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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Cassie Edwards
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Cassie Edwards is a best-selling American author of over 100 historical romance novels. She has been published by Dorchester Publishing, Signet Books, Kensington Publishing and Harlequin.

You can view Ms. Edwards Wikipedia page to learn more about her current status: Wikipedia

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Photo: Cassie Edwards
Website Links
Book Series
Chippewa series
Dreamcatchers series
Savage Secrets series
Savage Series
Wild Arizona series
Wild Tribes series
Book List
Wild Thunder (reissue) (07/15)

Rapture's Rendezvous (mass market reissue) (08/11)

Portrait of Desire (mass market) (04/11)

Silken Rapture (reissue) (04/10)

Savage Dawn (09/09)

Savage Sun (04/09)

Her Forbidden Pirate (01/09)

Savage Abandon (09/08)

Savage Paradise (reissue) (02/08)

Flaming Arrow (reissue) (01/08)

Falcon Moon (01/08)

Savage Touch (10/07)

Savage Wind (10/07)

Savage Glory (10/07)

Savage Skies (09/07)

Savage Torment (reissue) (08/07)

Shadow Bear (07/07)

Shadow Bear (07/07)

Savage Intrigue (06/07)

Savage Nights (aka Wild Splendor) (06/07)

Savage Rage (aka Wild Thunder) (06/07)

Savage Storm (aka Wild Desire) (06/07)

Savage Heart (reissue) (02/07)

Savage Quest (02/07)

Running Fox (12/06)

Savage Tempest (10/06)

Savage Innocence (reissue) (06/06)

Savage Beloved (06/06)

Savage Arrow (02/06)

Savage Obsession (reissue) (01/06)

Swift Horse (12/05)

Savage Vision (09/05)

Silver Feather (06/05)

Savage Courage (02/05)

Proud Eagle (12/04)

Savage Hope (08/04)

Wind Walker (06/04)

Savage Trust (02/04)

Nightwolf (12/03)

When Passion Calls (09/03)

Savage Hero (08/03)

Racing Moon (05/03)

Savage Illusion (03/03)

Savage Embers (02/03)

Savage Destiny (02/03)

Storm Rider (12/02)

Savage Love (08/02)

Spirit Warrior (06/02)

Savage Moon (02/02)

Fire Cloud (11/01)

Passion's Fire (reissue) (10/01)

Savage Honor (07/01)

Enchanted Enemy (reissue) (06/01)

Midnight Falcon (04/01)

Savage Thunder (01/01)

Winter Raven (12/00)

Savage Pride (10/00)

Forbidden Embrace (10/00)

Savage Devotion (08/00)

Elusive Ecstacy (reissue) (05/00)

Sun Hawk (05/00)

Savage Grace (01/00)

Savage Shadows (12/99)

Thunder Heart (12/99)

Desire's Blossom (11/99)

Savage Fires (08/99)

Silver Wing (05/99)

Savage Joy (02/99)

Rapture's Rendezvous (reissue) (02/99)

Savage Passions (02/99)

Lone Eagle (12/98)

Eden's Promise (10/98)

Silken Rapture (09/98)

Passion In The Wind (09/98)

Savage Wonder (08/98)

Bold Wolf (06/98)

Savage Heat (02/98)

Portrait of Desire (02/98)

Flaming Arrow (11/97)

Savage Tears (08/97)

Passion's Web (reissue) (08/97)

Touch the Wild Wind (07/97)

White Fire (06/97)

Savage Longings (02/97)

Rolling Thunder (11/96)

Wild Whispers (05/96)

Wild Thunder (aka Savage Rage) (12/95)

Savage Secrets (08/95)

Wild Bliss (06/95)

Wild Abandon (11/94)

Savage Spirit (08/94)

Wild Desire (aka Savage Storm) (05/94)

Wild Splendor (aka Savage Nights) (11/93)

Wild Embrace (06/93)

Savage Sunrise (02/93)

Wild Rapture (10/92)

Savage Mists (08/92)

Wild Ecstasy (05/92)

Savage Promise (02/92)

Savage Persuasion (08/91)

Savage Whispers (05/91)

Savage Dance (05/91)

Roses After Rain (10/90)

Savage Dream (05/90)

Savage Bliss (04/90)

Passion's Embrace (03/90)

Gentle Passion, A (03/89)

Savage Splendor (10/88)

Savage Eden (03/88)

Love's Legacy (11/87)

Savage Surrender (08/87)

Savage Paradise (02/87)

Savage Torment (01/86)

Beloved Embrace (01/86)

Savage Heart (11/85)

Island Rapture (03/85)

Savage Innocence (11/84)

Savage Obsession (10/83)

Secrets of My Heart (12/82)

Eugenia's Embrace (03/82)


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