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Bobbi Smith

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Halfbreed Warrior (reprint)
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Linda Lael Miller
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In January of this year, New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller left the Arizona horse property she's called home for the past five years and listened to the call of her heart. Packing up her work-in-progress for HQN Books; her dogs, Sadie and Bernice, and her four horses, the author of more than 70 novels bid farewell to her home in the desert and returned to the place of her birth, Spokane, Washington. The daughter of a town marshal, Linda grew up in Northport, WA, a community of 500 on the Columbia River, 120 miles north of Spokane. Her childhood remembrances include riding horses and playing cowgirl on her grandparents' nearby farm. So rustic was her grandparents' spread that in the early days it lacked the conveniences of electricity and running water. As delightful as this childhood was, though, Linda longed to see the world. After graduating as valedictorian of her high school class, she left to pursue her dream. Because of the success of her author career, Linda was able to live part-time in London for several years, spend time in Italy and travel to such far-off destinations as Russian, Hong Kong and Israel. Now, Linda says, the wanderlust is (mostly) out of her blood, and she's come full circle, back to the people and the places she knows and loves. Before Linda begins her writing day, she takes her first cup of coffee while enjoying the scenic view of the wooded draw behind her new home. The first morning there, a snowfall blanketed the pine trees, something she had missed in the desert outside Scottsdale. Still enamored with the people she came to love in Arizona, she says she will still set books in that starkly beautiful area, and, of course, in other stories the action will take place in Washington. Devoted to helping others pursue their dreams, the author will launch her sixth round of Linda Lael Miller Scholarships for Women in May of this year. A talented speaker, she donates all her speaking honoraria to her scholarship fund. The stipends are awarded to women who seek to better their lot in life through education. It's no wonder the protagonists in Miller's novels are women her readers admire for their honor, courage, trustworthiness, valor and determination to succeed, despite overwhelming odds. "These timelessly admirable qualities make them excellent role models for young women," Miller explains. "The male leads possess equally noble traits that today's woman would be delighted to find in her life's mate." The author traces the birth of her writing career to the day when a Northport teacher told her that the stories she was writing were good, that she just might have a future in writing. Later, when she decided to write novels, she endured her share of rejection before she made her first sale. Although Linda has written successfully in other genres, she is best known for stories set in the West-stories like McKETTRICK'S CHOICE (HQN Books March 2006 paperback); THE MAN FROM STONE CREEK (HQN, June 2006 hardcover) and that very first novel, FLETCHER'S WOMAN, which is being reissued in 2006. Her stories are set in yesterday's world, and today's. They're historical romances, romantic thrillers, and other contemporary tales, and they consistently score on prestigious national bestseller lists. Linda has come a long way since leaving her sheltered life in Northport at age 18 to experience the world. "But growing up in that time and place, in a family grounded in Western values, served me well," she allows. "And I'm happy to be back home."

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Photo: Linda Lael Miller
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Book List
Forever a Hero (03/17)

Always a Cowboy (08/16)

At Home in Stone Creek (reissue) (05/16)

Once a Rancher (03/16)

Christmas in Mustang Creek (09/15)

Used-to-Be Lovers (reissue) (06/15)

Marriage Season, The (05/15)

Marriage Charm, The (02/15)

McKettricks of Texas: Garrett (reprint) (12/14)

Snowflakes on the Sea (reissue) (10/14)

McKettricks of Texas: Tate (reprint) (09/14)

Marriage Pact, The (05/14)

Wild About Harry (reissue) (02/14)

Rustler, The (reissue) (02/14)

No Place Like Home (anthology) (12/13)

Big Sky Secrets (12/13)

Proposal for Christmas, A (anthology) (09/13)

Glory, Glory (reissue) (09/13)

Big Sky Wedding (08/13)

He's the One (anthology) (06/13)

Big Sky Summer (05/13)

Wanted Man, A (reprint) (03/13)

Just Kate (reissue) (01/13)

Big Sky River (12/12)

Lawman's Christmas, A (reprint) (10/12)

Outlaw's Christmas, An (09/12)

Big Sky Mountain (07/12)

Big Sky Country (05/12)

McKettrick's Heart (reprint) (04/12)

McKettrick's Pride (reissue) (03/12)

There and Now (reprint) (03/12)

McKettrick's Luck (reissue) (12/11)

Caroline and the Raider (reprint) (11/11)

Holiday in Stone Creek (11/11)

Don't Look Now (reprint) (11/11)

Secondhand Bride (reprint) (10/11)

Only Forever (reissue) (09/11)

Lawman's Christmas, A (09/11)

Creed Legacy, The (06/11)

Creed's Honor (05/11)

My Darling Melissa (ebook) (05/11)

Springwater (reprint) (05/11)

Ragged Rainbows (reissue) (04/11)

Creed in Stone Creek, A (02/11)

McKettrick Legend, The (anthology) (01/11)

Memory's Embrace (reissue) (11/10)

Christmas Brides, The: McKettrick Christmas / Creed Country Christmas (11/10)

Part of the Bargain (reissue) (09/10)

Willow (09/10)

McKettricks of Texas: Austin (07/10)

McKettricks of Texas: Garrett (06/10)

McKettricks of Texas : Tate (02/10)

Creed Country Christmas, A (11/09)

At Home in Stone Creek (11/09)

Bridegroom, The (08/09)

State Secrets (reissue) (06/09)

When I'm With You (05/09)

Montana Creeds: Tyler (04/09)

Montana Creeds: Dylan (03/09)

Montana Creeds: Logan (02/09)

Stone Creek Christmas, A (12/08)

McKettrick Christmas, A (11/08)

Rustler, The (10/08)

Deadly Deceptions (04/08)

My Darling Melissa (reissue) (04/08)

Angelfire (reissue) (04/08)

Moonfire (reissue) (04/08)

Deadly Gamble (01/08)

McKettrick Way, The (12/07)

Wanted Man, A (07/07)

McKettrick's Heart (04/07)

McKettrick's Pride (03/07)

Sierra's Homecoming (12/06)

Deadly Gamble (11/06)

Man From Stone Creek, The (06/06)

McKettrick's Choice (03/06)

McKettrick's Luck (02/06)

One Last Look (01/06)

Part Of the Bargain (06/05)

Just Kate (06/05)

Beach Blanket Bad Boys (Anthology) (06/05)

Secondhand Bride (12/04)

Never Look Back (08/04)

Escape From Cabriz (04/04)

Don't Look Now (09/03)

Shotgun Bride (08/03)

Last Chance Cafe, The (05/03)

Women Of Primrose Creek (03/03)

Claiming His Own (03/03)

Mixed Messages (01/03)

High Country Bride (11/02)

Beyond the Threshold (05/02)

Out Of the Shadows (04/02)

Only Forever (06/01)

Christy (06/01)

Springwater Wedding (01/01)

Springwater Seasons (11/00)

Courting Susannah (10/00)

Into the Night (09/00)

Megan (08/00)

Skye (07/00)

Bridget (05/00)

One Wish (01/00)

Two Brothers - The Gunslinger (12/99)

State Secrets (12/99)

Springwater Christmas, A (10/99)

Jessica (04/99)

Miranda (03/99)

Savannah (01/99)

Springwater (01/99)

Rachel (12/98)

Ragged Rainbows (11/98)

Two Brothers - The Lawman (10/98)

Two Brothers: The Lawman & the Gunslinger (10/98)

Banner O'Brien (reissue) (04/98)

Vow, The (04/98)

Here And Then (11/97)

My Outlaw (05/97)

Knights (12/96)

Tonight and Always (11/96)

Together (07/96)

Pirates (04/96)

Time Without End (11/95)

Used-To-Be Lovers (04/95)

Princess Annie (12/94)

For All Eternity (11/94)

Snowflakes on the Sea (06/94)

Legacy, The (05/94)

Timeless (Anthology) (04/94)

Forever and the Night (11/93)

Taming Charlotte (11/93)

Yankee Wife (05/93)

Daniel's Bride (08/92)

There and Now (07/92)

Caroline and the Raider (03/92)

Wild About Harry (10/91)

Corbin's Fancy (reissue) (06/91)

Memory's Embrace (reissue) (06/91)

My Darling Melissa (reissue) (06/91)

Willow (06/91)

Wanton Angel (02/91)

Emma and the Outlaw (11/90)

Glory, Glory (11/90)

Lily and the Major (11/90)

Desire and Destiny (08/90)

Daring Moves (02/90)

My Darling Melissa (02/90)

Angelfire (reissue) (09/89)

Angelfire (06/89)

Moonfire (05/88)

Fletcher's Woman (01/88)

Luaralee (11/86)

Memory's Embrace (01/86)

Corbin's Fancy (08/85)

Banner O'Brien (07/84)


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