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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with F

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Finlay Mackenzie - (Book: Abducted Heiress)
Freddie Lattimore
Earl of Moncrief
- (Book: Above All Others)
Forrest Mainwaring
Viscount Mayne
- (Book: Affair of Interest, An)
Ford Langley - (Book: Affair With the Rebel Heiress)
Fergus Kelly - (Book: After Ever After)
Flint Armstrong - (Book: After the Dark)
Felipe Rodriguez - (Book: All of Me)
Flynn Randall - (Book: All They Need)
Flynn Randall - (Book: All They Need (large print))
Fraser McConnel - (Book: Amanda's Wedding)
Francis, Baron Kenmore - (Book: Amicable Arrangement, An)
Fox MacPhearson - (Book: Angel in my Arms)
Falke de Chretian - (Book: Angel of the Knight)
Francis, Sir - (Book: Ardent Apparitions (Hardcover))
Franky - (Book: At the Crossroads)
Finn Fitzgerald - (Book: At the Playboy's Pleasure)
Fortune O'Brien - (Book: Atlanta)
Faelen - (Book: Awaken the Highland Warrior)
Flynn - (Book: Awakening, The)
Finn O’Casey - (Book: Awakening, The)
Franco Leoni - (Book: Baby Scandal, The)
Ford McCabe - (Book: Baby Surprise, The)
Ford McCabe - (Book: Baby Surprise, The (UK))
Ford Maguire
- (Book: Bachelor Party, The)
Finn McLeod - (Book: Ballerina Bride, The)
Finn McLeod - (Book: Ballerina Bride, The (large print))
Finn Taggart - (Book: Bandit's Betrayed Heart, A (ebook))
Flynn - (Book: Beautiful Disaster)
Ford Deveraux - (Book: Beauty and the Badge)
Frederick Smith - (Book: Bedding the Baron)
Felix Valasay - (Book: Believe In Me)
Father Todd Jensen - (Book: Beloved)
Firewalker - (Book: Beloved Intruder)
Frayne - (Book: Beloved Paradise)
Finn Dalton - (Book: Black Sheep and the English Rose, The)
Finn Reilly - (Book: Blind Luck Bride)
Finn McBride - (Book: Blind-Date Proposal, The)
Fane - (Book: Blood Assassin)
Finbar Burke - (Book: Blood Magick)
Fulk de Jobourgh - (Book: Blood Red Roses)
Fausto Silvius - (Book: Bloody Good Cruise, A)
Finn Duhon - (Book: Body of Evidence)
Flint McCormick - (Book: Bold Montana Bride)
Fingal Stewart - (Book: Border Vixen, The)
Fingal Stewart - (Book: Border Vixen, The (reprint))
Flint McCallister - (Book: Boss Man from Ogallala)
Fletcher Bravo - (Book: Bravo Family Way, The)
Flint Harris - (Book: Bride For Dry Creek, A)
Finn Kinnard - (Book: Bride for the Maverick Millionaire, A)
Finn Kinnard - (Book: Bride for the Maverick Millionaire, A (large print))
Felix Salm-Salm - (Book: Bride of Fortune)
Finn Dunne - (Book: Bride of the Night)
Frank Reardon
FBI agent
- (Book: Broken in Two)
Fletcher Holt - (Book: By Your Side)
Ford Hamilton - (Book: Calamity Janes, The)
Fisher Kincaid - (Book: Call Me Wild)
Frank Ingram, Captain - (Book: Captain's Inheritance, The)
Falkon - (Book: Captive, The)
Flare - (Book: Caress of Flame)
Forbes Guidry - (Book: Case for Love, A)
Ferdinand - (Book: Castile For Isabella)
Finn McLeod - (Book: Cattle Baron's Virgin Wife, The)
Finn McLeod - (Book: Cattle Baron's Virgin Wife, The (UK))
Frank McIntyre - (Book: Cavanaugh Pride)
Flynn Sangrey Challoner - (Book: Challoner Bride, The)
Flynn Moreau - (Book: Christmas at His Command)
Finn Gordon - (Book: City-Girl Bride, The)
Finn Gordon - (Book: City-Girl Bride, The (UK))
Francesco Romanelli - (Book: Claiming His Pregnant Wife)
Finn Carson - (Book: Colorado Courtship)
Flynn O'Connor - (Book: Compromised Security)
Francoise Claire - (Book: Confetti Bed, The)
Franklyn Bryant - (Book: Constant Craving)
Freddy Standen - (Book: Cotillion)
Freddy Standen - (Book: Cotillion (new edition))
Francis Sutton - (Book: Counterfeit Betrothal, A)
Ferro Calvaresi - (Book: Couple Who Fooled the World, The)
Ferro Calvaresi - (Book: Couple Who Fooled the World, The (large print))
Fraser Montrose - (Book: Courageous Bride)
Frank Parker - (Book: Courting Disaster)
Earl of Beaconswood
- (Book: Courting Julia)
Forbes Huntington - (Book: Cover Model (ebook))
Faron Whitelaw - (Book: Cowboy and the Princess, The)
Finn O'Donnell - (Book: Cowboy Boots for Christmas (Cowboy Not Included))
Fletcher Kingsley - (Book: Cowboy's Convenient Bride, The)
Flint Mauro - (Book: Crossfire)
Flint Mauro - (Book: Crossfire (reissue))
Frank Watson - (Book: Cruel Deception, A)
Fire Whip - (Book: Crystal Flame)
Fire Whip - (Book: Crystal Flame (reissue))
Frayne - (Book: Crystal Paradise)
Frederick Hawkesworth
- (Book: Cupid's Choice)
Fane Linford - (Book: Dance of Desire)
Frederick Sullivan - (Book: Dancing With Clara)
Fox Grandquest, Earl Grandquest - (Book: Dangerous to Love)
Fox Grandquest - (Book: Dangerous to Love (ebook))
Finn Carver - (Book: Dangerous Waters)
Fitzwilliam Darcy - (Book: Darcy's Story (Trade))
FitzRoger of Cleeves - (Book: Dark Champion)
FitzRoger of Cleeve - (Book: Dark Champion (reissue))
Ferdinand Lafitte - (Book: Dark Confessions (ebook))
Fenris Dalka - (Book: Dark Lycan (hardcover))
Fenris Dalka - (Book: Dark Lycan (paperback))
Frazer Holt - (Book: Darkness of the Heart)
Ferdinand - (Book: Daughters Of Spain)
Ford Lancaster - (Book: Day Of Reckoning)
Ford Jensen - (Book: Deadly Vows)
Fitzwilliam Darcy - (Book: Dear Mr. Darcy)
Frenzy - (Book: Death's Redemption)
Fox Tremayne - (Book: Deception)
Farooq Aal Masood - (Book: Desert Lord's Baby, The)
Faress Aal Rasheed - (Book: Desert Prince, Expectant Mother (UK))
Felix, Lord Pendlebury - (Book: Desirable Husband, A)
Flint Rutledge - (Book: Desired)
Francis - (Book: Destiny's Pawn)
Francis Russell - (Book: Destitute on His Doorstep)
Fitzgerald, Lord Castleberry - (Book: Determined Lady, A)
Finn Payne - (Book: Devil Without a Cause)
Fletcher Belden - (Book: Difficult Disguise, A)
Finn - (Book: Dirty Rowdy Thing)
Franklin Swift - (Book: Disappearing Acts)
Finn Calder - (Book: Don't Let Go (ebook))
Francis Milne
Viscount Knollton
- (Book: Doubting Lady, A)
Fearghus the Destroyer - (Book: Dragon Actually)
Fearghus the Destroyer - (Book: Dragon Actually (reprint))
Flynn Warren - (Book: Dream Again of Love)
Frank Chambers - (Book: Dream Mender)
Frank Chambers - (Book: Dream Mender (reissue))
Flynn Brogan - (Book: Dreamweaver Trail)
Felix, Viscount Western - (Book: Duty's Destiny)
Ford - (Book: Edge, The)
Ford Richardson - (Book: Election Connection, The)
Flynn Kelsey - (Book: Emergency at Bayside (UK))
Frayne - (Book: Enchanted Paradise)
Fade - (Book: Enclave (Hardcover))
Felix Varilensky - (Book: End of Sorrow, The)
Forest Redder - (Book: Everything You Need to Know)
Finn Kennedy - (Book: Evie's Bombshell)
Flynn Maddox - (Book: Executive's Pregnancy Ultimatum)
Flynt Birket - (Book: Exquisite Deception, An)
Flynn MacIntire - (Book: Fabulous Husband, A)
Felix Varlden - (Book: Fakin' It)
Falco Orsini - (Book: Falco: Dark Guardian)
Falcon de Burgh - (Book: Falcon and the Flower, The)
Falcon de Burgh - (Book: Falcon and the Flower, The (reissue))
Falcon Moon - (Book: Falcon Moon)
Flint Falcon - (Book: Falcon's Fight)
Falcon - (Book: Falcon's Lady)
Finn Shaw - (Book: Falling for Finn (ebook))
Finn Hawkins - (Book: Family Plan, The)
Frank Robertson - (Book: Family Stories)
Flynn Mallory - (Book: Family Ties)
Francis Kneller - (Book: Famous Heroine, The)
Flame - (Book: Fantasy Knights (ebook))
Franco Farelli - (Book: Farelli's Wife)
Fenno van Linssen - (Book: Fate Takes a Hand)
Fenno van Linssen - (Book: Fate Takes a Hand (reissue))
Fenno van Linssen - (Book: Fate Takes a Hand (reissue))
Fenno van Linssen - (Book: Fate Takes a Hand (UK))
Fenno van Linssen - (Book: Fate Takes a Hand (UK-reissue))
Finn MacCool - (Book: Finn Mac Cool)
Finn Mundy - (Book: Finnegan's Hideaway)
Fire Cloud - (Book: Fire Cloud)
Fire Dancer - (Book: Fire Dancer)
Fireheart - (Book: Fireheart)
Frankie Lynde - (Book: First Cut, The)
Fabrizio (Fab) Tomba - (Book: First Kiss)
Flaming Arrow - (Book: Flaming Arrow)
Flaming Arrow - (Book: Flaming Arrow (reissue))
Fletcher Hawk - (Book: Fletcher's Woman)
Flint - (Book: Flint)
Flint MacKenzie - (Book: Flint)
Finn - (Book: Flirting in Traffic)
Flynn Rawlings - (Book: Flynn)
Francis Haile
Lord Middlethorpe
- (Book: Forbidden)
Fallon Macleod - (Book: Forbidden Highlander)
Flynn Ito - (Book: Force of Nature)
Flynn Ito - (Book: Force of Nature (reprint))
Freyn Devereux - (Book: Forest Fever)
Falcon - (Book: Forever Beloved)
Finn Sorensen - (Book: Forgotten Marriage)
Flint Fortune - (Book: Fortune Found)
Frisco Joe Jefferson - (Book: Friscoe Joe's Fiancee)
Frank Hawksley
Baron Chester
- (Book: Frivolous Pretence)
Finn Simonson - (Book: Games of Chance)
Fitz - (Book: Gentleman Always Remembers, A)
Flynn Granger - (Book: Getting Down to Business (UK))
Fenn Lockwood - (Book: Gilded Cage, The)
Ford McKay - (Book: Going Overboard)
Fox Mullins - (Book: Going Under (ebook))
Fraser Mackinnon - (Book: Golden Destiny)
Frank Sawtelle - (Book: Golden Dreams)
Falcon Delaney - (Book: Golden Flames)
Flynn Granger - (Book: Gone With the Nerd)
Felix Gisbourne - (Book: Good Girl or Gold-Digger?)
Felix Gisbourne - (Book: Good Girl or Gold-Digger? (UK))
Frederick Lisle - (Book: Good Rake is Hard to Find, A)
fritz Monckton, Duke of Groveland - (Book: Gorgeous As Sin)
Falin Andrews - (Book: Grave Witch)
Flint Cottrell - (Book: Green Fire)
Ferdinand Andrews - (Book: Harriet's Beau)
Frederick Musgrave - (Book: Harrogate Secret, The )
Faron Whitelaw/Garth Whitelaw - (Book: Hawk's Way: Faron & Garth)
Finn Evnissyen - (Book: Heart of the Demon)
Fire Marshall, Cort Gamble - (Book: Heat Of The Moment)
Frank Dowd - (Book: Heavenly Detour)
Flynn Jamieson - (Book: Her Mistletoe Wish)
Farley Haynes - (Book: Here And Then)
Francis Longford - (Book: Heritage of Love)
Francis Longford - (Book: Heritage of Love (UK))
Finn McEwan - (Book: High Altitude Doctor)
Finn Gallagher - (Book: High Price of Secrets, The)
Franco - (Book: High-Society Wife, The)
Falkner Harrington - (Book: His Bid For A Bride)
Falkner Harrington - (Book: His Bid For a Bride (UK))
Falcon Chacon Callahan - (Book: His Callahan Bride's Baby)
Free Mitchell - (Book: His Dream Role (ebook))
Fergus Melrose, Sir - (Book: His Duty, Her Destiny)
Ford Sherman - (Book: His Holiday Bride)
Viscount Roworth of Kent
- (Book: His Lordship's Reward)
Flynn - (Book: His Runaway Nurse (UK))
Finnan MacAllister - (Book: His Wicked Highland Ways)
Fox O'Dell - (Book: Hollow, The)
Friedrick Wagner - (Book: Hope at Dawn)
Fade - (Book: Horde)
Fletcher Whitmore - (Book: Hot Texas Nights)
Finn MacBain - (Book: Hotshot (hardcover))
Finn MacBain - (Book: Hotshot (paperback))
Fabrizio Balocchi - (Book: House of Decadence)
Francis Riley - (Book: How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back)
Franklin Reed - (Book: How to Kill Your Boss (ebook))
Falcon Cherrywood - (Book: How to Seduce an Angel in 10 Days)
Finn Bradley - (Book: Hush (hardcover))
Ferruccio Selvaggio - (Book: Illegitimate King, The)
Finn - (Book: Illuminator, The)
Finn - (Book: Illusions of Fate)
Farran - (Book: Iloria (ebook))
Fin Kahill - (Book: Immortal)
Flynn Patrick - (Book: Impostor, The )
Flint Durham - (Book: In Roared Flint)
Fallon Jones - (Book: In Too Deep (hardcover))
Fallon Jones - (Book: In Too Deep (paperback))
Frank Knight - (Book: In Walks Trouble)
Fabian Framling - (Book: India Fan, The)
Frank Donovan - (Book: Into the Mist)
Finian O'Melaghlin - (Book: Irish Warrior, The)
Ford Landell - (Book: Irresistible Flirtation, An (UK))
Flynn Fillane - (Book: Island of the Heart)
Flint - (Book: It Sleeps In Me)
Fernando Cuevas - (Book: Japanese Screen, The)
Foley - (Book: Jeweled Fire)
Flynn Quartermaine - (Book: Jilted)
Frank James Outlaw - (Book: Judge, The)
Finn Rafferty - (Book: Just Desserts)
Flynn Rawley - (Book: Just Good Friends)
Forde Masterson - (Book: Just One Last Night)
Flame - (Book: Keeper of the Flame)
Falon Vanyer - (Book: Keeper of the Heart)
Falon Vanyer - (Book: Keeper of the Heart (ebook))
Frank Latimer - (Book: Keeping Baby Secret)
Fane Mercier - (Book: Keziah's Reading)
Fagan Murray - (Book: Kilts and Daggers)
Fergus Cameron - (Book: Kind of Magic, A)
Fergus Cameron - (Book: Kind of Magic, A (reissue))
Fergus Cameron - (Book: Kind of Magic, A (reissue))
Fergus Cameron - (Book: Kind of Magic, A (UK))
Fergus Cameron - (Book: Kind of Magic, A (UK-Hardcover))
Fergus Cameron - (Book: Kind of Magic, A (UK-reissue))
Francis Drake
Evan Carew
- (Book: Kingdom of Gold)
Ford - (Book: Kiss of a Traitor)
Finn - (Book: Knave's Honor, A)
Francisco de Vega - (Book: Knight in Black Velvet)
Falcon - (Book: Knight's Honor, A)
Fox, Lord - (Book: Lady Claire is All That)
Faulkner - (Book: Lady Forfeits, The)
Fen - (Book: Law Of The Circle )
Ford McCall - (Book: Lawman's Perfect Surrender)
Flynn O'Rourke - (Book: Lawman's Vow, The)
Fraser Graham - (Book: Let Me Be Your Hero)
Frank Delaney - (Book: Lethal Lawman)
Frederick Ashfield - (Book: Logical Lady, A)
Finn Gallagher - (Book: London Deception)
Farrway Quill - (Book: Lonesome River)
Francis, Lord Buckingham - (Book: Lord Buckingham's Bride)
Forest, Earl of Dearborn - (Book: Lord Dearborn's Destiny)
Flavian Monroe - (Book: Lord Monroe's Dark Tower)
Fulke FitzWarin - (Book: Lords of the White Castle)
Frederick Moberly - (Book: Love Thine Enemy)
Fox - (Book: Love Untamed, A)
Earl of Bothwell
- (Book: Love Wild and Fair)
FBI Agent, John Miller - (Book: Love With the Proper Stranger)
Fernando Ramsey - (Book: Lover's Mask, A)
Fernando de Zayas - (Book: Loving Lies)
FitzWilliam Darcy - (Book: Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley)
Felix Rivendale - (Book: Luckiest Lady in London, The)
Finn O'Donnell - (Book: Lured In (ebook))
Earl of Worth
- (Book: Madcap Scheme, A)
Francis Hartwell - (Book: Maid of Honour, The (UK))
Fitz Kelleran - (Book: Make-Believe Cowboy)
Franco Tolle - (Book: Man Who Risked It All, The)
Ford - (Book: Mariah)
Ford Barrett - (Book: Married: The Virgin Widow)
Flynn McGranger - (Book: Marry-Me Christmas)
Frederick (Erick) of Biston - (Book: Masquerade of the Cursed King)
Forrest Traub - (Book: Maverick for the Holidays, A)
Finn McLain - (Book: Maximum Exposure)
Frankie Hale - (Book: Meant for Each Other)
Francesco Mastroianni - (Book: Mediterranean Billionaire's Secret Baby, The)
Francesco Mastroianni - (Book: Mediterranean Billionaire's Secret Baby, The (Large Print))
Finn - (Book: Melt Me (ebook))
Felix Harrowgate - (Book: Melusine)
Faith Donovan - (Book: Midnight in Ruby Bayou)
Francesco Rinucci - (Book: Millionaire Tycoon's English Rose, The)
Francesco Rinucci - (Book: Millionaire Tycoon's English Rose, The (Large Print))
Franco Constantine - (Book: Millionaire's Indecent Proposal, The)
Flynn Oliver - (Book: Miss Fortune)
Fincham - (Book: Miss in a Man's World)
Frederick Leverton - (Book: Miss Redmond's Folly)
Finn - (Book: Mommy Makeover, The)
Ford Anthony Ruder - (Book: Moonrise)
Fletcher Danforth - (Book: Moonshadow)
Finn Rorkken - (Book: Moonstruck)
Father Clancy Donovan - (Book: Mortal Sin)
Fitzroger - (Book: Most Unsuitable Man, A)
Frank Harrigan - (Book: Mother on the Wing)
Fitzwilliam Darcy - (Book: Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One)
Fletcher Winn - (Book: Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand)
Fletcher MacAllister - (Book: Murder Among Friends, A)
Frank Malloy - (Book: Murder on Astor Place)
Frank Malloy - (Book: Murder on Gramercy Park)
Frank Molloy - (Book: Murder on Lenox Hill)
Frank Malone - (Book: Murder on Marble Row)
Frank Malloy - (Book: Murder on Mulberry Bend)
Frank Malloy - (Book: Murder on St. Mark's Place)
Frank Malloy - (Book: Murder on Washington Square)
Finn Jacobson - (Book: Must Love Mistletoe)
Fei Long - (Book: My Fair Concubine)
Falk de Arques - (Book: My Lady English)
Forest Kingdon - (Book: Mystery Child)
Finn Guthrie - (Book: Neck and Neck)
Francis - (Book: Nell)
Fred Breen - (Book: Night Belongs to Fireman, The)
Frederic North Nightingale
Viscount Chilton
- (Book: Nightingale Legacy, The)
Fred - (Book: No Christmas Like the Present)
Ferdinand Dudley - (Book: No Man's Mistress)
Frank Ballinger - (Book: North Atlantic Nights)
Finley Craig - (Book: Not Quite a Scot)
Foster - (Book: Not Until You Beg (ebook))
Foster - (Book: Not Until You Believe (ebook))
Foster - (Book: Not Until You Love (ebook))
Foster - (Book: Not Until You Surrender (ebook))
Foster - (Book: Not Until You Trust (ebook))
Friso Eijsinck - (Book: Nurse Harriet Goes to Holland)
Ford Sinclair - (Book: On Sunset Beach)
Finn McKenna - (Book: One Day to Find a Husband)
Finn McKenna - (Book: One Day to Find a Husband (large print))
Flynn Benning - (Book: One Major Distraction)
Frafe Murphy - (Book: One Of A Kind Marriage)
Fletcher Bronson - (Book: One Touch of Topaz)
Flynn - (Book: One-Night Love Child)
Flavian - (Book: Only Enchanting )
Finn Anderssen - (Book: Only Mine)
Frank Bradford - (Book: Only St. Nick Knew)
Fulke FitzWarin - (Book: Outlaw Knight, The)
Fade - (Book: Outpost)
Finn McConnel - (Book: Paramedic's Secret, The)
Felix Mitchell - (Book: Peeping Tom)
Faulk Brookstone - (Book: Perfect Love, A)
Flynn Morgan - (Book: Perfect Solution, The)
Flynn Morgan - (Book: Perfect Solution, The (reissue))
Frederick Wentworth, Captain R.N. - (Book: Persuasion (reissue))
Forbes McCullough - (Book: Piper's Tune, The)
Flint McKade - (Book: Platinum Cowboy)
Finn Macalister - (Book: Player's Club: Finn, The)
Ford Decker - (Book: Playing Dirty)
Finn Castro - (Book: Playing Fast)
Franco Rivera - (Book: Port of Paradise)
Faran Kenyon - (Book: Possessed by a Wolf)
Flynn O'Grady - (Book: Pregnancy and a Proposal, A)
Flynn Sinclair - (Book: Pregnant Heiress, The )
Ford Carrington - (Book: Prescription: Baby)
Freddie Dewhurst, Lord - (Book: Pride in Petticoats)
Finn Danelaw - (Book: Prince and Future...Dad?)
Finn Riley - (Book: Private Scandals)
Flannon Sullivan - (Book: Promises (Hardcover))
Fletcher Irons - (Book: Promises of Honor)
Faith Bronson - (Book: Prospect Street)
Felix Ibarra - (Book: Protecting his Heart)
Earl of Latimer
- (Book: Pursuing Priscilla)
Finn Bishop - (Book: Queen of the Universe)
Ford Darrow - (Book: Queen's Quadrille, The)
Francis Burnham
Viscount Finchwood
- (Book: Rakish Spy, A)
Fall MacDairmid - (Book: Rapture's Splendor)
Finn O'Connor - (Book: Rebel, The)
Fin Hensen - (Book: Red Bikini, The)
Finn Marshall - (Book: Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet)
Frederick Carrington, Sir - (Book: Reformed Rake, A)
Fane Westby
Baron Galbreth
- (Book: Reluctant Lord, The)
Fin McGraw - (Book: Remembrance)
Finn Donovan - (Book: Renegade and the Heiress, The)
Fergus Reynard - (Book: Rescue At Cradle Lake)
Fox - (Book: Reunion)
Falcon Randle - (Book: Revelry Manor)
Flynn Barlow - (Book: Riding High)
Francis Storbridge - (Book: Rightfully His)
Fraam der Linssen - (Book: Ring in a Teacup)
Fraam der Linssen - (Book: Ring in a Teacup (reissue))
Fraam der Linssen - (Book: Ring in a Teacup (UK))
Fraam der Linssen - (Book: Ring in a Teacup (UK-reissue))
Finn Callahan - (Book: River Road)
Foley Sanders - (Book: Roadside Assistance)
Foxworth Morgan - (Book: Rogue and the Heather, The)
Faolan MacIntyre - (Book: Rogue on the Rollaway (ebook))
Finn O'Roarke - (Book: Rolling Like Thunder)
Fulk van Hensum - (Book: Roses for Christmas)
Fulk van Hensum - (Book: Roses For Christmas (reissue))
Fulk van Hensum - (Book: Roses for Christmas (UK))
Fulk van Hensum - (Book: Roses for Christmas (UK-Large Print))
Fulk van Hensum - (Book: Roses for Christmas (UK-reissue))
Faversham - (Book: Roses, Airs and Graces)
Francisco Duarte das Santas Aguas - (Book: Royally Claimed)
Flynn Cassidy - (Book: Rules of Contact)
Finn Kavanagh - (Book: Running Wild)
Fari Tul'Mar - (Book: Sailkeeper's Bride, The)
Ford Maddox - (Book: Sandpiper Island)
Finn - (Book: Sapphique)
Ferdinand von Berg, Count - (Book: Sapphire Magic)
Falcon Hawk - (Book: Savage Embers)
Fire Thunder - (Book: Savage Glory)
Finn Callahan - (Book: Saved by the Bride (ebook))
Fitzhugh Denholm, Honorable - (Book: Scandal Broth)
Frederick Moresby, Sir - (Book: Scarlet Spinster, The)
Frank Renaldi - (Book: Scent of a Killer)
Finn Emerson - (Book: SEAL in Wolf's Clothing, A)
Flint McAllister - (Book: Searching for Santa)
Flynn Rammage - (Book: Second Wife)
Fareed Aal Zaafer - (Book: Secret Birthright, A)
Fletcher Hart - (Book: Secret Seduction, The)
Fabian Moritzzoni - (Book: Secretary Mistress, Convenient Wife)
Farid Nasir - (Book: Secrets of a Pregnant Princess)
Fielding Grey - (Book: Seduce Me)
Ferris Archer - (Book: Seduced By Shadows)
Fisher Chugatt - (Book: Seducing The Hermit (ebook))
Felix - (Book: Seer of Sevenwaters)
Flynn O'Toole - (Book: Seven Days to Forever)
Franklyn - (Book: Shadow Of The Lynx, The)
Fulke FitzWarin - (Book: Shadows and Srongholds)
Fayne - (Book: Shameless)
Franklin De Vries - (Book: She Walks in Beauty)
Falcon Leopardi - (Book: Sicilian's Baby Bargain, The)
Flynn Corbett - (Book: Sir Flynn and Lady Constance)
Flynn Colby - (Book: Siren from the Sea)
Fletcher Adams - (Book: Skies of Gold)
Flynn O'Shay - (Book: Sleeping Beauty Suspect)
Flint Kingman - (Book: Sleeping With Her Rival)
Flynn “Flint” Clinton - (Book: Small Town Girl)
Fabius Aro - (Book: Sold and Seduced)
Fabius Aro
Sea Wolf
- (Book: Sold and Seduced (UK))
Frank Connolly - (Book: Someone To Protect Her)
Fletch Stauffer - (Book: Something New)
Frank Davidson - (Book: Something So Right)
Fortitude Ware
Earl of Walgrave
- (Book: Something Wicked)
Foster Mallory - (Book: Spies And Lovers (ebook))
Finn Teague - (Book: Spy Who Loves Me, The)
Finn Dalton - (Book: Starry Night (hardcover))
Finn Dalton - (Book: Starry Night (paperback))
Flaming Arrow - (Book: Steal the Flame)
Flynt Carson Brooding - (Book: Stroke of Fortune)
Ford Dixon - (Book: Suddenly One Summer)
Foster - (Book: Summer at Mustang Ranch)
Fabian van der Blocq - (Book: Surgeon in Charge (UK))
Fergus McVicker, MD - (Book: Surgeon's Special Gift, The)
Ford Braddack - (Book: Sweet Deception)
Frederick Aveline - (Book: Sweet Deception)
Finn O'Rile - (Book: Sweet Little Lies)
Flex Towns - (Book: Sweet Sensation)
Ford Walker - (Book: Sweetest Thing, The)
Fen Marchand - (Book: Tainted Love)
Ford Hyatt - (Book: Taken to the Edge)
Felix LeBlanc - (Book: Taking, The)
Flint Carson - (Book: Tall in the Saddle)
Flynn McCallister - (Book: Tell Me a Story)
Friso Eijsinck - (Book: Tempestuous April (reissue))
Friso Eijsinck - (Book: Tempestuous April (UK))
Friso Eijsinck - (Book: Tempestuous April (UK-reissue))
Fayne - (Book: Tempt Not The Cat)
Fletcher Grayson - (Book: Tempted by a Cowboy (ebook novella))
Flynn - (Book: Their Miracle Twins)
Flynn - (Book: Their Miracle Twins (large print))
Flynt Avery - (Book: This Time Together)
Ford Hendrix - (Book: Three Little Words)
Foster Scott Hamilton Jr. - (Book: Through the Storm)
Frank Montero - (Book: To Catch a Dream)
Fariq Hassan - (Book: To Kiss a Sheik)
Felan ap Gwyn - (Book: To Love a King)
Frederick Stoneham - (Book: To Love a Scoundrel)
Fergus McCloud - (Book: To Marry McCloud)
Falcon - (Book: Topaz Dreams)
Fredrik Sorebo - (Book: Tremors)
Ford Sawyer - (Book: Tribute)
Ford Sawyer - (Book: Tribute (paperback))
Flynn McCauley - (Book: Troublemaker Next Door, The)
Frank Longford - (Book: Try to Remember)
Flynn Donovan - (Book: Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress, The)
Faelan Savigar - (Book: Uncertain Magic)
Falconer Darcourt - (Book: Undercover)
Falcon Whitelaw - (Book: Unforgiving Bride, The)
Fraser Aysgarth - (Book: Unspoken Desire)
Ford Morton - (Book: Until Tomorrow)
Finn Walsh - (Book: Vegas Vacation (ebook))
Ford Chase
Viscount of Lakefield
- (Book: Violet)
Frank Cabrini - (Book: Virgin in Disguise)
Finn - (Book: Visions of Chains)
Flyboy - (Book: Voyeur)
Falcon Montague - (Book: Wanton's Theif)
Fabian Cornelius - (Book: Warlord's Mistress, The)
Fletcher Thomas - (Book: Wayward One (ebook))
Flynn Gallagher - (Book: Wedding Journey, The)
Frank Brody - (Book: Weeping Angels)
Fletcher Harris - (Book: What Child Is This?)
Fletcher Ramsey - (Book: When Love Comes Along)
Finn Palmeroy - (Book: Where the Wild Things Bite)
Fraser Audry - (Book: Whisper on the Wind, A)
Faine Leviathan - (Book: Wild Darkness)
Falcon - (Book: Wild Legacy)
Ford Newcombe - (Book: Wild Orchids: A Novel)
Freddy Monkton-Coombes - (Book: Winter Bride, The)
Fletcher Thomas - (Book: Winter Love)
Fabian van der Blocq - (Book: Winter of Change)
Fabian van der Blocq - (Book: Winter of Change (reissue))
Fabian van der Blocq - (Book: Winter of Change (UK))
Fabian van der Blocq - (Book: Winter of Change (UK-reissue))
FBI Agent Ray Vanover - (Book: Without A Trace)
Frank Murphy - (Book: Without Restraint)
Fin St. George - (Book: Woman Sent to Tame Him, The)
Flynn O'Roarke - (Book: World's Greatest Dad)
Flynn Challoner - (Book: Worth The Risk)
Finn Hicks - (Book: Wrangling the Cowboy's Heart)
Flint Creed - (Book: Wyoming Bride)
Fox McClure - (Book: Yankee's Caress)
Finn Wallace - (Book: You Are Invited...)
Finn Wallace - (Book: You Are Invited... (large print))


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