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Sweetest Dark, The
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Alisa Sheckley
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Alisa Kwitney is the daughter of science fiction writer Robert Sheckley and journalist Ziva Kwitney. She grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, back when you always carried a bit of spare cash so as not to disappoint the muggers. At Wesleyan University, Alisa failed to get accepted to various creative writing courses but found a mentor in SF/Fantasy author Kit Reed. Alisa went on to receive the Horgan prize for best short story, but to her eternal regret, she dropped out of Joe Reed’s film course, not realizing that A) she would really need to perfect her visual storytelling skills or that B) one of the TA’s was Joss Whedon, future creator of Buffy and Firefly. After graduation, Alisa worked as a newspaper reporter in Miami before returning to New York to attend Columbia’s MFA program in fiction, where she continued to supplement the required reading with comics and romance novels. Her MFA thesis, Till the Fat Lady Sings, was published by HarperCollins and reviewed in The Sunday NY Times. While her classmates went on to work for literary publishers and magazines, Alisa applied for an assistant editor position at Silhouette and DC Comics, where she wound up working for Karen Berger on titles such as Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. Alisa went on to become a full editor at Vertigo, the mature/dark fantasy imprint of DC Comics. For seven years, she enjoyed the luxury of a window office and the indescribable pleasure of being paid to tell other people what she thought. Then she left it all behind to write full time. These days, Alisa Kwitney lives in the Hudson River Valley, two hours from her beloved Upper West Side with her husband, son, daughter, two emotionally dependent Burmese cats and a big, extroverted Chinook dog. Alisa has written some half a dozen novels, two coffee table books, and assorted comics and graphic novels. Her novels, which have been described as “romances laced with satire and a mainstream flair” (Library Journal) have been translated into Russian, German, Japanese, Norwegian and Bahasa Indonesian. She also writes dark fantasy/paranormal romance and science fiction under the name Alisa Sheckley.

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Photo: Alisa Sheckley
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