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Overall: 10
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Fantasy Element: 8

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Fantasy Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Lord of Solemn Woods (ebook)
Author: Wendy Tardieu
Date of Review: 09/26/14
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: This book is the first one that I have read by Wendy Tardieu. I wasn’t sure what to expect especially because it is such a short book as well. It is only 93 pages long. The premise sounded interesting so I thought I would give it a try. I am glad I did. Wendy Tardieu has given us a wonderful story that includes drama, suspense and magic.

Leith is a Master of the Order of Shadows. After he made some poor judgments and used magic considered black and that had been banned, Leith is banished to the Solemn Woods. These woods are haunted by the souls of murderers and so everyone avoids going into the woods. Leith likes it that way and does whatever he can to increase the spook factor so that he is left alone. When word gets back to the Order of Light that Leith may be looking for a dangerous artifact, he finds his solitude disturbed by a young apprentice.

Kyler tried to get training for her magic, but every time she used it, things went disastrously wrong. Kyler left and began working as a scribe and a historian. She never expected to be called back and sent to Leith to study. Kyler knows that he is her last chance to learn about her magic and how to control it. She isn’t about to let him scare her off.

These two people find themselves working together despite their own desires. Kyler would prefer to be left alone with her scrolls and books, while Leith wants to continue his search for the artifact. When Leith realizes how strong Kyler’s magic really is, he knows that he can use her for his own purposes. Unfortunately, he also finds himself attracted to her and knows that the feeling is reciprocated. Any sexual relationship between master and apprentice is strictly forbidden which leads to a lot of tension between these two characters.

As I said, this book is short, but has a lot of drama and action for such a short story. I really enjoyed visiting this world and am glad I read this book. Kyler is a strong woman who doesn’t let others take advantage of her. I hope that Ms. Tardieu has written a sequel to this book.

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