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Eye On Romance
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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Heroes with first name starting with A

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Austin Dearing - (Book: 9-Month Bodyguard, The)
Aaron McKade - (Book: Aaron Under Construction)
Anthony Hartstone - (Book: Abandon)
Andrew Rook - (Book: Abandon)
Alec MacLean
Viscount Hunterston
- (Book: Abduction of Julia, The)
Alex Carey - (Book: Abduction, The)
Adam Chillworth - (Book: About Adam)
Adam Thomas - (Book: About That Fling)
Alan Rand - (Book: Accidental Family)
Alan Rand - (Book: Accidental Family (reissue))
Alex Lejardin - (Book: Accidental Father)
Alex Woods - (Book: Accidental Greek Wedding, An)
Alex Woods - (Book: Accidental Greek Wedding, An (reissue))
Angus Hamilton - (Book: Accidental Mistress)
Archer Hunt - (Book: Accidentally on Purpose)
Alexander 'Ace' Endicott
Earl of Carde
- (Book: Ace of Hearts)
Ace Parker - (Book: Ace's Wild)
Archeron - (Book: Acheron)
Alessandro di Montefiore - (Book: Across Time)
Adam "ABC" Cooper - (Book: Acts of Magic)
Adam - (Book: Adam)
Adam Fortune - (Book: Adam & Eve)
Adam 483 - (Book: Adam 483: Man or Machine?)
Adam Maxwell - (Book: Adam and Eva)
Adam Whitman - (Book: Adam's Ambition)
Adam Cooper - (Book: Adam's Boys (ebook))
Adam Gallagher, MD - (Book: Adam's Image)
Adam Walsh - (Book: Adam's Kiss)
Adam Trillo - (Book: Adam's Obsession)
Adam Ware - (Book: Adam's Outlaw)
Adam Montgomery - (Book: Adam's Promise)
Adam St. Clair - (Book: Adam's Story)
Adam Hobbs - (Book: Adam's Vow)
Admiral Sir Charles Bright - (Book: Admiral's Penniless Bride, The)
Adam Farrell - (Book: Adored)
Adrian Hailsworth - (Book: Adrian)
Adam Copeland - (Book: Adventure of the Heart)
Adam Smith - (Book: Adventurous Bride, The)
Anthony Elliot
Earl of Greyley
- (Book: Affair to Remember, An)
Alexander Rafferty - (Book: Affair with a Princess, An)
Alexander Rafferty - (Book: Affair with the Princess, An
The Desert King (UK-Anthology))
Anthony Hilliard - (Book: After All)
Aidan Kendrick - (Book: After Dark)
Alek Dragovich - (Book: After Image)
Adrian Kane - (Book: After Midnight)
Alec - (Book: Again)
Adam Roundtree - (Book: Against All Odds)
Alex Justice - (Book: Against the Odds)
Adam Serrano - (Book: Agent's Secret Baby, The)
Aidan O'Connell - (Book: Aidan (ebook))
Aidan Hart - (Book: Aidan: Loyal Cowboy)
Anthony - (Book: Ain't No Valley)
Alex Callaghan - (Book: AKA Jane)
Amyas St. Ives - (Book: Alas, My Love)
Alejandro Varga - (Book: Alejandro's Revenge)
Alessandro del Marc - (Book: Alessandro's Prize)
Alessandro del Marc - (Book: Alessandro's Prize (large print))
Alexander - (Book: Alexander and Alestria )
Andreas Nikolaides - (Book: Alien Vengeance)
Alec - (Book: All a Man Is)
Adam Wagner - (Book: All About Eve)
Arch (aka) Charles Dupont - (Book: All About Evie)
Alasdair Cynster aka Lucifer - (Book: All About Love)
Adrian Ferguson - (Book: All for Love)
Alex Trentham - (Book: All He Desires)
Alexander Deveney,
Earl of Mere
- (Book: All I Desire)
Armondés Tresnávé - (Book: All I Need)
Andrew Layton - (Book: All My Dreams)
Adam Hart - (Book: All Night Long)
Alexius Braverton, Marquess of Sinclair - (Book: All Night With a Rogue)
Alec Winston - (Book: All of Me)
Al Giraud - (Book: All or Nothing)
Ashley Graham - (Book: All Our Tomorrows)
Ashley Graham - (Book: All Our Tomorrows (reissue))
Alexander Leeds - (Book: All That Glitters)
Alec Harper - (Book: All That Remains)
Alec Harper - (Book: All That Remains (large print))
Adam Burkett - (Book: All the Rooms of My Heart)
Amoni - (Book: All's Fair In Love and War)
Ash Thorndyke - (Book: All-American Baby)
Andrew Donovan - (Book: Allegheny Captive)
Arek Barial - (Book: Allegiance Sworn)
Aaron Zook - (Book: Allison's Journey)
Asher Adams - (Book: Amazon Lily)
Anthony Talbot - (Book: Amelia's Intrigue)
Angelo "The Angel" Casali - (Book: America's Star-crossed Sweethearts)
Alex Thorn - (Book: American Fuji)
Alex Robeson - (Book: Amethyst and Gold)
Ari Zavros - (Book: An Offer She Can't Refuse)
Ari Zavros - (Book: An Offer She Can't Refuse (large print))
Asher Chatam - (Book: An Unlikely Match)
Alex Cade - (Book: And the Bride Wore Black)
Austin Parker - (Book: And the Winner Weds!)
Andrew Alexander - (Book: Andrew)
Andy - (Book: Andy & Andie)
Angel - (Book: Angel)
Angel - (Book: Angel (ebook))
Adrien Hunt - (Book: Angel In a Red Dress)
Adrien Hunt - (Book: Angel in a Red Dress (ebook))
Azrael - (Book: Angel in Chains)
Alek Macpherson - (Book: Angel of Skye)
Ashur - (Book: Angel Slayer)
Adam Slade - (Book: Angel's Fall)
Andrew Trudeau - (Book: Angel's Share, An)
Angelo Emiliani - (Book: Angelo's Captive Virgin)
Aaron Pierce - (Book: Angels And Deceivers (ebook))
Aren Fairchild - (Book: Angels at the Table (hardcover))
Aren Fairchild - (Book: Angels at the Table (paperback))
Angus MacDougall - (Book: Angus's Lost Lady)
Aaron - (Book: Annie's Christmas Wish)
Alex Montgomery - (Book: Annie's Song)
Alex McKie - (Book: Another Eden)
Alex Ford - (Book: Another Kind of Cowboy)
Adam Forrest - (Book: Another Kind of Love)
Alex - (Book: Answer to Heaven)
Aaron Stone - (Book: Antique Dreams)
Alex DiCarlos - (Book: Any Way You Want Me)
Alex Moore - (Book: Anyone but You)
Alex Moore - (Book: Anyone But You (reissue))
Alex Moore - (Book: Anyone But You (reissue))
Alexander West - (Book: Anything But Vanilla...)
Adam Lassiter - (Book: Anything for You)
Austin Travers - (Book: Anything You Can Do)
Ari Nathan - (Book: Apocalypse to Go)
Angelo Apollonides - (Book: Apollonides Mistress Scandal, The)
Archer Jefferson - (Book: Archer's Angels (reissue))
Archer Owen - (Book: Archer's Crossing)
Archer - (Book: Archer's Lady (ebook))
Arian Adams - (Book: Arian's Angel)
Atticus Kincaid - (Book: Armed and Devastating)
Adam Wyse - (Book: Arms of Love)
A. J. "Rebel" Corbett - (Book: Arrangement With a Rebel)
Andrew Villard - (Book: Arrangement, The)
Alistair Ashbourne,
- (Book: Arrogant Lord Alistair, The)
Adam Haines - (Book: Art Of Deception, The)
Adrian, Duke of Ashton - (Book: Artful Miss Irvine, The)
Archibald Warner,
Earl of Sachse
- (Book: As An Earl Desires)
Atretes - (Book: As Sure As the Dawn)
Atretes - (Book: As Sure As the Dawn (reissue))
Atretes - (Book: As Sure As the Dawn (reissue))
Andreas - (Book: Ascension)
Alexander Ullyot
Laird of Ashblane
- (Book: Ashblane's Lady)
Asher Quigley - (Book: Asher's Delimma (ebook))
Asher Quigley - (Book: Asher's Invention (ebook))
Adrik Ivankov - (Book: Ashes and Ice)
Alaina MacGaren - (Book: Ashes In The Wind)
Andreas Reichen - (Book: Ashes of Midnight)
Ashton Johnson - (Book: Ashton's Bride)
AJ Riley - (Book: Ask Adam)
Allie Parker - (Book: At First Sight)
Alessandro - (Book: At the Boss's Beck and Call)
Alessandro - (Book: At the Boss's Beck and Call (UK))
Antoine de Vallombrosa
Marquis de Mores
- (Book: At the Wind's Edge)
Antoine de Vallombrosa
Marquis de Mores
- (Book: At the Wind's Edge)
Aaron Russell - (Book: At Winter's End)
Adrian Ferrers - (Book: At Your Pleasure)
Ares - (Book: Atlantean's Quest - The Exodus)
Ash Zinders - (Book: Attracted to Fire)
Austin Wright - (Book: Austin: Second Chance Cowboy)
Azar Xenelion - (Book: Avar's Prize)
Alrik - (Book: Avelynn)
Alexandra Patton - (Book: Avenger, The)
Armando Garcia - (Book: Awaken My Heart)
Alexandre Dupree - (Book: Awaken the Senses)
Andreas - (Book: Awakening the Fire)
Azazel - (Book: Azazel (ebook))
Angelo Marino - (Book: Babies On His Mind)
Anton Santa - (Book: Baby and the Bodyguard, The)
Andrew Sinclair - (Book: Baby Bargain, The)
Andrew Malone - (Book: Baby Bet: His Secret Son)
Aidan Wythe - (Book: Baby Between Them, A)
Alessandro Salvatore - (Book: Baby Gift, The)
Ambrose Carpenter - (Book: Baby Maker, The)
Asher Blackwolf - (Book: Baby My Baby)
Alexis Petrakis - (Book: Baby of Shame)
Alexander Braikovitch - (Book: Baby of Their Own, A (UK))
Alec Roman - (Book: Baby on the Doorstep)
Adam Novak - (Book: Bachelor Father )
Aaron Cooper - (Book: Bachelor Sheriff)
Aiden Kent - (Book: Bachelor's Promise, The)
Adam Richards - (Book: Bachelorette, The)
Adam Black - (Book: Back in the Boss's Bed)
Adam Brand - (Book: Baddest Bride In Texas, The)
Alexander Sinclair
Earl of Balmorrow
- (Book: Balmorrow's Bride)
Alexander Fennimore
Earl of Woodbridge
- (Book: Banished Bride, The)
Adam Corbin - (Book: Banner O'Brien)
Adam Corbin - (Book: Banner O'Brien (reissue))
Aidan Byrne - (Book: Banshee Charmer (ebook))
Aidan Hughes - (Book: Baptism By Fire)
Adam Hale - (Book: Bare Necessities)
Alexander Diallo - (Book: Bare Pleasures)
Alan Gresham - (Book: Bargain, The)
Alan Gresham - (Book: Bargain, The (reissue))
Adam King - (Book: Bargaining for King's Baby)
Alain de Treville
- (Book: Baron's Bride, The)
Alain de Treville
- (Book: Baron's Bride, The (UK))
Angus MacKay - (Book: Be Still My Vampire Heart)
Alexander Bunsun - (Book: Bear Necessities)
Alistair Munro - (Book: Beatrice Goes to Brighton)
Adrian - (Book: Beautiful Ashes)
Arthur Christian - (Book: Beautiful Stranger, The)
Alex Barone - (Book: Beauty & The Blue Angel)
Aaron Dawes - (Book: Beauty and the Blacksmith (ebook novella))
Aaron Dawes - (Book: Beauty and the Blacksmith (paperback novella))
Alexi Romanov - (Book: Beauty and the Bounty Hunter)
Alex Markoff - (Book: Beauty and the Brooding Boss)
Alon Garza - (Book: Beauty's Beast)
Alex Worth - (Book: Because of the List)
Alex Worth - (Book: Because of the List (large print))
Amir Khan - (Book: Beckon)
Andreas Trigliani - (Book: Bedded and Wedded for Revenge)
Andreas Trigliani - (Book: Bedded and Wedded for Revenge (UK))
Angelos Rousakis - (Book: Bedded By The Greek Billionaire)
Andrew Calhoun - (Book: Bedhead (ebook))
Ash Brennan - (Book: Bedroom Barter, The)
Adam Cazell - (Book: Bedroom Surrender, The)
Alexei Voronov - (Book: Behind the Palace Walls)
ALEX KENT - (Book: Belhaven Bride)
Anthony Ashton - (Book: Bella)
Alex - (Book: Belle Chasse)
Adam Whitman - (Book: Bells Will Be Ringing (anthology))
Alexander Marshall - (Book: Beloved Enemy)
Adam Rutledge - (Book: Beloved Pretender)
Antonio Marino - (Book: Below the Belt (ebook))
Alex Jensen - (Book: Beneath the Ashes (hardcover))
Alex Jensen - (Book: Beneath the Ashes (paperback reprint))
Angelo Caffey - (Book: Beneath the Patchwork Moon)
Asher Tate - (Book: Beneath the Surface)
Alex - (Book: Beside Myself)
Aidan Mitchell - (Book: Best of My Love)
Alistair St. Clare,
Duke of Barrington
- (Book: Beth)
Marquis of Carleton
- (Book: Bething's Folly)
Armand Saint Sylvestre - (Book: Betray Me Not)
Alex Rocket - (Book: Betrayal)
Alex Reid - (Book: Betrayal of the Blood Lily, The (paperback))
André de le Monte - (Book: Betrayed)
Alex Martinez - (Book: Better Than Ever)
Axiom - (Book: Between Light and Dark)
Alexander Barclay - (Book: Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea)
Alex Faulkner - (Book: Beware The Beast)
Austin Radcliffe - (Book: Bewitching)
Alec Castlemaine,
Duke of Belmore
- (Book: Bewitching)
Andrew Brooks - (Book: Beyond Breathless)
Aaron Zook - (Book: Beyond Hope's Valley)
Aiden - (Book: Beyond the Stars)
Alex - (Book: Beyond the Valley)
Adam Noble - (Book: Beyond Tomorrow)
Alex English - (Book: Bicycle Built for Two, A)
Andre St. James - (Book: Big Girls Don't Die (ebook))
Arnie O'Brien - (Book: Big Sky Family )
Arnie O'Brien - (Book: Big Sky Family (large print))
Austin Cahill - (Book: Billion Dollar Bride)
Alex Rush - (Book: Billionaire Baby Bombshell, The)
Alex Garrison - (Book: Billionaire's Bidding, The)
Alexander Ramirez - (Book: Billionaire's Fake Engagement, The)
Alex Megalos - (Book: Billionaire's Marriage Bargain)
Adan d'Amato/Lyan d'Vesti - (Book: Binding Krista)
Aaron Mazerik - (Book: Birthright)
Aleksandr Shastin - (Book: Black Knight, White Queen (ebook))
Adam Barnhart - (Book: Black Lace and Linen)
Alec MacKeage - (Book: Black Lament)
Asher Grayson - (Book: Black Magic Woman)
Adam Morelly - (Book: Black Opal)
Amir Khalid - (Book: Black Sheep Sheik, The)
Alex Coleman - (Book: Blame it on the Mistletoe (ebook))
Adam Burke - (Book: Blessed are the Merciful)
Andrew Westin - (Book: Blessed Life, A)
Aaron Brown - (Book: Blessing)
Aaron Brown - (Book: Blessing)
Aaron Brown - (Book: Blessing (reissue))
Andreas - (Book: Blood and Fire)
Adam Walker - (Book: Blood Bargain)
Adam Walker - (Book: Blood Heat)
Atar - (Book: Blood Lines - Blood Price)
Axel Locke - (Book: Blood Magic)
Alistair Fielding - (Book: Blood Moon Over Britain)
Aidan O'Shea - (Book: Blood of the Rose)
Arturo Mazza - (Book: Blood Seduction)
Aleksei Madison - (Book: Bloodlust: Nocturnal Heat)
Asher - (Book: Bloodshifted)
Alec - (Book: Blue Angel)
Alex - (Book: Blush)
Anderson Michaels - (Book: Body of Evidence)
Austin Shaw - (Book: Boiling Point)
Alex Terzakis - (Book: Bond of Hatred)
Earl of Tretain
- (Book: Bond of Honour, A)
Angus Ferguson - (Book: Bond of Passion)
Angus Ferguson - (Book: Bond of Passion (reissue))
Apollo Smith - (Book: Book of Seven Delights, The)
Angus McFarlan - (Book: Boots and the Bachelor (ebook))
Adam Douglas
- (Book: Border Bride)
Adam Douglas
- (Book: Border Bride (reissue))
Adrien - (Book: Born in Chains)
Armand - (Book: Born To Bite)
Adam Burke - (Book: Borrowing a Bachelor)
Aiden Voss - (Book: Boss's Bedroom Agenda, The)
Alexei Christou - (Book: Bought By Her Husband)
Alexei Christou - (Book: Bought By Her Husband (UK Edition))
Alexander Kosta - (Book: Bought: One Island, One Bride)
Allan McKinney - (Book: Bound by a Child)
Ariyal - (Book: Bound by Darkness)
Ashfirth Saxon - (Book: Bound to the Barbarian)
Adrien de Ries - (Book: Bound to the Warrior)
Adam Moreland - (Book: Bouquet)
Alexandre Blake - (Book: Bowled Over)
Adam, Sean Vader - (Book: Boys Next Door, The)
Adam Brody - (Book: Brazen & Burning)
Alejandro Cabral - (Book: Brazilian Millionaire's Love-Child, The)
Anton Luis Scott-Lee - (Book: Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride)
Asher Anderson - (Book: Break of Day)
Adam Wagler - (Book: Breath of Spring)
Aiden McKay - (Book: Breathless Encounter / Dark Side of Night, The)
Allen Wade - (Book: Brickhouse)
Adam Baldwin - (Book: Bridal Lace and Buckskin)
Aaron Kerr - (Book: Bride and the Baby)
Adam Grogan - (Book: Bride Backfire, The)
Alexander de Monteneau - (Book: Bride Bed, The)
Adam Ryder - (Book: Bride By Royal Appointment (Large Print))
Aubrey Ashford - (Book: Bride Enchanted)
Anatole St. Leger - (Book: Bride Finder, The)
Alex Harte - (Book: Bride Fire)
Andrew Richardson - (Book: Bride for a Night)
Alec Monroe - (Book: Bride For A Single Dad (UK))
Alexius - (Book: Bride for the Island Prince, A)
Alexius - (Book: Bride for the Island Prince, A (large print))
Alec McBride
Duke of Gleneden
- (Book: Bride of a Wicked Scotsman)
Adair Mac Taran - (Book: Bride of Lochbarr)
Adam Sutton, Lord of Bitterlee - (Book: Bride of the Isle)
Alec Morrissey - (Book: Bride Wore Starlight, The)
Adam Reed - (Book: Bride Worth Waiting For, A)
Aiden Blackstone - (Book: Bride's Tangled Vows, A)
Alec Kincaid - (Book: Bride, The)
Alec Kincaid - (Book: Bride, The (Hardcover))
Alec Kincaid - (Book: Bride, The (reissue))
Alec Kincaid - (Book: Bride, The (reissue))
Alec Kincaid - (Book: Bride, The (reissue))
Adrian Hawke - (Book: Bridemaker, The)
Austin Matthews - (Book: Brides For Sale)
Austin Rainey - (Book: Bring the Heat)
Alexander Mitchel - (Book: Brooding Angel)
Ash McIntyre - (Book: Burn)
Andreas - (Book: Burning Both Ends)
Alex Seton - (Book: Burning Inheritance)
Adam King - (Book: Burning Plains, The)
Adam - (Book: Butterfly Garden, The)
Antoine Cavanaugh - (Book: By Order of the Prince)
Antoine Cavanaugh - (Book: By Order of the Prince (large print))
Addis de Valence - (Book: By Possession)
Alexander Maxwell,
Viscount Styne
- (Book: Call Back the Dream)
Aiden Downey - (Book: Can't Let Go (ebook novella))
Adam Temple - (Book: Can't Stand the Heat)
Alessio Capelli - (Book: Capelli's Captive Virgin)
Alexander Shelbourne, Captain - (Book: Captain Cupid Calls the Shots)
Alec Stewart - (Book: Captain's Courtesan, The (UK))
Alexander Logan
Viscount Blakely
- (Book: Captain's Courtship, The)
Alexandre Valmont, Captain - (Book: Captain's Dilemma, The)
Alexander Carstairs - (Book: Captain's Kidnapped Beauty, The)
Alexander Carstairs - (Book: Captain's Kidnapped Beauty, The (UK))
Andrew Morrow, Captain - (Book: Captain, The)
Alekhsiy - (Book: Captive Desires)
Adam - (Book: Captive, The)
Alexander Wakefield - (Book: Capture My Heart)
Alex Savege - (Book: Captured by a Rogue Lord)
Andrew Ormsby
Duke of Ashford
- (Book: Captured Heart, The)
Alec MacKenzie - (Book: Captured Moment)
Alain Dulac - (Book: Capturing the Millionaire)
Adam Clairmont - (Book: Cara's Beloved)
Agent Sean Maddox - (Book: Carnal Innocence)
Alan Langston - (Book: Carolina Dawn)
Adam Chase - (Book: Carolina Rose)
Alexandre Beauvisage - (Book: Caroline)
Adam Steinbeck - (Book: Caroline)
Adam Steinbeck - (Book: Caroline (UK))
Andrew Fitch - (Book: Caroline's Secret)
Andrew Thorne - (Book: Carriage House)
Andrew Thorne - (Book: Carriage House, The (reissue))
Ashton Trewelyn - (Book: Casanova Code, The)
Alec Lachlan - (Book: Case of Nerves, A)
Alexander - (Book: Castaway Dreams)
Atreus - (Book: Castles In The Mist)
Aimery Fitz Clare - (Book: Catching Midnight)
Adam Winchester - (Book: Cattleman's Honor )
Alex Spencer - (Book: Caught)
Adam Cortez - (Book: Caught in the Act)
Alex Carlisle - (Book: Caught on Camera with the C.E.O. (UK))
Alex Carlisle - (Book: Caught on Camera with the CEO)
Alex Brody - (Book: Cavanaugh Fortune)
Aiden Woods - (Book: Celebration's Baby)
Alexius - (Book: Champion, The)
Abraham Chance - (Book: Chance Of a Lifetime)
Abraham Chance - (Book: Chance Of A Lifetime (reissue))
Alexander Stratis - (Book: Change of Heart)
Arlen of Anfeald - (Book: Changespell Legacy)
Austin Rivers - (Book: Changing His Game)
Lord Ashwick
- (Book: Chaperon Bride, The)
Alex Pierce - (Book: Charade)
Andersen, Baron Copley - (Book: Charade of Hearts)
Ashley Carrington
Viscount Desford
- (Book: Charity Girl)
Alexander Roxholme - (Book: Charleston Tangle)
Adrian Burchard - (Book: Charmer, The)
Alex Stamos - (Book: Charmer, The)
Aedan Maxwell - (Book: Charming the Chieftain)
Alistair Finlay-Jones - (Book: Chasing Lady Amelia)
Adam Silverhorn - (Book: Chastity's Angel)
Adam Porterfield - (Book: Cheek to Cheek)
Alexander - (Book: Cherish Me, Embrace Me)
Adam Paige - (Book: Cherokee)
Alexander Ellis - (Book: Child of Hope)
Arthur - (Book: Child Queen, The)
Alaric Morgan - (Book: Childe Morgan)
Angus Stuart - (Book: Children's Doctor, Meant-To-Be Wife (UK))
Alex Kinton - (Book: Chilled)
Anthony Mackie - (Book: Choir Director)
Alejandro Martinez - (Book: Chosen Sin, The)
Amos Troyer - (Book: Christmas at Promise Lodge)
Angus Stuart - (Book: Christmas at the Castle (large print))
Ashford Blackburne - (Book: Christmas Baby, A)
Ashton Huntcliff "Hunt" Maitland
Marquess of Vandover
- (Book: Christmas Bride, A)
Asa Lapp - (Book: Christmas Candles)
Alex Boyer - (Book: Christmas Embrace, A)
Austin McBride - (Book: Christmas Fantasy)
Alex Costas - (Book: Christmas Gift, The)
Alex Costas - (Book: Christmas Gift, The (large print))
Adam Worth - (Book: Christmas Knight)
Alessandro Garcia - (Book: Christmas Marriage Rescue, The (UK))
Andrew - (Book: Christmas Masquerade)
AJ Harris - (Book: Christmas Secret, The)
Ave Sommerton, Colonel - (Book: Christmas Treasure, A)
Adam Donovan - (Book: Cinderella Affair, A)
Alex Martin - (Book: Cinderella on His Doorstep)
Alex Bennett - (Book: Cinderella Story)
Ash Coleman - (Book: Cinderfella)
Andrew Callaghan - (Book: Cipher)
Arthur Ryker - (Book: Circle of Danger)
Adam Deveril
Viscount Lynton
- (Book: Civil Contract, A)
Adam Deverill - (Book: Civil Contract, A (new edition))
Angus MacDonald - (Book: Claimed by the Highlander)
Aodh Mac Con - (Book: Claiming Her (ebook))
Alexander Lennox - (Book: Claiming the Enemy (ebook))
Alex Peters - (Book: Close Pursuit)
Alastair Reynard - (Book: Close Quarters)
Aidan O'Neil - (Book: Close to You)
Archer Hanson - (Book: Cloud Waltzer)
Alex Kirkland - (Book: Cold Case Cop)
Alex Jensen - (Book: Cold Company (hardcover))
Alex Jensen - (Book: Cold Company (paperback reprint))
Aidan McConnell - (Book: Cold Sight)
Ashton Archer - (Book: Collector, The (hardcover))
Adam Elliot - (Book: Colonist's Wife, The (ebook))
Angus Wallace - (Book: Colorado Dawn)
Angus Wallace - (Book: Colorado Dawn (reprint))
Adam O'Malley - (Book: Colorado Fireman)
Aaron Amos - (Book: Come Home to Me)
Ashton Wingate - (Book: Come Love A Stranger)
Adam Lightfoot
Marquis of Ravenskeep
- (Book: Come Midnight)
Adam Dagenham - (Book: Come Near Me)
Alain - (Book: Come the Vintage)
Alain Beaunes - (Book: Come The Vintage (UK))
Alex Trahern - (Book: Come Up And See Me Sometime)
Anthony Darcy - (Book: Comes a Stranger)
Andros Kostos - (Book: Coming Home )
Alexander Cordina - (Book: Command Performance)
Adam Raeburn - (Book: Compassion's Charm)
Andrew - (Book: Compromising Position, A)
Abel Pierce - (Book: Conard County Reckoning, A)
Alec Flynn - (Book: Confession, The )
Arryn Graham - (Book: Conquer the Night)
Arryn Graham - (Book: Conquer the Night (reissue))
Alexander The Great - (Book: Conqueror,The)
Adelstan Cawdor - (Book: Conquest, The)
Adam Grayson - (Book: Constant Craving )
Adam Campbell - (Book: Consuming Fire)
Adam Campbell - (Book: Consuming Fire)
Aram Nazaryan - (Book: Conveniently His Princess)
Alex Stanislaski - (Book: Convincing Alex)
Aral Vorkosigan, Lord - (Book: Cordelia's Honor)
Aaron Chapin - (Book: Cords of Love)
Austin Bennett - (Book: Corporate Cowboy)
Alexander "Lex" Macmillan - (Book: Count On This)
Alessio Ramontella - (Book: Count's Blackmail Bargain, The )
Alex - (Book: Countdown)
Alban Norwood - (Book: Counterfeit Mistress, The)
Armand de Chevalier - (Book: Countess Misbehaves, The)
Alessandro Orsini - (Book: Countess So Shameless)
Alex Penholme - (Book: Country Wooing)
Adam Miller - (Book: Courted by the Captain)
Alec MacKeage - (Book: Courting Carolina)
Alex MacIntyre - (Book: Courting Katarina)
Aubrey Fairgrieve - (Book: Courting Susannah)
Alex Preston - (Book: Courtship of Carol Sommars, The )
Alex Preston - (Book: Courtship of Carol Sommars, The (reissue))
Earl of Templestowe
- (Book: Cousin Harry)
Aaron Bently - (Book: Coventry Courtship, A)
Alan Correy - (Book: Covert Alliance)
Anthony Duke - (Book: Cowboy and a Gentleman, A)
Aaron Reyes - (Book: Cowboy Dad)
Aaron Reyes - (Book: Cowboy Dad (reissue))
A.J. Clayburn - (Book: Cowboy Meets His Match, The)
Austin Taylor - (Book: Cowboy Protector)
Adam Benson - (Book: Cowboy with a Cause)
Alex Casali - (Book: Cowboy's Adopted Daughter, The)
Alex Connor - (Book: Cowboy's Family Plan, The)
Archer Bancroft - (Book: Crave)
Asher Monroe - (Book: Cravings)
Anthony Montgomery - (Book: Creole Captive)
Adam Ruelle - (Book: Crescent Moon)
Adam Markham, Captain - (Book: Crimson Angel)
Anton Mahler - (Book: Crimson Ties)
Aeric O'Malley - (Book: Cruel Enchantment)
Adam de Wolf van Osinga
- (Book: Cruise to a Wedding)
Adam de Wolf van Osinga
- (Book: Cruise to a Wedding (reissue))
Adam - (Book: Cruise to the Wedding (reissue))
Andrew "Ace" Conners - (Book: Cry Of My Heart)
Atka Sinclair - (Book: Crystal Caress)
Aidan Quinn - (Book: Crystal Unicorn, The)
Antonio Vega - (Book: Cuba Undercover (ebook))
Aric - (Book: Cursed by Destiny)
Aric - (Book: Cursed Embrace, A)
Ashe Seager - (Book: Cuts Both Ways)
Alex Mayfield - (Book: D is For Desire)
Adam Barrington - (Book: Dad for Billie, A)
Alex Bradlee - (Book: Daddy 101)
Adam Young - (Book: Daddy Material)
Andrew McKinley - (Book: Daddy on Her Doorstep)
Alex Banning - (Book: Daddy's Little Darlings)
Alex Banning - (Book: Daddy's Little Darlings (ebook))
Alan Ridge - (Book: Daddy's Little Matchmaker)
Alex Sullivan - (Book: Daddy's Little Momento)
Alexander Belmayne - (Book: Dance While You Can)
Aidan - (Book: Dancing On Air)
Adam MacLaren - (Book: Dancing Sky)
Alex Saunders - (Book: Dancing With His Heart)
Adam Byler - (Book: Danger in Plain Sight)
Adam Black - (Book: Danger in the Shadows)
Anthony Brent
Earl of Marchford
- (Book: Dangerous Charade, A)
Adam Sterne - (Book: Dangerous Game)
Adrian Spence
Earl of Albright
- (Book: Dangerous Gentleman, The)
Anthony St. Eustace Adams Northrup,
Duke of Colchester
- (Book: Dangerous Lady)
Alan Waring - (Book: Dangerous Lies)
Adrian Kingsland - (Book: Dangerous Passions (reissue))
Abram Mustafa - (Book: Dangerous Pleasure)
Alexander Heathercott
- (Book: Daphne's Diary)
Alex Dare - (Book: Dare to Desire)
Ash Hunter - (Book: Dare to Surrender)
Aiden Terrell - (Book: Daring the Devil )
Alilig MacLeod - (Book: Daring the Highlander)
Adrian Fitzwalter, Duke of Barroughby - (Book: Dark Duke, The)
Aidan - (Book: Dark Embrace)
Alain - (Book: Dark Fantasies)
Andre Boroi - (Book: Dark Ghost (hardcover))
Adam Savage - (Book: Dark Gold)
Aidan Savage - (Book: Dark Gold [reissue])
Ari Carmine - (Book: Dark Light of Day)
Adrian Scott - (Book: Dark of the Moon)
Armond Wulf - (Book: Dark One, The)
Aidan Warrick - (Book: Dark Prince)
Alexander Taylor - (Book: Dark Side of Dawn)
Alain, Earl of St. Vincent - (Book: Dark Side of the Moon)
Austin Tack - (Book: Dark Star)
Avery Samms - (Book: Dark Sun Rising)
Alex Nicholas - (Book: Dark Tyrant)
Alexander Killdaren - (Book: Darkest Dreams (reprint))
Aeron - (Book: Darkest Passion, The)
Amun - (Book: Darkest Secret, The)
Andrew McLaren - (Book: Darkness at Fair Winds)
Alex Broussard - (Book: Darkness Burning)
Azriel - (Book: Darkness Hunts)
Azriel - (Book: Darkness Unmasked)
Andre and Christian - (Book: Date With Destiny (Anthology))
Alex Ryan - (Book: Daughter He Wanted, The (ebook))
Ash - (Book: Daughters of Darkness)
Adam - (Book: Dawn's Desire)
Alex Sanborn - (Book: Dawn's Early Light )
Angus McTern - (Book: Days of Gold (Hardcover))
Alexander Vorzenski - (Book: Dazzle)
Alex Jensen - (Book: Dead North (paperback))
Andrei Dragulescu
- (Book: Dead Travel Fast, The)
Aidan Shields - (Book: Dead Wrong)
Alex Jensen - (Book: Deadfall (paperback reprint))
Alexander Strathmore - (Book: Deadliest Sin, The)
Alec Jacobson - (Book: Deadlock)
Apollo Greaves - (Book: Deadly Beast)
Alexander Braxton - (Book: Deadly Desires (ebook))
Adam Raiker - (Book: Deadly Dreams)
Ashe Granger - (Book: Deadly is the Kiss)
Aidan Flynn - (Book: Deadly Night)
Adam Raiker - (Book: Deadly Sins)
Asher - (Book: Deadshifted)
Alexander Kane - (Book: Deadtown)
Angelo di Capua - (Book: Deal With Di Capua, A)
Angelo di Capua - (Book: Deal With Di Capua, A (large print))
Alan Hyatt - (Book: Deal With This)
Alan Hyatt - (Book: Deal with This (reissue))
Adam - (Book: Dear Adam)
Adam Shard - (Book: Dear Diary)
Archibald Islington, Viscount Barrington - (Book: Death Comes For Desdemona)
Alex Jensen - (Book: Death Takes Passage (paperback))
Alex Jensen - (Book: Death Trap (paperback reprint))
Azrael - (Book: Death's Angel)
Alvaro de la Daga - (Book: Debt of Love)
Earl of Greystone
- (Book: Deception, The)
Austin Sinclair - (Book: Deceptions and Dreams)
Alistair Wakefield - (Book: Deck the Halls With Love (novella))
Aliases: Roland Otton, Roland Fairleigh, Captain Firebrand - (Book: Dedicated Villain, The)
Adam Ashworth - (Book: Dedication)
Amaury de Aneford - (Book: Deed, The (mass market))
Alexander Claybourne - (Book: Deeper than the Night)
Alex Murphy - (Book: Defending Hearts)
Ashe McLaughlin - (Book: Defending His Own)
Austin Mendez - (Book: Defending the Eyewitness)
Alex Montgomery
Earl of Arlington
- (Book: Defiant Debutante, The)
Alex Montgomery
Earl of Arlington
- (Book: Defiant Debutante, The (UK))
Adam Thornton - (Book: Defiant Impostor)
Andrew de Montforte - (Book: Defiant One, The)
Alex Jensen - (Book: Degrees of Separartion (paperback))
Alex Jensen - (Book: Degrees of Separation (hardcover))
Angus MacAllister - (Book: Delicious (UK))
Andreas Latimer - (Book: Demetrios Virgin, The)
Andreas Latimer - (Book: Demetrios Virgin, The (UK))
Azazel - (Book: Demon)
Alejandro - (Book: Demon Forged)
Alex Remington - (Book: Demon in My View)
Andras - (Book: Demon Kissed (ebook))
Andre Conti - (Book: Demon Marked)
Aidan - (Book: Demon Prince)
Adrian Philips - (Book: Demon's Daughter, The)
Archer Cross - (Book: Demonglass)
Alexander DeLenoir - (Book: Descent Into Darkness (ebook))
Amir, Sheikh - (Book: Desert Affair)
Amir - (Book: Desert Affair (UK))
Andrew MacGregor - (Book: Desert Heat)
Antonio Martín - (Book: Desert Heat (ebook))
Akeem Abdul - (Book: Desert Ice Daddy)
Earl of Exford
- (Book: Deserted Bride, The)
Adam Granger - (Book: Designing Woman)
Antonio Battista - (Book: Desire After Dark)
Alejandro de Bastitas - (Book: Desire and Surrender)
Alexander Baudoin Sir - (Book: Desiree)
Alexandre Baudoin - (Book: Desiree (reprint))
Andrew Fox - (Book: Desperado)
Adam Jonson - (Book: Desperate Desire)
Alain de Courcy - (Book: Desperate Measures)
Andrew Hunter - (Book: Destined to Last)
Adam Shaw - (Book: Destiny's Hand)
Andrew Yates - (Book: Destiny's Surrender)
Ash Kendall - (Book: Detective Daddy)
Ash Kendall - (Book: Detective Daddy (large print))
Alex Winters - (Book: Devil in Denim, The)
Aidan de Quincy - (Book: Devil In My Bed)
Andre - (Book: Devil in Velvet)
André Laroche - (Book: Devil In Velvet, The (UK))
Alex Kaplan - (Book: Devil Inside, The)
Andreas Vatis - (Book: Devil Lover)
Adam Smith - (Book: Devil You Know, The)
Adrian Grant, Viscount Marlock - (Book: Devil's Bargain)
Alasdair St. Erth, Sir - (Book: Devil's Bargain, The)
Alex Trevegne
"The Devil"
- (Book: Devil's Desire)
Alexander - (Book: Devil's Due)
Anthony Welles
Earl of Clare
- (Book: Devil's Embrace)
Alexander - (Book: Devil's Envoy, The)
Aiden MacAlpin - (Book: Devil's Own)
Alasdair Sharpe - (Book: Devil's Thief, The (ebook))
Adrian Ruxley - (Book: Devilish Pleasures of a Duke, The)
Andrew Kent - (Book: Devlin Diary, The)
Athan, Lord Griffin - (Book: Diamond Dreams)
Alex Conti - (Book: Diamond Fire)
Adrian Linsley
Viscount Marquand
- (Book: Diamond in the Rough, A)
Alex Leslie - (Book: Diamond King, The)
Acheron Dimitrakos - (Book: Dimitrakos Proposition, The)
Avery Solomon - (Book: Dire Distractions)
Anthony Northbridge,
Duke of Stour
- (Book: Disobedient Daughter, The)
Alec Hawthorne - (Book: Distant Dreams)
Andy Hatfield - (Book: Distant Love)
Alec Flynn - (Book: Distraction, The )
Alex - (Book: Divine Interventions - Echo In the Hall)
Art - (Book: Diving In)
Aramon - (Book: Divinity In Chains)
Adam Stone - (Book: Doctor and the Single Mum, The)
Alex Keating - (Book: Doctor in Disguise)
Adam Donnelly - (Book: Doctor's Bride by Sunrise, The)
Andrew Fforde - (Book: Doctor's Girl, The (UK))
Aidan Mitchell - (Book: Dogwood Hill)
Adrian St. Claire - (Book: Don't Tempt Me)
Alex Bramwell - (Book: Door Ajar, The)
Andreas Simonides - (Book: Doorstep Twins)
Aries D'Halen - (Book: Doorway to the Stars (ebook))
Ash Corbett - (Book: Double Life)
Alastair MacKay - (Book: Dragon Knight's Axe)
Angus MacKay - (Book: Dragon Knight's Shield)
Adam Zolton - (Book: Dragon Unmasked)
Arizona Smith - (Book: Dream Bride)
Alexander Cator - (Book: Dream Came True, A)
Alexander Cator - (Book: Dream Came True, A (reissue))
Alexander Cator - (Book: Dream Came True, A (UK))
Alexander Cator - (Book: Dream Came True, A (UK-reissue))
Arikos - (Book: Dream Hunter, The)
Arden, Lord Winter - (Book: Dream Hunter, The)
Alex Darcourt - (Book: Dream Island)
Alex Nolan - (Book: Dream Lake)
AJ Yarborough - (Book: Dream Runner)
Alex Spencer - (Book: Dreaming in Black and White)
Alex Spencer - (Book: Dreaming in Technicolor)
Adam Craig - (Book: Dreaming of Mr. Darcy)
Aiden - (Book: Dreams of a Dark Warrior)
Adrian Wild - (Book: Dreams of You)
Alec Masterson - (Book: Drive Me Wild)
Aidan Ross - (Book: Driven to Temptation)
Aiden Thomas - (Book: Druid in Flight)
Adam Dellafield - (Book: Druid Triumphant)
Ainvar the Druid - (Book: Druids)
Adrian Richmond
Marquess of Brentford
- (Book: Drusilla's Downfall)
Adam Lawton - (Book: Duchess and the Devil, The)
Adrian Warfield - (Book: Duchess's Next Husband, The)
Albret Maseo - (Book: Duel Love)
Anthony Barsett
Viscount Lyndon
- (Book: Duel of Hearts)
Adam Fletcher - (Book: Duet)
Adrian Delacourt
Duke of Roxbury
- (Book: Duke's Double, The)
Ashton DeFleury
Duke of Attlebery
- (Book: Duke's Easter Lady, The)
Adam Trent
Duke of St. Ives
- (Book: Duke's Lady, The)
Aaron Burcell - (Book: Dynasty Jones)
Adam St. Clair - (Book: Each Time We Love )
Andrei Ivanovich Valyev - (Book: Eagle's Fate, The)
Andrei Ivanovich Valyev - (Book: Eagle's Fate, The (UK))
Alex Beresford, Major - (Book: Earl's Intended Wife, The)
Earl of Hampton
- (Book: Earl's Season, The)
Andrew Norville - (Book: Easter Charade, The)
Alex Trent - (Book: Echo of Thunder, The)
Andrew - (Book: Eden Close)
Armand LaMorte - (Book: Eden's Shadow)
Andrew Parrish - (Book: Edge of Always, The)
Adam Brink - (Book: Edge of Betrayal)
Adam Cassidy - (Book: Edge of Heaven)
Alfred the Great - (Book: Edge of Light, The)
Andrew Parrish - (Book: Edge of Never, The)
Adam Gardener - (Book: Elusive As the Unicorn)
Adam Gardener - (Book: Elusive As The Unicorn (UK))
Viscount Standish
- (Book: Elusive Groom, An)
Adrian - (Book: Embers of Time)
Alfonso Serrano - (Book: Embraced by Blood)
Alexandre Saint Sylvestre - (Book: Enchant Me Not)
Adam Hawthorne - (Book: Enchantment)
Adam Wakeman - (Book: Enchantment in Venice)
Andreas Ferrante - (Book: Enemies at the Altar)
Andreas Ferrante - (Book: Enemies at the Altar (UK))
Ashe Carlyle - (Book: English Lord's Secret Son, The)
Ashe Carlyle - (Book: English Lord's Secret Son, The (large print))
Alessandro Moretti - (Book: Enthralled by Moretti)
Alexander Ferrars
Earl Lazenby of Edenbridge
- (Book: Errant Earl, The)
Alex Farhadi - (Book: Escaping Christmas (ebook))
Al Endeka - (Book: Eternal Craving)
Andreas - (Book: Eternal Fires)
Alexander Roman - (Book: Eternal Hunger)
Alex - (Book: Eternal Passion (ebook))
Ares - (Book: Eternal Rider)
Alec Cain - (Book: Eve of Chaos(reprint))
Alec Cain - (Book: Eve of Darkness (reprint))
Alec Cain - (Book: Eve of Destruction (reprint))
Alex Saxton - (Book: Evening Star)
Adam McKendrick - (Book: Ever a Princess)
Auburn Seaton, Earl of Tamberlake - (Book: Ever Yours)
Andy Riley - (Book: Everlasting Hope)
Abe Cameron - (Book: Every Little Kiss)
Alex Brady - (Book: Every Now and Then)
Arch Duvall - (Book: Everybody Loves Evie)
Adam Kincaid - (Book: Evolution of Adam, The)
Adam Richfield - (Book: Exclusive Contract)
Aidan O'Brien - (Book: Executive Seduction)
Alex Coughlin - (Book: Exes And Ohs)
Aiden Rodas - (Book: Expectant Father)
Adam - (Book: Expectations)
Alex Rodriguez - (Book: Explosive Reunion, An)
Ary - (Book: Exposed by Moonbeam (ebook))
Andre Du Bois - (Book: Extreme Measures)
Alec - (Book: Eye of Heaven)
Anthony Gargano - (Book: Eye of the Storm)
Adam O’Connor - (Book: Eyes of Fire)
Adrian Westfall - (Book: Facade)
Adam Reid - (Book: Fairytale)
Alex Stewart - (Book: Faith Came Late )
Adam Montgomery - (Book: Fallen)
Alec - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Adam Montgomery - (Book: Fallen: Celeste (ebook))
Alec Denny - (Book: Falling for the Nanny)
Abel Borgard - (Book: Falling for the Rancher Father)
Alan Barrett - (Book: Falling For The Texas Tycoon)
Alan Barrett - (Book: Falling for the Texas Tycoon (reissue))
Ashe - (Book: Falling Into Bed with a Duke)
Adrian Trask - (Book: Fallon's Revenge)
Duke of Clarendon
- (Book: False Fiancée, The)
Alastair Glendenning
- (Book: False Promises)
Adam Grey - (Book: False Proposal, A (ebook))
Earl of Trowbridge
- (Book: Family Affair, A)
Adrian McCallan, MD - (Book: Family for the Children's Doctor, A)
Adrian McCallan - (Book: Family For the Children's Doctor, A (UK))
Adam Canfield - (Book: Family Man, The)
Andrew Addison - (Book: Family Matters)
Adam Cooper - (Book: Fancy Free)
Adam Hawthorne
Earl of Blackwood
- (Book: Fanning the Flame)
Alex Villiers - (Book: Fantasy For Two)
Adam Thornton - (Book: Fantasy Girl)
Adrian Cole - (Book: Far From Over)
Ashton Pelham-Martyn - (Book: Far Pavilions, The)
Ashton Pelham-Martyn - (Book: Far Pavilions, The (reissue))
Ashton Pelham-Martyn - (Book: Far Pavilions, The (reissue))
Adrian Lapp - (Book: Farmer Next Door, The)
Adrian Lapp - (Book: Farmer Next Door, The (large print))
Arran Rossmara
Marquess of Stonehaven
- (Book: Fascination)
Alex Keller - (Book: Fashionistas)
Aidan Madison - (Book: Fast Track (hardcover))
Aiden Madison - (Book: Fast Track (paperback))
Aidan - (Book: Fatal Intent (ebook))
Alex - (Book: Father By Choice)
Alex Caine - (Book: Father Most Blessed)
Alexander Burke - (Book: Father's Wish, A)
Anthony Ross - (Book: Fear for Me)
Angel - (Book: Fearless)
Alex - (Book: Fearless Maverick, The)
Alex - (Book: Fearless Maverick, The (large print))
Ash - (Book: Feast)
Aidan - (Book: Feels Like Home)
Aidan - (Book: Feels Like Home (large print))
Alex Ryder - (Book: Fever Dreams)
Adrian - (Book: Fifth Favor, The)
Adrian - (Book: Fifth Favor, The (reprint))
Armie Jacobson - (Book: Fighting Dirty)
Aiden O'Brien - (Book: Fighting for Irish (ebook))
Aaron Donovan - (Book: Finding His Child)
Alex Caldwell - (Book: Finding Mercy)
Alex Bainbridge - (Book: Fine Art of Truth or Dare, The)
Alain de Crency - (Book: Fire Dance)
Adrian Holt - (Book: Fire Me Up)
Aubery, Sir - (Book: Fire Song)
Andreas - (Book: Fire Storm)
Adam - (Book: Fire Touched)
Andreas - (Book: Fire Within)
Andrew Lowell - (Book: Fire's Lady)
Adam Farwalker - (Book: Firecloud)
Alex Cushman - (Book: Firefighter's Match, The)
Adam Damerest
Duke of Marchmaine
- (Book: Fires in the Snow)
Alex Golovin - (Book: Fires of Innocence)
Alex Stuart - (Book: First a Friend)
Adam First - (Book: First Family of Texas, The)
Adam LaSalle - (Book: First Love)
Alexander Blair - (Book: First Love, Last Love )
Alexander Blair - (Book: First Love, Last Love (UK))
Adam Rochford - (Book: First Man (UK))
Alexander Stewart
Viscount Merrick
- (Book: First Snowdrop, The)
Adam Potocki - (Book: First Waltz, The)
Adam Potocki - (Book: First Waltz, The (reissue))
Adrien "Fletch" Fletcher - (Book: First You Run)
Artur, Prince of the Balck Sea - (Book: Fish Out of Water)
Adrian Chesswell - (Book: Flame Of Shadows)
Alexandre de Brueil - (Book: Flame Run Wild, A)
Aidan Donnelly - (Book: Flashback)
Adrian Leonidas - (Book: Fleeting Passions (ebook))
Alex Radcliffe - (Book: Flight from Death)
Aleksei Rozonov - (Book: Flight of the Raven)
Austin LePort - (Book: Flirting With Danger)
Angelo van Zaal - (Book: Flora's Defiance)
Arthur Baldwin - (Book: Flower of Alaska)
Angel Torres
Lieutenant Commander
- (Book: Flyboy)
Adam Hastings, Captain - (Book: Follow the Heart)
Alan McIntosh - (Book: Follow the Stars Home)
Axel Carlson - (Book: Following Her (ebook))
Alastair de Grey - (Book: Fool Me Twice)
Adam Meyer - (Book: Foolproof Love (ebook))
Alex McAlester - (Book: For Better or for Worse)
Alex McAlester - (Book: For Better or for Worse (reissue))
Andrew - (Book: For Her Son's Love)
Alec Farrel - (Book: For honor's lady)
Alexander - (Book: For Love of Sarah)
Adrian Sinclair - (Book: For Pete's Sake)
Alan Carman - (Book: For the Bear's Eyes Only)
Alex Dillon - (Book: For the Thrill)
Anthony Weston - (Book: For You I Will)
Alexander Hayes - (Book: For Your Arms Only)
Aric L'tiercel - (Book: Forbidden)
Alec MacKenzie - (Book: Forbidden)
Anthony Kennington,
Viscount Hastings
- (Book: Forbidden Love, A)
Amery - (Book: Forbidden Magic)
Adam Montgomery - (Book: Forever)
Ashe Ellison - (Book: Forever Affair, The)
Aidan Tremayne - (Book: Forever and the Night)
Adam Chandler, MD - (Book: Forever Assignment, The)
Antonio - (Book: Forever Is Not Long Enough)
Alec Falkner
Duke of Hamilton
- (Book: Forever My Love)
Andy Johnson
- (Book: Forever Night, The)
Antonia Del Valle - (Book: Forever True)
Aaron Kenneman - (Book: Forever, Ashley)
Ashley Benedict - (Book: Forever, I Do)
Aidan Ramsay - (Book: Forevermore)
Ahnvil - (Book: Forged)
Andreas Xenakis - (Book: Forgiven But Not Forgotten?)
Andreas Xenakis - (Book: Forgiven But Not Forgotten? (large print))
Alex DeWitt - (Book: Forgiven, The)
Aidan - (Book: Forgiving Trinity (ebook))
Alejandro Santanas - (Book: Forgotten Husband)
Andy - (Book: Forgotten Love)
Alessandro Mattani - (Book: Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child)
Alessandro Mattani - (Book: Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child (UK))
Ashville Coye - (Book: Forgotten Vows...?)
Alec Royce - (Book: Forsaken by the Others)
Anthony Chambers - (Book: Forsaking All Others)
Adolphus "Gilly" Ware
Duke of Sale
- (Book: Foundling, The)
Archibald MacGowen - (Book: Four in Hand)
Ash - (Book: Fragile Trust, A)
Antonio Perez - (Book: Fragrance of Roses, The)
Adrian de Vargas - (Book: Free Falling)
Adam Wild - (Book: Freedom to Love)
Alex Thorpe - (Book: Freefall to Desire)
Anton, Comte de Valois - (Book: French Count's Pregnant Bride, The)
Anthony Verelst
Viscount Sheringham
- (Book: Friday's Child)
Anthony Verelst
Viscount Sheringham
- (Book: Friday's Child (new edition))
Andrew Breed - (Book: Friend or Two, A)
Alan 'Frisco' Francisco - (Book: Frisco's Kid)
Adam Coulson - (Book: From Brooding Boss to Adoring Dad)
Angelos Petrakos - (Book: From Dirt to Diamonds)
Angelos Petrakos - (Book: From Dirt to Diamonds (large print))
Andreas Nicolaides - (Book: From Prim to Improper)
Alex - (Book: From the First )
Alex Shane - (Book: From the Shadows)
Adam Ross - (Book: From This Day Forward)
Adam Hauptman - (Book: Frost Burned (hardcover))
Adam - (Book: Frost Burned (paperback))
Adam Davenport - (Book: Frost Flower)
Anthony Hawksleigh, Captain - (Book: Frustrated Bridegroom, The)
Anton of Gifford - (Book: Fugitive Countess)
Alexander Cooke / Greg Bond - (Book: Fugitive Family)
Aaron Gray - (Book: Fulfillment, The)
Adan Valnez - (Book: Future Knight)
Alexander Mendeneres - (Book: Future Scrolls, The)
Andrew Marsh
Earl of Stanford
- (Book: Game of Chance, A)
Aengus Yates - (Book: Game of Hearts)
Adam - (Book: Game of Love (ebook))
Arden Lyons - (Book: Game of Love, The)
Adam Shawnigan - (Book: Game On)
Augustus Whittlesby - (Book: Garden Intrigue, The)
Alec Stanton - (Book: Garden of Scandal)
Alec Stanton - (Book: Garden of Scandal (reissue))
Andrew Sinclair,
Earl of Westbrook
- (Book: Garden of Secrets)
Alan Louden - (Book: Garlic and Roses)
Avery Russell - (Book: Geek Girls Don't Date Dukes)
Adam Lyonbridge
- (Book: General's Daughter, The)
Alain of Reverre - (Book: Gentle Conquerer)
Anthony Blake
Viscount Torrington
- (Book: Gentleman's Honor, A)
Anthony Varrieur - (Book: Genuine Article, The)
Andrew Martinez - (Book: Ghost Of a Chance)
Adam Wright - (Book: Ghosts & Echoes)
Aloysius James - (Book: Ghosts of Christmas Past (ebook))
Alexander Havenhurst
Earl of Foxworth
- (Book: Gift for a Rogue, A)
Aidan - (Book: Gift to Remember, A)
Adam Lemagne - (Book: Gilliane)
Adam Lemagne - (Book: Gilliane (reissue))
Anthony "T" Beals - (Book: Gimme an O! )
Aidan - (Book: Girl at Sea)
Amir - (Book: Girl in the Bedouin Tent)
Adam Riley
- (Book: Girls' Night Out)
Alaine Devenish - (Book: Give All to Love)
Aiden Flynn - (Book: Glass Houses)
Alex Carlton - (Book: Glass Slipper Project, The)
Apollo - (Book: Goddess of Light)
Aidan Campbell - (Book: Going To Extremes)
Antony diTalora - (Book: Going To The Castle)
Adam Gold - (Book: Gold Diggers)
Alex Deverell - (Book: Golden Reckoning)
Andrew Mandeville - (Book: Golden Rose, The)
Andrew Halpern,
Viscount Temple
- (Book: Golden Swan, The)
Andrew Halpern,
Viscount Temple
- (Book: Golden Swan, The (reissue))
August Meyer - (Book: Good Mother, The)
Anthony, Earl of Severn - (Book: Grand Deception)
Alessandro Sottini - (Book: Grand Passion, A)
Adam Javorski - (Book: Grave Attraction)
Anthony Rycliffe - (Book: Greatest Lover in All England, The)
Aristandros Xenakis - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress, The)
Andreas Karydis - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Bride, The)
Andreas Nicolaidis - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress, The)
Andreas Petrakos - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife, The)
Atreus Drakos - (Book: Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress)
Alexeis Nicolaides - (Book: Greek Tycoon, Waitress Wife )
Aristide Kouros - (Book: Greek's Christmas Baby, The)
Alexander Koutoufides - (Book: Greek's Virgin, The)
Alex Harrison - (Book: Groom For Maggie, A)
Aleksandr Berinski - (Book: Groom Wanted)
Aidan Wolfe - (Book: Groom's Revenge, The)
Aradin Teral - (Book: Grove, The)
Alexander Rey - (Book: Guardian of the Onyx Empire)
Adam Bodine - (Book: Guardian's Honor, The)
Ari - (Book: Guardian's Promise, The)
Alonnen - (Book: Guild, The)
August Fielding - (Book: Guilt of August Fielding, The)
Anthony (?) - (Book: Guilty as Sin)
Alexander Barrett - (Book: Guilty Pleasures)
Anthony, Duke of Tremore - (Book: Guilty Pleasures)
Adam Barr - (Book: Handpicked Husband)
Alban - (Book: Hands of Flame)
Alexander Lochlannach - (Book: Hannah and the Highlander)
Albert Hartman - (Book: Hannah's Courtship)
Aldrik van der Linus - (Book: Happy Meeting, A)
Aldrik van der Linus - (Book: Happy Meeting, A (reissue))
Aldrik van der Linus - (Book: Happy Meeting, A (reissue))
Aldrik van der Linus - (Book: Happy Meeting, A (UK))
Aldrik van der Linus - (Book: Happy Meeting, A (UK-reissue))
Alex Wilkins - (Book: Harbor of His Arms, The)
Aiden Downey - (Book: Hard to Handle)
Antonia Campbell - (Book: Hard-Headed Texan)
Aaron Blank - (Book: Harvest of Grace, The)
Ambrose - (Book: Haunted Dreams)
Aaron McBain
- (Book: Haven)
Adam Murphy - (Book: Having Adam's Baby)
Adrian Sokolov - (Book: Hawk's Revenge)
Ashley Wade - (Book: Hazardous Assignment)
Aryck - (Book: Healer's Choice)
Andrew MacAlister - (Book: Healing the Highlander)
Alexander Kirkpatrick - (Book: Heart and the Rose, The)
Antenn - (Book: Heart Fire)
Asad - (Book: Heart of a Desert Warrior)
Asad - (Book: Heart of a Desert Warrior (large print))
Alaric - (Book: Heart of Atlantis)
Alejandro Sandoval - (Book: Heart of Gold)
Ambrose Macpherson - (Book: Heart of Gold)
Archimedes Fox - (Book: Heart of Steel)
Archimedes Fox - (Book: Heart of Steel (paperback))
Alban - (Book: Heart of Stone)
A. C. Slader - (Book: Heart Of The Amazon)
Adam Hollister - (Book: Heart of the Mountains)
Adam Tremayne - (Book: Heart of the Storm)
Alec Shaughnessy - (Book: Heart Of The Sun, The)
Adam Bellman - (Book: Heart Storm)
Alex - (Book: Heart's a Mess (ebook))
Anluan - (Book: Heart's Blood)
Adam Montgomery
Earl of Weston
- (Book: Heart's Deceit)
Adam - (Book: Heart's Surrender)
Ash Farrell - (Book: Heartbreak Town)
Alan Ridge - (Book: Hearts Entwined)
Aidan Hunt - (Book: Heat Exchange)
Alec Porter - (Book: Heat of the Moment)
Aidan McBride - (Book: Heating Up)
Alan Schuster - (Book: Heaven Made)
Aubrey - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Alik Vasin - (Book: Heir to a Dark Inheritance)
Alik Vasin - (Book: Heir to a Dark Inheritance (large print))
Alexio Christoulakis - (Book: Heiress Bride, The)
Anthony Garland,
Earl Northmoor
- (Book: Heiress to Love)
Amos Morgan - (Book: Heirloom)
Aidan - (Book: Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between)
Andrew Marleigh, Lord - (Book: Helpful Ghost, The)
Alexander Winthrop DeLancey III - (Book: Her Brother's Keeper)
Aaron Wincanton - (Book: Her Enemy at the Altar (ebook))
Angelo - (Book: Her Fierce Warrior)
Alex Kellerman - (Book: Her Guilty Secret)
Alain de Banewulf - (Book: Her Knight Protector )
Andrew Davies Merrick, Captain - (Book: Her Ladyship's Man)
Anthony Santini - (Book: Her Lawman On Call)
Andrew Keegan - (Book: Her Love Next Door)
Axel Rankin - (Book: Her Man Advantage)
Angus Ford - (Book: Her Man of Honour)
Alex McKnight - (Book: Her McKnight in Shining Armor)
Austin Anderson - (Book: Her Montana Christmas Groom)
Adam Quinn - (Book: Her Private Avenger)
Alistair Brown - (Book: Her Ready-Made Family)
Alistair Brown - (Book: Her Ready-Made Family)
Alex Webber - (Book: Her Secret, His Love-Child)
Alex Webber - (Book: Her Secret, His Love-Child (UK))
Adam Callahan - (Book: Her Sister's Child)
Alain Boudreaux - (Book: Her Summer Love)
Ace Turner - (Book: Her Sweet Talkin' Man)
Adam Donovan - (Book: Her Unexpected Baby (reissue))
Alex - (Book: Her Wildest Dreams)
Adam Benton - (Book: Here With Me)
Alasdair Thornham - (Book: Hero of My Heart)
Agent Kendall (Pete) Peterson - (Book: Hero Under Cover)
Adam Rothbury - (Book: Heron Quest, The)
A. J. Camacho - (Book: Hers To Take)
Armand Alvares - (Book: Hidden In The Flame (UK))
Adam Hunt - (Book: Hidden Legacy)
Alan Shifflett - (Book: Hidden Moon (ebook))
Aidan McKaslin - (Book: High Country Bride)
Alexandre Blake, the Viscount Saint Just - (Book: High Heels and Holidays)
Viscount Saint Just
- (Book: High Heels And Holidays)
Alex - (Book: High Heels and Homicide)
Arthur - (Book: High Queen, The)
Asher Wellingham
Duke of Carisbrook
- (Book: High Seas to High Society)
Aaron Montana - (Book: High Stakes)
Adam Mancuso - (Book: High Stakes Seduction)
Ace Montgomery - (Book: High Tide)
Adam Roth - (Book: High-Society Seduction)
Artan Murray
- (Book: Highland Barbarian)
Alex MacDougal - (Book: Highland Flame)
Alexander Sinclair - (Book: Highland Flame)
Alasdair Cameron - (Book: Highland Flame)
Alasdair MacKyle - (Book: Highland Lord, The)
Alan MacDonald - (Book: Highland Obsession)
Alexander (The Black) MacLaren - (Book: Highland Rogue)
Alexander Douglas - (Book: Highlander in Her Bed)
Aidan MacDonald - (Book: Highlander in Her Dreams)
Alex MacLeod - (Book: Highlander Unmasked)
Athdar MacCullum - (Book: Highlander's Dangerous Temptation, The)
Duke of Westlake
- (Book: Hint of Scandal)
Alexander King - (Book: Hint of Scandal, A)
Adrian McReynolds - (Book: His Baby Bombshell)
Alex Chandler - (Book: His Baby, Her Heart)
Amos Pike - (Book: His Bodyguard)
Aaron Bryant - (Book: His Brand of Passion)
Aaron Bryant - (Book: His Brand of Passion (large print))
Alexander MacGruder
- (Book: His Captive)
Baron de Vasconia
- (Book: His Christmas Pleasure)
Alec Creighton - (Book: His Convenient Virgin Bride)
Aaron Bravo - (Book: His Executive Secretary (reissue))
Aaron Bravo - (Book: His Executive Sweetheart)
Andreas - (Book: His Forbidden Bride)
Alex Coleman - (Book: His Innocent Temptress)
Austin Smith - (Book: His Kind of Trouble)
Aric Neville - (Book: His Lady Bride)
Adam Noble - (Book: His Larkville Cinderella)
Adam Noble - (Book: His Larkville Cinderella (large print))
Alexander Devize - (Book: His Lordship's Desire)
Alexander Devize
Earl of Standish
- (Book: His Lordship's Desire (UK))
Andreas Xenides - (Book: His Mistress for a Million)
Alex Fitzgerald - (Book: His Mistress, His Terms)
Alessandro Vallini - (Book: His Poor Little Rich Girl)
Alessandro Vallini - (Book: His Poor Little Rich Girl (large print))
Andrew Blake - (Book: His Pretend Bride)
Ajax Kouros - (Book: His Ring is Not Enough)
Ajax Kouros - (Book: His Ring is Not Enough (large print))
Alex - (Book: His Royal Pleasure)
Alex Nilsson, Baron - (Book: His Runaway Maiden)
Adam Havenhurst - (Book: His Saving Grace)
Alex Morrell - (Book: His Secretary Mistress)
Antonio Billups - (Book: His Sexy Bad Habit)
Annie Gustavson - (Book: His Substitute Bride)
Alik Jarman - (Book: His Very Own Baby)
Adam Thorne - (Book: His Vienna Christmas Bride)
Alec Messina - (Book: His Wicked Ways)
Adam Hayes - (Book: His Work of Art (ebook))
Anita Blake - (Book: Hit List (hardcover))
Alexi Stepanov - (Book: Hold Me Tight)
Alex Grayson - (Book: Hold Me Until Forever)
Adam Wexler - (Book: Holding Out For a Hero)
Adam Becker - (Book: Holly Lane)
Ash - (Book: Hollywood Blackmail (ebook))
Alex Hardy - (Book: Hollywood Scandal (ebook))
Andy Eppelwaite - (Book: Home At Last)
Alex Jordan - (Book: Home Fires)
Aaron Troyer - (Book: Home for Lydia, A)
Aiden Marshall - (Book: Home Sweet Home (novella))
Adam Banks - (Book: Home to Hope Mountain)
Adam Stone - (Book: Hometown Hearts)
Adam Stone - (Book: Hometown Hearts (large print))
Alex Cordova - (Book: Honey)
Adam Forster - (Book: Hong Kong Surgeon)
Abbie Farrell - (Book: Honor's Disguise)
Andrew Montague
Earl of Chesney
- (Book: Honor's Way)
Alexander del Castillo - (Book: Honor-bound Groom)
Alec Fraser - (Book: Hope Blooms)
Abel Samms - (Book: Hopeful Heart, A)
Adam - (Book: Hostage of Love)
Angus Munro - (Book: Hot for the Scot)
Alex Peters - (Book: Hot Intent)
Alan Sparks - (Book: Hot Lessons)
Austin Taggart - (Book: Hot on Her Tail)
A. T. Treadway - (Book: Hot Pursuit)
Alex Richardson - (Book: Hotly Bedded, Conveniently Wedded)
Antonio de la Barca - (Book: House of Dreams)
Adrien Morell - (Book: House of Midnight Fantasies )
Andros Bliss - (Book: How I Spent My Last Night On Earth)
Alton Sinclair - (Book: How to Capture a Countess)
Andrew Clifton - (Book: How to Lose a Lord in 10 Days or Less)
Adam Tyler - (Book: How To Marry A Billionaire)
Alasdair Gilbride - (Book: How to Marry a Royal Highlander)
Alec Deveril - (Book: How to Romance a Rake)
Ashton Bedevere - (Book: How to Ruin a Reputation)
Alexander Waters - (Book: How to Seduce a Scot)
Ally Giordano - (Book: How to Tame a Modern Rogue)
Anthony Carrington - (Book: How to Tame a Willful Wife)
Ashland - (Book: How to Tame Your Duke)
Adam Darien - (Book: How to Trap a Tycoon)
Aden - (Book: Huckleberry Summer)
Alec Royce - (Book: Hunted By The Others)
Aiden - (Book: Hunter Reborn)
Arawn - (Book: Hunter Sacrificed (ebook))
Aren - (Book: Hunter's Moon (ebook))
Andreas - (Book: Husband By Request)
Adam Lassiter - (Book: Husband In Harmony)
Alex Solomos - (Book: Husband on Trust)
Andre Benet - (Book: Husband Potential)
Ammar - (Book: Husband She Never Knew, The)
Adrian Winter - (Book: Husband Trap, The)
Alec Reynard - (Book: I Burn For You)
Adam Carlyle - (Book: I Can Make You Love Me)
Adam - (Book: I Do)
Alan - (Book: I Do)
Archibald Stevenson - (Book: I Own the Dawn)
Alex Morgan - (Book: I'll Never Let You Go)
Abe Reagan - (Book: I'm Watching You)
Adam Perry - (Book: Icebreaker)
Aaxis Thrane, Lord Chancellor - (Book: Icy Hot)
Argus Wherlocke - (Book: If He's Dangerous)
Adam - (Book: If I Stay)
Antonio Salerno - (Book: If the Ring Fits...)
Antonio Salerno - (Book: If the Ring Fits... (large print))
Asher Blackwell - (Book: Ignited)
Adam Stratton - (Book: Illegitimate Montague, The)
Adam - (Book: Immaculate)
Adam Brody - (Book: Immortal Danger)
Anders - (Book: Immortal Ever After)
Adam Black - (Book: Immortal Highlander, The)
Arik Wagner - (Book: Immortal Rider)
Adrian - (Book: Immortals: The Calling)
Axell Holm - (Book: Impossible Dreams)
Alex Matthews - (Book: Impoverished Princess, The)
Alix Freemar - (Book: Improper English)
Alex Fitzsimmons - (Book: Improper Pursuit, An)
Abram Devane - (Book: In a Soldier's Arms)
Alex Calloway - (Book: In a Texas Minute)
Alastair Whitmore - (Book: In Bed With a Spy)
Anthony - (Book: In Between Men)
Azrin - (Book: In Defiance of Duty (UK edition))
Anthony Caldwell - (Book: In Destiny's Shadow)
Anthony Wood - (Book: In from the Storm)
Aidan Grieve - (Book: In Her Secret Fantasy)
Adam Knight - (Book: In Her Soul)
Alton Wheeler - (Book: In Love's Own Time)
Alan D'Aprix - (Book: In Name Only)
Andre Watson - (Book: In Search of a Hero)
Amado Alvarez - (Book: In The Argentine's Bed)
Art - (Book: In the Deep End)
Airek - (Book: In The Eye Of The Moon (ebook))
Alec Raeburn - (Book: In the Heart of the Highlander)
Alexander Black
Earl of Iversley
- (Book: In the Prince's Bed)
Antonio Perez - (Book: In the Shade of the Jacaranda)
Adam Cazenove - (Book: In the Thrill of the Night)
Aiden Delaware
Earl of Aubrey
- (Book: In the Wake of the Wind)
Alex Diaz - (Book: In Too Deep)
Andreas Merrick - (Book: In Total Surrender)
Alex Langdon - (Book: In Your Dreams )
Alex Miller - (Book: In Your Eyes)
Aidan Pierce - (Book: Incognito)
Alex Hambly - (Book: Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck, The)
Argus - (Book: Independence of Miss Mary Bennet)
A.J. Gallagher - (Book: Infamous)
Lord Sarre
- (Book: Infamous Sea Bath, An)
Angelo Corretti - (Book: Inheritance of Shame, An)
Angelo Corretti - (Book: Inheritance of Shame, An (large print))
Adam - (Book: Initiation, The)
Alex Matheson - (Book: Innocent Affair, An)
Earl of Carlyle
- (Book: Innocent Deceit, An)
Earl of Carlyle
- (Book: Innocent Deceit, An (UK))
Alex McGovern - (Book: Innocent in Eden)
Alexei Ranaevsky - (Book: Innocent in the Ivory Tower)
Alexei Ranaevsky - (Book: Innocent in the Ivory Tower (large print))
Andreas Petronides - (Book: Innocent Obsession)
Anthony Carlucci - (Book: Innocent Witness, The)
Anthony Carlucci - (Book: Innocent Witness, The (large print))
Alex Madrakis - (Book: Innocent's Surrender, The)
Aramis - (Book: Insatiable)
Andrew Copeland - (Book: Inside Out)
Adam Baranof - (Book: Instant Daddy)
Aden Stone - (Book: Intertwined (Hardcover))
Arion du Morgan - (Book: Intimate Enemies)
Adam Lennox - (Book: Intimate Prescription)
Alexander Blake - (Book: Into the Badlands)
Aedean MacKinnon - (Book: Into the Dreaming)
Aedan MacKinnon - (Book: Into the Dreaming (hardcover reprint))
Adrik Wilder - (Book: Into the Shadow)
Antonio Colón - (Book: Intrigue)
Anthony James Craven,
Earl of Wickham
- (Book: Invitation to Ruin)
Aidan O'Rourke - (Book: Irish Bride, The)
Aaron Sanderson - (Book: Irrepressible Jasmine)
Archie - (Book: Island Christmas, An (hardcover))
Duke of Gordon
- (Book: Island of the Swans)
Arthur - (Book: Isle of Palms)
Alex Hamilton - (Book: It Happened One Night)
Anders Lund - (Book: It's A Prom Thing)
Aidan York - (Book: It's Always Been You)
Austin Thomas - (Book: It's Not Christmas Without You (ebook))
Andreo D'Alessio - (Book: Italian Boss's Mistress, The)
Antonio Cavelli - (Book: Italian Marriage: In Name Only)
Antonio Cavelli - (Book: Italian Marriage: In Name Only (UK))
Andreo Pascali - (Book: Italian Millionaire's Virgin Wife, The)
Alessandro di Agnio - (Book: Italian's Chosen Wife, The)
Alessandro di Agnio - (Book: Italian's Chosen Wife, The (Large Print))
Angelo - (Book: Italian's Inexperienced Mistress, The)
Angelo Riccardi - (Book: Italian's Inexperienced Mistress, The)
Angelo Falcone - (Book: Italian's Pregnant Mistress, The)
Angelo Falcone - (Book: Italian's Pregnant Mistress, The (Large Print))
Alessandro Di Livio - (Book: Italian's Wedding Ultimatum, The)
Alessandro Di Livio - (Book: Italian's Wedding Ultimatum, The (Large Print))
Alessandro Di Livio - (Book: Italian's Wedding Ultimatum, The (UK))
Angelo Bartolini - (Book: Italian, The)
Alex Gentry - (Book: Jack of Hearts)
Aaron James - (Book: Jaguar's Rule)
Arthur Tyler - (Book: January Bride, A (ebook novella))
Adam Kendall - (Book: Jemima Dancer)
Alejandro Navarro Vasquez - (Book: Jemima's Secret)
Adam Mackenzie - (Book: Jenna's Cowboy Hero)
Armando, Will - (Book: Jewel of the Sea)
Aidan Gallagher - (Book: Jewels of the Sun)
Aidan Somerville - (Book: Jilting the Duke)
Alvin - (Book: Jolie's Surrender)
Anthony Selton
Duke of Marchfield
- (Book: Journals of Lady X, The)
Angus Cedric 'A.C.' Ryerson - (Book: Joy)
A. C. Ryerson - (Book: Joy (Hardcover))
A.C. Ryerson - (Book: Joy (reissue))
Anthony Dante - (Book: Just a Taste)
Alex Greene - (Book: Just About Sex)
Alex Carson - (Book: Just After Midnight)
Austen Hart - (Book: Just Let Go....)
Adam QUinlan - (Book: Just Peachy)
Anton Pallis - (Book: Kanellis Scandal, The)
Anton Pallis - (Book: Kanellis Scandal, The (large print))
Ace Keegan - (Book: Keegan's Lady)
Alex Hudson - (Book: Keep Me Closer)
Alec Fraser
- (Book: Keeping Kate)
Aaron Carver - (Book: Keeping Kate)
Alex Slayton, Major - (Book: Kentucky Thunder)
Alexi Demetri - (Book: Kept By Her Greek Boss)
Alexi Demetri - (Book: Kept by Her Greek Boss (UK))
Aleksei Rachlav - (Book: Key to Conspiracy)
Alexei Cameron - (Book: Key to Forever)
Alec Kane - (Book: Key To My Heart)
Aleksei Rachlav - (Book: Key to Redemption)
Alex MacGannon
Earl of Kilgannon
- (Book: Kilgannon)
Aaron Westhaven - (Book: Kill Me Again)
Alex Romero - (Book: Kill Me Twice)
Aidan Burgess - (Book: Killing Touch, A (ebook))
Adam Todd - (Book: Kind Of Honor, A)
Alexander, Lord Braddock - (Book: Kindred Spirits)
Adrian Magus - (Book: Kindred, The)
Alexandros Constantis - (Book: King of Swords)
Azaiel - (Book: King of the Damned)
Alaric - (Book: King's Deryni, The (hardcover))
Adrien MacLachlan - (Book: King's Pleasure, The)
Ahmed ben Rashid - (Book: King's Ransom)
Alexander Markov - (Book: Kiss An Angel)
Alan Graves - (Book: Kiss for Caroline, A)
Anthony Sinclair - (Book: Kiss From A Rogue)
Alexander Andrews - (Book: Kiss Me Maybe (ebook))
Arturo Mazza - (Book: Kiss of Blood, A)
Adrian Smith - (Book: Kiss of Darkness)
Adam Hunter - (Book: Kiss of Death)
Alexei Night - (Book: Kiss of the Night)
Alex Garcia - (Book: Kissed By a Vampire)
Adrien - (Book: Kissing Adrien)
Anthony Cross - (Book: Kissing with Fangs)
Alaster Rowland - (Book: Knave of Hearts, The)
Andrew Ross - (Book: Knight & The Seer, The)
Aidan MacKetryck - (Book: Knight Everlasting)
Alan of Strode
- (Book: Knight's Bride, The)
Alexander Sommerville - (Book: Knight's Honor)
Aldwin Treynarde - (Book: Knight's Temptation, A)
Alain of Thorsgold - (Book: Knight, the Knave and the Lady, The)
Alexandros Kouros - (Book: Kouros Marriage Revenge, The)
Ariq - (Book: Kraken King, The)
Alex Payton - (Book: Lady and Alex Payton, The)
Angus Wyndham, Laird - (Book: Lady and the Laird, The)
Anthony, Marquess of Darkefell - (Book: Lady Anne and the Ghost's Revenge)
Anthony, Marquess of Darkefell - (Book: Lady Anne and the Gypsy Curse)
Adrian Carter
Viscount Weller
- (Book: Lady Betrayed, A)
Anthony Allen - (Book: Lady Blue)
Ashley Neel - (Book: Lady Caro)
Antony Russellford, Sir - (Book: Lady Elizabeth)
Adrian - (Book: Lady Folbroke's Delicious Deception)
Earl of Langley
- (Book: Lady from Lisbon, The)
Anthony Harte
Earl of Brandmere
- (Book: Lady in Silver)
Anthony Aldercy
Earl of Burnell
- (Book: Lady Is Tempted, The)
Aiden Duhearst - (Book: Lady Lies, The)
Anthony Mortimer - (Book: Lady Lucinda's Locket)
AlexanderViscount Kingsley - (Book: Lady of Fortune)
Alistair Fitzhugh
Marquess of Hartford
- (Book: Lady of Fortune, A)
Alasdair MacDonald - (Book: Lady of the Glen)
Alasdair Og MacDonald - (Book: Lady of the Glen (reissue))
Alexander FitzHugh - (Book: Lady of the Knight)
Alexander Cale, Earl of Everton - (Book: Lady Rogue)
Alexander Kenton
Duke of Wayland
- (Book: Lady Rogue)
Alexander Kenton - (Book: Lady Rogue (ebook))
Anthony Heywood - (Book: Lady Savage)
Anthony Rider - (Book: Lady Stephanie)
Aaron Grantley - (Book: Lady Surrender)
Adrian Carstairs - (Book: Lady's Champion, A)
Alexander Lamont - (Book: Lady's Guide to Rakes, A)
Alistair Gordon,
Viscount Catledge
- (Book: Lady's Mummy, The)
Alistair Kirallen - (Book: Laird of the Mist)
Alexander MacLean - (Book: Laird Who Loved Me, The)
Ace Brandon - (Book: Lark)
Andrew Waverley
Viscount Bancroft
- (Book: Lark's Nest, The)
Ahmed Bakari - (Book: Last Bride Standing)
Aidan Delacroix - (Book: Last Bride, The)
Alexie Wittelsbach - (Book: Last Duchess of Havenhurst, The)
Alasdair MacAuley - (Book: Last Highlander, The)
Adam DeVries - (Book: Last Honest Man, The)
Alexei Romanov - (Book: Last Kiss)
Aleksi Kolovsky - (Book: Last Kolovsky Playboy, The)
Andrew Shields - (Book: Last Look)
Adam Osborne - (Book: Last Night's Kiss)
Adrain Wolfe, Captain - (Book: Last Pirate, The)
Ayaan Al Sharif - (Book: Last Prince of Dahaar, The)
Aidan Reilly - (Book: Last Reilly Standing, The)
Aaron Brody - (Book: Last Resort: Marriage)
Adam Spencer - (Book: Last Seen)
Amiri - (Book: Last Twilight, The)
Amiri - (Book: Last Twilight, The (reissue))
Alexander Steele - (Book: Lawman's Second Chance, The)
Agent Lawson Davies - (Book: Laying Down The Law)
Anthony Caxton - (Book: Least Likely Bride)
Axel Smith - (Book: Leaving Carolina)
Alec MacKenna - (Book: Legends Lake)
Alex Dovington - (Book: Lesson in Romance)
Adam Marconi - (Book: Lessons in Seduction)
Anthony Dalton, Viscount Norcourt - (Book: Let Sleeping Rogues Lie)
Andres - (Book: Letting Go!)
Ari Nathan - (Book: License to Ensorcell)
Ambrose Wells - (Book: Lie By Moonlight)
Alexei Nikanova - (Book: Lie to Me)
Alex Hammond - (Book: Lifelong Affair)
Alex Hammond - (Book: Lifelong Affair (UK))
Alec Somner - (Book: Light My Fire)
Aiden Fortune - (Book: Light My Fire)
Abramm Kalladorne - (Book: Light of Eidon, The )
Adam Bech - (Book: Light on Willow Lane, The)
Alex - (Book: Lightning Strikes)
Adam Shibbs - (Book: Little Change Of Plans, A)
Alex Ravenwood - (Book: Little Office Romance, A)
Alessandro Moretti - (Book: Little Too Far, A)
Alessandro Moretti - (Book: Little Too Much, A)
Alfonso Rivera - (Book: Livewire)
Alexander Mackenzie III - (Book: Living Next Door To Alex (Large Print))
Adam - (Book: Living With Adam)
Austin Gray - (Book: Living, Breathing Lies)
Adam Wright - (Book: Locked and Loaded)
Anthony Davis - (Book: Locked and Loaded)
Adam Wright - (Book: Locked and Loaded (large print))
Lord Dashmont
- (Book: London Belle, The)
Austin McCord - (Book: Lone Star Nights)
Alex Montoya - (Book: Lone Star Seduction)
Anton Beck - (Book: Lone Wolf)
Aaron Barksdale - (Book: Long Summer Nights)
Ashley Dent - (Book: Long Surrender, The)
Adam Kingsley - (Book: Long-Lost Heir, The)
Marquess of Craille
- (Book: Longing)
Alexander Hyatt - (Book: Longing (reprint))
Alex Porter - (Book: Longing for Home)
Alex Porter - (Book: Longing for Home (large print))
Alec Manning - (Book: Looking For Trouble)
Alex Bishop - (Book: Looking for Trouble)
Adrian Smythe - (Book: Lord and Lady Spy)
Alexander Wescott,br>Viscount Borin - (Book: Lord Borin's Secret Love)
Adam Calthorpe - (Book: Lord Calthorpe's Promise)
Andrew Hunter - (Book: Lord Libertine)
Alexandre Chaubere - (Book: Lord of Forever)
Alexander Hawke
Lord Montbourne
- (Book: Lord of Legend)
Arion, King of the Unicorns - (Book: Lord Of Legends)
Aimery de Vaux - (Book: Lord Of My Heart)
Aimery de Vaux - (Book: Lord of My Heart (reissue))
Alexander Baxendale - (Book: Lord of Pleasure)
Adam Quintin - (Book: Lord of the Hunt)
Earl of Rivington
- (Book: Lord Rivington's Lady)
Ash MacGregor
Marquess of Angelstone
- (Book: Lord Savage)
Andrew, Earl of Gifford - (Book: Lord's Forced Bride, The)
Arand - (Book: Lorien)
Andrew Davis - (Book: Lost Identity)
Aaron Whitewater - (Book: Lost Moon Flower, The)
Adam Bruno - (Book: Lost, The)
Adrian Graves - (Book: Louder than Love (ebook))
Anthony Farrar - (Book: Love Alters Not)
Andrew Stanton - (Book: Love And the Single Heiress)
Alex Smith - (Book: Love At The Top (ebook))
Armand Sonnier - (Book: Love Charm, The)
Adrian Anderson - (Book: Love Contract)
Ashley Percevale, Sir - (Book: Love Duel, The)
Angel Rios - (Book: Love in the Lineup)
Adrian Montfort, Earl of Mowbray - (Book: Love Is Blind)
Anderson Gunn - (Book: Love is in the Air)
Adriano - (Book: Love Me Like No Other)
Adam Mason - (Book: Love on Lavender Island)
Ari Nathan - (Book: Love on the Run)
Andrew Leroux - (Book: Love on the Run (ebook))
Adam Bastille - (Book: Love Potions)
Adam Gase - (Book: Love So Wild, A)
Alex MacKendimen - (Book: Love Through Time, A)
Andy Fisher - (Book: Love Undone, A)
Alexei Serivace - (Book: Love's Choices)
Alexei Serivace - (Book: Love's Choices (UK))
Augustus St. Regis
Earl of Sedgmoor
- (Book: Love's Gambit)
Amir Swift - (Book: Love's Portrait)
Alexander Paget - (Book: Loveknot)
Alexandre - (Book: Lovely (ebook))
Adam Faulkner - (Book: Lovers in the Afternoon)
Adam Faulkner - (Book: Lovers In The Afternoon (UK))
Andrew Moore - (Book: Lovers Never Lie (ebook))
Allen “Spin” Bowler - (Book: Lovers' Room, The)
Adam Stern - (Book: Loves Sweet Bounty)
Adam - (Book: Loving a Lost Lord)
Abel Andretti - (Book: Loving Daylights, The (ebook))
Austin Johns - (Book: Loving Laney)
Adam Pearson - (Book: Loving Lily)
Andrew Somerville - (Book: Loving Tenderness)
Auric - (Book: Lucifer's Daughter)
Alec Gerald - (Book: Luck of the Dragon)
Aloysius James - (Book: Luminous (ebook))
Aragon - (Book: Lure of the Wolf, The)
Anatoly - (Book: Lust, Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss)
Adam - (Book: Lydia's Hope)
Angus MacAllister - (Book: MacAllister's Baby)
Asher MacGregor - (Book: MacGregor's Lady, The)
Alex Mackenzie - (Book: Mackenzie's Woman)
Alec MacKenzie - (Book: MacKenzie's Woman)
Alec MacLaren - (Book: MacLaren's Bride)
Alexander Maximilien - (Book: Mad, Bad Duke, The)
Alex Randall, Lord Colwick - (Book: Madame's Deception)
Adam Herbert - (Book: Madcap Heiress, The)
Ace MacKenzie - (Book: Maddy Lawrence's Big Adventure)
Alex Blakely - (Book: Maggie by the Book)
Aidan Dougal - (Book: Magic Man)
Aidan Dougal - (Book: Magic Man (reissue))
Armand De Luca - (Book: Magnate's Marriage Demand, The)
Andrew Ramsey - (Book: Magnificent Folly)
Alan - (Book: Mai Tai for Two (ebook))
Axton de la Manse - (Book: Maiden Bride, The)
Aaron Fortune - (Book: Maiden of the Morning)
Aaron Fortune - (Book: Maiden of the Morning)
Aidan de Brice - (Book: Maiden Warrior, The)
Adam Corwin - (Book: Mail-Order Groom)
Antonio Boniface - (Book: Mail-Order Prince in Her Bed)
A.C. Bannister, Major - (Book: Major Attraction)
Alex Huston, Major - (Book: Major Comes to Texas, The)
Anthony Wyclyff
- (Book: Major Wyclyff's Campaign)
Alec Stone - (Book: Make It Count)
A.J. Edwards - (Book: Make Me Sin)
Alex St. James - (Book: Make You Mine)
Adam Bowen - (Book: Make-Believe Mistress)
Armand - (Book: Making of a Gentleman, The)
Alex - (Book: Making Waves)
Ash McKee - (Book: Man From Montana, The)
Alexander Cobb - (Book: Man in Control)
Adam Ramsey - (Book: Man in the Photograph, The)
Aidan Tanner - (Book: Man of Her Dreams)
Ambrose St. James
Duke of Wrothston
- (Book: Man of My Dreams)
Ambrose St. James - (Book: Man of My Dreams (ebook))
Adam Ryser - (Book: Man She Married, The)
Agent Liam Jameson, F.B.I. - (Book: Man To Slay Dragons, A)
Alex Taylor - (Book: Man With the Muscle)
Auberon Crichton - (Book: Managing Female, A)
August Falcon - (Book: Mandarin of Mayfair, The)
Viscount Farnsworth
- (Book: Mansion for a Lady)
Alessandro Marchese - (Book: Marchese's Forgotten Bride)
Alessandro Valessi - (Book: Marchese's Love-Child, The)
Alessandro Marciano - (Book: Marciano Love-Child, The)
Alessandro Marciano - (Book: Marciano Love-Child, The (UK))
Antonio Marcolini - (Book: Marcolini Blackmail Marriage, The)
Andrew, Marquis of Marlbeck - (Book: Marianne and the Marquis)
Alec Carrock - (Book: Marquis of Carabas, The)
Alexander Mitchell Raceworth - (Book: Marquis to Marry)
Adam Benson - (Book: Marriage Bargain, The)
Aiden Black
Earl of Tiebauld
- (Book: Marriage Contract, The)
Alessandro Ferrante - (Book: Marriage He Must Keep, The)
Anthony Garitano, Major - (Book: Marriage of Majors, A)
Aaron Trueno - (Book: Marriage of Revenge)
Austin Lucas - (Book: Marriage on Demand)
Adam - (Book: Marriage to a Stranger)
Adam Carmichael - (Book: Marriage To Remember, A (UK))
Adam Carmichael - (Book: Marriage to Remember. A)
Alexander Konstantinakos - (Book: Marriage: To Claim His Twins)
Antonio Rocha - (Book: Married By Arrangement)
Angelos Petronides - (Book: Married to a Mistress)
Alex Valliant, Colonel - (Book: Marry in Haste)
Alexander, Lord Marlesquin - (Book: Marry Me Millie)
Austin Cavanaugh - (Book: Marry Sunshine)
Andrew Savage - (Book: Marrying Kind, The)
Alex Vavunis - (Book: Marrying the Millionaire Doctor)
Ace Esteleone - (Book: Mask of a Hunter)
Adrian Da Costa - (Book: Masquerade)
Armande de LaCroix, - (Book: Masquerade)
Algernon Cantwell - (Book: Masquerade of Love)
Anthony Fanshawe, Sir - (Book: Masqueraders, The)
Anthony Fanshawe
- (Book: Masqueraders, The (reissue))
Alec Flynn - (Book: Masseuse, The )
Andrew Rossiter - (Book: Master of Sin)
Alistair Maclean - (Book: Mastering a Sinner)
Alexander Vandencourt - (Book: Match Made in Heaven)
Alain Phineas - (Book: Matched to a Prince)
Ashe Thomas - (Book: Matchmaking by Moonlight)
Captain Lord Lambeth
- (Book: Matchmaking Ghost, The)
Alexandre Valleder - (Book: Matrimony With His Majesty)
Argyle Clairmonte - (Book: Matter of Some Scandal, A (ebook))
Alex Crane - (Book: Matter of Time, A)
Avery Thane MacLeod III - (Book: Matter of Timing, A)
Adam Walker - (Book: Matters of the Blood)
Ash MacKenzie - (Book: Maverick of Copper Creek, The)
Antonio Medina - (Book: Maverick Prince, The)
Adam King - (Book: Maverick's Bride, The)
Asher - (Book: Mayan Craving (ebook))
Antonio Ferrara - (Book: Mayan Moon)
Aiden Tarlington - (Book: Maybe My Baby)
Adam Everest - (Book: Mayhem)
Austin McKettrick - (Book: McKettricks of Texas: Austin)
Alexander McKnight - (Book: McKnight in Shining Armor)
Alexander McKnight - (Book: McKnight in Shining Armor (reissue))
Austin Barker - (Book: Measure of a Heart, The)
Alan Creighton - (Book: Meddlesome Miranda)
Alejandro Santiago - (Book: Mediterranean Millionaire's Reluctant Mistress, The (UK))
Andreas Stillanos - (Book: Mediterranean's Wife by Contract, The)
Andreas Stillanos - (Book: Mediterranean's Wife by Contract, The (UK))
Anders Larson - (Book: Medusa Prophecy, The)
Aiden Flynn - (Book: Meet Me at the Beach)
Adrian Rounceford - (Book: Meg Miller)
Adrian Rounceford - (Book: Meg Miller (Large Print))
Lord Atherton
- (Book: Megan)
Alec, Lord Kenaird - (Book: Melinda)
Adam Grainger - (Book: Memorable Man, A)
Alan Cameron - (Book: Memory of Murder)
Andreas Briccetti
- (Book: Merchant Prince, The)
Angelo Marquetti - (Book: Merciful Angel (ebook))
Andrew O'Connell - (Book: Mercy of Thin Air, The)
Adrian Devereau
Duke of Raven
- (Book: Merely Married)
Andrew Cordell - (Book: Mermaid Wife, The)
Adolf Merrick - (Book: Merrick's Eleventh Hour)
Andrei Solace - (Book: Mesmerized)
Adam Winters - (Book: Midnight Crystal)
Alaric Storm - (Book: Midnight in Your Arms)
Austin Treadwell - (Book: Midnight Magic)
Alberic of Chester - (Book: Midnight Magic)
Austin - (Book: Midnight Magic (reissue))
Angus Dalglish - (Book: Midnight Masquerade, A)
Alejandro Torres - (Book: Midnight Touch)
Arran MacCarrick - (Book: Midnight's Kiss)
Alex - (Book: Midsummer Night's Heat, A)
Alec Rostrevor - (Book: Midwife and Mother (UK))
Adam Hawksmore - (Book: Mighter than the Sword)
Anselm - (Book: Milady in Love)
Adam - (Book: Million Dollar Dilemma)
Anton Zell - (Book: Millionaire Boss's Mistress, The)
Adam Duke - (Book: Millionaire Meets His Match, The)
Adam Murdock Sanders - (Book: Millionaire on Her Doorstep)
Alex Dangerfield - (Book: Millionaire's Baby Bombshell)
Adam Carlisle - (Book: Millionaire's Chosen Bride, The (UK))
Alex Merrick - (Book: Millionaire's Rebellious Mistress The)
Alex Merrick - (Book: Millionaire's Rebellious Mistress, The (UK))
Adam Carlisle - (Book: Millioniare's Chosen Bride, The)
Aidan Sanchez - (Book: Mine to Claim (ebook))
Anatoly Grushenko - (Book: Minor Adjustments)
Alex Rosten - (Book: Minute By Minute)
Adam Heston, Lord - (Book: Miranda's Masquerade)
Austin McDane - (Book: Mirror, Mirror)
Adrian, Earl of Carsdale - (Book: Miss Drayton's Crusade)
Ashford Huntley, General - (Book: Miss Eliza's Gentleman Caller)
Adam Temple
- (Book: Miss Fortune's Folly)
Andrew Forest - (Book: Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel)
Alfred Leigh,
Earl of Alverly
- (Book: Miss Letty)
Andrew Merriweather,
- (Book: Miss Tibbles' Folly)
Alex, Duke of Delahaye - (Book: Miss Verey's Proposal)
Adam, Duke of Bellston - (Book: Miss Winthorpe's Elopement (UK))
Adam Felkirk, Duke of Bellston - (Book: Miss Winthrope's Elopement)
Alistair Carsington - (Book: Miss Wonderful)
Adam Fairfax - (Book: Missing)
Adam Hawthorne - (Book: Missing Heir, The)
Alrick of Rune - (Book: Missing Magic)
Anthony Whitaker - (Book: Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen, The)
Andrew Hawkins - (Book: Mission of Christmas (ebook))
Adam Slade - (Book: Mist on the Mountain, A)
Adam Radcliff - (Book: Mistake, The (ebook))
Alexander Braeburn - (Book: Mistaken Kiss)
Alexander Mitchell - (Book: Mistletoe Wish (ebook))
Alex Gattung - (Book: Mistress Affair, The (ebook))
Adam Powell - (Book: Mistress Minded )
Alistair McLean - (Book: Mistress of Rossmor)
Austin Reynolds - (Book: Model Attraction)
Alex Woodsides - (Book: Mom Meets Dad)
Ash Williams - (Book: Money Man's Fiancee Negotiation)
Anthony Hartford - (Book: Monstrous Secret, A)
Austin Dermot - (Book: Montana Bride)
Adam Hunter - (Book: Montana Love Letter)
Adam Hunter - (Book: Montana Love Letter (large print))
Aiden Gabriel - (Book: Montana Midwife)
Aiden Gabriel - (Book: Montana Midwife (large print))
Adam-Leap-the-Mountain - (Book: Moon of Laughing Flame)
Alex Caracol - (Book: Moon of the Jaguar)
Adam Mueller - (Book: Moon's Fury)
Acier Gautier - (Book: Moonlight Desires)
Aiden Riordan - (Book: Moonlight Road)
Aiden Riordan - (Book: Moonlight Road (reprint))
Acier Gautier - (Book: Moonlight Whispers)
Andrew Monthaven - (Book: Moontide (reprint))
Aidan Spaulding - (Book: More Than a Mission)
Aidan Spaulding - (Book: More Than A Mission)
Andrew Lorimer, Professor - (Book: More Than Ever)
Alex Stanton - (Book: More Than He Expected)
Alexander Velazquez - (Book: More Than This)
Antonio Moretti - (Book: Moretti Seduction, The)
Austen Blye - (Book: Moriah's Mutiny)
Austen Blye - (Book: Moriah's Mutiny)
Austen Dante - (Book: Morning Song)
Adam Bradbury - (Book: Mother by Nature, A)
Angus Munroe - (Book: Mother of the Bride)
Adam Wessler - (Book: Mother's Reflection, A)
Aidan Black - (Book: Mother's Wish, A)
Adam Birchfield - (Book: Mountain Laurel)
Adam Callahan - (Book: Mountain Sanctuary)
Adam Callahan - (Book: Mountain Sanctuary (Large Print))
Alexander Ravensworth - (Book: Mr. Ravensworth's Ward)
Arthur Pendragon - (Book: Ms. Pendragon)
Alec - (Book: Much Ado About Vampires)
Alessandro Caretti - (Book: Multi-Millionaire's Virgin Mistress, The)
Alessandro Caretti - (Book: Multi-Millionaire's Virgin Mistress, The (UK))
Adrian Davis - (Book: Murder By the Seaside (ebook))
Acton - (Book: Murder in Hindsight (hardcover))
Alec Buchanan - (Book: Murder List)
Alex Jensen - (Book: Murder on the Iditarod Trail (paperback reprint))
Alex Jensen - (Book: Murder on the Yukon Quest (paperback reprint))
Aloysius Murdock - (Book: Murdock's Last Stand)
Alec McAvoy - (Book: Must Like Kids)
Aidan Raines - (Book: Must Love Vampires)
Aidan Raines - (Book: Must Love Vampires (reprint))
Adam Attenbury
Viscount Stoneforth
- (Book: Mutiny at Almack's)
Aiden Moore - (Book: My Boyfriend and Other Enemies)
Avery Thorne - (Book: My Dearest Enemy)
Alex Harte - (Book: My Fair Baby)
Adam - (Book: My Fair Viking)
Marquis of Trenville
- (Book: My Lady Governess)
Earl of Buckstead
- (Book: My Lady Mischief)
Alexander Laurie - (Book: My Lady Rival)
Adam Foxworth - (Book: My Lady Vixen)
Andrew Innes,
Marquess of Lyle
- (Book: My Lord Guardian (Hardcover))
Andrew Innes,
Marquess of Lyle
- (Book: My Lord Guardian (reissue))
Andrew Seymour
Viscount Jamison
- (Book: My Lord Murderer (reissue))
Alexander St. James - (Book: My Lord Scandal)
Armand de Boisbaston - (Book: My Lord's Desire)
Adam St. Clair
Marquis of Belmont
- (Book: My Only Love)
Aleksandr Rostov - (Book: My Only One)
Aleksandr Rostov - (Book: My Only One)
Adrian Chalfont - (Book: My Wayward Lady)
Archer St. John
Earl of Sanderhurst
- (Book: My Wicked Fantasy)
Adrian Hadley-Attwater - (Book: My Wicked Little Lies)
Atticus Charles Howard
Earl of Hartshire
- (Book: Mystery Kiss, The)
Alex Kennedy - (Book: Naked)
Alec - (Book: Naked Angel)
Andrew McDaniel - (Book: Naked Heat (ebook))
Alexander Knight - (Book: Naked In His Arms)
Austin Green - (Book: Naughty Nuptials - Feels So Right)
Alex Jansen, Major - (Book: Nauti Intentions)
Alex Jansen - (Book: Nauti Intentions (reprint))
Ahkeah - (Book: Navajo Sunrise)
Adam Kennedy,
Lieutenant Commander
- (Book: Navy Husband)
Alex Cameron - (Book: Nebraska Fire)
Adam Baudouin - (Book: Need You For Mine)
Amunhotep - (Book: Nefertiti: A Novel)
Duke of St. Chaldon
- (Book: Never a Lady)
Alec MacQuarrie - (Book: Never Been Bit)
Adrian Brown - (Book: Never Enough)
Austin Blake - (Book: Never Happened)
Adrian St. Ledger
Duke of Trent
- (Book: Never Kiss A Duke)
Adrian Bruton - (Book: Never Kiss a Rake)
Alexander Randall, Earl of Daventry - (Book: Never Less Than A Lady)
Alexandre - (Book: Never Send a Dog to do a Woman's Job)
Arin McClintock - (Book: Never Until Tomorrow (ebook))
Alec Fraser - (Book: New Man, The)
Aiden Corrigan - (Book: Newport Christmas Wedding, A (ebook novella))
Adam Hunt - (Book: Night Before, The)
Adam Hunt - (Book: Night Before, The (reprint))
Adam - (Book: Night Broken (hardcover))
Archer, Lord Black - (Book: Night Falls Darkly)
Adrian King - (Book: Night Life)
Arend Aubury - (Book: Night of Forever, A (ebook))
Alessandro Caetani - (Book: Night of Living Dangerously, A)
Alessandro Caetani - (Book: Night of Living Dangerously, A (large print))
Alex Bok - (Book: Night of No Return )
Alek - (Book: Night Orchid, The)
Alex Stone - (Book: Night Shadow)
Alec Carrick
Baron Sherard
- (Book: Night Storm)
Alec Carrick
Baron Sherard
- (Book: Night Storm (reissue)
(Box Set))
Andrew Colton Tyler III - (Book: Night To Remember, A)
Anthony Burke
Viscount Deering
- (Book: Night We Kissed, The)
Alexandre Beaumondier - (Book: Night's Immortal Kiss)
Ares - (Book: Nightmaster)
Andre de Saint-Simon - (Book: No Brighter Dream)
Avenel Slane - (Book: No Choice But Surrender (reissue))
Adam St. Aubyn
Marquess of Stonehurst
- (Book: No Decent Gentleman)
Alex Whitney - (Book: No Gentle Possession)
Aidan Truitt - (Book: No Kissing Allowed)
Aldo van der Linden - (Book: No Need to Say Goodbye)
Aldo van der Linden - (Book: No Need to Say Goodbye (reissue))
Aldo van der Linden - (Book: No Need to Say Goodbye (reissue))
Aldo van der Linden - (Book: No Need to Say Goodbye (UK))
Aldo van der Linden - (Book: No Need to Say Goodbye (UK-reissue))
Alistair Devlin - (Book: No Occupation for a Lady)
Anthony Bracco - (Book: No Place To Hide)
Adam Pryor - (Book: No River Too Wide)
Andy Dallas - (Book: No Satisfaction)
Aiden Landry - (Book: No Strings...)
Aidan Cates - (Book: No Sunshine When She's Gone)
Anton Lakitos - (Book: No Way To Begin)
Adam Boyd - (Book: No Werewolves Allowed)
Alasdair McGregor - (Book: Noble Destiny)
Alasdair McGregor - (Book: Noble Destiny (reissue))
Adrian Quinn - (Book: Nobody's Angel)
Alasdair McPherson - (Book: Not a Sparrow Falls)
Adam DeSanto - (Book: Not Exactly Eden)
Adam Hawthorne - (Book: Not Just a Governess)
Adam Sutherland - (Book: Not Just Friends)
Ariston Spiridakou - (Book: Not Just the Greek's Wife)
Ariston Spiridakou - (Book: Not Just the Greek's Wife (large print))
Ariston Spiridakou - (Book: Not Just the Greek's Wife (UK edition))
Adam Hawkins - (Book: Not Quite an Angel )
Allen Stewart - (Book: Not Quite Married)
Aayshen Rahs - (Book: Not Quite Paradise)
Andres Montano - (Book: Not Without Honor)
Alex Sommerfield - (Book: Not Without My Child)
Armondo Torres - (Book: Not Without The Truth)
Alejandro - (Book: Not-So-Perfect Princess)
Alejandro - (Book: Not-so-perfect Princess (large print))
Alex Bainbridge, Duke of Beaufort - (Book: Nothing But Scandal)
Alex Hofstedder - (Book: Nothing Lost)
Adam Sylvaine - (Book: Notorious Countess Confesses, A)
Alan Parry - (Book: Novel Alliance, A)
Axel Mackenzie - (Book: Novel Seduction, A)
Anthony Mancini - (Book: Now You See It... (ebook))
Adam Stryker - (Book: Nowhere to Hide)
Andrew Barrett - (Book: Nurse, Nanny...Bride!)
Anatoly Darinsky - (Book: Obsession, Deceit And Really Dark Chocolate)
Alexsandr Volstov - (Book: Oceans of Fire)
Aymon - (Book: Of Love and Vengeance)
Ashton Ward - (Book: Of Shadows and Ash (ebook))
Andrew Ross - (Book: Off Limits (ebook novella))
Adam Sinclair, Lieutenant - (Book: Officer and a Princess, An)
Andrew Kirkland - (Book: Oh, Promised Destiny)
Antonio Rafael de Zamora - (Book: On a Wicked Wind)
Alex Rinehart - (Book: On Mother's Day)
Adam Drake - (Book: On The Edge)
Adam Craig - (Book: On the Edge of Darkness)
Adrian Hazzard
Marquise de Chambrette
- (Book: On the First Day of Christmas)
Alec Brooks - (Book: On Thin Ice)
Adam Collins - (Book: Once a Father)
Andrew Ramsey - (Book: Once a Mistress)
Alex Rawnsley - (Book: Once A Mistress)
Andrew Spencer - (Book: Once A Pirate)
Alexander Steele - (Book: Once a Rebel)
Anthony Morehouse - (Book: Once A Scoundrel)
Alec Wylde - (Book: Once Again a Bride)
Andrew - (Book: Once Upon A Bride)
Alex Simon - (Book: Once Upon A Dream )
Alex - (Book: Once Upon A Dream)
Alec McNabb - (Book: Once Upon a Highland Summer)
Aric - (Book: Once Upon A Midnight Blue)
Alec Carstairs - (Book: Once Upon A Wager)
Alex Lupe - (Book: One Eye Closed)
Austin - (Book: One Fine Day)
Ace - (Book: One Hot Cowboy Wedding)
Alasdair MacLachlan - (Book: One Little Sin)
Alex St. Romaine - (Book: One Love)
Angus Maitland - (Book: One Magical Christmas)
Alec Landers - (Book: One Man's Love)
Aiden Huntington - (Book: One Naughty Night)
Adam Carson - (Book: One Night (ebook))
Angus Hay,
Earl of Erroll
- (Book: One Night in Scotland)
Alec Knight - (Book: One Night Of Sin)
AJ Walsh - (Book: One Night of Trouble (ebook))
Adam Beaumont - (Book: One Night Pregnancy (US edition))
Alexios Christofides - (Book: One Night to Risk it All)
Andrew Sinclair - (Book: One Night With an Earl (ebook))
Adam Bryant - (Book: One Night with the Rebel Billioniare)
Alekos Zagorakis - (Book: One Night...Nine-Month Scandal (US edition))
Adam Clayborne - (Book: One Red Rose)
Anthony Keaton - (Book: One Rogue Too Many)
Asher Price - (Book: One Season of Sunshine)
Adam Tyler - (Book: One Sexy Daddy)
Aidan Kavanaugh - (Book: One Sinful Night)
Ashton - (Book: One Tiny Lie)
Alex - (Book: One Week in December)
Alex Aaro - (Book: One Wrong Move)
Alex Aaro - (Book: One Wrong Move (reissue))
Adam Ross-Pit - (Book: Only by Chance)
Adam Ross-Pitt - (Book: Only By Chance (reissue))
Adam Ross-Pit - (Book: Only By Chance (reissue))
Adam Ross-Pit - (Book: Only By Chance (UK))
Adam Ross-Pit - (Book: Only By Chance (UK-reissue))
Adrian Rutland, Viscount Dane - (Book: Only in My Dreams)
Adam Henderson - (Book: Only One, The)
Adam Henderson - (Book: Only One, The (UK))
Alun - (Book: Open Marriage)
Alex Summerfield - (Book: Opening Act)
Asa Barrons - (Book: Opening Up)
Averal Ballantine - (Book: Opposites Attract)
Andre Jaouen - (Book: Orchid Affair, The (hardcover))
Andre Jaouen - (Book: Orchid Affair, The (paperback))
Aidan - (Book: Other Man, The)
Alexander James - (Book: Our First Embrace)
Alec Hayden - (Book: Out from the Shadows)
Alexander Clairmount - (Book: Out of the Fire)
Aidan Tremayne - (Book: Out Of the Shadows)
Alan McCarthy - (Book: Out of the Smoke (ebook))
Alessandro Ricardo - (Book: Outback Affair (ebook))
Adam Davenant - (Book: Outrageous Belle Marchmain, The)
Ashe Reynard - (Book: Outrageous Lady Felsham, The)
Adam Patterson - (Book: Ozark Sunrise)
Alec Ramsey - (Book: Packed With Pleasure)
Alex Marcos - (Book: Pagan Adversary)
Arthur Lancaster
Earl of St. Merryn
- (Book: Paid Companion, The)
Athan Teodarkis - (Book: Painted the Other Woman)
Athan Teodarkis - (Book: Painted the Other Woman (large print))
Athan Teodarkis - (Book: Painted the Other Woman (UK))
Arthur Bessamy - (Book: Paper Princess, The)
Aaron - (Book: Paradise & More)
Alix Como - (Book: Paradise Moon)
Adam Lark - (Book: Paradise Point)
Adam Rawlins - (Book: Paradise Redeemed)
Alex Turner - (Book: Paris : Alex & Dana)
Angus O'Donnell - (Book: Partners For Life (UK))
Aiden Kruze - (Book: Passing His Guard)
Asher Cordell - (Book: Passion Becomes Her)
Asher Cordell - (Book: Passion Becomes Her (reprint))
Adam Steele - (Book: Passion's Fool)
Alexander - (Book: Passion's Timeless Hour)
Anatoly Darinsky - (Book: Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights)
Ash Merrick - (Book: Passionate One, The)
Ash - (Book: Passionate Thirst)
Alex Dalton - (Book: Paternity Proposition, The)
Alec Drummond, Captain - (Book: Pavilion of Passion)
Andy Duncan - (Book: Payton's Passion)
Archer Donovan - (Book: Pearl Cove)
Adam - (Book: Penrose Treasure, The)
Alan Thayne - (Book: Perchance to Dream)
Alan Houghton - (Book: Perfect Arrangement, A)
Adam Sutton - (Book: Perfect Bride, The)
Adam Sutton - (Book: Perfect Bride, The (large print))
Alex Ross - (Book: Perfect Catch (ebook))
Anthony Beauprix - (Book: Perfect Cover, A )
Adam Ridgeway - (Book: Perfect Double)
Aubrey “Stony” Wellstone - (Book: Perfect Gentleman, A)
Atlas “Bub” Daltry - (Book: Perfect Gentleman, The)
Andrew Childe - (Book: Perfect Gentleman, The)
Adam MacGruder - (Book: Perfect Girlfriend, The)
Anthony Wendover - (Book: Perfect Husband, The)
Alan Hunter - (Book: Perfect Husband, The)
Amal Harper - (Book: Perfect Match)
Alistair Gotho - (Book: Perfect Match)
Alex Merwin - (Book: Perfect Match, A)
Andrew Hansohm
Viscount Sterling
- (Book: Perfect Match, A)
Alex Hooke - (Book: Perfect Paige)
Alexander Portman, Major - (Book: Perfect Scoundrel, A)
Alexander Hale - (Book: Perfect Stranger, A)
Aiden Terrell - (Book: Perfect Temptation, The)
Aidan Roycroft - (Book: Perfect Timing)
Alex Moreno - (Book: Perfectly Saucy)
Artemis Gray - (Book: Perfumed Heat)
Antonio Andreas - (Book: Peril in Paradise)
Austin Blackwell - (Book: Perils of the Heart)
Archie Brainridge - (Book: Persistent Suitor, The)
Archie Brainridge - (Book: Persistent Suitor, The (reissue))
Aleksei Petrov - (Book: Petrov Proposal, The)
Aleksei Petrov - (Book: Petrov Proposal, The (large print))
Aiden Forsyth - (Book: Phantom's Touch)
Alec Farley - (Book: Phoenix Rising)
Alex deLuca - (Book: Photo Finish)
Alex Scott - (Book: Picket Fence Promises)
Arlo Savidge - (Book: Pillow Talk)
Aidn Greer - (Book: Pink Buttercream Frosting (ebook))
Andre Gauthier - (Book: Pirate Tycoon, Forbidden Baby)
Alex Warin - (Book: Pirate's Alley)
Adam Trent
Captain Spectre
- (Book: Pirate's Promise)
Adam Trent
Captain Spectre
- (Book: Pirate's Promise (reissue))
Adam Hawke - (Book: Pirate's Woman, The)
Alec Lambert - (Book: Pitch Black)
Adam Bosch - (Book: Place I Belong, The)
Alexander Mallory - (Book: Plaid Tidings)
Adam Cameron - (Book: Plaid to the Bone (ebook))
Antonio Castillo - (Book: Playboy & the Mummy, The)
Alexander Wentworth - (Book: Playboy Boss, Live-in Mistress)
Alexander Wentworth - (Book: Playboy Boss, Live-In Mistress (Large Print))
Arthur Tyler - (Book: Playing by Heart)
Alexander Evans - (Book: Playing Cupid)
Aaron - (Book: Playing for Keeps)
Alexander Bedare - (Book: Playing for Keeps)
Alex Holt - (Book: Playing It Safe)
Alessandro Santina - (Book: Playing the Royal Game)
Alessandro Santina - (Book: Playing the Royal Game (large print))
Alessandro Santina - (Book: Playing the Royal Game (UK))
Adam Hayden - (Book: Playing With Fire)
Ashton Burke - (Book: Pleasure of Your Kiss, The)
Ash Denison - (Book: Pleasure Trap, The)
Alec Walker - (Book: Pleasure's Edge)
Alec Walker - (Book: Pleasure's Edge (reissue))
Aidan Cross - (Book: Pleasures of the Night)
Allen Benson - (Book: Pledge, The)
Duke of Bridgewater
- (Book: Plumed Bonnet, The)
A.J. Rodriguez, Detective - (Book: Police Business)
Abner Wiseman - (Book: Postscripts (Hardcover))
Earl of Sheffield and Downes
- (Book: Potent Pleasures)
Alex Stone - (Book: Power of Love, The)
Adam - (Book: Power, The)
Andreas Nicolaides - (Book: Powerful Boss, Prim Miss Jones)
Duke of Harksbury
- (Book: Prada and Prejudice)
Adrian Herenton - (Book: Prairie Paradise)
Alexei Drakos - (Book: Pregnancy Shock, The)
Angolos Constantine - (Book: Pregnant By The Greek Tycoon)
Alex Harper - (Book: Pregnant on the Upper East Side?)
Adam Carruthers - (Book: Pregnant: Father Needed)
Augustus T. Riley (Gus) - (Book: Premeditated Marriage)
Adam Palmer - (Book: Pretend Mistress, Bona Fide Boss)
Alexander Doumas - (Book: Price Of a Bride)
Alex Haddon - (Book: Price of Indescretion, The)
A. David Evans - (Book: Price of Passion, The)
Ashok Achari - (Book: Price of Royal Duty, The)
Ashok Achari - (Book: Price of Royal Duty, The (large print))
Alesander Esquivel - (Book: Price Worth Paying, A)
Alesander Esquivel - (Book: Price Worth Paying, A (large print))
Adam Keane - (Book: Priceless)
Antonio Gates - (Book: Priceless Gift)
Alexander, Duke of Moreland - (Book: Prim Rose)
Arawn Gehdrin - (Book: Prime Reaper)
Alexander - (Book: Prince Incognito)
Alexander - (Book: Prince Incognito (large print))
Antonio di Fabiani - (Book: Prince of Cups, The)
Alex Petrakis - (Book: Prince of Dreams)
Anton - (Book: Prince of Power)
Alastair MacAlpin - (Book: Prince of Swords)
Alexander Bravo-Callabretti - (Book: Prince She Had to Marry, The)
Alexsay Romanovin - (Book: Prince Who Loved Me, The)
Alessandro Bussoni Ferara,
Crown Prince
- (Book: Prince's Arranged Bride, The)
Andreas Karedes, Prince - (Book: Prince's Captive Wife, The)
AJ Rahia - (Book: Prince's Pregnant Bride, The)
Adam Carmichael - (Book: Princess)
Alexandro Castonovo - (Book: Princess by Christmas, A)
Ashton Wilde - (Book: Princess Charming)
Alaric - (Book: Princess of Fire)
Adrian Khoury, Major - (Book: Princess of Park Lane, The)
Adam Davis - (Book: Private Affair, A)
Aleksei Sevastyan - (Book: Professional, The)
Andrew Bjorklund - (Book: Promise for Ellie, A)
Art Wilson - (Book: Promise Kept, A)
AJ Gray - (Book: Promise Me)
Andrew McLaughlin - (Book: Promise Me Texas)
Alisdair MacLeod - (Book: Promise Of Love, A)
Angelo Marchese - (Book: Promise of the Unicorn)
Aiden Crawford - (Book: Promise to Repay, A)
Alexi de Warenne - (Book: Promise, The)
Asa MacIntyre - (Book: Promises Linger)
Adam Drake - (Book: Proper Marriage, A)
Alexander, Lord Kinross - (Book: Proper Proposal, A)
Alex Gilbert - (Book: Propositioned by the Billionaire)
Alaric - (Book: Protected by the Prince)
Aaron Timmer - (Book: Protecting the Pregnant Princess)
Aaron Timmer - (Book: Protecting the Pregnant Princess (large print))
Adrian Goddard - (Book: Protector Of One)
AJ Decker - (Book: Protector's Temptation)
Alexei Constantin - (Book: Purchased for Revenge)
Aidan McKenna - (Book: Purebred)
Aidan McKenna - (Book: Purebred (large print))
Andrew Seabrook, Captain - (Book: Purloined Papers, The)
Asher Blackwell - (Book: Pushed)
Alexander Hunt - (Book: Quaker and the Rebel, The)
Alessandro Diomedi - (Book: Queen for the Taking?, A)
Arthur - (Book: Queen of Camelot (Anthology))
Adam Halleck - (Book: Queen Of Hearts)
Alexander de Mandeville - (Book: Queen of the May)
Alexander Montgomery - (Book: Raider, The)
Anton Neubauer - (Book: Rain Shadow)
Anthony Stanton
Viscount Carrock
- (Book: Rake and His Lady, The)
Adam, Marquess of Rockingham - (Book: Rake and the Rebel, The)
Anthony Hamilton - (Book: Rake's Guide to Seduction, A)
Anthony Hawkins
Earl of Bredon
- (Book: Rake's Protegee, The)
Adam, Marquess of Torvelle - (Book: Rake's Reform, A)
Alexander Darcy
Viscount St. Clair
- (Book: Rake's Reward, The)
Adam Philips - (Book: Rancher and the Runaway Bride, The)
Adam Dawson - (Book: Rancher Daddy)
Ash McDonough - (Book: Rancher's Daughter, The)
Ash McDonough - (Book: Rancher's Daughter, The (reissue))
Austin Blackwell - (Book: Rancher's Refuge)
Austin Blackwell - (Book: Rancher's Refuge (large print))
Arthur Campbell - (Book: Ranger, The)
Ashton Cordell
Earl of Ravensby
- (Book: Raven's Bride)
Alec Barclay - (Book: Raven, The)
Alessandro Caravelli - (Book: Ravenous)
Alistair Lyndon - (Book: Ravished by a Rake)
A. J. Braddock - (Book: Raw Talent)
AJ Braddock - (Book: Raw Talent (UK))
Adrian Westmoreland - (Book: Real Thing, The)
Angus Jeremiah Campbell III
aka Jeremy Blade
- (Book: Real Vampires Have Curves (reissue))
Alex - (Book: Reason is You, The)
Alexander - (Book: Reason to Rebel, A)
Adam Preston - (Book: Reasons to Stay, The (ebook))
Armaros - (Book: Rebel)
Alan Maxwell - (Book: Rebel And The Rose, The)
Alex Hampton - (Book: Rebel Dreams)
Ash - (Book: Rebel Heir, The)
Adam O'Roarke. Major - (Book: Rebel Temptress)
Adam Blackwood - (Book: Rebound)
Alex Donovan - (Book: Reckless)
Alexander MacDubh - (Book: Reckless)
Alexander MaDubh - (Book: Reckless)
Adrian Alistair Rohan - (Book: Reckless)
Aaron Zimmerman - (Book: Reconcilable Differences)
Aaron Zimmerman - (Book: Reconcilable Differences (large print))
Alex Cassevetis - (Book: Red - Hot & Reckless)
Aristos Petrakos - (Book: Red Demon)
Ajax Petrakos - (Book: Red Fire)
Alexander, Lord Leith - (Book: Red Jack's Daughter)
Alex Worth - (Book: Red Shoes & A Diary)
Adam Scott - (Book: Red Wolf)
Alec Frechette - (Book: Redeeming Alec (ebook))
Aidan Murphy - (Book: Redemption)
Adam Harding - (Book: Redemption at Mirabelle)
Adam Harding - (Book: Redemption at Mirabelle (large print))
Adam Chamberlin - (Book: Redemption of the Duke)
Alan Decker - (Book: Reflections Of Heart)
Adam Hawkridge - (Book: Reform of the Rake)
Alex Goodwin - (Book: Refuge at Highland Hall, A)
Alec Tyrrell
Lord Braeburn
- (Book: Regency Charade, A)
Alistair, Lord Wrexham - (Book: Regina)
Alistair, Lord Wrexham - (Book: Regina (reissue))
Alex -Romeo- Romero (Stanley -Stan- Tomashefski) - (Book: Reinventing Romeo)
Alex - (Book: Relative Sins)
Artair MacKay - (Book: Reluctant Amazon, The (ebook))
Anthony, Lord Isham - (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Alexander Rothmeir
Marquis of Wyndham
- (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Antonio Thorndyke - (Book: Reluctant Duke, The (ebook))
Alistair Farrington - (Book: Reluctant Heiress, The)
Alexander Hadleigh - (Book: Reluctant Heiress, The)
Adam Canfield, Major - (Book: Reluctant Heroine, The)
Alexandros Christakis - (Book: Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife)
Adam Westlake - (Book: Reluctant Rebel)
Adam Westlake - (Book: Reluctant Rebel (UK))
Adam Tavistock / Talis - (Book: Remembrance)
Aquarius, King of Enlil - (Book: Renegade Aquarius)
AJ Parker - (Book: Rescue Me)
Alexander Holmes - (Book: Rescue Me)
Adam Connelly - (Book: Rescue My Heart)
Alex - (Book: Response)
Alexis Stefanides - (Book: Response (UK))
Adam Dysart - (Book: Restless Nights)
Art Collingsworth - (Book: Restless Spirits)
Adam Holbrook - (Book: Restoring His Heart)
Adams Cade - (Book: Return of Adams Cade, The)
Alysandir Mackinnon - (Book: Return of Black Douglas)
Asher Knight - (Book: Return of the Bad Boy)
Adam McPhail - (Book: Reunion)
Alec Aarronson - (Book: Rhapsody In Time)
Alexander McCoy - (Book: Rich Boy, The)
Adam Two Eagles - (Book: Rider On Fire)
AJ - (Book: Riding the Night)
Alex - (Book: Riding the Waves)
Alek - (Book: Rigger (ebook))
Aaron Grant - (Book: Right Kind of Guy, The (ebook))
Aaron Walker - (Book: Right Twin, The)
Archer Kane - (Book: Right Wrong Guy)
Alan Tremaine - (Book: Ring Around the Moon)
Alexius Stravoulakis - (Book: Ring to Secure His Heir, A)
Alexius Stravoulakis - (Book: Ring to Secure His Heir, A (large print))
Adam Carruthers - (Book: Riptide)
Adam Walker - (Book: Risk Worth Taking, A)
Adam Walker - (Book: Risk Worth Taking, A (large print))
Aidan McKenna - (Book: Risking It All)
Adam Brody - (Book: Risky Moves)
Al Drummond - (Book: Ritual Magic)
Anthony Stalbridge - (Book: River Knows, The (Hardcover))
Adam - (Book: River Marked (hardcover))
Alex Reeves - (Book: Riverboat Bride)
Aidan Fairhall - (Book: Road Trip With the Eligible Bachelor)
Adam - (Book: Rock My World)
Adam Briggs - (Book: Rocky Mountain Maneuvers)
Aaron Drake - (Book: Rocky Mountain Proposal)
Ace Lawson - (Book: Rogue and the Rich Girl, The)
Angus McDougall - (Book: Rogue in a Kilt, A)
Alex Vernon - (Book: Rogue in Red Velvet (ebook))
Arran MacLawry - (Book: Rogue with a Brogue)
Anthony Grenville - (Book: Rogue's Pleasure, A)
Armand d' Avigny - (Book: Romance of the Rose)
Ace Brown - (Book: Romancing the Chef)
Anthony Solomon - (Book: Romancing the Rumrunner (ebook))
Alexander Fitzgibbon - (Book: Romantic Encounter)
Alexander Fitzgibbon - (Book: Romantic Encounter (reissue))
Alexander Fitzgibbon - (Book: Romantic Encounter (UK))
Alexander Fitzgibbon - (Book: Romantic Encounter (UK-reissue))
Antonio - (Book: Rome : Antonio & Carrie)
Adam Richardson - (Book: Romeo in the Rain)
Alex Sheridan - (Book: Room Service)
Alexander MacDonald - (Book: Rose in the Storm, A)
Aric of Wycliffe - (Book: Rose of Blacksword, The)
Archer McCall - (Book: Rose Perfect (ebook))
Alex - (Book: Rosie Dunne)
Andrew Kent - (Book: Rossetti Letter, The)
Arthur Killian - (Book: Ruin & Rule)
Adam Grayson - (Book: Rules of Engagement)
Adam Baswich - (Book: Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke)
Austin Worth - (Book: Rumor About Julia, The)
Adam Grant - (Book: Run For Covers)
Adam Grant - (Book: Run for Covers (UK))
Alex Callaghan - (Book: Run Jane Run)
Alex McClure - (Book: Runaway Bride )
Adam March, Sir - (Book: Runaway Countess, The)
Alexander Malvers - (Book: Runaway Miss (UK))
Alexander Montgomery - (Book: Runner-Up Bride)
Alex Carlisle - (Book: Ruthless Groom, The)
Alex Sabre - (Book: Ruthless Reunion (UK))
Apache Ryan - (Book: Ryan's Gold)
Adam Dubois - (Book: Sactuary Unbound (ebook))
Andrew Knight - (Book: Sadie's Hero)
Alex Donovan - (Book: Safe Harbor)
Alex Donovan - (Book: Safe Harbor (large print))
Adam Templeton - (Book: Safe in His Arms (ebook novella))
Alex Wilson - (Book: Safe in His Embrace)
Adam Drake - (Book: Sail Away)
Adam Drake - (Book: Sail Away (reissue))
Andrés Sánchez - (Book: Sanchez Tradition, The)
Asa Monroe - (Book: Sanctuary Cove)
Adam Kirliss - (Book: Sapphire (ebook))
Andrew Booth-Payne - (Book: Sapphire's Are an Earl's Best Friend)
Anthony Whitfield - (Book: Sarah's Angel)
Aaron Miller - (Book: Sarah's Gift)
Andreas Sarantos - (Book: Sarantos Baby Bargain, The)
Aris Sarantos - (Book: Sarantos Secret Baby, The)
Alexander Dampier - (Book: Satin Seduction)
Aaron Young - (Book: Saturday Night Special (ebook))
Aric Savage - (Book: Savage Awakening)
Austin Wells - (Book: Savage Whisper)
Adelar - (Book: Saxon, The)
Alexander Deveraux
Marquess of Trent
- (Book: Scandal Bound)
Alessandro Corretti - (Book: Scandal in the Headlines, A)
Anthony Westfield - (Book: Scandal of the Season)
Aidan Carr - (Book: Scandal of the Year)
Andrew Chase, Earl of Wexford - (Book: Scandal to Remember, A)
Adrian Pomroy, Viscount Cavanley - (Book: Scandalizing the Ton)
Adam Harcourt
- (Book: Scandalous Bargain, A)
Anthony Woodhall,
- (Book: Scandalous Bequest, A)
Adam Fitzroy - (Book: Scandalous Proposition, A)
Andrew de Ardescote, Sir - (Book: Scandalous Season, A)
Adam Sanford - (Book: Scandals and Secrets)
Axel - (Book: Scarlet Nights)
Alex Madrid - (Book: Scarlet Thread, The (reissue))
Alex Madrid - (Book: Scarlet Thread, The (reissue))
Alexander Forthin - (Book: Scarred Earl, The)
Alexander Harkins - (Book: Scene of the Crime: Baton Rouge)
Aden Zook - (Book: Scent of Cherry Blossoms, The (hardcover))
Alexander McDowell - (Book: Scent of Jasmine, The)
Alex Hepburn - (Book: Scot and I, The)
Alexander Fraser - (Book: Scotsman, The)
Alasdair Gray - (Book: Scottish Ecstasy)
Alexander King - (Book: Scoundrel's Desire)
Andrew Paxton - (Book: Sea Gate)
Andrew Paxton - (Book: Sea Gate (reissue))
Alaric - (Book: Sea Jewel)
Adam York,
- (Book: Seafire (UK))
Allan Rappaport - (Book: SEAL Wolf in Too Deep)
Aiden Masters - (Book: SEAL's Kiss, A)
Anthony Norville
Viscount Frayne
- (Book: Season for Love, A)
Alexander Edgware - (Book: Season for Surrender)
Adam Peece - (Book: Season of Dreams)
Alessandro D'Ascanio - (Book: Season of Storms (reprint))
Alexander Grantham
Viscount Sheridan
- (Book: Season To Be Sinful, A)
Alton Wheeler - (Book: Seasons of the Heart)
Alex McKinley - (Book: Second Chance at Forever, A)
Aidan Kincaid - (Book: Second Chance Summer)
Alex McCade - (Book: Secret Agent Father)
Alex Waterstone - (Book: Secret Agent Groom)
Armand Magliore - (Book: Secret Agent Seduction)
Adam Ross - (Book: Secret Daughter, The)
Aubrey St. Clare - (Book: Secret For A Nightingale)
Alec Barclay - (Book: Secret Harbor)
Andrew Preston - (Book: Secret Heiress, The)
Aderik Rijnma ter Stalis - (Book: Secret Infatuation, A)
Aderik Rijima ter Salis - (Book: Secret Infatuation, A (reissue))
Aderik Rijnma ter Stalis - (Book: Secret Infatuation, A (UK))
Aderik Rijnma ter Stalis - (Book: Secret Infatuation, A (UK-reissue))
Alex Marchetti - (Book: Secret Ingredient: Love)
Anthony Verdun - (Book: Secret Life, A)
Adam Kent,
Duke of Ridgeway
- (Book: Secret Pearl, The)
Adam Kent,
Duke of Ridgeway
- (Book: Secret Pearl, The (reissue))
Alex Thiarchos - (Book: Secret Rebellion, A)
Archer Tobias - (Book: Secret Sins)
Aaron Cain - (Book: Secret Sister, The)
Aaron Cain - (Book: Secret Sisters, The)
Aaron Cain - (Book: Secret Sisters, The (reissue))
Alex Arlov - (Book: Secret Until Now, A)
Alex Graham - (Book: Secret Weapon Spouse)
Alex Hallam - (Book: Secretary's Secret, The)
Alex Hallam - (Book: Secretary's Secret, The (large print))
Alex Stone - (Book: Secrets and Lies)
Alexander Woodward, Duke of Woodborough - (Book: Secrets Of A Duchess)
Anthony Sparhawk - (Book: Secrets Of Catie Hazard,The)
Adam Drake - (Book: Secrets of Her Past, The)
Alex Foster - (Book: Secrets of Mia Danvers, The (ebook))
Aden St. George - (Book: Secrets of Seducing a Royal Bodyguard)
Adam Garrison - (Book: Secrets of the Tycoon's Bride)
Alexander Bajoran - (Book: Secrets, Lies & Lullabies)
Anatole Telonides - (Book: Securing the Greek's Legacy)
Adam Savage - (Book: Seduced)
Alexandr Orlov - (Book: Seduced by a Spy)
Alex MacKinloch - (Book: Seduced by Her Highland Warrior)
Agent Jared Romine, FBI - (Book: Seduced by the Enemy)
Antonin de Feo - (Book: Seduced in Shadow eBook)
Augustus Swaffam
Earl of Ampthill
- (Book: Seducing Sybilla)
Alan Barnard - (Book: Seduction Game, The)
Alaric McCabe - (Book: Seduction of a Highland Lass)
Alasdair MacDonald - (Book: Seduction of a Highland Warrior)
Antonio di Randolfo - (Book: Seduction Of An English Beauty)
Antonio di Randolfo - (Book: Seduction of an English Beauty (UK))
Alex Knight - (Book: Seduction of His Wife, The)
Adam Wainwright - (Book: Seduction of Lady Carroll, The)
Alex Caldern - (Book: Seduction of Sarah, The)
Aaron Montgomery - (Book: Seduction Under Fire)
Ashe Blackwell - (Book: Seduction Wears Sapphires)
Alden Granville
Viscount Gracechurch
- (Book: Seduction, The)
Alec Munro - (Book: Seductive as Flame)
Alex Stewart - (Book: Seductive Kiss, A)
Abe Shonfeld - (Book: See You Thursday (ebook))
Adam McRae - (Book: Seeing Stars (UK))
Adam Kendall - (Book: Self-Made Man, A)
Adam Lawrence - (Book: Semiautomatic Marriage)
Alex Blocker - (Book: Sergeant's Secret Son, The)
Arlen Coulter - (Book: Serious Risks)
Arlen Coulter - (Book: Serious Risks (reissue))
Anson McCord - (Book: Serpent In Turquoise, A)
Alistair Caulfield - (Book: Seven Years to Sin)
Alistair Caulfield - (Book: Seven Years to Sin (reprint))
Aidan Maddock - (Book: Sex & the Single Girl)
Antonio Perez - (Book: Sex Idol)
Antonio Perez - (Book: Sex Idol)
Austin Jericho - (Book: Sex Solution, The)
Adrian - (Book: Sex, Lies and Vampires)
Adam Roy - (Book: Sexual Healing)
Adam Gary - (Book: Sexy/Dangerous)
Andres Sereno - (Book: Shades of Gray)
Andres Sereno - (Book: Shades of Gray (reprint))
Adam Thorne - (Book: Shadow Bound)
Arion - (Book: Shadow Fires)
Allegreto - (Book: Shadow Heart)
Alexei Korakov - (Book: Shadow Of The Cat)
Alex Randall
- (Book: Shadow of the Moon (Hardcover))
Alex Randall
- (Book: Shadow of the Moon (reissue))
Alex Randall
- (Book: Shadow of the Moon (reissue))
Adrik - (Book: Shadow Prince, The)
Alex Rodriguez - (Book: Shadow Soldier)
Artur Loginov - (Book: Shadow Touch)
Artur Loginov - (Book: Shadow Touch (reissue))
Abramm Kalladorne - (Book: Shadow Within, The)
Allegreto - (Book: Shadowheart)
Alex Beaumont - (Book: Shadows in the Fire)
Archer Blackcloak - (Book: Shadows of Destiny)
Archer Blackcloak - (Book: Shadows of Myth)
Archer Blackcloak - (Book: Shadows of Prophecy)
Aubrey - (Book: Shape Changer's Wife, The)
Aden - (Book: Shards of Hope (hardcover))
Aden - (Book: Shards of Hope (paperback))
Ash Lewis - (Book: Shattered (ebook))
Aidan Sutherland - (Book: She's Having the Boss's Baby)
Austen Bell - (Book: Sheet Music)
As'ad of El Deharia, Prince - (Book: Sheikh and the Christmas Bride, The)
Amer el-Barbary - (Book: Sheikh's Bride, The)
Adan Mehdi - (Book: Sheikh's Son, The)
Aaron - (Book: Shifting Sands, The)
Abe Danforth - (Book: Shocking the Senator)
Ace Clemmons - (Book: Shooting Dirty (ebook))
Aidan O'Malley - (Book: Shore Lights)
Alex Keller - (Book: Should've Been a Cowboy)
Andrew - (Book: Shrouded Web, The)
Alessandro Leopardi - (Book: Sicilian Boss's Mistress, The)
Alessandro - (Book: Sicilian Duke's Demand, The )
Alexandre d'Evreux - (Book: Siege of the Heart)
Alex Kane - (Book: Silent Enchantment)
Alexandre Vestier - (Book: Silent Heart)
Ashley Kendrick - (Book: Silent Melody)
Ashley Hawkes Castleford - (Book: Silent Suitor, The)
Adam Black - (Book: Silent Surrender)
Adam Morgan - (Book: Silent Witness)
Adam Morgan - (Book: Silent Witness (large print))
Alex Coughlin - (Book: Silent Witness, The)
A Panther Stalks - (Book: Silken Savage)
Asa Canyon - (Book: Silver Bracelets)
Alec Weir - (Book: Silver Bullet)
Alphonse d'Aix - (Book: Silver Mirror, A)
Alain Devereaux - (Book: Silver Rain)
Antonio Delabay - (Book: Silver Season, A)
Adam Lazarus - (Book: Silver-Tongued Devil)
Asa Detweiler - (Book: Simple Vow, A)
Adam King - (Book: Simple Winter, A )
Alexandra Kenner - (Book: Simply the Best)
Anthony Sokorvsky - (Book: Simply Wicked)
Arthur Killian - (Book: Sin & Suffer)
Alessandro Davies - (Book: Sinful Seduction)
Antonios Davies - (Book: Sinful Temptation)
Akil Hutton - (Book: Sing Your Pleasure)
Aimen Pierce - (Book: Single By Choice?)
Adam Fortune - (Book: Single With Children)
Andrew Tyson
Marquess of Blagdon
- (Book: Singular Miss Carrington, The)
Adam Darrach
Marquess of Falconer
- (Book: Sinister Spinster, The)
Art - (Book: Sink or Swim)
Abraham Stirling - (Book: Sinner's Heart)
Alex MacDonald - (Book: Sinner, The)
Aramael - (Book: Sins of the Angels )
Alexandre Saint-Juste - (Book: Sins of the Flesh)
Aramael - (Book: Sins of the Lost (ebook))
Adrien Roth - (Book: Sins of the Night)
Alexion - (Book: Sins of the Night)
Aramael - (Book: Sins of the Son)
Alastor Krayl - (Book: Sins of the Soul)
Ashley Saunders - (Book: Sir Ashley's Mettlesome Match)
Alexander of Athens - (Book: Siren's Call)
Alexis 'Alex' Roche - (Book: Sirocco)
Anlon - (Book: Sister of the Moon)
Alexei Vatutin, Count - (Book: Sister's Quest, A)
Ahmed - (Book: Skin Deep)
Addison Foster - (Book: Skin Tight)
Akraz - (Book: Slave of the Goblin)
Alex - (Book: Sleeping Desire)
Alex Jensen - (Book: Sleeping Lady (paperback reprint))
Alec Wynn - (Book: Sleigh Bell Sweethearts)
Aidan Bedwyn - (Book: Slightly Marrried)
Alleyne Bedwyn
- (Book: Slightly Sinful)
Alec Dempsey - (Book: Slow Hands)
Asher Fortune - (Book: Small Fortune, A)
Alex Gantry - (Book: Smokescreen)
Alex Gantry - (Book: Smokescreen (UK))
Adam Brand - (Book: Smoky Ridge Curse)
Adam Brand - (Book: Smoky Ridge Curse (large print))
Aidan Caine - (Book: Snow Angel Cove)
Aaron Conrad - (Book: Snow Angels)
Laird of Kinfairlie
- (Book: Snow White Bride, The)
Alex Jameson - (Book: Snowflake Sweethearts)
Alex Jameson - (Book: Snowflake Sweethearts (large print))
Angel Sabato - (Book: So Into You)
Philip de Valor
- (Book: So Speaks the Heart)
Adrian Mackinnon - (Book: So This Is Love)
Adam Ryder - (Book: Sold into Marriage)
Aaron Petrowski - (Book: Soldier Daddy)
Alex Dane - (Book: Soldier on Her Doorstep)
Alex Dane - (Book: Soldier on Her Doorstep (large print))
Alec - (Book: Soldier's Pregnancy Protocol)
Adam McPherson - (Book: Soldier, The)
Anthony Dunbarton,
Earl of Clare
- (Book: Some Distant Shore)
Alex Stoner - (Book: Some Kind of Wonderful)
Ames Cooke - (Book: Some Like It Hotter)
Aiden Gallagher - (Book: Somebody Like You)
Adam Burdett - (Book: Somebody's Baby)
Adrian Rutledge - (Book: Someone Like Her)
Adam Sullivan - (Book: Someone Like You)
Alexander Westcott - (Book: Someone to Wed)
Alexander Denford
Baron Sedgwick,
- (Book: Something About Emmaline)
Adam Cochran - (Book: Something to Talk About)
Adam Carlyle
Marquess of Vale
- (Book: Song From the Sea)
Adrian Gamble - (Book: Song of My Soul)
Alasdair Ruadh
Clan Macleod
- (Book: Song Within, The)
Adam Wavell - (Book: SOS: Convenient Husband Required)
Adrian - (Book: Soul Chase (ebook))
Andreas - (Book: Soul Flame)
Adrian - (Book: Soul Thief)
Adam - (Book: Soulbound)
Adam Conroy - (Book: Sound of Summer)
Alex Berringer - (Book: Southern Reason, Western Rhyme)
Alec Corbett - (Book: Southern Sympathies)
Alonso - (Book: Spaniard's Passion, The)
Antonio Ramirez y Mondego - (Book: Spanish Coin)
Alejandro de Ramirez - (Book: Spanish Magnate, Red-Hot Revenge)
Adam DeVries - (Book: Speaking of Love)
Adam - (Book: Spell Bound)
Abraham Warwick - (Book: Spell of the Chameleon)
Andre Gascon - (Book: Spellbound)
Adam Warrick - (Book: Spenceworth Bride)
Ash Barrett - (Book: Spirit of Love)
Alexander Ridgely
Duke of Ashbourne
- (Book: Splendid)
Alastair - (Book: Splendid Legacy, The)
Alec Carrock - (Book: Splendid Scheme, A)
Antonio Rodrigo Cordoba del Rey - (Book: Spring Bride)
Adam Roth,
Duke of Lyndham
- (Book: Spring Gambit)
Adam Campbell - (Book: Spring Thaw)
Alister - (Book: St. Augustine's Silhouettes (ebook))
Alex Shepherd - (Book: Stand-In Father)
Alexander van Zeust - (Book: Star Looks Down, A)
Alexander van Zeust - (Book: Star Looks Down, A (reissue))
Alexander van Zeust - (Book: Star Looks Down, A (UK))
Alexander van Zeust - (Book: Star Looks Down, A (UK-reissue))
Alexander Fairbourne - (Book: Starlight)
Aston Rutledge - (Book: Starlight)
Alex Christie - (Book: Starlight)
Aubrey Kellands - (Book: Starlight Wish (reprint))
Aubrey Kelland, Major - (Book: Starlight Wish, The)
Anthony Moretti - (Book: Steal Me)
Aidan Kane
- (Book: Stealing Heaven)
Adrian - (Book: Stealing Kathryn)
Aidan Mullin - (Book: Stealing Midnight)
Aleksi Stefanos - (Book: Stefanos Marriage, The)
Abrial Nightdemon - (Book: Still Life)
AJ Colten - (Book: Still the One)
Andre Simon - (Book: Stolen Hearts)
Angus MacGregor - (Book: Stone Heart)
Angus MacGregor - (Book: Stone Heart (reissue))
Aidan - (Book: Storm Bound)
Aidan Storm - (Book: Storm For All Seasons, A)
Aaron Eagle - (Book: Storm of Shadows)
Adrian Devereaux - (Book: Storm Over the Lake)
Adrian Devereaux - (Book: Storm Over the Lake (reissue))
Adrian Devereaux - (Book: Storm Over the Lake (reissue))
Alexei Drakos - (Book: Stormy Greek Marriage, A)
Anthony Gordon - (Book: Stormy Montana Sky)
Alexander Sheffield - (Book: Storybook Hero, The)
Alex Foster - (Book: Stranded)
Alan Dilhorne - (Book: Strange Likeness, A)
Adam Grayson - (Book: Stranger Called Adam, A)
Aidan McInnes - (Book: Stranger on Raven's Ridge)
Aidan McInnes - (Book: Stranger on Raven's Ridge (large print))
Alex Daimon - (Book: Stranger's Kiss, A)
Adan - (Book: Strangers in the Desert)
Adan - (Book: Strangers in the Desert (large print))
Adam Delaney - (Book: Strangers in the Night)
Alessandro Donato - (Book: Strictly Confidential)
Alexander Ross - (Book: Stroke of Midnight)
Alec Sparks - (Book: Stuck on You)
Adam Knight - (Book: Stud for Hire?)
Alexander Hall - (Book: Study in Seduction, A)
Alan Chevalier - (Book: Submission)
Alex D'Lynsal - (Book: Suddenly Royal)
Alexander Mackenzie - (Book: Suddenly Single)
Andre Preaux - (Book: Suite Temptation)
Alain Montclair - (Book: Suitor, The)
Asher Worthy - (Book: Sultry Nights)
Alexander Montgomery - (Book: Summer By The Sea)
Alexander Montgomery - (Book: Summer by the Sea (reprint))
Adam Moreland - (Book: Summer Has No Name (Hardcover))
Arlan - (Book: Summer in the Land of Skin)
Anton Reiker - (Book: Summer of My German Soldier)
Alec Neville - (Book: Summer of the Storm)
Asher Day - (Book: Summer Promises)
Alec Stafford - (Book: Summer Seduction)
Alain Deslandes - (Book: Summer's Echo)
Alan Wilde - (Book: Sunshine and Shadow)
Alexander Blade - (Book: Sure Bet)
Adam Cline - (Book: Surgeon Boss, Surprise Dad (UK))
Alessandro Fierezza - (Book: Surgeon Prince, Ordinary Wife)
Alessandro Fierezza - (Book: Surgeon Prince, Ordinary Wife (Large Print))
Alex MacKay - (Book: Surprise: Outback Proposal)
Alex MacKay - (Book: Surprise: Outback Proposal (large print))
Ashton Sinclair - (Book: Surrender)
Azrael - (Book: Surrender the Dark)
Alex Reed - (Book: Surrender the Night)
Angelo Belladini - (Book: Surrendering All But Her Heart (large print))
Andrew Lochlannach - (Book: Susana and the Scot)
Adam Lancing
Viscount Cheverell
- (Book: Susceptible Gentleman, A)
Adam Lancing
Viscount Cheverell
- (Book: Susceptible Gentleman, A (Hardcover))
Alex Cross - (Book: Suspended Animation)
Aaron Somerton - (Book: Swallowbrook's Wedding of the Year)
Aaron Somerton - (Book: Swallowbrook's Wedding of the Year (large print))
Anthony Fellows - (Book: Sweet and Twenty)
Adam Prescott,
Texas Ranger
- (Book: Sweet Betrayal)
Adrian - (Book: Sweet Discipline)
Ansel Guillaume - (Book: Sweet Filthy Boy)
Alan Michaels - (Book: Sweet Persuasion)
Alec Kenleigh - (Book: Sweet Release)
Auri Levalois - (Book: Sweet Revenge)
Andrew Wyatt - (Book: Sweet Revenge?)
Archer Rune - (Book: Sweet Ruin)
Alasdair Drummond - (Book: Sweet Surrender)
Andy Branigan - (Book: Sweet Talkin' Guy)
Adam - (Book: Sweeter than Sin)
Asa Makepeace - (Book: Sweetest Scoundrel)
Alex Carrigan - (Book: Sweetest Thing, The)
Adam Winthrop - (Book: Swept Away)
Adam Conrad - (Book: Swept off Her Stilettos)
Adam Conrad - (Book: Swept off Her Stilettos (large print))
Aaron McBain - (Book: Switched)
Aaron McBain - (Book: Switched (large print))
Armand - (Book: Sword's Blessing, The (ebook))
Alex Langley - (Book: Taboo)
Adam Bartlett - (Book: Take a Chance on Me)
Adam Hilliard, Earl of Keswick - (Book: Taken and Seduced)
Anton Santini - (Book: Taken For His Pleasure)
Axel Hawke - (Book: Taking the Lead)
Addolgar - (Book: Tale of Two Dragons, A (ebook))
Andrew Melhurst - (Book: Talk of the Ton (US))
Alex Jourdan - (Book: Tall, Dark And Deadly )
Alex Sanchez - (Book: Tall, Dark and Immortal)
Adrian Caine - (Book: Tall, Dark and Undead (ebook))
Alex Maxwell - (Book: Tamed by Your Desire)
Anthony Northrup - (Book: Taming Tessa)
Alexander d'Aumesbery - (Book: Taming the Highland Bride)
Adam - (Book: Taming, The)
Alex - (Book: Taming, The)
Anthony Maddox - (Book: Tangled Dreams)
Alex Weston, Earl of Cardiff - (Book: Tapestry)
Alexei Muromsky - (Book: Tapestry of Dreams)
Anthony Greene - (Book: Tarah's Lesson)
Alec Blade - (Book: Targeted)
Ashe Herriard - (Book: Tarnished Among the Ton)
Aubrey Roellinger - (Book: Taste of Honey)
Ashton Croft - (Book: Taste of Temptation, A)
Andrew Terwillger - (Book: Taste of Temptation, A (reissue))
Andre Devereux - (Book: Tears of Fire)
Alex Coleman - (Book: Tell Me No Lies)
Alex Gray - (Book: Telling Secrets)
Alexander de Ashby, Sir - (Book: Templar's Seduction, The)
Alex Cane - (Book: Temporarily Hers)
Adrian Stamford - (Book: Temporary Duke, The)
Aidan Nikolas - (Book: Temporary Father)
Andrew Fairleigh
Lord Mainwaring
- (Book: Temporary Husband, The)
Adam Gantry - (Book: Temporary Temptress)
Anthony Earheart
Marquess of Staunton
- (Book: Temporary Wife, The)
Angus McCairn - (Book: Temptation)
Adam Lacey - (Book: Temptation of Laura, The)
Alexander Drummond
Marquis of Warrick
- (Book: Tempted)
Alec Fleming - (Book: Tempted In Texas)
Alex Canfield - (Book: Tempting)
Adam Morely - (Book: Tempting Adam)
Adam - (Book: Tempting Adam)
Duke of Tenby
- (Book: Tempting Harriet)
Ashley, Duke of Avanoll - (Book: Tenacious Miss Tamerlane, The)
Anthony Malory - (Book: Tender Rebel)
Anthony Malory - (Book: Tender Rebel (ebook))
Andrew Warner - (Book: Tender Secrets)
Adam Wyatt - (Book: Tender Trap, The)
Alex Jensen - (Book: Termination Dust (paperback reprint))
Austin McCormick - (Book: Texan And The Lady, The)
Alex Reynold - (Book: Texan's Honor, A)
Alex Myerson - (Book: Texan's Suite Romance, The )
Andrew Walker - (Book: Texan's Surprise Baby, The)
Adam McClain - (Book: Texan's Touch, The)
Austin Brook - (Book: Texas Hold 'Em)
Alexander Drake,
Earl of Harrow
- (Book: Texas Kiss)
Alex del Toro - (Book: Texas Renegade Return, The)
Austin Leigh - (Book: Texas Splendor)
Aden Reese - (Book: Thankful)
Adam Rhodes - (Book: That Fontaine Woman!)
Alex "Andy" Baron - (Book: That Long-Ago Summer)
Viscount Jenson
- (Book: That Scandalous Heiress)
Ashford Thornton - (Book: Theft, The)
Andy McFarland - (Book: Their First Noel)
Ace Wilder - (Book: Their Other Mother)
Alex Raiford
Earl of Wolverton
- (Book: Then Came You)
Alan Magnus - (Book: There's Something About the Nanny)
Alex Danilov - (Book: These Fallen Angels)
Assail - (Book: Thief, The)
Austin Hawke - (Book: Third Time's The Charm)
Alex - (Book: Thirteen Weddings)
Alexander Danilov - (Book: This Dark Paradise)
Adam Kendall - (Book: This I Ask of You)
Aden Sawle - (Book: This Land, This Love)
Alex Medford - (Book: This Man and This Woman)
Alex Drayton - (Book: This Raging Flower)
Adam McIntyre - (Book: This Time Forever)
Antonio Silver - (Book: Thorn in Paradise, A)
Aaron Marshall - (Book: Three Little Chaperones)
Alexei Sarova - (Book: Throne for the Taking, A)
Alexei Sarova - (Book: Throne for the Taking, A (large print))
Amos Ackerman - (Book: Through the Dark Waters)
Archibald Foster Pierce - (Book: Tiger Lil)
Adrian Pender - (Book: Tiger's Cage, The)
Alec Tyron - (Book: Tiger's Eye)
Alec Tyron - (Book: Tiger's Eye (reissue))
Adam Moncrief - (Book: Till Next We Meet)
Alex Devon (Devane) - (Book: Time and Tide)
Aedar - (Book: Time Singer (ebook))
Adam Johnson - (Book: Time Storm)
Adam Caldwell - (Book: Time to Forgive, A)
Alex BlackKnife - (Book: Time Weaver)
Alexandru of Zaharen - (Book: Time Weaver, The (Hardcover))
Alexandru of Zaharen - (Book: Time Weaver, The (paperback) )
Alexander Knightly
Viscount Hawkbeck
- (Book: Timeless Love, A)
Alistair Munroe
- (Book: To Beguile a Beast)
Alexander Emerson - (Book: To Catch A Countess)
Adam Logue - (Book: To Catch a Husband)
Adam Justice - (Book: To Have vs. To Hold)
Adam Munroe - (Book: To Make a Marriage)
Alex Hunter - (Book: To Protect His Own)
Adam Chase - (Book: To Seduce a Rogue (ebook))
Alex Weston - (Book: To Seduce an Earl)
Austin Shaw, Captain - (Book: To Tame A Savage)
Ace Durango - (Book: To Tame a Texan)
Andrew Corrvan - (Book: To Tempt an Heiress)
Amjad Aal Shalaan - (Book: To Touch a Sheikh)
Adam Kagen - (Book: To Trust Again)
Adam Faramond, Earl of Rothbury - (Book: To Wed A Wicked Earl)
Alexander MacDonell - (Book: To Wed a Wicked Highlander)
Alex Prokov,
- (Book: To Wed a Wicked Prince)
Alex Fabian - (Book: Token Wife, The)
Andrew McVie - (Book: Tomorrow and Always)
Adam Raleigh - (Book: Too Familiar)
Alex Aguilar - (Book: Too Hot to Touch)
Alec McDonald - (Book: Too Many Bosses)
Alex Marshall - (Book: Too Tempting To Touch)
Aaron Clarkson - (Book: Too Wild to Tame)
Alex Crawford - (Book: Tool Belt Defender)
Adonis - (Book: Touch Me)
Alec Danieli - (Book: Touch of Black Velvet, A)
Adrian Mitchell - (Book: Touch of Crimson, A)
Alex Ryker - (Book: Touch of Fire)
Alexander Marianatos - (Book: Touch Of Fire, A )
Aryn - (Book: Touch of Gypsy Fire)
Aaron Wethers - (Book: Touch of Paradise)
Adam Hinton - (Book: Touch of Scarlet, A)
Adam Hinton - (Book: Touch of Scarlet, A (large print))
Aiden Shrader - (Book: Touch of Seduction)
Alexander Sloane - (Book: Touch of Spring, A)
Adam, Lord Kemp - (Book: Touch of Venus, A)
Ashton York - (Book: Touch the Wild Wind)
Asher Blackwell - (Book: Touched)
Adam Masters - (Book: Touched by Light)
Adam Douglas - (Book: Touchstone, The)
Adam Engler - (Book: Toward Home)
Austin Black - (Book: Tracking Justice)
Austin Black - (Book: Tracking Justice (large print))
Alexander Knox, Major - (Book: Traitor's Embrace)
Alec Montcalm - (Book: Transformed into the Frenchman's Mistress)
Alex Andrews - (Book: Treacherous Seduction, A)
Alex Andrews - (Book: Treacherous Seduction, A (Large Print))
Adam - (Book: Treasuring Emma)
Aidan Bell - (Book: Triad)
Aaron Masterson - (Book: Tried and True)
Alex Rossini - (Book: Trophy Husband, The)
Adam Wakefield - (Book: Trouble Don't Last Always)
Archer Smith - (Book: Trouble in Paradise)
Andrew Cunningham - (Book: Trouble With Andrew, The)
Anthony Hurst - (Book: Trouble With Being a Duke, The)
Alex Cassidy - (Book: Trouble with Love, The (ebook))
Aedon Rawn - (Book: True Deception)
Adam Desantis - (Book: True Love at Silver Creek Ranch)
Aidan O'Shea - (Book: Truly, Madly, Briefly)
Adam Dalton - (Book: Trumped Up Charges)
Adam Dalton - (Book: Trumped Up Charges (large print))
Avery Washington - (Book: Trust In Me)
Alec Prentice - (Book: Trust Me on This)
Alec Prentice - (Book: Trust Me on This (reissue))
Asa Graves - (Book: Trust to Chance)
Archer Brant - (Book: Trusting the Bodyguard)
Alex Ben Raschid - (Book: Trustworthy Redhead, The)
Alex Ben Rashid - (Book: Trustworthy Redhead, The)
Abe Cockburn - (Book: Truth About Cowboys, The (reissue))
Austin Allen - (Book: Truth About Toby, The)
Assistant Deputy Director Colin Winter - (Book: Truth or Dare [Print])
Adam Richton - (Book: Turbulent Passions (ebook))
August Fletcher - (Book: Turn and Burn)
Aaron Mead - (Book: Turn Back The Night)
Alexethre Roistkauff - (Book: Turned Innocence (ebook))
Adam Wakefield - (Book: Turning Point, The)
Alessandro Castiglione - (Book: Tuscan Tycoon's Pregnant Housekeeper, The)
Alessandro Castiglione - (Book: Tuscan Tycoon's Pregnant Housekeeper, The (UK))
Alan Pendercast - (Book: Twelve Days of Christmas, The)
Alexander Rochelle - (Book: Twice a Princess)
Alex Knight - (Book: Twice Tempted)
Alessio - (Book: Twice Upon Time )
Andrew of Laycock - (Book: Twist in Time, A)
Aden - (Book: Twisted (hardcover))
Alfred Rafter - (Book: Two Hearts Wait)
Alex - (Book: Two Into Time)
Anson Daughtry - (Book: Two Souls Hollow)
Armand Bollinger - (Book: Tycoon Who Healed Her Heart, The)
Armand Bollinger - (Book: Tycoon Who Healed Her Heart, The (large print))
Andreas Markopoulou - (Book: Tycoon's Bride, The)
Alex Reed - (Book: Tycoon's Marriage Bid, The)
Adam Blair - (Book: Tycoon's Paternity Agenda, The)
Aidan Phillips - (Book: Tying Tempest)
Anthony Beaumont - (Book: Tynedale Daughters, The)
Adam St. Just - (Book: Umasking of a Lady, The)
Adrian of Warfield - (Book: Uncommon Vows)
Alexander Deveraux - (Book: Unconditional Love)
Alan Kerr - (Book: Unconventional Heiress, An)
Albert Preston - (Book: Under a Falling Star)
Aiden Walsh - (Book: Under an Adirondack Sky)
Alex Grace - (Book: Under Attack)
Anthony DiLeo - (Book: Under His Skin)
Alexander Knight - (Book: Under His Touch (ebook))
Andrei Lagios - (Book: Under Suspicion, With Child)
Abram Dufrene - (Book: Under the Autumn Sky)
Abram Dufrene - (Book: Under the Autumn Sky (large print))
Alex Grace - (Book: Under the Final Moon)
Artair Sinclare - (Book: Under the Highlander's Spell)
Andrew MacDonnell - (Book: Under the Same Sky)
Anthony Aquilon - (Book: Under The Western Sky)
Anthony Aquilon
Special Agent
- (Book: Under the Western Sky (UK))
Ash Walker and Brandt Pela - (Book: Undercover)
Alex McMullin - (Book: Undercover Encounter)
Angus McLeod - (Book: Undercover Mistress)
Ash Kelly - (Book: Undercover Nightingale)
Arlan Kahill - (Book: Undying)
Arlan - (Book: Undying (reissue))
Alexander Barr,
Viscount Hawkswood
- (Book: Unexpected Wife, The)
Antonio - (Book: Unfinished Business)
Alex Maxwell - (Book: Unfinished Business)
Allen - (Book: Unfinished Love Affair, An)
Alejandro Valverde - (Book: Unforgettable)
Adam Hunt - (Book: Unforgettable Hero, The (ebook))
Andre Visconte - (Book: Unforgettable Husband)
Adam Collins - (Book: Unforgiven)
Arthur Watterley - (Book: Unintended Bride, The)
Alex Shields - (Book: Unknown Twin, The)
Adam Fontaine - (Book: Unleashed)
Alexander Maxwell
Earl of Kerrigan
- (Book: Unlikely Alliance, An)
Anthony Newman - (Book: Unmarried Husband, The)
Alex Greysteel Montgomery - (Book: Unmasked)
Aden Stone - (Book: Unraveled (Hardcover))
Alaistair St. Simon - (Book: Untamed Heart)
Adam, Lord Darnell - (Book: Untamed Heiress, The)
Adam Stark - (Book: Until Dark)
Adam Sutherland - (Book: Until Fountain Bridge (ebook))
Andrew Bernard Cochran - (Book: Until The End of Time)
Ash Turner - (Book: Unveiled)
Arthur Ferrer - (Book: Unveiling Lady Clare)
Adam Palmer - (Book: Unwilling Surrender (UK))
Alex Anderson - (Book: Unwrapped)
Aidan O'Conner - (Book: Upon The Midnight Clear)
Alasdair Chase - (Book: Valentine Wedding, A)
Andy Stewart - (Book: Valentine's Wish, A)
Aaron Holder - (Book: Valley Ridge Christmas, A)
Alan Stevens - (Book: Vampire Shrink, The)
Alan Stevens - (Book: Vampire Shrink, The)
Achilles Stefanos - (Book: Vampire Who Loved Me, The)
Alik Lennox/Prey - (Book: Vampires At Heart (Anthology))
Antonio Acero - (Book: Vampires Need Not. . .Apply?)
Austin Erickson - (Book: Vamps and the City)
Adam Vickery - (Book: Vanishing Viscountess, The)
Adam Vickery - (Book: Vanishing Viscountess, The (UK))
Anton, Lord Raith - (Book: Veiled Bride, The)
Anton, Lord Raith - (Book: Veiled Bride, The (UK))
Aaron Gold - (Book: Veiled Threats)
Andrew Hawksworth - (Book: Velvet Fire)
Alston Hillyard - (Book: Venetian Masquerade)
Alex Veranchetti - (Book: Veranchetti Marriage, The)
Alexander Smith - (Book: Very Thought of You, The)
AJ - (Book: Very Truly Sexy)
Alexander van Schuylen - (Book: Victory for Victoria)
Alexander van Schuylen - (Book: Victory for Victoria (reissue))
Alexander van Schuylen - (Book: Victory for Victoria (UK))
Alexander van Schuylen - (Book: Victory for Victoria (UK-reissue))
Alexander van Schuylen - (Book: Victory for Victoria (UK-reissue))
Adam - (Book: Viking's Captive, The )
Alarik Trygvason - (Book: Viking's Prize)
Alexander Barrington
Earl of Kinsford
- (Book: Village Spinster, The)
Austin McGrath - (Book: Virgin Mistress, The)
Alexander Monk - (Book: Virgin's Heart, The)
Alec Stone - (Book: Virginia Vixen)
Alexander Breton - (Book: Virtuous Knight, The)
Andreas Visconti - (Book: Visconti's Forgotten Heir)
Anthony Bridgerton
- (Book: Viscount Who Loved Me, The)
Adam Grantham, Viscount Weston - (Book: Viscount's Betrothal, The (reissue))
Alexander, Viscount St. Ives - (Book: Viscount's Vixen, The)
Artegal - (Book: Voices of Dragons (Hardcover))
Aedan Brigid - (Book: Voracious)
Aedan Brigid - (Book: Voracious (reprint))
Adam Hardesty - (Book: Wait Until Midnight)
Adrian Saville - (Book: Waiting Game, The)
Adrian Saville - (Book: Waiting Game, The (reissue))
Aaron Wilde - (Book: Walk Upon The Wind)
Andre Goddard - (Book: Waltz in Time)
Adrian Avedon - (Book: Waltzing Widow, The)
Anson Tyler - (Book: Want, Need, Love)
Alec Sharpe - (Book: Wanton)
Aaron Court - (Book: Wanton Angel)
Aral - (Book: Warlord's Daughter, The)
Alexander Caulfield - (Book: Warrior For One Night)
Adrian Gray - (Book: Warrior of Fate)
Alasdair MacColla - (Book: Warrior of the Highlands)
Aidan MacLeod - (Book: Warrior of the Isles)
Achilles - (Book: Warrior Rising)
Alexander - (Book: Warrior, The)
Armond Marceux - (Book: Warrior, The)
Alejandro Vargas
- (Book: Warriors of the Darkness)
Alastair Russell - (Book: Wary Widow, The)
Alejandro Diaz - (Book: Watch Me)
Angelo DiMarco - (Book: Water Crystal)
Ari Nathan - (Book: Water to Burn)
Alexandros - (Book: Waterborne)
Axel Clay - (Book: Weaver Wedding, A)
Anthony Sheridan, Major - (Book: Wedding Affair, The)
Adam Callahan - (Book: Wedding Arbor, The)
Alexander Addington - (Book: Wedding Charm, The)
Archer Flett - (Book: Wedding Date with Mr. Wrong)
Archer Flett - (Book: Wedding Date with Mr. Wrong (large print))
Arthur, Earl of Greenfield - (Book: Wedding Deception, The)
Adam Dalton - (Book: Wedding in the Family, A )
Adam Greyhawke - (Book: Wedding Night with the Earl)
Aiden Flynn - (Book: Wedding Surprise, The)
Angelo Gordon - (Book: Wedding Vow of Revenge)
Adam LeCroix - (Book: Wedding Vow, The )
Ad Walker - (Book: Wedding Willies)
Anthony Clarke - (Book: Wedding Wish, The)
Adam Weis - (Book: Weremones (ebook))
Aiden Wallace - (Book: Werewolf in Manhattan)
Adam Westin - (Book: Westin Legacy)
Adam Westin - (Book: Westin Legacy (large print))
Alexander Sanford - (Book: What a Lady Craves (ebook))
Andrew Carrington - (Book: What a Wicked Earl Wants)
Anton "Zeke" Zeekowsky - (Book: What Are Friends For?)
Alexander Moncrieffe,
Duke of Falconbridge
- (Book: What I Did For a Duke)
Alex Reed - (Book: What Lola Wants (ebook))
Adam Thomas - (Book: What She Can't See)
Arion Pantelides - (Book: What the Greek Can't Resist)
Alexander Donaldson III - (Book: Whatever Alex Wants)
Anthony Price - (Book: Whatever the Price)
Aiden MacCurran - (Book: When a Laird Takes a Lady)
A. J. Baptiste - (Book: When a Man Loves a Woman)
Adam Hunter - (Book: When Adam Came to Town)
Alexander Quinn - (Book: When Alex Was Bad)
Alexio Christakos - (Book: When Christakos Meets His Match)
Alexander Scarston
Earl of Selbourne
- (Book: When Dashing Met Danger)
Alex Carson - (Book: When Fortune Smiles)
Adam Blackstone - (Book: When Harriet Came Home (ebook))
Alexander Neadow - (Book: When Horses Fly)
Antonio Marks - (Book: When I First Saw You)
Andre Buchanan - (Book: When It Feels So Right)
Anthony Morgan - (Book: When Night Falls)
Anton Reichard - (Book: When Night Falls)
Alisdair MacRae - (Book: When The Laird Returns)
Angel Whittaker - (Book: When We Met)
Adamo de Leone - (Book: Where Lemons Bloom)
Adam - (Book: Where She Went)
Adam Sorrell - (Book: Where the Heart Leads)
Aidan Kendall - (Book: Where You Least Expect It)
Austin Randolph Jamison - (Book: Whirlwind Wedding)
Lord Grant
- (Book: Whisper of Scandal)
Anthony Malik - (Book: White Satin)
Aaron Cade - (Book: White-Hot Holiday (ebook))
August Guthrie - (Book: Whose Bride Is She Anyway? (ebook))
Archer Lisle - (Book: Why Lords Lose Their Hearts)
Adam - (Book: Why Not Tonight?)
Adam - (Book: Why Not Tonight? (UK))
Alexander Blackthorne - (Book: Wicked Angel)
Alexander Christian
Duke of Sutherland
- (Book: Wicked Angel)
Alexander Ramsey - (Book: Wicked Becomes You)
Aiden Brinlaw - (Book: Wicked Charms)
Earl of Gresham
- (Book: Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed)
Axel Dilllon - (Book: Wicked for You)
Anthony de Portnay Smythe - (Book: Wicked Liaison, A)
Anthony de Portnay Smythe - (Book: Wicked Liaison, A (UK))
Ash Courtland - (Book: Wicked Nights with a Lover)
Anthony Nelthorpe - (Book: Wicked Wager)
Ashbrooke - (Book: Wicked Wallflower, The)
Alec Sutherland - (Book: Wicked Way to Win an Earl, A)
Alexander Kidd - (Book: Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd, The)
Artemas Hunt - (Book: Wicked Widow)
Alex - (Book: Wife for Real (ebook))
Angelo Manzini - (Book: Wife in the Shadows)
Alan Parish - (Book: Wife Is a 4-Letter Word)
Adam Deacon - (Book: Wild and Willing!)
Adam McFarland - (Book: Wild at Heart)
Alex DeMarco - (Book: Wild at Heart)
Andreas - (Book: Wild Fire)
Alex Hamilton - (Book: Wild Hearts)
Adam Duran - (Book: Wild Horses)
Alan - (Book: Wild Nights)
Alex MacGannon - (Book: Wild Rose of Kilgannon, The)
Ash McCord - (Book: Wild Texas Flame)
Alan Desmond - (Book: Wild Wanton Love)
Arran McKenzie - (Book: Wild Wicked Scot)
Aleksandr Wilder - (Book: Wilder)
Adam Korda - (Book: Wilder Shores Of Love, The)
Andrew Townsend
Viscount Wythe
- (Book: Willowswood Match)
Adrian Ballantine - (Book: Wind and the Sea, The)
Ashton Markham - (Book: Winds of Glory)
Adam Buchanan - (Book: Windwalker)
Ardalan Jaleem - (Book: Windworld: Desert Wind (ebook))
Antony Medichi - (Book: Wings of Fire)
Aaron Hollister - (Book: Winning Over Skylar)
Alex McKenna - (Book: Winning the Right Brother)
Alexander Bennett - (Book: Winter Kisses)
Anton Gustavson - (Book: Winter Queen, The)
Allingcote - (Book: Winter Wedding)
Alexander Duport - (Book: Wish...and a Kiss, A)
Avery - (Book: Wishing Game (ebook))
Alex MacDunn - (Book: Witch and the Warrior, The)
Adam Tyrell - (Book: Witch Heart)
Adam Marshall - (Book: Witching Moon)
Aaron Arbogast - (Book: With This Ring)
Adam Stiles - (Book: Within Reason)
Alexander Hepburn
Baron Durnham
- (Book: Without Honor)
Alex Del Rio - (Book: Witness, The)
AErin of Grendelire - (Book: Wizard's Wife, The)
Aislinn - (Book: Wolf and The Dove, The)
Aiden - (Book: Wolf Breeds - Aiden's Charity)
Anton Cheval - (Book: Wolf Tales VII)
Anton - (Book: Wolf Tales XI)
Anton - (Book: Wolf Tales XII)
Aidan Brodie - (Book: Woman in Black, The)
Alistair Ashbourne,
- (Book: Woman of Little Importance, A (UK))
Arthur St. Eyre, Sir - (Book: Woman's Estate, A)
Aaron Black - (Book: World's Most Eligible Texan)
Adam Lassiter - (Book: Worth Waiting For)
Alex Chapman - (Book: Would I Lie To You?)
Abe Lawson - (Book: Wrangled and Tangled)
August O'Dell - (Book: Wrong Brother's Bride, The)
Alec Campbell - (Book: Year and a Day, A)
Adam Coleridge - (Book: Yesterday and Forever)
Alejandro Martinez Garcia - (Book: Yesterday's Promise)
Aiden Reagan - (Book: You Can't Hide)
Alec Beckett - (Book: Your Baby Or Mine?)
Alex Crowne - (Book: Yuletide Jeopardy)
Aden and Kevin - (Book: Zebra Wore Fishnets, The (ebook))


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