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Sharon Buchbinder

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Sharon Buchbinder
Legacy of Evil: Hotel LaBelle Series, Book 2
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Joan Wolf
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To start at the beginning, I grew up in the Bronx, New York, and went to Mercy College for my Bachelor’s degree and Hunter College for my Master’s – both of them in English and Comparative Literature. After finishing my own schooling, I taught high school English for nine years in New York City. One of the classes I taught was Creative Writing – an experience that proved to be very valuable for my future writing career.

When my son came along, my husband and I bought a house in Connecticut and I retired to be a stay-at-home mom. (That’s what women did in those days). Actually, I had the delusion that I would write my Ph.D. dissertation while my son was napping. Needless to say, this kind of scholarly work was impossible to do without access to a major library, and we didn’t have the money to hire a baby-sitter so I could go up to New Haven to use the library at Yale. So I wrote a romance novel instead. Truthfully, I have to admit that I’ve never regretted not getting that Ph.D.

I still live in Connecticut with my wonderful husband, Joe, who has been a rock of support during all our married years. My two grown children, Jay and Pam, don’t actually live under our roof, but they certainly drop in frequently – which I like very much.

As those of you who are faithful readers of my books probably suspect, I suffered for all my adult life with migraine headaches. I actually wrote my last three books with a piece of cardboard taped over my left eye, to try to alleviate the stabbing pain behind it. Then, wonder of wonders, the headaches went away. My whole mental and emotional outlook has changed because of this miracle (and I do not use that word lightly).

Even my beloved Yankee’s disastrous post-season couldn’t dim my renewed pleasure in life. And, if Joe and I (both fanatic fans) are lucky, the UConn basketball teams will have a good year and help to put some cheer into a New England winter.

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Photo: Joan Wolf
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Book Series
Dark Ages of Britain series
Medieval Mysteries series
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Book List
Reluctant Queen, A (07/11)

His Lordship's Desire (UK) (04/07)

His Lordship's Desire (08/06)

Dangerous Masquerade, A (UK)
White Horses

To The Castle (08/05)

White Horses
A Dangerous Masquerade (UK)

That Summer (08/03)

High Meadow (02/03)

Silverbridge (05/02)

Poisoned Serpent, The (06/01)

Royal Bride (03/01)

His Lordship's Mistress
Married by Mistake

Someday Soon (06/00)

No Dark Place (04/00)

Golden Girl (10/99)

Pretenders, The (02/99)

Gamble, The (05/98)

Deception, The (05/98)

Arrangement, The (11/97)

Guardian, The (05/97)

Reindeer Hunters, The (01/95)

Horsemasters, The (07/94)

Difficult Truce, A (04/93)

Kind Of Honor, A (03/93)

Rebellious Ward, The (02/93)

American Duchess, The (12/92)

Daughter of the Red Deer (11/92)

Fool's Masquerade (09/92)

Margarita (07/92)

Regency Valentine I, A (Anthology) (02/91)

Edge of Light, The (08/90)

Born of the Sun (08/89)

Road to Avalon, The (08/88)

Scottish Lord, The (08/88)

Highland Sunset (10/87)

Rebel And The Rose, The (07/86)

Wild Irish Rose (11/85)

Counterfeit Marriage, The (09/85)

Fashionable Affair, A (02/85)

Portrait Of A Love (11/84)

Affair Of The Heart (07/84)

Beloved Stranger (03/84)

Double Deception, A (10/83)

Lord Richard's Daughter (07/83)

Change of Heart (05/83)

Summer Storm (03/83)

His Lordship's Mistress (04/82)

London Season, A (01/81)


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