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Shana Abé

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Shana Abé
Sweetest Dark, The
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Michelle Jerott
Pseudonym/s: Michelle Albert
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I graduated with a classical archaeology degree from the University of Michigan, and spent my last dig at a Roman fort outside Newcastle. It was there, while standing up to my knees in mud and swinging a pick ax, that I realized archaeology wasn't my calling in life, after all. Instead, I started writing romances -- and was fortunate enough to sell my second completed manuscript to Avon Books in 1997. I live with my husband, his three children, my high school-aged son, and two lazy cats in a small town outside Madison, Wisconsin. I'm a member of the Authors Guild and Novelists, Inc. My first book, Absolute Trouble, won the Romance Writers of America's 1997 Golden Heart Award for best unpublished contemporary romance. Off Limits appeared on the Waldenbook's National Bestseller List. Her Bodyguard and Getting Her Man were both nominated for Best Mainstream Novel by Romantic Times. And On A More Personal Note... Capricorn, INFJ. Loves cats, books, manga and manwha, anime, NYC, Vertigo comics, Francis Crawford of Lymond, the color red, London, action/adventure stories and movies with romance, autumn, lakes, Alexander the Great, walks in the woods, twilight, old things, taking naps, Halloween, campy horror movies, Christmas light displays, New Orleans, dinosaurs, Chicago, and my iPod. Reading interests other than romance include American comics like Lucifer, Fables, Sandman, Preacher, and Hellblazer. I'm also a huge fan of Japanese manga and Korean manwha, including titles like (and in no particular order) Berserk, Saiyuki, Hellsing, Bastard!!, Trigun Maximum, Rebirth, Priest, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Tramps Like Us, Pilgrim Jager, Vagabond, and Nana. Outside of graphic novels, I'll read just about anything, although I have a preference for action/adventure, mysteries, historical epics, urban fantasy, paranormal -- and if it has a romantic element in it, that's even better. One of my all-time favorite series is The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett. This series managed to cover just about evertyhing I love: adventure, romance, mystery, political intrigues, epic events, and even a dash of the paranormal. And Lymond himself adds a whole new shade of meaning to the word "eye candy."

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