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Eye On Romance
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Bobbi Smith

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Bobbi Smith
Halfbreed Warrior (reprint)
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Heroes with first name starting with B

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Bruce Peyton - (Book: 1105 Yakima Street)
Baldwin - (Book: 14)
Brady Lockwood - (Book: 7 Lb., 2 Oz. Valentine, The)
Bobby Polgar - (Book: 74 Seaside Avenue)
Bren Forsythe - (Book: A&E Consultant's Secret, The)
Brady Crawford - (Book: Abigail And Mistletoe)
Briec the Mighty - (Book: About a Dragon (reprint))
Blake Hunter - (Book: About Face)
Ben Lawless - (Book: Accidental Family, An (large print))
Brian Hendricks - (Book: Accidental Gentleman, An)
Brett Hale - (Book: Accidentally in Love (ebook))
Backlum Chaam - (Book: Accidentally. . .Evil? (ebook))
Ben Tyler - (Book: Act of Persuasion, An)
Ben Tyler - (Book: Act of Persuasion, An (large print))
Brody Carlton - (Book: Addicted to Love)
Benjamin Swain - (Book: Admiral's Daughter, The)
Baxter St. Ives - (Book: Affair)
Brendan - (Book: After Hours)
Bastien of Bale - (Book: After The Storm)
Braedon Roche - (Book: After Twilight)
Ben Slocum - (Book: Against the Edge)
Ben Grayson - (Book: Alaskan Hearts)
Ben Grayson - (Book: Alaskan Hearts (large print))
Brock Parker - (Book: Alaskan Hero)
Brock Parker - (Book: Alaskan Hero (large print))
Brant MacQuaid - (Book: Alaskan Renegade)
Bruce Glenn - (Book: Alien Games)
Brad Evans - (Book: All My Love)
Bennett - (Book: All of You (ebook))
Bennett - (Book: All of You (paperback))
Ben Shaw - (Book: All or Nothing)
Brad Cullen - (Book: All She Needed)
Brad - (Book: All That Love Is)
Barrett Maitland - (Book: All The Way Home)
Brader Wolf - (Book: All Things Beautiful)
Blake Hargrove - (Book: Allure)
Brandt - (Book: Almost A Lady)
Baptiste Lightbody - (Book: Almost Eden)
Bobby Dodge - (Book: Alone)
Brady Coltrane - (Book: Alone in the Dark)
Brady Coltrane - (Book: Alone in the Dark (reissue))
Brody McDermott - (Book: Along Came Trouble)
Bertrand Chamard - (Book: Always and Forever)
Blake Connors - (Book: Always Christmas)
Bart Finnegan - (Book: Amulet, The)
Brett Adams - (Book: And Able)
Bryce Princeton - (Book: Angel and The Prince, The)
Brad McKenna - (Book: Angel of Mercy)
Bradford Taylor, Captain - (Book: Angel of Passage)
Billy Bristol - (Book: Angel's Embrace)
Brody - (Book: Angels Fall (paperback))
Blake Hunter - (Book: Animal Instincts)
Brady Miller - (Book: Animal Magnetism (ebook))
Brady Miller - (Book: Animal Magnetism (paperback))
Brady Miller - (Book: Animal Magnetism (reissue))
Ben Ravenswood - (Book: Annalee and the Lawman)
Ben Jackson - (Book: Annie and the Wise Men)
Blake - (Book: Another Love)
Bart Cromwell - (Book: Another Woman's Baby)
Ben Jordan - (Book: Another Woman's Son)
Brad Patterson - (Book: Answered Prayers)
Blake Renard
- (Book: Apache Legacy)
Branded Wolf - (Book: Apache Pride)
Brian - (Book: Apart at the Seams)
Brent Mason - (Book: Appealed)
Brant Asher - (Book: Aristocrat, The (reissue))
Bryce Edwards - (Book: Arizona Bride)
Brady Talcott - (Book: Arrangement, The)
Ben Ryder - (Book: As Sweet As Candy)
Beau Thibbedeaux - (Book: As You Like It)
Bobby Spencer - (Book: Ask Anyone)
Brad Donovan - (Book: Asking For Trouble)
Brent Mason - (Book: Asking for Trouble (ebook))
Blair Desmond - (Book: Asking Price, The)
Beau Travis - (Book: At Any Cost)
Beau Travis - (Book: At Any Cost (large print))
Bones - (Book: At Grave's End)
Bryce Harding - (Book: At Home in His Heart)
Bryce Harding - (Book: At Home in His Heart (large print))
Brian Keenan - (Book: At Last)
Buzz - (Book: Atlantean's Quest - Atlantean Heat)
Beau Hollis - (Book: Atone (ebook))
Bo Black - (Book: Aussie Rules)
Bo Black - (Book: Aussie Rules (reissue))
Brent MacKay - (Book: Australian Boss: Diamond Ring)
Boyd Blanchard - (Book: Australian's Society Bride, The)
Baron Simon de Argent - (Book: Autumn Lord, The)
Bryan - (Book: Autumn Thorns)
Ben Hooley - (Book: Autumn Winds)
Burke Sloan - (Book: Autumn's Shadow)
Brant Elliot - (Book: Awakening Flame, The)
Brendan Millar - (Book: Babe in the Woods)
Ben McKinnon - (Book: Babe in the Woods, A)
Brent Clark - (Book: Baby Factor, The)
Ben Stillwater - (Book: Baby for the Rancher, A)
Ben Allardyce - (Book: Baby For the Village Doctor (UK))
Ben Blackeagle - (Book: Baby In My Arms )
Byron Warrick - (Book: Baby Mission, The)
Ben - (Book: Baby Proof )
Brady McGuire - (Book: Baby Twins, The)
Bruno Can - (Book: Baby Verdict, The)
Brock Wellington - (Book: Bachelor Auction, The)
Brian Montclair - (Book: Bachelor Baker, The)
Brian Montclair - (Book: Bachelor Baker, The (large print))
Blake Lawrence - (Book: Bachelor Party)
Brand Hamilton - (Book: Bachelor Trap, The)
Bo Lester - (Book: Back in Kansas)
Brian Sinclair - (Book: Backstage Pass)
Billy Culver - (Book: Bad Billy Culver)
Beau McCain - (Book: Bad Son, The)
Bo Chandler - (Book: Badlands Heart)
Brady Buchanan - (Book: Balancing Act)
Bandit - (Book: Bandit's Embrace)
Brent Sanford - (Book: Banking on Hope)
Basil Fotzpatrick - (Book: Banking On Temperance)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Barely Bewitched)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Barely Bewitched (reprint))
Brett Westmore - (Book: Bargain, The)
Brett Westmore - (Book: Bargain, The (reissue))
Benjamin Whitbury - (Book: Bartered Bridegroom, The)
Batian Satyr - (Book: Bastian)
Brian Marcentel - (Book: Bayou Bodyguard)
Brian Marcentel - (Book: Bayou Bodyguard (large print))
Beau Dupree - (Book: Be My Baby)
Bo Novikov - (Book: Beast Behaving Badly)
Bobby Ray Smith - (Book: Beast in Him, The)
Bobby Ray Smith - (Book: Beast in Him, The (reprint))
Beau Adams - (Book: Beau: Cowboy Protector)
Bennett Ryan - (Book: Beautiful Bastard)
Bennett Ryan - (Book: Beautiful Beginning)
Bennett - (Book: Beautiful Bitch)
Ben - (Book: Beautiful Things Never Last)
Brody Eden - (Book: Beauty Uncovered, A)
Burt Burnett - (Book: Because You're Mine)
Burt Burnett - (Book: Because You're Mine (reissue))
Beckett - (Book: Beckett's Cinderella)
Beckman Haddonfield - (Book: Beckman)
Ben - (Book: Beckon the Dark (ebook))
Beau - (Book: Bedrooms and Broomsticks)
Billy - (Book: Beetle and Me, The)
Ben Landry - (Book: Before and Ever Since)
Bruce Matthews - (Book: Before His Eyes (ebook))
Buck Whitaker - (Book: Belle Point)
Ben Nolan - (Book: Belleport Summer)
Bandera Jefferson - (Book: Belonging To Bandera)
Bandera Jefferson - (Book: Belonging to Bandera (reissue))
Brandon Seton - (Book: Beloved Embrace)
Brandon De Witte - (Book: Beloved Enemy)
Byron Barclay - (Book: Beloved Legacy)
Byard Berkeley - (Book: Beloved Lord)
Ben Cantrell - (Book: Beloved Outcast)
Brad Costa - (Book: Below the Belt)
Ben Hunter - (Book: Ben's Bundle of Joy)
Bennett Rivera - (Book: Bennett's Chance (ebook))
Byrne Beresford - (Book: Beresford's Bride)
Bryce Richards - (Book: Beside A Dreamswept Sea)
Ben "Jonesy" Jones - (Book: Beside Still Waters)
Blake Williams - (Book: Best Gift, The)
Bryan Falcon - (Book: Best Man's Plans, The)
Blake - (Book: Best Medicine, The)
Benjamin Hillary - (Book: Best of Both Rogues, The)
Byron Tate - (Book: Best of Everything, The)
Brody Kent - (Book: Best Thing, The (ebook))
Bartholomew Cavanagh - (Book: Betrayed and Betrothed)
Blake Preston - (Book: Better than Chocolate)
Brock Armstrong - (Book: Between Duty and Desire)
Benjamin - (Book: Between Tears)
Brady Cole - (Book: Beware of Doug)
Balmung Nabboddrson - (Book: Beyond a Viking Horizon)
Brick - (Book: Big Juicy Lips)
Boone Taylor - (Book: Big Sky River)
Blane Andrews - (Book: Billionaire's Baby, The)
Bastian Christou - (Book: Billionaire's Trophy, The)
Bastian Christou - (Book: Billionaire's Trophy, The (large print))
Billy Chisholm - (Book: Billy)
Bryan Chambers - (Book: Birth Mother, The)
Brandon Harper - (Book: Birth Mother, The)
Black Eagle - (Book: Black Eagle)
Bear Kenmore - (Book: Black Frost)
Black Horse - (Book: Black Horse)
Bastian Touissant - (Book: Black Ice)
Brady Malone - (Book: Black Knight's Bride, The)
Baron Nicholas of Hawkwood
(Black Thorne)
- (Book: Black Thorne's Rose, The)
Blade - (Book: Black Widow Demon)
Blackie Archer - (Book: Blackie's Woman )
Blackjack Reid Sinclaire - (Book: Blackjack's Lady)
Byron Rockcliffe - (Book: Blackmail Pregnancy, The)
Blackstone - (Book: Blackstone's Bride)
Blade Lombard - (Book: Blade's Lady)
Bryce Bishop - (Book: Blame it on the Kiss (ebook))
Blane Kirk - (Book: Blane's Turn)
Brian Skelley - (Book: Blast to the Past, A)
Bobby - (Book: Blaze of Glory)
Brett Cantrell - (Book: Blaze of Silk)
Brad De Luca - (Book: Blindfolded Innocence)
Brandon Gilliam - (Book: Blissfully Yours)
Bret Bardoff - (Book: Blithe Images)
Bret Bardoff - (Book: Blithe Images (reissue))
Brandon McKenna - (Book: Blitzing Emily)
Baron Tonda - (Book: Blonde Geisha, The)
Bruno Ranieri - (Book: Blood and Fire)
Bruno - (Book: Blood and Fire (reprint))
Bishop - (Book: Blood Dreams)
Butch O'Neal - (Book: Blood Kiss)
Bas - (Book: Blood Lust)
Brandt White-Eagle - (Book: Blood Spells)
Bodie Scott - (Book: Blood Stains)
Bud - (Book: Blood Trails)
Black Corbin - (Book: Blow Me Down)
Barret Downing - (Book: Blue Fire)
Bryan Stede - (Book: Blue Heaven, Black Night)
Billy Medieros - (Book: Blue Moon)
Bronc McDermitt - (Book: Blue Rain)
Bo Goodnight - (Book: Blue Smoke (paperback reprint))
Beau Lantry - (Book: Blue Velvet)
Beau Landry - (Book: Blue Velvet)
Ben Covington - (Book: Blurred (ebook novella))
Ben Olsen - (Book: Blurred Lines (ebook))
Brian Doren - (Book: Blushing Pink)
Bryan Caliborn - (Book: Boardroom Baby Surprise)
Bodine - (Book: Bodine's Bounty)
Bruno Falcucci - (Book: Body And Soul)
Brody Carpenter - (Book: Body Armor)
Brody Croft - (Book: Body Check)
Beck Whitcomb - (Book: Body Shot (ebook))
Booker McKnight - (Book: Bodyguard Lockdown)
Booker McKnight - (Book: Bodyguard Lockdown (large print))
Brady Morgan - (Book: Bodyguard's Assignment, The)
Bold Wolf - (Book: Bold Wolf)
Blue Perez - (Book: Bonded)
Ben Campbell - (Book: Boomer's Fall)
Brody McFarlan - (Book: Boots and the Rogue (ebook))
Blade - (Book: Born to Love)
Bill Reichert - (Book: Born Wild)
Brand St. Clair - (Book: Borrowed Dreams)
Brady Benson - (Book: Borrowing Trouble)
Blake Kemp - (Book: Boss Man)
Blake Kemp - (Book: Boss Man (Hardcover))
Blake Kemp - (Book: Boss Man (reissue))
Blaise West - (Book: Boss's Inexperienced Secretary, The)
Blaise West - (Book: Boss's Inexperienced Secretary, The (UK))
Ben Carpenter - (Book: Bottom Line, The)
Burke Bishop - (Book: Bought By a Millionaire)
Blake McKay - (Book: Bought: One Night, One Marriage)
Blake McKay - (Book: Bought: One Night, One Marriage (UK))
Brian Webster - (Book: Bound By Darkness)
Bennet Winfield
Captain Lord
- (Book: Bound by the Heart)
Beau Maddox - (Book: Bounty Hunter Ransom)
Beau Morgan - (Book: Bounty Hunter's Bride, The)
Brady - (Book: Bracelet, The)
Brady - (Book: Bracelet, The (reissue))
Brent Braddock - (Book: Braddock Boys: Brent, The)
Brady Knight - (Book: Brady's Law)
Brandon - (Book: Brand of Diamonds)
Beck Tanner, Sherriff - (Book: Branded by the Sherriff)
Brandon Ferringer - (Book: Brandon's Bride )
Brant Wakefield - (Book: Brant)
Balan - (Book: Brat, The (reprint))
Black Wolf - (Book: Brave Heart)
Ben Penrod - (Book: Brave Land, Brave Love)
Buck Bravo - (Book: Bravo Unwrapped)
Brett Jackson - (Book: Breaking the Ice)
Bakom - (Book: Brianna)
Brick - (Book: Brick)
Bernard MacCullough, - (Book: Bride and the Beast, The)
Blake Gray Feather - (Book: Bride For A Blue_Ribbon Cowboy, A)
Barth Juston
Earl of Wickton
- (Book: Bride for Lord Wickton, A)
Bill - (Book: Bride of the Badlands)
Baxter Ross - (Book: Bride Required)
Beau Chamberlain - (Book: Bride Said, "I Did?", The)
Breccan Campbell - (Book: Bride Says Maybe, The)
Blake Stephens - (Book: Bride Says No, The)
Bessett - (Book: Bride Wore Scarlet, The)
Billy Bolton - (Book: Bringing Home the Bachelor)
Brit Chance - (Book: Brit's Lady)
Ben - (Book: Brittle Bondage)
Britton Townsend - (Book: Britton (ebook))
Brody Armstrong - (Book: Brody)
Brett Bishop - (Book: Brother Returns, The)
Brett Bishop - (Book: Brother Returns, The (Large Print))
Brystion - (Book: Brush of Darkness, A)
Buck Hobson - (Book: Buck)
Buck Montgomery - (Book: Buck Naked (ebook))
Bear Malone - (Book: Built To Last)
Brodie Murphy - (Book: Bull Rider's Secret, The)
Ben McNamara - (Book: Burden of Desire, The)
Bill Cloudman - (Book: Buried Truth)
Bill Cloudman - (Book: Buried Truth (large print))
Blake Steele - (Book: Burn (ebook))
Brad Phillips - (Book: But Not for Me)
Ben English - (Book: Butterfly)
Ben English - (Book: Butterfly (reissue))
Brendan - (Book: By Love Enslaved)
Byron - (Book: Byron and Kit)
Brad Vaughn - (Book: Cabin Fever)
Boone Rutledge - (Book: Calder Promise)
Burke Hannigan - (Book: Calico Bride)
Bryan James - (Book: Calling the Shots)
Britt Cameron - (Book: Cameron)
Brian Welkins - (Book: Camouflage Heart)
Blake - (Book: Campaign For Loving (UK))
Brett Nicholson - (Book: Can't Always Get What You Want)
Brandon Ware - (Book: Can't Deny Love)
Brett Walker - (Book: Can't Fight This Feeling)
Blake Marshall - (Book: Can't Say No)
Brawley Odell - (Book: Can't Stop Loving You)
Bryne - (Book: Candelabra)
Bryce Forrester - (Book: Capital Match)
Bion Donkova - (Book: Captain and a Corset, A)
Brendan Jay Merrick - (Book: Captain Of My Heart)
Brendan Jay Merrick - (Book: Captain Of My Heart (ebook))
Brent Douglas - (Book: Captain's Caress, The)
Beckett Kayne - (Book: Captivate Me)
Brennus - (Book: Captive)
Blackwell - (Book: Captive)
Bor - (Book: Captive Warrior)
Black Eagle - (Book: Capture)
Black Eagle - (Book: Capture (UK))
Boda - (Book: Captured)
Bastien de la Roche - (Book: Captured by the Warrior)
Bennett Wolfe, Captain - (Book: Care and Taming of a Rogue, The)
Blake Hastings - (Book: Caress)
Benedict van Manfeld - (Book: Cassandra by Chance)
Benedict van Manfield - (Book: Cassandra by Chance (reissue))
Benedict van Manfeld - (Book: Cassandra by Chance (reissue))
Benedict van Manfeld - (Book: Cassandra by Chance (UK-reissue))
Brent Conway - (Book: Cassie's Fortune)
Braden Carmichael - (Book: Castle Hill (ebook novella))
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Casually Cursed)
Buddy - (Book: Cat and Mouse)
Benita Cardenas - (Book: Cat and Mouse)
Blake Carmichael - (Book: Catch a Wild Heart)
Billy Wilkes - (Book: Catch Me a Cowboy)
Beau Slater - (Book: Catch, Release)
Ben Rafferty - (Book: Catching Katie (Hardcover))
Ben Rafferty - (Book: Catching Katie (paperback))
Brig McKay - (Book: Caught by Surprise)
Brigham Caldwell, Detective - (Book: Caught in the Act)
Brody Hollister - (Book: Caught in the Act)
Bronson Dane - (Book: Caught in the Spotlight)
Blake Mitchell - (Book: Caught of Guard)
Braxton Monroe - (Book: Caught Up in You)
Brian Cavanaugh - (Book: Cavanaugh Heat)
Brian Cavanaugh - (Book: Cavanaugh Heat (reissue))
Blake Kincannon, ,
- (Book: Cavanaugh Judgment)
Brennan Cavanaugh - (Book: Cavanaugh Undercover)
Brock Maddox - (Book: CEO's Expectant Secretary)
Bennett Reid - (Book: Chance In Time, A)
Bryce Chance - (Book: Chance of a Lifetime)
Brandon Rhodes - (Book: Chances Are)
Beaumont Hill - (Book: Change of Heart)
Boone Sawyer - (Book: Charmed)
Brad Taylor - (Book: Charmed)
Bruno diCesare - (Book: Charmed (ebook))
Bluebeard - (Book: Charming Blue)
Bartram Stanwood,
- (Book: Charming Imposter, The)
Bannor the Bold
Lord of Elsinore
- (Book: Charming the Prince)
Ben Clare - (Book: Chase the Dawn)
Blake Sherwell - (Book: Chase, The)
Blake Sherwell - (Book: Chase, The (reprint))
Buddy Pierce - (Book: Chasing Charity)
Brandon Halloran - (Book: Cherish)
Blade Roberts, Captain - (Book: Cherish the Dream)
Bill Denton - (Book: Cherished)
Bobby Elk - (Book: Cherokee Baby)
Britt Claiborne,
- (Book: Cherokee Rose)
Bailey Jones - (Book: Chesapeake Summer)
Benjamin North - (Book: Chosen, The)
Brandon Drake - (Book: Christmas Awakening)
Brian Kincaid - (Book: Christmas Baby, The)
Ben Carter - (Book: Christmas Eve Baby (US release))
Beau Julander - (Book: Christmas Homecoming)
Beckett Cross - (Book: Christmas in Good Hope)
Ben Knox - (Book: Christmas in Sugarcreek (paperback))
Ben Andrews - (Book: Christmas Joy)
Ben Marsden - (Book: Christmas on My Mind)
Beau Buchanan - (Book: Christmas to Remember, A)
Boone Kitteridge - (Book: Christmas Waltz, A)
Beau Julander - (Book: Christmas Wife, The)
Ben Oliver - (Book: Christmas Wishes, Mistletoe Kisses )
Ben Hawthorne - (Book: Christmas with the Marine)
Boone Barnett - (Book: Christmas With the Mustang Man)
Ben Kozlowski - (Book: Cinderella's Sweet-Talking Marine)
Benedikt - (Book: Circus of the Darned)
Bruno diCesare - (Book: Claimed (ebook))
Braden MacAllister - (Book: Claiming The Highlander)
Brougham Longwood
Earl of Abingdon
- (Book: Clarissa)
Boone Ferguson - (Book: Closer . . .)
Brett Taylor - (Book: Closer You Get, The)
Brett Taylor - (Book: Closer You Get, The (large print))
Bill - (Book: Club Dead)
Benjamin Lockhart - (Book: Code Name: Prince)
Brice Whelan - (Book: Code of Honor)
Ben Sloan - (Book: Cody's Christmas Wish)
Brad Gibson - (Book: Colby Christmas, A)
Ben Steele - (Book: Colby Justice)
Ben Caldwell - (Book: Cold Creek Noel, A)
Brant Western, Major - (Book: Cold Creek Secret, A)
Brian Cutter - (Book: Color of Courage, The)
Barry Thompson, Marshal - (Book: Colorado Moonfire)
Benjamin Colter - (Book: Colter's Wife)
Ben Colter - (Book: Colter's Wife [Large Print])
Bronson Kane - (Book: Comanche )
Blake Remington - (Book: Come Lie With Me)
Blake Remington - (Book: Come Lie With Me (reissue))
Buck Scott - (Book: Come Spring)
Ben Rader - (Book: Come Sundown)
Burton - (Book: Come to Castlemoor)
Bret Hayes - (Book: Coming Home to You)
Bax Milligan - (Book: Coming Soon)
Brody - (Book: Coming Undone)
Branden Kel-Paten, Admiral - (Book: Command Performance)
Bryan Olson - (Book: Compassionate Love)
Brandon St. John - (Book: Confessions of a Scoundrel)
Ben - (Book: Confessions of a Vampire's Girlfriend (anthology))
Ben Porter - (Book: Confessions of the Heart)
Bernard Fitzgibbons - (Book: Conqueror, The)
Baron Varin de Montaigu - (Book: Conquest Bride`)
Brody O'Connell - (Book: Considering Kate)
Brent Colby - (Book: Convenient Marriage, Inconvenient Husband)
Blake Bellamie - (Book: Convenient Wife, A)
Blake Bellamie - (Book: Convenient Wife, A)
Brampton Beauford
Duke of Heste
- (Book: Counterfeit Coachman, The)
Bryce Gannon - (Book: Counterpoint)
Brice - (Book: Court-Appointed Marriage)
Benedict Radlett - (Book: Cousins of a Kind (reissue))
Benedict Radlett - (Book: Cousins of a Kind (UK))
Ben Hart - (Book: Cover Me)
Brant Ellison - (Book: Cowboy All Night)
Ben McKay - (Book: Cowboy Casanova)
Bruce Everett - (Book: Cowboy Claims His Lady, The)
Benjamin Grayson - (Book: Cowboy Deputy)
Brett Randall - (Book: Cowboy Groom)
Blake Redmond - (Book: Cowboy in the Crossfire)
Brice DeWitt - (Book: Cowboy is a Daddy, The)
Brady Brown - (Book: Cowboy's Baby)
Brady Brown - (Book: Cowboy's Baby (reissue))
Bax McDermot - (Book: Cowboy's Caress)
Buck Owens Cash - (Book: Cowboy's Destiny, The)
Blake Cooper - (Book: Cowboy's Reunited Family, The)
Ben Longfeather - (Book: Coyote Dream)
Brogan Wilder - (Book: Coyote Wild)
Bram Colton - (Book: Coyote's Cry, The)
Byler Crane - (Book: Crane's Bride)
Ben Shaw - (Book: Craving Him)
Ben Labeck - (Book: Crazy for You (ebook))
Billy Wilkins - (Book: Crazy Thing Called Love)
Brody Creed - (Book: Creed Legacy, The)
Braedan de Cantor - (Book: Crimson Lady, The)
Ben Champion - (Book: Crocodile Creek)
Brett Douglass - (Book: Crossfire)
Buzz Alone - (Book: Cry in the Night, A)
Bo Garrett - (Book: Crybaby Ranch)
Brad Channing - (Book: Cupid's Dilemma)
Brandon Lupinus - (Book: Curse of the Brandon Lupinus)
Bruno diCesare - (Book: Cursed (ebook))
Brett Rutland - (Book: Cutting Edge, The)
Brandon - (Book: D Is for Dani's Baby)
Brandon Kirkpatrick - (Book: D. B. Hayes, Dectective)
Brent Runyon - (Book: Dad in Training)
Buck Riley - (Book: Daddy by Decision)
Ben Cooper - (Book: Daddy Next Door)
Ben Cooper - (Book: Daddy Next Door (large print))
Brian Haley, Marine Sergeant - (Book: Daddy Salute, The)
Ben Barclay - (Book: Daddy Verdict, The)
Bret Bishop - (Book: Daddy's Angel)
Bently Pierce - (Book: Daddy's Little Matchmaker)
Billy Black - (Book: Dakota Child)
Burke Edwards - (Book: Dakota Father)
Brice Marshall - (Book: Damaged Goods)
Ben Kirby - (Book: Dancing with Detective Danger)
Bart Ryan - (Book: Dandelion Bride)
Buck Buchanan - (Book: Danger Zone)
Blake Tarbell - (Book: Danger, Sweetheart)
Bruno diCesare - (Book: Dangerous Affair in Venice, A (ebook))
Blain Sanders - (Book: Dangerous Curves)
Bradley Palmer - (Book: Dangerous Deception)
Bane Oana - (Book: Dangerous Depths)
Ben Russell - (Book: Dangerous Fortune)
Brent Emerson - (Book: Dangerous Imposter)
Brent Emerson - (Book: Dangerous Imposter (large print))
Ben Frobisher - (Book: Dangerous Interloper)
Ben Frobisher - (Book: Dangerous Interloper (UK))
Brock Gentry - (Book: Dangerous Reunion)
Brock Gentry - (Book: Dangerous Reunion (large print))
Ben Russell - (Book: Dangerous Sanctuary)
Brad Austin - (Book: Dangerous Waters)
Brad Austin - (Book: Dangerous Waters (large print))
Blake Thompson - (Book: Darcy's Inheritance)
Barrett Gray - (Book: Daring Alliance, A)
Blake Winters - (Book: Dark Desires)
Bernard Delacroix - (Book: Dark Masquerade)
Bernard Delacroix - (Book: Dark Masquerade (ebook))
Bridei - (Book: Dark Mirror, The)
Black Royce - (Book: Dark Rival)
Byron - (Book: Dark Symphony)
Byron Justicano - (Book: Dark Symphony [reissue])
Brandon Noble - (Book: Dark Thirst)
Brandon - (Book: Dark Vengence)
Bartholomew - (Book: Dark Viscount, The)
Brent Carver - (Book: Dark Waters)
Benedict Bradbourne - (Book: Dark Whispers)
Boyle McGrath - (Book: Dark Witch)
Balthasar Hearne - (Book: Darkborn (paperback))
Broc - (Book: Darkest Highlander)
Baden - (Book: Darkest Torment, The )
Brandon Carlyle - (Book: Darkling I Listen)
Billy - (Book: Darkness and the Dawn, The)
Beau Rutledge - (Book: Darling Detective)
Boston Macnamara - (Book: Date With The Other Side, A)
Bart Tagert - (Book: Dateline: Washington)
Brett Curtis - (Book: Daughter of an Earl, The)
Brock, Lord Darleigh - (Book: Daughter of Destiny)
Brock - (Book: Daughter of Destiny (reprint))
Bryan - (Book: Daughter of Gold)
Ben Fritz - (Book: Daughter of Texas)
Ben Fritz - (Book: Daughter of Texas (large print))
Brenton Sinclair - (Book: Dazzled)
Ben McAlister - (Book: Dead Reckoning)
Ben McAlister - (Book: Dead Reckoning (large print))
Beck Raines - (Book: Dead Stop)
Bill - (Book: Dead Until Dark)
Boone Walker - (Book: Deadly Reunion)
Brody Parker - (Book: Deadly, Calm and Cold)
Bryce McKenna - (Book: Deal Breaker)
Bryce McKenna - (Book: Deal Breaker (large print))
Brady Carrick - (Book: Deal Me In)
Blake Rogan - (Book: Deal With the Devil)
Blaine Cartell - (Book: Dear Granny)
Bram Griswold - (Book: Dearly, Departed)
Brett - (Book: Death, Taxes and a Skinny No-Whip Latte)
Bruce Palmerston - (Book: Deceive Me Not)
Ben Nicholson - (Book: Deep)
Brett Samson - (Book: Deep in the Bayou)
Brand - (Book: Defiant Captive)
Blake Tanner - (Book: Defiant Heart)
Blake Tanner - (Book: Defiant Heart)
Ben Lazaar - (Book: Definitely Maybe)
Brian McCord - (Book: Defy the Storm)
Benedict Hadley
Viscount Fitzhugh
- (Book: Delightful Folly, A)
Ben - (Book: Delivered: One Family)
Brand Dalvahni - (Book: Demon Hunting in Dixie)
Brandon Clarkson - (Book: Demoness of Waking Dreams)
Bentley Frome - (Book: Denville Diamond, The)
Beau Randolf - (Book: Deputy Daddy)
Beau Randolf - (Book: Deputy Daddy (reissue))
Brady Donovan - (Book: Deputy's Lost and Found, The)
Benedict Dysart - (Book: Desirable Property)
Ben Potter - (Book: Desire's Moon)
Bruce Hagendorn - (Book: Desperado)
Benjamin Frake
Bow Street Runner
- (Book: Desperate Gamble, A)
Bones - (Book: Destined For an Early Grave)
Berg - (Book: Destiny)
Brace Coolidge - (Book: Destiny Smith)
Burke O'Brien - (Book: Destiny's Magic)
Blane Stevens - (Book: Destiny's Temptress)
Bran Pallidino - (Book: Devil and the Deep)
Bentlley Rutledge - (Book: Devil You Know, The)
Brett Devlin - (Book: Devil's Deception)
Ben - (Book: Devil's Due)
Ben - (Book: Devil's Due (UK))
Beau Vane - (Book: Devil's Kin (UK edition))
Bertrand D'Aubigny
- (Book: Devil's Mark, The)
Bertrand D'Aubigny
- (Book: Devil's Mark, The (UK))
Bey Malloren - (Book: Devilish)
Blake Montague - (Book: Devilish Montague, The)
Belami - (Book: Devious Duchess, The)
Benedict Tremayne - (Book: Devlyn Tremayne)
Benjamin Bartlett/ Christopher Marsh - (Book: Devour Me)
Benedict Costigan - (Book: Diamond Rain)
Benedict Radlett - (Book: Diamond Waterfall, The)
Bard Channing - (Book: Dilemma, The (Hardcover))
Ben Camaglia - (Book: Dirty Little Lies)
Brent Payton - (Book: Dirty Talk)
Briec the Mighty - (Book: Distressing Damsel, The)
Brian Allan - (Book: Divine Turmoil)
Brad Killarney - (Book: Do Over)
Barry Lowell - (Book: Doctor + Four, The)
Brett Elliot - (Book: Doctor Next Door, The)
Boone Pratt - (Book: Doctor Next Door, The)
Boone Pratt - (Book: Doctor Next Door, The (Large Print))
Ben Nicholls - (Book: Doctor's Baby Bombshell, The)
Ben McKnight - (Book: Doctor's Dating Bargain, The)
Braden MacDowell - (Book: Doctor's Former Fiancee, The)
Brooks Leland - (Book: Doctor's Perfect Match, The)
Bob - (Book: Doggy Style)
Brody Davenport - (Book: Dolphin Friendly)
Brady Conners - (Book: Don't Let Go)
Brody McClain - (Book: Double Deception)
Bret McAllistair - (Book: Double Entendre)
Bennett Hughes - (Book: Down and Dirty (ebook))
Byron Sully - (Book: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Growing Pains)
Byron Sully - (Book: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Bounty)
Benjamin Venec - (Book: Dragon Justice)
Braeden Drake - (Book: Dragon's Lair)
Bob Jacobs - (Book: Dream A Little Dream)
Braden Sheffield
Duke of Sherburgh
- (Book: Dream Castle)
Barron Skyemaster - (Book: Dream Come True)
Bryce Delaney - (Book: Dream Date with the Millionaire)
Bradley Nelson - (Book: Dream On)
Brice Campbell - (Book: Dream Shadow)
Brandon Fitzgerald - (Book: Dream Tide)
Brandon Grayson - (Book: Dreaming of You)
Bay McKenzie - (Book: Drifter's Moon)
Beau Claxton - (Book: Drifter, The)
Brent Michaels - (Book: Drive Me Wild)
Ben Hunter - (Book: Driven to Distraction)
Byron Carter - (Book: Driving Heat)
Brad Parker - (Book: Dry Creek Christmas, A)
Brad Parker - (Book: Dry Creek Christmas, A (reissue))
Booth DeWitt - (Book: Dual Image)
Bray Drakestone - (Book: Duke in My Bed, The)
Brand Waring, Duke of Warringham - (Book: Duke, The (ebook))
Benilo ta Myran - (Book: Dust of Dreams)
Ben - (Book: Dynamite Doc or Christmas Dad?)
Brian Ranson, Earl of Wright - (Book: Earl Claims His Wife, The)
Bryce Baxter - (Book: Earning a Ring (ebook))
Burnett Clinton - (Book: Earth Angel)
Bryan Fisher - (Book: Easy Target)
Brody Hancock - (Book: Echo Lake)
Bren - (Book: Echoes of Danger)
Brand Stockton - (Book: Eden)
Braden Granville - (Book: Educating Caroline)
Braden Granville - (Book: Educating Caroline (reprint))
Bruno Tangaree - (Book: Elements Unbound)
Branagh - (Book: Elf Song)
Brandon Merrick - (Book: Ember's Kiss)
Brand - (Book: Embers)
Broder Calderson - (Book: Embrace of the Damned)
Brett McCallum - (Book: Emerald Dreams)
Brett McCallum - (Book: Emerald Dreams (Hardcover))
Bruce Creeghan - (Book: Emerald Embrace)
Bruce Creeghan
- (Book: Emerald Embrace (reissue))
Brian Fort - (Book: Emerald Fire)
Brent Haywood - (Book: Emma and the Handsome Devil)
Beorn - (Book: Enchanted)
Brent Young - (Book: Enforcer, The)
Basil Trevelyan - (Book: English Witch, The)
Ben Martin - (Book: Englisher, The)
Blake - (Book: Entangled (ebook))
Ben Jessup - (Book: Escape the Night)
Benedict Harper - (Book: Escape, The)
Brandon Walker - (Book: Eternal Brand)
Ballard Dubois - (Book: Eve of Passion)
Bennett Ganster - (Book: Ever After)
Braxton Ambrose - (Book: Ever Wonderful)
Briggs - (Book: Everlasting Bite, An)
Brice Donovan - (Book: Every Kind Of Heaven)
Brent Coulter - (Book: Every Moment Counts)
Brent McCauley - (Book: Every Time I Love You)
Ben Knight - (Book: Everything She Wanted)
Ben Wilder - (Book: Ex-Girlfriends' Club, The)
Barrett - (Book: Excuse My Fairy (ebook))
Bill Cole - (Book: Executive Attraction)
Bobby Bolton - (Book: Expecting a Bolton Baby)
Brock Warner - (Book: Expecting His Brother's Baby)
Blake Winston - (Book: Expecting the CEO's Baby)
Bo Rokowsky - (Book: Explosive Alliance)
Brian Beckmann - (Book: Exposed)
Brandon Dilson - (Book: Exposed: Her Undercover Millionaire)
Bobby Crawford - (Book: Extracurricular Activities (Hardcover))
Bobby Crawford - (Book: Extracurricular Activities (paperback))
Blue - (Book: Eye Of Heaven)
Blue Perrineau - (Book: Eye of Heaven (mass market reissue))
Bryce of Ashforde - (Book: Falcon's Heart)
Ben Falcon - (Book: Falcon's Lair)
Ben Frazer - (Book: Fall of Maggie Brown, The)
Blake Granger - (Book: Falling for the Cowboy)
Ben Brown - (Book: Falling for the Teacher)
Ben Brown - (Book: Falling For the Teacher (Large Print))
Barry Sutton - (Book: Falling For You)
Bellamy Townsend - (Book: Falling Stars)
Brak Brunston - (Book: Familiar Heart)
Brett Foster - (Book: Family Affair)
Bryan Healey - (Book: Family Man, The)
Ben McKinsey - (Book: Family Next Door, The)
Booker Robinson - (Book: Family of Her Own, A)
Boone Gallagher - (Book: Family Secret, A)
Brian Riley - (Book: Farmer's Wife, The)
Burke Basile - (Book: Fat Tuesday)
Ben Gallagher - (Book: Fatal Trust)
Brady Ward - (Book: Father by Choice)
Blaine O'Connor - (Book: Father in the Making)
Blaine O'Connor - (Book: Father in the Making (reissue))
Blake Crawford - (Book: Father Makes Three, And)
Blake Crawford - (Book: Father Makes Three, And (large print))
Ben Mulholland - (Book: Father's Vow, A (reissue))
Black Wind - (Book: Feather in the Wind)
Brenton Calder - (Book: Felidae)
Blake Ramsey - (Book: Femme Fatale (ebook))
Ben - (Book: Fever in the Blood, A)
Ben Scorcese - (Book: Fever In The Blood, A (UK))
Baeu Tisdale - (Book: Fifty Ways to Say I'm Pregnant)
Branden Duke - (Book: Filthy Rich)
Bobby Crawford - (Book: Final Exam (hardcover))
Brad Calverton - (Book: Finders Keepers)
Byron Frazer - (Book: Finding Ian)
Byron Wright - (Book: Finding Mr. Right)
Bernie Fine - (Book: Fine Things)
Bernie Fine - (Book: Fine Things (reissue))
Boone McCrea - (Book: Fine Work of Art, A)
Bryant Sinclair - (Book: Fire and Spice (UK))
Bowie McCayde - (Book: Fire Brand)
Boone Carter - (Book: Fire Dancer)
Brock Trulock - (Book: Fire Magic)
Baxter Duncan - (Book: Fire of Home, The)
Bruno Xavier - (Book: Fire of the Gods)
Bruno Xavier - (Book: Fire of the Gods (reissue))
Boyd - (Book: Fire of the Soul, A)
Brennan Caldwell - (Book: Firebird Trilogy)
Benjamin Archer - (Book: Firelight)
Bruno of Jernaeve - (Book: Fires of Winter)
Bo Crutcher - (Book: Fireside)
Brad Silver - (Book: Firestorm)
Brett D'Archand - (Book: Firestorm)
Brett D'Archard - (Book: Firestorm (reissue))
Ben - (Book: First Comes Baby... (large print))
Brad Patterson - (Book: First Love, Last Love)
Brandon Thomas - (Book: First Night)
Brandon Thomas - (Book: First Night (Large Print))
Blake Bennington - (Book: First Time For Everything)
Brad Manchester - (Book: First Wife, The)
Brian Webster - (Book: First, Best and Only (reissue))
Bram Myers - (Book: Firstborn, The)
Ben Morris - (Book: Five Ways to Fall)
Beau Ramsey - (Book: Five-Minute Bride, The)
Ben Langley - (Book: Fix Up, The)
Brandon Birmingham, Captain - (Book: Flame and the Flower, The (reissue))
Barnaby Blackstone - (Book: Flame's Dawn (novella))
Ben Kane - (Book: Flavor Of The Month)
Brad Davis - (Book: Flirting With Danger)
Blake Bancroft - (Book: Flirting with Felicity)
Beauregard Cates - (Book: Flirting with Texas)
Brett Hanson, MD - (Book: Flirting With Trouble)
Ben Estes - (Book: Fly Me to the Moon)
Blake Nelson - (Book: Follow My Lead)
Brad Matthews - (Book: For Ever and Ever)
Billy Cantu - (Book: For Just Cause)
Billy Cantu - (Book: For Just Cause (large print))
Ben - (Book: For Love of Christy)
Billy Hays - (Book: For Momma's Sake (reissue))
Beau Delacroix - (Book: For the Love of Beau)
Brad Pierce - (Book: For the Love of Pete)
Brady Maxwell - (Book: For the Record (ebook))
Benedict del Castillo - (Book: For the Sake of the Secret Child)
Bryce Martin - (Book: Forbidden Captor)
Bryce Martin - (Book: Forbidden Captor)
Buck Randall - (Book: Forbidden Moon)
Byron Renfield - (Book: Forbidden: The Awakening (ebook))
Brack Falcon - (Book: Force of the Falcon)
Brett Stanford - (Book: Foreign Affair, A)
Blue McCoy - (Book: Forever Blue)
Brendan O'Neal - (Book: Forever Bride (reissue))
Brendan O'Neal - (Book: Forever Bride, The)
Bear - (Book: Forever Enslaved)
Blake Montgomery - (Book: Forever Gold)
Brett Liberty - (Book: Forever His Texas Bride)
Brad Fielding - (Book: Forever is a Long Time)
Brent McQueen - (Book: Forever My Love)
Brent McQueen - (Book: Forever My Love)
Bryan Hepburn - (Book: Forever, My Lady)
Benjamin Brandt - (Book: Forget Me Not)
Brad Williams - (Book: Forget Me Not)
Brad Williams - (Book: Forget Me Not)
Brett, Marquis of Meridian - (Book: Forgetful Lady, The)
Bentley Jamison - (Book: Forsaken)
Benedict Frost - (Book: Fortune Favors the Wicked)
Buck Wyatt - (Book: Fortune Hunter's Hero)
Blake Fortune - (Book: Fortune's Valentine Bride)
Ben Tannen - (Book: Four Men & a Lady)
Brody Matthews - (Book: Fractured Heart, The (ebook) )
Ben Covington - (Book: Frayed)
Brand Bravo - (Book: From Here To Paternity)
Brand Bravo - (Book: From Here to Paternity [Large Print])
Ben Chisholm - (Book: From Now On)
Brian Ramsey - (Book: From the Ashes)
Braden McCrae - (Book: Front Page Affair)
Bernard Clifton - (Book: Frontiers: Flower of the North)
Black Hawk - (Book: Full Circle)
Brock Remington - (Book: Full House Seduction)
Blake Richards - (Book: Fury Calls)
Bastian - (Book: Fury of Fire)
Blake Adams - (Book: Gambling Man, A)
Brandon Theroux - (Book: Game Changer (ebook))
Braedon Gray - (Book: Game Of Desire, The (ebook))
Brett Wallace - (Book: Game of Love, The (ebook))
Branden Kel-Paten - (Book: Games of Command)
Brock - (Book: Garnet Dagger, The)
Blain McTavish - (Book: Gazing Globe, The)
Buddy Boyle - (Book: Gentlehands)
Ben Hayes - (Book: Getting It Right!)
Ben Foster - (Book: Getting Lucky)
Beck Davenport - (Book: Getting Lucky Number Seven (ebook))
Brent Blackhawk - (Book: Ghost Walk)
Brent Blackhawk - (Book: Ghost Walk (reissue))
Barnabas Smith-Grenville - (Book: Gilded Lily)
Brad Davidson - (Book: Girl, a Guy and a Ghost, A)
Ben Hunter - (Book: Give Me Tonight)
Benjamin Hopkins - (Book: Giving up the V)
Burke Grisham
Earl of Thornwald
- (Book: Glimpse of Heaven, A)
Bradford Maitland - (Book: Glorious Angel)
Bradford Maitland - (Book: Glorious Angel (ebook))
Burr Macklin - (Book: Glorious Dawn)
Brant Claremont - (Book: Golden Lord, The)
Brant Claremont - (Book: Golden Lord, The (UK))
Brad Livingston - (Book: Golden Lotus)
Blade Taylor - (Book: Golden Man)
Bill Brannon - (Book: Good Girls Don't)
Benedikt - (Book: Got Fangs?)
Billy - (Book: Grace)
Bo Yeung - (Book: Grave Phantoms)
Brian O'Conner - (Book: Greatest Love on Earth, The)
Ben - (Book: Greek Affair, A (ebook))
Brad Matthews - (Book: Groom of Her Own, A (reissue))
Benjamin Shaw - (Book: Grounding Quinn)
Black Sun - (Book: Guardian, The)
Brady Lockwood - (Book: Guarding Grace)
Brandt Stryker - (Book: Guarding the Princess)
Brody Callahan - (Book: Guarding the Witness)
Bryce McClain - (Book: Gun-Shy)
Bishop McKenzie - (Book: Gunfighter's Bride)
Blade Masters - (Book: Gunfighter, The)
Bart Kingsley - (Book: Gunman's Bride, The)
Bart - (Book: Gunman's Lady)
Brock Kincaid - (Book: Gunslinger's Bride, The)
Brig Chambers - (Book: Gypsy Wind)
Brodie Monaghan - (Book: Half Moon Harbor)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Halfway Hexed)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Halfway Hexed (reprint))
Bones - (Book: Halfway to the Grave)
Bill Zapalich - (Book: Hallow Heart, A (ebook))
Burton Anderson - (Book: Handcuffed in Housewares (ebook))
Byron Cyril - (Book: Handle With Care)
Beau O'Toole, Reverend - (Book: Hannah's Beau)
Brad Rogers - (Book: Hard And Fast)
Blake Landon - (Book: Hard Limit)
Blake Landon - (Book: Hard Love)
Brody McTavish - (Book: Hard Rain)
Beckett Murda - (Book: Hard to Let Go)
Blake Landon - (Book: Hardline)
Blake Landon - (Book: Hardpressed)
Blake Landon - (Book: Hardwired)
Blake Fallon - (Book: Hasty Wedding, A)
Bram Vanmatre - (Book: Haunted)
Bane Beresford - (Book: Haunted by the Earl's Touch)
Britt - (Book: Haunting Hope)
Brady Broussard - (Book: Have Husband, Need Honeymoon)
Ben - (Book: Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas (ebook novella))
Brady Finn - (Book: Having Her Boss's Baby)
Ben Walker - (Book: Having the Bachelor's Baby)
Benjamin Edward Exeter, Viscount Rathbone - (Book: He Said Never)
Ben Powell - (Book: He's My Soldier Boy)
Buck Halloran - (Book: Head over Heels)
Beau Beauford - (Book: Healing Beau)
Ben Brouwer - (Book: Healing the Doctor's Heart)
Ben Brouwer - (Book: Healing the Doctor's Heart (large print))
Bran O'Connor - (Book: Heart and the Holly)
Bart Quarrels - (Book: Heart Of A Lawman)
Brody McQuade - (Book: Heart Of Brody McQuade)
Ben Lewis - (Book: Heart of Fire)
Ben Lewis - (Book: Heart Of Fire (reissue))
Boone Sinclair - (Book: Heart of Stone)
Brand McCormick - (Book: Heart of Stone)
Brock Canfield - (Book: Heart of Stone)
Boone Sinclair - (Book: Heart of Stone (UK))
Braeton le Chasseur - (Book: Heart of The Hunter)
Brody Baker - (Book: Heart to Heart)
Brett Merlin - (Book: Heart vs. Humbug)
Bran - (Book: Heart's Ease)
Bill Thigpen - (Book: Heartbeat)
Brant Kincaid
FBI Agent
- (Book: Heartbeat Away, A)
Brennan Merriday - (Book: Heartland Courtship)
Brett Forteaux - (Book: Hearts Divided)
Blake Mercer - (Book: Hearts Divided)
Beau Daniels - (Book: Hearts in Hiding)
Buck Warren - (Book: Hearts Of Gold)
Bart Wilson - (Book: Hearts Unbound)
Brandon Scott - (Book: Heartstrings and Diamond Rings)
Ben Sandler - (Book: Heartstruck)
Brock Reed - (Book: Heat Lightning)
Beckett de Saxby - (Book: Heat Of The Knight, The (ebook))
Bruce Venables - (Book: Heaven and Earth)
Ben McKaslin - (Book: Heaven's Touch)
Bobby Tom Denton - (Book: Heaven, Texas)
Benjamin Whittacker - (Book: Heavenly Persuasion)
Brendan Douglas - (Book: Heir of Danger)
Benton Lockart - (Book: Heiress)
Barrett - (Book: Hell at One Dark Window (ebook))
Bryan McMillan - (Book: Hell for Leather)
Beau Dugan - (Book: Hello Again)
Brian Dunbar - (Book: Hello Girl, The (trade))
Brian Torres - (Book: Help Wanted)
Beau Reckford - (Book: Henrietta)
Brock Sullivan - (Book: Her Baby, His Proposal)
Baron Rupert Charles Radley - (Book: Her Celebrity Surgeon )
Blake Barrington - (Book: Her Chance at Love)
Brad Donovan - (Book: Her Christmas Eve Diamond (large print))
Brandon Calhoun - (Book: Her Dearest Enemy)
Bryce Fowler - (Book: Her Forbidden Pirate)
Brett Murphy - (Book: Her Forever Cowboy)
Ben Lamar - (Book: Her Forever Family)
Brock Logan - (Book: Her Forever Man)
Bradford Smith - (Book: Her Frog Prince)
Ben Almeida - (Book: Her Hard to Resist Husband (eBook))
Burke Gifford
- (Book: Her Healing Touch)
Bevan MacEgan - (Book: Her Irish Warrior)
Blake Michaels - (Book: Her Last Best Fling)
Ben - (Book: Her Leading Man)
Brody Harcourt - (Book: Her Montana Twins)
Broderick Maxwell - (Book: Her One Desire)
Boone Benoit - (Book: Her Only Desire)
Blaine Kilcullen - (Book: Her Outback Commander)
Blaine Kilcullen - (Book: Her Outback Commander (large print))
Brad Vandercamp - (Book: Her Own Prince Charming)
Brodie Stanner - (Book: Her Passionate Protector)
Bryce Burnette - (Book: Her Perfect Man)
Brian Kemp - (Book: Her Second-Chance Man)
Brodie Todd - (Book: Her Secret Affair)
Burke Lonigan - (Book: Her Secret Weapon)
Byron Kennedy - (Book: Her Sworn Protector)
Brett Larson - (Book: Her Unforgettable Fiancé)
Brady Witt - (Book: Her Very Own Family)
Brett Hennessey - (Book: Here Comes Trouble)
Barndt Wainwright - (Book: Here I Am)
Brad Douglas - (Book: Here in My Heart (ebook))
Blake Hunziker - (Book: Here to Stay)
Buck Hero - (Book: Hero Betrayed, A)
Ben Hero - (Book: Hero Escapes, A)
Brant Colter - (Book: Hero's Son, The)
Brant Colter - (Book: Hero's Son, The (reissue))
Bromley Culhane - (Book: Heroes Great and Small)
Ben Gunn - (Book: Hey, Good Looking)
Ben Gunn - (Book: Hey, Good Looking (reissue))
Benedict Beckenham - (Book: Hidden Flame)
Ben Aston - (Book: Hidden Shadows)
Branch Taggart - (Book: High Country Pride)
Baylor McCullough - (Book: High Country Rancher, The)
Balthazar Grattiano - (Book: High Seas Stowaway)
Billy Joe Sawyer - (Book: High Stakes)
Brandon McCall - (Book: High-Caliber Cowboy)
Brian MacFingal - (Book: Highland Avenger)
Brice Campbell - (Book: Highland Barbarian)
Brice Campbell - (Book: Highland Barbarian (UK))
Bryce MacPherson - (Book: Highland Blessings)
Balfour Murray, Sir - (Book: Highland Destiny)
Bram Chisholm - (Book: Highland Fire)
Brett Murray - (Book: Highland Master)
Blake Sinclair - (Book: Highland Rose)
Bhaic MacPherson - (Book: Highland Spitfire)
Black Duncan Campbell - (Book: Highland Treasure)
Bowne Montgomery - (Book: Highlander Most Wanted)
Braeden McKinnon - (Book: Highlander's Accidental Marriage, The (ebook))
Broen MacNicols - (Book: Highlander's Prize, The)
Brad Riddock - (Book: Highly Charged)
Brendan Donivan - (Book: Hinterlands, The)
Beauregard Logue
U.S. Marshal
- (Book: His Baby Bonus)
Brooks Hoover - (Book: His Baby Surprise)
Brendan Quinn - (Book: His Best Friend's Baby)
Brock Barnett - (Book: His Best Friend's Wife)
Buck Brubaker - (Book: His Brother's Intended Bride)
Benjamin Caruthers - (Book: His Christmas Proposal (UK))
Bennett Maitland - (Book: His Compromised Countess)
Brent Stockwell - (Book: His Cowgirl Bride)
Ben Crowe - (Book: His Expectant Neighbor)
Bill Wellington - (Book: His Forever Love)
Braxton Chase - (Book: His Loving Caress)
Brody Taggart - (Book: His Mistletoe Bride)
Brett Stanton - (Book: His Mistletoe Family)
Brett Stanton - (Book: His Mistletoe Family (large print))
Bryce Benton - (Book: His Most Important Win)
Bryan Booker - (Book: His Perfect Woman)
Bryan Booker - (Book: His Perfect Woman [Large Print])
Burke Wheeler - (Book: His Runaway Son)
Brad Crosby - (Book: His Taste of Temptation (ebook))
Buck Redmond - (Book: His Texas Bride)
Brant Harding - (Book: His Touch)
Benjamin Grayson - (Book: His Unsuitable Viscountess)
Bruno Giannella - (Book: His Virgin Secretary)
Blake Matthews - (Book: His-and-Hers Family)
Beau Chandler - (Book: Hitch in Heaven, A)
Brian - (Book: Hold Close the Memory)
Ben Maguire - (Book: Holding Out for a Hero (UK))
Byron De Witt - (Book: Holding The Dream)
Brendan Reilly - (Book: Holiday Confessions)
Blake Ellison - (Book: Holiday Hoopla)
Ben Cameron - (Book: Home Fires)
Beau Stanton - (Book: Home For Christmas)
Blake Ferguson - (Book: Home for Christmas, A)
Blake Ferguson - (Book: Home for Christmas, A)
Benjamin Garner - (Book: Home for Nobody's Princess, A)
Baxter Clay - (Book: Home in the Valley, A)
Blake Seymour - (Book: Home to Morning Star)
Buck Summerhayes - (Book: Home to Wyoming)
Brad Sharp - (Book: Hometown Courtship)
Brandon Dewhurst - (Book: Honor Among Thieves)
Ben Santoni - (Book: Honor Bound)
Ben Santoni - (Book: Honor Bound (large print))
Baron Duncan of Wexton (Wolf) - (Book: Honor's Splendour (First edition))
Ben Nash - (Book: Honorable Man, An)
Ben Sawyer - (Book: Honorable Rancher)
Benedict Silvester - (Book: Honorable Rogue, An (UK))
Brad Matthews - (Book: Hope for the Morrow)
Brady Hoye - (Book: Hope's Highway)
Bickford Rutledge - (Book: Hostage Bride, The)
Bryce Ryder - (Book: Hot in Here)
Bobby Serre - (Book: Hot Legs)
Brady McMillan - (Book: Hot Moves)
Ben Mercy - (Book: Hot Pursuit)
Blake Richards - (Book: Hot Pursuit (ebook))
Brandon Vaughn - (Book: Hot Stuff)
Brandon Vaughn - (Book: Hot Stuff (reissue))
Brad DeVane - (Book: Hot Summer Nights)
Brit Hand - (Book: Hot Temper)
Beau Stillwell - (Book: Hot-Wired)
Beck O'ckley - (Book: Hotter You Burn, The)
Ben Grant - (Book: House of Whispers: Book One Of The Supernatural Properties Series )
Brian Conway - (Book: House on Briar Hill Road, The)
Baron Cartwright - (Book: House Party, A)
Brody Singer - (Book: How to Handle a Heartbreaker)
Brady Caine - (Book: How to Kiss a Cowboy)
Brian Boru - (Book: How to Kiss a Hero)
Brendan Grant - (Book: How to Melt a Frozen Heart (large print))
Brandon Duke - (Book: How to Seduce a Billionaire)
Ben - (Book: Huckleberry Spring)
Blaise Hunter - (Book: Hunter's Moon)
Brent Hunter - (Book: Hunter's Moon)
Buck Shanahan - (Book: Hurricane Hannah)
Bernardo - (Book: Husband By Necessity)
Bandit King - (Book: Husband for Christmas, A)
Ben Brand - (Book: Husband She Couldn't Remember, The)
Bryce Palmer - (Book: Husband's Regret, A)
Brody Smith - (Book: Husband: Bought and Paid For)
Bryce Sinclair - (Book: I Ain't Perfect)
Brook Derring - (Book: I Kissed a Rogue)
Brig Hafferty - (Book: I See You)
Blaze Kelly - (Book: I Spy A Naughty Game)
Bram Shiraz - (Book: I Take This Man)
Benedict Nicols - (Book: Ideal Marriage?, An)
Bened Vaughn - (Book: If He's Noble)
Brant Mallam - (Book: If He's Tempted)
Brent Thatcher - (Book: If I Had You)
Brad Corrigan - (Book: If I Only Had A .... Husband)
Bryan Chambers - (Book: If I'm Gonna Love You)
Bailey Jenkins - (Book: If the Stick Turns Pink)
Bryan Moreland, Mayor - (Book: If Winter Comes (reissue))
Brian Sheffield,
- (Book: Immodest Proposal, An)
Brodie Maxwell - (Book: Immortal Heart)
Baron Silver - (Book: Immortal Kiss)
Basileios Argeneau - (Book: Immortal Who Loved Me, The)
Earl of Kelsey
- (Book: Impossible Earl, The)
Earl of Kelsey
- (Book: Impossible Earl, The (UK))
Brenton Ashton - (Book: Improper Lessons)
Brent Chalmers
Duke of Gressingham
- (Book: Impudent Widow, The)
Brad Booker - (Book: In a Heartbeat)
Brogan O'Bannon - (Book: In A Wild Wood)
Brodick McJames - (Book: In Bed With A Stranger)
Boone Sinclair - (Book: In Bed With Boone)
Brad Price - (Book: In Bed With the Opposition)
Bain O'Neil - (Book: In Daddy's Arms)
Barak q'Young - (Book: In Darkness Reborn)
Ben Mendoza - (Book: In Deep Waters)
Brett O'Connor - (Book: In His Good Hands)
Beau Devereaux - (Book: In His Keeping)
Benjamine Hayek - (Book: In Love Again)
Buddy Sinclair - (Book: In Perfect Harmony)
Brian Ashford - (Book: In Serena's Web)
Brian Ashford - (Book: In Serena's Web (reissue))
Bobby Doucet - (Book: In the Air Tonight)
Ben Doree - (Book: In the Arms of a Marquess)
Benedikt - (Book: In the Company of Vampires)
Brody Mikhailov - (Book: In The Dark)
Byrne Drummond - (Book: In the Heart of the Outback...)
Byrne Drummond - (Book: In The Heart Of The Outback...)
Bladd Morgan - (Book: In The King's Service)
Blake Monroe - (Book: In the Manor of the Millionaire)
Brad McKenna - (Book: In the Rancher's Footsteps)
Brad McKenna - (Book: In the Rancher's Footsteps (large print))
Blake Sutton - (Book: In the Waning Light)
Brendon - (Book: In Your Arms)
Benjamin Rowland
Earl of Winchfield
- (Book: Incomparable Cassandra, The)
Benjamin Rowland
Earl of Winchfield
- (Book: Incomparable Cassandra, The (reissue))
Blake Chandler - (Book: Inconvenient Husband, An)
Blake Clayton - (Book: Inconvenient Laws of Attraction, The)
Blake Clayton - (Book: Inconvenient Laws of Attraction, The (large print))
Blaze Kenyon - (Book: Indecent Deception)
Bernard Williamson - (Book: Indecent Exposure)
Bryce McGregor - (Book: Independent Bride, The)
Barnabas Deal - (Book: Indian Maiden, The)
Bramwell Seaton - (Book: Indiscreet)
Benedict Ellsworth - (Book: Indiscreet)
Benedict Wincross - (Book: Indiscreet (reissue))
Brad Hale - (Book: Inferno)
Braden Koll - (Book: Initiation)
Brett Chandler - (Book: Innocent Man, An)
Bran Lockhart - (Book: Inside Out)
Blake DeWitt - (Book: Interview With a Gargoyle)
Brig McKenzie - (Book: Intimacies (aka Final Scream))
Brodie Crawford - (Book: Intimate Deceptions (ebook))
Brendon Sloane - (Book: Intimate Scoundrels)
Ben Kane - (Book: Intimate View)
Ben Dearinger - (Book: Into the Deep)
Bobby Gonzalez - (Book: Invisible Girl)
Brian Donnelly - (Book: Irish Rebel)
Burke Logan - (Book: Irish Rose)
Burke Logan - (Book: Irish Rose (reissue))
Brant Law - (Book: Ironclad Cover)
Brant Law - (Book: Ironclad Cover [Large Print])
Ben Cooper - (Book: Island Heat)
Ben Adams - (Book: Island Nights)
Brent Walker - (Book: Island, The)
Booth Rawlings - (Book: It Takes a Baby)
Billy McGlory - (Book: It Was Like This)
Ben Teague - (Book: It's Always Been You)
Blaine Morosini - (Book: Italian Tycoon's Bride, The)
Bay - (Book: Ivory Cane, The)
Byron Andropov - (Book: Jaded (ebook))
Ben - (Book: Jane Austen in Scarsdale: Or Love, Death, and the SATs)
Baran Arvid - (Book: Jane's Warlord)
Baran Arvid - (Book: Jane's Warlord (reissue))
Brant Mallery - (Book: Joey's Father)
Bill Alexander - (Book: Journey)
Bryce Monroe - (Book: Journey to Seduction)
Ben - (Book: Journey to Yesterday)
Braxton Vance - (Book: Joy)
Bolt Hunter - (Book: Joyride)
Ben Grant - (Book: Julia)
Bridger Powell - (Book: Jungle Fever)
Brand Gallagher - (Book: Juror No. 7)
Brand Gallagher - (Book: Juror No. 7)
Brand Gallagher - (Book: Juror No. 7 [Large Print])
Ben Luck - (Book: Just Her Luck)
Baron Cain - (Book: Just Imagine)
Brady Ellis - (Book: Just Like Me, Only Better)
Brad Witmer - (Book: Just One Lie)
Brad - (Book: Just One Night)
Ben Torres - (Book: Just Right)
Bryce Bennett - (Book: Just Say Maybe (ebook))
Brian Thomas - (Book: Justice Incarnate (ebook))
Boone Harrison - (Book: Kansas City Cowboy)
Boone Harrison - (Book: Kansas City Cowboy (large print))
Marquess of St. Clair
- (Book: Kate and the Marquess)
Lord Russell
- (Book: Katherine)
Brodie McKay - (Book: Keeper of the Night)
Ballard MacGregor - (Book: Kentucky Bride)
Ballard MacGregor - (Book: Kentucky Bride)
Blake McCauley - (Book: Kept in the Dark)
Bobby Daulton - (Book: Key of the Sea)
Brad Vane - (Book: Key of Valor)
Beau Lansing - (Book: Killer Curves)
Bryan Kendall - (Book: Killing Me Softly)
Ben Cooper - (Book: King of the Mountain)
Britt MacKinnon - (Book: King's Mistress, The)
Blaine Underhill - (Book: Kiss at Your Own Risk)
Brock MacDermott - (Book: Kiss in the Shadows, A)
Blade Tyburn - (Book: Kiss in the Wind, A (ebook))
Brixton Smythe-Medway - (Book: Kiss Me Again)
Bastien - (Book: Kiss Me Twice)
Blake Jackson - (Book: Kiss Me, Katie)
Bryan McAllister - (Book: Kiss Of Darkness)
Blade - (Book: Kiss of Steel)
Buck Olmstead - (Book: Kiss to Build a Dream On, A)
Ben Hollister - (Book: Kiss to Remember, A)
Bill Robinson - (Book: Kiss, The)
Brian Donovan - (Book: Kisses Like a Devil)
Bode DeLong - (Book: Kissing Comfort)
Bobby Gray Nelson - (Book: Kissing Kelli)
Blair McAllister - (Book: Kissing Santa)
Ben - (Book: Kitty And The Dead Man's Hand)
Ben - (Book: Kitty Raises Hell)
Bret D’Anlou - (Book: Knight of Fire)
Baldwin D. Lacey - (Book: Knight of my Dreams)
Beckett Emery - (Book: Knowing the Score)
Brandt de Vos - (Book: Ladies Night)
Boden Blackblade - (Book: Lady and the Knight, The)
Blade Fitzstephen - (Book: Lady Defiant)
Baxter Delafont - (Book: Lady Delafont's Dilemma)
Bryn Talgarth
Earl of Caradoc
- (Book: Lady in Blue)
Blake Nickels - (Book: Lady in Red, The)
Benedict Queensman - (Book: Lady Larkspur Declines)
Benjamin Hazlit - (Book: Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal)
Billy Blade - (Book: Lady of Desire)
Baron Thomas Dunstan - (Book: Lady of Lyonsbridge)
Blake Mallorey - (Book: Lady of Scandal)
Brian mac Logan - (Book: Lady of Summer)
Bartholomew James,
- (Book: Lady's Guide to Improper Behavior, A)
Ben Jackson - (Book: Ladykiller)
Bran Llewellyn - (Book: Lair of the Dragon)
Blue Hawk - (Book: Lakota Love Song)
Black Bear - (Book: Lakota Princess)
Belami - (Book: Larcenous Lady )
Buck Lenning - (Book: Larkspur)
Brett Sullivan - (Book: Lassoed Into Marriage)
Ben Radcliffe - (Book: Last Chance Christmas, A)
Beckett Cates - (Book: Last Cowboy in Texas, The)
Bryce Richards - (Book: Last Groom On Earth, The)
Brad Mackey's - (Book: Last Night at the Halfmoon)
Bren Korbinian - (Book: Last of the Ravens)
Brody Carter - (Book: Last Wolf Watching)
Boomer Ward - (Book: Late Bloomer)
Brady - (Book: Lawman's Redemption)
Brady Skye - (Book: Lawman's Secret Son, The)
Bo Tyler - (Book: Lean on Me)
Blake - (Book: Leave it to Cleavage)
Ben Bennett - (Book: Leave Me Breathless)
Brandon Landers - (Book: Legacy of Love)
Ben Trent - (Book: Legacy of Secrets)
Bart Rawlins - (Book: Legally Binding)
Bruce Lancaster - (Book: Legally Tender)
Boyd Ballinger - (Book: Lesson in Loving, A)
Brendan David Hampton
Earl of Northam
- (Book: Let Me Be The One)
Benjamin Wolfe - (Book: Let Me Come In)
Brady Rogan, Captain - (Book: Liar's Promise)
Ben Johnson - (Book: Libra Affair, The)
BENEDICT FALKNER - (Book: Life With Riley)
Bradley Stone - (Book: Lifeline)
Bradley Stone - (Book: Lifeline (large print))
Benjamin Hawkes - (Book: Light a Single Candle)
Balthasar Hearne - (Book: Lightborn)
Broc McKinnon - (Book: Lion Heart)
Brian Boru - (Book: Lion of Ireland)
Boyd Grayson - (Book: Lips That Touch Mine)
Ben Taylor - (Book: Little Bit Engaged, A)
Bill Paulson - (Book: Little Bit of Holiday Magic (large print))
Ben Haskell - (Book: Little Gale's Gumbo)
Burke Traherne - (Book: Little Scandal, A)
Blake Stirton - (Book: Live to Tell)
Blake Jantzen - (Book: Lock, Stock and Secret Baby)
Billy Hendron - (Book: Lockdown)
Boyd Logan - (Book: Logan's Bride)
Ben Palmer - (Book: Lone Rider Takes a Bride, The)
Barrett Westbrook - (Book: Lone Star Courtship)
Billy Coburn - (Book: Loner, The)
Brad Holbrook - (Book: Long Awaited Child, The)
Brock Logan - (Book: Long Road Home, The)
Bruce Cole - (Book: Long Way Home, The)
Bruce Cole - (Book: Long Way Home, The (large print))
Brett - (Book: Long-Lost Father)
Brandon Paul - (Book: Longing)
Bobby McIntyre - (Book: Looking for Lacey)
Benjamin Braddock - (Book: Loose Lips )
Benton Gray - (Book: Lord Gray's List)
Brand Risande - (Book: Lord Of Desire)
Brandr - (Book: Lord of Fire and Ice)
Ben, Lord Hawksmoor - (Book: Lord Of Scandal)
Benedict Carsington
Earl of Hargate
- (Book: Lord Perfect)
Ben Fisher - (Book: Lost & Found)
Ben Easter - (Book: Lost It)
Billy Joe Yuma - (Book: Lost Warriors)
Bai Huang - (Book: Lotus Palace, The)
Bart Stone - (Book: Louisiana Lady)
Bryce Stone - (Book: Love Finds You in the North Pole, Alaska (reissue))
Beau Oliver - (Book: Love in Pursuit)
Benedict Lennox - (Book: Love in the Time of Scandal)
Black Jack Raven - (Book: Love Knot, The)
Bill Sterling - (Book: Love Meant to Be, A)
Bradley Hudson - (Book: Love on the Boardwalk (ebook))
Bobby Patterson - (Book: Love Remains)
Brett Neale - (Book: Love So Tender)
Brett Neale - (Book: Love So Tender)
Ben Traynor - (Book: Love Somebody Like You)
Blake Ramsey - (Book: Love Talk)
Brian Scott - (Book: Love Under Construction)
Brad Coleman - (Book: Love Unveiled)
Brandon Stevens - (Book: Love Worth Finding)
Beau Fallon - (Book: Love's Charade)
Brad Remington - (Book: Love's Desperate Deceit)
Brock Barnett - (Book: Love's Haven)
Beau Fallon - (Book: Love's Renegade)
Brad Ralston - (Book: Love, By George)
Beau Granville - (Book: Love-Child, The)
Benton Arbor - (Book: Lover Boy)
Butch O' Neal - (Book: Lover Revealed)
Butch O'Neal - (Book: Lover Revealed (hardcover--reprint))
Blade - (Book: Lovers Not Friends)
Benjamin Lansing - (Book: Loving Miranda)
Brody Hayes - (Book: Loving the Right Brother)
Beau McMasters - (Book: Luck of the Draw)
Breck Wilder - (Book: Luck of the Draw (ebook))
Brian O’Rourke - (Book: Luck of the Irish (ebook))
Boone Cagney - (Book: Lucy and the Loner)
Bram - (Book: Luring Lucy (ebook--novella))
Brandt - (Book: Lyon's Share, A)
Brendan MacDougal - (Book: MacDougal Meets His Match)
Bruce MacGregor
- (Book: MacGregor's Bride)
Brant Malone - (Book: Made in Heaven)
Brooks Harriman - (Book: Made to Order Family)
Beau Jackson - (Book: Maggie's Beau)
Bryan Hennessy - (Book: Magic)
Black Garrett - (Book: Magic Embrace)
Bjorn the Black - (Book: Maidensong)
Burn Monroe - (Book: Mail Order Cowboy)
Braxton Hale - (Book: Mail-Order Man)
Bryce Richardson - (Book: Make Me Yours)
Ben Peterson - (Book: Make Room For Daddy)
Beau Dumont - (Book: Make You Remember)
Brant Holland - (Book: Make-Believe)
Bo Pemberton - (Book: Making Promises)
Brian Goode - (Book: Making the Grade (ebook))
Bruce Walker - (Book: Man Behind The Cop, The)
Ben Haskell - (Book: Man Hunt)
Bryan Perry - (Book: Man Most Likely, The)
Brody Hunter - (Book: Man Shy)
Ben MacAllister - (Book: Man Who Saved Christmas, The)
Ben Stapleton - (Book: Mandy's Song)
Blake Maddock - (Book: Mardie and the City Surgeon)
Blake Maddock - (Book: Mardie and the City Surgeon (large print))
Brady Sheppard - (Book: Marine For Christmas, A)
Brand Ericson - (Book: Marisa)
Bobby DiFranco - (Book: Marriage Bed, The)
Ben Jackson - (Book: Marriage Protection Program, The)
Blake - (Book: Marriage, Interrupted)
Bruno Deluca - (Book: Married in a Rush (UK))
Ben Galloway - (Book: Married In Haste)
Brett Bravo - (Book: Married In Haste)
Brett Bravo - (Book: Married in Haste)
Brenn Owen
Earl of Merton
- (Book: Married in Haste)
Brett Bravo - (Book: Married in Haste (reissue))
Brand - (Book: Marry Me Stranger)
Brooks Smith - (Book: Marrying Dr. Maverick)
Ben McCabe - (Book: Marrying McCabe)
Burl Winterson - (Book: Marrying the Mistress (UK))
Bowie Cahill - (Book: Marshal and Miss Merritt, The)
Brennan Marshall - (Book: Marshall's Law)
Bay Spencer - (Book: Mask Of Passion)
Brad De Luca - (Book: Masked Innocence)
Bain Carson - (Book: Master of her Heart)
Black Jack Rhys - (Book: Master of Seduction)
Bret Trevelyan - (Book: Master of the Outback)
Bret Trevelyan - (Book: Master of the Outback (large print))
Benedict Baynton - (Book: Match of the Century, The)
Bowman O'Donnell - (Book: Mate Bond)
Bodey Taggart - (Book: Maverick)
Blue Morgan - (Book: Maverick Cowboy, The )
Billy Corrigan - (Book: Maximum Security)
Breadan - (Book: Mayan Inferno (ebook))
Breadan - (Book: Mayan Inferno (paperback))
Burke Elliot - (Book: Maybe, Baby)
Brad O'Ballivan - (Book: McKettrick Way, The)
Boone Dexter - (Book: Meant To Be)
Brian Riley - (Book: Medusa Seduction, The)
Bennett James - (Book: Meet Me in Venice)
Ben McClain - (Book: Meeting at Midnight)
Ben Atwood - (Book: Meeting Mr. Right)
Ben Atwood - (Book: Meeting Mr. Right (large print))
Braden Arness - (Book: Megan's Mark)
Bud Huntington - (Book: Melancholy Baby)
Becker Thomas - (Book: Melt for Him (ebook))
Buck Logan - (Book: Memories of Laura)
Bryan Pierce - (Book: Memory Painter, The)
Beauregard - (Book: Memphis Rising)
Brock August - (Book: Men of August - Sarah's Seduction)
Ben Rogers - (Book: Mending the Doctor's Heart)
Ben Rogers - (Book: Mending the Doctor's Heart (large print))
Bevil Granville - (Book: Menfreya In The Morning)
Brice Fitzwilliam - (Book: Mercenary's Bride, The)
Brandon 'Rand' Carmichael - (Book: Merlyn's Magic)
Buck Walker - (Book: Midnight Investigation)
Brett Banning - (Book: Midnight Lady)
Belami - (Book: Midnight Masquerade)
Ben Mahoney - (Book: Midnight Sea)
Bowie Beckett - (Book: Midnight Silk)
Baron Rossiter - (Book: Midsummer Masque)
Breverton Dayne, Lord - (Book: Midsummer Night's Kiss)
Brady Masters - (Book: Midwife Cover)
Brady Masters - (Book: Midwife Cover (large print))
Brody Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The : Brody)
Brendan Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Brendan)
Brian Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Brian)
Brant Cadman - (Book: Millionaire's Love-Child, The)
Bryce McFadden - (Book: Millionaire's Miracle, The)
Ben Adams - (Book: Millionaire's Pregnant Mistress, The)
Brant Matthews - (Book: Millionaire's Seductive Revenge, The)
Ben Radford - (Book: Millioniare's Makeover, The)
Brody McNamara - (Book: Minutes to Kill)
Ben McMahon - (Book: Miracle on Kaimotu Island)
Beau Villeneuve - (Book: Mischief in Mudbug)
Ben Grant - (Book: Mismatched Mommy?)
Brett Forrest - (Book: Miss Charlotte Surrenders)
Bobby Finn - (Book: Miss Fairmont And The Gentleman Investigator)
Bret Haverston - (Book: Miss February)
Brinley Carter - (Book: Miss Harcourt's Dilemma)
Ben Anderson - (Book: Miss Maple and the Playboy)
Blake Donovan - (Book: Miss Match)
Bru Brubaker - (Book: Miss Prim's Untamable Cowboy )
Benjamin Colwyn - (Book: Miss Winters Proposes (ebook))
Brody "Wick" Wickham - (Book: Mission: Out of Control)
Bram - (Book: Mistletoe Marriage)
Brough Frobisher - (Book: Mistress Assignment, The)
Brough Frobisher - (Book: Mistress Assignment, The (UK))
Baron Edward Chase - (Book: Mistress by Marriage)
Brian - (Book: Mistress Charlotte)
Blake MacLeod - (Book: Mistress For A Weekend)
Blake Fortune - (Book: Mistress Of Fortune)
Benedict Trevelyan - (Book: Mistress of Trevelyan)
Benedict Trevelyan - (Book: Mistress of Trevelyan, The (reprint))
Bruce Calhoun - (Book: Mitzi's Marine)
Blue Bowman - (Book: Montana Blue)
Ben Denton - (Book: Montana Cherries)
Bryan Keyes - (Book: Montana Standoff)
Ben Poole - (Book: Moonspun Dreams)
Benedict Hastings - (Book: More Than a Stranger)
Briar Nelson - (Book: Morning Glory (Hardcover))
Bellamy of Itchen, Sir - (Book: Mortal Bane)
Ben Rizzoli - (Book: Most Eligible M D)
Blake Walker - (Book: Most Expensive Night of Her Life, The)
Benjamin Wallace - (Book: Most Improper Rumor, A)
Benedict Revelstoke - (Book: Most Scandalous Proposal, A)
Benedict Casper Chancellor
Earl of Blakeney
- (Book: Most Unconventional Courtship, A)
Benedict Casper Chancellor
Earl of Blakeney
- (Book: Most Unconventional Courtship, A (UK))
Bryan Marlowe - (Book: Mother For Hire)
Brian Canfield - (Book: Mother for Jeffrey, A)
Blake Sommers - (Book: Mother Nature's Hidden Agenda)
Beau Beaudine - (Book: Mountain Dreams)
Beau Beaudine - (Book: Mountain Dreams (reissue))
Baltimore Floyd - (Book: Ms. Etta's Fast House)
Ben Sterling - (Book: Mulberry Moon)
Bridgett Mulligan - (Book: Mulligan Stew)
Bobby Crawford - (Book: Murder 101)
Bobby Crawford - (Book: Murder 101 (reprint))
Bryce Lyndley - (Book: Music Box, The)
Ben Toomey - (Book: Music Box, The)
Brant Wylde - (Book: Must Love Babies)
Brett Corrigan - (Book: Mustang Annie)
Brent Ravenscroft, Earl of Weymerth - (Book: My Darling Caroline)
Brent Ravenscroft
Earl of Weymerth
- (Book: My Darling Caroline)
Ben McCall - (Book: My Everything (ebook))
Bailey Maston - (Book: My Gift To You)
Byron Matthews - (Book: My Invisible Husband)
Brant Meslarches - (Book: My Lady's Treasure)
Black Otter - (Book: My Lord Savage)
Brady Logan - (Book: My Name Is Nell)
Ben Sanders - (Book: My Sister, Myself)
Brent Stark - (Book: My Soul to Keep)
Brady Moore
- (Book: My Three Girls)
Barrett Rothchild, Lord - (Book: My Wicked Marquess)
Brett Canon - (Book: Myrra's Choice (ebook))
Ben Crawford - (Book: Mysterious Millionaire)
Ben Crawford - (Book: Mysterious Millionaire (Large Print))
Bryce Winslow - (Book: Mystery in the Moonlight)
Bridger Duvall - (Book: Mystery Man Of Whitehorse, The)
Blake Masters, Captain - (Book: Mystic Memories)
Brian Brandon - (Book: Nabob's Ward, The)
Baron Dawson - (Book: Naked Baron, The)
Bastian Dragonelli - (Book: Naked Dragon)
Blake Decker - (Book: Nanny and Me, The)
Blake Ford - (Book: Nanny Trap, The)
Brendan Trask - (Book: Natchez Flame)
Viscount Montlaine
- (Book: Naughty Lady Ness)
Blake - (Book: Naughty Nuptials - Tentacles of Love)
Brogan Campbell - (Book: Nauti Temptress)
Brandon davis - (Book: Navy Brat)
Brad Lawson - (Book: Necessary Force (ebook novella))
Ben Dawson - (Book: Need Me)
Brendon Marshall - (Book: Need Me)
Beck Winters - (Book: Negotiator, The)
Brody Baxter - (Book: Never Been Kissed)
Baron Rothewell - (Book: Never Romance a Rake)
Brandon Donnelly - (Book: Never Say Goodbye)
Bryce Falconer - (Book: Never Say Never)
Ben Lerner - (Book: Never Tell Ben)
Benedict van Vinke - (Book: Never Too Late)
Benedict van Vinke - (Book: Never Too Late (reissue))
Benedict van Vinke - (Book: Never Too Late (UK))
Benedict van Vinke - (Book: Never Too Late (UK-reissue))
Bruce Reed - (Book: Never Too Late for Love)
Ben Badwin - (Book: Never Too Much)
Ben Badwin - (Book: Never Too Much (reprint))
Barney Sterling - (Book: New Leaf)
Brett Lancaster - (Book: New Life, A)
Brad Holbrook - (Book: Newlywed Game, The)
Bruce Halloway - (Book: Newlywed Games)
Bruce Stafford - (Book: Newport Dreams (novella))
Beckett Montgomery - (Book: Next Always, The)
Boyd Webber - (Book: Night Before Christmas, The)
Boone Toliver - (Book: Night Driving)
Burke Drummond
Earl of Ravensworth
- (Book: Night Fire)
Burke Drummond - (Book: Night Fire (reissue))
Burke Drummond
Earl of Ravensworth
- (Book: Night Fire (reissue)
(Box Set))
Bruno Washington - (Book: Night Forbidden)
Brian Byrne - (Book: Night Games)
Beau Somerville - (Book: Night Moves)
Basilio Montevarchi, Count - (Book: Night of Fire)
Brian Malone - (Book: Night Of The Living Deb)
Boyd Fletcher - (Book: Night Shift)
Beaumaris - (Book: Nightbound)
Bryan Bachman - (Book: Nights in Black Lace)
Barden Cunningham - (Book: Nine-To-Five Affair, An)
Brandon Randell - (Book: No 1 Sheriff in Texas, The)
Bryce Walker - (Book: No Better Man)
Boyd Anderson - (Book: No Choice But Surrender)
Brant Stone - (Book: No Denying You)
Brody Winchester - (Book: No Escape)
Ben Fletcher - (Book: No More Secrets)
Benton Wheeler - (Book: No One But You)
Brady Cannon - (Book: No Place Like Home)
Brody - (Book: No Refuge (ebook))
Ben Whalen - (Book: No Regrets)
Brody Donegan - (Book: No Stopping Now)
Brock - (Book: No Stranger to Love)
Brian - (Book: No Time to Die)
Blane Kirk - (Book: No Turning Back)
Benedict Risely
Duke of Sharnbrook,
- (Book: Noble Man, A (UK))
Branville, the Marquis of Kimston - (Book: Noblesse Oblige (Hardcover))
Billy Darling - (Book: Nobody's Darling)
Breck Noon - (Book: Noon)
Brett Simon - (Book: Northern Sunset)
Bartholomew, Earl of Norwyck - (Book: Norwyck's Lady)
Beck Lefebvre - (Book: Not Another Wedding)
Brandon Wilkes - (Book: Not On Her Own)
Brogan Reese - (Book: Not So New in Town)
Buck Porter - (Book: Not Your Average Cowboy)
Brant Fuller - (Book: Nothing But the Truth)
Boone - (Book: Nothing But Trouble)
Bayard de Boisbaston
- (Book: Notorious Knight, The)
Earl of Rockhurst
- (Book: Notorious Widow, The)
Ben - (Book: November 9)
Ben O'Keefe - (Book: Now and Always)
Brady McGrath - (Book: Now You See It (ebook))
Brock Madison - (Book: Nurse's Brooding Boss, The)
Brendan O'Toole - (Book: O'Toole's Promise)
Brink Claiborn - (Book: Object of His Affection, The)
Brenden Vetch - (Book: Od Magic)
Bobby Halloran - (Book: Off Limits)
Brady Maxwell - (Book: Off the Record (ebook))
Benedict Bridgerton - (Book: Offer from a Gentleman, An)
Brenwyn of Manor Darburg - (Book: Offer of Marriage, An)
Ben Cowley - (Book: Office Affair)
Brett Lincoln - (Book: Officer's Girl, The)
Beau Walker - (Book: Older, Wiser ... Pregnant)
Braden Carmichael - (Book: On Dublin Street)
Brand Vandevere - (Book: On the Edge of the Woods)
Brandon Prince - (Book: On the House)
Brandon Burke - (Book: On the Move)
Brady Maxwell - (Book: On the Record (ebook))
Brodie Hayes - (Book: Once A Cowboy)
Bobby O'Connor - (Book: Once in a Lifetime)
Ben McDaniel - (Book: Once in a Lifetime)
Brody Quaid - (Book: Once Loved (ebook))
Brandon Carstairs - (Book: Once More With Feeling)
Brandon Carstairs - (Book: Once More With Feeling (Hardcover))
Benjamin Elliot - (Book: Once She Was Tempted)
Breck Davenant, Lord - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas)
Baird Beauforte - (Book: Once Upon A Kiss)
Benjamin Marworth - (Book: Once Upon a Scandal (ebook))
Bones - (Book: One Foot in the Grave)
Benedict Nesbitt
Duke of Knaresborough
- (Book: One Good Turn)
Bones - (Book: One Grave at a Time)
Ben Cameron - (Book: One Juror Down)
Brandon Sayer - (Book: One Month Marriage, The)
Bren Hunter - (Book: One More Chance)
Bart Malone - (Book: One More Secret)
Brady Scott - (Book: One Night With a Hero (ebook))
Brady O'Keefe - (Book: One Night With the Boss)
Benedict Campbell - (Book: One Night with the Doctor)
Boothe O'Brien - (Book: One of the Few)
Bramwell Wesley Hallowsby - (Book: One Rogue at a Time)
Blade McAmmon, Lt. - (Book: One Shining Moment)
Ben Bowman - (Book: One Who Got Away, The)
Brand Villiers
Earl of Faversham
- (Book: One Wild Night)
Blake Ryler - (Book: Only a Dream Away)
Ben Longtree - (Book: Only by Your Touch)
Earl of Regenford
- (Book: Only For You)
Blade Navarone - (Book: Only You)
Brett Dunbar - (Book: Operation Power Play)
Brady Coleman - (Book: Operation: Texas)
Brady Coleman - (Book: Operation: Texas (reissue))
Bo Ruskin - (Book: Operation:
Midnight Cowboy)
Brody Austin - (Book: Other Sister, The)
Benedict Stanbridge - (Book: Otherwise Engaged (hardcover))
Benedict Stanbridge - (Book: Otherwise Engaged (paperback))
Brand Carendon - (Book: Out of Bounds (ebook))
Benedict Fortune - (Book: Out of Mind)
Bishop Riley - (Book: Out of Play)
Bryn Macallan - (Book: Outback Heiress, Surprise Proposal)
Brock Tyson - (Book: Outback Surrender)
Brian McKinley - (Book: Outback Temptation)
Ben Benedict - (Book: Outcast)
Brett Wickham - (Book: Outlaw Heart)
Ben Cronin - (Book: Outrageous)
Braddock Hayes - (Book: Over My Dead Body)
Ben Darrock - (Book: Over The Line)
Beau Alexnader - (Book: P.S. You're a Daddy)
Blaine Madison - (Book: Paper Moon)
Bobby Harrison - (Book: Paradise Road (ebook))
Brandon Clark - (Book: Parent Trap, The)
Brayden - (Book: Part of Me (ebook))
Braden Manning - (Book: Partners For Life)
Beck Underwood - (Book: Party Crashers)
Ben Gillard - (Book: Party of Three)
Billy Royce - (Book: Passion in the First Degree)
Banning Talbot
Marquess of Daventry
- (Book: Passion of an Angel, The)
Banning Talbot
Marquess of Daventry
- (Book: Passion of an Angel, The)
Bruce Cabot - (Book: Passion's Embrace)
Beau Remington - (Book: Passion's Slave)
Benton Carlyle - (Book: Passion's Verdict)
Bryce Fowler - (Book: Passion's Web (reissue))
Boyd Emory - (Book: Past Sins)
Ben Martin - (Book: Pastures New)
Bryce Cameron, MD - (Book: Patchwork Angel)
Brad MacIntosh - (Book: Paternity)
Blake - (Book: Paternity Promise, The)
Boothe Power - (Book: Path to Her Heart, The)
Brandon Fairchild - (Book: Path to Love, The)
Brand Bjornson - (Book: Paying the Viking's Price (ebook))
Barnaby Adair - (Book: Peculiar Case of Lord Finsbury's Diamonds, The)
Barrett Stanbridge - (Book: Perfect Desire, The)
Blake - (Book: Perfect Father, A)
Brad - (Book: Perfect Life, The)
Bo Conway - (Book: Perfect Wife, The)
Bryan - (Book: Perfection)
Brandon Pellidore - (Book: Perfection)
Brad Sumners - (Book: Perfectly Sexy)
Ben Lambert - (Book: Permanent Ink (ebook))
Ben - (Book: Personal Matter, A)
Ben Easington - (Book: Pet Diva Finds Love)
Bo - (Book: Phantom Angel)
Brandon Parker - (Book: Phoenix Law, The)
Brett Wallace - (Book: Pick Me Up)
Brandon Wycroft - (Book: Pickpocket Countess)
Brian Lassiter - (Book: Picture Perfect)
Ben Taylor - (Book: Picture This)
Brady Wilkins - (Book: Pieces of Sky)
Brady Wilkins - (Book: Pieces of Sky (reissue))
Brett - (Book: Pine Country Cowboy)
Blaise Levallier - (Book: Place of Storms, A)
Bennett Westcott - (Book: Planning for Love (ebook))
Bryce Danvers - (Book: Playboy Prankster)
Brick Pendleton - (Book: Playing With Dynamite)
Baron Garrick Stratfield - (Book: Pleasure Me)
Brady Weston - (Book: Pleasure Principle, The)
Ben - (Book: Pleasure U)
Boone Callahan - (Book: PMS Club, The (Hardcover))
Brent Sommerfield - (Book: Pocketful of Rainbows)
Baron Amburley - (Book: Poor Relation, A)
Brady Marshall - (Book: Power and the Glory, The)
Bram & Jay Soames - (Book: Power Games)
Bram Soames & Jay Soames - (Book: Power Games (UK))
Ben - (Book: Power Play (ebook))
Briggs - (Book: Prairie Bride)
Benjamin Chaney - (Book: Preacher's Daughter, The)
Benjamin Chaney - (Book: Preacher's Daughter, The )
Bo Garrett - (Book: Preacher's Lady, The)
Brian Summers - (Book: Precious Gift, A)
Brian Summers - (Book: Precious Gift, A (reissue))
Bruce MacNiall - (Book: Presence, The)
Bruce MacNiall - (Book: Presence, The)
Blake Jordan - (Book: Priceless Princess (ebook))
Brant Parnell - (Book: Pride's Captive)
Bérenger Saunière - (Book: Priest's Madonna, The)
Ben Macdonald - (Book: Prince Of Frogs)
Bill Harper - (Book: Prince of the City)
Bryce Laws - (Book: Princess and the Masked Man, The)
Brant Smith - (Book: Princess In Disguise)
Braden Streib - (Book: Princess Wolf, The)
Buchan - (Book: Princess Wore Plaid, The (ebook novella))
Brice Lawrence - (Book: Private Lessons)
Brock Lightner - (Book: Private Lives)
Bryan Easton - (Book: Prodigal Lover)
Ben Kerrigan - (Book: Prodigal M.D. Returns, The)
Ben Kerrigan - (Book: Prodigal MD Returns, The (UK))
Bram Lapp - (Book: Prodigal Son Returns, The)
Brant Deverleigh - (Book: Prodigal Spinster, The)
Ben Vargas - (Book: Prodigal Valentine, The)
Bradley Davis - (Book: Professor's Secret, The)
Brendan McNamara - (Book: Project: Parenthood)
B.J. Lambert - (Book: Promise from a Cowboy)
Bryce Tremaine - (Book: Promise of Fire, A)
Ben Huntington - (Book: Promise of Forever)
Ben Huntington - (Book: Promise of Forever (ebook))
Ben Noble - (Book: Promise of Forever, A)
Brandt Le Revenant - (Book: Promise the Moon)
Blaine Knight - (Book: Promised to a Stranger)
Brad Swanson - (Book: Promises Reveal)
Bryce Keene - (Book: Proper Affair, A)
Buck Cameron - (Book: Pure Instinct)
Burt - (Book: Pure Serendipity)
Benno Demartino - (Book: Pushed to the Limit)
Boone O'Keirna - (Book: Queen of Swords)
Benjamin Thomas - (Book: Question of Class, A (ebook))
Brett Farnham,
Earl of Coltonby
- (Book: Question of Impropriety, A)
Brett Farnham
Earl of Coltonby
- (Book: Question of Impropriety, A (UK))
Bart Hall - (Book: Question of Trust, A)
Bobby Crawford - (Book: Quick Study (hardcover))
Bobby Crawford - (Book: Quick Study (paperback))
Brendan Peter Craig - (Book: Quicksilver Season)
Brody Phillips - (Book: Race Against Time)
Brody Phillips - (Book: Race Against Time (large print))
Booker Scott - (Book: Race to Rescue)
Burke - (Book: Rachel's Totem (ebook))
Brenton Montgomery - (Book: Racing Against Time)
Brendan Kincaid - (Book: Radiant)
Barry Dunbar - (Book: Rainbow To Heaven, A (reissue))
Blase, Lord Norwood - (Book: Rake and the Redhead, The)
Baron Holden
- (Book: Rake's Fiancée, The)
Benjamin Sinclair, Lord - (Book: Rake's Proposal, The)
Benjamin Sinclair, Lord - (Book: Rake's Proposal, The (UK))
Burton Horne - (Book: Rake's Quarry, The)
Beecham Bryce - (Book: Rake's Retreat, The)
Brady Jones - (Book: Rancher & the Runaway Bride, The)
Brady McCullough - (Book: Rancher Next Door, The)
Brady McCullough - (Book: Rancher Next Door, The (large print))
Beck - (Book: Rancher's Dance, The)
Brandon Reed - (Book: Rancher's Dangerous Affair, A)
Brad Logan - (Book: Rancher's Inherited Family / Inherited: Instant Family, The)
Brody Hamilton - (Book: Rancher's Runaway Princess, The)
Barnaby - (Book: Rapture Becomes Her)
Barnaby - (Book: Rapture Becomes Her (reprint))
Buck Hanner - (Book: Rapture's Gold )
Ben Dillinger - (Book: Ready-Made Family)
Ben Trueblood - (Book: Real Cowboys)
Ben Trueblood - (Book: Real Cowboys (reissue))
Brent - (Book: Realm of Shadows)
Brian - (Book: Reason for Rivalry, A)
Ben Pipestone - (Book: Reason To Believe)
Brandon Caruthers - (Book: Rebel Baron)
Brigham Langston - (Book: Rebellion)
Brigham Langston - (Book: Rebellion (reissue))
Brighan Langston - (Book: Rebellion (reissue))
Benedict Shaw - (Book: Rebellious Rake, Innocent Governess)
Ben Haddox - (Book: Recipe for Kisses)
Bill Denton - (Book: Reckless)
Boyd Harris - (Book: Reckless Hearts)
Bram Curtis - (Book: Reckless Moon)
Ben Darling - (Book: Reclaiming Her Heart (ebook))
Brand Noble - (Book: Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow)
Blake Meredith - (Book: Red Cliffs of Malapara)
Bartholomew 'Bart' Jordan - (Book: Red Rose for Love)
Bram Gallagher - (Book: Red Tail)
Ben Lowell - (Book: Redemption)
Brodie Yates - (Book: Redemption)
Ben Kilpatrick - (Book: Redemption Bay)
Beau Taylor - (Book: Redemption's Kiss)
Bryan Reilly - (Book: Reilly's Law)
Beck Rivera - (Book: Rekindle the Flame (ebook))
Ben Tanner - (Book: Relentless)
Billy Tripp - (Book: Relentless Pursuit (ebook))
Blake Donavan - (Book: Reluctant Father)
Baron Horst von Reichstein - (Book: Reluctant Governess, The)
Ben Garrett - (Book: Reluctant Heiress, The)
Duke of Tressilian
- (Book: Reluctant Lady, The)
Brett McCormick - (Book: Remember My Heart)
Bree Rikker - (Book: Renegade Heart)
Brian Sloane - (Book: Renegade Rancher, The)
Brand - (Book: Renegade's Lady)
Brock Tyler - (Book: Reserved For the Tycoon)
Bowie Bravo - (Book: Return of Bowie Bravo, The)
Brody McBride - (Book: Return of Brody McBride, The)
Brant Garrison - (Book: Return of the Cowboy, The)
Brody McKenna - (Book: Return of the Last McKenna)
Brody McKenna - (Book: Return of the Last McKenna (large print))
Bruce Preston - (Book: Return to Clan Sinclair (novella))
Bret Conway - (Book: Return to Rosewood)
Brett "Tiger" Jackson - (Book: Return to Tomorrow)
Brett "Tiger" Jackson - (Book: Return to Tomorrow (reissue))
Ben - (Book: Return to Yesterday)
Brian Wallace - (Book: Reunited for the Holidays)
Brian Wallace - (Book: Reunited for the Holidays (large print))
Ben Robinson - (Book: Revealing the Real Dr. Robinson)
Ben Robinson - (Book: Revealing the Real Dr. Robinson (large print))
Billy Dixon - (Book: Rhapsody)
Brett Danforth - (Book: Rich Radiant Love)
Brent Parker - (Book: Riches Of The Heart)
Brig McCord - (Book: Ride the Thunder)
Barrow Hess - (Book: Rift (hardcover))
Barrow Hess - (Book: Rift (paperback))
Blu Dufray - (Book: Right Side of the Law, The)
Barrow Hess - (Book: Rise (hardcover))
Baron Cain - (Book: Risen Glory)
Bowen Driscol - (Book: Risking It All )
Brody Janik - (Book: Risky Game)
Bryan Spencer - (Book: Rock Star)
Blake Coleman - (Book: Rocky Mountain Heat)
Ben Lovell - (Book: Rodeo Heat (ebook))
Blake Williams - (Book: Rogue)
Bourne - (Book: Rogue by Any Other Name, A)
Ben Favor - (Book: Rogue Fever)
Bastien - (Book: Rogue Pirate's Bride, The)
Bradley Knight - (Book: Rogue Wedding Guest, The)
Ben McCauley - (Book: Rogue's Bargain)
Ben Capshaw - (Book: Role of a Lifetime, The)
Blake Merritt - (Book: Romancing The Pirate)
Bryce - (Book: Room At The Inn)
Braxton Thorne - (Book: Rooms of the Heart)
Bryce Dalton - (Book: Rose of Sharon)
Beau Landry - (Book: Roughneck)
Brendan O'Hannigan - (Book: Royal Rescue)
Brendan O'Hannigan - (Book: Royal Rescue (large print))
Belami - (Book: Royal Revels)
Bobby Prejean - (Book: Ruby (ebook))
Benjamin Wallace - (Book: Ruined by Moonlight)
Beau Junger - (Book: Run to You)
Ben Armytage - (Book: Runaway Groom (ebook))
Blake Koehler - (Book: Runaway Love)
Brian - (Book: Running Away)
Beck Williams - (Book: Running From Strangers (Hardcover))
Ben Paris - (Book: Sacred Sins)
Ben Paris - (Book: Sacred Sins (hardcover))
Bran Turner - (Book: Saddled and Spurred)
Bridger Norwood, Sheriff - (Book: Sage Cane's House Of Grace And Favor (Hardcover))
Boone Dorsett - (Book: Sand Castle Bay)
Bear - (Book: Sandstorms)
Brayden O'Malley - (Book: Santa Assignment )
Baxter Remington - (Book: Santa, Baby)
Ben Jackson - (Book: Santina's Scandalous Princess)
Ben Jackson - (Book: Santina's Scandalous Princess (large print))
Blake Thixton - (Book: Sapphire)
Brian Savage - (Book: Sarah's Choice)
Brandon Prescott - (Book: Satin & Steel)
Brave Wolf, Chief - (Book: Savage Hero)
Bright Arrow, Chief - (Book: Savage Hope)
Brave Eagle - (Book: Savage Persuasion)
Blazing Eagle - (Book: Savage Secrets)
BlueThunder, Chief - (Book: Savage Skies)
Black Wolf - (Book: Savage Wonder)
Brandon Ruiz - (Book: Savior in the Saddle)
Baron Mathieu Fitz Autier - (Book: Saxon Lady)
Bram Fortune - (Book: Scandals)
Blake Hunter - (Book: Scarlet Woman)
Blake Hunter - (Book: Scarlet Woman (new edition))
Breck Lawson - (Book: Scent of Persuasion)
Brody Calhoun - (Book: Scorned Justice)
Bryce McBrae - (Book: Scot of My Dreams (ebook))
Bennett Day - (Book: Scoundrel)
Blue Mitchum - (Book: Scoundrel)
Brandan Walters - (Book: Scream My Name)
Bram Crutchfield - (Book: Scribbler of Dreams)
Bjornolf Jorgenson - (Book: SEAL Wolf Christmas, A)
Brody Lane - (Book: SEAL's Salvation, A)
Blake Landon - (Book: SEAL's Seduction, A)
Bill Woburn - (Book: Search for the Rainbow)
Ben Thomas - (Book: Seaside Romance)
Brad Mathews - (Book: Seasons)
Branson Randolph, Sheriff - (Book: Second Son, The)
Ben Crawford - (Book: Second Time Around)
Braden Flynn - (Book: Second Vow, The)
Blake Hunt - (Book: Secret Agent Dad)
Brad - (Book: Secret Diaries)
Ben Scanlon - (Book: Secret Hideout)
Ben Scanlon - (Book: Secret Hideout (large print))
Bennett Prestwood - (Book: Secret in Her Kiss, A)
Beldon Stratton - (Book: Secret Life of a Scandalous Debutante)
Bryan Kelly - (Book: Secret Life of Bryan, The)
Benedict Faulkner - (Book: Secret Life Of Lady Gabriella, The)
Benedict Faulkner - (Book: Secret Life of Lady Gabriella, The (Large Print))
Benedict Faulkner - (Book: Secret Life of Lady Gabriella, The (UK))
Ben Alexander - (Book: Secret Lives)
Blaise Walker - (Book: Secretary by Day, Mistress by Night)
Ben Stanton - (Book: Secrets in Silence (UK))
Brock Gannon - (Book: Seduced in Seattle)
Blade Garner - (Book: Seducing Molly (ebook))
Brady Stone - (Book: Seducing the Enemy's Daughter)
Ben - (Book: Seduction Hypothesis, The (ebook))
Ben Arden - (Book: Seduction Scheme, The)
Balthazar Wycherley - (Book: Seductive Offer, A)
Bradford, Baron Stone
Lt. George Ashford
- (Book: Seductive Spy, The)
Brett Westbrook - (Book: Seductive Wager)
Brady - (Book: Seeing is Believing)
Brendan Graham - (Book: Seize The Dawn)
Brendan Graham - (Book: Seize the Dawn (reissue))
Blaize Leighton - (Book: Send Me No Flowers)
Blade Madaris - (Book: Sensual Confessions)
Brodie Hayes - (Book: Sentimental Journey)
Brenton Baldwin - (Book: Separate Roads)
Blake Hamilton - (Book: September Morning)
Blake Hamilton - (Book: September Morning (Hardcover))
Blake Hamilton - (Book: September Morning (reissue))
Bowie Callahan - (Book: Serenity Harbor)
Billy - (Book: Serenity in the Storm )
Bryce Walker - (Book: Serial Bride)
Brandon Simms - (Book: Serial Typical)
Brent Davidson - (Book: Seven Ways to Seduce a Martian)
Bixworth Hawksby, Captain - (Book: Seventh Sister, The)
Brent Bramwell - (Book: Sex Appeal)
Brent Bramwell - (Book: Sex Appeal (reissue))
Ben Labeck - (Book: Sexiest Man Alive, The (ebook))
Baron Lenox - (Book: Sexy as Hell)
Billy Hays - (Book: Sgt. Billy's Bride)
Boone MacDonald - (Book: Shades of a Desperado)
Brad Cutler - (Book: Shades of Blue)
Blair Deveril - (Book: Shades of the Past)
Benedict 'Ben' de l'Isle - (Book: Shadow Marriage)
Blake Roberts - (Book: Shadow of Desire)
Bren of XicanthBren - (Book: Shadow of the Dragon - Dragon's Rise)
Benjamin Poe - (Book: Shadow of Yesterday)
Ben Wauneka - (Book: Shadow Watch)
Balthasar - (Book: Shadowborn)
Brant Layton - (Book: Shadows of Splendor)
Bastian Carlisle - (Book: Shadows of Stormclyffe Hall, The)
Brandon - (Book: Shadows of the Past (ebook))
Benedick Rohan - (Book: Shameless)
Brody Saco - (Book: Sharing You)
Bentley James - (Book: Shattered Moment, A )
Blaze Williams - (Book: She)
Brett Newcomb - (Book: She's No Angel)
Brian Murphy, Lieutenant - (Book: She's The One)
Bahir Ai-Qadir - (Book: Sheikh's Last Gamble, The)
Bahir Ai-Qadir - (Book: Sheikh's Last Gamble, The (large print))
Bahir Ai-Qadir - (Book: Sheikh's Last Gamble, The (UK))
Blaize "aka" Sheikh Rashid - (Book: Sheikh's Virgin Bride, The)
Ben Boyd - (Book: Shelter from the Storm)
Billy Ray - (Book: Sheriff and the Outlaw, The)
Brady Truman - (Book: Shielding the Suspect)
Bill Romero - (Book: Shock Waves)
Ben Faulkner - (Book: Shoreline Drive)
Bobby Cameron - (Book: Showdown)
Brett Wyndham - (Book: Shy Socialite, The)
Bran Lockhart - (Book: Sideswiped)
Billy Preston - (Book: Sierra Falls)
Benec - (Book: Sighting, The (ebook))
Byron de Stefano - (Book: Signs of Love)
Bryce Worthington - (Book: Silent Desires)
Blake - (Book: Silent Watch)
Bobby - (Book: Silhouette)
Brian Lawson - (Book: Silken Thread, A (trade paperback))
Brad Hunter - (Book: Silver Gifts, Golden Dreams)
Blane Landers - (Book: Silver Thaw)
Brantley Kincaid - (Book: Simple Gone South)
Beckett Hanover - (Book: Simple Twist of Fate, A (ebook))
Ben Callahan - (Book: Simply Sensual)
Ben Callahan - (Book: Simply Sensual (reissue))
Ben Callahan - (Book: Simply Sensual (reissue))
Ben Prescott - (Book: Simply Sexy)
Bryce McClinktock - (Book: Sinner, The)
Benton Waller - (Book: Sins of Summer)
Blake Whittaker - (Book: Siren's Surrender (ebook))
Blake Whittaker - (Book: Siren's Surrender (paperback))
Blake Sefton - (Book: Six-Month Marriage, The)
Blake Sefton - (Book: Six-Month Marriage, The (UK))
Boone Wentworth - (Book: Sleep Tight)
Blake Nelson - (Book: Sleigh Ride with the Rancher)
Blake Nelson - (Book: Sleigh Ride with the Rancher (large print))
Braden James - (Book: Slow Burn)
Beckett Daniels - (Book: Slow Burn)
Brad Romanovski - (Book: Smooth Sailing)
Brady Ellis - (Book: Snow Blind)
Brett Hanson - (Book: Snowbound)
Blake Randall - (Book: Snowed In)
Ben Campbell - (Book: Snowflake Bay)
Buck Lewis - (Book: Snowflake, The (Hardcover))
Bear McQuaid - (Book: Soft Touch, The)
Brady Hathaway - (Book: Soldier's Last Stand)
Bobby Luchetti, - (Book: Soldier's Quest, A)
Brody Goodman - (Book: Soldier's Sister, The)
Brody Goodman - (Book: Soldier's Sister, The (large print))
Bran of Barra - (Book: Some Like It Kilted)
Brett Stockton - (Book: Somebody's Dad)
Burke Burdett - (Book: Somebody's Santa)
Burke Burdett - (Book: Somebody's Santa (reissue))
Brad Jamison - (Book: Someone to Love Me)
Brendan Connery - (Book: Someone to Talk to)
Ben Noble - (Book: Something Like Love)
Brice Maxwell - (Book: Something New)
Brody Jones - (Book: Something to Prove)
Brody Jones - (Book: Something to Prove (large print))
Beau Hollister - (Book: Sometimes Naughty, Sometimes Nice)
Black Niall - (Book: Son Of The Morning)
Benedict Legrange - (Book: Son that Changed His Life, The)
Brad Myers - (Book: Song for Caitlin, A)
Beau Granville - (Book: Song Of The Siren, The)
Bear - (Book: Song of the Warrior)
Bear Paw - (Book: Song of the Wolf)
Brody Silver Wolf - (Book: Soul Eater)
Brandon Blair - (Book: Soulful Serenade)
Ben Stockton - (Book: Sound of Goodbye, The)
Brigade-Major Harry Smith - (Book: Spanish Bride, The (new edition))
Baltic - (Book: Sparks Fly)
Brec McCloud,
Laird of the Isle of Myst
- (Book: Speak of Love (ebook))
Ben Michaels - (Book: Special Agent's Seduction)
Brian Payne, Major - (Book: Specialist, The)
Brody Devlin - (Book: Spellbinder, The)
Brendan Salinger - (Book: Spellbound)
Boone Cantrell - (Book: Spirit Catcher)
Brennan Henry - (Book: Spirit of Christmas, The)
Brennan Henry - (Book: Spirit of Christmas, The (large print))
Barnabas Cole - (Book: Spirited Miss Caroline, The)
Bill Glasscock - (Book: Splendor Bay)
Bill Malcolm - (Book: Spring Break)
Brody Alexander - (Book: Spring Thunder)
Beau Ruston - (Book: Spy Who Wants Me, The (mass market))
Blue - (Book: Spy Wore Blue, The (ebook novella))
Ben Croft - (Book: Stag at Bay)
Boone Devlin - (Book: Standing Outside the Fire)
Boone - (Book: Star Shadows)
Bram Starbuck - (Book: Star-Crossed Lovers)
Brian Killian - (Book: Stars of Fortune)
Ben Adamanti - (Book: Starting Over)
Bryan Sinclair - (Book: Status Update (ebook))
Ben Ryan - (Book: Stealing Shadows)
Benedict Pelham - (Book: Stepsister's Triumph, The (ebook))
Brahm Ryland - (Book: Still In My Heart)
Brody Westerbrook - (Book: Still Life with Shape-Shifter (hardcover))
Brody Westerbrook - (Book: Still Life with Shape-shifter (paperback))
Bobby Holland - (Book: Still Mr. and Mrs.)
Brett Jordan - (Book: Still So Hot!)
Burke Winslow - (Book: Still the One)
Baron Kinsale - (Book: Stolen Dreams)
Bright Arrow - (Book: Stolen Ecstasy)
Bryan Reeves - (Book: Stolen Love)
Ben - (Book: Stolen Summer )
Brian Keller - (Book: Stoneview Estate)
Ben Foley - (Book: Storm Warning)
Bainbridge Scott - (Book: Stormwatch)
Brent - (Book: Stormy Surrender)
Ben Bolton - (Book: Straddling the Line)
Brandon Washington - (Book: Stranded With The Tempting Stranger)
Brandon Washington - (Book: Stranded With the Tempting Stranger (reissue))
Ben Hampton - (Book: Stranded with the Tycoon (large print))
Blade - (Book: Strange Bedfellow)
Ben Avery - (Book: Stranger in the Shadows)
Breed Grayhawk - (Book: Stranger's Game, A (Hardcover))
Blake Weston - (Book: Strangers When We Meet)
Baron Ashe McKinnon - (Book: Strategy for Marriage)
Ben Asher - (Book: Street Where She Lives, The)
Brock Taylor - (Book: Strictly Seduction)
Brek Stryker - (Book: Strike Zone)
Bryce Sullivan - (Book: Strip)
Brandon Moretti - (Book: Stripped)
Bill Majesty - (Book: Strong Sprits)
Brett Taylor - (Book: Sudden Engagement)
Ben McGuire - (Book: Sugar and Spice)
Beckett North - (Book: Sugar Daddy (ebook))
Baxter Dunne - (Book: Sugar Rush)
Baxter Dunne - (Book: Sugar Rush (reissue))
Brett McGraw - (Book: Sugar's Twice As Sweet)
Bray - (Book: Summer by Summer)
Blake Cocharan - (Book: Summer Desserts)
Byrne Worth - (Book: Summer of You, The)
Bryne Worth - (Book: Summer of You, The (mass market))
Ben Nolan - (Book: Summer Place, A)
Brian Wetherly - (Book: Summer Serenade)
Ben Morgan - (Book: Summer They Never Forgot, The)
Brand - (Book: Summer's Secret)
Bill Ashton - (Book: Summerland, The (ebook))
Ben McKenzie - (Book: Summit, The)
Ben McKenzie - (Book: Summit, The (reprint))
Brett Reall - (Book: Sunrise Surrender)
Brody Nash - (Book: Sunset Knight)
Brad Phillips - (Book: Sunsets)
Blair Devereux - (Book: Sup With the Devil)
Brody - (Book: Superb and Sexy)
Brody - (Book: Superb and Sexy (reprint))
Ben Blackwood - (Book: Surgeon Boss's Bride, The)
Benedict "Gray" Grayson - (Book: Surrender of a Siren)
Bobby Joe Aaron - (Book: Susannah's Secret)
Blade Frederick - (Book: Sweeping the Bride Away)
Boyce Wynn - (Book: Sweet)
Brett Hooker - (Book: Sweet Baby)
Buck - (Book: Sweet Caroline (ebook))
Bram St. Charles - (Book: Sweet Defiance)
Brom Vanderzee - (Book: Sweet Forever)
Brian Scanlon - (Book: Sweet Memories)
Brian Scanlon - (Book: Sweet Memories (reissue))
Brant Holden - (Book: Sweet Texas Wildfire)
Bradley Smith - (Book: Sweet Wild Love)
Broderick Hollingsworth - (Book: Sweetest Kiss, The)
Burke Kerrigan - (Book: Sweetwater Seduction (reissue))
Brock Denton - (Book: Swept Away)
Bud MacPhearson - (Book: Switchback)
Bud MacPhearson - (Book: Switchback (reissue))
Bud Mac Phearson - (Book: Switchback (reissue))
Brandon Alexander Davis - (Book: Sword and the Pen, The)
Blake Mansfield - (Book: Sydney's Folly)
Brann O'Ciardha/Rafael - (Book: Syndelle's Possession)
Brice Carlin - (Book: T.L.C. (reissue))
Bennett Wade - (Book: Tailored for Trouble)
Braze - (Book: Tainted Purity)
Bryce Trafford - (Book: Take All Myself)
Ben Hudson - (Book: Take Me Under)
Brock - (Book: Taken by Midnight)
Burke Longton - (Book: Taken By Storm)
Bobby Taggart - (Book: Taking Fire)
Brody Kane - (Book: Taking the Score)
Ben - (Book: Talisman Bay - Angel In Moonlight)
Blake - (Book: Talk Dirty to Me)
Blake Marsh - (Book: Talk Dirty to Me (ebook))
Ben Lawson - (Book: Talk Me Down)
Bastien Argeneau - (Book: Tall, Dark and Hungry)
Benjamin Westfield,
- (Book: Tall, Dark and Wolfish)
Bryce Walker - (Book: Tall, Strong and Cool Under Fire)
Ben Gordon - (Book: Taming Ben)
Blake Jarrod - (Book: Taming Her Billionaire Boss)
Billy Jones - (Book: Taming of Billy Jones, The)
Ben Labeck - (Book: Tangled Thing Called Love (ebook))
Blake Buchanan - (Book: Tangling with the CEO (ebook))
Ben Hensley - (Book: Tantalizing Miss Coale, The (ebook))
Bradley Houston - (Book: Tapestry of Hope, A)
Benjamin Fuller - (Book: Taste of Paradise, A)
Brant d'Acier - (Book: Taste of Rich Things, A)
Bill Diamond - (Book: Taste of Sake, A (ebook))
Brent Hamilton - (Book: Taste of Texas, A)
Blade Vaughn - (Book: Tasting Candy (ebook))
Benedict Grantley - (Book: Tavern Wench (UK))
Bobby Taylor - (Book: Taylor's Temptation)
Byron Hawthorne - (Book: Tease Me)
Billy Stonecreek - (Book: Temporary Groom, The)
Ben Sinclair - (Book: Tempt Me If You Can)
Brandon Knox - (Book: Tempted By His Target)
Bernard Mackenzie - (Book: Tempted by Mr. Write (ebook))
Benedict - (Book: Tempting a Sinner)
Bryght Malloren - (Book: Tempting Fortune)
Bryght Malloren - (Book: Tempting Fortune (reissue))
Bryght Malloren - (Book: Tempting Fortune (reissue))
Brian Reilly - (Book: Tempting Mrs Reilly, The)
Brand Delaney - (Book: Tempting of Julia, The)
Blake - (Book: Tempting Tara)
Ben Taylor - (Book: Tempting the Devil)
Brock Bedegrayne - (Book: Tempting the Heiress)
Bayard de Montvieux - (Book: Temptress, The)
Beyard Jones - (Book: Tender Barbarian, The)
Brant Wicker - (Book: Tender Deception)
Bright Arrow - (Book: Tender Ecstasy)
Brooks James - (Book: Territorial Bride)
Ben Bradley - (Book: Texan Takes a Wife, The)
Bret Nolan - (Book: Texan's Honor, A)
Brand Selby - (Book: Texas Bride)
Blake McCord - (Book: Texas CEOs Secret, The)
Bart Collingsworth - (Book: Texas Gunsmoke)
Brace Caulfield
- (Book: Texas Lawman)
Bo Duggan - (Book: Texas Lawman's Last Stand, The)
Boon - (Book: Texas Ranger's Daughter, The)
Brendan Kane - (Book: Texas Ranger's Heiress Wife, The)
Brock McCauley - (Book: Texas Secrets, Lover's Lies)
Brett Sawyer - (Book: Texas Thunder)
Beau Tyler - (Book: Texas True (hardcover))
Beau Tyler - (Book: Texas True (paperback))
Brandon Dumont - (Book: Texas Wedding for their Baby's Sake)
Brad Crawford - (Book: That's What Friends Are For)
Brad Ralston - (Book: Their Joined-Up Family (UK))
Bram Bennet - (Book: Then Comes Marriage)
Brady James - (Book: Then Comes Marriage)
Bryan Beaumont - (Book: There Comes a Season)
Bryan Beaumont - (Book: There Comes a Season (reissue))
Blake Everett - (Book: There's Something About a Rebel...)
Benjamin Rushford - (Book: This Love of Mine)
Bones - (Book: This Side of the Grave)
Brad Rushford - (Book: This Thing Called Love)
Ben Montgomery - (Book: This Time Forever )
Brock Martin - (Book: Threat of Exposure)
Brian Perry - (Book: Three Days on Mimosa Lane)
Brady Simms - (Book: Three Motives for Murder, The)
Bryce Gibson - (Book: Three Times a Bridesmaid)
Beck Desmond - (Book: Thrill Me)
Benedict Collier - (Book: Through My Eyes)
Brandt Hughs - (Book: Through the Fire)
Ben Wheeler - (Book: Through the Sheriff's Eyes)
Blake Adcock - (Book: Ticket to a Fantasy)
Ben McElwyn - (Book: Tidewater)
Brett Dangermond - (Book: Tiger Lily, The)
Bryn Donovan - (Book: Timber Baron's Virgin Bride, The)
Bryn Donovan - (Book: Timber Baron's Virgin Bride, The (UK))
Ben Pershall - (Book: Timberline)
Brand Edwards - (Book: Time for Another Dream)
Brenden Ross - (Book: Time for Dreams, A)
Ben Stuart - (Book: Time of Change, A)
Benedict Cassidy - (Book: Time To Give, A)
Brendan Montgomery - (Book: Time To Protect, A)
Black Eagle - (Book: Time's Captive)
Benjamin Foxworth - (Book: Time-Spun Treasure)
Bobby Bradley - (Book: Time/Steps)
Barnaby - (Book: Timeless Love)
Brady McCormick - (Book: Timeswept Passion)
Benjamin Two Eagle - (Book: Timewalker)
Benjamin Two Eagles - (Book: Timewalker (reissue))
Brett Cameron - (Book: Tipping the Waitress With Diamonds)
Brice Carlin - (Book: TLC)
Blake Ravenscroft - (Book: To Catch an Heiress)
Bradley O'Neal - (Book: To Love a Texan)
Brice McAllister - (Book: To Marry McAllister)
Blackie O’Neal - (Book: To Tempt A Texan)
Bryant Westley - (Book: To Trust a Thief (ebook))
Brent McClain - (Book: Tomorrow the Glory)
Benjamin Drake - (Book: Too Wicked To Love)
Buzz Richardson - (Book: Top Gun Guardian)
Buzz Richardson - (Book: Top Gun Guardian (large print))
Brock Hampton - (Book: Torrid Nights (reissue))
Brad "Magic" Craig - (Book: Touch of Magic, A)
Braden Forster, Earl of Grayburn - (Book: Touch of the Wolf)
Brendan Fitzgerald, Captain - (Book: Touched by Thorns)
Bentley Rydel - (Book: Tough to Tame)
Ben Radford - (Book: Trail of Love)
Brock Forrester - (Book: Traitor's Caress)
Brody Donovan - (Book: Trapped)
Burke Sanders - (Book: Trapped in Tourist Town)
Brian Anthony - (Book: Travellin' Man)
Ben Derrick - (Book: Treasure Man, The)
Ben Carlton - (Book: Treasured)
Ben Carlton - (Book: Treasured (reissue))
Brett Malloy - (Book: Tribute, The)
Benec - (Book: Trick, The (ebook))
Ben Harding - (Book: Triggered)
Ben Harding - (Book: Triggered (large print))
Brayden Sloane - (Book: Triggered Response)
Bobby MacKenna - (Book: Trouble in Bloom)
Brant Cates - (Book: Trouble in Texas)
Blake Sherrill - (Book: Trouble With Caasi, The)
Brandon McKay - (Book: Trouble with Temptation, The)
Baron Haven De Sessions - (Book: True and Perfect Knight, A)
Blue Cooper - (Book: True Blue)
Brodie Hawke - (Book: Trust No One)
Blake - (Book: Tryst (ebook))
Blane Kirk - (Book: Turn to Me)
Blane Kirk - (Book: Turning Point)
Briny Tucker - (Book: Tutoring Tucker)
Brody Taylor - (Book: Twice and For Always)
Ben McKee - (Book: Twin, The)
Ben Norris - (Book: Twist of Fate)
Brace Ridgeway - (Book: Two Hearts, Slightly Used)
Brian Hawkins - (Book: Tycoon's Perfect Match, The)
Ben Herrick - (Book: Tycoon's Proposition, The)
Brody Bloodworth - (Book: Ultimate Cowboy)
Brody Bloodworth - (Book: Ultimate Cowboy (large print))
Brad McCabe - (Book: Ultimate Texas Bachelor, The)
Brad McCabe - (Book: Ultimate Texas Bachelor, The (reissue))
Braedon - (Book: Unbuttoning Miss Hardwick)
Brewster Johnson - (Book: Unchained Hearts)
Ben Underwood - (Book: Uncommon Hero, An)
Ben Harris - (Book: Uncommon Passion)
Bolt Tanner - (Book: Uncontrollable)
Bronson Taylor - (Book: Under a Desert Sky)
Bryan Elliott - (Book: Under Deepest Cover)
Ben Perry - (Book: Under Fire)
Blake Hanley - (Book: Under Sunny Skies)
Brody McAndrews - (Book: Undercover Soldier)
Bennett Haile - (Book: Undercover With the Earl (ebook))
Brendan King - (Book: Undone)
Benjamin Curtis Stanton - (Book: Unexpected American, The)
Ben Parrish - (Book: Unexpected Clue, An)
Barrett Cassidy - (Book: Unexpected Rush)
Brady Tucker - (Book: Unfinished Business)
Boone Mitchell - (Book: Unforgettable)
Bo Myers - (Book: Unforgettable)
Bobby Metcalf - (Book: Unforgettable Bride)
Bryceson Wakefield
Duke of Hawksworth
- (Book: Unforgettable Rogue, An)
Blake Carlyle - (Book: Unheavenly Angel)
Bruic the Badger - (Book: Unlawful)
Billy - (Book: Unlikely Family, An)
Brendan Flanagan, Pastor - (Book: Unlikely Hero)
Brendan Flanagan - (Book: Unlikely Hero (reissue))
Barnabas Hammond - (Book: Unlikely Suitor, An)
B. K. George - (Book: Unreasonable Summer)
Bryce Bishop - (Book: Unspoken)
Bennett Hart - (Book: Unstoppable)
Booker Chase - (Book: Unstoppable)
Brand Weston - (Book: Untamed)
Bryce Carlton - (Book: Until He Met Meg (ebook))
Brett Madden - (Book: Until It Fades)
Billy West - (Book: Until September)
Benjamin McCabe - (Book: Unwilling Warrior (trade))
Brandon Long - (Book: Unwrapped)
Bones - (Book: Up From the Grave)
Bradford Walsh, Detective - (Book: Up in Flames)
Bran Lockhart - (Book: Upside Down)
Ben DeCarlo - (Book: Valentine Hostage, The)
Blake McLaughlin - (Book: Valentino's Pleasure)
Barr Chandler - (Book: Valley of Broken Hearts)
Brad Mitchell
- (Book: Vanished)
Brett Knox - (Book: Various States of Undress: Georgia)
Byron Stratford - (Book: Veil of Night, The)
Bran - (Book: Velvet Haven)
Beau Garrett - (Book: Vengeance Affair, The)
Blake Adams - (Book: Verdict: Daddy)
Brad Irving - (Book: Very... Pregnant New Year's, A)
Benec - (Book: Victor, The (ebook))
Benec - (Book: Victory, The (ebook))
Birch Trueblood - (Book: View of the River, A)
Brander - (Book: Viking Captive)
Brander - (Book: Viking Flame)
Brandr - (Book: Viking Heat)
Brage Norwald - (Book: Viking, The)
Beau - (Book: Vincent Boys, The)
Brandon Fleming - (Book: Violet Fire)
Brad Belleville - (Book: Violets Are Blue)
Blade Stone - (Book: VIP Protector)
Bryson Courtland - (Book: Virgin and the Viscount, The)
Baron Gilbert Balmaine - (Book: Virgin Bride)
Brady Anderson - (Book: Virgin Bride Said, WOW)
Bryn Dwyer - (Book: Virgin's Price, The)
Bryn Dwyer - (Book: Virgin's Price, The (UK))
Beau Braydon - (Book: Viscount Needs a Wife, The)
Brandt, Lord Salcombe - (Book: Viscount's Bride, The)
Brother Gregory - (Book: Vision of Light, A)
Burke Rawlins - (Book: Voices on the Wind)
Bradford St. James
Earl of Lynbrook
- (Book: Vow to Cherish)
Beau Remington - (Book: Wagered Miss Winslow, The)
Braedan Egan - (Book: Waiting for the Rainbow)
Brad/Robert - (Book: Walk on the Cliffs, A)
Ben Jericho - (Book: Walls of Jericho)
Brian Armstrong - (Book: Wanted: Kept Woman)
Blaze Davenant - (Book: Wanton, The)
Berke - (Book: Warlord Reunited (ebook))
Brody Talbot - (Book: Warrior Ascended)
Bryce Frechette - (Book: Warrior's Honor, A)
Bryce MacAlpin - (Book: Warrior's Promise, A)
Brede Kristensen - (Book: Way to a Rancher's Heart, The (ebook))
Bryce McCray - (Book: Wearing My Halo Tilted)
Brett Venable - (Book: Web of Deception)
Brody Paine - (Book: Wed In Wyoming)
Brendan O’Herlihy - (Book: Wedding Bell Blues)
Brendan O'Herlihy - (Book: Wedding Bell Blues)
Bill Malcolm - (Book: Wedding Bell Blues)
Bromwell - (Book: Wedding Challenge, The (reissue))
Beauregard St. Clair - (Book: Wedding Day Vows)
Ben Skeeter - (Book: Wedding in Willow Valley, A)
Ben Skeeter - (Book: Wedding in Willow Valley, A (UK))
Brent Powell - (Book: Wedding Invitation)
Brett Matthews - (Book: Wedding Lullaby, The)
Ben - (Book: Wedding Night)
Brett Lange - (Book: Wedding on the Rocks)
Branch Thomas - (Book: Wedding Pearls, The)
Brade Cox - (Book: Weekend in Paradise)
Bobby Winslow - (Book: Welcome Home, Bobby Winslow)
Bridei - (Book: Well of Shadows, The)
Ben Goodstriker - (Book: West of Glory)
Ben Tanner - (Book: West of the Sun)
Brenton Baldwin - (Book: Westward the Dream)
Byron Rivers - (Book: What a Fool Believes)
Bran MacLean - (Book: What a Lass Wants)
Bryan Manley - (Book: What a Woman Needs)
Blake Ramsden - (Book: What Daddy Doesn't Know)
Bramwell Shepard - (Book: What I Did For Love (paperback))
Blake Junger - (Book: What I Love About You)
Beau Devereux - (Book: What Lucinda Learned)
Ben McKaslin - (Book: What Matters Most)
Brent Powers - (Book: What She Needs)
Buck Devlin - (Book: What She Saw)
Brandon Slade - (Book: What the Single Dad Wants)
Benjamin Braddock - (Book: What We Did for Love)
Brady Lund - (Book: What You Need)
Blake Windsor - (Book: What's In a Name? (ebook))
Boyce Parker - (Book: When a Rake Falls)
Bruce Kelly - (Book: When Bruce Met Cyn . . .)
Blake Bowden - (Book: When It's Right)
Broc Kinkaid - (Book: When Love Comes)
Brice Montgomery, Captain - (Book: When Midnight Comes)
Benjamin Harrington III - (Book: When She's Bad)
Beauregard Clifton - (Book: When the Cowboy Said "I Do")
Barnaby Adair - (Book: Where the Heart Leads)
Bowie Richards - (Book: Whiplash (paperback))
Bram Ross - (Book: Whirlwind Cowboy)
Baker Satterfield - (Book: Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter)
Brady Campbell - (Book: White as Snow)
Big John Cartier - (Book: White Dawn)
Boyden - (Book: White Fells)
Beck Merchant - (Book: White Hot)
Banyen - (Book: Whitefire)
Braydon Mitchell - (Book: Wicked (ebook))
Bowen MacRieve - (Book: Wicked Deeds On A Winter's Night)
Benedict Choate, Sir - (Book: Wicked Guardian, The)
Brynn McNair - (Book: Wicked Pleasure)
Bennett Griffith - (Book: Wicked Stepdaughter, The)
Brody Elliott - (Book: Wife And Mother Wanted)
Brody Elliott - (Book: Wife And Mother Wanted (UK Edition))
Brod Kinross - (Book: Wife at Kimbara, A)
Blake Harrison - (Book: Wife by Wednesday)
Ben Mayeaux - (Book: Wife for Ben, A)
Brock Roberts - (Book: Wife in Training)
Bronson West - (Book: Wild Card Wedding)
Blake Wheeler - (Book: Wild Child)
Blake Wheeler - (Book: Wild Child (Hardcover))
Blake Dawson - (Book: Wild Cowboy Ways)
Ben Cabrera - (Book: Wild for Him)
Bob Redding - (Book: Wild Heart)
Brandon Montgomery - (Book: Wild Heather)
Bastian - (Book: Wild Highland Magic)
Black Hawk - (Book: Wild Innocence)
Brendan Caine - (Book: Wild Iris Ridge)
Brock - (Book: Wild Man)
Bram Darcy - (Book: Wild Rose)
Brent Hammond - (Book: Wild Star)
Billy Cooper - (Book: Wild Texas Bride)
Brody Summers - (Book: Wild With You)
Ben Oakes - (Book: Wildcat)
Blake Smiley - (Book: Wildest Dreams)
Brady Gallagher - (Book: Wildfire)
Bennett Clark - (Book: Win Me Over)
Brice Donovan - (Book: Windstorm)
Brad Aldersson - (Book: Wing and a Prayer, A)
Brandon - (Book: Winning a Groom in 10 Dates)
Bryan - (Book: Winning It All)
Bane - (Book: Winning Miss Wakefield)
Baylor Doyle - (Book: Winning Over the Rancher)
Baylor Doyle - (Book: Winning Over the Rancher (large print))
Brand Duggan - (Book: Winning Over the Wrangler)
Barnaby Traherne - (Book: Winter Wonderland)
Byron Forrester - (Book: Wisconsin Wedding)
Brent - (Book: Wisconsin: Second Time Around)
Ben Bramwell - (Book: With A Mother's Heart)
Brennan Cunningham III - (Book: With a Song in My Heart)
Brent Borden - (Book: With this Ring)
Bk 1: Ryan Kendrick
Bk 2: Jake Coulter
- (Book: With You Beside Me
A Coulter Family Double)
Brody Jordan - (Book: Witness to Murder)
Brooks Gleason - (Book: Witness, The (hardcover))
Brooks Gleason - (Book: Witness, The (paperback))
Bowie Stone - (Book: Wives of Bowie Stone, The)
Ben Stoner - (Book: Wolf Unbound)
Benoit Faulkener - (Book: Wolf's Promise)
Ben Wolfe - (Book: Wolfe's Mate, The)
Boyd Radnor - (Book: Woman of Spirit, A)
Brad Stevenson - (Book: Woman to Wed)
Brent Ventura - (Book: Woman's Work, A)
Ben Pierce - (Book: Wonderful You)
Ben Jacobs - (Book: Wonders Never Cease)
Brodie Thorne - (Book: Woodrose Mountain)
Blake Garrett - (Book: Words Spoken True)
Ben Shaw - (Book: Working It)
Brett Tanner - (Book: Worth Fighting For (UK))
Brett Tanner - (Book: Worth Fightning For)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Would-be Witch)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Would-Be Witch (reprint))
Benjamin McCauley - (Book: Woven Dreams)
Blake Pierson - (Book: Wrong Place, Wrong Time)
Ben Jackson - (Book: Wrong Wife, The)
Bridger Jamison - (Book: Wyoming Promises)
Blair Coleman - (Book: Wyoming Rugged)
Burch Randall - (Book: Wyoming Wildfire)
Brent Morgan - (Book: Yankee and the Belle, The)
Brigham Quade - (Book: Yankee Wife)
Bruce Fenton - (Book: Yes Is Forever)
Bryce Donovan - (Book: Yesterday's Secrets)
Blake Remmington - (Book: You Belong to Me)
Ben - (Book: You Had Me at Hello)
Brad Rivers - (Book: You're Marrying Her?)
Beau Wilder - (Book: You're So Fine)
Ben Walsh - (Book: Yours for the Taking)


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