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Legacy of Evil: Hotel LaBelle Series, Book 2
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Book Review
Overall: 9
Sensuality: 10
Erotica Element: 9

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Erotica Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Erotic Romance! Review for Mercy
Author: HelenKay Dimon
Date of Review: 05/05/14
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: HelenKay Dimon brings us a hot new book with this latest offering. She definitely lights up the bookshelves with the sizzling sex scenes as she builds romance and suspense into this story. This story hits all the buttons that good romance should.

Becca Ford never thought she would see Jarrett Holt again. After all, she was instrumental in his arrest 8 months ago. But now she needs him. Her entire team has been killed and Becca fears that she is next on their list. She needs Jarrett’s knowledge, resources and security if she hopes to make it out of this mess alive. Becca is willing to give up her freedom and even her body if it means she can survive.

Jarrett Holt had his heart torn out when the woman sharing his bed betrayed him 8 months ago. He doesn’t know what to think when she appears on his doorstep and says that she needs help. Jarrett agrees to let her in and to provide her with security if she will do anything he demands and give him her body. Of course Jarrett can’t forget how he felt about her and his best friends see what she means to him.

Jarrett has to figure out what he is willing to do for Becca and what Becca means to him. He has a lot of trust issues surrounding his emotions and feelings. Jarrett doesn’t trust easily and Becca betrayed the trust he gave her. Becca also has her own issues with trust. She doesn’t know who is after her or what she will have to do in order to get away from the people looking to kill her.

I really liked the suspenseful elements of this story. We really don’t know who is after Becca until the end when things are wrapped up nicely. There is also the suspense of the relationship. We wonder how these two individuals can work things out when they are struggling to trust each other, but again Ms. Dimon does a great job of concluding things in a satisfactory manner.

As I said before, this book has very steamy and graphic sex scenes as well as some male/male sex scenes. You should know this before reading the book. The sex adds to the story and shows the way in which the characters can relate to each other. If the sex wasn’t there, I don’t think Jarrett would have let Becca back into his life. You definitely don’t want to read this in a public place where anyone can read over your shoulder without making sure you are sitting next to adults.

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