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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Katherine Stone
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Katherine Stone was born in Seattle, and, being a firstborn child (and a Virgo) set about plotting her life at a very young age. By five she'd decided she wanted to be a doctor, and at eleven, having written her first short story, she knew she'd love to be a writer, too. Someday. When the dust settled.

Katherine attended Stanford University, where she completed her pre-med requirements while majoring in English, and received her MD from the Univerity of Washington. After her Internal Medicine residency in San Francisco, she did an Infectious Diseases fellowship in LA. One of the world's largest outbreaks of Legionnaires' Disease occurred at the LA hospital where she was doing her fellowship, giving Katherine the opportunity to write and lecture on the mysterious new disease.

There was romance, too, in Los Angeles. It was there, during a spinal tap, that she met her future husband, physician and novelist Jack Chase. (Katherine was doing a lumbar puncture, and although the patient was in no distress, she was having difficulty getting into the spinal canal. As if a knight on a white charger, Jack gallantly saved the day.)

The dust never settled. (Does it ever?) At some point, however, (and long before the Nike slogan), Jack suggested, "Just do it." He bought her a word processor to boot...and boot she did. The result was what has become the distinctive Katherine Stone style, the blend of lyrical prose, poignant emotion, and romance above all.

"There's nothing wrong with incurable romanticism," the doctor asserts. "I love writing about nice people giving life their very best shot (despite the sometimes monumental obstacles I throw in their paths) -- nice people who discover the splendor of love." And, although she's hung up her stethoscope for the moment, Katherine very much enjoys sharing her passion for medicine -- its drama, its emotions, its science -- with her readers.

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