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Book Review
Overall: 9
Sensuality: 9
Fantasy Element: 9

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This is a romance community member review

Erotic Romance! Review for Stone Prince, The
Author: Gena Showalter
Date of Review: 10/18/04
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: THE STONE PRINCE - Gena Showalter HQN Books ISBN: 0-373-77007-3 September 2004 Fantasy/Erotic

Dallas, Texas - Present day

Katie James acquires a run-down mansion sorely in need of some serious renovations. In what the previous owners referred to as “The Pleasure Garden” are some pretty magnificent statues, ones that could almost be called x-rated. It is here that Katie finds herself drawn to the ethereal beauty and sheer masculinity of one statue in particular. Has she lost her mind? Okay - so she has been unlucky at love, but come on…..a statue? Thoughts of him invade her mind constantly. What would it be like to be in his arms, to feel his skin… kiss his beckoning lips? A magical kiss from Katie brings the statue to warm and lusty life. Jorlan en Sarr, a prince from the distant planet of Imperia has been ensconced for centuries in his stone tomb. Under a curse by his half-brother and powerful sorcerer, Percen de Locke, Jorlan, still able to see, hear and feel all around him but unable to respond, has waited for the kiss of a fair maiden to free him. In her aid to help Jorlan, his mother opened a vortex that placed him on earth, away for Percen. Now all Jorlan must do is win Katie’s love in two weeks time or return to his stony lair forever. Arrogant and determined Jorlan’s full-fledged pursuit of Katie is fueled by the unquenchable lust he feels for her. Although he promises unimaginable physical pleasures, Katie is reluctant to give in, fighting the sexual urges that surge through her virginal body. Will Jorlan win over his “Katya” in time, or will he be doomed to spend eternity encased in stone? How long will Katie be able to hold back her hunger for her stone warrior come-to-life? THE STONE PRINCE proved to be a most rewarding read, sexy, funny and downright magical from start to finish. You cannot help but be drawn into the torrid love that develops between Jorlan and Katie. Well supported by secondary characters who help bring THE STONE PRINCE to its climactic end. THE STONE PRINCE is definitely a keeper - well worth a second read!

Katherine Turcotte, Reviewer

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