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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Heroes with first name starting with E

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Erren Rhodes - (Book: .38 Caliber Cover-Up)
Earl of Maxbridge - (Book: Abducting Amy)
Evan Hunter - (Book: About That Night...)
Ethan Wyatt - (Book: Accidental It Girl)
Ethan Andarton
Marquis of Vessey
- (Book: Accidental Mistress, The)
Ethan Carson - (Book: Across the Years)
Ethan Frost - (Book: Addicted (ebook))
Edward Royde - (Book: Admiral's Lady, The)
Earl of Rotherstone - (Book: Adventurous Lady, An)
Evan Fitzgerald, Jordan Davidson - (Book: Affair of the Heart)
Emmett London - (Book: After Dark)
Edward Delanza - (Book: After Innocence)
Edward Delanza - (Book: After Innocence (reissue))
Edward Ramsey - (Book: After Sundown)
Evan Greenway/David Chambers - (Book: After the Rains)
Earl of Waine - (Book: After the Storm)
Eli Dupre - (Book: Afterlight)
Elliot Mallory - (Book: Aftershocks (reissue))
Evan Cooper - (Book: Against All Odds)
Edmund Talbot - (Book: Against The Tide)
Edward Averson
- (Book: Agatha (Hardcover))
Ellis Robbins
Viscount Alma
- (Book: Aim of a Lady, The)
Eric Daniels - (Book: All Because of You)
Earl Britton - (Book: All for Love)
Evan Thomas - (Book: All for Love)
Ethan Blackstone - (Book: All In)
Ethan Kent - (Book: All She Wants for Christmas)
Elias - (Book: Almost Everything)
Ethan Hendrix - (Book: Almost Perfect)
Eric - (Book: Alpha, The (ebook))
Eulis - (Book: Amen Trail, The)
Ezra Gundy - (Book: Amish Bride, The)
Eli Riehl - (Book: Amish Family Reunion, An)
Ethan Gingerich - (Book: Amish Nanny, The)
El Diablo - (Book: Angel of Passion)
Ewan MacLaughlin - (Book: Anna and the Duke)
Etienne St. Claire - (Book: Anna and the French Kiss)
Ethan - (Book: Another Piece of My Heart (hardcover))
Elias Antonides - (Book: Antonides Marriage Deal, The)
Ethan Matalon - (Book: Anything For His Son)
Ethan Ritter - (Book: As Big As Texas)
Evan Donovan - (Book: As Good As New)
Ethan - (Book: Assume the Positions (ebook))
Eros - (Book: Atlantean's Quest - The Arrival)
Elliott Garvey - (Book: Awakened by His Touch)
Earl of Dalby - (Book: Awakening of Lord Dalby, The)
Evan Brewster - (Book: Baby Bequest, The)
Evan McKenzie - (Book: Baby Bombshell)
Evan Quartermain - (Book: Baby Came C.O.D., The)
Ethan Knight - (Book: Baby Cop, The)
Ethan Locke - (Book: Baby Doctor's Bride, The (UK))
Eli Masterson - (Book: Baby Jane Doe)
Eddie Wagner - (Book: Baby Makes Six)
Eli Rodriguez - (Book: Baby on the Ranch, A)
Ethan Clark - (Book: Baby's Bodyguard, The)
Ethan Clark - (Book: Baby's Bodyguard, The (large print))
Ethan Parker - (Book: Bachelor Project, The)
Eric Logan - (Book: Bachelor, The)
Eric Logan - (Book: Bachelor, The (reissue))
Everett Silverton - (Book: Bad for Me)
Ethan Holt - (Book: Bad Romeo)
Eric Danaghue - (Book: Bare Knuckle (ebook))
Earl of Aldringham - (Book: Bargain, The)
Etienne DeGuerre - (Book: Baron's Quest, The)
Erich von Rothmann
- (Book: Baron's Woman, The)
Ehren - (Book: Barrenlands)
Eli Crane - (Book: Bastard Billionaire, The)
Ernest Breaux - (Book: Bayou Secrets)
Eben Thinadeaux - (Book: Beach Town (hardcover))
Edan Mirav - (Book: Beautiful Being, The)
Edan Mirav - (Book: Beautiful Being, The (reprint))
Erik Broughton, Duke of Sedgwick - (Book: Beauty and the Duke)
Eli Wolf - (Book: Beauty and the Wolf)
Eri Trevayne - (Book: Beauty's Beast)
Eli Chandler - (Book: Beckett's Birthright)
Edward - (Book: Bedding Lord Ned)
Elijah McKinnon - (Book: Before the Dawn)
Edward Napier - (Book: Beguiled)
Ethan Hardesty - (Book: Behind His Blue Eyes)
Emir - (Book: Beholden to the Throne)
Emir - (Book: Beholden to the Throne (large print))
Ethan - (Book: Believer, The)
Eric Alden - (Book: Bending to the Bachelor's Will)
Ethan - (Book: Beside Two Rivers)
Ethan Stone - (Book: Best Laid Plans, The)
Ezra Moore - (Book: Beyond A Shadow)
Evan 'West' Marchman
Duke of Westphal
- (Book: Beyond a Wicked Kiss)
Edward Burbrooke, Earl of Greville - (Book: Beyond Innocence)
Eric O'Dwyer - (Book: Beyond the Call of Duty)
Elliot Richards - (Book: Beyond the Velvet Rope)
Ethan Cartwright - (Book: Billionaire's Housekeeper Mistress, The (US edition))
Evan Reese - (Book: Billioniare's Contract Engagement)
Ethan Sullivan - (Book: Biting Bad)
Eric - (Book: Bitter Sweet (reissue))
Earl of Wesmorlen - (Book: Bittersweet Revenge)
Eli Dupre - (Book: Black Fallen)
Erik Wheeler - (Book: Black Hills Bride)
Erik Wheeler - (Book: Black Hills Bride (reissue))
Erik Wheeler - (Book: Black Hills Bride (reissue))
Eric Lanagan - (Book: Black Sheep's Baby, The)
Ethan - (Book: Blade Bound)
Edmund Wyndham - (Book: Blaze Wyndham)
Erik - (Book: Blood Lite)
Ethan - (Book: Bloodline)
Evan Bartlock - (Book: Bloodstone )
Erik Titov - (Book: Blue Lines)
Ethan Templeton - (Book: Bond of Darkness)
Ethan Vance - (Book: Boomerang)
Eli Pace - (Book: Born to be Wild)
Eric Hawk - (Book: Borrowed Angel)
Elan Al Mansur - (Book: Boss's Demand, The)
Ethan Bennington - (Book: Bought by the Billionaire)
Ewan Fraser - (Book: Bound to Please)
Ethan Chandler - (Book: Boy is Back in Town, The)
Ethan Chandler - (Book: Boy is Back in Town, The (large print))
Ed Jackson - (Book: Brazen Virtue)
Ed Jackson - (Book: Brazen Virtue (reissue))
Enrico Chamberlain - (Book: Brazilian Fire)
Enrico Chamberlain - (Book: Brazilian Fire (UK))
Eric Lashman - (Book: Breaking All the Rules)
Edward Cullen - (Book: Breaking Dawn)
Edmund - (Book: Breaking Midnight)
Edward Sutton
Earl of Langham
- (Book: Breath of Scandal, A)
Elijah Masterson - (Book: Breathe)
Everett - (Book: Breathe Into Me)
Evan Quade - (Book: Bridal Reconnaissance)
Ethan Walker - (Book: Bride for Glenmore, A (UK))
Edmund Meriweather - (Book: Bride for the Baron, A)
Everett Fulton - (Book: Bride Next Door, The)
Ewan Gilroy - (Book: Bride of a Scottish Warrior)
Ethan Zorn - (Book: Bride of the Bad Boy)
Edouard Gillet, Comte de Trouville - (Book: Bride of Trouville)
Eric Landsdowne
Earl of Wesley
- (Book: Bride Thief, The)
Ethan Ambrose - (Book: Bridegroom and the Baby, The)
Ethan - (Book: Bridesmaid's Gifts, The)
Ewan - (Book: Brigand (ebook))
Evan Ramsdell, Captain - (Book: Brighton Flirtation, A)
Evan Downey - (Book: Bringing Home the Bad Boy)
Ethan Holt - (Book: Broken Juliet)
Ezra Hurley - (Book: Broken Open)
Eli Cavanaugh - (Book: Brought Together by Baby)
Ethan Sanger - (Book: Brown-Eyed Girl)
Eric Aruda - (Book: Bruning Darkness)
Ethan McCafferty - (Book: Burn Baby Burn (ebook))
Elliot Drake - (Book: Butterfly Garden, The)
Ethan Danes - (Book: Butterfly Summer)
Erik Chambers - (Book: By Any Other Name (ebook))
Ewen Sinclair - (Book: Cad, The)
Elliot Ross - (Book: California Girl)
Eli Turnbull - (Book: Can't Hurry Love)
Earl of Arandale - (Book: Canceled Courtship)
Euan - (Book: Carol's Christmas)
Edward Chesterfield - (Book: Carry Her Heart)
Edward Devereux, Sir - (Book: Castlereagh)
Evan O'Connell - (Book: Catherine)
Ethan Taggart - (Book: Caught)
Eddie Montesano - (Book: Caught Up in You)
Esteban Fernandez - (Book: Cavanaugh On Duty)
Ethan O'Brien - (Book: Cavanugh Reunion)
Ethan Summers - (Book: Central Park)
Eric Gentry - (Book: Chance, The)
Eli - (Book: Change of Heart)
Earl of Northrup
- (Book: Changeable Rose, The)
Eli Jenkins - (Book: Changing Everything (novella))
Evain - (Book: Chanting the Storm)
Evan Monroe - (Book: Chase, The)
Ethan Silver - (Book: Chasing Kings (ebook))
Eli Graham - (Book: Checkmate)
Elias Chote - (Book: Cherokee Rose)
Ethan - (Book: Chimera (ebook))
Ethan Behar - (Book: Chocolate Magic (Hardcover))
Edward Fambrough,
Earl of Danver
- (Book: Choice of Cousins, A)
Evan McGrath - (Book: Choices)
Eric - (Book: Christina's Secret)
Edgar Downes - (Book: Christmas Bride, A)
Eli Borden - (Book: Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Christine, The (ebook))
Earl - (Book: Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Raylene, The (ebook))
Edmund Brandon, Sir - (Book: Christmas Courtship, A)
Edward Barringer - (Book: Christmas Heiress, The)
Ethan - (Book: Christmas in Bluebell Cove)
Erik Olsen - (Book: Christmas on Conrad Street)
Edward Hollings - (Book: Christmas Scandal, A)
Earl of St. Cloud - (Book: Christmas Wishes (reissue))
Ethan Williams - (Book: Cinderella Mission, The)
Ethan Morgan - (Book: Circle of Desire)
Ethan Morgan - (Book: Circle of Desire (reissue))
Eric Reyes - (Book: Claiming Colleen)
Emiliano Cannavaro - (Book: Clash with a Cannavaro, A)
Ethan Moore - (Book: Classified Baby)
Ethan Moore - (Book: Classified Baby (UK))
Earl of Dysart - (Book: Claudia)
Erick Corvett - (Book: Cloak and Dagger)
Elijah Cameron - (Book: Cold Pursuit)
Earl of Westcott - (Book: Colonial Upstart, The)
Edward Winchester - (Book: Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid)
Earl of Denby - (Book: Contentious Countess, The)
Ethan Delaney - (Book: Contract Bride)
Earl of Rule - (Book: Convenient Marriage, The (new edition))
Eddie Mello - (Book: Convictions)
Eddie Berlin - (Book: Cool Shade)
Enoch O'Rourke - (Book: Cordelia Squad, The)
Evan Tyler - (Book: Corporate Raider's Revenge, The)
Elliott Delgado - (Book: Corrupts Absolutely)
Eamon Fitzgerald - (Book: Could It Be Magic?)
Eli Coulter - (Book: Coulter's Christmas Proposal, A)
Etienne Moreau - (Book: Count's Challenge, The)
Etienne Moreau - (Book: Count's Challenge, The)
Earl of Warwick
- (Book: Counterfeit Countess, The)
Earl of Worsham - (Book: Counterfeit Countess, The)
Earl of Bridgemere - (Book: Countess By Christmas, A)
Earl of Cumberland - (Book: Countess by Contract)
Earl of Ashdon - (Book: Courtesan's Daughter, The)
Ethan Trask - (Book: Courthouse Steps)
Earl of Halloway - (Book: Courting Christina)
Ezra Ryder - (Book: Courting Miss Callie)
Eli Lapp - (Book: Courting Ruth)
Earl of Selbridge - (Book: Cousin Nancy)
Elijah Walker - (Book: Cowboy Christmas)
Emmet Hamilton - (Book: Cowboy Father, The)
Eddie Gardiner - (Book: Cowboy's Surprise Bride, The)
Earl of Tarrington - (Book: Crimson Deception)
Everett Jamison III - (Book: Current of Love)
Ethan Fox - (Book: Dad of His Own, A)
Ethan - (Book: Daddy at Heart, A)
Eben Spencer - (Book: Daddy Make-Over, The)
Eric Wilson - (Book: Daddy's Little Matchmakers)
Eric Wilson - (Book: Daddy's Little Matchmakers (large print))
Ethan Prescott - (Book: Dakota Dawn)
Earl of Easterby - (Book: Dance in Heather, A)
Evan Trevor, Major - (Book: Dance With Fire)
Earl of Saintsbury - (Book: Dandy's Deception, The)
Ethan Rogers - (Book: Danger in a Small Town)
Ethan Bodine - (Book: Dangerous)
Evan Fortesque
Viscount Wolviston
- (Book: Dangerous Compromise, A)
Evan Fortesque - (Book: Dangerous Compromise, A (reissue))
Ethan Tanner
Earl of Aylesford
- (Book: Dangerous Debutante, The)
Emilio DeLeon - (Book: Dangerous Heat)
Emilian St. Xavier
- (Book: Dangerous Love, A)
Elissa Sheldon - (Book: Dangerous Magic)
Earl of Raeburn - (Book: Daring Deceit, A)
Earl of Edgewater - (Book: Daring Gamble)
Elias - (Book: Dark and Hollow Places, The )
Ethan - (Book: Dark Debt)
Edward Wyeth - (Book: Dark Duke (ebook))
Ezryn Navarr - (Book: Dark Embrace (ebook))
Errion Ald'Areed - (Book: Dark Empress)
Ethan Brooker - (Book: Dark Sky)
Eric Drake - (Book: Dark Wolf Rising)
Ethan Kelly - (Book: Darkest Hour, The)
Eli Dupre - (Book: Darklove)
Etienne - (Book: Darkness Rises)
Eli Masters - (Book: Date With Dr. Frankenstein, A)
Ethan Rush - (Book: Dating and Other Dangers)
Ethan Rush - (Book: Dating and Other Dangers (UK))
Earl of St.Ives - (Book: Daughter of Fortune)
Evan Somerset - (Book: Daughter's Destiny, A)
Egan of the Dál Cais - (Book: Dawn of Desire)
Elias Donovan - (Book: Day Late and A Bride Short, A)
Edward Atle - (Book: Daybreak)
Etienne - (Book: Dead Awakening (ebook))
Eli Hawkins - (Book: Dead Ringer)
Eric - (Book: Dead to the World)
Eric Butler - (Book: Deadly Texas Rose)
Ezekiel Blackwood - (Book: Debutante's Guide to Rebellion, A (ebook novella))
Elias Winters - (Book: Deep Waters)
Elias Winters - (Book: Deep Waters (reissue))
Edward, Marquess of Saybrook - (Book: Defiant Governess, The)
Ethan Harwood - (Book: Deja You (ebook))
Earl of Wexford - (Book: Delightful Deception)
Elijah Holmes - (Book: Deliver Me)
Ethan McCabe - (Book: Demon Night)
Eric - (Book: Demonic Obsession)
Emilio Andreoni - (Book: Deserving of His Diamonds?)
Emilio Andreoni - (Book: Deserving of his Diamonds? (large print))
Earl of Wyldewood - (Book: Desires of a Perfect Lady)
Elam Taggart - (Book: Desperado)
Ethan Robinson - (Book: Destiny Calls)
Ethan Sharpe
Marquess of Belford
- (Book: Devil's Necklace, The)
Earl of Hawksley - (Book: Devil's Temptation, The)
Ezekiel Chase - (Book: Dirty for Me)
Ethan Delancey - (Book: Dirty Little Secrets)
Evan Acardi - (Book: Dirty Pictures)
Evan - (Book: Dirty Thirty (ebook))
Eli Drycinski - (Book: Doctor, Doctor)
Earl of St. Aubyn - (Book: Double Deception)
Eric Ramsdell - (Book: Double Deception)
Ethan Justice - (Book: Double Exposure)
Ethan Justice - (Book: Double Exposure (large print))
Ed Somers - (Book: Dr. Cinderella's Midnight Fling)
Eli St. John - (Book: Dr. Daddy's Perfect Christmas)
Eric Gordon - (Book: Dragon In The System)
Erl Nicolson - (Book: Dragon's Isle (UK))
Eirik - (Book: Dragon's Moon)
Eilrah - (Book: Dragon's Woman, The)
Elijah Cameron - (Book: Dream Defiant, A (ebook))
Enrique Pacias - (Book: Dreaming of You)
Ethan Stormwalker - (Book: Dude Ranch Bride)
Edward Middleton - (Book: Duel of Hearts)
Edward - (Book: Duke Dilemma, The)
Eliot Fitzharding
Duke of Guilford
- (Book: Duke's Gamble, The)
Edward Lacey - (Book: Duke's Obsession, The (ebook))
Eric Dyson - (Book: Dying for Charisma)
Edward Alcott - (Book: Earl Takes All, The)
Earl of Sedgewick - (Book: Earl's Invention, The)
Earl of Treybourne
Mr. Archer
- (Book: Earl's Secret, The)
Everett Stockton
Major Lord Stokely
- (Book: Early Engagement, An)
Erik Haukeland, - (Book: East of the Sun, West of the Moon)
Easy Martel - (Book: Easy Loving)
Eban Heckmaster - (Book: Eban (ebook))
Edward - (Book: Eclipse)
Edward Hanover - (Book: Ecstasy's Promise)
Ethan Trent - (Book: Eden's Gate )
Eric MacFarlane - (Book: Edge of Midnight)
Evan Johnson - (Book: Edge of Town, The)
Edge - (Book: Edge of Twilight)
Edge - (Book: Edge of Twilight (mass market))
Egan Cassidy - (Book: Egan Cassidy's Kid)
Elijah Crawford - (Book: Eli And Sarel)
Elijah - (Book: Elijah)
Earl of Compton - (Book: Elusive Love, An)
Evan Sinclair - (Book: Emerald Fire)
Earl Brice Palliser - (Book: Emma And The Earl )
Emmett Deverell - (Book: Emmett)
Edward Durnham - (Book: Emporer's Conspiracy, The)
Eirik - (Book: Enslaved by a Viking)
Edward Laurence - (Book: Enterprising Lord Edward, The)
Earl of Sutton - (Book: Enticing the Earl)
Eli Ashton - (Book: Estate Affair)
Erion - (Book: Eternal Demon)
Eric Wolfe - (Book: Eternal Sea)
Ethan Hardeman - (Book: Ethan)
Ethan Grey - (Book: Ethan)
Ethan Hardeman - (Book: Ethan (UK))
Ethan Hayes - (Book: Ethan's Temptress Bride)
Evan Tremayne - (Book: Evan)
Evan Tremayne - (Book: Evan (UK))
Eli Dupre - (Book: Eventide)
Erik Delacourt - (Book: Everlasting Kiss)
Ethan Wright - (Book: Every Road to You)
Ethan Hamon - (Book: Everything Forbidden)
Elliot - (Book: Exit to Eden)
Eric Mendoza - (Book: Expecting!)
Ethan Frost - (Book: Exposed (ebook))
Everett Hughes - (Book: Exposed to You)
Elvis Donnelly - (Book: Exposure)
Ethan Blackstone - (Book: Eyes Wide Open)
Eric Logan - (Book: Face in the Mirror, The)
Ellis Cutler - (Book: Falling Awake)
Ellis Cutler - (Book: Falling Awake (reissue))
Evan Hanson - (Book: Falling for the Boss)
Evan Hanson - (Book: Falling for the Boss (UK))
Edward - (Book: Family Christmas in Riverbend)
Edward - (Book: Family Christmas in Riverbend (large print))
Evan Grant - (Book: Family Christmas, A)
Ethan Basque - (Book: Family Rescue, The)
Edward Carstairs - (Book: Fascinated)
Edward Hawkswood - (Book: Fashionable Spy, The)
Ernest Lance
Marquis of Wetherby
- (Book: Father for Christmas, A)
Evan Murphy - (Book: Father Material)
Evan McKenna - (Book: Father of Her Son, The)
Evan McKenna - (Book: Father of Her Son, The (large print))
Ethan Holbrook - (Book: Father of the Bride)
EIlis Carlisle - (Book: Father's Promise, A)
Einhard of Frisia - (Book: Fearless)
Earl of Maitland - (Book: Felicity's Folly)
Enzo Silva - (Book: Fighting Dirty (ebook))
Eric South - (Book: Finally a Bride)
Ethan Westerveld - (Book: Finally a Family)
Ethan Flynn - (Book: Finding Love Again (Hardcover))
Eli Robideaux - (Book: Finding Their Son)
Ethan Ross - (Book: Fine Arrangement, A)
Ethan Ross - (Book: Fine Arrangement, A (reissue))
Ethan Ross - (Book: Fine Arrangement, A (reissue))
Elliott Carstairs - (Book: Fire & Ice)
Ethan Brown - (Book: Firebird)
Ethan - (Book: First Comes Love)
Ethan - (Book: First Comes Love)
Elliott Wallace
Viscount Lyngate
- (Book: First Comes Marriage)
Ezekial Harban - (Book: First Dawn)
Emmett Deal - (Book: First Love Again (ebook))
Earl of Ashcom - (Book: First Season)
Evan Atkins - (Book: First Time, Forever)
Earl of Athelstan - (Book: Flame and the Sword, The (UK edition))
Elec Monroe - (Book: Flat-Out Sexy)
Elec Monroe - (Book: Flat-out Sexy (mass market reissue))
Ethan Weber - (Book: Flight Doctor's Emergency, The (UK))
EJ Beaumont - (Book: Flirtation)
Evan Lindsay - (Book: Flirting with Danger)
Edward II - (Book: Follies Of The King, The)
Ethan Pennington - (Book: Folly (ebook))
Earl of Wychfield - (Book: Foolish Fancy)
E.J. Sommers - (Book: For the Love of Hayley)
Eric Riggs - (Book: For the Right Reasons)
Elliott Starc - (Book: For the Sake of Their Son)
Ellis Carson - (Book: Forbidden Heart)
Eric Granston - (Book: Forever Husband, The)
Ethan - (Book: Forever Soul Ties)
Eastman - (Book: Forever Yesterday)
Elijah - (Book: Forget Me Not (hardcover))
Ezekiel - (Book: Forgotten Debutante, The (ebook))
Eli Coltrane - (Book: Forgotten Son)
Edward Villa - (Book: Formula for Danger)
Edward Stuyvesant-French - (Book: Fortune Hunter, The)
Eli Garrett - (Book: Fortune's Twins)
Ethan Seaver - (Book: Found: Her Long-Lost Husband)
Ethan Seaver - (Book: Found: Her Long-Lost Husband (Large Print))
Evander Septimus Brody - (Book: Four Nights with a Duke)
Etienne Gavard - (Book: Frenchman's Plain-Jane Project, The)
Ethan McClure - (Book: Fresh-Start Ranch)
Ethan McClure - (Book: Fresh-Start Ranch (large print))
Ewan Collins - (Book: Friday I'm in Love (ebook))
Ethan Reed - (Book: Frontier Bride)
Eirik Sigurdsson - (Book: Frozen In Time (ebook))
Eric - (Book: Full Exposure)
Ethan Masterson - (Book: Full Moon Rising)
Eric Henson - (Book: Gaining Interest)
Elijah Perry - (Book: Gambler's Magic, A)
Eric Stone - (Book: Gargoyle's Christmas)
Everard van Tijlen - (Book: Gemel Ring, The)
Everard van Tijlen - (Book: Gemel Ring, The (reissue))
Everard van Tijlen - (Book: Gemel Ring, The (reissue))
Everard van Tijlen - (Book: Gemel Ring, The (UK-reissue))
Earl of Chartleigh - (Book: Gentle Conquest)
Earl of Chatleigh - (Book: Gentleman's Desire, A)
Ethan Greene - (Book: Gift From Tiffany's, A)
Emery Lockwood - (Book: Gilded Cuff, The)
Edmund Raine
Earl of Amberley
- (Book: Gilded Web, The)
Edmund Raine
Earl of Amberley
- (Book: Gilded Web, The (reissue))
Evan Jamieson - (Book: Glory Girl)
Eric Hendricks - (Book: Goddess, Awakened)
Esteban Santandar - (Book: Golden Lady)
Eli Weldon-Tate - (Book: Golden Touch)
Edward IV - (Book: Goldsmith's Wife, The)
Edward Marburn - (Book: Good to the Last Bite)
Eric - (Book: Goodbye Groom, The)
Eric Law - (Book: Goodnight, Sweetheart)
Ethan Ryland - (Book: Guilty Passion, A)
Eric Walcott - (Book: Handful of Flowers, A)
Evan Thornton - (Book: Handful of Heaven, A)
Emma - (Book: Hard)
Evan DaCosta - (Book: Hard as Ice)
Eric Collier - (Book: Hard Time (ebook))
Edward Cantrell - (Book: Hard to Hold On To (ebook novella))
Ethan Basque - (Book: Hard to Resist)
Evan Henderson - (Book: Harder They Fall, The)
Earl of Hawkedon - (Book: Haunted Miss Hampshire, The)
Ethan - (Book: Haunting, The)
Erik MacSorley - (Book: Hawk, The)
Earl of Ackerman - (Book: He Said Now)
Erik Muth - (Book: Healing Montana Sky)
Ethan Goodwin - (Book: Heart Deceived, A)
Egan Winthrop - (Book: Heart of Ice)
Egan Winthrop - (Book: Heart of Ice (reissue))
Egan Winthrop - (Book: Heart of Ice (reissue))
Eli Trudeau - (Book: Heart of the Night)
Ellis Lefevre - (Book: Heart On Fire)
Eric Bell - (Book: Heart to Heart)
Earl of Royce - (Book: Heart's Companion, The)
Eric North - (Book: Heart's Desire)
Emory Corbette - (Book: Hearts of Chaos)
Ethan Gould - (Book: Heat Rises)
Edward Deravenel - (Book: Heir, The (reprint))
Elam Rhule - (Book: Heiress Under Fire)
Ethan Tarlington - (Book: Her Baby Secret)
Eric Sepulveda - (Book: Her Christmas Wish)
Ethan Powell - (Book: Her Cowboy's Christmas Wish)
Erik Sigurdson - (Book: Her Faux Fiance)
Eric Nelson - (Book: Her Favorite Holiday Gift)
Edward Cartier - (Book: Her Heart's Treasure)
Erik Sullivan - (Book: Her Holiday Prince Charming)
Ethan Johnson - (Book: Her Montana Christmas)
Ewan Sandeford, Captain - (Book: Her Other Thief)
Earl of Ashforth - (Book: Her Perfect Earl)
Ethan Granger - (Book: Her Surprise Hero)
Ethan Granger - (Book: Her Surprise Hero (Large Print))
Eli Bishop - (Book: Her Valentine Sheriff)
Ethan - (Book: Here Comes the Bride)
Elijah Workman - (Book: Here To Stay)
Ely Berringer - (Book: Hers for the Holidays)
Ethan Stuart - (Book: Hidden Sins)
Ethan Carrick - (Book: High Stakes)
Ethan Carrick - (Book: High Stakes (reissue))
Ewan, Sir - (Book: Highland Bride)
Edward Carsley
Earl of Rothwell
- (Book: Highland Fling)
Ethan Munro, Laird - (Book: Highland Knight)
Eric Murray - (Book: Highland Promise)
Eric Murray - (Book: Highland Promise (mass market reissue))
Eric Murray - (Book: Highland Promise (reissue))
Ewan Cameron - (Book: Highland Rebel)
Ewan Geddes - (Book: Highland Rogue)
Edward Romney
Earl of Linton
- (Book: Highland Sunset)
Earl of Camdonn - (Book: Highland Surrender)
Ewan MacFingal - (Book: Highland Warrior)
Ewan MacFingal - (Book: Highland Warrior (mass market--reissue))
Egan McDonald - (Book: Highlander Ever After)
Edward Beauchamp
Earl of Knowlton
- (Book: Highly Respectable Widow, A)
Esa Saari - (Book: Hip Check)
Elijah Vanaldi - (Book: Hired: The Italian's Convenient Mistress)
Elijah Vanaldi - (Book: Hired: The Italian's Convenient Mistress (UK))
Evan Daugherty - (Book: His Best Friend's Wife)
Erik Rhodes - (Book: His Carnal Need)
Eben Marley - (Book: His Christmas Cara)
Ethan Gray, Lieutenant - (Book: His Desert Rose)
Earl of Severn - (Book: His Lady's Ransom)
Evan Trent - (Book: His Lordship's Swan)
Ewan Sinclair - (Book: His Mistress's Secret)
Eric Ramsey - (Book: His Motherless Little Twins)
Eric Ramsey - (Book: His Motherless Little Twins (UK large print))
Ethan Carvelle - (Book: His Pregnant Mistress)
Eric Sheridan - (Book: His Temporary Live-In Wife)
Egan Macbain - (Book: His Wicked Promise)
Eric Saunders/Daniel Crawford - (Book: His, Hers And Theirs)
Eric - (Book: Hitting The Mark)
Ethan - (Book: Holly)
Ethan Matthews - (Book: Home at Blackberry Hill)
Evan Kincaid - (Book: Home on the Range)
Ethan Grace - (Book: Home To The Doctor)
Elliott Delgado - (Book: Homeland Security)
Eric Dillon - (Book: Honey Moon)
Duke of Somervale
- (Book: Honorable Miss Clarendon, The)
Edmond Lawrence - (Book: Honorable Thief, The)
Ephraim Mast - (Book: Hope of Refuge, The )
Easy Rafferty - (Book: Horseman's Bride, The)
Ethan - (Book: Hot Mail )
Eric Mitchell - (Book: Houseful Of Strangers)
Earl of Clifton - (Book: How I Met My Countess)
Eibhear - (Book: How to Drive a Dragon Crazy)
Earl of MacLaren - (Book: How to Engage an Earl)
Earl of Hawkfield - (Book: How to Seduce a Scoundrel)
Elijah Reynolds - (Book: Hunger So Wild, A)
Ezra Preston - (Book: Hunger's Mate)
Ethan Moore - (Book: Hunted)
Elias - (Book: Hunter's Fall)
Ewen Lamont - (Book: Hunter, The)
Earl of Glenhaven - (Book: Husband for Holly, A)
Evan Luchetti - (Book: Husband Quest, The)
Earl of Ardmay - (Book: I Kissed an Earl)
Edison Stokes - (Book: I Thee Wed)
Edison Stokes - (Book: I Thee Wed (First edition))
Ethan MacCarrick - (Book: If You Deceive)
Ezra King - (Book: If You Hear Her)
Evi Leshnikov - (Book: Illicit Bargain (ebook))
Edward Marlow - (Book: Illicit Love of a Courtesan, The)
Elias Coppersmith - (Book: Illusion Town)
Earl of Ware - (Book: Imperiled Heiress, The)
Elliot Ainslie - (Book: Importance of Being Alice, The)
Earl of Campion - (Book: Improper Alliance, An)
Earl of Treyford - (Book: Improper Aristocrat, An)
Earl of Shields - (Book: Improper Bride, An)
Eric Kimura - (Book: Impulsive)
Ewan McCabe - (Book: In Bed With a Highlander)
Edward Quartermaine - (Book: In Love with a Wicked Man)
Elliot Jay - (Book: In The Banker's Bed)
Ethan Beaumont - (Book: In the Best Man's Bed)
Ethan Beaumont - (Book: In The Best Man's Bed (UK))
Eric Becker - (Book: In the Company of Wolves)
Edward Ellsworth - (Book: In the Flesh)
Erik - (Book: In the Land of White Nights)
Eli Laughlin - (Book: In the Rancher's Arms)
Eduard FitzRandwulf - (Book: In the Shadow of Midnight)
Earl of Wrexham - (Book: Inconvenient Marriage, An)
Ethan Hardesty - (Book: Inconvenient Obsession, An)
Ethan Hardesty - (Book: Inconvenient Obsession, An)
Ethan Hardesty - (Book: Inconvenient Obsession, An (large print))
Earl of Heathmont - (Book: Indigo Moon)
Edward, Marquess of Foye - (Book: Indiscreet)
Earl of Wykeham - (Book: Infamous Fiasco, An)
Ethan Moore - (Book: Infamous Heir, The)
Ewan Davis - (Book: Inner Fire, An)
Ethan Anderson - (Book: Innocent Deception)
Earl of Mayfield - (Book: Innocent Imposter, An)
Ethan Brodie - (Book: Into the Fury)
Eli Chance - (Book: Into The Mist)
Earl of Devlon - (Book: Intrepid Encounter)
Eamon Riordan - (Book: Irish Gypsy)
Ethan Chase - (Book: Iron Traitor, The)
Edward Trevelyan
Earl of Hartleigh
- (Book: Isabella)
Eliot Smith - (Book: Island Rapture)
Ethan Price - (Book: Isn't She Lovely (ebook))
Ethan O'Connor - (Book: It Happened at Christmas)
Eli Ward - (Book: It Happened One Night)
Enrico DiRinaldi - (Book: Italian's Suitable Wife, The)
El Jaguar - (Book: Jade Moon)
Everett Ravenbeck - (Book: Jenna Starborn)
Evan Mitchell - (Book: Jingle Bell Blessings)
Evan Taggart - (Book: Just Friends?)
Ethan Granger - (Book: Just One Look)
Ethan Savage - (Book: Just This Once)
Eral - (Book: Kalina's Discovery)
Edward Kincaid - (Book: Kansas City Christmas)
Elam Sutter - (Book: Katie's Redemption)
Ethan Dunn - (Book: Keeping Faith)
Elijah Hunt - (Book: Kidnapped by the Billionaire)
Edward Roarke - (Book: Kimberlee's Keeper)
Eli Forrester - (Book: Kincaid Bride, The)
Eamon King - (Book: King's Passion)
Earl of Richmond - (Book: King's Women, The)
Ennon - (Book: Kisri (ebook))
Eli Black - (Book: Kiss and Make Up)
Eli Black - (Book: Kiss and Make Up (ebook))
Earl of Ardmore - (Book: Kiss Me Annabel)
Easton McBride - (Book: Kiss Me in Christmas)
Ethan Stone - (Book: Kiss Me Once Again)
Edmond Terrington - (Book: Kiss Me Quick)
Erik Sorensson - (Book: Kiss of Fate)
Elliott Sherman - (Book: Kiss on Castle Road, The)
Edward - (Book: Kissing Cousins)
Edmund Fitz Clare - (Book: Kissing Midnight)
Evan Mackenzie
Earl of Kildonan
- (Book: Kissing the Countess)
Edward Plantagenet, Earl of March - (Book: Knight Errant)
Eric Graham - (Book: Knight Triumphant)
Eric Graham - (Book: Knight Triumphant (reprint))
Edouard de Lanceau - (Book: Knight's Persuasion, A)
Edward White - (Book: Knight, The Waitress and the Toddler, The)
Elliot Haywood - (Book: Lady and the Officer, The)
Earl of Wyndham - (Book: Lady Aurelia's Bequest)
Earl of Magdalen - (Book: Lady Bell)
Edwin Sorrels - (Book: Lady Fair)
Edward Barrons - (Book: Lady in Red)
Elijah Harrison - (Book: Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait)
Etienne Delafont - (Book: Lady May's Folly)
Earl of Sheffield - (Book: Lady of Letters, A)
Earl of Clune - (Book: Lady of Spirit )
Edon Halfdansson
Wolf of Warwick
- (Book: Lady of the Lake)
Edward Plantagenet,
Earl of March
- (Book: Lady Robyn)
Ethan deBeau - (Book: Lady's Secret Weapon, A)
Edward Woodcliff - (Book: Lady's Wager)
Ethan Jenks - (Book: Lake Braxton)
Eddie Haven - (Book: Lakeshore Christmas (Hardcover))
Eddie Haven - (Book: Lakeshore Christmas (paperback))
Eli Jennings - (Book: Lakeview Protector)
Ethan Lambert - (Book: Lambert's Code)
Emmanuel Jones - (Book: Last Dance, The)
Eli McCain - (Book: Last Honest Outlaw, The)
Erik Gunther - (Book: Last White Knight, The (reissue))
Ethan - (Book: Late Bloomer's Baby, The)
Esteban Tremain - (Book: Latin Affair, The)
Ethan Walker - (Book: Law Is No Lady, The)
Eduard - (Book: Legacy of Prator: Cursed)
Earl of Wright - (Book: Legion's Ladies)
Edward Farrineau - (Book: Lessons for a Lady)
Elliot Rothwell - (Book: Lessons of Desire, The)
Eric Sweeney - (Book: Let's Get Crazy)
Evan Paley - (Book: Lethal)
Ethan Talley - (Book: Leveling the Field)
Elijah Brown - (Book: Levitating Las Vegas)
Edward Whittaker
- (Book: Lieutenant's Lady, The)
Elijah Landry - (Book: Life Support)
Ethan Truax - (Book: Light in Shadow)
Edward Greyson - (Book: Light in the Darkness, The)
Ethan Millner - (Book: Light My Fire)
Eric Wagner - (Book: Light of My Heart)
Earl of Brimley - (Book: Light-Fingered Lady, The)
Edward Trimble - (Book: Like a Flower in Bloom)
Evan Drake - (Book: Little Consequence, A)
Evan Rafferty - (Book: Little Cowgirl Needs a Mom)
Evan Rafferty - (Book: Little Cowgirl Needs a Mom (large print))
Evan Chambers - (Book: Little Harmless Obsession, A)
Erik Whitaker - (Book: Little Holiday Temptation, A)
Evan Paley - (Book: Loaded)
Ethan, Sterling - (Book: Lollipop Kings (ebook))
Erik Toleffson - (Book: Long Time Gone)
Eli McKay - (Book: Look to the Heart (Large Print))
Edmund Barry - (Book: Lord Barry's Dream House)
Edmund Debham - (Book: Lord for Olivia)
Earl of Monteith - (Book: Lord Monteith's Gift)
Edward Finlay
Marquess of Bradford
- (Book: Lord Nightingale's Love Song)
Ewan McLean - (Book: Lord of Sin)
Earl of Keswick - (Book: Lord of the Manor)
Erik Winslow - (Book: Lord of the Night)
Erik Reeves - (Book: Lost and Found Husband)
Earl of Kempe - (Book: Lost Love Found)
Ethan Chase - (Book: Lost Prince, The)
Edward Wallis - (Book: Love According to Lily)
Etienne Argeneau - (Book: Love Bites)
Elam Detweiler - (Book: Love Come to Paradise)
Eric Cameron - (Book: Love Not a Rebel)
Eric Sterling - (Book: Love on the Run)
Erik MacGregor - (Book: Love Potions (ebook))
Earl of Edmonton - (Book: Love So Fine, A)
Eli - (Book: Love Struck)
Earl of Frenchmore - (Book: Love Tangle)
Evan Crane - (Book: Love Trap)
Eric Hamilton - (Book: Love Undercover)
Edward Norris
Earl of Pemberton
- (Book: Love's Masquerade (Hardcover))
El Lobo (the Wolf) - (Book: Love, Cherish Me)
Eduardo Cruz - (Book: Love, Honor and Betray, To)
Eduardo Cruz - (Book: Love, Honor and Betray, To (UK))
Edward Wocheck - (Book: Loveknot)
Edward - (Book: Loveplay)
Ethan King - (Book: Loving a Legend)
Ethan Slade - (Book: Loving A Lonesome Cowboy)
Evan Griffin - (Book: Mad Maria's Daughter)
Everett Dulanis - (Book: Maggie's Mistake (Trade))
Emmett Cavanaugh - (Book: Magnate)
Earl of Berkshire - (Book: Magnificent Mirabelle, The)
Ethan Jenner - (Book: Maid of Dishonor)
Eduardo de Souza - (Book: Man Behind the Mask, The)
Eben Chapman - (Book: Man for All Time, A)
Eliott - (Book: Man of Honour)
Eliot Crenshaw - (Book: Man of Honour (reprint))
Evan MacGregor - (Book: Man of the Mist)
Evan Paley - (Book: Man She Thought She Knew)
Eliot Holman - (Book: Man's World)
Erik Riggins - (Book: Man, the Moon and the Marriage Vow, The)
Edmund Bertram - (Book: Mansfield Park (reissue))
Eduard de Marigny - (Book: Marquis and the Mother-To-Be, The)
Ethan - (Book: Marriage Lost and Found)
Earl of Trowbridge - (Book: Marriage Mart, The)
Earl of Gresham - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A)
Eldridge "Mac" Stewart - (Book: Marriage Scheme, The)
Eli Garrett - (Book: Marriage-Minded Man, A)
Ethan McKenzie - (Book: Married Right Away)
Ethan Bradford,
Baron Raymond
- (Book: Marrying Season, The)
Edward Peregrine - (Book: Masked Heiress, The)
Duke of Bereshaven
- (Book: Masquerade of Hearts)
Ewen Cameron - (Book: Master of the Highlands)
Eric Warden - (Book: Mate Claimed)
Evan Maynard - (Book: May Summer Never End)
Eli McKenzie - (Book: McKenzie Artifact, The)
Evan Delwin - (Book: Medium Rare (ebook))
Eli Donovan - (Book: Memory House, The)
Edward de Beaulieu - (Book: Memory of Love, A)
Ebenezer Scott - (Book: Mercenary's Woman)
Ebenezer Scott - (Book: Mercenary's Woman (UK))
Esteban - (Book: Midnight Captive)
Ethan Taylor - (Book: Midnight Hearts (ebook))
Ethan - (Book: Midnight Marked)
Elliott Cruz - (Book: Midnight Promises)
Ethan Hayes - (Book: Midnight Pursuits)
Eduardo Cortes - (Book: Midnight Rider)
Eric Jason Makefield - (Book: Midnight Shadows)
Ethan Curtis - (Book: Millionaire's Calculated Baby Bid, The)
Eshigel - (Book: Mind Your Goddess (ebook))
Ed Cavanaugh - (Book: Miracle in Bellaroo Creek (ebook))
Earl of Maudsley - (Book: Miss Charlotte's Fancy)
Evelyn, Lord Dade - (Book: Miss Dornton's Hero)
Earl of Dudley - (Book: Miss Henderson's Secret)
Ethan Harris - (Book: Miss Menace)
Edwin Hale - (Book: Miss Plympton's Peril)
Edward Beresford
Earl of Camberwell
- (Book: Miss Prestwick's Crusade)
Evan Carter - (Book: Miss Pruitt's Private LIfe)
Evan Beaumont, Sir - (Book: Miss Whiting and the Seven Wards)
East Kirby - (Book: Mission: Irressistible)
Eric Pellegrino - (Book: Missionary Daddy)
Eric Pellegrino - (Book: Missionary Daddy [Large Print])
Eric Twyford - (Book: Mistress)
Earl of Ravenshead - (Book: Mistress of Hanover Square, The (UK edition))
Edmund Worthington - (Book: Mistress of Pleasure)
Earl of Hardcastle - (Book: Mistress of the Night (ebook))
Edwin Hernandez - (Book: Mixed Signals (ebook))
Ethan Hartwell - (Book: Mogul's Maybe Marriage, The)
Eric Sandoval - (Book: Moment In Time, A)
Earl of Granville - (Book: Moment of Madness, A)
Eric Norvald - (Book: Mommy Wish, The)
Evan Forrester - (Book: Mommy's Hero)
Evan Lancaster - (Book: Monday's Child)
Eric Oakes - (Book: Montana Twins)
Evan Marshall - (Book: Montclair Homecoming)
Ethan Gordon - (Book: Mood Indigo)
Eric Larsen - (Book: Moon Over Tokyo)
Erich Lambert - (Book: Moonstoned (reissue))
Emilio Diz - (Book: More Than a Millionaire)
Ethan Stone - (Book: More Than a Touch
Wild Sweet Ecstasy)
Edward Thurlow
Lord Garthdale
- (Book: Most Unsuitable Bride, A)
Evans Kincaid - (Book: Most Wanted Dad)
Evans Kincaid - (Book: Most Wanted Dad (reissue))
Everest Beaumont - (Book: Mountains Captive (ebook))
Erik North - (Book: Moving Target)
Edward - (Book: Mozart's Ghost)
Erich Simmons - (Book: Mr. Miracle (hardcover))
Eli Latham - (Book: Mr. Right Goes Wrong)
Eric Dyson - (Book: Murderous Greed (ebook))
Earl of Chatworth - (Book: Mutual Consent)
Edward Noble, Duke of Salford - (Book: My Darling Duke)
Elliot Armstrong
Marquis of Rannoch
- (Book: My False Heart)
Earl of Penrose - (Book: My Lady Angel)
Earl of Kinnerley - (Book: My Lady Housekeeper)
Earl of Staverton - (Book: My Lady Valiant)
Viscount Stoneleigh
- (Book: My Lady Vixen)
Earl of Leith - (Book: My Lady's Deception)
Eric Jordan - (Book: My Land Is Your Land)
Edmund Fitzhugh - (Book: My Lord Protector)
Edmund Neville
Earl of Wintringham
- (Book: My Lord Winter)
Evan Harper - (Book: My Lover, My Friend)
Eli Austin - (Book: My Only Christmas Wish)
Ethan Winston - (Book: My Own)
Earl of Auden - (Book: Mysterious Heir, The)
Edward Chelworth,
Viscount Bardolph
- (Book: Nabob's Daughter, A)
Edward Chelworth,
Viscount Bardolph
- (Book: Nabob's Daughter, A (UK))
Ethan Blackstone - (Book: Naked)
Eric - (Book: Namesake)
Marquess of Seaton
- (Book: Natural Attachment, A)
Earl of Ramscar - (Book: Naughty By Nature)
Eric Quinn Stanton - (Book: Naughty Or Nice?)
Ethan Graham - (Book: Need You Now)
Erik - (Book: Neither Sand Nor Sea)
Eden Jarrow - (Book: Nell)
Ethan - (Book: Never Let You Go)
Ethan Mirabelli - (Book: Next Best Thing, The)
Ethan Winslowe - (Book: Night of the Phantom)
Ethan - (Book: Night Tides)
Ethan Winslow - (Book: Night Whispers)
Eric Haydon - (Book: No Strings Attached)
Earl of Ransome - (Book: Noble Pursuit, A)
Eirik - (Book: Northwind)
Eli Gallagher - (Book: Not That Kind of Girl)
Ethan Buchanan - (Book: Nothing To Fear)
Earl of Roxbury - (Book: Notorious Lady)
Eden Hurst - (Book: Notorious Mr. Hurst, The)
Edmund Hawkins - (Book: Notorious Scondrel, The)
Erich - (Book: Now and Forever)
Ethan - (Book: Now and Forever (hardcover))
Ed Tremayne - (Book: Nurse Bride, Bayside Wedding (reissue))
Eric Wilson - (Book: On Blue Falls Pond)
Erik Amundsson - (Book: On the Edge)
Eli Houghton - (Book: On the Verge of I Do)
Earl of Ashby - (Book: Once a Rake)
Etan Eldridge - (Book: Once A Rebel)
Ethan Eldridge - (Book: Once A Rebel (reissue))
Ethan Helling - (Book: Once an Heiress)
Eric Taylor - (Book: Once Bitten)
Ethan Thorne - (Book: Once in a Blue Moon (ebook))
Ethan Saunders - (Book: Once Touched)
Eduardo Matthew Tanner Ericson - (Book: Once Upon A Prince)
Erth - (Book: One Bright Star)
Earl of Selkirk - (Book: One Fervent Fire)
Edmund - (Book: One Final Season (reissue))
Emilio Suarez - (Book: One Month With the Magnate)
Edward de Lacey - (Book: One Night in London)
Ed - (Book: One Plus One (hardcover))
Ethan Masters - (Book: One Secret Night)
Ethan Connor - (Book: One to One)
Eli Garner - (Book: One True Secret)
Edward Delamar, Lord - (Book: One Wicked Night)
Ethan Ryder - (Book: One Wicked Sin)
Edward de Worthe
Viscount Hawkesly
- (Book: Only by Your Touch)
Ethan James - (Book: Opposites Attract)
Eric Drake - (Book: Out-Foxxed)
Ethan Hawk - (Book: Outlaw Bride)
Elliot Brand - (Book: Outlaw Bride, The)
Ethan Walsh - (Book: Outlaw in Wonderland, An)
Elliot Marchmont - (Book: Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah)
Eliot Lang - (Book: Outsider)
Eli Tawson - (Book: Pandora's Ring (ebook))
Eli Garrett - (Book: Part Time Cowboy)
Ethan West - (Book: Party of Three)
Everett Culhane - (Book: Passion Flower)
Everett Culhane - (Book: Passion Flower (reissue))
Earl of Shayle - (Book: Passion's Lady)
Ethan Matthews - (Book: Passionate Partners (UK))
Earl of Rathbourne - (Book: Passionate Prude, The)
Eric Bishop - (Book: Paternal Instincts)
Ethan Brand - (Book: Paternity Unknown)
Eli Pierce - (Book: Pathways)
Ellison Quade III - (Book: Patriot, The)
Earl of Hestleton - (Book: Penelope)
Ethan Hamilton
- (Book: Penny Parker's Pregnant)
Earl of Ambourne
- (Book: Perdita)
Edric of Braxton Fell - (Book: Perfect Seduction, The)
Earl of Wyldewood - (Book: Perfect Wife, The)
Earl of Wyldewood - (Book: Perfect Wife, The (reissue))
Earl of Devenham - (Book: Persistent Earl, The)
Ethan Westbrook - (Book: Pickup Lines)
Eric Johnston - (Book: Place to Belong, A)
Eli Yoder - (Book: Plain And Fancy)
Eli Yoder - (Book: Plain and Fancy (reissue))
Eli Miller - (Book: Plain Pursuit)
Elijah Miller - (Book: Plain Secrets)
Elijah Miller - (Book: Plain Secrets (large print))
Ethan Callahan - (Book: Playboy's Own Miss Prim, The)
Edward Craig - (Book: Playing Games)
Eben Walker - (Book: Playing With Fire)
Eli Cooper - (Book: Playing with Fire)
Edward Hadley - (Book: Pleasure of His Company, The)
Eidolon - (Book: Pleasure Unbound)
Marquess of Kingsbridge
- (Book: Poet's Kiss, A)
Ethan Forrest - (Book: Police Chief's Lady, The)
Earl of Wrotham - (Book: Portrait of His Obession (ebook))
Eric Mitchell - (Book: Power Play)
Edmund Davis - (Book: Power Play)
Elijah Thornton - (Book: Preacher's Bride Claim, The)
Eric Santellis - (Book: Price of Redemption, The)
Eli Preston - (Book: Primal Heat)
Eric von Lieberhaven - (Book: Prince of a Guy, A)
Edmund Tudor - (Book: Prince of Hearts)
Elric - (Book: Prince of Seduction (ebook))
Eric Santiago - (Book: Prince's Holiday Baby, The)
Edward Babcock - (Book: Princess and the Frog, The)
Earl of Greystone - (Book: Princess and the Pea, The)
Ed - (Book: Principle of Desire, The (ebook))
Earl of Grayshire - (Book: Privateer, The)
Ethan Marshall - (Book: Privileged and the Damned, The)
Ethan Wolf Track - (Book: Prodigal Cowboy, The)
Earl of Stanmore - (Book: Promise, The)
Edward Merrick - (Book: Promoted: To Wife and Mother)
Edmond Grenville - (Book: Proper Companion, A)
Eli Reynolds - (Book: Proper Wife, The)
Eli Holder - (Book: Pros And Cons)
Eddie Dever - (Book: Protecting her Secrets (ebook))
Eliam Prince - (Book: Protecting the Prince)
Elias Joss - (Book: Provacative Territory)
Ethan Bia - (Book: Pulling the Trigger)
Earl of Brede - (Book: Puritan Wife)
Edward Willoughby
Viscount Trumbell
- (Book: Queen Bee, The)
Egan Caldwell - (Book: Questioning the Heiress)
Emmet Dennison - (Book: Quicksilver Soul)
Earl of Cortland - (Book: Rake's Folly, A)
Enrico Ranieri - (Book: Ranieri Bride, The)
Erik Ingman - (Book: Raspberry Island)
Edward de Raaf
Earl of Swartingham
- (Book: Raven Prince, The)
Eli Blume - (Book: Raven's Hollow)
Evan Dryden - (Book: Ready for Marriage)
Eric Donovan - (Book: Real Men Will)
Eric Matua - (Book: Real Thing, The (ebook))
Ethan Eubanks - (Book: Real Women Don't Wear Size 2)
Earl of Bellemare - (Book: Realm Immortal: Faery Queen (ebook))
Ewan McCleod - (Book: Rebel Who Loved Her, The)
Earl of Ravensford - (Book: Rebel, The)
Earl of Rushmore - (Book: Rebellious Debutante, The)
Earl of Rushmore - (Book: Rebellious Debutante, The (UK))
Eric Reynolds - (Book: Rebound Guy (ebook))
Earl of Compton - (Book: Reckless Heart)
Earl of Bassingstroke - (Book: Reckless Wager, The)
Emmett Jamison - (Book: Reckoning, The)
Erik Falco - (Book: Red Alert)
Earl of Raymore - (Book: Red Rose)
Ethan Red Wolf - (Book: Red Wolf's Return)
Ethan Red Wolf - (Book: Red Wolf's Return (Large Print))
Edmund Merrick - (Book: Redemption, The)
Earl of Westwood
- (Book: Reforming Harriet)
Edward Danton,
- (Book: Regency Star)
Evan Conley - (Book: Relative Interest)
Edward Hatcher, Captain - (Book: Reluctant Groom, The)
Evan Harrison - (Book: Reluctant Outlaw, The)
Edward Earlyon, Baron - (Book: Reluctant Widow, The)
Evan - (Book: Remembered Magic)
Eric Kincaide - (Book: Replacement, The)
Eamonn Murphy - (Book: Rescued: Mother-To-Be)
Eamonn Murphy - (Book: Rescued: Mother-To-Be (UK))
Eli Wolverton - (Book: Return To West Texas)
Evan McCain - (Book: Reunited with the Lassiter Bride)
Eli di Luca - (Book: Revenge at Bella Terra)
Enrico Salvatore - (Book: Rico)
Earl of Taskford - (Book: Ride for the Roses)
Ethan Parnell - (Book: Right Place, Wrong Time)
Evan Daniels - (Book: Right Time, The)
Ethan Quinn - (Book: Rising Tides)
Ethan Quinn - (Book: Rising Tides (reissue))
Ethan Quinn - (Book: Rising Tides (reprint))
Ed Shackleton - (Book: Risk of a Lifetime)
Ethan Quinn - (Book: Risk Taker)
Erotica - (Book: Road to Rapture)
Eric - (Book: Road to Seduction)
Eric Mitchell - (Book: Roads Home, The)
Eric Lander - (Book: Rocky Mountain Fugitive)
Ethan Ames - (Book: Rodeo Sweetheart)
Earl of Bradenstoke - (Book: Rogue's Deception, A)
Earl of Connaught - (Book: Rogue's Wager, A)
Ethan Damont - (Book: Rogue, The)
Evan Saint-Andre Sterling - (Book: Rogue, The)
Edmund Winters - (Book: Romancing Annie)
Eric Marshall - (Book: Room at Heron's Inn)
Earl of Eberhart - (Book: Rosalind)
Eric Johansen - (Book: Rose Kelly)
Earl of Bradford - (Book: Royal Snuff Box, The)
Ethan Frost - (Book: Ruined (ebook))
Eli Weston - (Book: Rule-Breaker, The)
Ethan Bishop - (Book: Run To Me)
Ethan Hunter - (Book: Run to You)
Evan Thompson - (Book: Runaway Wife)
Ethan Alexander - (Book: Ruthless Billionaire's Virgin, The)
Ethan Ryan - (Book: Safe by His Side)
Emilio Santana - (Book: Santana Heir, The)
Edmund - (Book: Sapphire in the Snow)
Ethan Darling - (Book: Satisfaction)
Ethan Crane - (Book: Satisfaction Guaranteed)
Eagle Wolf - (Book: Savage Dawn)
Ethan Travis - (Book: Saving Sarah)
Edmund Townsend - (Book: Say You'll Love Me (ebook))
Earl of Banallt - (Book: Scandal)
Earl of Carleton - (Book: Scandal's Daughter)
Edmond - (Book: Scandalous Deception)
Earl of Bronston - (Book: Scandalous Lady, A)
Evans Mansfield
Earl of Cheverley
- (Book: Scandalous Proposal, A)
Earl of Rotherham - (Book: Scandalous Wager, The)
Earl of Linnet - (Book: Scotsman in Love, A)
Eliot - (Book: Scrambled Eggs at Midnight)
Elias Clark - (Book: Screaming Orgasm (ebook))
Eben MacCallister - (Book: Scrooge Wore Spurs)
Ethan Cole - (Book: Sea Glass Island)
Edmund Ware - (Book: Season for Scandal, A)
Earl of Warwick - (Book: Season of Loving, The)
Evan Pike - (Book: Secret Agenda)
Evan Pike - (Book: Secret Agenda (large print))
Elliot Jones - (Book: Secret Between Them, The)
Edward Ailsbury - (Book: Secret Mistress, The)
Edward Ailsbury - (Book: Secret Mistress, The (mass market reprint))
Eldridge Briarwood - (Book: Secretly In Love)
Evan Graham - (Book: Secrets Between Them, The)
Edward Garrett - (Book: Secrets in Satin)
Ethan Lewis - (Book: Secrets of a Career Girl)
Eric Barnes - (Book: Secrets Of A Good Girl)
Emilio Morretti - (Book: Seduced by Mr. Right)
Emilio Jefferies - (Book: Seduced by the Wealthy Playboy)
Earl of Black - (Book: Seduction & Scandal)
Earl of Norcroft - (Book: Seduction of a Proper Gentleman)
Edward Nash - (Book: Seduction of Deanna, The)
Elliot McBride - (Book: Seduction of Elliot McBride, The)
Edmund MacGregor - (Book: Seduction of Miss Amelia Bell, The)
Enrick - (Book: Seductress of Caralon (ebook))
Eric Baldwyn - (Book: Seeking Asylum)
Efraim Aziz - (Book: Seized By the Sheik)
Edward Ferrars - (Book: Sense and Sensibility (reissue))
Edison - (Book: Separate Dreams)
Ethan Barron - (Book: Serendipity)
Eric Thompson - (Book: Serpent Moon)
Edward Reeve - (Book: Seven Minutes in Heaven)
Earl of Winterton - (Book: Seventh Suitor, The)
Eric Mathias - (Book: Shades and Shadows)
Ethan Reed - (Book: Shades of Truth)
Ethan Reed - (Book: Shades of Truth (large print))
Evan Baxter - (Book: Shadows in the Mirror)
Ethan - (Book: Shadows Strike)
Ethan Hale - (Book: She Can Hide)
Enrique "Rick" Santiago - (Book: Sheriff's Christmas Surprise, The)
Ethan Taggert - (Book: Sheriff's Second Chance, The)
Eros - (Book: Shimmering Splendor)
Ethan Carrington - (Book: Shock Waves)
Ethan Garrison - (Book: Shoulda Been A Cowboy)
Ethan Snow - (Book: Sight Unseen)
Edward Bradley - (Book: Silent Governess, The)
Ethan O'Hara - (Book: Silent Terror, A)
Ethan Bloodwell
- (Book: Silk and Splendor)
Ethan McGuire - (Book: Silken Dreams)
Edge St. Vicent - (Book: Silver Fruit Upon Silver Trees)
Ethoniel, - (Book: Silver's Bane)
Earl of St. Just - (Book: Sing Witch, Sing Death)
Edwin Worthington
Earl of Oakley
- (Book: Singular Lady, A)
Ethan - (Book: Sirensong)
Erick - (Book: Sister Switch, The)
Eben James - (Book: Sizzle)
Edward - (Book: Skin Trade (Hardcover))
Ethan Hamilton - (Book: Sleeping Partner)
Ethan Hamilton - (Book: Sleeping Partner (UK))
Evan Donovan - (Book: Slow Burn)
Eli Payton - (Book: Small-Town Mom)
Eli Payton - (Book: Small-Town Mom (large print))
Eric Valiente - (Book: Snitch)
Edmund Fairfax - (Book: Snow Baby)
Earl Sanders - (Book: Snow In September)
Ethan Parish - (Book: Soldier's Homecoming, A)
Ethan Sullivan - (Book: Some Girls Bite)
Edward Sinclair
Earl of Harrington
- (Book: Some Like It Brazen)
Eric Fleming - (Book: Someone to Hold)
Ethan Gallagher - (Book: Someone to Love)
Erik - (Book: Son of the Sea)
Elias Kline - (Book: Song of the Fireflies)
Evanor - (Book: Song, The)
Enrique de Montoya - (Book: Spaniard's Seduction, The)
Emilio Rios - (Book: Spanish Awakening, A)
Edward - (Book: Spanish Lady, The)
El Leon - (Book: Spanish Serenade)
El Leon - (Book: Spanish Serenade (ebook))
El Leon - (Book: Spanish Serenade (reissue))
Eric Ross - (Book: Spellbinder)
Ellery Lawford
Lord Trent
- (Book: Spirited Romance, A)
Ethan Chambers - (Book: Star of His Heart)
Eric Maxwell - (Book: Stealing the Bachelor)
Eli Steele - (Book: Steele for Christmas, A)
Ethan Daniels - (Book: Still the One)
Emperor Osorkon - (Book: Sting Of The Concubine)
Elliot Winter - (Book: Stolen)
Evan Dark - (Book: Stolen Promise)
Eric - (Book: Stolen Season, A)
Enrico Meliora - (Book: Stone Angel)
Edward Spears - (Book: Straight Shootin' Lady)
Eric Vinland - (Book: Straight through the Heart)
Eric Stewart - (Book: Straight to the Heart)
Edward - (Book: Strange and Ill-Starred Marriage, A)
Eric Berne - (Book: Strange Attractions)
Ethan Knight - (Book: Stranger in Her Bed, The)
Eoin MacLean - (Book: Striker, The)
Eric Reeves - (Book: Stripped Down)
Elliot Fraser - (Book: Stroke of Genius, A)
Ethan Gallagher - (Book: Stroke of Magic, A)
Edwin Barlow - (Book: Study of Seduction, The)
Ethan Tierney - (Book: Submission)
Eli Carter - (Book: Sudden Moves)
Everett Alden - (Book: Suddenly In Love)
Eric Ranger - (Book: Suddenly Sexy)
Everard Ramsey - (Book: Sugar Rose, The)
Eliot Wright - (Book: Sugar Rush)
El Capitán Luiz Quintano - (Book: Sun God)
Ethan - (Book: Sun in Her Eyes, The)
Edgar Raymond - (Book: Surprise Me...)
Edmond Everhart - (Book: Surprise Triplets, The)
Ethan Black - (Book: Surrender to the Past)
Ethan Black - (Book: Surrender to the Past (large print))
Edward Tremaine
- (Book: Sussex Summer)
Edward, Viscount Lyndhurst - (Book: Sweet Cheat, The)
Enrique Aleman - (Book: Sweet Destiny)
Eric Morgan - (Book: Sweet Justice)
Edward, Prince of Wales - (Book: Sweet Passion's Pain)
Etienne Baptiste - (Book: Sweeter Savage Love)
Etienne Baptiste - (Book: Sweeter Savage Love (reprint))
Ethan McMillan - (Book: Sweetest Temptation, The)
Emory Althorpe - (Book: Swept Away)
Edwin Cinder - (Book: Swept Away)
Earl of Radcliff - (Book: Switch, The)
Eric McDougal - (Book: Take Me For A Ride)
Evan - (Book: Taken by a Vampire)
Duke of Coverdale
- (Book: Talk of the Town)
Eros - (Book: Tall, Dark and Divine (ebook))
Edward Clinton - (Book: Tame the Wind)
Ethan Fairchild - (Book: Taming Alex)
Ewan MacEgan - (Book: Taming Her Irish Warrior)
Ewan MacAllister - (Book: Taming the Scotsman)
Ewan Brody - (Book: Tangled Hearts)
Eirik - (Book: Tarnished Lady (mass market))
Erik Thorksson, Lord of Ravenshire - (Book: Tarnished Lady, The)
Earl of Tarrisbroke - (Book: Tarrisbroke Hall)
Esteban Morales - (Book: Taste of Sauvignon, A)
Easton Ambrose - (Book: Tell Me You Crave Me)
Ethan Swift - (Book: Tempest (ebook))
Ethan Matthews - (Book: Temporary Arrangement, A)
Ethan Matthews - (Book: Temporary Arrangement, A (UK))
Ewen Fraser - (Book: Temptation Trap, The)
Elliott - (Book: Tempting Fate (hardcover))
Edward MacKennoch, Major - (Book: Tempting Miss, A)
Earl of Lindley - (Book: Temptress in Training)
Evan Betancourt - (Book: Ten Good Reasons)
Eric Van Meer - (Book: Tender Stranger, The)
Eric Van Meer - (Book: Tender Stranger, The (Hardcover))
Eric Van Meer - (Book: Tender Stranger, The (reissue))
El Cid - (Book: Tender Warrior)
Ethan James - (Book: Texas Hero, A)
Ethan James - (Book: Texas Hero, A (large print))
Evan Paterson - (Book: Texas Thanksgiving, A)
Ethan Rafferty - (Book: That Last Night in Texas)
Eric Collins - (Book: That Other Woman)
Eddie Olczak - (Book: Then Came Heaven)
Eddie Olczak - (Book: Then Came Heaven (First edition))
Erik the Golden - (Book: Thief of Light)
Erik the Golden - (Book: Thief of Light (mass market paperback))
Eric Cameron - (Book: Thin Ice)
Elijah, Duke of Beaumont - (Book: This Duchess of Mine)
Earl of BrocCairn, Akbar - (Book: This Heart of Mine)
Erik Price - (Book: This Way Home)
Ebenezer Squires - (Book: Thousand Roses, A)
Edward Delamar - (Book: Three)
Eli Gray - (Book: Three Times Blessed)
Eric Marshall - (Book: Till September)
Eddie Jessup - (Book: Timber Creek)
Edward Compton - (Book: Time of the Hunter's Moon, The)
Ellis Southard - (Book: Time To Embrace, A)
Edward Hartley - (Book: To Court, Capture and Conquer (ebook))
Edward Cary - (Book: To Seduce a Stranger)
Eric Ford - (Book: To Tempt a Bride)
Ethan Garrett - (Book: To The Brink)
Eagle - (Book: To Touch The Stars)
Edmund White - (Book: To Win a Viscount (ebook))
Esteban Sebastian - (Book: Too Close For Comfort)
Ethan Reever - (Book: Too Hot To Handle)
Evan Bothwick - (Book: Too Sinful to Deny)
Ethan Sinclair
Earl of Chasebourne
- (Book: Too Wicked To Love)
Earl of Eversleigh - (Book: Touch of Blackmail, A)
Earl of Wyndham - (Book: Touch of Forever, A)
Elliot Morton - (Book: Touch To Remember, A)
Eric Fortman - (Book: Touching Stars)
Ethan McCall
Quinn Huntington
- (Book: Trade Secrets (Anthology))
Ethan McCall
Quinn Huntington
- (Book: Trade Secrets (Anthology))
Baron Moreton/Wellespont
- (Book: Traitor's Heir)
Eric Avery - (Book: Treasures of the Heart)
Earl of Trelayne - (Book: Trelayne Inheritance, The)
Ean Fever - (Book: Trinity Falls)
Ethan Brooks - (Book: Trip With the Tycoon, A)
Edwardo Mascherine - (Book: Triumph of the Dawn (UK))
Ethan Rae - (Book: Trophy Wives)
Ethan Hamilton - (Book: Trouble in a Pinstripe Suit)
Ewen Ives - (Book: Trouble With Magic, The)
Earl of Marsfield - (Book: Truth about Cassandra, The)
Ethan Truax - (Book: Truth or Dare)
Erik Lindholm - (Book: Twelve Nights (ebook))
Ethan Sullivan - (Book: Twice Bitten)
Edward - (Book: Twilight)
Eric Marquand - (Book: Twilight Phantasies)
Ethan Donovan - (Book: Twisted (ebook))
Ellis Clayton - (Book: Unclaimed Bride)
Eric Stewart - (Book: Uncommon Intrigue, An)
Edoardo Silveri - (Book: Uncovering the Silveri Secret)
Edoardo Silveri - (Book: Uncovering the Silveri Secret)
Edoardo Silveri - (Book: Uncovering the Silveri Secret (large print))
Eric Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Unappreciated)
Eric Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Undermined (paperback))
Eric Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Undermined HARDCOVER)
Eric Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Unemployed)
Eric - (Book: Undead and Unpopular (reissue))
Eric Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Unwed)
Ethan - (Book: Undead Much)
Eric Caldwell - (Book: Undercover Avenger)
Eli Conners - (Book: Unexpected (reprint))
Earl of Darleston - (Book: Unexpected Bride, The)
Eryx Shantos - (Book: Unexpected Eden)
Eric Pennington - (Book: Unexpected Husband, An)
Ethan Temple - (Book: Unforgettable)
Eric Rivers, Sheriff - (Book: Unknown Daughter, The)
Etienne Hauke, Colonel - (Book: Unknown Wife, The)
Earl of Penhurst
- (Book: Unlikely Attraction, An)
Ethan - (Book: Unlikely Father, An)
Evan Mackay - (Book: Unlikely Union, An)
Erik - (Book: Unmasqued: An Erotic Novel of The Phantom of The Opera )
Edward Talbot - (Book: Unpredictable Bride, An (UK))
Evan - (Book: Unspoken Years, The)
Evan Loehr - (Book: Until There Was You (ebook))
Earl of Beckford - (Book: Unwilling Heart)
Evan Stone - (Book: Up Close and Personal)
Evan Hunter - (Book: Urban Sensation)
Eric Wilder - (Book: Veil of Night (Hardcover))
Eric Wilder - (Book: Veil of Night (paperback))
Einar Thorhallsson - (Book: Veil, The)
Eric Jones - (Book: Verdict of Love, A)
Ethan Hunter - (Book: Very Special Delivery, A)
Edward Barraclough - (Book: Very Unusual Governess, A)
Eric Shipwright - (Book: Viking's Bride, The)
Earl Wulfrum - (Book: Viking's Defiant Bride, The)
Eirik the Fierce - (Book: Viking's Vow, A (ebook))
Eric - (Book: Viking's Woman, The)
Eric - (Book: Viking's Woman, The (reissue))
Einar - (Book: Viking, The)
Edward Latimer, Viscount Templeton - (Book: Viscount's Secret, The)
Evan Parker - (Book: Wagonload of Trouble, A)
Ethan Tanner - (Book: Wanna Get to Know Ya)
Evan Black - (Book: Wanted)
Eli McKutcben - (Book: Wanton Angel)
Euan Donald - (Book: Warlord)
Emryss DeLanyea - (Book: Warrior's Heart, A)
Ethan Blacklock - (Book: Wealth Beyond Riches)
Erik Clay - (Book: Weaver Vow, A)
Earl of Bromwell - (Book: Wedding Challenge, The)
Ewan Hales - (Book: Wedding Matilda)
Eli McCain - (Book: Wedding Survivor)
Ethan Black - (Book: Weddings Do Come True)
Evan David - (Book: Welcome To The Real World)
Ethan Trent - (Book: West of Heaven)
Earl of Sinclair - (Book: What An Earl Wants)
Evan Gann - (Book: What She Really Wants for Christmas)
Earl Hugh Dulonget of Hillcrest - (Book: What She Wants)
Eddie King - (Book: What's a Man Gotta Do)
Elliot - (Book: When a Man Loves a Woman)
Erik Randolph - (Book: When Jayne Met Erik)
Evan - (Book: When Love Is True)
Edouard Forster - (Book: When Lovers Meet)
Evan Hart - (Book: When Staci Takes Charge (ebook))
Ethan Banks - (Book: When The Lights Go Down)
Edward, Lord Rawlings - (Book: Where Roses Grow Wild)
Edward Moody - (Book: Where The River Flows)
Erik Johansen - (Book: Whip Appeal (reprint))
Eulis Potter - (Book: Whippoorwill)
Eli Landon - (Book: Whiskey Beach (hardcover))
Ethan Ramsey - (Book: Whisper of Wanting, A)
Earl of Wythe - (Book: Whispers In the Dark (ebook))
Elliott - (Book: White Night, The (reissue))
Edward Plantagenet, Earl of March - (Book: White Rose)
Elliot Owen - (Book: Who's That Girl?)
Earl of Carlyle - (Book: Wicked)
Eric Sticks - (Book: Wicked Beat)
Earl of Somerville - (Book: Wicked Corinthian, The)
Earl of Somerville - (Book: Wicked Corinthian, The (UK))
Edge - (Book: Wicked Edge)
Eric McNair - (Book: Wicked Nights)
Earl of Harford - (Book: Wicked Proposal, The)
Enrique - (Book: Wicked Whispers)
Elijah Williams - (Book: Widow's Salvation, A (ebook))
Ethan Beaudry - (Book: Widowed Bride, The)
Ethan Kemp - (Book: Wife By Agreement)
Eric Dalton - (Book: Wife Wanted)
Elijah Lospostos - (Book: Wild Cat)
Echohawk - (Book: Wild Ecstasy)
El Leon - (Book: Wild Heart)
Edward MacCleary - (Book: Wild Highland Rose)
Ewan Cameron - (Book: Wild Highland Rose)
Evan Lupo - (Book: Wild Knights (ebook))
Ethan Stone - (Book: Wild Sweet Ecstasy)
Ethan Sullivan - (Book: Wild Things)
Ewan Collins - (Book: Wild Times)
Evan Price - (Book: Wildflowers from Winter)
Earl of Colchester - (Book: Willful Widow, A)
Even Newcome - (Book: Windswept )
Evan Newcome - (Book: Windswept)
Eric Conners - (Book: Wings of the Dawn)
E. J. Sommers - (Book: Winning Sara's Heart)
Ethan Caine - (Book: Winter Fire)
Earl of Northford - (Book: Winter Picnic, The)
Eli Roberts - (Book: Wish Me Tomorrow (ebook))
Ethan Mallory - (Book: With Private Eyes)
Eddie - (Book: Within the Flames)
Ethan Gray - (Book: Wolf's Temptation)
Eric Wolfe - (Book: Wolfe Watching)
Eyvind - (Book: Wolfskin)
Edward Archer - (Book: Woman Accused, A)
Eli Detweiler - (Book: Wonder of Your Love, The)
Eric Daniels - (Book: Words of Endearment)
Earl of Landsdown
- (Book: Words of Love)
Earl of Dalmar - (Book: Worldly Widow, The)
Ely - (Book: Worth Waiting For)
Emmett Holt - (Book: Would-Be Christmas Wedding)
Elan - (Book: Yesterday's Tomorrows)
Edward Chevening, Sir - (Book: Young Lady of Fashion, A)
Earl of Danville - (Book: Your Obedient Servant)
Emilio Sanchez - (Book: Yours in Black Lace (UK))
Ethan Hansen - (Book: Yours to Keep (ebook))


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