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Book Review
Overall: 10
Sensuality: 7
Fantasy Element: 8

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Fantasy Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Ever Mine (Ebook)
Author: Eden Ashe
Date of Review: 05/23/14
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: Eden Ashe takes you into the world of Faerie in her newest book. She builds up the drama of meeting a fairy and then finding out that the fairy just might be your true love. Ms. Ashe wants her readers to believe in the power of magic and that ordinary people can do extraordinary things for love. Her story makes that possible.

Nathan Alexander didn’t have the most loving home growing up. His father was an alcoholic and his mother put up with it. To think that Nathan now runs a multi-million dollar non-profit that benefits abused women is inspiring. He broke off a toxic engagement and hasn’t really been dating. His aunt keeps sending him flowers to try and encourage him to take care of something. Her latest gift contains a little more than he bargained for.

Katenia of the Lillie Valley doesn’t know how she got transported from her home to this world of humans. She has been raised to fear humans and now she has to rely on a human to help her get home. When she realizes that she has feelings for Nathan, Katenia has to figure out how to reconcile what she feels with what she learned.

This story isn’t very long, but it packs a lot into a few pages. I love that Nathan has no ideas fairies exist or what to do with one when she shows up in his office. His reaction is so normal that we can all relate to it. Watching both Nathan and Katenia try to overcome their issues with being different species as well as the element of magic make the story very compelling. We want these two characters to figure it out.

I like that we don’t really know what will happen until the end. Katenia wants to return home so badly, but the life waiting her isn’t ideal. Nathan wants his life to go back to normal, but he is drawn towards Katenia. Trying to figure out who is going to have to give something up and what life will be like for them makes the story even more interesting.

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