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Scandal on Rincon Hill (Hardcover)
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Book Review
Overall: 10
Sensuality: 10
Erotica Element: 10

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Erotica Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Erotic Romance! Review for His Mistress
Author: Monica Burns
Date of Review: 06/19/14
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book since I had very little information about it before I started reading. What I found was a delightful historical erotic romance that had all the elements you could want from a good story. Yes, this book is an erotic romance so the sex scenes are explicit which might not appeal to everyone, but the story is amazing.

Tobias Lynsted is a local solicitor. He also has some hidden fetishes in his private life that are not accepted in 1890’s London. When one of his clients finds out about his proclivities and threatens to expose him unless Tobias marries his daughter, Tobias finds himself in an untenable position. He hates that he is forced to marry or have his secret revealed, but even more so he hates that someone would dare to blackmail him. He vows to find the culprit and have him brought to justice. He also vows to take care of the woman he is going to marry and to spare her from his more base enjoyments.

What Tobias doesn’t know is that Lady Jane Grisham, the woman he is to marry, has her own secrets. One of them is her deep friendship with the woman who runs the club that he so frequently attends. Jane is well aware of how some people choose to take their pleasure and rather than being turned off by it, finds it rather exciting. Although she is surprised by Tobias’ proposal, Jane is not opposed to marrying him.

Tobias and Jane live in a society where one keeps secrets and things are not stated openly. They are constrained by the strictures of society. To get away from these restrictions, they each find pleasure in giving up or gaining control. For Tobias, he gives up control to the woman who masters him in the bedroom and Jane finds that by being mistress in the bedroom, she gains control in a society where she has none.

Ms. Burns does a wonderful job of revealing small pieces of information about each of her characters slowly and over time so that her readers can appreciate each revelation. I think the best thing was that Tobias and Jane come to know each other in different places without being aware of what secrets the other holds.

I also really liked the historical element to this story. The story would not work as well in today’s society where we tell strangers intimate details of our lives. This story could only take place in a society where scandal is to be avoided at all cost.

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