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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with D

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Daniel Gardner - (Book: Prodigal (ebook))
Darius Hall - (Book: 'Twas the Night Before Mischief (ebook))
Derek Mortenson - (Book: 1-800-SEX4YOU)
Dylan Donovan - (Book: 14 Valentine Place)
Dave Flemming - (Book: 8 Sandpiper Way)
Danny Navarro - (Book: 9 1/2 Days (UK))
Dylan Janos - (Book: Abbie And The Cowboy)
Damien Burke - (Book: Abducted by a Prince)
David Whitman - (Book: Abolitionist's Secret, The)
Derek Stillman - (Book: About Last Night...)
Dennis Murphy - (Book: Above the Law)
Duncan Chamberlain - (Book: Absolute Pleasure)
Declan Rafferty - (Book: Accidental Baby)
Dimitri Kallinikos - (Book: Accidental Demon Slayer, The)
Daniel Gladwell - (Book: Accidental Engagement, The (ebook))
Dom - (Book: Accidental Mistress, The)
Declan Haversham - (Book: Accidental Reunion (UK))
Dante Rinucci - (Book: Accidentally Expecting!)
Daniel Pierce - (Book: Ace is Wild)
Dan Ashley - (Book: Across the Misty)
David Terrell - (Book: Across the Rainbow)
Dillon Holt - (Book: Addicted (ebook))
Devon Jamison - (Book: Admission of Love)
Dickon - (Book: Adulteress, The)
Dixon Carter - (Book: Adventures in Parenthood)
Duke of Fletcher - (Book: Affair Before Christmas, An)
Delaney Caine - (Book: Affaire Royale)
Donald Williams - (Book: After Dark)
Dillon Montgomery - (Book: After the Dawn)
Donovan Kelly - (Book: After the Storm)
David Winter - (Book: Afterglow (reissue))
Denver McLean - (Book: Aftermath)
Dax McCall - (Book: Aftershock)
David Carvelli - (Book: Again)
Devlin Raines - (Book: Against the Law)
Douglas 'Bear' Steele - (Book: Against the Odds)
Daniel Essex - (Book: Against the Tide)
Dylan Brodie - (Book: Against the Wild)
Dane Curtis - (Book: Age of Consent)
Dylan Seabrook - (Book: Agent Undercover)
Dylan Seabrook - (Book: Agent Undercover (large print))
Dr. Hawk Lemay - (Book: Aim for the Heart)
David - (Book: Ain't No Sunshine)
Donovan River - (Book: Alabama Twilight)
Dylan and Jett - (Book: Alcandian Quest)
Dr Reece Snyder - (Book: Alias Mommy)
Dr. Seth Holt - (Book: All Due Respect)
Dylan O'Hara - (Book: All Hallows Heartbreaker)
Dominic Knight - (Book: All He Desires)
Dalton Cain - (Book: All He Ever Wanted)
Dominic Knight - (Book: All He Needs)
Dominic Knight - (Book: All He Wants)
Damien Rutledge III - (Book: All I Need Is You)
Damien Rutledge III - (Book: All I Need is You (ebook))
Derrick Guillory - (Book: All I Want Is Forever)
Dan Marquette - (Book: All in the Family)
David Waite - (Book: All of Me)
Damian Bradshaw - (Book: All of Me)
David Sloan - (Book: All Our Tomorrows)
Domingo Roque - (Book: All Roads Lead Me Back to You)
Demetri Kastro - (Book: All The Fire)
Derrick Cavenaugh - (Book: All-American Father)
Derek Herington, Sir - (Book: Allegra (reissue))
Derek Herington
- (Book: Allegra (reissue))
Dave Currick - (Book: Almost a Bride)
David Hervey
Earl of Linseley
- (Book: Almost A Gentleman)
David Hervey
Earl of Linseley
- (Book: Almost a Gentleman [reissue])
David Colyear - (Book: Almost a Scandal)
Dan Graham - (Book: Almost Like Being In Love)
Drew Connell, Major - (Book: Alpha Wolf)
Drake Carson - (Book: Always a Cowboy)
Dean - (Book: Always a Mother (reissue))
Daniel Friday - (Book: Always Friday)
Dr. Michael Jones - (Book: Always Her Hero)
Darwin Tolliver - (Book: Always Means Forever)
Darwin Tolliver - (Book: Always Means Forever )
Damron of Blackthorn - (Book: Always Mine)
Damon Craig - (Book: Always Ready)
Daniel Boylan - (Book: Ambassador's Vow, The)
Drew Bishop - (Book: Ambitious)
Duke of Hastings - (Book: American Duchess, The)
Duncan MacIain - (Book: American in Scotland, An)
Duke of Exeter - (Book: American Princess)
Duke of Clarewood - (Book: An Impossible Attraction)
Dougie - (Book: An Offer You Can't Refuse)
Dare MacLendon - (Book: An Officer and a Gentleman (reissue))
Drew MacMillan - (Book: And Baby Makes Perfect)
Dominic O'Shaughnessy - (Book: and Falling, Fly)
Detective St. James - (Book: And Justice for All)
Daniel Cameron - (Book: And One Wore Gray)
Devon St. John - (Book: And the Bride Wore Plaid)
Dominic Markham - (Book: Angel)
Drew Williams - (Book: Angel in Disguise)
Devil - (Book: Angel of Midnight)
Dalton McShane - (Book: Angel on a Harley)
Damien - (Book: Angel's Assassin)
Don Angel - (Book: Angel's Touch, An)
David Fairfax
Marquess of Stowe
- (Book: Angel's Wish, An)
David Fairfax,
Marquess of Stowe
- (Book: Angel's Wish, An)
Drew Maitland - (Book: Angels Don't Cry)
Dell Connelly - (Book: Animal Attraction)
Dell Connelly - (Book: Animal Attraction (reissue))
Dan Brenshaw - (Book: Annie's Song)
Daniel Rourke - (Book: Another Chance To Love You)
Drew Ericson - (Book: Another Wild Wedding Night)
Dean Silverthorne - (Book: Any Given Christmas)
Dalton Pierce - (Book: Any Time, Any Place)
Dakota - (Book: Apache Dream Bride)
Dion - (Book: Apollo's Seed )
Dr. Jake Templeton - (Book: Apple Orchard, The)
Dan D'Alesio - (Book: Arabian Nights)
Dmitri - (Book: Archangel's Blade)
Diego Ortega - (Book: Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-Child)
Diego Ortega - (Book: Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-Child (UK))
Diego Acosta - (Book: Argentinian's Solace, The)
Diego Acosta - (Book: Argentinian's Solace, The (large print))
Devlin - (Book: Aristocrat's Lady, The)
Dan Crawford - (Book: Arm Candy)
Darius Kane - (Book: Armed and Dangerous)
Daniel Vachon - (Book: Arms of the Law, The)
Dominic Halstad - (Book: Arrogance Of Love, The)
Duque Felipe Ricardo de Castro - (Book: Arrogant Duke, The )
Dylan Bradley - (Book: Art of Romance, The)
Dominick Carlisle
Duke of Wakefield
- (Book: Art of Seduction, The)
Duncan Todd - (Book: Art of the Hunt, The)
Daniel McCullen - (Book: As Big As The Sky (ebook))
David Traymore - (Book: As You Wish)
Dillon Ford - (Book: Ashley's Rebel)
Doyle Jackson - (Book: Ask Me Nicely (ebook))
Darius - (Book: Assassin Mine (ebook))
Dr. Hunter Phillips - (Book: Assignment: Baby)
Dalton Cutter - (Book: At Her Command (ebook))
Drake Winslow - (Book: At His Command)
Drakos - (Book: At His Majesty's Request)
Drakos - (Book: At His Majesty's Request (large print))
Duncan Pennethorne
Earl of Sheringford
- (Book: At Last Comes Love)
Dominic Solage - (Book: Athena's Conquest)
Donald Rumsinger - (Book: Atlantean's Quest - Redemption)
Dillon Lawson - (Book: Atonement)
Dallas Mitchell
- (Book: Attempted Matrimony)
David Doveny - (Book: Aunts and the Dove)
Diarmid Maclean - (Book: Autumn Flame)
Daniel Tarrant - (Book: Awake Savage Heart)
Dr. Ethan Brown - (Book: Awakening of Dr. Brown, The)
Dru Colson - (Book: Babe In the Woods)
Dru Colson - (Book: Babe in the Woods (reissue))
Dylan Van Zandt - (Book: Baby 101)
Dan Remington - (Book: Baby Bargain, The)
Derek Messina - (Book: Baby Benefits )
David Knight - (Book: Baby by Chance)
David Foster - (Book: Baby by Easter, A)
Dan Armstrong - (Book: Baby Claim, The)
Dr Ross Bodey - (Book: Baby Emergency, The)
Dillon Maguire - (Book: Baby for Emily, A)
Dylan Kavanagh - (Book: Baby for Keeps)
Dan Kingsland - (Book: Baby For Mommy, A)
Dex Messina - (Book: Baby on the Billionaire's Doorstep, A)
Darius Andreas - (Book: Baby Project, The)
Devin Kincaid - (Book: Baby Pursuit, The)
Devon Tarlington - (Book: Baby Surprise, The)
Dillon Reeves - (Book: Baby's Cry, A)
Dan Meadows - (Book: Bachelor Cop Finally Caught?)
Dusty McPherson - (Book: Bachelor Cowboy)
Daniel Worth - (Book: Bachelor Preferred Pastry, The)
Dag McKendrick - (Book: Bachelor's Christmas Bride, The)
David Coronado - (Book: Bachelor, The)
Drew Black - (Book: Back in Black)
de Mornay - (Book: Back in Society)
Dominic Caryle - (Book: Back in the Marriage Bed)
Daniel Cartwright - (Book: Back in the Soldier's Arms)
Daniel Cartwright - (Book: Back in the Soldier's Arms (large print))
Dylan Ryland - (Book: Back Where She Belongs)
Dylan Ryland - (Book: Back Where She Belongs (large print))
Dillon Savich - (Book: Backfire (hardcover))
Dillon Savich - (Book: Backfire (paperback))
Dom Gordon - (Book: Bad Behavior)
Duke Austen - (Book: Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement (paperback))
Duke Austen - (Book: Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement, The (ebook))
Daniel Sinclair - (Book: Bad Karma)
Darin Russell - (Book: Barbie and the Beast)
Daniel Williams - (Book: Bare Facts)
Dylan Malone - (Book: Bare Facts, The)
David Lancaster - (Book: Bargain, The)
David Lancaster, Major - (Book: Bargain, The)
David Lancaster - (Book: Bargain, The (reprint))
Drake and Damon - (Book: Bat Scratch Fever)
Desmond Maitland - (Book: Bath Belles)
Derek Leighton - (Book: Bath Intrigue, A)
Daniel Bruneille - (Book: Battle For Possession)
Dominick Allard
- (Book: Battlefield of Hearts)
Dominick Allard
- (Book: Battlefield of Hearts (UK))
Dominic Kane - (Book: Bayou Bride)
Daniel Griffin - (Book: Bayou Rhapsody)
David Jones - (Book: Be My Valentine)
Dave Barnett - (Book: Be My Valentine (ebook))
Dr. Damon Sinclair - (Book: Beast In The Tower)
Domingos LaRoque - (Book: Beautiful Danger)
Dixon Edwards - (Book: Beautiful Dreamer)
Devin - (Book: Beautiful Mistake (ebook))
Dr Josh Bennett - (Book: Beautiful Stranger)
Draven Winthrop - (Book: Beauty and the Wolf)
Dalton - (Book: Beauty in Disguise)
Damian Steele - (Book: Beauty vs. the Beast)
Drake Byron - (Book: Bed and the Bachelor, The)
Daniel Lowell - (Book: Bed of Roses)
Duke of Abbercombe - (Book: Bedeviled Duke, The)
Daniel Rokov - (Book: Before She Dies)
Dominic Kinkaide - (Book: Before We Fall)
Daniel Quinn - (Book: Before You Break (ebook))
Daniel Quinn - (Book: Before You Break (paperback))
Dane Carter - (Book: Beguiled (Anthology))
Devon Burns - (Book: Beguiled and Bedazzled)
Dag - (Book: Beguilement)
David - (Book: Behaving Badly (reprint))
Dan Brennan - (Book: Behind Every Cloud)
David Bryson - (Book: Behind the Veil)
Drew Watson - (Book: Believe It or Not)
Dominic Wright - (Book: Bella's Impossible Boss)
Dominic Wright - (Book: Bella's Impossible Boss (large print))
Dominic Wright - (Book: Bella's Impossible Boss (UK))
Daniel Best - (Book: Belle and the Beau)
Daniel Ross, Major - (Book: Beloved Virago (UK))
Dar - (Book: Beloved Warrior)
Deputy Sheriff Miles Ryan - (Book: Bend in the Road, A)
Dane Fortune - (Book: Bend in Time, A (ebook))
Dane Fortune - (Book: Bend in Time, A (paperback))
Duncan Hartford - (Book: Beneath a Harvest Sky)
Duncan Sinclair - (Book: Beneath a Rising Moon)
Diego Serrat - (Book: Beneath a Texas Moon)
Dominic Coale - (Book: Beneath the Major's Scars)
Duncan Sinclair - (Book: Beneath the Rising Moon (reissue))
Dante Baptiste - (Book: Beneath the Skin)
Demetrio Bertoluzzi - (Book: Bertoluzzi's Heiress Bride (UK))
Danny - (Book: Best Friend Bargain, The (ebook))
Damien Escobedo - (Book: Best Game, The)
Drew - (Book: Best Gift, The)
Doug Maguire - (Book: Best Intentions)
Duke of Asgar - (Book: Best Laid Schemes, The)
Dr Nick Jameson - (Book: Best Man's Bride, The)
Dillon Marshall - (Book: Best Man's Conquest)
Dal Frisco - (Book: Best Man, The)
Dallas Calhoun - (Book: Best Revenge, The)
Dameron St. John - (Book: Best Revenge, The)
Donovan Russell - (Book: Bet on My Heart)
Deverell St. Simon - (Book: Betrayal (UK-Large Print))
Darien Price - (Book: Betrayal of Trust)
Damien - (Book: Betrayed by Your Kiss)
Deacon Whitney - (Book: Better Homes and Hauntings)
Daniel MacCarey - (Book: Better Than Gold)
Duncan MacLachlan - (Book: Between Love and Duty)
Duncan MacLachlan - (Book: Between Love and Duty (large print))
Dean Radcliffe - (Book: Bewildered Wife, The)
David Deverenko - (Book: Bewitching Compulsion, A)
Drew - (Book: Beyond Compare)
Derek Vaughn - (Book: Beyond Limits)
Dominick Saint Georges
Viscount Lyons
- (Book: Beyond Scandal)
Dominick Saint Georges
Viscount Lyons
- (Book: Beyond Scandal (reissue))
Dr. Elliott Drake - (Book: Beyond the Night)
Darius - (Book: Beyond The Pale)
Durl Lambert - (Book: Big Shot)
Durl Lambert - (Book: Big Shot (large print))
Dalton Corbett - (Book: Big Sky Dynasty)
Daniel O'Brien - (Book: Big Sky Reunion)
Dillon Savage - (Book: Big Sky Standoff)
Donovan Morrow - (Book: Billion Dollar Bad Boy, The (ebook))
Dominic Giraud - (Book: Billionaire and the Baby, The)
Deacon Beaumont - (Book: Billionaire Between the Sheets, A)
Dez Kerrigan - (Book: Billionaire Bid, the)
Damien Medici - (Book: Billionaire Extraordinaire)
Dylan Valentine - (Book: Billionaire's Bargain, The)
Dominick Masters - (Book: Billionaire's Marriage Bargain, The)
Dimitri Petronides - (Book: Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress, The)
Dimitri Petronides - (Book: Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress, The (reissue))
Damien Wynter - (Book: Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage, The)
Damien Wynter - (Book: Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage, The)
Damien Wynter - (Book: Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage, The)
Dominick Masters - (Book: Billioniare's Marriage Bargain, The (reissue))
Duncan MacCoinnich - (Book: Binding Vows)
David Stirling - (Book: Birthday Bride )
Dr Richmond - (Book: Bit by the Bug)
Deacon Black - (Book: Bite Me)
Declan Stone - (Book: Bitter Honey)
Dez - (Book: Bitter Sweet Love)
Dez - (Book: Bitter Sweet Love (ebook))
Damien McCall - (Book: Bittersweet Legacy)
Dane Visconti - (Book: Bittersweet Passion)
Delos - (Book: Black Dawn)
Duncan Crawford - (Book: Black Fox)
Drake Randolph - (Book: Black Lace)
Dane St. Pierre
Viscount Ravenhurst
- (Book: Black Rose, The)
Donovan MacLeod - (Book: Black Sheep and the Princess, The)
Declan Gates - (Book: Black Sheep Billionaire)
Drew Claymore - (Book: Black Tie Affair, A)
Damon Asteriades - (Book: Black Widow Bride)
Dillon Blackhawk - (Book: Blackhawk Legacy)
D. J. Bradshaw - (Book: Blackhawk's Bond)
Dracco Barrington - (Book: Blackmail Baby, The)
Dario Parisi - (Book: Blackmailed Bride, Inexperienced Wife)
Dario Parisi - (Book: Blackmailed Bride, Inexperienced Wife (UK))
Damian Marquez - (Book: Blackmailed Into Marriage)
Marquis of Blackwood
- (Book: Blackwood's Lady)
Dustin Jones - (Book: Blame It on Texas)
Devon McKee - (Book: Blame It on the Bachelor)
Dylan Hart - (Book: Blame it on the Ghost (ebook))
Dev Santos - (Book: Blaze of Memory)
Daniel Sullivan - (Book: Bless the Bride (hardcover))
Danny Sinofsky - (Book: Blind Curve)
Dylan Jones - (Book: Blind Justice (ebook))
Dorian Graves - (Book: Blood & Sex (Dorian #4))
Daniel Frey - (Book: Blood Bond)
Devante Matiero - (Book: Blood Bytes (ebook))
Diego Rivera - (Book: Blood Calls)
Diamond - (Book: Blood Cursed)
Daniel Frey - (Book: Blood Drive (ebook))
Daniel Catlin - (Book: Blood Kin)
Demi - (Book: Blood Lines - Blood Oath)
Demetrius - (Book: Blood of the Sorceress)
Ditheous - (Book: Blood Of The Sun (ebook))
Doyle Massey - (Book: Blood on Copperhead Trail)
Daniel Reed - (Book: Blood Vines (UK Hardcover))
Dillon Savich - (Book: Blow Out)
David Church - (Book: Blowback)
Daniel - (Book: Blue Christmas (paperback))
Dev Abrams - (Book: Blue Flame)
Devin Chandler - (Book: Blue Lotus)
Damen - (Book: Blue Moon)
Dallas Cole - (Book: Blue Ridge Ricochet)
Darian Woodward - (Book: Blue-Eyed Bandit)
Dr. Kyle Bingham - (Book: Bluegrass Baby)
Drew Downing - (Book: Bluegrass Courtship)
Drew Forsythe - (Book: Boardroom Proposal)
David Ventris, Lord Ashthorpe - (Book: Body & Soul)
Dominic Ayers - (Book: Body Chemistry)
Dale Metcalf - (Book: Body Search)
Detective Dalton Vail - (Book: Body Wave)
Drake Cullinane - (Book: Bodyguard's Bride, The)
Dare Penrod - (Book: Bold Land, Bold Love)
Dillon Savich - (Book: Bombshell (hardcover))
Don Rafael Perez - (Book: Bond of Blood)
Dominic - (Book: Bonded By Blood)
Deklan Winters - (Book: Bonds of Need (ebook))
Duncan Kerr
Laird of Kildalton
- (Book: Border Lord)
Duncan Maxwell - (Book: Border Lord)
Duncan Armstrong
Laird of Duffdour
- (Book: Border Lord's Bride, The)
Duncan Armstrong - (Book: Border Lord's Bride, The (reprint))
Dominic Borghese - (Book: Borghese Bride, The (UK))
Duncan O'Conner - (Book: Born in Blood)
Devyn Kell - (Book: Born Of Ice)
Damien Theroux - (Book: Born To Be Bad)
Daniel Andreas - (Book: Borrowed Ring, The)
David Hanson - (Book: Boss and Miss Baxter, The)
Dr Jason Rogers - (Book: Boss and Nurse Albright, The)
Dylan Reynolds - (Book: Boss's Proposal, The)
Damon Latousakis - (Book: Bought for Her Baby)
Damon Latousakis - (Book: Bought for Her Baby (Large Print))
Damon Latousakis - (Book: Bought for Her Baby (UK))
David - (Book: Bound (ebook))
Dylan Harper - (Book: Bound by a Baby (large print))
Darren Taylor - (Book: Bound By Love)
Drake - (Book: Bound by Night)
Devlin Campbell - (Book: Bound By The Baby)
Devlin Campbell - (Book: Bound By The Baby)
Duncan MacAlpin - (Book: Bound to a Warrior)
Dax Xavier - (Book: Bound to be Dirty)
Dusty McIntyre - (Book: Bounty Hunter and the Bride, The)
Donovan Jones - (Book: Bounty Hunter's Woman)
Daniel Murphy - (Book: Brain Dead)
Deacon Cavanaugh - (Book: Branded)
Dante Callahan - (Book: Branded by a Callahan)
Dean West - (Book: Break for Me (ebook))
Dane Fortune - (Book: Break in Time, A (ebook))
Dane Fortune - (Book: Break in Time, A (paperback))
Dylan Hastings - (Book: Breaking Free)
Dax Killian - (Book: Breaking Loose)
Dallas O'Halloran - (Book: Breakpoint)
Damien Reynald
Earl of Doncaster
- (Book: Breath of Scandal, A)
Drew Xandova - (Book: Breathing Her Air (ebook))
Detective Blake Barker - (Book: Breathless)
Daniel Walker - (Book: Breathless)
Daniel - (Book: Breathless in Black)
Marquess of Castlereagh
- (Book: Briar & the Rose, The)
Duncan Kincaid - (Book: Bride for a Night)
Donnigan Harrison - (Book: Bride for Donnigan)
Dr. Lucas Daniels - (Book: Bride in Waiting, A)
Dominic Chickalini - (Book: Bride Needs Groom)
Doyle Kerrigan - (Book: Bride of the High Country)
Doyle Kerrigan - (Book: Bride of the High Country (reissue))
Duncan MacKinnon - (Book: Bride Of The Mist)
Drake O'Keefe - (Book: Bride Overboard)
Damian Skouras - (Book: Bride Said Never!, The)
Dominic Van Straten - (Book: Bride Worth Waiting For, A (UK))
Dimitrios Pandakis - (Book: Bridegroom's Vow, The)
Dane of Rawley - (Book: Brides of Caralon: Rituals of Passion)
Donovan O'Roark - (Book: Brides of the Night)
Dominic Montserrat - (Book: Bridge of Dreams)
Darius Chadwick - (Book: Brief Delight)
Damien de Villars
Marquess of Chatham
- (Book: Brighton Intrigue)
Desmond Treverly
Baron Ravenel
- (Book: Brighton Road)
Denny Cutler - (Book: Bring Me Home for Christmas)
David Baines - (Book: Bringing Baby Home)
David - (Book: Broken Rhapsody)
King of the Winged Clans
- (Book: Broken Wings (ebook))
Doug Donahue - (Book: Bronze Mystique)
Dominic St. Clair - (Book: Brother's Honor, A)
Doug Brewster - (Book: Brotherhood, The (ebook))
Dale Bowen - (Book: Building a Perfect Match)
Dale Bowen - (Book: Building a Perfect Match (large print))
Dylan Creighton - (Book: Bulletproof Hearts)
Dave Hernandez - (Book: Bunco Babes Gone Wild)
Dane Bax - (Book: Burned Deep)
Drake - (Book: Burning Alive)
Dante Marquetti - (Book: Burning Dante (ebook))
Dayne, Marek - (Book: Burning Hunger)
Donovan Corsi - (Book: Burning Point, The)
Devon Hunter - (Book: Business Engagement, A)
Darren Alexander - (Book: Business of Love, The)
Devlin Rhett - (Book: Butler and the Bachelorette, The)
Damian Newcastle - (Book: Buttons & Beaus)
Donovan Caine - (Book: By a Thread)
David de Abyndon - (Book: By Arrangement)
Delaney Thomas - (Book: By the Light of the Moon)
Daniel Crosbie - (Book: By Winter's Light (hardcover))
David Driscoll - (Book: Bylines)
Dylan Langstaff - (Book: Cabin Fever)
Deacon McConnell - (Book: Caged)
Drake Lockwood - (Book: Calamity Claresta)
Daniel Reeves - (Book: Calico Canyon)
Drake Frazier - (Book: California Caress)
Devil Haggard - (Book: Call Back Yesterday)
Dagan Meyers - (Book: Call of the Siren)
Dane Cameron - (Book: Camden Family Wedding, A)
Earl of Ennismount
- (Book: Camilla's Conscience)
Djinn David - (Book: Cape Storm)
Darren Birch - (Book: Capitol Affair, A)
Derek Sutherland
Earl of Stanhope
- (Book: Captain of All Pleasures, The)
Darkyn Weil - (Book: Captain's Fancy, The)
Darrel Huntley - (Book: Captain's Lady, A)
Dominic Reston
Earl of Harwich
- (Book: Captivated Countess, The)
Darien James - (Book: Captivated Love)
Dominic Baudelair - (Book: Captive Bride)
Drago Cassari - (Book: Captive in His Castle)
Drago Cassari - (Book: Captive in His Castle (large print))
Domenico Volpe - (Book: Captive in the Spotlight)
Domenico Volpe - (Book: Captive in the Spotlight (large print))
Drew Anderson - (Book: Captive of My Desires)
Dominic LeVeq - (Book: Captured)
Duncan MacLean - (Book: Captured by the Highlander)
Donny - (Book: Card Sharks)
David - (Book: Caress (ebook))
Dante de'Allesandro - (Book: Caressa)
David Ross - (Book: Caring for His Child (UK))
Dallon - (Book: Carnal Ecstasy (ebook))
Daniel Grey - (Book: Caroline's Promise)
Daniel McCullum, Captain - (Book: Carried Away)
Dane Lassiter - (Book: Case of the Mesmerizing Boss, The)
Dane Lassiter - (Book: Case of the Mesmerizing Boss, The (Hardcover))
Dane Lassiter - (Book: Case of the Mesmerizing Boss, The (reissue))
Daniel Cash - (Book: Cash)
Dustin Bennett - (Book: Cassandra)
David Foster - (Book: Castles and Fairy Tales)
Duncan Ross - (Book: Cat and Mouse)
Dillon McKenna - (Book: Cat's Cradle)
Dean Collier - (Book: Catch Me (ebook))
Daniel Creighton - (Book: Catch of the Day)
Derrick St. John - (Book: Catherine and the Pirate)
Devin Patterson - (Book: Caught In The Mix)
Dominic Tyler - (Book: Caught On Camera)
Dean “Havoc” Connor - (Book: Causing Havoc)
Declan Cavanaugh - (Book: Cavanaugh Hero)
Davis Gilroy - (Book: Cavanaugh or Death)
Duncan Cavanaugh - (Book: Cavanaugh Strong)
Dylan Black - (Book: Celtic Moon)
Declan Knight - (Book: CEO's Contract Bride, The)
Dawson Barrett - (Book: CEO's Unexpected Proposal, The)
Damon Setter - (Book: Chain Lightning)
Damon Sutter - (Book: Chain Lightning (Hardcover--reprint))
Daniel Baker - (Book: Chains and Canes (ebook))
Drake Chastain - (Book: Chalice (print))
Dante Leonetti - (Book: Challenging Dante)
Dante Leonetti - (Book: Challenging Dante (large print))
Donovan Drake - (Book: Champagne Kisses)
Dante Leighton - (Book: Chance the Winds of Fortune)
Dante Leighton - (Book: Chance the Winds of Fortune (reprint))
Devin - (Book: Chances)
Daniel Petterman - (Book: Chances)
Drake Rutledge - (Book: Chances Are)
David Walker - (Book: Change of Heart)
Dr. Peter Hallam - (Book: Changes)
Dustin Chandler - (Book: Changing the Rules)
Dominic Castille, Captain - (Book: Charity's Gambit)
David Marshall - (Book: Charmed and Dangerous)
Dillon Kinky - (Book: Charmed and Dangerous)
Dr. Sam - (Book: Charmed and Dangerous [reissue])
Duncan MacKeage - (Book: Charmed by His Love)
David Teller - (Book: Charmed, I'm Sure)
Declan McCarthy - (Book: Charms and Chocolate Chips)
Durango Yazzie - (Book: Charmstone, The)
Davis Murphy - (Book: Chasing Charlie)
Dax Costas - (Book: Chasing Danger (ebook novella))
Drew Buchanan - (Book: Chasing Sunset (ebook))
Damon Hurst - (Book: Chef's Choice, The)
Dr. Alexander Copeland - (Book: Cherished Beginnings)
David Sullivan - (Book: Cherry Lane)
Damien Drummond - (Book: Cherry Ripe)
Deke Sheridan - (Book: Cheyenne Amber)
Deke Sheridan - (Book: Cheyenne Amber (reissue))
Dakota Graywolf - (Book: Cheyenne Dad)
Drummond Macqueen
- (Book: Chieftain)
Dave Archer - (Book: Child's Christmas, A)
Darach Campbell - (Book: Children of the Mist)
Darcy Fitzroy - (Book: China Blossom)
Dominique Richard - (Book: Chocolate Touch, The)
Damon Ryder - (Book: Choice, The)
Damon Trent - (Book: Choices)
Duke of Heath; Sinclair - (Book: Choices)
Damian Greer - (Book: Choose Your Heart (ebook))
Dominic Reynolds - (Book: Christmas Affair, A)
Dominic Reynolds - (Book: Christmas Affair, A (UK))
Daniel Trent - (Book: Christmas at Blue Moon Ranch)
Dante Thunder Horse - (Book: Christmas at Thunder Horse Ranch)
Derek - (Book: Christmas Bride)
Dane McConnell - (Book: Christmas Every Morning)
Dale Emerson - (Book: Christmas Hope, A (ebook novella))
Dylan Caine - (Book: Christmas in Snowflake Canyon)
Dominic Hurst - (Book: Christmas Knight, A)
D.C. Campbell, Captain - (Book: Christmas Male)
Dr James Galbraith - (Book: Christmas Miracle: A Family)
Derek Rossi - (Book: Christmas Proposition, The)
Dylan Black - (Book: Christmas Wedding Ring, The)
Davies Preston - (Book: Christmas Wedding, The)
Davin Sigmundsen - (Book: Cinderella Wife)
Daniel Crompton - (Book: Cinderman)
Doyle Fitzgerald - (Book: Circle of Death)
Doyle Fitzgerald - (Book: Circle of Death (reissue))
David Daniels - (Book: Circle of Love)
Dominic Lysander - (Book: City Beneath, The)
Dr. Joe Hudson - (Book: City Girl And The Country Doctor, The)
Daniel Sullivan - (Book: City of Darkness and Light (hardcover))
Dr Max Ashton - (Book: City Surgeon, Small Town Miracle)
Dr Max Ashton - (Book: City Surgeon, Small Town Miracle)
Danny - (Book: Civil Affairs)
Damien Stark - (Book: Claim Me)
Dage Kayrs - (Book: Claimed)
Darronn - (Book: Claimed by Pleasure)
Damien Keller - (Book: Claimed by the Immortal)
Damon Blakely - (Book: Claiming His Bought Bride)
Daniel Renton - (Book: Claiming the Cattleman's Heart)
Duke of Kylemore - (Book: Claiming the Courtesan)
Dax - (Book: Clone Wars: ARMAGEDDON (ebook))
Deacon Novak - (Book: Closer Than You Think)
Daniel - (Book: Closing In (ebook serial))
Derrick Warren - (Book: Closing the Deal (ebook))
David Whitewater - (Book: Cloud Holders, The)
Didier Pedra - (Book: Coercion (ebook))
David - (Book: Coffee Wars (ebook))
Daniel Marks - (Book: Colby Conspiracy)
Devon Sinclair - (Book: Cold Burn of Magic)
Dario Donato - (Book: Cold Case, Hot Bodies)
Denver Brooke - (Book: Cold Noses, Warm Kisses)
Devon Ravenel - (Book: Cold-Hearted Rake)
Dylan Acevedo - (Book: Collecting Evidence)
Derek Riddle - (Book: Collingwood School)
Dr. Colter Outlaw - (Book: Colter's Revenge)
Duke Colton - (Book: Colton by Marriage)
Dylan Frick - (Book: Colton Heir, The)
Damien Colton - (Book: Colton's Christmas Baby)
Derek Colton - (Book: Colton's Deep Cover)
Dancer - (Book: Comanche Flame)
Dylan - (Book: Come and Get Me)
Donnie Grimaldo - (Book: Come Back Girl, The)
Dragon - (Book: Come Back To Me)
Devlyn Carlisle - (Book: Come the Dawn)
Dino Angelis - (Book: Come Toy With Me)
Devon Rivard - (Book: Come What May)
Deke Larrabie - (Book: Come-Back Cowboy, The)
Deke Larrabie - (Book: Come-Back Cowboy, The (reissue))
Dermot Finnegan - (Book: Comeback Kiss, The)
Daniel - (Book: Comfort and Joy (hardcover))
Dakota Keller - (Book: Comfort of Favorite Things, The)
David Crighton - (Book: Coming Home)
Daniel Cafferty - (Book: Coming Home)
Derek McGill - (Book: Commitments)
Derek McGill - (Book: Commitments)
Damien Stark - (Book: Complete Me)
Darcy - (Book: Compulsively Mr. Darcy)
Didier Pedra - (Book: Confession (ebook))
Daniel Sutton
Lord Surbrooke
- (Book: Confessions at Midnight)
Dexter Anstruther - (Book: Confessions of a Duchess)
David Wilson - (Book: Conflict of Interest)
Dr. Chase Larson - (Book: Conquering Dr. Wexler's Heart)
Earl of Drummond
- (Book: Conquest, The)
Darcy Howard - (Book: Contract to Marry)
Duert ter Laan-Luitinga - (Book: Convenient Wife, The)
Duert ter Laan-Luitinga - (Book: Convenient Wife, The (reissue))
Duert ter Laan-Luitinga - (Book: Convenient Wife, The (reissue))
Duert ter Laan-Luitinga - (Book: Convenient Wife, The (reissue))
Duert ter Laan-Luitinga - (Book: Convenient Wife, The (UK))
Deacon Garner - (Book: Convicted )
Delaney Caine - (Book: Cordina's Crown Jewel)
Declan MacCarthy - (Book: Core Attraction)
Earl of Lynton
- (Book: Cornwell Bride)
D.B. Barlow - (Book: Corporate Cowgirl)
Dante Cannavaro - (Book: Cost of Her Innocence, The)
Dante Cannavaro - (Book: Cost of Her Innocence, The (large print))
Dean Dreisler - (Book: Cost of Love, The)
Dario Costanzo - (Book: Costanzo Baby Secret, The )
Dario Costanzo - (Book: Costanzo Baby Secret, The (UK))
Duke of Margate - (Book: Cotillion for Mandy)
Damien Boscastle - (Book: Countess Confessions, The)
Duncan - (Book: Countess, The)
Dougie Everett - (Book: Country Escape, The)
Declan O'Rourke - (Book: Country Of The Falcon)
Daniel Callahan - (Book: County Fair)
Davis Jackson - (Book: Courted by the Texas Billioniare)
Dylan Tremaine - (Book: Courting Caitlin)
Derrick Middleton - (Book: Courting Claudia)
DeAngelo Di Meglio - (Book: Courting Justice)
Dr. Luke Jacobs - (Book: Courting the Doctor's daughter)
Deke Morgan - (Book: Cover Your Eyes)
Dan O'Reilly - (Book: Cover-Up)
Drew McCoy - (Book: Covering Kendall)
Daniel McManus - (Book: Covert Attraction)
Duke Dalton - (Book: Cowboy and the Angel, The)
Derek Chandler - (Book: Cowboy and the Angel, The)
Declan Brennan - (Book: Cowboy Christmas Miracle, A)
Dax - (Book: Cowboy Daddy, Jingle-Bell Baby)
Dax - (Book: Cowboy Daddy, Jingle-Bell Baby (Large Print))
Dakota Ledger - (Book: Cowboy Fever)
Dakota Ledger - (Book: Cowboy Fever (large print))
Dan Roland - (Book: Cowboy For Christmas, A)
Dillinger Kent - (Book: Cowboy From Christmas Past, The)
Dewar O'Donnell - (Book: Cowboy Seeks Bride)
Dylan Ledger - (Book: Cowboy Swagger)
Devlin McAllister
- (Book: Cowboy with a Badge)
Dean Moore - (Book: Cowboy's Christmas Baby, The)
Deke Malone - (Book: Cowboy's Christmas Miracle, The (reissue))
Dallas Henderson - (Book: Cowboy's Honor, A)
Decker - (Book: Cracklin' Rosie (ebook))
Daniel Adams - (Book: Cradle Conspiracy, The)
Dylan Montgomery - (Book: Cradle of Secrets)
David - (Book: Crave (ebook))
Didier Pedra - (Book: Craving (ebook))
Deputy Sheriff Clarence Beeber - (Book: Crazy for Ellie)
Donny Joe Ledbetter - (Book: Crazy Little Thing Called Love)
Desmond - (Book: Crazy Little Things)
Dylan Hart - (Book: Crazy Love)
Deverell Rossiter, Captain - (Book: Cressida)
Davy Hunter - (Book: Criminal Intent)
Dennis Grady - (Book: Crimson Rose, The)
Dr DanteNash - (Book: Crossing The Line)
Darrin Malone - (Book: Crossroads)
Dr Jeffrey Baron - (Book: Crossroads)
Derek Gabriel - (Book: Crossroads)
Drew Richards - (Book: Crystal City, The)
Duncan Reever - (Book: Crystal Healer)
Derrin - (Book: Crystal Shadows)
Dutch Jansen - (Book: Cure for the Common Breakup)
Dethan - (Book: Cursed by Fire)
Dallas Samson - (Book: Cursed, The)
Dylan - (Book: Custody for Two)
Dylan Malloy - (Book: Custody for Two (UK))
Duke Rogan - (Book: Cutting Edge)
Dr. Michael Raybin - (Book: Cutting Edge)
Devlin Kavanagh - (Book: Cutting Loose)
Devlin Kavanagh - (Book: Cutting Loose (reissue))
Daniel McGuane - (Book: Dad Like Daniel, A)
Devin Gray - (Book: Daddy By Surprise)
Dan Hamilton - (Book: Daddy Catch, The)
Dan Morrow - (Book: Daddy Lessons)
Dan Morrow - (Book: Daddy Lessons (large print))
Dade Ryland - (Book: Dade)
Dade Ryland - (Book: Dade (large print))
Dante - (Book: Daemon Prism, The)
Daemon - (Book: Daemon's Angel)
Dakota Remington - (Book: Dakota Dreams)
Domino Santori - (Book: Dakotah's Reading)
Dakota Garrett - (Book: Damaged)
Damaso Pires - (Book: Damaso Claims His Heir)
Damien - (Book: Damien)
Damien - (Book: Damien's Destiny)
Dolmain, Lord - (Book: Damsel in Distress)
Damian Montjoy - (Book: Damsel in Distress)
Dylan Chadwick - (Book: Dance With Me)
Dr Mike Carter - (Book: Dance With the Doctor)
Dalton Montgomery - (Book: Dancing With Dalton)
Deacon - (Book: Dancing with the Devil)
Dane Satyr - (Book: Dane)
David Campbell - (Book: Danger in Discovery (ebook))
Deke Griffin - (Book: Danger in the Desert)
Damion Browne - (Book: Danger That is Damion, The)
Drago Nance - (Book: Dangerous (ebook))
Dan Ramsey
- (Book: Dangerous Alliance)
Dimitri Kostakidas - (Book: Dangerous Alliance)
Delaney Parker - (Book: Dangerous at Heart)
Dimitri - (Book: Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, The)
David Tenant
Earl of Brentfield
- (Book: Dangerous Dalliance, A)
Domingo Shea - (Book: Dangerous Deception)
Dominic Santrell - (Book: Dangerous Desires)
Drake Flynn - (Book: Dangerous Desires)
Devlin Deverell - (Book: Dangerous Duke, The)
Duke of Roxton - (Book: Dangerous Game, The)
Drake - (Book: Dangerous Games)
Dr. Matt Carter - (Book: Dangerous Practice)
Dane Ferguson - (Book: Dangerous Precedent, A)
Duncan Ross - (Book: Dangerous Protector, The)
Damon - (Book: Dangerous Rhapsody)
Dom Jeffries - (Book: Dangerous to Her)
David Jensen/Adam Ridgeway - (Book: Dangerous to Know (Anthology))
Duncan MacPherson - (Book: Dangerous To Love)
Daniel Raife - (Book: Daniel and Daughter)
Daniel Beckham - (Book: Daniel's Bride)
Daniel Devaney - (Book: Daniel's Desire)
Daniel Banks - (Book: Daniel's True Desire)
Danny Quinn - (Book: Danny)
Danny - (Book: Danny)
Danny Sinclair - (Book: Danny Boy)
Danny Dark - (Book: Danny's Girl)
Draco Dante - (Book: Dante's Marriage Pact)
Dante - (Book: Dante's Relic)
Dante Orsini - (Book: Dante: Claiming His Secret Love-Child)
Darcy Rhoads, Major - (Book: Darcy's Kiss)
David Crissman - (Book: Dare To Love)
Doug Avery - (Book: Dare to Love)
Decklan Dare - (Book: Dare to Submit)
Dylan Rhodes - (Book: Dare to Touch (ebook))
Derek Stanton - (Book: Daring, The)
Darius Lindsey - (Book: Darius)
Darius Jones - (Book: Darius Jones (hardcover))
David - (Book: Dark Angel)
Dr. Matthew Graham - (Book: Dark Angel)
Dante Leighton - (Book: Dark Before the Rising Sun)
Dante Leighton - (Book: Dark Before the Rising Sun (reprint))
Dr. Robert Darvell - (Book: Dark Changeling)
Damien Cole - (Book: Dark Desires)
Dylan MacLeod - (Book: Dark Embers)
Domenico - (Book: Dark Fate)
Darius - (Book: Dark Fire)
Dark Guardian - (Book: Dark Guardian)
Devereux - (Book: Dark Harvest)
Devon Sinclair - (Book: Dark Heart of Magic)
Dageus MacKeltar - (Book: Dark Highlander, The)
David Argon - (Book: Dark in the Woods)
Dante Chiavari - (Book: Dark Knight, The)
Dayan - (Book: Dark Melody)
Dave Malkoff / Lawrence Decker - (Book: Dark of Night (paperback))
Dominic - (Book: Dark Peril (hardcover))
Dominic - (Book: Dark Peril (paperback))
Devlin Bane - (Book: Dark Protector)
Daniel Brand - (Book: Dark Road Home)
Desmond Lacroix - (Book: Dark Salvation (ebook))
Dax - (Book: Dark Storm (hardcover))
Dax - (Book: Dark Storm (paperback))
Dane Riderwood - (Book: Dark Summer Dawn)
Dominic Gallagher - (Book: Dark Torment)
Dante - (Book: Dark Watcher)
Dimitri Tirunul - (Book: Dark Wolf (hardcover))
Drako Alexandre - (Book: Darkest Fire)
Dave Jenks - (Book: Darkest Hour, The)
D.J. Clayborne - (Book: Darkness Beyond)
Donovan Black - (Book: Darkwood Manor)
Dashiel Riske - (Book: Dash of Peril, A)
Dash Black - (Book: Dash of Temptation, A)
Dashiell Sutherland - (Book: Dashing Through the Snow (hardcover))
Derek LaValle - (Book: Date Me, Baby, One More time)
David Bennett - (Book: Dating Game, The)
Dr Max Connors - (Book: Daughter for Christmas, A)
David Kincaid - (Book: David)
Davyn Nabboddrson - (Book: Dawn of a Viking Sunrise)
Danaus - (Book: Dawnbreaker)
Dan Frazier - (Book: Daycare Mom to Wife)
Danaus - (Book: Dayhunter)
Damon - (Book: Daysider)
Derek Lawrence - (Book: Dead By Morning)
Dylan Shields - (Book: Dead End)
Doyle McCoy - (Book: Dead Heat)
Dano - (Book: Dead on Arrival)
Dante Johnson - (Book: Dead Right)
Dalton Vail - (Book: Dead Roots)
Donovan Bramwell - (Book: Dead Walkers: The Protectorate)
Dawson Scott - (Book: Deadline (hardcover))
Dutch - (Book: Deadly Forecast (hardcover))
Dutch Rivers - (Book: Deadly Forecast (paperback))
Daniel - (Book: Deadly Game (ebook serial))
Dr Devon Knightley - (Book: Deadly Intent)
Daemon - (Book: Deadly Liaisons)
Davros Gianakopulos - (Book: Deadly Little Lies)
Dominic - (Book: Dear Deceiver)
Dixon Lloyd - (Book: Death of a Beauty Queen)
Dixon Lloyd - (Book: Death of a Beauty Queen (large print))
Dutch Rivers - (Book: Death Perception)
Duke of Wexford - (Book: Debonair Duke, The)
Dimitrios - (Book: Deceitful Lover)
Dimitrios - (Book: Deceitful Lover (reissue))
Dylan Reese - (Book: Deception)
Dorian Lambert - (Book: Deception)
Dylan Reese - (Book: Deception (large print))
Drake Sebastian - (Book: Deception Cove)
Drew Donovan - (Book: Deceptions)
Declan - (Book: Declan and Tori)
Derek/Alexei - (Book: Declassified: Dark Kisses)
Drew Webb - (Book: Deep Down)
Daron Navos - (Book: Deep Indigo)
Danyl - (Book: Deeper Than the Ocean (ebook))
Derek McLaughlin - (Book: Defending Hayden)
Dwayne Hamilton - (Book: Defenseless)
Duke of Melfort - (Book: Defiant Heart, The)
Dane Remington - (Book: Defiant Spitfire)
Drakon Lyonedes - (Book: Defying Drakon)
Drakon Lyonedes - (Book: Defying Drakon (large print))
Don Juan
Earl of Everdon
- (Book: Deirdre and Don Juan)
Duke of Ranleigh - (Book: Delicate Dilemma)
Douglas Moncrieff - (Book: Delight)
Dr. Luke Farrell - (Book: Delivering Secrets)
Deacon - (Book: Demon Blood)
Darrak - (Book: Demon in Me, The)
Delan - (Book: Demon is an Angel, The (ebook))
Damion St. Claire - (Book: Demon Rake, The)
Dain Hawkins - (Book: Demon's Hunger)
Dan Castle - (Book: Denver)
Derik Gardner - (Book: Derik's Bane)
Derik Gardner - (Book: Derik's Bane (reissue))
Derek Covington - (Book: Desert Blade (ebook))
Dallas Kingman - (Book: Desert Heat)
Dallas Kingman - (Book: Desert Heat (reissue))
Daniel Rivera - (Book: Desert Kiss)
Darian Wildman - (Book: Desert Prince's Mistress, The)
Delaney Carmichael - (Book: Desert Sunrise)
Daniel Morgan - (Book: Designed for Two Hearts)
Dylan Walker - (Book: Designs on the Cowboy)
Dr Jake Fox - (Book: Designs on the Doctor)
David - (Book: Desire (ebook))
Dion Dononvan - (Book: Desire a Donovan)
Drew Tanner, Josh Tanner - (Book: Desire and Destiny)
Dominico 'Nico' - (Book: Desire's Captive (UK))
Dante De Matteo - (Book: Desire's Edge)
Dante De Matteo - (Book: Desire's Edge (reissue))
Dalton Granger - (Book: Desire's Promise)
Dr. Michael Mathis - (Book: Desperate Deceptions)
Damon Reeve
Earl of Gryffyn
- (Book: Desperate Duchesses)
Devin Quatermain, P.I. - (Book: Desperately Seeking Twin...)
Dalton - (Book: Destination Love)
Duncan Roderick - (Book: Destined to be Mine)
Dolan Kincaid - (Book: Destiny In Disguise)
Duane Urban - (Book: Destiny in Disguise)
Darien Silver - (Book: Destiny of the Wolf)
Duncan MacNeill - (Book: Detective Dad)
Dan Sorenson - (Book: Detective Daddy)
Marquess of Blackthorn
- (Book: Devall's Angel)
Daniel Devaney - (Book: Devaney Brothers, The: Daniel )
Devil Devenish - (Book: Devil and Drusilla, The)
Diablo - (Book: Devil and Miss Moody, The)
Devlin Brandon - (Book: Devil at Archangel, The)
Dougal MacRae - (Book: Devil Black)
Devlin Stone - (Book: Devil in a Dark Blue Suit)
Duncan MacKenzie - (Book: Devil in a Kilt)
Damien Sinclair
Earl of Blackstone
- (Book: Devil May Care)
Devon Taylor - (Book: Devil or Angel)
Dante Del Rosso - (Book: Devil Served Tortellini, The)
Devlin Warwick - (Book: Devil She Knows, The)
Devlin Strathmore - (Book: Devil Takes A Bride)
Duke of Wharton - (Book: Devil Water)
Dashiell Warren - (Book: Devil's a Werewolf, The)
Duke of Carlington - (Book: Devil's Angel, The)
Devil Cynster - (Book: Devil's Bride)
Devil Cynster - (Book: Devil's Bride (Large Print))
Devil Cynster - (Book: Devil's Bride (reprint))
Dominic Alastair
Marquis of Vidal
- (Book: Devil's Cub)
Dominic Alistair, Marquis of Vidal - (Book: Devil's Cub (new edition))
David Ormiston - (Book: Devil's Moon)
Devlin Vaughn
- (Book: Devil's Pearl (ebook))
Devlin Vaughn - (Book: Devil's Pearl, The (ebook))
Draven the Devil - (Book: Devil's Possession, The)
Damien FalonEarl of Falon - (Book: Devil's Prize)
Damien - (Book: Devil's Prize (reissue))
Dave Talmadge - (Book: Devlin Dare, The)
Devlin - (Book: Devlin's Promise)
Delano Carter - (Book: Devoted)
Dex Kennedy - (Book: Dex)
Dexter Cody - (Book: Dexter: Honroable Cowboy)
Diablo - (Book: Diablo)
Dan Frye - (Book: Diamond In The Rough)
Dominic Fellini - (Book: Diamond Lady (ebook))
Drew Fields - (Book: Diamonds are Truly Forever)
David Armitage - (Book: Diana the Huntress)
Daniel Merial - (Book: Diary of an Accidental Wallflower)
Dane Black - (Book: Die for Me)
Detective Dalton Vail - (Book: Died Blonde)
David Bretton - (Book: Different Kind Of Summer, A)
Dillon Danvers - (Book: Dillon After Dark)
Dan - (Book: Dirty)
Dan - (Book: Dirty (reissue))
Duncan Ryder - (Book: Disappearance, The)
Denton Manning - (Book: Discarded Promises)
Duncan Bishop - (Book: Discovering Duncan)
Duke Maximillian Ryker Sebastlani - (Book: Disenchanted Duke, The)
Daniel Crocker - (Book: Distant Thunder)
Damien Ruthven - (Book: Divine Fire)
David Garvaglia - (Book: Djinni and the Geek)
Dane Connelly - (Book: Do Not Disturb (ebook))
Dr Cameron McCarrick - (Book: Doctor Beyond Compare, A)
Dane Cameron - (Book: Doctor in Demand)
Daniel Porter - (Book: Doctor in His House, A)
Dr. Alex Haven - (Book: Doctor Right)
Dex Montgomery - (Book: Doctor Wore Boots, The)
Dr. Conor Anderson - (Book: Doctor Worth Waiting For, A)
Dr David Wahl - (Book: Doctor's Baby, The)
Dr. Phillip White - (Book: Doctor's Blessing, The)
Dan Davenport - (Book: Doctor's Forever Family, The)
Dr Javier Sandoval - (Book: Doctor's Latin Lover, The)
Dr Jared Floyd - (Book: Doctor's Meant-to-be Marriage (UK))
Dr Nick Sandro - (Book: Doctor's Mission, The)
Dr. Cole Hayward - (Book: Doctor's Newfound Family, The)
Dr. Beau - (Book: Doctor's Orders )
Dr Timothy Morgan - (Book: Doctor's Outback Baby, The)
Dr. Christopher Morgan - (Book: Doctor's Perfect Match, The)
Dr. Christopher Morgan - (Book: Doctor's Perfect Match, The (Large Print))
Dragan Lovak - (Book: Doctor's Royal Love-Child, The (US edition))
Dr. Callum Tate - (Book: Doctor's Secret Baby, The)
Dr. Trey Westerly - (Book: Doctor's Secret Child, The)
Dr Jack Dancer - (Book: Doctor's Surprise Bride, The)
Dane Rainhart - (Book: Doctor's Surprise Family, The)
Declan McCulloch - (Book: Doctor's Unexpected Family, The)
Dr. Caleb Chaney - (Book: Doctor's Wife, The)
Dr Lorenzo Banducci - (Book: Doctors on the Frontline)
Dodge Loving - (Book: Dodging Temptation)
Dante Luciano - (Book: Does She Dare?)
Dave Creasy - (Book: Dollmaker, The)
Dominic - (Book: Dominic)
Domitien - (Book: Dominion)
Diego Montalvo - (Book: Don't Bargain With The Devil)
Deacon Pillar - (Book: Don't Blame it on the Devil)
Dallas O'Conner - (Book: Don't Mess with Texas)
Damon - (Book: Don't Say a Word)
Dexter Yates - (Book: Don't Want to Miss a Thing)
Donavan Langley - (Book: Donavan)
Donavan Langley - (Book: Donavan (UK))
Donovan McRae - (Book: Donovan's Child)
Donovan Sinclair - (Book: Donovan's Promise)
Dalton Scott - (Book: Doorstep Daddy)
Derek Logan - (Book: Dose of Passion, A)
Daniel Hilton - (Book: Double Cross)
Dr. Joe Petersen - (Book: Double Duty)
Dalys Aldgate - (Book: Double Image)
Damon Doukakis - (Book: Doukakis's Apprentice)
Damon Doukakis - (Book: Doukakis's Apprentice (large print))
Dominion Weathermead - (Book: Dove Queen, The (ebook))
Derek Morse - (Book: Down and Out in Flamingo Beach)
Derek Morse - (Book: Down And Out In Flamingo Beach)
David Hartwell - (Book: Down from the Mountain)
Dr. Nick Wellington - (Book: Dr. Bodyguard)
Dr Seb Carlisle - (Book: Dr. Carlisle's Child)
Dr. Finn Colton - (Book: Dr. Colton's High-Stakes Fiancée)
Dr Jackson McCabe - (Book: Dr. Cowboy)
Demetrius Petros, MD - (Book: Dr. Demetrius's Dilemma)
Derek Taylor - (Book: Dr. Devastating)
Dr. Marco Dallori - (Book: Dr. Marco's Bride)
Dr. Sotiris Popadopoulos - (Book: Dr. Sotiris's Woman)
Dr. Alan Archer - (Book: Dr. Yes)
Dr. Dino Zinetti - (Book: Dr. Zinetti's Snowkissed Bride)
Duncan MacKay - (Book: Dragon Knight's Sword)
Dylan Connor MacGregor - (Book: Dragon Laird, The)
Dominic Dragon - (Book: Dragon Lord, The)
Dickon Allard - (Book: Dragon's Court)
Dickon Allard - (Book: Dragon's Court (UK))
Derek Walsh - (Book: Draw Me Close)
Derek Parker - (Book: Drawn in Blood (Hardcover))
Derek Parker - (Book: Drawn in Blood (mass market))
Duncan Reever - (Book: Dream Called Time)
Dench Traylor - (Book: Dream Keeper)
Dane Hollister - (Book: Dream Man)
Dane Hollister - (Book: Dream Man (reissue))
Danzer Wilson - (Book: Dream of a Lifetime)
Dave Shepard - (Book: Dream To Call My Own, A)
Derek Craven - (Book: Dreaming of You )
David Spaulding - (Book: Dreaming, The)
Dan Kingman - (Book: Dreams and Schemes)
Daemon - (Book: Dreams Made Flesh)
David Pennington - (Book: Dreams of Destiny)
Durgan Ketassian - (Book: Dreamsinger (ebook))
Duke of Radcliffe - (Book: Dreamspinner)
Damon Venizélos - (Book: Dreamwalker)
Duncan Forbes - (Book: Drive Me Crazy)
Dillon Cash - (Book: Drop Dead Gorgeous)
Dickon & Lance - (Book: Drop Of The Dice, The)
Dax Stone - (Book: Drop-in Bride, The)
Devon Dellafield - (Book: Druid Redeemed)
Duane Enger - (Book: Dry Creek Sweethearts)
Deveril St. John - (Book: Duchess and the Devil, The)
Drake Weston - (Book: Duchess and the Dragon, The)
Duke of Westhampton - (Book: Duchess in Disguise)
Devon Rutherford - (Book: Duel of Hearts)
Duke of Rathbourne - (Book: Duel of the Heart)
Duke of Ashland - (Book: Duke and Miss Denny, The)
Duke of Alban - (Book: Duke and Mrs. Douglas, The)
Duke Maxime - (Book: Duke and the Pirate Queen, The)
Duke of Blakewell - (Book: Duke to Die For, A)
Duke of Balfour - (Book: Duke Who Came To Visit, The)
Duke of Deighton - (Book: Duke's Desire, The)
Duke of Harwood - (Book: Duke's Desire, The)
Duke of Wherr - (Book: Duke's Messenger, The)
Duke of Exeter - (Book: Duke's Night of Sin, The)
Duke of Exeter - (Book: Duke's Night of Sin, The)
Drake - (Book: Duke's Quandary, The (ebook))
Drake Amberley, Duke of Hawk Haven - (Book: Duke's Redemption, The)
Duke of Carlyle - (Book: Duke's Revenge)
Duke of Gravencrest - (Book: Duke's Temptation, A)
Dylan Adams - (Book: Duke: Deputy Cowboy)
Durango Westmoreland - (Book: Durango Affair, The)
Detective, Sam Kovac - (Book: Dust to Dust)
Dusty Cody - (Book: Dusty: Wild Cowboy)
Danielle (Danny) Porter - (Book: Duty Bound (ebook))
Dye - (Book: Dye's Kingdom: Wanting It Forever)
Dylan Quade - (Book: Dylan)
Dylan - (Book: Dylan)
Dylan Delacourt - (Book: Dylan and the Baby Doctor)
Dylan Garrett - (Book: Dylan's Destiny)
Dylan McBride - (Book: Dylan's Redemption)
Drum Thornville - (Book: Earl of Rayne's Ward, The)
Damon Ashford - (Book: Earl's Return, The)
Dienwald de Fortenberry - (Book: Earth Song)
David Hendrickson - (Book: East Of Peculiar)
David - (Book: Eat, Slay, Love)
David - (Book: Echoes)
Daegon Bosaru - (Book: Echoes of Passion)
David - (Book: Echoes of Yesterday)
David Power - (Book: Echos (reissue))
Dru Chandler - (Book: Ecstacy's Conquest)
Dr. Rowan West - (Book: Ecstasy Wears Emeralds)
Duncan Edge - (Book: Edge of Darkness)
Daniel Fox - (Book: Edge of Survival)
Daniel Two Stars - (Book: Edge of the Wilderness)
Drake McDonald - (Book: Edge of the World)
David Cavanaugh - (Book: Elaborate Hoax, An)
Dillon Savich - (Book: Eleventh Hour)
Duke of Halliford - (Book: Eligible Bride, An)
Dylan McAllister - (Book: Elise & the Hotshot Lawyer)
Drake Bennington - (Book: Elizabeth)
David, Viscount Leighton - (Book: Elizabeth's Rake)
Duke of Radford - (Book: Elusive Guardian, An)
Dr Lewis McAllister - (Book: Emergency at Riverside Hospital)
Dr Eamon Chapman - (Book: Emergency Doctor and Cinderella)
Dr Thomas Ferguson - (Book: Emergency Doctor's Chosen Wife, The)
Dr Quinton Searle - (Book: Emergency Engagement)
Dr. James Morrell - (Book: Emergency: Wife Lost and Found)
Diego Marcelo - (Book: Emily's Equal)
Diego Laremos - (Book: Enamored)
Diego Laremos - (Book: Enamored (Hardcover))
Diego Laremos - (Book: Enamored (reissue))
Diego Laremos - (Book: Enamored (reissue))
Duke of Chillhart, Grant Hale - (Book: Enchanted by Magic)
Drake Manton - (Book: Enchantment)
Dr. Larence Digby - (Book: Enchantment, The)
David Devlin - (Book: End of Forever, The)
Darius Maynard - (Book: End of Her Innocence, The)
Darius Maynard - (Book: End of Her Innocence, The (large print))
Duke Porter - (Book: Ending in Marriage)
Dirk Ramsey - (Book: Enemy in Camp)
Damian Marcel - (Book: Enemy Lover)
Dallas O'Grady - (Book: Enemy Lovers )
Devon Audley - (Book: Engaged in Sin)
Devin Kendall - (Book: Engaged with the Boss)
Devin Kendall - (Book: Engaged with the Boss (large print))
Dan Cooper - (Book: English Girl in New York (large print))
Dominic Luder - (Book: Enslave)
David Sorrenson - (Book: Entangled With A Texan)
Dillon Gavin - (Book: Enticed)
Drako Kazanov
- (Book: Enticing the Prince)
Damon Thornheart - (Book: Entity Within, The)
Derrick Macintyre - (Book: Erotic Weekend)
Dalton - (Book: Errant Angel)
Dante Baptiste - (Book: Etched in Bone)
Duncan - (Book: Eternity)
Drew Jamieson - (Book: Eugenia's Embrace)
Devin Prescott - (Book: Everlasting Love, An)
Damen Auguste - (Book: Evermore)
Damien Tremayne - (Book: Every Wish Fulfilled)
Del Farentino - (Book: Everything But a Husband)
Devlin Russell - (Book: Everything But Marriage)
Dylan - (Book: Everything I Left Unsaid)
Danny - (Book: Everything She Wants)
Doug Llewellyn - (Book: Everything's Coming Up Rosie)
Dylan Foxx - (Book: Evidence of Passion)
Dave Armstrong - (Book: Ex Marks The Spot)
Dexter Crane - (Book: Ex-factor, The)
Damien Wyatt - (Book: Exception to His Rule, An)
Damien Trent - (Book: Executive's Vengeful Seduction, The)
Dio Alexiakis - (Book: Expectant Bride)
Dr. Jadon Reichert - (Book: Expecting a Christmas Miracle)
Dax Girard - (Book: Expecting the Boss's Baby)
Dylan Lassiter - (Book: Expecting the CEO's Child)
Didier Pedra - (Book: Exposure (ebook))
Dylan Andrews - (Book: Extra Innings)
Dante Jones - (Book: Extreme Love)
David - (Book: Eyes of a Stranger)
Doug MacDougal - (Book: Eyewitness)
Devlin Colter - (Book: Fabulous Beast)
Damon Law - (Book: Face to Face)
Dean Taggert - (Book: Fade to Black)
Denton Prescott - (Book: Fae's Gargoyle)
Daniel Canty - (Book: Fairest of them All)
Duncan MacElgin - (Book: Fairy Tale)
Dylan Smith - (Book: Faith, Hope and Family)
Davy Dempsey - (Book: Faking It)
Davy Dempsey - (Book: Faking It (Hardcover))
Davy Dempsey - (Book: Faking It (reissue))
Daniel Grigori - (Book: Fallen (Hardcover))
David Hitchcock - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Declan Byrne - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Drakon Xanthis - (Book: Fallen Greek Bride, The)
Drakon Xanthis - (Book: Fallen Greek Bride, The (large print))
Dominic LaFontaine - (Book: Fallen: Dominic (ebook))
Damon Kessler - (Book: Falling)
Drew - (Book: Falling for the Wrong Guy)
Denison Adams - (Book: Falling Star, A (Hardcover))
Dr. Nick Caufield - (Book: Falling Stars)
Duke Bradshaw - (Book: Falling Under)
Damon Vaughn - (Book: False Impressions)
DayneMatthews - (Book: Fame (reprint))
Duke Masonne - (Book: Familiar Obsession)
Daniel Dubonet - (Book: Familiar Remedy)
Dan Morgan - (Book: Familiar Valentine)
DayneMatthews - (Book: Family (reprint))
David Kinney - (Book: Family Affairs)
Dr. Tony O'Connor - (Book: Family Doctor, The)
Dr Gideon West - (Book: Family For His Tiny Twins A)
Dax Traub - (Book: Family For the Holidays, A)
Dane Devlin - (Book: Family Matters)
David Ashworth, Lord Stratfield - (Book: Family Portrait)
Dr. Michael Forsythe - (Book: Family Practice)
Dillon - (Book: Family Ties)
Devon Walsh - (Book: Family Treasures)
Daniel Sullivan - (Book: Family Way, The )
Dallie Beaudine - (Book: Fancy Pants)
Dmitri Vidâme - (Book: Fantasy Fix)
Daniel O'Halloran - (Book: Far Harbor)
Daniel O'Halloran - (Book: Far Harbor (reissue))
Daniel O'Halloran - (Book: Far Harbor (reprint))
Viscount Windhaven
- (Book: Fashionable Miss Fonteyne, The)
DeMarcus Guinn - (Book: Fast Break)
Daniel Strahan - (Book: Fast Courting)
Doug Maitland - (Book: Fatal Amusement)
Dean Hooper - (Book: Fatal Secrets)
Daniel Marshall - (Book: Father Christmas)
Del Santini - (Book: Father Goose)
Digger Clayton - (Book: Father's Fortune, A)
Daniel Kendrick - (Book: Father's Heart , A)
Daniel Gregory - (Book: Father's Promise, A)
Dylan Stryker - (Book: Father's Sacrifice, A)
Dr. David Haines - (Book: Father, Lover, Bodyguard)
Dan Mackintosh - (Book: Fatherhood Miracle, The)
David Canfield - (Book: Fathers and Sons)
Dillon Kincaid - (Book: Fear No Evil)
Dominic Tempest - (Book: Fear of Love)
Davis Weeks - (Book: Fearless)
Davis Weeks - (Book: Fearless (large print))
Dexter Drake - (Book: Feels Like The First Time)
Drew Calloner,
Earl of Calverstock
- (Book: Felon's Fancy)
Drew Calloner,
Earl of Calverstock
- (Book: Felon's Fancy (UK))
Dr. Derek Cross - (Book: Fertility Factor)
Dare Borodin - (Book: Festival of Stars)
Daniel Rivers - (Book: Field of Danger)
Dean - (Book: Fierce Competition)
Dallas Sloan - (Book: Fifth Victim, The)
Dallas Sloan - (Book: Fifth Victim, The (reissue))
Declan Stone - (Book: Fighting for You)
Devin Garrison - (Book: Final Move, The)
Dylan Cross - (Book: Final Score)
Darius Riverside - (Book: Finally, You And Me)
Dr Mark Thomas - (Book: Finding Family)
Danny - (Book: Finding Mr. Perfect)
Daniel Foxworth - (Book: Finding You)
Dan O'Reilly - (Book: Finishing School, The)
Don Rodrigo - (Book: Fire and Desire)
Dominic Raikes - (Book: Fire Lord's Lover, The)
Dagan - (Book: Fire Maiden)
Drake Vireo - (Book: Fire Me Up)
Damien Coleridge - (Book: Fire on the Wind)
Drake Harwood - (Book: Fire With Fire)
Darach MacNaghten - (Book: Fire Within, The)
Dante Zucco - (Book: Fire Within, The (ebook))
Devon Murphy - (Book: Firefighter's New Family, The)
Dylan Harrington - (Book: Firefly Cafe, The (ebook))
Danny Santori - (Book: Fireman's Christmas, The)
Drake St. John - (Book: Fireman's Ready-Made Family, The)
Donovan McAdam - (Book: Fires of Surrender)
Dylan Matthews - (Book: First Comes Love)
Daniel Benson - (Book: First Do No Evil)
David Thorn - (Book: First Time, The)
Dylan Wade - (Book: First-Class Father)
Dean - (Book: Five of Hearts)
Declan - (Book: Flamebound)
Drake Tallen - (Book: Flawless)
David Cardiff - (Book: Fleeing Heiress, The)
David - (Book: Flip this Zombie)
Dan Amador - (Book: Flipped!)
Devlin Murphy - (Book: Flirting With Destiny)
Dave DeMarco - (Book: Flirting with Disaster)
Damon West - (Book: Flirting With Intent)
Damon West - (Book: Flirting With Intent (UK))
Dominic Wyndham - (Book: Flowers Under Ice)
Dakota Jones - (Book: Follow Me Home)
Devlin Monroe - (Book: Fool for Love)
Daniel Rodriguez - (Book: Fool for You, A (ebook))
Dante Jefferson - (Book: Fool's Gold Christmas, A (hardcover))
Dante Jefferson - (Book: Fool's Gold Christmas, A (paperback))
Lord Leyburn
- (Book: Fool's Masquerade)
Dante - (Book: Foolish Games (ebook))
Duncan Banks - (Book: Fools Rush In)
Duncan Banks - (Book: Fools Rush In (reissue))
Daylan O'Shane - (Book: Footsteps in the Night)
Desmond Lamb - (Book: For Love or Magic)
Daniel MacGregor - (Book: For Now, Forever)
Dominic Grayling - (Book: For Our Childrens Sake)
Damien Kane - (Book: For the Children)
Devlin Ryland - (Book: For the First Time)
Devlin Wingate - (Book: For the Love of Mike)
Devlin Wingate - (Book: For the Love of Mike (reissue))
Dante Torelli - (Book: For the Love of Pete)
Daniel Thornton - (Book: For the Love of the Land)
David Gerard - (Book: For Their Baby)
David Gerard - (Book: For Their Baby (large print))
Duncan - (Book: Forbidden)
Drake Andrews - (Book: Forbidden Fruit (ebook))
Drew Grissom - (Book: Forbidden Games)
Detective Nick Gallagher - (Book: Forbidden Lover)
Dante Valtrez - (Book: Forbidden Passion)
Dominic Thorne - (Book: Forbidden Surrender)
Daniel Hartman - (Book: Forbidden Temptation)
Daniel Hartman - (Book: Forbidden Temptation (Large Print))
Damon Tieri - (Book: Force of Nature)
Drake Benedict - (Book: Forest of the Night)
Drake Benedict - (Book: Forest of the Night (reissue))
Dal Savatch - (Book: Forest Ranger's Return, The)
DayneMatthews - (Book: Forever (reprint))
Dr Michael Rowan - (Book: Forever Family, A)
Dyson - (Book: Forever in Her Eyes (ebook))
Dar St. Onge - (Book: Forever Kiss, The)
Damon Routhland - (Book: Forever My Love)
Daniel Balfour - (Book: Forever Your Earl)
Douglas Grier - (Book: Forged by Love)
Doug - (Book: Forget You)
Dayne Matthews - (Book: Forgiven)
DayneMatthews - (Book: Forgiven (reprint))
Drew Fortune - (Book: Fortune's Proposal)
Dylan - (Book: Fortune's Smile)
DayneMatthews - (Book: Found (reprint))
Devlin Cross - (Book: Found Father)
Dermott Callahan - (Book: Found: A Mother for His Son )
Damian Ware - (Book: Foundation For Love)
Derek Brown - (Book: Four Weddings and a Fireman)
Dev Devlin - (Book: Four-Karat Fiancée)
Darius Crawford - (Book: Foursome, The)
Damien Trowbridge - (Book: Fox Hunt, The)
David Greene - (Book: Frame-Up)
Dexter Rand, U.S. Senator - (Book: Free Fall)
Daniel Ranslett - (Book: From A Distance)
Dr Dillon Traub - (Book: From Doctor...to Daddy)
David Anderson - (Book: From Russia, With Love)
Derrick Gentry - (Book: From the Heart)
Dalton Reed - (Book: Frontier Flame)
Dolph Wakefield - (Book: Frozen Idol)
Dave Kasada - (Book: Fudgeballs and Other Sweets)
Daniel Burke - (Book: Full Circle)
Danton - (Book: Full Disclosure (ebook))
Dan O'Neill - (Book: Full Story, The)
Daniel Murphy - (Book: Full Surrender)
Dave Scott - (Book: Full Throttle)
Dr Ross MacKenzie - (Book: G.P's Meant-to-be Bride, The)
Duke of Ravenham - (Book: Gabriella)
David - (Book: Gale Force)
Dillon Devereau - (Book: Gambler's Tempting Kisses)
Dominic DiMarco - (Book: Game for Seduction)
Dylan Rylie - (Book: Game Play (ebook))
Daaron Von Saur'rel - (Book: Garnets or Bust (ebook))
David - (Book: Gates of Zion, The)
Dawson Timmons - (Book: General's Secretary, The)
Dawson Timmons - (Book: General's Secretary, The (large print))
Daniel Clinton - (Book: Gentle Yearning)
Drake Strickland
Viscount Silverthorne
- (Book: Gentleman of Substance, A)
Daniel Foreman - (Book: Georgia Sweethearts)
Daniel Foreman - (Book: Georgia Sweethearts (large print))
Dr. Jack Austin - (Book: Getting Her Man)
Dexter Brantley - (Book: Getting Lucky)
Dylan Kelly - (Book: Getting Red-Hot with the Rogue)
Dylan Kelly - (Book: Getting Red-Hot with the Rogue (Large Print))
Dylan Wenthaven - (Book: Ghost and Mrs. Wenthaven, The)
Damian Graylord - (Book: Ghost Horse)
David Beckett - (Book: Ghost Shadow)
Damien Grayson - (Book: Ghostly Charade, A)
Derek Vanderworth
Earl of Chesham
- (Book: Ghostly Screams of Stormhaven, The)
Dutch Hutchinson - (Book: Ghosts of the Fall (ebook))
Dimitrios Giannakis - (Book: Giannakis Bride, The)
Dimitrios Giannakis - (Book: Giannakis Bride, The (UK))
Dr Adam Wright - (Book: Gift From the Heart)
David Gower, Reverend - (Book: Gift Of Daisies, A)
Dominic Shay
Earl of Whitby
- (Book: Gilding The Lady)
Dex Giordanni - (Book: Giordanni's Proposal)
Duke Austen - (Book: Girl Gone Wild)
David Carlisle - (Book: Girl in the Beaded Mask (ebook))
David - (Book: Girl Named Summer, A)
David - (Book: Girl Named Summer, A (First edition))
Dane Croft - (Book: Girl's Guide to (Man)Hunting, The)
Devin Kenney - (Book: Girl's Guide to Flirting With Danger)
Duncan Welch - (Book: Give it All)
Dylan Fall - (Book: Glimmer)
Dylan Fall - (Book: Glow)
Dylan - (Book: Goddess of the Sea)
David Grant - (Book: Going All The Way)
Dan McAlister - (Book: Going To Extremes)
Dillon Landry - (Book: Golden Days)
Derek Bannon - (Book: Golden Lasso)
David Hungerford - (Book: Golden Puma, The)
Douglas, Earl of Kinnair - (Book: Golden Thistle, The)
Douglas, Earl of Kinnair - (Book: Golden Thistle, The (1st-reissue))
Douglas, Earl of Kinnair - (Book: Golden Thistle, The (2nd-reissue))
David Lantz - (Book: Goldilocks)
Daniel Hartman - (Book: Gone to Glory)
Dan Travis - (Book: Gone to the Dogs (ebook))
Declan - (Book: Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin, A)
Dakota Shelton - (Book: Good, the Bad and the Vampire, The)
Drew Carlson - (Book: Goody Two-Shoes)
Dorabella & Violetta Denver - (Book: Gossamer Cord, The)
Dexter Hardison - (Book: Gossamer Wing)
Durango Creed - (Book: Gotta Have It)
Dominic Granville - (Book: Governess and Mr. Granville, The)
Dillon Thurough - (Book: Grand Hotel, The)
David Anderson - (Book: Grave Intentions)
Dmitri Stavitskaya - (Book: Grave Vengeance)
Dylan Chisholm - (Book: Great Scot, The)
Dylan Chisholm - (Book: Great Scot, The)
Darius - (Book: Greek God a the Ladies' Club, A)
Dimitri Angelaki - (Book: Greek Millionaire's Marriage, The)
Damian Aristedes, Prince - (Book: Greek Prince's Chosen Wife, The)
Damian Aristedes, Prince - (Book: Greek Prince's Chosen Wife, The (Large Print))
Demetri Souvakis - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Pregnant Wife, The)
Demetri Souvakis - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Pregnant Wife, The (Large Print))
Demos Atrikes - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Reluctant Bride, The)
Demos Atrikes - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Reluctant Bride, The (UK))
Dominic Drecos - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Secret Child, The)
Damon Kouvaris - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Virgin Mistress, The)
Damon Kouvaris - (Book: Greek Tycoon's Virgin Mistress, The (UK))
Demetrius Papasakis - (Book: Greek's Convenient Wife, The)
Demetrius Mantheakis - (Book: Greek's Royal Mistress, The)
Dimitri Nicharos - (Book: Greek's Secret Passion, The)
Demetri Christadoulou - (Book: Greek's Stowaway Bride, The)
Dr. Duncan Cox - (Book: Grinch Makes Good, The)
David Chambers - (Book: Groom Said Maybe!, The)
Donovan Chance - (Book: Groom's Stand-In, The)
Dev Jones - (Book: Guarded)
Darius McClellan - (Book: Guarded Love)
David Marquis - (Book: Guarded Moments)
David Berg - (Book: Guardian)
Dallas Brooks - (Book: Guardian of Justice)
Damon Hunter - (Book: Guardian to the Heiress)
Damon Hunter - (Book: Guardian to the Heiress (large print))
Doug Cooper - (Book: Guarding the Heiress)
Dillon McInytre - (Book: Guarding the Socialite)
Donovan Crow - (Book: Gunfighter and the Heiress, The)
Dakota Bombay - (Book: Guns Will Keep Us Together)
Desperado Jones - (Book: Gunslinger)
Daniel Bradford - (Book: Guy To Be Seen With, The)
David, Marquis of Lyndale - (Book: Gwendolen)
David, Marquis of Lyndale - (Book: Gwendolen (reissue))
Damien - (Book: Gypsy Jewel)
Dominic Edgemont - (Book: Gypsy Lord)
Dominic Edgemont - (Book: Gypsy Lord (reissue))
Dante - (Book: Gypsy Lover)
Daffyd Reynard - (Book: Gypsy Lover)
Dalton Vail, Detective - (Book: Hair Raiser)
Duke Dawson - (Book: Half Moon Hill)
Derek Bates - (Book: Half-Hitched)
David Hendrickson - (Book: Halfway to Half Way)
Dr. Morgan Snow - (Book: Halo Effect, The)
David Lane - (Book: Handful of Dreams)
Dalton Styles - (Book: Hands On)
Damon Jackson - (Book: Hannah and the Hellion)
Dan Bailey - (Book: Hannah's Hunk)
Dan Bailey - (Book: Hannah's Hunk (ebook))
Dennis Lincoln - (Book: Happy New Year - Baby!)
Dare McKay - (Book: Hard to Resist)
Dáire Cronin - (Book: Hardwind)
Dylan Harper - (Book: Harper's Bride)
David Soul - (Book: Hart and Soul)
Daniel Hart - (Book: Hart's Dream)
Daniel Hart - (Book: Hart's Dream (reissue))
David Hart - (Book: Hart's Obsession)
Dr. Kyle Hart - (Book: Harts Harbor)
David Alexander - (Book: Harvest Moon)
Dr. Aaron Spencer - (Book: Harvest Moon)
David Koster - (Book: Haunted)
Deacon James - (Book: Haunted (hardcover))
Dr. Seth Broadhurst - (Book: Have Baby, Need Beau)
Dr. Thomas Emerson - (Book: Have Bouquet, Need Boyfriend)
Drew Haviland - (Book: Haviland Touch, The)
Drew Haviland - (Book: Haviland Touch, The (reprint))
Devlin Hunter - (Book: Having Her Boss's Baby)
Devlin Hunter - (Book: Having Her Boss's Baby)
Dr. Talbot Robichaux - (Book: Having His Baby)
Danny Jordan - (Book: He's Not What You Think)
Doug Duziak - (Book: Head Over Heels)
Diego - (Book: Healer)
Diego Montalvo - (Book: Healer, The)
Dr. Jerry Bertini - (Book: Healing Hearts)
Dominic Winters - (Book: Healing Hearts)
Drake Slater - (Book: Healing Hearts)
Dominic Winters - (Book: Healing Hearts (large print))
Duran Forrester - (Book: Healing the M.D.s Heart)
Dr. Stoner - (Book: Healing Touch, The)
Dr. Seth Hendon - (Book: Heart Full of Miracles, A)
Draeg Blackthorn - (Book: Heart Legacy)
Daniel Bryant - (Book: Heart of a Duke, The)
Dante Renaldi - (Book: Heart of a Killer, The )
Dustin Fairfax - (Book: Heart of a Man, The)
Dalden Ly-San-Ter - (Book: Heart of a Warrior)
Dominic Bright - (Book: Heart of Darkness)
Devin MacKade - (Book: Heart Of Devin MacKade, The)
Drew Michaels - (Book: Heart of Grace, The)
Drew Michaels - (Book: Heart Of Grace, The)
Drew Michaels - (Book: Heart of Grace, The [Large Print])
Darius Montana - (Book: Heart of Stone)
Darius en Kragin - (Book: Heart of the Dragon)
Dermot MacKay - (Book: Heart of the Druid Laird (ebook))
Daniel Falcon - (Book: Heart of the Falcon (revised))
David Griffin - (Book: Heart of the Hawk)
Danny White - (Book: Heart of the Hero)
Dan Pate - (Book: Heart of the Hunter)
Daniel Two Stars - (Book: Heart of the Sandhills)
Devlyn Greystoke - (Book: Heart of the Wolf)
Daniel Thornton - (Book: Heart of Thornton Creek, The)
Dominic Maitland
Duke of Avon
- (Book: Heart's Desire, The)
Daniel Kingston - (Book: Heart's Journey)
Dax Vahnti - (Book: Heart's Prey)
Dan Holden - (Book: Heart's Voice, The)
Devon Burke, Colonel - (Book: Heart's Wager, The)
David Lawrence, M.D. - (Book: Heartbeat)
Daniel Brown - (Book: Heartbeat Away, A)
Daniel Brown - (Book: Heartbeat Away, A (reissue))
Declan Brodie - (Book: Heartbreak Creek)
Declan Brodie - (Book: Heartbreak Creek (reprint))
David Franklin - (Book: Heartquake)
Drew Keegan, Captain - (Book: Hearts In Bloom)
Dave Hutchins - (Book: Hearts in the Crosshairs)
Daniel Garrett - (Book: Heartsong Cottage)
Dylan Cooper - (Book: Heated Moments)
Duncan MacKenzie - (Book: Heather and the Thistle, The)
Drew Perry - (Book: Heatwave)
Drew Falcone - (Book: Heaven In Your Eyes)
Drew Daniels - (Book: Heaven Sent)
David Cole - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Drew Daniels - (Book: Heaven's Reward)
David - (Book: Heavenly)
Deshawn Jamison - (Book: Heavenly Match)
David Swenson - (Book: Heavens to Betsy)
Dominic Pirelli - (Book: Heir from Nowhere, The)
Dominic Pirelli - (Book: Heir from Nowhere, The (large print))
Duncan Mac Tavish - (Book: Heir, The)
Danny - (Book: Heiress For Hire)
Danny Tucker - (Book: Heiress For Hire [reissue])
Dominic Beresford - (Book: Heiress on the Run)
Daire - (Book: Heiress, The)
Daniel Woodward - (Book: Heiress, The)
Darcy - (Book: Heirs and Graces)
Dean Malloy - (Book: Hello, Darkness)
Dillon Savich - (Book: Hemlock Bay)
Dan Dawson Jr - (Book: Her Baby Dreams)
Drew Driscoll - (Book: Her Best Friend's Baby)
Dale - (Book: Her Best Friend's Lover)
DJ Traub - (Book: Her Best Man)
DJ Traub - (Book: Her Best Man [Large Print])
Drew Hadley - (Book: Her Brother's Keeper)
Damien Morton - (Book: Her Christmas Pleasure)
Dan Farley - (Book: Her Cowboy Dilemma)
Daniel Jefferson - (Book: Her Cowboy Distraction)
Daniel MacKinnon - (Book: Her Highness and the Highlander)
Duncan - (Book: Her Knight's Quest)
Dr. Ric Morell - (Book: Her L.A. Knight)
Drew Canady - (Book: Her Last Protector)
Dylan Spencer - (Book: Her Last Temptation)
Dr Nick Howell - (Book: Her Longed-for Family)
Drew Harrington - (Book: Her Lord Protector)
Dane Bowden - (Book: Her Lucky Cowboy)
David MacKenzie - (Book: Her Man of Affairs)
Daniel Carson - (Book: Her Outback Protector)
Dair MacRae - (Book: Her Outlaw)
Devin Rourke - (Book: Her Passionate Need)
Danny Carson - (Book: Her Pregnancy Surprise)
Danny Carson - (Book: Her Pregnancy Surprise [Large Print])
Daniel O'Connor - (Book: Her Real Family Christmas)
Duke of Ryland - (Book: Her Scandalous Marriage)
Derek Knight - (Book: Her Secret Fantasy)
Darin Kadir - (Book: Her Sheik Protector)
Dray Carlisle - (Book: Her Sister's Baby)
Dominic Payette - (Book: Her Son's Hero)
Dominic Payette - (Book: Her Son's Hero (large print))
Dr Joe D'Alessandro - (Book: Her Very Own Family)
Declan MacBride - (Book: Her Wild Hero)
Dan Jansen - (Book: Here Comes the Groom)
Duncan Heywood,
Viscount Kedrington
- (Book: Hero for Antonia, A (Hardcover))
Derek Anderson - (Book: Hero in Disguise)
Dane Clark - (Book: Hero to Come Home to, A)
Devon - (Book: Hero's Redemption (ebook))
Dane Maguire - (Book: Hero's Redemption, A)
Dr Dante Guerriero - (Book: Heroic Surgeon, The)
Dominic Saxton - (Book: Hers Forever)
Diloran Controller - (Book: Hidden Heart)
Duke of Deverill - (Book: Hidden Touch)
Dane Gideon - (Book: Hideaway)
Duncan Swift - (Book: High Noon)
Duncan Swift - (Book: High Noon (paperback))
Devon Leblanc - (Book: High Passion)
Derek Reeves - (Book: High Stakes)
Dominic Trevennon - (Book: High Tide at Midnight)
Duncan Patrick - (Book: High-Powered, Hot-Blooded)
Dominic Roth - (Book: High-society Secret Baby)
Dante Quevedo - (Book: High-Stakes Affair)
Dartayous - (Book: Highland Dawn (reissue))
Darach MacTavish
Laird of Glenagan
- (Book: Highland Fling)
Darmot Macenroy
- (Book: Highland Groom)
Dougal MacGregor - (Book: Highland Groom, The)
Duncan Campbell - (Book: Highland Magic)
Dugald Kinnaird - (Book: Highland Scoundrel)
Duncan Campbell - (Book: Highland Scoundrel)
Duncan of Dunlairig - (Book: Highlander Redeemed)
David Campbell - (Book: Highlander's Heart, The)
Derek Hardwicke - (Book: Highlander's Stolen Bride, The)
Darroc MacConacher - (Book: Highlander's Temptation, A)
Dillon Campbell - (Book: Highlander, The)
Dillon Campbell - (Book: Highlander, The (UK))
Dalton Vail, Detective - (Book: Highlights To Heaven)
Duke of Heron - (Book: Highly Respectable Marriage)
Dorian Blackwell - (Book: Highwayman, The)
Devin McClain - (Book: Hillbilly Rockstar)
Dylan Harmon - (Book: Hired by Mr. Right)
Dominic Aikenhead
Duke of Calder
- (Book: His Cavalry Lady)
Daniel Quinn - (Book: His Chariot Awaits)
Dylan Warren - (Book: His Christmas Bride)
Dylan Warren - (Book: His Christmas Bride (reissue))
Dylan Moore - (Book: His Every Kiss)
Dax Blackwood - (Book: His Firefly Cowgirl (ebook))
Dominic Montoya - (Book: His Forbidden Passion)
Daniel Gleason - (Book: His Hometown Girl (ebook))
Damien Margate - (Book: His Inconvenient Wife)
Declan Montrose - (Book: His Instant Heir)
Darkwood - (Book: His Lordship's Pleasure)
David Westlake - (Book: His Mistress By Marriage)
David Westlake - (Book: His Mistress By Marriage (UK))
Daniel Hamilton - (Book: His Pregnant Housekeeper)
Dr Luke Hamilton - (Book: His Pregnant Nurse)
Devon Brannigan - (Book: His Queen of Hearts)
Dean Garret - (Book: His Secret Agenda)
Derrick McKinney - (Book: His Secret Christmas Baby)
Derrick McKinney - (Book: His Secret Christmas Baby (Large Print))
Dirk Peterson - (Book: His Secret Son)
Dempsey Reynaud - (Book: His Secretary's Surprise Fiance)
Drake Thornton MacDougall - (Book: His Stolen Bride)
David Carlisle - (Book: His Submissive)
Damian Carver - (Book: His Temporay Mistress)
Duarte Medina - (Book: His Thirty-Day Fiancee)
Dane Rainier - (Book: His to Possess)
Dez Batiste - (Book: His Uptown Girl)
Dez Batiste - (Book: His Uptown Girl (large print))
Dr Ben Brinkley - (Book: His Very Special Bride )
Dr Kyle Sinclair - (Book: His Very Special Nurse)
Demetri Kastro - (Book: His Virgin Mistress)
Demetri Kastro - (Book: His Virgin Mistress (UK))
Damien St. Lawrence
Earl of Saunders
- (Book: His Wicked Embrace)
Dillon Reese - (Book: His Witness, Her Child)
Duncan MacGruder
- (Book: His Woman)
Dan Walker - (Book: His, Hers...Theirs?)
Drew Montague - (Book: Hitch in Time, A)
Detective Josh Wolf - (Book: Hold Back the Dark)
Derrick Collins - (Book: Holding Holly (novella))
Denver Lewis - (Book: Holding Strong)
Dr. Marcus Calderon - (Book: Holiday Heaven)
Dr Lucas Bennett - (Book: Holiday Illusion)
Dexter Harris - (Book: Holiday of Love)
Damien - (Book: Holiday Royale)
Drew Cannon - (Book: Holiday Wedding)
Drake Vireo - (Book: Holy Smokes)
Daniel Armstrong - (Book: Home At Last)
Dr Adam Stone - (Book: Home for Adam, A)
Denver Briggs - (Book: Home Is Where the Cowboy Is )
Dr Marcus Bernard - (Book: Home to Harmony)
Del Williams - (Book: Home To Stay)
Dakota Ryder - (Book: Home to You)
Dakota Ryder - (Book: Home to You (large print))
Dominick Crown - (Book: Homecoming, The)
Danny Crosby - (Book: Homecoming, The (reissue))
Dooley James - (Book: Homespun Hearts)
David Owen - (Book: Hometown Boy, A)
David Owen - (Book: Hometown Boy, A (large print))
Drew Sellers - (Book: Hometown Fireman)
Drew Sellers - (Book: Hometown Fireman (large print))
Daniel Rourke - (Book: Hometown Girl)
Dylan Ryder - (Book: Hometown Hero)
Dylan Ross - (Book: Honey Pie)
Dominick Steele - (Book: Honey Trap)
Dillon Gallagher - (Book: Honeymoon for Hire)
Devlin Sinclair - (Book: Honeymoon With a Handsome Stranger)
Duke of Ashford - (Book: Honor Besieged)
Diarmad Ramsay - (Book: Honor Bound)
Dr Simon Redfern - (Book: Honorable Doctor, Improper Arrangement)
Damian Crosswell,
Viscount Farrington
- (Book: Honorable Rogue, An)
David Malachi - (Book: Hoodwinked)
Dominic - (Book: Hook, Wine & Tinker)
Dan Sullivan - (Book: Hope)
Dean Holder - (Book: Hopeless)
Dylan Greer - (Book: Horseman's Son, The)
Dylan Greer - (Book: Horseman's Son, The (reissue))
Dylan Greer - (Book: Horseman's Son, The (Large Print))
Dillon Hennessey - (Book: Horseman, The)
Dillon Hennessey - (Book: Horseman, The (UK))
Dorian Christensen - (Book: Hostage to Pleasure)
Donovan McCabe - (Book: Hot and Irresistible)
Daniel Reynolds - (Book: Hot Arctic Nights (ebook reprint))
Damon Gillespie - (Book: Hot Boss, Wicked Nights)
Davin Wesley - (Book: Hot Flash)
Douglas Lord - (Book: Hot Ice)
Douglas Lord - (Book: Hot Ice (hardcover))
Douglas Lord - (Book: Hot Ice (reissue))
Damian Fuller - (Book: Hot Number)
Damian Fuller - (Book: Hot Number (reissue))
Daniel Rooker - (Book: Hot Pursuit)
Davy Morgan - (Book: Hot Rock (ebook))
Dale Emerson - (Book: Hot Sheets)
Devlin Sharpe - (Book: Hot Silk)
David McLean - (Book: Hot Under Pressure)
David - (Book: Hotel of Seduction)
Darius Monroe - (Book: Hotel Paradise)
Devon Kane - (Book: Hotshot)
Dylan Wade - (Book: Hotter Than Ever (ebook))
Daunuan - (Book: Hotter Than Hell)
Daunuan - (Book: Hotter than Hell (reissue))
Dane - (Book: House of Glass)
Danny Pierce - (Book: House of Secrets, The)
Dr. Bill Webster - (Book: House on Hope Street, The)
Drake Colton - (Book: Housekeeper's Daughter, The)
Dave - (Book: How Hard Can It Be?)
Dante Giovanni - (Book: How Sweet It Is)
Davey Black - (Book: How To Be Famous)
Drake Cameron - (Book: How to Date a Dragon)
Duke of Edenham - (Book: How to Dazzle a Duke (reissue))
Dalton Price - (Book: How To Get Your Man)
Dylan Russon - (Book: How to Kiss A Guy)
Duncan - (Book: How to Marry a Highlander)
Dred Shadowins - (Book: How to Marry a Warlock in 10 Days)
Duke of Blackstone - (Book: How to Seduce a Duke)
Dave - (Book: How Was It for You?)
Duncan MacNeill - (Book: Howl for a Highlander, A)
Deverell Thornton - (Book: Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rake)
Dante - (Book: Hunger of the Wolf)
Drake - (Book: Hungers of the Heart)
Drake - (Book: Hungers of the Heart (reprint))
Devlin Hawke - (Book: Hunt for Hawke's Daughter, The)
Dan Gallagher - (Book: Hunt Her Down)
Dylan Meredith - (Book: Hunted, The)
Damien Fitzgerald - (Book: Hunter's Moon)
Duke - (Book: Hunter's Need)
Devlin Hunter - (Book: Hunter's Pride)
Declan Reilly - (Book: Hunters: The Beginning)
Dane Whitelaw - (Book: Hurricane Bay)
Dan Beckett - (Book: Husband By Any Other Name, A)
Donato Vittoria - (Book: Husband By Contract)
Drew - (Book: Husband Hunting (ebook))
Darryl Andrews - (Book: Husband's Watch, A)
Danner Lockwood - (Book: Hush)
Daniel Sullivan - (Book: Hush Now, Don't You Cry)
Duncan McAllister - (Book: I Do)
Daniel Tyler - (Book: I Want it That Way)
Derek Valencia - (Book: I Want You to Want Me)
Detective Daniel Cardenas - (Book: I'll Be Watching You)
Detective Daniel Cardenas - (Book: I'll Be Watching You (Large Print))
Detective Harrison Blake - (Book: I'll Be Your Shelter)
Dylan - (Book: I'll Have What He's Having)
Darren Grayson - (Book: I'll Stand By You)
Darren Whitman - (Book: I'm Gonna Make You Love Me)
Duffy Copenhaven - (Book: Ice Crystals)
Draco Valenti - (Book: Ice Prince, The)
Draco Valenti - (Book: Ice Prince, The (large print))
Duncan Armstrong - (Book: Icing (ebook))
Devon Heyworth - (Book: If the Shoe Fits)
Dominick Manton - (Book: If the Viscount Falls)
Damien Black - (Book: If You Dare)
Dylan Davis - (Book: Iguana Bay)
Baron Hanford
- (Book: Ill-Bred Bride, The)
Dallas Cameron - (Book: Illegal Possession (reprint))
Daniel Adler - (Book: Illegally Yours)
Daniel Godard - (Book: Illusions)
Daniel Deer Runner - (Book: Imminent Affair)
Damien Gray - (Book: Immortal Bride)
David Aronowitz - (Book: Immortal Hunter (ebook))
Decker Argeneau - (Book: Immortal Hunter, The)
Domitian Argenis - (Book: Immortal Unchained)
Darius - (Book: Immortals: The Darkening)
Derek Deveaux - (Book: Impetuous Bride, An)
Dominic Ridgeley
Viscount Alton
- (Book: Impetuous Innocent)
Dominic Ridgely - (Book: Impetuous Innocent)
Dashiell - (Book: Imposter, The)
Dalton Montmorency
Lord Etheridge
- (Book: Impostor, The)
Daniel Hammond,
- (Book: Improper Acquaintances (UK))
Damien Ashcroft - (Book: Improper Companion, The)
Dan Burnett - (Book: Impulse)
Dade Logan - (Book: In a Cowboy's Arms)
Dennis Harrington - (Book: In a Doctor's Arms)
Daniel Sullivan - (Book: In a Gilded Cage (hardcover))
Daniel Sullivan - (Book: In a Gilded Cage (paperback))
Detective Marco Camelia - (Book: In A Heartbeat)
Duke Winters - (Book: In a Stranger's Eyes)
D'marcus Strong - (Book: In Bed With Her Boss)
D'marcus Armstrong - (Book: In Bed With Her Boss)
Dax Cavanaugh - (Book: In Broad Daylight)
Dax Cavanaugh - (Book: In Broad Daylight (reissue))
Daniel Sullivan - (Book: In Dublin's Fair City (hardcover))
Daniel Sullivan - (Book: In Dublin's Fair City (paperback))
Dante Giovanni - (Book: In Enemy Hands)
Dimitri - (Book: In Fields of Freedom)
Des O'Donnell - (Book: In Good Company )
David Maxwell - (Book: In Her Backyard)
Damian St. Giles - (Book: In Her Bed)
Derek Oneiros - (Book: In Her Wildest Dreams)
Devon Clay - (Book: In His Shadow)
Detective Josh Winger, NYPD - (Book: In Hot Pursuit)
Daniel Flynn - (Book: In Like Flynn)
Devon Sinclair
Duke of Pembroke
- (Book: In My Wildest Fantasies)
Dicky Evans - (Book: In The Arms of Danger)
David Wainwright - (Book: In the Australian Billionaire's Arms)
Dante Baptiste - (Book: In The Blood)
David Denhem - (Book: In The Dark)
David Denhem - (Book: In The Dark (reissue))
David Denhem - (Book: In The Dark (reissue))
David Imakita - (Book: In the Flesh)
Dectective Cortez - (Book: In The Flesh)
Donal - (Book: In the King's Service)
Duncan the Brave - (Book: In the Laird's Bed)
Duncan - (Book: In The Master's Bed)
Deke - (Book: In the Midnight Hour)
Dexter Needham III - (Book: In The Mood)
David Pendleton - (Book: In the Palm of Her Hand)
Diego de Santo - (Book: In the Spaniard's Bed)
Drew Van Allen - (Book: In Too Deep)
Daniel - (Book: In Too Deep (ebook serial))
Marquis of Cadogon
- (Book: Incomparable Miss Brady, The)
Daniel Hammond,
- (Book: Incorrigible Rake, The)
Dillon McKenzie - (Book: Indescribably Delicious)
Drew Kincaid - (Book: Indestructible)
Dan Barenfanger - (Book: Indy Girl)
Damon Howard - (Book: Infamous Bargain)
Dante Condellaire - (Book: Inferno's Kiss)
Derek Bragg - (Book: Innocent Fire)
Derek Bragg - (Book: Innocent Fire (reissue))
Daniel Flynn - (Book: Innocent on Her Wedding Night)
Daniel Flynn - (Book: Innocent on Her Wedding Night (Large Print))
Dominick LaRocca - (Book: Insatiable)
Daniel Haws - (Book: Insatiable)
Drey Angeli - (Book: Instant Dad)
Deke Crandall - (Book: Instant Mommy)
Djetth - (Book: Insufficient Mating Material)
Drew Sedwick - (Book: Interior Designs)
Darl James - (Book: Intimate Beings)
Dallas Cordell - (Book: Intimate Circle)
Donovan Steele - (Book: Intimate Seduction)
Dallas Garrett - (Book: Into The Dark)
Dillion Gaynor - (Book: Into the Fire)
Doug Black - (Book: Into the Flame)
Derek Nolan - (Book: Into the Night)
David de Montfort, Marquis - (Book: Into the Storm)
Dirk Reynolds - (Book: Into the Whirlwind)
Declan Harper - (Book: Into the Woods)
Desmond Mershan - (Book: Invasion Of Falgannon Isle, The)
Dominic Saxon - (Book: Irresistible Forces)
Declan Malone - (Book: Irresistible Temptation)
Dr. Mauricio Garcia - (Book: Island Dreams)
Donovan Deval - (Book: Island Fantasy)
Dylan Nelson - (Book: Island Girls (and Boys))
Dillon O'Brian - (Book: Island Of Flowers)
Derek Calverton - (Book: Island Rendezvous)
Dan Jarrett - (Book: It Had to be You)
Dan Calebow - (Book: It Had to Be You)
Dane - (Book: It Happened One Week)
Dane Cutter - (Book: It Happened One Week (reissue))
Dominic Fabrino - (Book: It Must have Been the Mistletoe)
Dane Prescott - (Book: It Takes A Thief)
Dane MacGregor - (Book: It's Only Natural)
Dr Rick Burnett - (Book: It's Only Temporary)
Donovan Wright - (Book: It's Only You)
Domenico Silvaggio d'Avalos. - (Book: Italian Billionaire's Christmas Miracle, The)
Domenico Silvaggio d'Avalos. - (Book: Italian Billionaire's Christmas Miracle, The (Large Print))
Dante Baldassare - (Book: Italian Doctor: Full-time Father)
Dante Baldassare - (Book: Italian Doctor: Full-time Father (UK large print))
Dante Baldassare - (Book: Italian Doctor: Full-time Father (UK))
Duke Raphael Della Striozzi - (Book: Italian Duke's Virgin Mistress, The)
Don Lorenzo, Duce di Montesavro - (Book: Italian Duke's Wife, The (UK))
Dizo Fornese - (Book: Italian Groom, Princess Bride)
Domenico - (Book: Italian's Forced Bride, The)
Domenico - (Book: Italian's Forced Bride, The (UK))
Drago do Luca - (Book: Italian's Miracle Family, The)
Dante di Andrea - (Book: Italian's Pregnancy Proposal, The)
Dante di Andrea - (Book: Italian's Pregnancy Proposal, The (UK))
Dante d'Alessandri - (Book: Italian's Ruthless Marriage Command, The)
Damon Cyrenci - (Book: Italian's Unwilling Wife, The)
Damon Cyrenci - (Book: Italian's Unwilling Wife, The (UK))
Domenic Silvagni - (Book: Italian's Virgin Bride, The)
Daniel Heywood - (Book: Jaguar Eyes)
David Patterson - (Book: Jaguar Hunt)
Dolan Trevino - (Book: Jaguar Night)
Daniel McAdams - (Book: Jessie's Lawman)
Daniel Tyson - (Book: Jester's Girl)
Devlin Branett - (Book: Jewel and the Sword, The)
Daniel Champlain - (Book: Jigsaw)
Drew Hampton - (Book: Jingle Bell Harbor (ebook novella))
Debonair - (Book: Jinx)
Drew Kelley - (Book: Joint Investigation)
Dominic Raven - (Book: Judgement)
David Yeager - (Book: Just Before Dawn)
Darius McRae - (Book: Just Can't Get Enough)
Dan Ryan - (Book: Just Cause)
Dell Kingston - (Book: Just Dare Me)
Drake Logan - (Book: Just For Christmas)
Doug Miller - (Book: Just For Fun)
Dr. Gatlin O'Malley - (Book: Just Grace (Hardcover))
Duncan MacHarg - (Book: Just in Time for a Highlander)
Davis Strong - (Book: Just Like Candy)
Don Diego - (Book: Just One Kiss)
Daniel Flynn - (Book: Just One Kiss)
Dr. Brett Thornton - (Book: Just Trust Me...)
Declan O'Malley - (Book: Justice is Coming)
Dare Barron - (Book: Karma)
David Merritt, Major - (Book: Kate and the Soldier)
David Winthrop - (Book: Kate's Vow)
Dawson Blakely - (Book: Kathleen's Surrender)
Denver Holt - (Book: Katie's Tomorrows)
Donaill - (Book: Keeper of the Light)
Declan Wainright - (Book: Keeper of the Moon)
Dane Carmichael - (Book: Keeping Annie Safe)
Dylan Harrison - (Book: Keeping Company)
David Sommer - (Book: Keepsakes)
Derek Taggart - (Book: Kept)
Dracula - (Book: Key to Conflict)
Des Maxwell - (Book: Key West Heat)
Duncan - (Book: Key, The (reprint))
Dougal Alexander - (Book: Kidnapped Bride, The (ebook))
Dawson Gray - (Book: Killer Body)
Dirk Coulter - (Book: Killer Honeymoon)
Dirk Coulter - (Book: Killer Physique (hardcover))
Doug O'Casey - (Book: Killing Kelly)
Duncan MacKinnon - (Book: Kilted Governess, The (ebook))
David Hardinge
Viscount Courtenay
- (Book: Kind and Decent Man, A)
Dartland King - (Book: King Country)
Devlin Kyle - (Book: King of Swords)
Danton Cristobel - (Book: King of the Pirates)
Davik - (Book: Kingdom of Khal: Redeeming Davik)
Dr. Marshall Devlin - (Book: Kiss and Tell)
Dylan St. Croix - (Book: Kiss in the Dark, A)
Dante - (Book: Kiss of Crimson)
Duncan MacRae - (Book: Kiss of Fate, A)
Donovan Shea - (Book: Kiss of Fury)
Doyle - (Book: Kiss of Shadows, A)
Dai - (Book: Kiss of the Goblin Prince)
Drustan MacKeltar - (Book: Kiss of the Highlander)
Dylan Rossi - (Book: Kiss of the Shadow Man)
Dylan Rossi - (Book: Kiss of the Shadow Man)
Dominick Sanders - (Book: Kissing Bandit, The )
Duke Grayson - (Book: Kissing In The Dark)
Laird of the MacLean clan
- (Book: Knight In My Bed)
Dash MacKenzie - (Book: Knight in Shining Armor, The)
Duel McCain - (Book: Knight on the Texas Plains)
Danielle Tremaine - (Book: Knight's Fall, A (ebook))
Dominic de Terre - (Book: Knight's Reward, A)
Dominic Longmont - (Book: Knight, The)
Dane St. Gregory - (Book: Knights)
Dillon Savich - (Book: Knock Out (Hardcover))
Dillon Savich - (Book: Knock Out (paperback))
Duke of Hawkinston - (Book: Known To All)
Dimitri Kouvaris - (Book: Kouvaris Marriage, The)
Dimitri Kyriakis - (Book: Kyriakis's Innocent Mistress)
Dimitri Kyriakis - (Book: Kyriakis's Innocent Mistress (UK))
damien Christoval - (Book: Lace)
Darcy Cummings
Baron Pennsfield
- (Book: Lady Alicia's Secret)
Dillon McKenzie - (Book: Lady and the Cowboy, The)
Drexell Cain - (Book: Lady and the Dragon, The)
Drexell Cain
The Black Dragon
- (Book: Lady and the Dragon, The (reissue))
Dan - (Book: Lady Anne's Quest)
Darius Wynter
Duke of Carlyne
- (Book: Lady Arabella's Scandalous Marriage)
Darcy, Lord - (Book: Lady Bridget's Diary)
Darius Lawley - (Book: Lady Can Never Be Too Curious, A)
Dorian Rowland - (Book: Lady Dares, A)
Derek Rutledge - (Book: Lady Disguised, The)
Devon de Grenfeld - (Book: Lady Dragon)
Damien Beecham - (Book: Lady Hellion, The)
Duke of Brocco - (Book: Lady in Disguise, A)
Dominick Cherrett - (Book: Lady in the Mist)
David, Earl of Westbury - (Book: Lady in Waiting)
Duke of Hartford - (Book: Lady Leprechaun)
Dominic, Viscount Linford - (Book: Lady Linford's Return)
Diarmid Campbell - (Book: Lady Miracle)
Duncan - (Book: Lady of Consequence, A)
Duke of Camber - (Book: Lady of the Night)
Drew Benton
Marquess of Sheridan
- (Book: Lady Olivia to the Rescue)
David Stark - (Book: Lady Renegades (hardcover))
Damon Farr - (Book: Lady Silence)
Daniel Winwood,
- (Book: Lady Sunshine)
Derek Saunders - (Book: Lady Travelers Guide to Scoundrels and Other Gentlemen, The)
Marquis of Talgarth
- (Book: Lady Velvet)
Damian - (Book: Lady Windermere's Lover)
Declan Frobisher - (Book: Lady's Command, The)
David Wiggins - (Book: Lady's Companion, The)
Drake Sotherton - (Book: Lady's Pleasure, A)
Don DeMarco - (Book: Lair Of The Lion)
Daniel Hays - (Book: Last Breath)
Dash Randall - (Book: Last Chance Book Club)
Duke of Worminster - (Book: Last Duchess of Wolff's Lair, The)
Duke of Salterne - (Book: Last Enchantment, The (UK-Large Print))
David Scarlatti - (Book: Last First Kiss, The)
Duncan Blair - (Book: Last Gamble, The (UK))
Dylan Brookes - (Book: Last Groom Standing)
Dylan Crosby - (Book: Last Honest Woman, The)
Del Cooper - (Book: Last Honorable Man, The)
Damion de Jarnac - (Book: Last Knight, The)
Dr. Peter Havistock - (Book: Last Male Virgin, The)
Dare Conners - (Book: Last True Hero)
Dante - (Book: Last Vamp Standing)
Dane Powell
- (Book: Last Wilder, The)
Dominick Falconetti - (Book: Last Witness)
David Fairfax
Earl of Alton
- (Book: Lavender Lady)
Doug McGuire - (Book: Law and Lady Justice, The)
Daniel Fortune - (Book: Law of Attraction)
Daniel Jefferson - (Book: Law of Attraction)
Daniel Jefferson - (Book: Law Of Attraction (UK))
Daniel Fortune - (Book: Law of Attraction, The (reissue))
Daniel Lyon Lawless, Harrison Lawless - (Book: Lawless Lovers (Anthology))
Douglas Fitzgerald - (Book: Lawman's Legacy, The)
Danny McCandless - (Book: Lazarus Rising)
Dima Turgenev - (Book: Lead and Follow)
Daniel Brown - (Book: Leah's Choice)
Daniel Glick - (Book: Leah's Choice)
Daniel Brown - (Book: Leah's Choice (large print))
Devlin McCloud - (Book: Leaping Hearts)
Devlin McCloud - (Book: Leaping Hearts (reissue))
Daniel Warfield - (Book: Learned Lady, The)
Daniel Peterson - (Book: Learning Curves)
Dannan MacKay - (Book: Leave a Candle Burning)
Dannan MacKay - (Book: Leave a Candle Burning (Large Print))
Dexter Saint John - (Book: Led Astray)
Dominic Lacey - (Book: Led Astray By a Rake)
Dane MacFarland - (Book: Led Into Temptation)
Davyd Krell - (Book: Legacy of Prator: Redemption)
Dalton Hale - (Book: Legend of Smuggler's Cove, The)
Deo Beckett - (Book: Lengths)
Dominic Lyall - (Book: Leopard in the Snow)
Dominic Lyall - (Book: Leopard In The Snow (UK))
Decker - (Book: Leopard Tree, The)
David Katcherton - (Book: Less Of A Stranger)
Duke of Rolthven - (Book: Lessons from a Scarlet Lady)
David Carlson - (Book: Lessons from the Heart )
Douglas, the Duke of Ethingham - (Book: Lessons in Seduction)
Devin Baldwin - (Book: Let Love Find You (hardcover))
Devin Baldwin - (Book: Let Love Find You (paperback))
Derek Cole - (Book: Let Me In)
Derek Randolph - (Book: Let's Pretend)
Dutch - (Book: Lethal Outlook (hardcover))
Dutch - (Book: Lethal Outlook (paperback))
David Parkin - (Book: Letter, The)
Devon Royce
Earl of Marwood
- (Book: Letters to a Lady)
Dash - (Book: Letting Go)
Drew Anderson - (Book: Letting Loose)
Drew Kimball - (Book: Lexy's Little Matchmaker)
Daniel Barone - (Book: Librarian's Passionate Knight, The)
Daniel Houghton III - (Book: Lick and a Promise, A)
Derek Hansen - (Book: Life After Perfect)
Danny - (Book: Life as a Poser)
Damon Arkadios - (Book: Lifting the Veil)
David - (Book: Light in Zion)
Drake - (Book: Light My Fire)
David Harrell
Marquess of Montfort
- (Book: Light on the Mountain)
Daniel Arnot - (Book: Lights, Camera...Kiss the Boss)
David Shay - (Book: Lights, Latkes, and Love (novella))
Devon Darkwell - (Book: Lily)
Damon St. Clair
Earl of Hawkhurst
- (Book: Lily and the Hawk, The)
Daniel Logan - (Book: List, The)
Dr John McIntyre Thorn - (Book: Listen to the Child)
Daniel Wilson - (Book: Little Legal Luck, A (ebook))
Earl of Colebrooke
- (Book: Little Mischief, A)
Daniel Colebrooke - (Book: Little Mischief, A (reprint))
Daniel Sawyers - (Book: Little Miss Innocent?)
Dallas Masterson - (Book: Little Time in Texas, A)
Doug Fountain - (Book: Little White Lies)
Devin Gold - (Book: Live For Me)
Damien Perry - (Book: Live-In Lover)
Daniel "Mo" Greene - (Book: Lizzy's Hope)
Dan Slater - (Book: Logic of the Heart)
David Barclay - (Book: Logical Passion, A)
David - (Book: London Ladies, The)
David Chance - (Book: London Season, A)
Dallas Haynes / Grey Thomas - (Book: Lone Rider)
Dave Firestone - (Book: Lone Star Cinderella)
David Fierce Hawk - (Book: Lone Star Loving)
David Fierce Hawk - (Book: Lone Star Loving (ebook))
David Ryland - (Book: Lone Star Secret)
Drummond Roak - (Book: Lone Texan, The)
Dakota Carson - (Book: Loner, The)
Davie Adams - (Book: Loner, The)
Dillon Cassidy - (Book: Loner, The)
Dean - (Book: Long Hot Summoning, The)
Deacon Fallon - (Book: Long Shot, The)
Deacon Fallon - (Book: Long Shot, The (large print))
Duncan Malone - (Book: Long Way Home)
Daniel Kent - (Book: Longhorn)
Daniel Beachy - (Book: Looking for a Miracle (reissue))
Daniel Beachy - (Book: Looking for a Miracle (reissue))
Drew Webster - (Book: Looks Like Love)
Desmond Ryder - (Book: Lord Desmond's Destiny)
Daniel, Lord Exmouth - (Book: Lord Exmouth's Intentions (UK))
Douglas Arde
Earl of Grafton
- (Book: Lord Grafton's Promise)
David Foxcott
Viscount Greywell
- (Book: Lord Greywell's Dilemma)
Damien Knight - (Book: Lord of Ice)
Drystan Hawkes - (Book: Lord of Illusion)
Daigh LacLir - (Book: Lord of Shadows)
Dante Risande - (Book: Lord Of Temptation)
Donal Fleming - (Book: Lord Of The Beasts)
Devan Murray - (Book: Lord of the Black Isle)
Durand de Marle - (Book: Lord of the Mist (reissue ebook))
Dayn - (Book: Lord of the Wolfyn)
Don Carlos - (Book: Lord of Zaracus)
Don Carlos - (Book: Lord Of Zaracus (UK))
Dante Delacourt
Viscount Pierson
- (Book: Lord Pierson Reforms)
Duncan Fairchild
Earl of Wakefield
- (Book: Lord Wakeford's Gold Watch)
David Kyle
10th Earl of Wraybourne
- (Book: Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed)
Dragos - (Book: Lord's Fall)
Dean Holder - (Book: Losing Hope)
Derek - (Book: Lost and Found)
Daniel - (Book: Lost and Found Groom)
Dr Sam Holden - (Book: Lost In Sensation)
Drew Miller - (Book: Love a Little Sideways)
Devlin Windsor - (Book: Love Across Time)
Dominic Breckland
Viscount Stratfield
- (Book: Love Affair of an English Lord, The)
Dr. Tony Housner - (Book: Love Always)
Dominic Griffyn - (Book: Love and Let Spy)
Drake - (Book: Love and Splendor)
Donovan McCoy - (Book: Love and the Single Dad)
Drew Stirling - (Book: Love and War (reissue))
Dade Vega - (Book: Love at First Sight)
Damien Drayton - (Book: Love Betrayed)
Dan Murdock - (Book: Love For All Time, A)
Dylan Matheson - (Book: Love Is Patient)
Daniel Stephens - (Book: Love Lessons)
Damien, Duke of Westbrook - (Book: Love Me Not)
Drake Harrington - (Book: Love Me or Leave Me)
Drake Harrington - (Book: Love Me or Leave ME)
Dave Cousins - (Book: Love Me Tender)
Dugan Magee - (Book: Love of Dugan Magee, The)
Dr. Bradley Clayton - (Book: Love On Call)
Damian St. Clair - (Book: Love Theme, The)
Damian St. Clair - (Book: Love Theme, The (UK))
Dare Fraser - (Book: Love Thy Neighbour)
Dalton Smith - (Book: Love to Call Her Own, A)
David Kane
Miguel Kane
- (Book: Love Unwilling)
Dylan Prescott - (Book: Love Will Find a Way)
David - (Book: Love's a Stage)
Damien Straith - (Book: Love's Fiery Jewel)
David - (Book: Love's Pagan Heart)
Daniel - (Book: Love's Raid)
Darien Lamont - (Book: Love, Lies & Videotape)
Dante - (Book: Love, Louisa)
Dashael Rhyder - (Book: Lover Enslaved)
Dean Harding - (Book: Lover Under Cover)
Dalton Granger - (Book: Lover's Vow, A)
Dr. Ethan Hunter - (Book: Lover, Stranger)
David Ryder - (Book: Lovers and Strangers)
Douglas Drury - (Book: Lovers Kiss, A)
Dr Declan HAversham - (Book: Lovesick)
Dr Shane Bartlett - (Book: Loving Bella)
David Washington - (Book: Loving Delilah)
Diego Aragon - (Book: Loving Fury)
David Kendrick - (Book: Loving Gift, The)
David Kendrick - (Book: Loving Gift, The (UK))
Duncan Lattimore - (Book: Loving Lady Marcia)
Dale Levin - (Book: Loving Promises)
Darius Conover
Earl of Warebourne
- (Book: Loyal Companion, A)
Derek Corwin - (Book: Lucky Charm)
David Paxton - (Book: Lucky Penny)
Drew Tolman - (Book: Lucy Gets Her Life Back)
Drew Tolman - (Book: Lucy Gets Her Life Back)
Drog, Captain - (Book: Lucy's Lover)
Dylan Ives - (Book: Lure of Song and Magic)
Damien Hurley - (Book: Lush)
Donovan Cole - (Book: Lydia)
David Lamb - (Book: Lyon and the Lamb, The)
Dr. John Saville - (Book: M.D. Courts His Nurse, The)
Dr. Seth Andrews - (Book: M.D.'s Mistress, The)
Dominic Stanbridge - (Book: MacKenzie's Magic)
Dr. Artemus Maxmillion Aaronson - (Book: Mad About Max)
Duke of Lytten
- (Book: Madalena)
Duke of Lytten
- (Book: Madalena)
Danjer & Saxon - (Book: Made For Two Men)
Declan McCarthy - (Book: Magic and Macaroons)
Dane Marchwood, Sir - (Book: Magic at Midnight)
Damon Wilder - (Book: Magic in the Wind)
Dr Charles Trescombe - (Book: Magic in Vienna (reissue))
Dominic Fortune, Sir - (Book: Magic Jack O'Lantern)
- (Book: Magic, The)
Dagon Rasmus - (Book: Magical Moments)
Damien Halliburton - (Book: Magnate's Indecent Proposal, The)
David Halstrom - (Book: Magnate's Takeover, The)
Dr. Dru Talbot - (Book: Magnolia Creek)
Donovan Barrett - (Book: Maid And The Millionaire, The)
Devlyn Wolff - (Book: Maid's Daughter, The)
Donal Byrne - (Book: Maiden Voyage)
Donal Byrne - (Book: Maiden Voyage (reissue))
Daniel Bradley - (Book: Maiden's Revenge, The)
Dan Freedman - (Book: Maidenstone Lighthouse, The)
Drew - (Book: Major Crush)
Darius "D-Roc" Rollins - (Book: Make It Last Forever)
Drew Bennett - (Book: Make Me Over)
Dr Dan Ellison - (Book: Make Your Move)
Darcy - (Book: Malice at the Palace (hardcover))
Dr. Dominic Kiser - (Book: Man for Easter, A)
Derrick - (Book: Man From Montana)
Daniel Montclair - (Book: Man from the North Country)
Daniel Montclair - (Book: Man from the North Country (reissue))
Declan McGlynn - (Book: Man I Should Have Married, The)
Duncan MacDougall
Laird of Blackstone
- (Book: Man In A Kilt, A)
Dean Logan - (Book: Man Means Business, The)
Doug Boyd - (Book: Man of Character, A)
Duncan Gilmore - (Book: Man of Fortune)
Dan Armstrong - (Book: Man of His Word, A)
Drake Sullivan - (Book: Man of Honor)
Dave McCoy - (Book: Man Of Honor, A)
Dawson Rutherford - (Book: Man of Ice)
Dan O'Neill - (Book: Man of the Hour)
Dominic Harland - (Book: Man Possessed, A)
Dominic Harland - (Book: Man Possessed, A (UK))
David Langley - (Book: Man She Once Knew, The)
Dylan Justiss - (Book: Man To Count On, A)
Dylan Justiss - (Book: Man to Count On, A [Large Print])
Detective Felipe Salazar - (Book: Man to Die For, A)
Detective Cruz Gregerson - (Book: Man To Trust, A)
Dare McLaclin - (Book: Man With the Midnight Eyes, The)
D.K. Rudell aka "Darren Rudd" - (Book: Man With The Money, The)
Davis Garvey, Marine First Sergeant - (Book: Marine Under the Mistletoe)
Dunstan Hays
Earl of Erroll
- (Book: Marriage a la Mode)
Dominic - (Book: Marriage Campaign, The)
Dekker Smith - (Book: Marriage Conspiracy, The)
Dekker Smith - (Book: Marriage Conspiracy, The (reissue))
Dekker Smith - (Book: Marriage Conspiracy, The (reissue))
Dr. Jay Kincaid - (Book: Marriage Made In Texas)
Duke of Rothayne - (Book: Marriage Mart, The)
Dylan Ross - (Book: Marriage Solution, The)
Daniel Elliott - (Book: Marriage Terms)
Devin St. Clair
Marquis of Huntington
- (Book: Marriage Truce, The (UK))
Dominic Leighton - (Book: Marriage Wager, The)
Dash Davenport - (Book: Marriage Wanted)
Demetrio Corelli - (Book: Married in Haste)
Damon Nicolaides - (Book: Married Mistress, The)
Dan Maddox - (Book: Married To The Mob)
Daniel Stephens - (Book: Married Under The Mistletoe)
David - (Book: Married With Zombies)
Devlin "Devil" Holmes - (Book: Marry Me...Again)
Dimitri Adonis - (Book: Marrying Miss Shylo)
Dallas Walker - (Book: Marshal's Hostage, The)
Dallas Walker - (Book: Marshal's Hostage, The (large print))
Dylan McKnight - (Book: Marshal's Runaway Witness, The)
Dane Westbrooke - (Book: Masque of Betrayal)
Duncan Campbell - (Book: Master of Castle Glen)
Draven de Montague
Earl of Ravenswood
- (Book: Master of Desire)
Darach MacKenzie - (Book: Master of Ecstasy)
Damion Tanner - (Book: Master Touch)
Dominor - (Book: Master, The)
Dr Paul Doelsma - (Book: Match for Sister Maggy, A)
Drake Forrest - (Book: Match Made in Heaven, A)
Dusty Hicks - (Book: Match Made in Texas, A)
Dan Phelan - (Book: Matched by Midnight)
Dax Wakefield - (Book: Matched to Her Rival)
Drew Watson - (Book: Matchless Romance, A (ebook))
David Chappell, Sir - (Book: Matchmaker's Christmas, A)
Dexter Harrington - (Book: Mating Game, The)
Dominic Rutledge - (Book: Mating Game, The)
Devoron Vitan, Prince - (Book: Mating Net (ebook))
Dean Chastell - (Book: Matter of Pride, A (ebook))
Douglas MacKendimen - (Book: Matter of Time, A)
Dallas Traub - (Book: Maverick's Christmas Baby, The)
Dean Pritchett - (Book: Maverick's Summer Love, The)
Darcy Lewis - (Book: Maybe This Time)
Darcy Lewis - (Book: Maybe This Time (large print))
Dillon Savich - (Book: Maze, The)
Devlin McAllister - (Book: McAllister's Lady)
Drew McIvor - (Book: McIvor Affair, The)
Duncan McKenna, Captain - (Book: McKenna's Fortune)
Don Mazzaro di Falcone - (Book: Medici Lover, The (UK))
Dante D'Aquanni - (Book: Mediterranean Billionaire's Blackmail Bargain, The)
Demetrio Bertoluzzi - (Book: Mediterranean Husband, The)
Dr. Dominic Hansford - (Book: Mediterranean Rescue)
Dusty - (Book: Melody of Love)
Damon Torrance - (Book: Melt Into You)
Drew Hogan - (Book: Melting the Ice)
Drake llewelyn - (Book: Memo: The Billionaire's Proposal)
David Yalom - (Book: Memorist, The)
Dane McConnell - (Book: Mercy Come Morning)
Drogo Ives - (Book: Merely Magic)
Daniel Spencer - (Book: Merger of the Heart)
Dante - (Book: Mermaid's Ransom, A)
Donnie Cochran - (Book: Merry Little Christmas, A)
Devlin Carlton
Earl of Barrisford
- (Book: Merry's Christmas)
Dr. Chris Welsh - (Book: Midnight)
Declan Fitzgerald - (Book: Midnight Bayou (hardcover))
Declan Fitzgerald - (Book: Midnight Bayou (paperback))
Duncan McClain - (Book: Midnight Choices)
Dav Duvall - (Book: Midnight Cravings)
Duke of Lyonswood - (Book: Midnight Folly)
Dane Colbourne - (Book: Midnight Heat)
Drake Warren - (Book: Midnight Hour, The)
Daniel Buchanan - (Book: Midnight Kisses)
Dr. Scott Zimmerman - (Book: Midnight Magic)
Des Jones - (Book: Midnight Masque)
Dominic Slade - (Book: Midnight Masquerade)
Damon - (Book: Midnight Medusa (ebook))
Devon Murphy - (Book: Midnight Moon)
Dex Harper - (Book: Midnight Play)
Dr. Alan MacKerry - (Book: Midnight Rain)
Derek Pratt - (Book: Midnight Revenge)
David - (Book: Midnight Rhythms)
Danny Sullivan - (Book: Midnight Sacrifice)
Delaney - (Book: Midnight Star)
Duncan Maclachlan - (Book: Midsummer Bride, A)
David Madison - (Book: Midsummer Madness)
Damon Demetrias - (Book: Midsummer Midnight)
Dr. John Keffer - (Book: Midwife Crisis, A)
Dr Jared Madison - (Book: Midwife's Glass Slipper, The)
Dr Andy Buchanan - (Book: Midwife's Little Miracle, The)
Dr Ben Moore - (Book: Midwife's New-Found Family, The)
Dr Rory Donovan - (Book: Midwife's Special Delivery, The)
Declan Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Declan)
Dermot Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Dermot)
Dylan Quinn - (Book: Mighty Quinns, The: Dylan)
Dallas O'Rourke, MD - (Book: Million Dollar Baby)
Dean Kettering - (Book: Million Dollar Baby)
Dominic Manelli - (Book: Millionaire Dad, Nanny Needed! )
Dominic Santorini - (Book: Millionaire in Disguise)
Daniel Warren - (Book: Millionaire Playboy, Maverick Heiress)
Daniel Finch - (Book: Millionaire to the Rescue)
Daniel Finch - (Book: Millionaire to the Rescue (Large Print))
David Blaze - (Book: Millionaire's Homecoming, The)
Deston Rhodes - (Book: Millionaire's Secret Baby, The)
Dominic Hardcastle - (Book: Millionaire's Secret Seduction)
Dylan Barrows - (Book: Millionaire's Secret Wish, The)
Dakota Brubaker - (Book: Millionaire's Waitress Wife, The)
Dr. Mark Wolfson - (Book: Mind Games)
Marquess of Claireux
- (Book: Minerva's Marquess)
Marquess of Claireux
- (Book: Minerva's Marquess (UK))
Dr. Steve Cameron - (Book: Miracle In the Mist)
David Moncloa - (Book: Miracle of Love)
Darach MacStruan - (Book: Mirror & the Magic, The)
Duncan West - (Book: Mirror Image)
Derek Atkinson - (Book: Misled)
D. Cristofer - (Book: Miss April)
Daniel Lennox - (Book: Miss Clarkson's Classmate)
Damon, Marquis of Hawksworth - (Book: Miss Featherton's Christmas Prince)
David Winslow
Marquess of Derrington
- (Book: Miss Foster's Folly (ebook))
Daniel Winterbourne - (Book: Miss Hartwell's Dilemma (Hardcover))
Daniel Hillary - (Book: Miss Lavigne's Little White Lie)
David Stark - (Book: Miss Mayhem)
Daniel Spark - (Book: Miss Whittier Makes a List)
Deacon Holt - (Book: Missing Mother-to-Be)
Devon - (Book: Mission: Children)
Damon Frye - (Book: Missouri Magic)
Dimitri Marshan - (Book: Mistaken)
David Waide - (Book: Mistletoe Baby)
Dr. Adam Varner - (Book: Mistletoe Mommy)
Desmond Ryland - (Book: Mistress by Midnight)
Drew Cummings - (Book: Mistress by Mistake)
Don Luis de la Camara - (Book: Mistress of La Rioja)
Duncan of Skye - (Book: Mistress of the Storm)
Dominic van Straaten - (Book: Mistress On Demand)
David Melville
Viscount Helford
- (Book: Mistress or Marriage? (UK))
Daniel Graydon - (Book: Mistress Under Contract)
Daniel Graydon - (Book: Mistress Under Contract (UK))
Dylan Francis Kennedy - (Book: Mistress, The)
Dylan Kennedy - (Book: Mistress, The (reissue))
Dane Huntington - (Book: Mistress: At What Price?)
Dougal Weston - (Book: Mists of Midnight, The (ebook))
Damien - (Book: Misty Blue)
David Latham - (Book: Mixed Up With The Mob)
Dante Romano - (Book: Moment on the Lips, A)
David Chandler - (Book: Mommy And The Millionaire)
Dr. Ty Slattery - (Book: Mommy Bride, The)
Devlin Browne - (Book: Mommy Miracle, The)
Dean Luchetti - (Book: Mommy Quest, The)
Dean Luchetti - (Book: Mommy Quest, The (UK))
Dante - (Book: Mona Lisa Craving)
Dhruv - (Book: Monsoon Wedding Fever)
Dhruv - (Book: Monsoon Wedding Fever (large print))
Dee Higgins - (Book: Montana Brides)
Dylan Creed - (Book: Montana Creeds: Dylan)
Dru Sullivan - (Book: Montana Moonfire)
Dane - (Book: Montana Mustangs)
Devlin Barrow - (Book: Montana Royalty)
Daniel Lindsay - (Book: Montana Wife)
Damon Leandros - (Book: Moon of Aphrodite)
Dagan - (Book: Moonbeams And Magic)
Duncan Flynn - (Book: Moondance Beach)
Dan Shackelford - (Book: Moonglow, Texas)
Demetrios Criades - (Book: Moonlight and Memories)
Damian Legare
- (Book: Moonlight Angel)
Daniel Hawthorne - (Book: Moonlight Charade)
Duncan Fitzhugh - (Book: Moonlight Surrender)
Dane Dimitriou - (Book: Moonlight Temptation (ebook))
Dominic - (Book: Moonshadow)
Dr. Drew Tarrant - (Book: Moonshadow Man)
Daniel Ridgeway - (Book: Moonstone Conspiracy (ebook))
Dylan Prescott - (Book: Moonstruck Lovers)
Dr. Andrew Monthaven - (Book: Moontide)
Dtimun - (Book: Morcai Battalion: Invictus, The (ebook))
Dtimun, Commander - (Book: Morcai Battalion: The Recruit (ebook))
Dtimun - (Book: Morcai Battalion: The Recruit (reissue))
Duncan - (Book: More Bitter Than Death)
David Stewart - (Book: More Precious Than Gold)
Deacon McCrea - (Book: More than a Cowboy)
Dion Hayden - (Book: More Than a Dream)
Daniel Pendleton - (Book: More Than a Mistress)
Darius - (Book: More Than Magic)
Dante - (Book: More Than Meets The Eye)
Doug Ringling - (Book: More Than You Dreamed)
Dominic Moretti - (Book: Moretti Arrangement, The)
Dane York
- (Book: Morgan's Mercenaries:
Heart of Stone)
Dane York
- (Book: Morgan's Mercenaries:
Heart of Stone (reissue))
Dar Cordell - (Book: Morning Side Of Dawn,The)
Dalton Lindquist - (Book: Morning's Refrain)
Demitri - (Book: Mortal Seductions)
Dr Gavin Bradley - (Book: Most Eligible Dad)
Dr Jack Armitage - (Book: Most Magical Gift of All)
Dr Phillip Grant - (Book: Most Precious Gift (UK))
Drake Kincaid - (Book: Most Unsuitable Wife, The)
Devlin Stone - (Book: Most Unusual Match, A)
Detective Bruce Benton - (Book: Most Wanted)
Dan O'Reilly - (Book: Most Wanted)
Daniel Sellington - (Book: Most Wanted Bachelor, The)
Dylan Fergusson - (Book: Mostly A Lady)
Daniel Richmond - (Book: Mother of His Child, The)
Daniel Parker - (Book: Moving Target)
Dean Martini - (Book: Mr. Fullservice)
Duncan McAllister - (Book: Mr. McAllister Sets His Cap)
Don John Blackthorn - (Book: Much Ado About Rogues)
Dalton Vail, Detective - (Book: Murder By Manicure)
Dennis Walsh - (Book: Murder By Mushroom)
Derek Maleveaux - (Book: Murder Uncorked)
David Atwell - (Book: Music in the Night)
Dunstan Ives - (Book: Must Be Magic)
Dunstan Ives - (Book: Must Be Magic (reissue))
Devon Grey - (Book: Must Love Dukes)
Damien - (Book: Must Love Lycans)
Duke Forrester - (Book: My Baby, My Bride)
Duke Forrester - (Book: My Baby, My Bride (ebook))
Dr. Alec Stratton - (Book: My Darling Druid)
Duke of Westerland - (Book: My Dear Duchess)
Devlin Rafferty, Captain - (Book: My Dearest Love)
David Reynolds - (Book: My Enemy, My love)
David Carrera - (Book: My Front Page Scandal)
Drake Barrett - (Book: My Heart's Desire)
Damien du Bourg - (Book: My Immortal)
Durian - (Book: My Immortal Assassin)
Drake MacKay - (Book: My Immortal Promise)
David Latimer - (Book: My Lady Domino)
Damon of Sperling - (Book: My Lady Imposter)
Derek Sinclair - (Book: My Lady In Time)
Drew Sinclair - (Book: My Lord Stranger)
Darby Elder - (Book: My Outlaw)
Damien Renshaw - (Book: My Own Private Hero)
Decker Thorne - (Book: My Reckless Heart)
Damien Fraser - (Book: My Secret Fantasies)
Dr Gabe Deveraux - (Book: My Secret Wife)
Dand Ross - (Book: My Surrender)
Dand Ross - (Book: My Surrender (reissue))
Dusty Sharp - (Book: My Sweetest Escape)
Dane Blackwell - (Book: My Timeswept Heart)
Duke of Monchester - (Book: My Unfair Lady)
Dacian - (Book: My Wicked Vampire)
Denver Langston - (Book: My Wildest Ride)
Darnell Somerton - (Book: Mysterious Governess, The)
Devlin Steele - (Book: Mysterious Miss M, The)
Devlin Steele - (Book: Mysterious Miss M, The (UK))
Dr Adam Colter - (Book: Myth and the Magic, The)
Damien St. Clair - (Book: Nabob, The (UK))
Dean - (Book: Naked Games)
Daniel Valeniza - (Book: Nanny Next Door)
Declan Murdock - (Book: Nanny Who Kissed Her Boss, The)
Declan Murdock - (Book: Nanny Who Kissed Her Boss, The (large print))
Drew Spencer - (Book: Nanny's Twin Blessings, The)
Drew Spencer - (Book: Nanny's Twin Blessings, The (large print))
Dominic Valcour - (Book: Natchez Moon)
Dreadnought Stanton - (Book: Native Star, The)
Dean Robillard - (Book: Natural Born Charmer)
Dean Robillard - (Book: Natural Born Charmer [Large Print])
Duke Jenkins - (Book: Natural Born Trouble)
Dominic Bianco - (Book: Natural Father, A)
David Buchanan - (Book: Natural Touch)
Dante - (Book: Natural Woman, A)
Darcy O'Mara - (Book: Naughty in Nice (hardcover))
Drew - (Book: Navy Rescue)
Darius Osborne - (Book: Navy SEAL Rescuer)
Detective Zach Thomas - (Book: Necessary Risk, A)
Dax Baudouin - (Book: Need You for Always)
Dillon Savich - (Book: Nemesis (hardcover))
Diccan Hilliard - (Book: Never a Gentleman)
Donovan Wilde - (Book: Never Cry Wolf)
Dave Markoff - (Book: Never Enough)
Duncan West - (Book: Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover)
Donovan Blackmer - (Book: Never Surrender to a Scoundrel)
David - (Book: Never the Face (hardcover))
Devin - (Book: Never Too Late)
Daniel Throckmorten - (Book: Never Trust a Stranger)
Danny Rodriguez - (Book: Next Of Kin)
Dan Mahoney, First Sergeant - (Book: Next Santini Bride, The)
Dillon Westin - (Book: Next Time . . . Forever)
Diego Salvador - (Book: Nice & Naughty)
Dmitri Scarletti - (Book: Night in the Palace, A)
Dustin Blake - (Book: Night is Forever, The)
Dimitri Sandovsky - (Book: Night Life)
Daniel Smythe-Smith - (Book: Night Like This, A)
Daniel O'Hara - (Book: Night of the Blackbird)
Damen - (Book: Night Star (Hardcover))
Damian Collins - (Book: Night To Remember)
Derek Blackwood - (Book: Night's Promise)
Dermott Brandt - (Book: Nights In White Satin)
Declan Reese - (Book: Nightshade)
Danaus - (Book: Nightwalker)
Dillon Wolf - (Book: Nightwalker)
Dillon Becket - (Book: No Angel's Grace)
Dylan Jolivet - (Book: No Greater Gift)
Dominic Crawley - (Book: No Holds Barred)
Duncan Sutherland - (Book: No Holds Barred)
Dev Peltier - (Book: No Mercy (Hardcover))
Drake Williams - (Book: No One But Madison)
Damien Wade - (Book: No One But You)
Daniel Stone - (Book: No Ordinary Summer)
Dario Napoli - (Book: No Other Love)
David Douglas - (Book: No Other Woman)
Dominick Burns - (Book: No Peeking..)
Dirk Ballinger - (Book: No Place for a Lady)
Dan O'Connor - (Book: No Safe Place)
Dr. Byron Black - (Book: No Strings)
Dune Cates - (Book: No Strings Attached)
Daniel - (Book: No Turning Back (ebook serial))
Declan Hanover - (Book: No Turning Back (ebook))
Duncan Malmayne - (Book: Noble Blood)
Duncan Jamison - (Book: Noble Nephew, The)
Devon Roth
Earl of Ravenaugh
- (Book: Noble Resolve, A)
Damian Drake
Earl of Malvern
- (Book: Nobleman's Bride, A)
David Anderson - (Book: Nobody But You)
Devin O'Malley - (Book: Nobody Does It Better)
Devin O'Malley - (Book: Nobody Does it Better (reissue))
Danny Carton - (Book: Nocturnal Urges - A More Perfect Union (ebook))
David Hendrickson - (Book: North of Clever)
Dalton Saunders - (Book: Northern Exposure)
Dr Dale Kinsall - (Book: Nose For Trouble (reissue))
Daniel Herbert - (Book: Not Always a Saint)
Dave Johnson - (Book: Not Easily Broken)
Devlin Riley - (Book: Not in My Bed! )
Duert ter Brandt - (Book: Not Once But Twice)
Duert ter Brandt - (Book: Not Once But Twice (reissue))
Duert ter Brandt - (Book: Not Once But Twice (UK))
Darius Carsington - (Book: Not Quite A Lady)
Dean Prescott - (Book: Not Quite Mine)
Detective Jim Keegan - (Book: Not Without Risk)
Dillon Ward - (Book: Not-So-Perfect Past, A)
Darius - (Book: Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This)
David Cole Marks - (Book: Nothing Sacred)
Daniel Brennan - (Book: Notorious Love, A)
Daniel Brennan - (Book: Notorious Love, A ( reissue))
Damien St. Clair - (Book: Notorious Nabob, The)
Damian Mackenzie - (Book: Nowhere Near Respectible)
Dr Marshall Irwin - (Book: Nurse in Crisis, A)
Dr Dirk Kelley - (Book: Nurse Who Saved Christmas, The)
Daniel - (Book: Nurse's Secret Son, The)
Devon Mallory - (Book: Object of Desire)
Drey St. John - (Book: Object of his Protection, The)
Dan Burnett - (Book: Obsession)
Drew Morrison - (Book: Obsession)
Darius Thorne - (Book: Obsession Wears Opals)
Daemon Black - (Book: Obsidian)
David - (Book: Of Shadow Born)
Donovan West - (Book: Off the Clock)
Daniel Wilson, Master Sergeant - (Book: Officer and a Gentleman, An)
Dare MacLendon, Colonel - (Book: Officer and a Gentleman, An)
Dwayne Robertson - (Book: Officer and the Secret, The)
Daniel Chase - (Book: Officer Off Limits (ebook))
Daniel Chase - (Book: Officer Off Limits (ebook))
Dylan Johnson - (Book: Oh, Baby!)
Dario Olivero - (Book: Olivero's Outrageous Proposal)
Daedalus - (Book: Omegas, The (ebook))
Dean Sinclair - (Book: On Dean's Watch)
Dante Baptiste - (Book: On Midnight Wings)
Dean Clayton - (Book: On My Terms)
Daniel - (Book: On the Run (ebook serial))
Devon Sparks - (Book: On the Steamy Side)
Derek Wright - (Book: On Thin Ice)
Daniel Tremayne - (Book: Once A Pirate)
Daniel McCullum - (Book: Once a SEAL)
Dylan McMorrow, Detective - (Book: Once and Future Father, The)
Daniel Lanfield - (Book: Once Beloved)
Drake Darling - (Book: Once More, My Darling Rogue)
Daniel McLean - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas)
Darius Wainwright - (Book: Once Upon a Kiss)
Dylan Marlow - (Book: Once Wicked)
Daniel Bronson - (Book: One and Only)
Danny Valenzuela - (Book: One and Only)
Dr. Beau Dalton - (Book: One And Only, The)
Declan MacKenzie - (Book: One Bite Stand)
Dimtri Vidame - (Book: One Bite with a Stranger)
Dave Strauss - (Book: One Cold Night)
Drew Laramie - (Book: One Dance With the Cowboy)
Drew Laramie - (Book: One Dance with the Cowboy (Large Print))
Daniel Pearce - (Book: One Imperfect Christmas)
Damon Bradley - (Book: One Magic Moment)
Drakkar Lomax - (Book: One Moment in Time)
Dominic St. Bride
Earl of Ravenwood
- (Book: One Moonlit Night)
Derek Stone - (Book: One Night In Texas)
David Pepke - (Book: One Night in the Spa)
Darius Franklin - (Book: One Night with a Wealthy Rancher)
Darius Franklin - (Book: One Night With the Wealthy Rancher)
Duncan McBride - (Book: One Night With You)
Dexter Washington - (Book: One of a Kind)
Daniel Foster - (Book: One of a Kind Dad)
Dane Kingston - (Book: One of the Boys)
Dan - (Book: One Small Thing)
Dr Eric Carlson - (Book: One Special Christmas)
Dominic Heywood - (Book: One Step At A Time)
Dan Matthews - (Book: One Step to Paradise)
Dr Taylor Jenkins - (Book: One Summer in Santa Fe)
Dr Ben Richardson - (Book: One Tiny Miracle)
Drew Callahan - (Book: One Week Girlfriend)
Douglas Clayborne - (Book: One White Rose)
Dean Emory Jameson - (Book: One Who Holds My Heart, The)
Dylan Reeves - (Book: One Wild Cowboy)
Daniel Thackery - (Book: One-Man Woman)
Drake - (Book: Only Lycans Need Apply)
Dell Jones - (Book: Only Man in Wyoming, The)
Dmitri - (Book: Only One Man Will Do)
Dr. Simon Bradley - (Book: Only Yours)
Daemon Black - (Book: Onyx)
Dillon Stone - (Book: Oops ... We're Married?)
Daemon Black - (Book: Opal)
Dan Granger - (Book: Open Invitation?)
Detective Mitch Halloran - (Book: Operation Bassinet )
Dane Burdette - (Book: Operation Reunion)
Drew Kiley - (Book: Operation Unleashed)
Duncan Stewart - (Book: Operation: Baby)
Darien Finn Mal - (Book: Orb Of Atrios, The)
Dylan MacPhail - (Book: Ordinary Day, An)
Douglas Renfrew, Colonel - (Book: Orphan's Disguise, The)
Dan - (Book: Other Woman, The)
Damien Johnson - (Book: Our First Dance)
Drew - (Book: Our Little Secret)
Davy McCloud - (Book: Out of Control)
Dallas Williams - (Book: Out of Order)
Devon O'Donaugh - (Book: Out of the Mist)
Devon Clay - (Book: Out of the Shadows)
Dr. Penry Vaughan - (Book: Out of the Storm)
Dillon Mills - (Book: Out On a Limb)
Dustin Tanner - (Book: Outback Baby)
Daniel O'Shay - (Book: Outcast)
Derek Ross - (Book: Outlaw Derek)
Douglas Carter - (Book: Packing the Heat)
David Wilder - (Book: Paging Dr. Daddy)
Deeton Spooner - (Book: Palace City Prince)
Daniel Mulloney - (Book: Paper Tiger)
Devyn Kell - (Book: Paradise City)
Dag Redwing Hickory - (Book: Passage)
Declan - (Book: Passion Model)
Donovan Carroll - (Book: Passion Play)
Damien Alexander - (Book: Passion's Song)
Dan Ashburn - (Book: Passionate Friends, The)
Dan Ashburn - (Book: Passionate Friends, The (UK))
Daniel Lawless - (Book: Passionate G-man, The)
Dain of Penruan - (Book: Passionate Magic, A)
Don Sebastián Calvadores Ruiz - (Book: Passionate Protection (UK))
Dominic Stanton - (Book: Passionate Scandal)
Dominic - (Book: Past Midnight)
David Llewellyn - (Book: Paths of Desire (ebook))
Dirk Bridger - (Book: Patterns of Love)
Dr Eleanor Grayson - (Book: Payback Man, The)
Dr Jay Walters - (Book: Peak Energy (ebook))
Dan Powers - (Book: Pearl)
Dante Kahoa - (Book: Pele's Tears)
Damien of Nvengaria - (Book: Penelope & Prince Charming)
Earl of Lynton
- (Book: Perfect Bride, The)
David Armstrong - (Book: Perfect Christmas, The)
Damon Christensen - (Book: Perfect Combination)
Davin and Jon Crighton - (Book: Perfect Family, A (UK))
Declan Kincade - (Book: Perfect for You)
Dane Granville - (Book: Perfect Hero, A)
Daren Ackwood - (Book: Perfect Kind of Trouble)
Dominic Wolfe - (Book: Perfect Kiss, The)
Dan Matthews - (Book: Perfect Match (reissue))
Dan Matthews - (Book: Perfect Match, The)
Dorian Leydon - (Book: Perfect Mismatch, A)
Dean Singleton Copley - (Book: Perfect Proposal, The)
Marquis of Reston
- (Book: Perfect Rogue, A)
Damon Malone - (Book: Perfect Stranger, A)
Deputy Hunt Ramsey - (Book: Perilous Passions (ebook))
Dalton Vail, Detective - (Book: Permed to Death)
Damon Forsyth - (Book: Phantom Pleasures)
Daz Montoya - (Book: Phoenix Inheritance )
Daniel Tanner - (Book: Photo Opportunity)
Daniel Brantley - (Book: Picture Perfect Family)
Daniel Brantley - (Book: Picture Perfect Family (large print))
D.J. Hatcher - (Book: Pilot's Woman, The)
DJ - (Book: Pirate, A Secret, And Rose, A)
Duncan Rourke - (Book: Pirates)
Detective Judd Hannah - (Book: Place to Call Home, A)
Doug Connelly - (Book: Plain Jane and Doctor Dad)
Dr Jeff Hardison - (Book: Plain Jane's Plan)
Dylan Hart - (Book: Plain Jane's Secret Life)
Daniel Tanner - (Book: Planned Seduction (ebook))
Dexter Drake - (Book: Platinum Promises)
Drew Kincaid - (Book: Play of Passion)
Dr Oz Manning - (Book: Playboy Heart Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad)
Dante DeFiore - (Book: Playboy of Rome, The)
Dylan McKinnon - (Book: Playboy's Plain Jane, The)
Dale McConnaughy - (Book: Playing For Keeps)
Daniel Savage - (Book: Playing With Fire)
Dante - (Book: Playing with Fire)
Derek Severson - (Book: Playing With Fire)
Darren - (Book: Please Please Please)
Declan O'Hanlon - (Book: Pleasure Bot, The)
Dominik / Braden - (Book: Pleasure Cruise)
David Spenser - (Book: Pleasure Principle, The)
Damon - (Book: Pleasured)
Dillon Savich - (Book: Point Blank (Hardcover))
Dillon Savich - (Book: Point Blank (paperback))
Doug Policzki - (Book: Point of Departure)
Duncan MacLerie - (Book: Possessed by the Highlander)
Dan Harland - (Book: Possession)
Drew Brinkman - (Book: Postcards from the Dead (ebook))
Darcy Gardiner - (Book: Postscript from Pemberley)
Dan Burnett - (Book: Power)
Damon Toca - (Book: Power of Persuasion)
Dean Ryker - (Book: Power Play)
Davis Sullivan - (Book: Power Play (hardcover))
Dilon Savich - (Book: Power Play (paperback))
Dev - (Book: Power Struggle (ebook))
Dr Sam Davenport - (Book: Practice Makes Perfect)
Dan - (Book: Practice Makes Perfect)
darnell - (Book: Prairie Woman)
Danaus - (Book: Pray for Dawn)
Dan Lucas - (Book: Preacher's In-Name-Only Wife, The)
Daniel Lachlan - (Book: Pregnant and Protected)
Demetrios Karas - (Book: Pregnant Mistress, The)
Dr Corey Hughes - (Book: Pregnant Registrar, The)
Dr. Brad Darling - (Book: Pregnant Virgin, The)
Duke of Bradford - (Book: Prelude to a Scandal)
Dr Luke Manning - (Book: Prenuptial Agreement)
Dr. Mark Monroe - (Book: Prescription for Love)
Douglas Dubh MacKinnon - (Book: Pretender, The)
Draco Melling, Captain - (Book: Pretender, The)
Dare Callahan - (Book: Prey (Hardcover))
Dare Callahan - (Book: Prey (paperback))
Del Wessner - (Book: Price Of A Tattooed Soul)
Dominic Duvall - (Book: Price of Deceit, The)
Drake Daniels - (Book: Price of Passion)
Dalton Montgomery - (Book: Priceless)
Dominic Skyralov - (Book: Pride of a Hunter)
Donough, son of Brian Boru - (Book: Pride of Lions)
Daedalus - (Book: Prima (ebook))
Drake Wheeler - (Book: Primal Male)
Devlin Rhodes - (Book: Prince of Kisses)
Marquess of Wolverton
- (Book: Prince of Pleasure, The)
Demyan Zaretsky - (Book: Prince of Secrets)
Demyan Zaretsky - (Book: Prince of Secrets (ebook))
Demyan Zaretsky - (Book: Prince of Secrets (large print))
Damon Rossi - (Book: Prince's Ultimate Deception, The)
Darius Santiago - (Book: Princess)
Dante Andretti - (Book: Princess Australia)
Dante Andretti - (Book: Princess Australia (UK))
Dante Andretti - (Book: Princess Australia [Large Print])
Daniel - (Book: Princess Test, The )
Daniel - (Book: Princess Test, The (large print))
Dallas McFarland - (Book: Private Investigations)
Dylan Kelley - (Book: Private Justice)
Devlin O'Neill - (Book: Prize, The)
Daniel Montgomery - (Book: Promise Me Always)
Daniel Slade, Captain - (Book: Promise Me Forever)
Derek Carlisle
Viscount Graystone
- (Book: Promise of Gold)
Dev McGuire - (Book: Promise of Home, The)
Dev McGuire - (Book: Promise of Home, The (large print))
Daniel Crown - (Book: Promise, The)
Dr. Nicholas -Nick- Chase - (Book: Promises)
Dean Coletta - (Book: Promises To Keep)
Darius Fairfax - (Book: Promises To Keep)
Damien Hunter - (Book: Promises We Make)
Declan Calhoun - (Book: Prospect, The (ebook))
Derek Tyler - (Book: Protecting What's His (ebook))
Derek Tyler - (Book: Protecting What's Theirs (ebook novella))
Dash Adams - (Book: Protective Confinement)
Daniel DuCharme - (Book: Protective Measures)
Dakota - (Book: Proud Pillars Rising)
Dom Gabriel - (Book: Psychic, The (ebook))
Daniel Montgomery - (Book: Pulled)
Duardo Alvarez - (Book: Purchased By The Billionaire)
Dmitri Sandovsky - (Book: Pure Blood)
Donovan Fontana - (Book: Purely Sexual)
Dred Zander - (Book: Purest Hook, The (ebook) )
Dev Nichita - (Book: Purist of the Breed, The )
Drago - (Book: Purple Magic (ebook))
Diego Morel - (Book: Pursued)
Dan Delito - (Book: Quarterback Daddy)
Darcy - (Book: Queen of Hearts (hardcover))
Darcy - (Book: Queen of Hearts (paperback))
Dante Trevani - (Book: Queen of My Heart)
David Solomon - (Book: Queen of Shadows)
Daemon - (Book: Queen of the Darkness)
Dominus Brochard - (Book: Queen's Guard: Rose, The (ebook))
Devlin McCain - (Book: Quest of Dreams, A)
Dr. Gregory Hewitt - (Book: Quick Bite, A)
Dr Tyler Fresno - (Book: Racing Against the Clock)
Devlin - (Book: Radiant Shadows)
Damian De Luna - (Book: Radical Cure)
Dan Burnett - (Book: Rage)
Dominic St. Cyr
Earl of Valcour
- (Book: Raider's Daughter, The)
Durango - (Book: Rainbow's End)
Dan Wilder - (Book: Rainbows & Love Songs)
Dranir Judah Ansara - (Book: Raintree: Sanctuary)
David Rainwater - (Book: Rainwater (paperback))
Dylan Warren - (Book: Raising the Bar (ebook))
Duke of Somerhart - (Book: Rake's Guide to Pleasure, A)
Dominic Crawford
Marquess of Aubrey
- (Book: Rake's Redemption, The)
Dalton Grayson - (Book: Rancher and the Baby, The)
Dax Randall - (Book: Rancher Meets His Match, The)
Dallas Buckhorn - (Book: Rancher's Twin Troubles, The)
Dale Lambert - (Book: Rapture)
Dane - (Book: Rapture's Dream)
Demetrius - (Book: Rapture's Edge)
Deacon Brody - (Book: Rascal)
Duncan Macrae - (Book: Raven's Wish, The)
Dagr - (Book: Ravished by a Viking)
Damon Brody - (Book: Ravyn's Flight)
Damian Dryden - (Book: Ready for Romance)
Dante Lattanza - (Book: Real Thing, The )
Damien Powell - (Book: Rebel and The Redcoat, The)
David Stark - (Book: Rebel Belle)
David Montgomery - (Book: Rebel Wildfire)
Dylan Bridges - (Book: Rebel's Return, The)
Duke of Burford - (Book: Rebellious Ward, The)
Devon Harris - (Book: Recipe for Desire)
Daniel Caruana - (Book: Reckless in Paradise)
Dominic - (Book: Reckless in Pink)
Darius Folsom - (Book: Reckless Pleasures)
Dominic Delacroix - (Book: Reckless Seduction)
Dominic Delacroix - (Book: Reckless Seduction)
David - (Book: Recklessly Royal)
Dave Cassidy - (Book: Reconcilable Differences)
David Gamble - (Book: Record Time)
Dtimun - (Book: Recruit, The)
Dean Campbell - (Book: Red Heart of Jade, The)
Dean Campbell - (Book: Red Heart of Jade, The)
Dean Campbell - (Book: Red Heart of Jade, The (reissue))
Dajon Waite - (Book: Red Siren, The)
Deke Summers - (Book: Redemption of Deke Summers, The)
Dawson Reynolds - (Book: Redemption's Touch)
Daniel Redwing - (Book: Redwing's Lady)
Dylan Childress - (Book: Redwood Bend)
Dirk Tanner - (Book: Refuge)
Devin Reilly - (Book: Reilly's Gold)
Drew Kinard - (Book: Reinventing Julia)
Damien Stark - (Book: Release Me)
Dante Blackstone - (Book: Relentless Flame (ebook))
Douglas Farland - (Book: Relocating Mia )
Dominic Marcola - (Book: Reluctant Dad)
Derek Kane - (Book: Reluctant Hero, The)
Drew MacLaren - (Book: Reluctant Husband)
Damon - (Book: Remain Silent)
David Roswell - (Book: Remember Me)
David Roswell - (Book: Remember Me (reissue))
Duncan - (Book: Remember the Magic)
Drew Wallace - (Book: Remembrance)
Devin Spencer - (Book: Remembrance)
Dell McColl - (Book: Renegade)
Drew Evans - (Book: Renegade Heart)
Davis - (Book: Renegade Love)
Dalton Keen - (Book: Renegade Soldier)
Dante Vitale - (Book: Reputation to Uphold, A)
Dante Vitale - (Book: Reputation to Uphold, A (large print))
Darren - (Book: Rescue Operation)
Darius Falcon - (Book: Rescued by the Brooding Tycoon)
Darius Falcon - (Book: Rescued by the Brooding Tycoon (large print))
Daniel Riverton - (Book: Rescued by the Millionaire)
Donovan Pate - (Book: Rescuing the Bad Boy)
Dan Meier - (Book: Reservations for Two)
Dan Meier - (Book: Reservations for Two (large print))
Dominick Falconetti - (Book: Retribution)
Dalton Cameron - (Book: Return Engagement)
David McKay - (Book: Return Of David McKay, The)
Dylan Matthews - (Book: Return of the Lawman)
Dylan Matthews - (Book: Return of the Lawman (reissue))
Deke Falcon - (Book: Return To Falcon Ridge)
Dane Rinehold - (Book: Return to Yesterday (reissue))
David - (Book: Return to Zion, The)
Dan Forrester - (Book: Reunion Lie, The)
Daniel LeCroix - (Book: Reunion Mission, The / Tall Dark Defender)
Derek Price - (Book: Revealing Ruby (ebook))
Dan Burnett - (Book: Revenge)
Duke of Walraven - (Book: Revenge for a Duchess)
Didier Pedra - (Book: Reversal (ebook))
Viscount Wentworth
- (Book: Rhyme and Reason)
Dr Walker Chadwick Ridgeman - (Book: Rhyme Or Reason)
Damien Sauer - (Book: Rich Man's Vengeful Seduction)
Duncan Hatcher - (Book: Ricochet)
Duncan Hatcher - (Book: Ricochet: A Novel)
Daniel Bodine - (Book: Ride A Cowboy)
Drake Brewster - (Book: Riding Hard)
Diaz Delgado - (Book: Riding Temptation)
Dakota Scott - (Book: Riding the Line)
Daq Aryk - (Book: Riever's Heart)
Dr Daniel Corben - (Book: Right Stuff, The)
Drew Malone - (Book: Rimfire Bride)
Donovan Woodward - (Book: Ring and a Promise, A)
Dominic Russo - (Book: Ringing in Love)
Deacon Whitney - (Book: Ripple)
Dan Hadley - (Book: Ripple Effect, The)
Daniel Cunnigham - (Book: Riptide)
Damien Hancock - (Book: Rising Darkness)
Dane Roarke - (Book: Risky Affair, A)
Drew DeWitt - (Book: Rivals, The)
Dante Roth - (Book: River of Passion)
Daniel Phelps - (Book: River of Tomorrow)
David Kentewess - (Book: Riveted)
Darby Dufrene - (Book: Road to Bayou Bridge, The)
Darby Dufrene - (Book: Road to Bayou Bridge, The (large print))
Dugan Granger - (Book: Road to Freedom)
Duke Caldwell - (Book: Road to Love)
Dante Falcone - (Book: Rock It (ebook))
Dag - (Book: Rocked By Love)
Daniel Coleman - (Book: Rocky Mountain Haven)
Duncan Hennessey - (Book: Rocky Mountain Man)
David Cross - (Book: Rocky Mountain Mystery)
Dr Ben Drake - (Book: Rocky Mountain Redemption)
Dillon Farraday - (Book: Rodeo Bride)
Drew Rawlins - (Book: Rodeo Daddy)
Desmond, Viscount Everly - (Book: Rogue's Delight)
Demon Cynster - (Book: Rogue's Proposal, A)
Dominick Deveraux - (Book: Rogue's Return, The)
Daniel Ho'omalu - (Book: Rolling in the Deep)
Dru Davis - (Book: Romance Backstage)
Drake Rothwell - (Book: Romance of the Rose)
Dan Major - (Book: Romancing the Nanny)
Derek Stone - (Book: Romancing the Renegade)
Draigon d'Amato - (Book: Roping Savannah)
Damian Wrexham
Earl of Marlowe
- (Book: Rosalyn and the Scoundrel)
Damian Wrexham,
Earl Marlowe
- (Book: Rosalyn and the Scoundrel (UK))
Dagan - (Book: Rose and the Shield, The)
Daniel Moreau - (Book: Rose at Midnight, A)
Damon Wolf - (Book: Rose in Winter, A)
Detective Nick Dalton - (Book: Roses And Rain )
Derrick Cameron - (Book: Roses in Moonlight)
Dirk Knowlton - (Book: Rough Rider)
Desmond Rockwell - (Book: Round the Clock)
Deven Kapur - (Book: Royal Affair, The)
Dante Romero - (Book: Royal Holiday Bride)
Damon Montague
- (Book: Royal Marriage, A)
Davis Beriyiua - (Book: Royal Vow, A)
Dylan of Penwyck, Prince - (Book: Royally Pregnant)
Deveril Pagan
Viscount St Cyr
- (Book: Ruby, The)
Dougald Pippard
Lord Raeburn
- (Book: Rules of Attraction)
Devon Mathewes
Earl of Kerrich
- (Book: Rules of Engagement)
Dax Bainbridge - (Book: Rules of Engagement, The)
Dax Bainbridge - (Book: Rules of Engagement, The (UK))
Dylan Gates - (Book: Rumor Has It)
Daniel Hale - (Book: Rumored Engagment, A)
Damon Cavello - (Book: Runaway Bride)
Damon Cavello - (Book: Runaway Bride (large print))
Daniel Miller - (Book: Runaway Bride, The)
Dean Parrish - (Book: Runaway Bridesmaid)
Duke of Covington - (Book: Runaway Desire)
Dante Notte - (Book: Runaway Vampire)
David Marton - (Book: Running from Scandal)
Daegan O'Rourke - (Book: Running Scared)
Drake March - (Book: Running With the Devil)
Dante Prejean - (Book: Rush of Wings, A)
Dawson Chisholm - (Book: Rustled)
Dawson Chisholm - (Book: Rustled (large print))
Dylan McCall - (Book: Ruth)
Diaz Penvarnon - (Book: Ruthless Awakening)
Dante Damaso - (Book: Ruthless Proposition, A)
Dante Rossini - (Book: Ruthlessly Bedded by the Italian Billionaire )
Derrick Randall - (Book: Sabotage)
Donovan Klasek - (Book: Sacking The Quarterback (ebook))
Davinoff - (Book: Sacrament)
Devlin Janus - (Book: Sacred Circle, The)
Dylan Gennaro - (Book: Sactuary's Price (ebook))
Dr Pete Jacobi - (Book: Safe at Home)
Drew Landry - (Book: Safe Harbor)
Deacon Ramsey - (Book: Safe Haven)
Daniel Bishop - (Book: Safe In His Arms)
Daniel Bishop - (Book: Safe in His Arms (Large Print))
Darius - (Book: Saga Begins, The)
Dan Madigan - (Book: Sahara Splendor)
Dashiell Matthews - (Book: Saint Who Stole My Heart, The)
Daniel Escobar - (Book: Salsa Kiss)
Deuce - (Book: Samantha White & The Seven Dwarves)
Detective Morgan Forester - (Book: Same Place, Same Time)
Drew Thompson - (Book: Sand Angel)
Darius - (Book: Sands of Destiny)
Diego Santerra - (Book: Santerra's Sin)
Dr. Matt Jordan - (Book: Sarah's Gift (UK))
Dylan O'Connell, Chief - (Book: Sarah's Guide to Life, Love and Gardening)
Dominic Chiara, Sir - (Book: Sarah's Knight)
Dr. Matt Thorne - (Book: Sarah's Sin)
Dutch - (Book: Sasha's Dad)
Dante Fowler - (Book: Satin Surrender)
Dominic van Wijkelen - (Book: Saturday's Child)
Dominic van Wijkelen - (Book: Saturday's Child (reissue))
Dominic van Wijkelen - (Book: Saturday's Child (UK))
Dominic van Wijkelen - (Book: Saturday's Child (UK-reissue))
Dominic Savage - (Book: Savage Adoration, A)
Dominic Savage - (Book: Savage Adoration, A (UK))
Daniel Morgan - (Book: Savage Beauty, A)
Derek Arnhardt - (Book: Savage Heart, This)
Damien Savage - (Book: Savage Interlude)
Drake Donovan - (Book: Savage Nature)
Damon Savakis - (Book: Savakis Merger, The)
Dr. Prescott Parrish - (Book: Savannah)
Declam McKenna - (Book: Saving Grace)
Detective Gavin McCord - (Book: Saving His Son)
Delaney - (Book: Savor the Moment)
Dr. Sam Rossi - (Book: Say It With Flowers)
David Bannister - (Book: Say You Love Me)
Derek Malory - (Book: Say You Love Me)
Derek Malory - (Book: Say You Love Me (ebook))
Declan O'Shea - (Book: Say You're Mine)
Dane Conlan - (Book: Saying Yes To The Boss)
Daniel Neville - (Book: Scandal in Kissing an Heir, The)
Dante D'Arezzo - (Book: Scandal, a Secret, a Baby, A)
Dante D'Arezzo - (Book: Scandal, a Secret, a Baby, A (large print))
Dominic Mallory - (Book: Scandalous)
Duke of Darris
- (Book: Scandalous Connection, A)
Devon Marshall
Viscount Huxhold
- (Book: Scandalous Marriage, A)
Devin Forth
Earl of Somerton
- (Book: Scandalous Miss Delaney, The)
Duke of Milbourne - (Book: Scandalous Portrait)
Daniel Marlow - (Book: Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregor, The)
Dominick Markham - (Book: Scandalous Secret, A (Hardcover))
Derek Sheldon,
Colonel Sir
- (Book: Scandalous Secrets)
Donald Hawes - (Book: Scarlet Lady)
Damien St. Cloud
Earl of Hunt
- (Book: Scarlet Lady, The)
Deverill Osborne - (Book: Scarlet Spy, The)
Drew Pierce - (Book: Scarlet Vows)
Don Scarletti - (Book: Scarletti Curse)
David Levinson - (Book: Scent of a Woman)
Dalton MacIain - (Book: Scotsman of My Dreams)
Duke of Milburne - (Book: Scottish Rose)
Duncan Fraser - (Book: Scottish Rose, The)
Duncan Cameron - (Book: Scottish Thistle, The)
Dimitri Tipova - (Book: Scoundrel's Honor)
Daniel McCabe - (Book: Scoundrel, The)
Daniel Vartanian - (Book: Scream for Me)
David Fletcher - (Book: Sea Change)
Dirk Hawkins - (Book: Sea Dream)
Dylan Hunter - (Book: Sea Fever)
Dillon Slater - (Book: Sea Glass Winter)
Devon Blackstone - (Book: Sea of Temptation)
Dominic Pengallion
- (Book: Sea Treasure, The)
Drew Sloan, Captain - (Book: Sea-Spun Ecstasy)
Declan Swifton - (Book: SEAL Forever, A)
Dominic Castillo - (Book: SEAL's Fantasy, A)
Deacon Murphy - (Book: SEAL's Secret Baby, A)
Daniel Hunter - (Book: Sealed With a Kiss (reprint))
Davy Graziano - (Book: SEALed With a Ring)
Dwight Powers - (Book: Search and Seizure)
Donal Yorkson - (Book: Search for the Sun)
Devlin Garrick - (Book: Season for Homecoming, A)
Devlin Garrick - (Book: Season for Homecoming, A (reissue))
Dash Migilio - (Book: Season for Love)
Drake O'Hara - (Book: Season for Love, A)
David Brackney - (Book: Season for Samantha, A)
Dan Kramer - (Book: Season of the Heart)
Dylan Carlisle - (Book: Secluded With the Cowboy)
Dylan Carlisle - (Book: Secluded With the Cowboy (Large Print))
Drew Callahan - (Book: Second Chance Boyfriend)
Dean Wilcox - (Book: Second Chance Christmas (ebook))
Dillon Bell - (Book: Second Chance Dad)
Dillon Bell - (Book: Second Chance Dad (reissue))
Dr. Shane McCoy - (Book: Second Chance Family)
Diego Santamaria - (Book: Second Chance Fiance'e)
Marquess of Broadbanks
- (Book: Second Lady Emily, The)
David Adams - (Book: Second Mrs. Adams, The)
Duke of Rutledge - (Book: Second Season)
Duke of Imbrie - (Book: Second Season)
Dmitri - (Book: Second Skin)
Dean - (Book: Second Summoning, The)
Derek O'Reilly - (Book: Second Thoughts)
Daniel Forbes - (Book: Second Time Loving)
Daniel Forbes - (Book: Second Time Loving (UK))
David Pearson - (Book: Second Time Lucky)
Dylan McLean - (Book: Second-Chance Proposal, A)
Diego Cole-Thomas - (Book: Secret Agenda)
Draco Sandrelli - (Book: Secret Baby, Public Desire)
Damien Hawke - (Book: Secret Baby, The)
Denver McCaine - (Book: Secret Dad)
Baron Crighton
- (Book: Secret Diary, The)
Doug Houston - (Book: Secret Fantasy)
Dimitri Alexandrov - (Book: Secret Fire)
Lord Seaton
- (Book: Secret Heiress)
Donovan Cavanaugh - (Book: Secret Heiress, The)
Donovan Cavanaugh - (Book: Secret Heiress, The (large print))
Daniel Wyckliff - (Book: Secret Hunter, The)
Dante MacMillan - (Book: Secret of the Wolf)
David Martell - (Book: Secret Passion)
Dr. van Rijgen - (Book: Secret Pool, The (reissue))
David Dykstra - (Book: Secret Prince, Instant Daddy)
Duke of Standen - (Book: Secret Scribbler, The)
Dane White Eagle - (Book: Secret Shadows)
David Spencer - (Book: Secret Thunder)
Dan Halliday - (Book: Secrets and Speed Dating)
Dan Halliday - (Book: Secrets and Speed Dating (large print))
Dylan - (Book: Secrets from Her Past)
Dev Arjun - (Book: Secrets of a Bollywood Marriage)
Daniel Sinclair - (Book: Secrets of a Proper Lady)
Devon Morgan - (Book: Secrets of a Wedding Night)
Donovan Trent - (Book: Secrets of Midnight)
Dylan McCaffrey - (Book: Secrets of the Lost Summer)
Donovan Sedgwick - (Book: Sedgwick Curse, The)
David - (Book: Seduce (ebook))
Drake - (Book: Seduce Me)
Devyn, King of the Targons - (Book: Seduce the Darkness)
Drake Wilder - (Book: Seduced By A Scoundrel)
Drew MacAdam - (Book: Seduced by Destiny)
Daniel Covington - (Book: Seduced by Fire)
Dante Morretti - (Book: Seduced by the Mogul)
Dirk Adams - (Book: Seduced by the Night)
Demetri Morretti - (Book: Seduced by the Playboy)
Devlin Hudson - (Book: Seduced Into a Paper Marriage)
Demitri Makricosta - (Book: Seduced into the Greek's World)
Daniel St. John - (Book: Seducer, The)
Drew MacLeod - (Book: Seducing a S.E.A.L.)
Donato Salazar - (Book: Seducing His Enemy's Daughter (novella))
Derek Knightly - (Book: Seducing Mr. Knightly)
Derrick Brandt - (Book: Seducing the Matchmaker)
Declan O'Connell - (Book: Seducing the Moon)
Dominic Paget - (Book: Seduction)
Duke of Holborn - (Book: Seduction at Christmas, A)
Damien Sinclair - (Book: Seduction, The)
Duncan McLeod - (Book: Seduction, The)
Daniel Rockburne - (Book: Seductive Smuggler, The)
Devin Longworth - (Book: Seductive Surrender)
David Stoltzfus - (Book: Seek Me With all Your Heart)
David Stoltzfus - (Book: Seek Me with All Your Heart)
David Constable - (Book: Seems Like Old Times)
Douglas Wyndham - (Book: Selfless Sister, The)
David Weir - (Book: Sempster's Tale)
Detective Nathan Dawson - (Book: Send Me A Hero)
Drew Lavery - (Book: Send Me No Flowers)
David Devereau - (Book: Send Me No Roses)
Deacon Garrison - (Book: Senseless)
Damon Andros - (Book: Seven Nights of Sin)
Dane Brander - (Book: Seventh Heaven)
Donovan Cade - (Book: Seventh Heaven)
Damien Black - (Book: Sex Drive)
Daniel Addison - (Book: Sex, Lies and the Southern Belle)
Daniel O'Sullivan - (Book: Sex, Straight Up)
Declan McDonald - (Book: Sexiest Dead Man Alive, The)
Dylan Forrest - (Book: Shaded Leaves of Destiny)
Davis Marcoux - (Book: Shades of Grace)
Derek Fontaine - (Book: Shades of Gray)
Dylan Marshall - (Book: Shades of Rose)
Devon Clay - (Book: Shadow of a Doubt)
Declan Black - (Book: Shadow of the Vampire)
Damien Tremaine - (Book: Shadow Rising)
D'ekkar Han Valoren - (Book: Shadow Runners, The)
David St. Leger - (Book: Shadow's Curse)
David - (Book: Shadow's Fall)
Devlin - (Book: Shadowed Legacy)
David Solomon - (Book: Shadowflame)
Damen - (Book: Shadowland)
Drakon - (Book: Shadowmaster)
Dominic Fortune - (Book: Shadows All Around Her)
David Fortune - (Book: Shadowy Horses, The)
Dallas Osborne - (Book: Shame on Him)
Devon Flynn - (Book: Shameless)
David Anderson - (Book: Shannon)
Dante Romano - (Book: Shape of Desire, The (hardcover))
Duncan Jamieson - (Book: Share the Moon (ebook))
Deke Cunningham - (Book: Sharpshooter's Secret Son, The)
Dominic Redding - (Book: Shattered Illusions)
Dan Justice - (Book: Shattered Justice)
Devlin - (Book: Shattered Legacy)
Drake Hunter - (Book: Shattered Reflections)
Dane Kelly - (Book: She's Gone Country)
Dylan Bower - (Book: She's the One)
Derek Harper - (Book: Sheltering Heart, A)
Douglas Sherbrooke
Earl of Northcliffe
- (Book: Sherbrooke Bride, The)
Dr. Logan Hart - (Book: Sheriff's Daughter, The)
Drummond Graham - (Book: Shetland Summer)
Daniel Panterro - (Book: Shiver (hardcover))
Daniel Panterro - (Book: Shiver (paperback))
Dax Vicknair - (Book: Shiver and Spice)
David Kerslake - (Book: Shocking Delight, A)
Drew Ingraham - (Book: Shore Unknown, The)
Dawson Prescott - (Book: Shotgun Vows)
Dominic (Andrew) - (Book: Shrouded Web, The (UK))
Dario Montessori - (Book: Sicilian's Bride, The)
Dante Russo - (Book: Sicilian's Christmas Bride, The)
Daniel Martin - (Book: Side By Side)
David “Dax” Maddox - (Book: Sight Unseen)
David Braun - (Book: Silence in the Heart, A)
David Elliott - (Book: Silence the Shadows)
Derek Malveaux - (Book: Silenced By Syrah)
Daniel McCullough - (Book: Silent Enemy)
Dylan Saunders - (Book: Silent Fall)
Dr. Mercy Richmond - (Book: Silent Pledge (reissue))
David Hunter - (Book: Silent Scream)
Dalton Waverly - (Book: Silent Screams)
Dalton Waverly - (Book: Silent Screams (reissue))
Devin Bryce - (Book: Silent Sonata)
Deacon Cage - (Book: Silent Storm)
Dan Steele - (Book: Silent Warning)
Darius McCann
Bruce Dunn
- (Book: Silent Waters)
Drake - (Book: Silk Vendetta, The)
Duke Rawlins - (Book: Silk, Lace & Videotape)
Deverell Jansen, Captain - (Book: Silken Shadows)
Drake Neville - (Book: Silver Enchantress)
Dean Katz - (Book: Silver in the Moonlight)
Derek Leighton
Earl of Varden
- (Book: Silver Lion, The)
Davis Oakes - (Book: Silver Master)
Daniel/Leinad - (Book: Silver Quest)
Duncan Frazer - (Book: Silver Thunder)
Dr. McNaughton - (Book: Silver Veil, The)
Donovan MacBride - (Book: Silverswept)
Dr Ethan Tulane - (Book: Simon Says Mommy)
Dylan Monroe - (Book: Simple Faith, A)
Drew Van Allen - (Book: Simply Irresistable)
Dexter Grant - (Book: Simply Irresistible)
Damion Fortier - (Book: Sinful Art of Revenge, The)
Damion Fortier - (Book: Sinful Art of Revenge, The (large print))
Devon Boscastle - (Book: Sinful Nights of a Nobleman, The)
Damien de Ashby, Sir - (Book: Sinful Pleasures)
Devlin Brandt - (Book: Sinfully Sweet)
Davenport - (Book: Sinfully Yours (ebook))
Dane Hendricks - (Book: Single Dad, Nurse Bride)
David Cauldwell - (Book: Single Mom and the Tycoon, The )
Dan Collins - (Book: Single Sheriff Seeks...)
Dante Duclairc - (Book: Sinner, The)
Dante Duclairc - (Book: Sinner, The (reissue))
Dominic Hale - (Book: Sins of a Wicked Duke )
Deuce Monroe - (Book: Sins of His Past, The)
Devon Carnavorn - (Book: Sins of the Flesh)
Dagan Krayl - (Book: Sins of the Heart)
Duke of Worthington - (Book: Siren's Song)
Devin Leduc - (Book: Six Feet Under)
Dylan Sinclair - (Book: Sizzle)
Dominic Rodriguez - (Book: Sky Full of Promise)
Dallas MacDonald - (Book: Sky Lord, The)
Dax - (Book: Skypirate, The)
Drago Chavez - (Book: Slave of Desire)
Dr. Jason Coble - (Book: Sleep No More)
David Grant - (Book: Sleeping Beauty)
Dragomir Starkov - (Book: Sleeping Beauty and the Demon)
Dan Mason - (Book: Sleeping With Beauty)
Dax Harris - (Book: Sleeping with Her Enemy (ebook))
Donvan Knight - (Book: Sleeping With The Playboy)
Drake Morgan - (Book: Sleepless in Las Vegas)
Dev Carson - (Book: Slippery When Wet)
Dylan Buchanan - (Book: Slow Burn)
David Delgado - (Book: Slow Burn)
David Delgado - (Book: Slow Burn (reprint))
Diesel Lange - (Book: Slow Ride)
Damon George - (Book: Slow Seduction)
Dr Jason Mourik van Nie - (Book: Small Slice of Summer, A (reissue))
Devlin Chandler - (Book: Small Town Reunion, A)
Dylan Smith - (Book: Small-Town Family)
Dylan Smith - (Book: Small-Town Family (Large Print))
Danny Graham - (Book: Small-Town Hearts)
Danny Graham - (Book: Small-Town Hearts (large print))
Drew Stacey - (Book: Small-Town Sweethearts)
Drew Stacey - (Book: Small-Town Sweethearts (large print))
Derek Mansfield - (Book: Smoke and Mirrors)
Dillon Taylor - (Book: Smoking Hot)
Darius - (Book: Smoldering Hunger)
Damien, Lord Rutherford - (Book: Smuggler's Lady)
David Mendel - (Book: Snow and Ice)
Dillon Broderick - (Book: Snow Baby)
Dimitri Grigorescu - (Book: Snow White and the Vampire)
Dalton West - (Book: Snowbound With the Bodyguard)
Daniel Buchanan - (Book: Snowbound: Miracle Marriage (UK))
Douglas MacRae - (Book: So In Love)
Devin Aincourt
Earl of Ravenscar
- (Book: So Wild a Heart)
Derrek Archer - (Book: Solar Heat)
Douglas Eston - (Book: Sold To a Laird)
Derek McKenna,
- (Book: Soldier and the Society Girl)
David MacAllister - (Book: Soldier's Secret, A)
David MacAllister - (Book: Soldier's Secret, A (large print))
Devlin St. Just - (Book: Soldier, The)
Declan McCarthy - (Book: Some Enchanted Eclair)
Dylan - (Book: Some Kind of Magic)
Danny Lunden - (Book: Some Like it Hot)
Dominic Laino - (Book: Some Like It Hot)
Daniel Ryan - (Book: Somebody's Baby)
Darius Jones - (Book: Somebody's Gotta Be On Top)
Dayne Matthews - (Book: Someday)
Dak Roberts - (Book: Someday My Love)
Dominic of Baminia - (Book: Someday My Prince)
Dane Randolph - (Book: Someone to Watch Over Me)
Duke of Glynde - (Book: Somerville Farce, The)
David Lewis - (Book: Somethin' Extra)
Derek Stormwind - (Book: Something About Witches)
Declan Quinn - (Book: Something Deadly)
Damon Becker - (Book: Something Naughty)
Dean Kingsley - (Book: Something Unexpected)
Darrack - (Book: Something Wicked)
Dylan Collins - (Book: Something Wicked (ebook))
Daniel Denham - (Book: Something Worth Fighting For (ebook))
Damon Savage - (Book: Somewhere I'll Find You)
Damien Lambert - (Book: Son of A Gun)
Damien Lambert - (Book: Son of A Gun (large print))
Dan Cassidy - (Book: Sooner or Later)
Dillon - (Book: Sorceress of Belmair, The (reprint))
Darrick Tadhg - (Book: Soul Magic)
Daniel Grogan - (Book: Soul Obsession (ebook))
Darius - (Book: Soul So Wicked, A)
Drew - (Book: Soul Stripper)
Drew - (Book: Soul Surrender)
Declan Chumomisto - (Book: Soulbound)
Derek Arnhardt - (Book: Souls Aflame)
Drew Lancaster - (Book: Sound Of Secrets, The)
Dougal MacDonnell - (Book: Sound of the Heart)
David Hendrickson - (Book: South Of Sanity)
Duncan Tolliver - (Book: Southern Comfort)
Diablo Barrentes - (Book: Spaniard's Blackmailed Bride, The)
Dr. Miguel Sanchez - (Book: Spanish Practice (UK))
Dominic Lansford - (Book: Speak Softly, Love)
Drake Rutledge - (Book: Speak to Me of Love)
Daniel Fraser - (Book: Spectre)
Daniel Frasier - (Book: Spectre (paperback))
Dylan Hargreave - (Book: Speed Dating)
Dylan Kincaid - (Book: Spicing It Up)
Donovan Caine - (Book: Spider's Bite)
Duke of Severly
- (Book: Spinster's Luck. A)
Derren Hudson - (Book: Spiral of Need)
Dimitri - (Book: Spirit Bound (Hardcover))
Dave Evans - (Book: Splendid Obsession, A)
Devlin Kane - (Book: Splendor)
Dillon Savich - (Book: Split Second (hardcover))
Dillon Savich - (Book: Split Second (paperback))
Durc - (Book: Spoils Of War)
Duan Jeffries - (Book: Spontaneous)
Devin O'Keefe - (Book: Spotlight)
Dave Wright - (Book: Sprinkled With Kisses)
Daniel - (Book: Spy Who Loved Her, The)
Dr. Beau Ruston - (Book: Spy Who Wants Me, The)
Dakota Raferty - (Book: Squaring Accounts)
Dex Matthews - (Book: Squeeze Play)
David Carlyle - (Book: Stable Relationship, A (ebook))
Dan Black - (Book: Stallion Tamer)
Don Sebastian Santiago - (Book: Stand-In Bride, The)
Daniel Blackstone - (Book: Star Crossed)
Dallas McQuaid - (Book: Star Light, Star Bright)
David Huntington
Earl of Darlinghurst
- (Book: Star of India, The)
Dez Sanchez - (Book: Starfire)
Dawson Buck - (Book: Starfire)
Darius Starlaw - (Book: Starlaw)
Devon Sebastien - (Book: Starstruck)
David Goddard - (Book: State Secrets)
David Goddard - (Book: State Secrets (reissue))
Dev Tyzack - (Book: Staying at Daisy's (reprint))
Dante Tremaine
Earl of Morgan
- (Book: Stealing Heaven)
Derek Lansing - (Book: Stealing Kisses)
David Canfield - (Book: Step Away, A)
Declan O'Neill - (Book: Still Irresistible)
Drew Barnett - (Book: Still Sweet on Him)
Dominic Fairmore - (Book: Stirring Attraction (ebook))
Duke of Cumberland, Drummond McLeod - (Book: Stolen)
Drake Weston - (Book: Stolen Fire)
Dirk Grenville - (Book: Stolen Splendor)
Damianos Aeros - (Book: Stone of Ascension)
David Lemming - (Book: Storm Clouds)
Damon Nyland - (Book: Storm Over Mandargi)
Devon Rayburn - (Book: Storm Warning)
Dominic Howard - (Book: Stormspell)
Del Pardee - (Book: Stormswept)
Dan Kincade - (Book: Stormy Courtship)
Dr. Finn Wylie - (Book: Straight from the Heart)
Dominic Ballard - (Book: Straight From the Heart (ebook))
Dillon Tracy - (Book: Stranded on the Ranch)
Dragan Markovic - (Book: Stranded with the Boss)
Drew Farrell - (Book: Stranded with the Rancher)
Dane Haversin - (Book: Strands of Gold)
Damir - (Book: Strange Brews)
Dan Morgan - (Book: Strange Enchantment)
Dylan Blackburn - (Book: Stranger in His Arms)
Dodge Hamilton - (Book: Strangers When We Meet)
Dylan Rafferty - (Book: Strapless)
Daniel Baker - (Book: Strategic Engagement)
Devon Gallagher - (Book: String of Pearls)
Dillon Cross - (Book: Stripped Naked (ebook))
Duke of Prestwick - (Book: Stroke of Luck, A)
Dante - (Book: Stroke of Midnight (Anthology))
Darius Fiore - (Book: Stroke of Midnight (ebook))
Drew Hunter - (Book: Strong Arms of the Law)
Damon El Karim - (Book: Strong Hot Winds (reprint))
Drew MacLaren - (Book: Stronger Than the Rest (ebook))
David - (Book: Submit (ebook))
David Hanson - (Book: Substitute Bride)
Drew Chalmers - (Book: Sudden Engagement, A)
Dylan Mongomery - (Book: Suddenly a Daddy)
Davis Turner - (Book: Sugarplum Homecoming)
Duke of Chandrose - (Book: Sugarplum Surprises)
Dane Sutherland - (Book: Suitable Mistress, A)
Dayne Matthews - (Book: Summer)
Dr. Blue Calhoun - (Book: Summer Affair, A)
Derek Finley - (Book: Summer Breeze)
David Cameron - (Book: Summer is for Lovers)
Daniel - (Book: Summer Promise)
Dan - (Book: Summer Replacement)
Daniel Seifert - (Book: Summer Smile, A)
Daniel Seifert - (Book: Summer Smile, A (reissue))
Dougie Everett - (Book: Summer Wedding, The)
Doug Erickson - (Book: Summer's End)
David Brown - (Book: Summer's Promise)
Dr. Kyle Pendrake - (Book: Sun God's Woman, The)
Dayne Matthews - (Book: Sunrise)
Daniel Fairbourne - (Book: Sunrise)
Derek Walker - (Book: Sunrise Vows)
David Markus - (Book: Sunshine)
David Moore - (Book: Super Mom, The)
Dake Sureblood - (Book: Sureblood)
Dr Jake Andrews - (Book: Surgeon's Favorite Nurse, The)
Dr Hugh Connell - (Book: Surgeon's Gift, The)
Dan Dempsey - (Book: Surgeon's Longed-For Bride, The)
Daniel Ashwood - (Book: Surgeon's Miracle Baby, The)
Dylan Calford - (Book: Surgeon's Proposal, The)
Dr. David Gentry - (Book: Surgeon's Rescue Mission, The)
Derek Roland - (Book: Surprise of Her Life, The)
Dare O'Rourke - (Book: Surrender)
Darias - (Book: Surrender (ebook))
Darius - (Book: Surrender of Miss Fairbourne, The)
Devon Cavanaugh
Earl of Brookstone
- (Book: Surrender the Night)
Desmond du Luc - (Book: Surrender the Stars)
Dane Calwell
Viscount Greenleigh
- (Book: Surrender to A Wicked Spy)
David - (Book: Surrrender (ebook))
Dave Hunter - (Book: Survival Instinct)
Damian - (Book: Survival's Price)
Dillon Boone - (Book: Survive the Night)
Derek Marks - (Book: Surviving Demon Island)
David St. John - (Book: Suspect Groom, The)
Dan Kanagy - (Book: Sweet as Honey)
Dex - (Book: Sweet as Honey (ebook))
David Wolfe - (Book: Sweet Caroline's Keeper)
Dominic Grayson - (Book: Sweet Enemy)
David Gordon - (Book: Sweet Enemy Mine)
Damon Roche - (Book: Sweet Persuasion)
Damon Roche - (Book: Sweet Persuasion (reprint))
Dalton Parker - (Book: Sweet Return)
Dominic Reveria - (Book: Sweet Revenge)
Dylan Savage - (Book: Sweet Revenge)
David Kimbrough - (Book: Sweet Rewards)
Devin Grant - (Book: Sweet Secrets)
Drake Dalton - (Book: Sweet Seduction)
Dylan - (Book: Sweet Sixteen)
Marquis de Beaulieu
- (Book: Sweet Tranquility)
Devon Macalister - (Book: Sweetbriar)
David Hunt - (Book: Sweeter than Revenge)
Duncan MacRae - (Book: Sweetest Sin, The)
Daniel Logan - (Book: Sweetwater)
Deverel Grey, Lord Stonehaven - (Book: Swept Away)
Dean Wakefield
Jackson Hawks
- (Book: Switched, Bothered and Bewildered)
Devon Chole - (Book: Sylph Hunter, The)
Drake Henson - (Book: Table for Two)
Daniel Taggart - (Book: Taggart's Woman)
Daniel Collins - (Book: Tailor-Made)
Durk Langdon - (Book: Tainted)
Daniel Fallon - (Book: Tainted Bride (ebook))
Darek Christiansen - (Book: Take a Chance on Me)
Dr. Julian James - (Book: Take Her Man)
Dolan - (Book: Take Me Again)
Dylan - (Book: Take Me There)
Dexter Williams - (Book: Take Me to Heart)
Dylan Anderson - (Book: Take On Me)
Devlin Buchanan - (Book: Take the Key and Lock Her Up)
Dalton - (Book: Taken By Sin)
Dillon Jones - (Book: Taken!)
Dr. Harrison - (Book: Taking Chances: To Love Again)
David Harmon - (Book: Taking Charge)
Dylan - (Book: Taking Heart)
Dallas Devlin - (Book: Tale of the Shadrani: Book 2, A (ebook))
Dimitri - (Book: Tale of Two Demon Slayers, A)
Dusty - (Book: Talisman Bay - Forsaken Talisman)
David Sumner - (Book: Talk of the Town)
Dan Crenshaw - (Book: Tall Dark & Texan)
Daniel Connelly - (Book: Tall, Dark & Royal)
Dominic Hunter - (Book: Tall, Dark and Royal (ebook))
Doug Paxton - (Book: Tall, Dark, and Vampire)
Earl of Darrin
- (Book: Taming Eliza)
Donovan St. James - (Book: Taming of a Wild Child, The)
Duke of Mayne - (Book: Taming of the Duke, The)
Dashiel Thorpe,
Earl of Brimsworth
- (Book: Taming of the Wolf, The)
Devin James - (Book: Taming the Demon)
Dalton Warfield - (Book: Taming the Duke)
Dougal Stewart - (Book: Taming the Heiress)
Dr. Georges Armand - (Book: Taming the Playboy)
Daniel Westland - (Book: Taming the Texas Rancher)
Drew Evans - (Book: Tangled)
David Tavistock - (Book: Tangled)
Dominic McGill - (Book: Tangled Tapestry (UK))
Dylan Stone - (Book: Tangled Up In Love)
Devon Macgowan - (Book: Tangled Vows)
Delon Sanchez - (Book: Tanled in Texas)
Darius - (Book: Tara The Great)
Dane Balkan - (Book: Tasmanian Devil)
Drew - (Book: Taste of Heaven, A)
Donovan Shane - (Book: Taste of Temptation, A)
Danny Gabriel - (Book: Tease)
Dave Rosen - (Book: Tell It To Naomi)
Dan - (Book: Tell Me Lies)
Dan Logan - (Book: Tell Me No Lies)
Dex Young - (Book: Tell Me You Want Me)
Daniel Sullivan - (Book: Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (hardcover))
Daniel Sullivan - (Book: Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (paperback))
Dermott Ramsay - (Book: Temporary Mistress)
Daniel Aragon - (Book: Tempt Me With Kisses)
Diablo - (Book: Tempt The Devil)
Damien St. James - (Book: Temptation)
Dexter Keegan - (Book: Temptation Bay)
Dex Hunter - (Book: Temptation on His Terms)
Demetrius - (Book: Tempted)
Devon Carter - (Book: Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss)
Diego Castillo - (Book: Tempted By Innocence)
Dmytryk - (Book: Tempted by Trouble (hardcover))
Dmytryk - (Book: Tempted by Trouble (paperback))
Diego Santero - (Book: Tempted Into Danger)
Donovan Kincaid - (Book: Tempting Fate)
Dillon Alexander - (Book: Tempting Her Best Friend (ebook))
Dillion Reed - (Book: Tempting Janey)
Dave Sanders - (Book: Tempting Mr. Perfect)
Daman Barker - (Book: Tempting Proposal, A)
David Hillsborough - (Book: Tempting the Bride)
Donovan Reed - (Book: Tender Conquest)
David Duke - (Book: Tender Fury)
Devin Chandler - (Book: Tender Scoundrel)
Damon Knight - (Book: Tender Touch)
Dillon Gray - (Book: Tennessee Takedown)
Deke Blackwood - (Book: Terms of Surrender)
Danny Wilkes - (Book: Terms of Surrender)
Dace Decker - (Book: Terms of Surrender)
Devin Castile - (Book: Terrible Love, A)
Dominic Elliot - (Book: Testing Miss Toogood)
Derek McCabe - (Book: Texas Christmas Gift, The)
David Buford/Barlow - (Book: Texas Family Reunion, A)
Dallas Leigh - (Book: Texas Glory)
Drew Montgomery - (Book: Texas Magic)
Dan Overton - (Book: Texas Passion)
Dylan Grant - (Book: Texas Pride)
Daniel Gray - (Book: Texas Ranger's Family, A)
Dane Morgan - (Book: Texas Ranger's Twins, The)
Devlin Marlowe - (Book: Texas Royalty)
Dusty Rhoades - (Book: Texas Treasure)
Dr. Patrick Hunter - (Book: Thanksgiving (Reissue))
Daniel Sinclair - (Book: That Chesapeake Summer)
Dr. Dan Elliott - (Book: That Forever Feeling (UK))
Darrak - (Book: That Old Black Magic)
Detective Alex Batiste - (Book: That Old Devil Moon)
Dan Maguire - (Book: That Runaway Summer)
David - (Book: The Dining Club)
Dr. Matthew Thompson - (Book: Their Baby Surprise)
Drew McShane - (Book: Their Child)
Duncan Newcastle - (Book: Their Very Special Gift)
Drake Whitcomb - (Book: Then Comes Love)
Damon Saint Rose - (Book: Then I Found You)
Dathan Adams - (Book: There's Always Tomorrow)
Dacian Kendall - (Book: There's Always Tomorrow)
Derrick Chandler - (Book: These Arms of Mine)
Dane Knight - (Book: Thief of a Goddess Heart (ebook))
Dr. Jared Dean - (Book: Thief of Hearts)
Dillon Lockwood - (Book: Thief of My Heart)
Decker Riley - (Book: Thief of My Heart)
Damian Moxley - (Book: Thieves at Heart)
Dale - (Book: Third (and Fourth) Party, A)
Dale - (Book: Third Party, A)
Don Carlos Castellanos - (Book: Third Wife, The)
Dig Ryan - (Book: Thirty Nothing)
Dom Longstreet - (Book: This Can't Be Love )
Dominic Delaney - (Book: This Fierce Splendor)
Derek Clavell, Colonel - (Book: This Fiery Splendor)
Dev Hart - (Book: This Kiss)
Devin Harris - (Book: This Year's Black (ebook))
Del Mitchell - (Book: Thrill Me)
Dragos Ibanescu - (Book: Throne of Oak (ebook))
Damon Harrison - (Book: Thunderstruck)
Devlin Cauldwell - (Book: Tides of Splendor)
Drew Evans - (Book: Tied)
Dan Cisco - (Book: Tiger Dawn)
Derek Allen - (Book: Tiger Prince)
Dylan Christianson
Earl of Crestwood
- (Book: Tiger Sleeps, The)
Dominic Preston - (Book: Tiger's Lair)
David Nichols - (Book: Till the End of Time)
Daniel Gilmore - (Book: Time after Time)
Daniel Hayward - (Book: Time for Trust)
Daniel Hayward - (Book: Time For Trust (UK))
Deke Bronson - (Book: Time to Die, A)
Devon Crowe - (Book: Time's Healing Heart)
Dominick - (Book: Timestruck)
Drew Moncrief - (Book: To Bed a Beauty)
Derek Camden - (Book: To Catch a Camden)
Daniel Blackwood - (Book: To Catch a Husband...)
Daniel Logan - (Book: To Catch a Lorelei)
Dakota Smith - (Book: To Catch a Thief)
Duke of Averton - (Book: To Deceive a Duke)
Dr. Marcus Thomas - (Book: To Love Again)
David Matthews - (Book: To Love An Older Man)
David Logan - (Book: To Love and Protect)
David Logan - (Book: To Love and Protect (reissue))
Devon Sheridan, Earl of Huntingdon - (Book: To Marry an Heiress)
Darius Debenham - (Book: To Rescue A Rogue)
Damon Stafford - (Book: To Romance a Charming Rogue)
Declan Reeves - (Book: To Tempt an Irish Rogue)
David Shepherd - (Book: To Wed at Christmas)
Daniel McLain - (Book: To Wed in Texas)
Derek Malveaux - (Book: Toast to Murder, A)
David Russell - (Book: Together for the Holidays)
David Russell - (Book: Together for the Holidays (Large Print))
Dean Smith - (Book: Together Forever)
Dax Deveraux - (Book: Tomorrow's Promise)
Damon Adams - (Book: Tomorrow's Treasures)
Devlin Fitzwilliam - (Book: Tongue In Chic)
Danny O'Malley - (Book: Tonight You Belong to Me (ebook))
Damian Westmore - (Book: Too Great a Temptation)
Dan Currington - (Book: Too Hard to Handle)
Dr. Mike Flynn - (Book: Too Hot To Handle)
David Sullivan - (Book: Too Smart for Marriage)
Danny Burnett - (Book: Too Wicked to Keep)
Derek Tate - (Book: Top Secret Affair)
Dix Wildhorse - (Book: Topaz)
Deacon Camphire - (Book: Torn)
Drake - (Book: Torn)
Duke of Eversley - (Book: Torpid Duke, The)
Dryston of Hereford - (Book: Tortured)
Devlin - (Book: Total Abandon)
Dan Egan - (Book: Total Exposure)
Danya Stepanov - (Book: Total Package)
David - (Book: Touch (ebook))
Dominic Wolfe - (Book: Touch My Heart)
Diego Pereira - (Book: Touch of Temptation, A)
Damian Stratton - (Book: Touch So Wicked, A)
Dan McCord, Major - (Book: Touch The Heavens)
Damien Morgan - (Book: Touched By Darkness)
Dodge Hanley - (Book: Tough Customer (hardcover))
Dodge Hanley - (Book: Tough Customer (paperback))
Dominic D'Annunzio - (Book: Tough Guy and the Toddler. The)
Dr. Jacob Cross - (Book: Traded Secrets)
Daniel Boone Riley - (Book: Trail of Lies)
David Pennistan - (Book: Traitor's Kiss)
Damian De La Sola - (Book: Treasure of the Sun)
Damian de la Sola - (Book: Treasure of the Sun (reprint))
Damian Ashby - (Book: Treasuring Theresa)
Dan Cassidy - (Book: Trial By Fire)
Darian Sabura - (Book: Triple Dare)
Deke Bannon - (Book: Triumph (hardcover))
Deke Bannon - (Book: Triumph (paperback))
Dane Erikson - (Book: Tropical Getaway)
Derek Grey - (Book: Trouble in Texas)
Dorian - (Book: Trouble With Destiny, The)
Dan Gallagher - (Book: Trouble with Mary, The)
Danny Watkins - (Book: Trouble With Tulip, the)
Darien Serlast - (Book: Troubled Waters (hardcover))
Dylan Taber - (Book: True Confessions)
Devlin Parker - (Book: True Dreams)
Crown Prince
- (Book: True Prince, A)
Duke of Sussex
- (Book: Truly A Wife)
Dustin Ramsey - (Book: Truly, Madly, Deeply)
Dominic Steele - (Book: Trust Me)
Daniel Geshard - (Book: Trusting Game, The)
Daniel - (Book: Trusting Game, The (Large Print))
Dylan - (Book: Truth About Him, The)
Dane Rutherford - (Book: Truth about the Tycoon, The)
Dmitri Dionotte - (Book: Truth About Vampires, The)
Dafydd ap Caerwyn - (Book: Truthseeker)
Damien - (Book: Tryst in Time, A)
Donovan Boudreaux - (Book: Tuscan Heat)
Darcy O'Mara - (Book: Twelve Clues of Christmas, The (hardcover))
Damien Northfield - (Book: Twice Fallen)
Danovan DiCarlo - (Book: Twice in a Blue Moon (ebook))
Dante - (Book: Twilight Hunger)
Dante - (Book: Twilight Hunger (reissue))
Damien - (Book: Twilight Illusions)
Darian of Bruges - (Book: Twilight Magic)
Detective Travis Blacksheep - (Book: Twilight Warrior)
Dillon Reynolds - (Book: Twin Oaks)
Derek Reed - (Book: Twin Surprise)
David Winterbrook - (Book: Twist of Fate, A)
Dean Bannon - (Book: Twisted)
Drake - (Book: Twisted)
Drew Evans - (Book: Twisted)
Derek Parker - (Book: Twisted (Hardcover))
Derrick Knight - (Book: Two Grooms and a Wedding)
Dominic St. Claire - (Book: Two Sinful Secrets)
Dante Moore - (Book: Two to Tango)
Derek Rockwell - (Book: Tycoon in Texas, A)
Dakota Lewis - (Book: Tycoon Warrior)
Dawson Burke - (Book: Tycoon's Christmas Proposal, The)
Draco Viannis - (Book: Tycoon's Mistress, The)
Damiel - (Book: Ultimate Betrayal, The)
Daniel Keller - (Book: Uncaged)
Dominic Trejada - (Book: Unclaimed)
Drogo de Toulon - (Book: Unconquered)
Drogo de Toulon - (Book: Unconquered (reissue))
Drogo de Toulon - (Book: Unconquered (reprint))
Dax Campbell - (Book: Undeniable)
Derek Whittaker - (Book: Under a Lucky Star)
Dalton Crowkiller - (Book: Under a Prarie Moon)
Darius - (Book: Under Darkness)
Dr. Flynn Carlson - (Book: Under Lock and Key)
David Reis - (Book: Under The Millionaire's Influence)
Drew Lancaster - (Book: Undercover Captor)
Detective Mac Granger - (Book: Undercover Colorado)
Daniel Tucker - (Book: Undercover Fiance)
David Jensen - (Book: Undercover Man)
Daniel O'Callahan - (Book: Undercover Passion)
Daniel O'Callahan - (Book: Undercover Passion (reissue))
Devon Bradshaw - (Book: Underneath It All)
Darren Kaiser - (Book: Underneath It All)
Declan Carstairs - (Book: Undone by His Touch)
Devin Antonio - (Book: Undone by Moonlight)
David Hartford - (Book: Undressed by the Earl)
Daniel Graham - (Book: Uneven Score, The)
Devin Colyer - (Book: Unexpected Complication)
Devin Colyer - (Book: Unexpected Complication )
Derek Hunt - (Book: Unexpected Duchess, The)
Denny Norquest - (Book: Unexpected Father)
David Marcus - (Book: Unexpected Hero, The)
Doug Mc Bride - (Book: Unholy Angels)
Dr. Greydon Corvo - (Book: Unkindness of Raven, An)
David Britton - (Book: Unknown Sister, The)
Devlin Farrell - (Book: Unlacing Lily)
Danny Taggart - (Book: Unleashed)
Donovan Darcy - (Book: Unleashing Mr. Darcy)
Devlen Gordon - (Book: Unlikely Governess, An)
Derek Rowbridge - (Book: Unlikely Rivals, The)
Dan Morris - (Book: Unmasking Dr. Serious)
Dan Morris - (Book: Unmasking Dr. Serious (large print))
Dominic Furneaux - (Book: Unmasking the Duke's Mistress)
Dale - (Book: Unrestrained)
Drew Meredith - (Book: Unsafe Harbour)
Damon Fairbourne
Earl of Devlin
- (Book: Unscrupulous Uncle, The)
David - (Book: Unspoken)
Dylan Tanner - (Book: Unspoken Confessions)
Doctor Derrick Carrington - (Book: Unspoken Love )
Dominic le Sabre - (Book: Untamed)
Daniel McCord - (Book: Untamed)
Dake Reed - (Book: Until Tomorrow )
Daniel MacAliste - (Book: Untouched)
Dante Coltari - (Book: Untouched)
Devon Baines - (Book: Up All Night )
Drew Miller - (Book: Up Close And Dangerously Sexy)
David - (Book: Upon A Midnight Clear)
Dixon Yano - (Book: Upon a Midnight Clear)
David Hamilton - (Book: Upon a Midnight Clear (reissue))
Draco - (Book: Upon a Moon - Dark Moor)
Dante Valenti - (Book: Valente's One Month Mistress)
Dante Valenti - (Book: Valenti's One-Month Mistress (UK))
Dennis Benning - (Book: Valentine for an Angel)
Dean Gates - (Book: Valentine Wish, A)
Viscount Devlin
- (Book: Valentine's Day Ball, The)
Darr Fortune - (Book: Valentine's Fortune)
Duncan Montrose - (Book: Valiant Bride)
Dimitri - (Book: Vampire Dimitri, The)
Darkwyn - (Book: Vampire Dragon)
Daniel - (Book: Vampire in Atlantis)
Denzil Black - (Book: Vampire Lover )
Dougal Kincaid - (Book: Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo, The)
Dev - (Book: Vampire's Claim, A)
Duncan MacDonnough - (Book: Vampire's Hunger)
Duncan MacDonnough - (Book: Vampire's Thirst)
Dominic Vorchowski - (Book: Vampire...In My Dreams, The (ebook))
Dexter Cameron - (Book: Various States of Undress: Virginia)
Dominic Serrault - (Book: Velvet Embrace)
Dermot O'Rourke - (Book: Velvet Ropes)
Domenico Chiesa - (Book: Venetian Passion, A)
Duke of Severin - (Book: Venetian's Mistress, The)
Derek - (Book: Venus Guy Trap (mass market paperback))
Derek - (Book: Venus Guy Trap (paperback))
Damon - (Book: Very Levet Christmas, A (ebook))
Dominic Winston
Viscount Stanhope
- (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The)
Deacon Malloy - (Book: Vicious Cycle)
Dean Grosso - (Book: Victory Lane)
Derek Malveaux - (Book: Vintage Murder, A)
Dax - (Book: Virgin)
Diogo Serrador - (Book: Virgin Mistress, Scandalous Love-Child)
Demetrios Savas - (Book: Virgin's Proposition, The (US edition))
DeanNichols - (Book: Virginia Hearts)
David Wolf - (Book: Vision of Lucy, A)
David - (Book: Voices In A Haunted Room)
Dake Masters - (Book: Vortex)
Dwayne Hunter - (Book: Vote For Love)
Duke of Kelbourne - (Book: Wagered Heart, The)
Danaus - (Book: Wait for Dusk)
Dr. Ian Carrick - (Book: Waiting For The Moon)
Dawson Clements - (Book: Walk by Faith)
Dawson Clements - (Book: Walk by Faith (reissue))
David Ho' - (Book: Walking in Fire)
Drew McPhee - (Book: Waltz this Way)
Dante Costello - (Book: Wanted: Mistress or Mother (UK))
Doug Graybow - (Book: Wanted:
Christmas Mommy)
Doug Graybow - (Book: Wanted: Christmas Mommy)
Dante Costello - (Book: Wanted: Mistress And Mother)
Derrick Jamison - (Book: Wanton Angel)
Dr. Lucas Stone - (Book: Warning Signs)
Drake Campbell - (Book: Warrior Enchanted)
Dugan MacMillan - (Book: Warrior Laird, The)
Douglas Stewart - (Book: Warrior's Bride)
Duncan MacDonald - (Book: Warrior, The)
David Sadler - (Book: Wasteland)
Dr. Mark Davison - (Book: Watch Gods, The)
Dominic Brady - (Book: Watch Over Me)
Duncan Laird - (Book: Water Witch, The )
Duncan Hillston - (Book: Way He Makes Me Feel, The)
Dan - (Book: Way Home, The)
Dane Farrow - (Book: Way Home, The)
David Elliot - (Book: Way to a Woman's Heart, The)
Daniel O'Rourke - (Book: Way to Yesterday, The)
Damien Steele - (Book: Way You Make Me Feel, The)
Dafydd ap Caerwyn - (Book: Wayfinder)
Derek Clay - (Book: Weaver's Proposal, A)
Donovan Caine - (Book: Web of Lies)
Dominic Raine
Baron Eden
- (Book: Web Of Love)
Dominic, Lord Eden - (Book: Web of Love (reissue))
Dylan Wall - (Book: Wedding at the Blue Moon Cafe, A (ebook))
Dillon Murdock - (Book: Wedding at Wildwood)
Dillon Murdock - (Book: Wedding at Wildwood (reissue))
Dakota Rain - (Book: Wedding Band, The)
Dane Garrison - (Book: Wedding Belle)
Dr. Jared Butler - (Book: Wedding Dress, The)
Dane Bocelli - (Book: Wedding For Baby, A)
Daniel Clay - (Book: Wedding for Maggie, A)
Dr. Douglas Farrell - (Book: Wedding Game, The)
Daniel Eagan - (Book: Wedding in Apple Grove, A)
Dylan Black - (Book: Wedding Ring Promise, The)
Daniel McNeal - (Book: Wedding She'll Never Forget, A)
Devlin Gray - (Book: Wedding Venture, The)
Devlin Thornton, Earl of Blackpool - (Book: Week Of Pleasure, A)
Drew Vincent - (Book: Welcome Home, Daddy)
Dylan DeLanyea - (Book: Welshman's Bride, The)
Dafydd ap Iolo - (Book: Welshman's Way, The)
Dafydd ap Iolo - (Book: Welshman's Way, The (UK))
Duncan MacDowell - (Book: Werewolf in Denver)
David Hendrickson - (Book: West Of Bliss)
Dillon Westmoreland - (Book: Westmoreland's Way)
Duke Austen - (Book: What a Girl Wants)
Dante Hartwell - (Book: What a Lady Needs for Christmas)
David Reece - (Book: What a Rogue Desires)
Dr. Luke Jamison - (Book: What Child Is This?)
Daniel York - (Book: What He Doesn't Know)
Darren Fletcher - (Book: What Lies Behind (hardcover))
Dominick rollins - (Book: What Love Tastes Like)
Dr Jack Ferguson - (Book: What Matters Most)
Derrick Quinn - (Book: What Matters Most)
Dillon Caxton - (Book: What Price Love?)
Devon Mason - (Book: What She Craves (ebook))
Devon Mason and Con Walker - (Book: What She Needs (ebook))
Devin Freedman - (Book: What the Librarian Did)
Devin Rhym - (Book: What You Won't Do For Love)
Derrick Adams - (Book: What's New Pussycat (ebook))
Dominic - (Book: When a Marquis Chooses a Bride)
Dante - (Book: When Darkness Comes)
Dane - (Book: When Dreams Come True)
Dugan Gallagher - (Book: When I Wake)
Dr Kane Lovell - (Book: When It's Right)
Daniel Bennett - (Book: When Love is True)
Derek Mallory - (Book: When Next We Love)
Dylan Amos - (Book: When Snow Falls)
Darius Jones - (Book: When Somebody Loves You Back)
Duff D’Abernon
Marquis of Darley
- (Book: When Someone Loves You)
Darius Wilson - (Book: When the Lights Go Down)
Daniel Thornton - (Book: When the Storm Breaks: A Novel)
Dominic Tobbar - (Book: When Tomorrow Comes (reissue))
Dr. Jason Fitzroy - (Book: When Two Paths Meet)
Dare Macintosh - (Book: When You Dare)
Dr Daniel Chadwick - (Book: When you Wish)
Daniel Frost - (Book: Where Dreams are Made)
Daniel Del Rio - (Book: Where It Began)
Daniel Del Rio - (Book: Where It Began (large print))
Dale Lewis - (Book: Where Love Abides)
Dan Contini - (Book: Where There's Smoke...)
David - (Book: While He Was Away)
Davis Lee Holt
- (Book: Whirlwind Groom)
Dominic St. John - (Book: Whisper of Eternity, A)
Dirick of Derkland - (Book: Whisper of Rosemary, A)
Dex Madaris - (Book: Whispered Promises)
Dusty Stoddard - (Book: Whispers from Yesterday)
Dumitru Constantinescu - (Book: Whispers of the Night)
Derek Courtland - (Book: White Rose)
Dain Phillips - (Book: White Wolf)
Dain Phillips - (Book: White Wolf [reissue])
Dillion Roth - (Book: Who Wants to Be a Sex Goddess)
Dominic Sayers - (Book: Who's on Top)
Domenic Corso - (Book: Whole Nine Yards, The)
David - (Book: Whose Child)
Dominic - (Book: Why Earls Fall in Love)
Drew Scoones - (Book: Why Is Murder on the Menu, Anyway?)
Devlin Cooper - (Book: Why Resist a Rebel?)
Deegan Galloway - (Book: Wicked)
Decker McConnell - (Book: Wicked All Night (ebook novella))
Diesel - (Book: Wicked Appetite (hardcover))
Diesel - (Book: Wicked Appetite (paperback))
Damon Andrew Phillip deWolfe - (Book: Wicked at Heart)
Damon de Wolfe - (Book: Wicked at Heart (ebook))
Diesel - (Book: Wicked Business (hardcover))
Diesel - (Book: Wicked Business (paperback))
Dante Garcea - (Book: Wicked Cravings)
Dirk Coulter - (Book: Wicked Cravings (hardcover))
Daniel Mackenzie - (Book: Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie, The)
Daire Dunne - (Book: Wicked Edge)
David Love - (Book: Wicked Fire)
Doug Storey - (Book: Wicked Games)
Drake Boscastle - (Book: Wicked Games of a Gentleman, The)
Dashiell - (Book: Wicked Little Secrets)
Dominic Challenger - (Book: Wicked Loving Lies)
Dominic Challenger - (Book: Wicked Loving Lies (reissue))
Declan O'Hara - (Book: Wicked Road to Hell)
Dean Colter - (Book: Wicked Seduction, A)
Dean Colter - (Book: Wicked Seduction, A (UK))
Daeg Ross - (Book: Wicked Sexy)
Daniel Stamfield - (Book: Wicked Ways of a True Hero, The)
David Carlton,
Lord Winsborough
- (Book: Widowed Bride, The)
Damian Nikerios - (Book: Wife By Contract)
Derringer Westmoreland - (Book: Wife for a Westmoreland, A)
Dexter Elliott - (Book: Wife for the Weekend)
Del Scott - (Book: Wife in Disguise)
David Barclay - (Book: Wife Next Door, The)
Darragh O’Brien - (Book: Wife Trap, The)
Drew Bennett - (Book: Wife Without A Past )
Earl of Hampstead
- (Book: Wild and Wicked in Scotland)
Duane Livery - (Book: Wild By Night)
Diego Escobar - (Book: Wild Cat)
Drew Jamison - (Book: Wild Child)
Dominic Renbourne - (Book: Wild Child, The)
Dallas Garwood - (Book: Wild for the Sheriff)
Dallas Garwood - (Book: Wild for the Sheriff (large print))
Declan Walsh - (Book: Wild Irish Rogue)
Daniel Riordan - (Book: Wild Irish Rose)
Devlin Granger - (Book: Wild Mountain Honey)
Dane del Cordobes - (Book: Wild Rose)
Duncan Fitzwilliam
- (Book: Wild Roses)
Donovan O'Shea - (Book: Wild Sight, The)
Duncan McMurray - (Book: Wild Texas Rose)
Darius Wilde - (Book: Wilde 'n' Wonderful)
Del Wilder - (Book: Wilder Days)
Devon Conrad - (Book: Wildest Heart)
Dan Bourne - (Book: Wildfire)
Degan Grant - (Book: Wildfire in His Arms (hardcover))
Davage Jensen - (Book: Will and the Way, The)
Daniel Black Eagle - (Book: Willing)
David Major - (Book: Winchester Homecoming, A)
Devon Crandall - (Book: Windflower, The)
Devon Crandall - (Book: Windflower, The)
Davis Jamison - (Book: Windswept)
Delaney Marsh - (Book: Wings of a Dove)
David - (Book: Wings of the Storm)
D. J. Newport - (Book: Winner Takes All)
Drake - (Book: Winter Break)
Demetrios - (Book: Winter Bride, The)
Lord Penventon
- (Book: Winter Dreams)
Daniel Hawk - (Book: Winter Hawk's Legacy)
Daniel Hawk - (Book: Winter Hawk's Legacy (large print))
Delaney - (Book: Winter Kiss)
Devlin Sloane - (Book: Winter Reunion)
Dr Adam Sauder - (Book: Winter Soldier)
Dillon James - (Book: Winter's Daughter)
Dane Cambia
FBI agent
- (Book: Wise Moves)
David Curtiss - (Book: Wiser Than Serpants)
Daegan O’Rourke - (Book: Wishes)
Dustin Kingsley
Marquis of Tyreham
- (Book: Wishes In The Wind)
Drew Wallace - (Book: Wishing and Hoping)
Darius Knight - (Book: Wishing Lake)
De Leon - (Book: Wit Awakening)
David Pennyfield - (Book: Witch Lore)
David - (Book: Witch's Beauty, A)
Darius Cavenaugh - (Book: Witchcraft)
Dane - (Book: With a Vengeance (ebook))
Danny Sullivan - (Book: With Courage and Commitment)
Dr Nate Stanton - (Book: With One Touch)
Dace Banovic - (Book: Within His Sight)
Dr. Max (Wizard) Travers - (Book: Wizard)
Dash Sinclair - (Book: Wolf Breeds - Elizabeth's Wolf)
Dylan Richardson - (Book: Wolf In Cheap Clothing)
Donovan "Van" Wolfe - (Book: Wolf's Eyes, A)
Danyon Stone - (Book: Wolven, The)
Dusty Conrad - (Book: Woman for Dusty Conrad, The)
Dusty Conrad - (Book: Woman for Dusty Conrad, The (reissue))
Dr. Ben Halsey - (Book: Woman in the Mirror)
Devlin MacKay - (Book: Woman of Grace)
Duncan Campbell - (Book: Woman of Honour, A (ebook))
Duncan Campbell - (Book: Woman of Honour, A (ebook))
David - (Book: Women of the Bible: Abigail's Story)
Davis - (Book: Women Under Fire)
Darius Grant - (Book: Wonderful and Wild)
Duke of Raeburn - (Book: Wooing of Miss Masters, The)
Deke Sargent - (Book: Words of Silk)
Drew Robson - (Book: Working It)
Deke Washburn - (Book: World's Last Bachelor, The)
Dante Moran - (Book: Worth Dying For)
Dante Moran - (Book: Worth Dying For (reissue))
Dean Malloy - (Book: Worth the Risk (ebook))
David St. James - (Book: Worth the Wait)
Damian Westfield - (Book: Worth the Wait)
Dumitri Dracul - (Book: Worthy, The: Fantasy Come True (ebook))
David Lancaster, Major - (Book: Would-Be Widow, The)
Dalron Ross - (Book: Wrong Man, The)
Dalton Kirk - (Book: Wyoming Bold)
Declan MacGregor - (Book: X Marks the Spot)
Dimitri Denisov - (Book: Yankee Princess)
Damien Sheffield - (Book: Yankee's Lady)
Declan O'Connor,
Earl of Donnelly
- (Book: Year of Living Scandously, The)
Daniel Thorpe - (Book: Yesterday and Forever)
Daniel Van Deen - (Book: Yesterday Once More)
David McCoy - (Book: You Only Love Once)
Dylan Fairbanks - (Book: You Sexy Thing)
Drake Vireo - (Book: You Slay Me)
David - (Book: You Were Meant for Me)
Dixon - (Book: You've Got Male)
Diego Swift - (Book: Your Place or Mine?)
Daegan - (Book: Yuletide Enchantment (ebook novella))
David Stone - (Book: Yuletide Rescue, The)
David Presley - (Book: Yuletide Twins)
Dougal Lockhart - (Book: Zero Control)
Dickon - (Book: Zipporah's Daughter)


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