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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Maggie Shayne
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It was a sleepless night spent caring for a sick baby that jump-started New York Times Bestselling Author Maggie Shayne’s writing career.

A voracious reader and prolific writer from childhood, Maggie found herself without a book to read while coddling the colicky child. So instead she began spinning a tale of her own, creating a plotline that evolved in her thoughts until, a few days later, she sat down and wrote the story in longhand.

Now the author of more than forty novels, ranging from stories about Witches, vampires, psychics and ghosts, to bone chilling, edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense and beyond. The genres she has mastered include women’s fiction, category romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal fiction. Maggie has honed her lyrical prose and made a name for herself on the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon.com, B.Dalton, Booksense, Ingram’s, Barnes and Noble, and Waldenbooks (where she reached #1) bestseller lists.

Maggie is the winner of numerous awards, including two Romantic Times Bookclub Career Achievement Awards, the National Readers Choice Award, and the coveted RITA Award, for which she was nominated twelve times before finally winning.

She has also written for CBS daytime dramas, Guiding Light and As the World Turns. One of Maggie’s novels, Eternity, has been optioned for film.

Today, Maggie finds empowerment and solace in her spirituality and often believes her strong background in Wicca into her novels, creating intriguing characters and involving stories that sometimes (more often than not, in fact) take a walk on the mystical side.

Her exploration of Witchcraft began some 13 years ago, when she developed an interest in the Tarot. Soon thereafter, she discovered that the four suits of the Tarot were also the four basic elements of Witchcraft; Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

“I’ve always been interested in the ‘esoteric,’ and the more I studied Wicca, the more I realized that the principles that I had always believed in, had their roots in Witchcraft,” says the author. “I’d been a spiritual seeker, reading and studying many belief systems and gradually building my own understanding; ‘building a mystery,’ as Sara Mclaughlin puts it in the song. When I found Wicca, it was astounding to me to learn that those things I thought were uniquely my own, were actually beliefs shared by an entire subculture. There were all these people whose spirituality was an echo of my own; people who called themselves Witches.”

Now an Elder in the Wiccan faith, Maggie has studied the Craft for many years. She took more than three years of formal training in the widely known Black Forest Clan Circle and Seminary, led by author Silver RavenWolf, where she learned about divination, astrology, herbalism, theology, natural magick and much more. She earned her way to the level of Third Degree High Priestess, making her legal clergy. But the learning never stops, and she is currently studying Shamanism, pastoral Counseling, and Reiki.

After leaving Black Forest in 2001 in order to forge a new path, Maggie became one of the founders of a new tradition (or denomination) if Wicca, known as RavenMyst Circle, which trains its own students and is incorporated as a nonprofit organization.

What would she be doing if she wasn’t so accomplished a writer? Maggie maintains she’d be equally happy as a rock star. “I have a karaoke machine, and I’m actually damn good,” she says. “Furthermore, Sheryl Crow and I are the same age, so I figure if this writing thing doesn’t work out, there’s still time.”

Maggie resides in Otselic, a small town in southern central New York where there are more cattle than people, with her faithful English bulldog Wrinkles, her spoiled stray cat, Glorificus, and a pair of sibling Labrador retrievers. Abigail, the chocolate, female was the runt of the litter and has remained small and graceful. Her brother, Buddy (William the Buddy to be precise) was the largest in the litter, and has grown to a whopping 160 pounds. He’s a big klutz. Interestingly enough although Wrinkles can walk underneath him without touching, she can also back him into a corner with a single look. Don’t they say dogs and owners are a lot alike?

from author’s web site.

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Wild Thing (Anthology) (05/07)

Sheer Pleasure (02/07)

Dangerous Lover (12/06)

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Words of the Witches (Anthology) (08/02)

Twilight Hunger (03/02)

Destiny (02/02)

At Twilight (02/02)

Wings in the Night (12/01)

Brand-New Heartache (12/01)

Gingerbread Man, The (10/01)

Homecoming, The (06/01)

Witch Moon Rising, Witch Moon Waning (05/01)

Brands Who Came for Christmas, The (11/00)

Who Do You Love? (10/00)

After Midnight (09/00)

Angel Meets the Badman (04/00)

Outlaw Bride, The (11/99)

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Badlands Bad Boy (08/97)

Baddest Virgin In Texas, The (05/97)

Forever Enchanted (04/97)

Born in Twilight (03/97)

Husband in Time, A (01/97)

Fairytale (05/96)

Littlest Cowboy, The (05/96)

Forever, Dad (02/96)

Strangers in the Night (Anthology) (10/95)

Out-Of-This-World Marriage (04/95)

Twilight Illusions (01/95)

Forgotten Vows...? (09/94)

Kiss of the Shadow Man (08/94)

Miranda's Viking (05/94)

Twilight Memories (04/94)

Twilight Phantasies (09/93)

Reckless Angel (09/93)


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