where she found the time to do it. I'm sure this early influence had a tremendous affect on me. Mum didn't know it, but her efforts sent a very loud and clear message. You don't have to be important or a genius to write a book you just have to follow your dreams.

I started writing about twelve years ago. I was a bit of a daydreamer as a child and creative writing was always a favourite subject. I made it a goal to get a romance novel published. Why a romance? Well apart from my mothers influence, I just really like reading them and people always say to write what you like to read. Realistically, deep down, I never thought I'd be lucky enough to make it which just goes to show that you make your own luck. But I enjoyed the process and I guess part of me was determined to keep plugging away. And it's been a most enjoyable apprenticeship with little rewards along the road to keep me motivated. Three full manuscripts and a partial later, I've finally arrived! Apart from writing and mothering and nursing and volunteering for too many things I like to go to the movies, read, sleep and catch up with friends for a coffee or even a wine or two. I love gravel-voiced singers, the beach and great food. Travelling, talking and television are also some of my favourite things. I have wonderful friends and a supportive family and with my writing career just beginning I have to say life is pretty damn good.

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Photo: Amy Andrews
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