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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Jean Saunders
Pseudonym/s: Sally Blake, Jean Innes, Rachel Moore, Jodi Nicol, Rowena Summers
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I have been writing for many years, first as a short story writer for women’s magazines and later as a novelist. My first love was always short story writing, and I think my interest in writing came from a wonderful English teacher at my Grammar School, who told me when I was twelve years old that I was going to be a writer. This was heady stuff for a twelve-year old to hear, but of course, I was too busy getting through school with modest school certificate achievements, notably best in English, then growing up, getting married to my husband Geoff, who was my childhood sweetheart, and having our three children, to think too much about any latent ambition.

The longing to be a writer was always lurking beneath the surface though, and it eventually came to fruition. I was lucky enough to sell the second story I wrote, and I was immediately hooked. There came a period of rejections after that, which most writers go through, but nothing was going to deter me from a craft which I had discovered I loved. I also discovered that a writer needs determination and staying power as well as talent!

It was only after having published around 600 short stories (which didn't happen overnight!) that I attended my first writers' conference in London and met other people who were writing novels. And I thought 'If they can do it, why not me?' With a solid background of short story writing behind me by then, and the skill to construct a story and create believable characters, it was the next inevitable step.

As well as writing under my own name, my pen-names are ROWENA SUMMERS, RACHEL MOORE, JEAN INNES, SALLY BLAKE and JODI NICOL, although I have dropped the latter three names now. My books are published in the UK and USA and in many foreign languages. Most of them are in hardback, paperback, large print, audio cassettes and CD.

Some of the earlier books are now out of print, but they can all be found in libraries and on Amazon. You might even find them occasionally in bargain book shops. I hope I've given you a taste of who I am, and that you will continue to look at my pages. Briefly, here are my most prominent pen-names.

As JEAN SAUNDERS I have written many books of different types, including romance and crime. My World War One saga entitled THE BANNISTER GIRLS was short-listed for the RNA award in 1991.

As ROWENA SUMMERS I am most well-known for writing women’s' sagas, and these books are published widely on both sides of the Atlantic. Most of them are set in Cornwall and other UK West Country locations where I live.

As RACHEL MOORE I write wartime sagas set in Cornwall, and these have always been my personal favourites to write. I was actually born in London - in Notting Hill long before it became fashionable! But I have lived in the West Country almost all my life. Although I am not Cornish, many people think that I am because of my empathy with the region in my books, and I consider this a great compliment.

As JODI NICOL I wrote my one erotic novel, SILKEN CHAINS. It was published in the UK, Norway and USA. It was far too exhausting to write another . . .!

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Photo: Jean Saunders
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