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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Margaret Watson
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Margaret Watson is an avid reader whose earliest writing efforts involved rearranging the characters or ending of a book she'd just finished reading — usually to provide a happily-ever-after result! Her love of a happy ending and her addiction to romance novels finally led her to try to write down some of the stories in her head. She published her first romance novel more than 10 years ago and is still thrilled every time she sees her name on the cover of a book.

When she's not writing, Margaret practices veterinary medicine in Chicago. Not only does she love treating her patients and helping their owners, but her "day job" provides her with wonderful characters and inspiring stories for her books. Two of her books feature heroines who are veterinarians — a composite, she says, of all the wonderful vets she's known and worked with.

At home, she shares her life with three cats, a succession of dogs and birds and a wonderful family. She's been married for over 20 years to the love of her life and they have three daughters. Her oldest daughter is in college and her younger twin daughters are in high school. They love to travel together, and their favorite vacations are hiking in national parks.

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Photo: Margaret Watson
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Book Series
36 Hours
A Year of Loving Dangerously
Cameron, Utah
Fortune's Children
Suddenly a Parent
The McInnes Triplets
The McInnes Triplets
Book List
Bending the Rules (02/13)

Bending the Rules (large print) (02/13)

Woman He Knows, The (09/12)

Woman He Knows, The (large print) (09/12)

Safe Place, A (03/12)

Safe Place, A (large print) (03/12)

For Baby and Me (03/11)

Life Rewritten (11/10)

Can't Stand the Heat? (06/10)

An Likely Setup (Large Print) (01/10)

An Unlikely Setup (01/10)

Home At Last (04/09)

No Place Like Home (12/08)

Cop and the Single Mum, The (UK) (10/08)

Place Called Home, A (08/08)

Stranger in a Small Town (12/07)

Stranger in a Small Town (Large Print) (12/07)

Small-Town Family (Large Print) (05/07)

Small-Town Family (05/07)

Small-Town Secrets (09/06)

Family First (03/06)

In Her Defense (07/05)

Hometown Girl (02/05)

To Love and Protect Her (07/04)

Two on the Run (05/04)

Someone to Watch Over Her (02/01)

Thanksgiving to Remember, A (10/00)

Family on the Run (02/00)

Marriage Protection Program, The (09/99)

Fugitive Bride, The (04/99)

Cowboy with a Badge (01/99)

For the Children (10/98)

Rodeo Man (08/98)

Dark Side of the Moon, The (04/97)

To Save His Child (11/96)

Honorable Man, An (04/96)

Innocent Man, An (04/95)

Personal Best (06/91)


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