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Merely the Groom
by : Rebecca Hagan Lee

The stubbornly single men of the Free Fellows League are slowly succumbing to the wiles of the fairer sex. And just as in Barely a Bride and Merely a Groom, one more defiant bachelor is about to fall . . .

On this, the seventh day of January in the year of Our Lord 1793, we, the sons and heirs to the oldest and most esteemed titles and finest families of England and Scotland, do found and charter our own Free Fellows League. The League is dedicated to the proposition that sons and heirs to great titles and fortunes, who are duty bound to marry in order to beget future sons and heirs, should be allowed to avoid the inevitable leg-shackling to a female for as long as possible . . .

Colin McElreath, twenty-seventh Viscount Grantham, was about to become a very wealthy man and his new solvency had only cost him his good name, his title, his future, and his freedom. He had sold his soul to the devil. An English devil. A ruthless merchant devil. Life, as he knew it, was over. Colin was relinquishing his Free Fellow status, sealing his fate for cash because duty required it.

Because he had sworn to protect the Free Fellows League at all costs, because his father had gambled away a fortune, and because the newly created Baron Davies urgently required a respectable son-in-law for his disgraced daughter. Colin didn't know whether to laugh or to cry at the irony. After a lifetime of avoiding society misses, he was about to marry one. His betrothed was damaged goods, but her good name and her place in society were safe. Miss Gillian Davies was about to become a blushing bride. He was merely the groom.

Series: Free Fellows League
Barely a Bride - Book 1
Merely the Groom - Book 2
Hardly A Husband - Book 3
Truly A Wife - Book 4

Merely the Groom

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Publish Date:
April 2004
Regency: Scandal- Disgrace- flagrant Proposition
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