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Christmas Holiday (Anthology)
by : Janice Bennett ,
Sara Blayne, Violet Hamilton, Karla Hocker, Anthea Malcolm, Elizabeth Thornton

Christmas is a time of romance, magic, tradition, and holiday delight . . . and never more so than in Regency England. In these six heartwarming stories by six bestselling authors, romance blossoms, sometimes unexpectedly, against a background of festive holiday traditions. As the characters enjoy sleigh rides, exchange gifts, go caroling, partake of splendid repasts, waltz at candlelit balls, and kiss at midnight under the mistletoe, you will almost be able to taste the eggnog and hear the crackling of the Yule log.

Book 1 - Janice Bennett: “The Holly Brooch.”
Time Period: Regency
For the Carstairs' young music instructress, Christmas means finally being able to repay a debt of honor . . . if her two lively charges don't get in the way of her heart as well as her pride

Book 2 - Sara Blayne: “The Christmas Bride.”
Time Period: Regency
Married by proxy five years earlier, Kathryn will meet her husband for the first time at Christmas when he comes home from the war. Will it be her dreams come true . . . or a day of reckoning?

Book 3 - Violet Hamilton: “The Glastonbury Thorn.”
Time Period: Regency
When war hero Nicholas Farris comes home for the holidays, he is disconcerted to find that the worshipful tomboy he left behind has grown into a most desirable young lady.

Book 4 - Karla Hocker: “The Yule Log.”
Time Period: Regency
A beautiful young widow sets out to celebrate "Christmas the way it used to be," and finds that a treasured friendship can blossom into a warm and lasting love.

Book 5 - Anthea Malcolm: “A Mistletoe Christmas.”
Time Period: Regency
Elizabeth Alder had stubbornly broken her engagement a year ago. But on Christmas Eve, she is given another chance at romance . . . if she's brave enough to take it.

Book 6 - Elizabeth Thornton: “Sheer Sorcery.”
Time Period: Regency
On Christmas Eve, Jess will at last come of age and be free of her insufferable guardian - unless she finds there's something she wants even more than freedom.

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Christmas Holiday (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
November 1992
Anthology- Historical: Seasonal- Christmas etc.

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