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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Anna Cleary
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Like so many heroines, I’ve loved fairy tales forever. Even when I was a tiny little enfant terrible I used to sit on our front veranda and read The Twelve Dancing Princesses to the toddler next door. Well, he was very cute. Mind you, that was before I could read, so I had to make up the words myself.

Soon, though, I held the keys to the magic door. Lucky for me, our house was awash with books, many of them the forbidden, steamy tales preferred by my older sisters, all fantastic heroines in their own rights, who guarded their romances fiercely, along with their lipsticks, their shampoo bottles and their secret caches of chocolate.

They might as well know now. Much good did it do them!

Georgette Heyer came into my life at just the right time, and set me on the path to romance. I lived my teenage years with an imagination seething with ruthless lords with powerful thighs, (Georgette never had much to say about their chests) in love with poetry, my heart broken at least twenty times a day by songs on the radio.

Even now I can still be stopped in my tracks at the supermarket as that last heart-rending cry of Unchained Melody hits the rafters and thrills down my spine.

What else could I be but a writer? Unless it was to join the workforce, all polished and neatly pressed, running to clocks and jumping to bells. I did that, and had some fun times, met wonderful people with fascinating stories, but all the time an inferno was roaring up inside me, urging me to break out and write stories of my own.

Whew. I escaped at last, but if I thought I'd be a published author within a month or two, I had a lot to learn.

If you’d like to read of my road to publication, please click here.

I’ve lived in various parts of Australia, and am now lucky to live in a sunny corner of Queensland with a delightful young heroine, whose advice to her Mum on the mysterious ways of the modern hero is invaluable.

It isn't all roses, though. Some romantic locations require careful scrutiny.

Ahh... (long luxurious sigh) Research can be such exhausting work...

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Photo: Anna Cleary
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