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Eye On Romance
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Shana Abé

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Shana Abé
Sweetest Dark, The
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Heroes with first name starting with G

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Gabe - (Book: $10,000,000 Texas Wedding, The)
Gibson St. James - (Book: 6'2", 200 Lb. Challenge, The)
Gabriel Cristofore - (Book: Absolute Pleasure)
Gabriel Cristofore - (Book: Absolute Pleasure (reissue))
Gavin Blackwell - (Book: Accidental Courtesan, The)
Griffin Hughes - (Book: Accidental Woman, An)
Griffin Hughes - (Book: Accidental Woman, An)
Greg Statleon - (Book: Accidentally Dead)
Grey Lowell - (Book: Accidentally Hers)
Graeme Warwick, Captain - (Book: Across Forever)
Gideon Brandt - (Book: Across the River of Yesterday)
Gregory Kent - (Book: Add a Dash of Love)
Gideon Trace - (Book: Adventurer, The)
Gideon Trace - (Book: Adventurer, The (reissue))
Gannon Finn - (Book: Affair, The)
Griffin Cavanaugh - (Book: After Caroline)
Giles Randolph - (Book: After the Ball)
Gray Rouillard - (Book: After the Night)
Gray Rouillard - (Book: After the Night (reissue))
Gabriel Raines - (Book: Against the Fire)
Gregory Higgs - (Book: Against the Ropes)
Graham Warren - (Book: Agent-in-Charge)
Garret Lassiter - (Book: Agreement, The)
Greg Jensen - (Book: Alaskan Way, The)
Griffin Randolph - (Book: Alice at Heart)
Gyles Frederick Rawlings
Earl of Chillingworth
- (Book: All About Passion)
Griffin Cain - (Book: All He Really Wants)
Gabriel Whitney
Marquess of Eastlyn
- (Book: All I Ever Needed)
Gordon McKenna - (Book: All That Matters)
Gil Fielden - (Book: All the Right Moves)
Gavin Luciano - (Book: All The Way (ebook))
Grant Harris - (Book: Almost a Father)
Guy Reardon - (Book: Almost a Stranger)
Grant Nathan - (Book: Almost Heaven)
Guy de Gervais - (Book: Almost Innocent
(aka Brazen Whispers))
Garrett Steele - (Book: Along Comes A Legend)
Gil Reynolds - (Book: Always A Bridesmaid)
Grayson Tyler - (Book: Always on My Mind)
Gregory Forrest - (Book: Amanda/Miranda)
Gabe Duran - (Book: Amazing Gracie)
Gabe Chance - (Book: Ambushed!)
Graf McDonald - (Book: American Vampire)
Gabriel - (Book: Ancient Whispers)
Gray Powers - (Book: And Daddy Makes Three)
Garek Sahnjun - (Book: Angel and the Flying Warhorses)
Gray Fuller - (Book: Angel Face and Amazing Grace)
Gavin Faulkner
- (Book: Angel Knight, The)
Gavin Lucas - (Book: Angel's Cause)
Gage - (Book: Angel's Ink)
Gabriel Callahan - (Book: Angel's Rest)
Gaaron - (Book: Angelica)
Gabe Harding - (Book: Angels Among Us (ebook))
Gabriel Donner - (Book: Annie and the Outlaw (UK))
Garret Tulane - (Book: Another Man's Baby)
Garret Tulane - (Book: Another Man's Baby (Large Print))
Gage Walker - (Book: Another Man's Wife)
Griffin York - (Book: Any Duchess Will Do)
Guy Sanford - (Book: Anything For His Children)
George Taylor - (Book: Aphrodite's Kiss)
Guy Dangerfield - (Book: Appointment at the Altar)
Giles Merion
Earl of Cardross
- (Book: April Lady)
Gabriel - (Book: Archangle of Mercy)
Gregor MacGregor - (Book: Arrow, The)
Gary Sumner - (Book: Art of Affection)
Gregory Faa - (Book: Art of Stealing Time, The)
Galen Locke - (Book: Artful Deceptions)
George III - (Book: As Shadows Haunting)
Gabriel Thurston - (Book: Ascension)
Gordon Chandler - (Book: Ask Me No Questions)
Gabriel Stearne - (Book: Assignment: Baby)
Graham Forbes - (Book: At First Sight)
Gideon Tremayne - (Book: At the Billionaire's Bidding)
Gabriel Thurston Devine - (Book: At the Bride Hunt Ball)
Grif - (Book: At the Heart's Command)
Gavin Spencer - (Book: At The Millionaire's Request)
Gareth Ramsey - (Book: At the Spy's Pleasure (ebook))
Gabe Bowden - (Book: At Wolf Ranch)
Gideon Jefferson - (Book: Augusta (Hardcover))
George MacKinnon
Earl of Marne, Laird of Balfurin Castle
- (Book: Autumn in Scotland)
Gethin Glendower - (Book: Autumn Lace)
Geoffrey FitzHenry - (Book: Autumn's Flame)
Baron Wyckham of Llys
- (Book: Babe and the Baron, The)
Gray Henderson - (Book: Baby At Bushman's Creek )
Gage Cameron - (Book: Baby Bequest)
Grady Fitzgerald - (Book: Baby By Surprise)
Greg Tyrrell - (Book: Baby Contract, The)
Griff Cusak - (Book: Baby Farm)
Gideon Thatcher - (Book: Baby in the Bargain, A)
Garret Donovan - (Book: Baby in the House, A)
Gabe Mitchell - (Book: Baby Makes Three)
Gabe Mitchell - (Book: Baby Makes Three (Large Print))
Gabe Corbin - (Book: Baby Proposal, The)
Gabe Saldana - (Book: Baby Talk)
Garrett Maxwell - (Book: Baby Trail, The)
Garrett Maxwell - (Book: Baby Trail, The (UK))
Gabriel Bonner - (Book: Baby Wish, The)
Garrett Miles - (Book: Bachelor Dad)
Gabe Tanner - (Book: Bachelor Tax, The)
Gavin Spencer - (Book: Bachelor's Bought Bride)
Gideon Fevere - (Book: Bachelorette)
Gavin McAlister - (Book: Back to Before)
Gabriel Jackson - (Book: Bad Man's Bride, The)
Gabriel - (Book: Bad, Bad Girlfriend)
Gideon Cross - (Book: Bared to You)
Griffin Abernathy - (Book: Barely a Bride)
Greg Baron - (Book: Bargain Basement Baby)
Gabriel D'Angelo - (Book: Bargain with the Enemy, A)
Gulliver MacGuigan - (Book: Barkin Emeralds, The)
Guido Bartaldi - (Book: Bartaldi's Bride)
Geoffrey Chilton - (Book: Bartered Bride)
Gavin Elliott - (Book: Bartered Bride, The)
Griffin Darrowby - (Book: Bartered Heart, The)
Gage Fletcher - (Book: Battle Prize)
Gideon O'Riley - (Book: Be Still My Soul)
Griffin Lowell - (Book: Beach House No. 9)
Greg - (Book: Beast In My Bed)
Gabriel Miller - (Book: Beautiful Criminal (ebook))
Gideon Hayworth - (Book: Beauty of Bond Street)
Giovanni di Matteo - (Book: Beauty Within, The)
Gus Wydowski - (Book: Beauty, the Beast and the Baby, The)
Gordon Rand - (Book: Beaux of Bayley Dell, The)
Gray Turner - (Book: Because of Audrey)
George Rokesby - (Book: Because of Miss Bridgerton)
Gabriel Marchand - (Book: Because Your Vampire Said So)
Gabe Moretti - (Book: Becoming Dante)
Gage Faulkner - (Book: Bedding the Secret Heiress)
George Wyndom, Earl of Blackmore - (Book: Before the Fire)
Graham Dufour - (Book: Behind the Mask)
Galen McKnight - (Book: Beholden)
Garrick McClellan - (Book: Being With Him)
Garrick McClellan - (Book: Being With Him (mass market))
Gregor Grant - (Book: Beloved Highlander)
Gibson de La Vega - (Book: Beneath the Skin)
Gil Addison - (Book: Beneath the Stetson)
Guy Poitiers - (Book: Beneath The Surface)
Guy Poitiers - (Book: Beneath the Surface (reissue))
Graeme - (Book: Bengal's Quest (hardcover))
Gray Phillips - (Book: Best Blind Date in Texas, The)
Griffin McAlister - (Book: Bet on a Cowboy)
Grant MacCallum - (Book: Betrayal, The)
Guy of Montague - (Book: Betrothed)
Gerard MacKenzie - (Book: Betting It All (ebook))
Grayson Harper - (Book: Betting on the Cowboy)
Grayson Harper - (Book: Betting on the Cowboy (large print))
Gabe Campos - (Book: Betting the Billionaire(ebook))
Grayson Manning - (Book: Beware of the Boss)
Giovanni di Montefiorino - (Book: Beware the Huntsman)
Gavin Hepburn - (Book: Bewitching Bride, A)
Gavin MacKinnon - (Book: Beyond Forever)
Gavin DeFoe - (Book: Beyond My Dreams)
Gervase Tregarth
Earl of Crowhurst
- (Book: Beyond Seduction)
Grayson Masters - (Book: Beyond What is Given (ebook))
Graham Winters - (Book: Big Bad Wolf)
Garrett Blakemore - (Book: Billionaire and the Bassinet, The)
Gavin Mason - (Book: Billionaire Gets His Way, The)
Gage Lattimer - (Book: Billionaire in Penthouse B, The)
Gannon Elliott - (Book: Billionaire's Proposition)
Gabe Dawson - (Book: Billionaire's Redemption, A)
George Randolph Catherwood,
Earl of Symington
- (Book: Bird in Hand, A)
Gerard Kingsley - (Book: Bittersweet)
Gray - (Book: Bittersweet Homecoming)
Gregory Ryans - (Book: Black Diamonds)
Gabriel - (Book: Black Howl)
Graham Wessit, Earl of Netham - (Book: Black Silk)
Graham Wessit - (Book: Black Silk (ebook))
Gabriel Angeloscuro - (Book: Black Wings)
Greyson Crawford - (Book: Black Wolf's Revenge (ebook))
Gilles de Chauvigny - (Book: Blackmail)
Gino Bortelli - (Book: Blackmailed Into the Italian's Bed)
Griffin Bane - (Book: Blacksmith's Bravery, The)
Gerard de Lacey - (Book: Blame it on Bath)
Viscount Renshaw
- (Book: Blanchland Secret, The)
Gage O'Halloran - (Book: Blaze)
Gannon van der Vere - (Book: Blind Promises)
Gannon van der Vere - (Book: Blind Promises)
Gannon van der Vere - (Book: Blind Promises (Hardcover))
Gannon van der Vere - (Book: Blind Promises (reissue))
Guy DuCaine - (Book: Blood Kin)
Gareth Takoda - (Book: Blood Moon (ebook))
Gabriel Letourneau - (Book: Blood of the Raven)
Gus Hollister - (Book: Blossom Sisters, The)
Geoffrey McDermott - (Book: Blossoms in the Snow)
Gabriel Avery, Captain - (Book: Blue Moon)
Gray Fuller - (Book: Bluebonnet Belle)
Gil Sorrent - (Book: Bluegrass Hero)
Gabriel Logan - (Book: Blueprint for a Wedding)
Griffin Mercer - (Book: Body Thief)
Garret Sawyer - (Book: Body To Die For, A)
Garrett Skye - (Book: Bodyguard Father)
Guy de Montgomery - (Book: Bold Conquest)
Guy de Montgomery - (Book: Bold Conquest (reissue))
Griffin Hammersmith - (Book: Bombshell (paperback))
Grant Haller - (Book: Bone Deep)
Garth Napier - (Book: Border Lass)
Grayson Thane - (Book: Born In Ice)
Garrett Reid - (Book: Born to Be Wild)
Griff Foster - (Book: Borrowed Baby)
Giovanni Boselli - (Book: Boselli Bride, The (UK))
Garrett Charles - (Book: Boss and Plain Jayne Bride, The)
Grant - (Book: Boss Beyond Compare, A)
Garrett Lock - (Book: Boss Next Door, The)
Greg Sherman - (Book: Boss's Christmas Proposal, The)
Grant - (Book: Boss's Pregnancy Proposal, The)
Grant - (Book: Boss's Pregnancy Proposal, The (large print))
Grey Barlow - (Book: Boss's Unconventional Assistant, The)
Grey Blackwood - (Book: Bounce)
Garet Cambridge - (Book: Bound by a Promise)
Garet Cambridge - (Book: Bound by a Promise (reissue))
Garet Cambridge - (Book: Bound by a Promise (reissue))
Garet Cambridge - (Book: Bound by a Promise (reissue))
Gideon Byrne - (Book: Bound by Contract)
Gage Dalton - (Book: Bound by Honor)
Gabe Dumont - (Book: Bound By Marriage)
Galan of Longtail Rock - (Book: Bound to Love Her)
Gavin Schuyler - (Book: Bounty Hunter Redemption)
Gabe Escalante - (Book: Bounty Hunter, The)
Greyson Crawford - (Book: Brand of the Pack (ebook))
Garret Blaine - (Book: Branded Hearts)
Gavin McGuire - (Book: Brave the Heat)
Gabe Bravo - (Book: Bravo Bachelor, The)
Gavin Briggs - (Book: Brazen)
Giles Corliss, Lord of Trahern - (Book: Brazen Angel)
Gray Eagle - (Book: Brazen Ecstasy)
Guy de Gervais - (Book: Brazen Whispers
(aka Almost Innocent))
Gavin Faulkner - (Book: Breakaway)
Gabe Griffin - (Book: Breaking Point)
Gabe - (Book: Breaking Point, The)
Grady Monroe - (Book: Breath Away, A)
Gavin MacRae - (Book: Breath of Iron)
Gideon - (Book: Bridal Quest, The)
Gideon - (Book: Bridal Quest, The)
Griffin McKenna - (Book: Bridal Suite, The)
Gabriel Rutlidge - (Book: Bridal Veil)
Grayson Hunt - (Book: Bride and the Bargain, The)
Grayson Hunt - (Book: Bride and the Bargain, The (Large Print))
Gavin Miller - (Book: Bride Blunder, The)
Guy of Helston - (Book: Bride Gift, The)
Gino, Duc of Montefalco - (Book: Bride of Montefalco, The)
Garrett Kincaid - (Book: Bride Of The Emerald Isle)
Gabriel Harrison - (Book: Bride Wore Red Boots, The)
Gideon Yarbro - (Book: Bridegroom, The)
Garrison Walker - (Book: Bridegrooms)
Garon - (Book: Brides of Caralon - Carnal Sacrifice)
Gabriel West - (Book: Brides of Durango: Elise)
Gil de la Court - (Book: Bridesmaid's Secret, The)
Grey Graber - (Book: Bridge of Peace, The)
Gideon - (Book: Brink of Eternity (ebook))
Gabe Spencer - (Book: Broken)
General Tulkhan - (Book: Broken Vows)
Gabriel St Croix - (Book: Broken Wing)
Gage DeStefano - (Book: Brothel Night)
Guy Kemp - (Book: Buccaneer Bride)
Garrett Chambers - (Book: Burn on the Western Slope)
Griffin Winters - (Book: Burning Lamp (hardcover))
Griffin Winters - (Book: Burning Lamp (paperback))
Gabriel Donovan - (Book: Burning Up)
Graham Cooper - (Book: By Design)
Baron Wilmont
- (Book: By King's Decree)
Garrett Rowland - (Book: By Love Possessed)
Garett Lyon, Earl of Falkham - (Book: By Love Unveiled)
Garett Lockwood - (Book: By Love Unveiled (revised))
Gabe Considine
Grand Duke of Illyria
- (Book: By Royal Demand)
Viscount Faringdale
- (Book: Byron's Child (Hardcover))
Greg Rafferty - (Book: C.E.O. and the Cookie Queen, The)
Graham Redhawk, Detective - (Book: Caitlin's Guardian Angel)
Gregori Ivanov - (Book: Cake)
Gardner Barnes - (Book: Call Me)
Gideon MacInnes - (Book: Call of the Highland Moon)
Galen Callahan - (Book: Callahan Christmas Miracle, A)
Gabe Sullivan - (Book: Can't Help Falling in Love)
Grady Tucker - (Book: Capital Holiday, A)
Gideon Radcliffe - (Book: Captain's Christmas Family, The)
Gideon Cross - (Book: Captivated by You)
Ghost - (Book: Captive)
Guy de Warenne - (Book: Captive Rose)
Gavin - (Book: Captive to a Dream)
Gabriel Vaughn - (Book: Captured by the Billionaire)
Garrett Krause, Detective - (Book: Capturing the Cop)
Gil McLoughlin - (Book: Caress of Fire)
Griffith Spencer - (Book: Carnal Pleasures (ebook))
Garon - (Book: Carnal Sacrifice (ebook))
Gabe Murphy - (Book: Carolina Dreaming)
Guthrie Hayes - (Book: Caroline and the Raider)
Guthrie Hayes - (Book: Caroline and the Raider (reprint))
Grady Weston - (Book: Caroline's Child)
Graham Reid - (Book: Carpenter's Lady)
Gareth Stone - (Book: Casanova's Downfall)
Graham Dunn - (Book: Case of the Maybe Babies, The)
Gore Lindley,
- (Book: Cat's Bracelet, The)
Geoffrey Pentercast - (Book: Catch of the Season)
Garrick Rylance - (Book: Cattle Baron Needs a Wife)
Gil McLoughlin - (Book: Cattleman Takes a Wife, The (ebook))
Guthrie Harris - (Book: Cattleman's Promise: Heartbreak Canyon)
Grant Bryant - (Book: Cause For Celebration)
Griffin Slater - (Book: CEO's Marriage Seduction)
Galen Radbourne - (Book: Certain Magic, A)
Guy Bowers-Bentinck - (Book: Chain of Destiny, The)
Guy Bowers-Bentinck - (Book: Chain of Destiny, The (reissue))
Guy Bowers-Bentinck - (Book: Chain of Destiny, The (reissue))
Guy Bowers-Bentinck - (Book: Chain of Destiny, The (UK-reissue))
Gage Darnell - (Book: Chain Reaction)
Gabe McAllister - (Book: Challenged Pursuit)
Guy Lefevre - (Book: Champagne With a Celebrity)
Gareth de Vavasour - (Book: Champion of Sherlock)
Garrett Lawrence - (Book: Chances Are)
Garrett Lawrence - (Book: Chances Are)
Grey Kemmons - (Book: Change My Mind)
Guy de Lacy, Sir - (Book: Change of Fortune, A )
Gil Archer - (Book: Change of Heart)
Geoffrey, Earl of Lucan - (Book: Change of Heart)
Gavin Riley - (Book: Changing the Game)
Gabriel London - (Book: Charity's Angel)
Gray Van Dusen - (Book: Charlotte's Homecoming)
Gavin Graham - (Book: Charmed and Dangerous)
Gavin Graham - (Book: Charmed and Dangerous)
Greylen MacKeage - (Book: Charming the Highlander)
Gabriel Lupinsky - (Book: Chase Me)
Garner Blake - (Book: Chasing Dreams)
Gulliver Curry - (Book: Chasing Fire (hardcover))
Gulliver Curry - (Book: Chasing Fire (paperback))
Griffin Durant - (Book: Chasing Midnight)
Gabe Burke - (Book: Chasing Shadows)
Garret Jameison - (Book: Chastity's Pirate)
Grant Claiborne - (Book: Cherokee Bride)
Griffin Taylor - (Book: Chick With a Charm)
Garrett Randall - (Book: Christie's Rapture)
George Saxon - (Book: Christmas Angel For the Billionaire)
George Saxon - (Book: Christmas Angel for the Billionaire (Large Print))
Garrett Galloway - (Book: Christmas Justice)
Gabe Ortoya - (Book: Christmas Nights with the Polo Player (ebook))
Gabe Ortoya - (Book: Christmas Nights with The Polo Player (ebook))
Gabriel Boylan - (Book: Christmas on 4th Street)
Gabriel Boylan - (Book: Christmas on 4th Street (reissue))
Gideon Troyer - (Book: Christmas Quilt)
Gideon Troyer - (Book: Christmas Quilt, The (large print))
Gabriel Shepherd - (Book: Christmas Reunion, A (ebook))
Gabe Kendall - (Book: Christmas Rose)
Gabe Kendall - (Book: Christmas Rose, The (reissue))
Gideon Beiler - (Book: Christmas Singing, The)
Gabriel Munro - (Book: Christmas Spirit, A (ebook))
Gil Cooper - (Book: Christmas Wish, The)
Gideon Kent - (Book: Cinderella Bride, The)
Gil Callister - (Book: Circle of Gold )
Gil Callister - (Book: Circle Of Gold (Hardcover- Large Print))
Garrett Dean - (Book: City Girl)
Geoffrey Barnstone - (Book: City Heiress (Hardcover))
Gabriel Starke - (Book: City of Jasmine)
Gabriel Burke - (Book: Claimed By The Rogue Billionaire)
Grant Tyndal - (Book: Claimed By the Secret Agent)
Grant Hudson - (Book: Claimed: One Wife)
Gideon Webber - (Book: Claiming His Christmas Bride)
Gabriel Corrigan - (Book: Claiming the Heart)
Grey O'Toole - (Book: Clandestine)
Guy Devoran - (Book: Clandestine)
Guy Devoran - (Book: Clandestine)
Gabe Moreau - (Book: Class Act, A)
Griffin Wicklow - (Book: Closer, The)
Glen - (Book: Club Fantasy)
Gideon Landor, Sir - (Book: Code of Love)
Griffin McCray - (Book: Cold Shot)
Gage Gaynor - (Book: Cold Target)
Gabe Cooper - (Book: Cold Touch)
George West - (Book: Colonel's Daughter, The)
Garrett Bryant - (Book: Colors of Magic)
Gray Stark - (Book: Colton Bride, The)
Gunnar Colton - (Book: Colton's Range Refuge)
Gregory Duncan - (Book: Come Be My Love)
Gabriel Brant - (Book: Comfort and Joy)
Grady Shields - (Book: Coming Home)
Griffin Steele - (Book: Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom)
Gideon McCloud - (Book: Conflict of Interest)
Greg Alston - (Book: Connoisseur's Choice)
Gervase Fitz Osbern,
- (Book: Conquering Knight, Captive Lady)
Gervase Fitz Osbern,
- (Book: Conquering Knight, Captive Lady (UK))
Giles Fitzhenry - (Book: Conqueror's Lady, The)
Griffyn 'Pagan' Sauvage - (Book: Conqueror, The)
Gabriel Baxtor
Earl of Faulconer
- (Book: Convenient Marriage, A)
Griff Campbell - (Book: Convenient Proposal, A)
Geoffrey - (Book: Cottage Hospital (Hardcover))
Garrett Armstrong - (Book: Cottage on Juniper Ridge, The)
Gianni - (Book: Count of Castelfino, The)
Geoff Bingham - (Book: Countdown To Baby)
Gareth Carew - (Book: Counterfeit Kisses)
Geoffrey Dumont - (Book: Countess Bride, The)
Gerry Haven - (Book: Country Courtship, A)
Geoffrey, Earl of Grey - (Book: Country Gentleman, The)
Gabe Miller - (Book: Court Me, Cowboy)
Gabe Miller - (Book: Court Me, Cowboy (reissue))
Geoffrey Morgan - (Book: Courtesan's Courtship, The)
Grayson Christopher - (Book: Courtesan's Scandal, A)
Gordon Campbell - (Book: Courting An Angel)
Grady Cunningham - (Book: Courting Rebecca)
Gil Perry - (Book: Courting Sarah)
Grady Blackhawk - (Book: Courting the Enemy)
Gray McBride - (Book: Cowboy and A Kiss, A)
Griffin Randall - (Book: Cowboy Come Home)
Grady Magee - (Book: Cowboy Untamed)
Gage Cooper - (Book: Cowboy's Christmas Courtship, The)
Gavin Tucker - (Book: Cowboy's Duty, A)
Greg Adams - (Book: Cowboy's Mail Order Bride, The)
Gideon Black - (Book: Cowboy's Reluctant Bride, The)
Garrett O'Malley - (Book: Cradle Files, The)
Gibb Martin - (Book: Crash Landing)
Giles Vayne
Duke of Winterton
- (Book: Crime of Manners, A)
Grant Russell - (Book: Critic's Choice)
Garrett Clark - (Book: Crossing the Line)
Guy Jarvis
- (Book: Crown Hostage (UK))
Gavin Court - (Book: Crown Jewels (Anthology))
Gareth Rushton - (Book: Curious Courting, A)
Gilbert Vanbrugh
Duke of Kenton
- (Book: Curse of Kenton, The)
Gregor Sherringford - (Book: Curse of the Brimstone Legacy, The)
Gavin - (Book: Curse of the Gargoyle)
Garreth - (Book: Cursed by Ice)
Gabriel Wulf - (Book: Cursed One, The)
Gary Staunton - (Book: Cutting Loose (ebook))
Gavin Gray - (Book: Dad Next Door, The)
Gavin Gray - (Book: Dad Next Door, The (UK))
Graham Morrison - (Book: Dad's E-Mail Order Bride)
Gabriel Serrano - (Book: Daddy by Default)
Gage Moore - (Book: Daddy for Christmas, A)
Gabe - (Book: Daddy Next Door )
Gabe - (Book: Daddy Next Door (reissue /ebook))
Gage Sinclair - (Book: Dakota Born)
Gabriel McBride - (Book: Dakota Marshal)
Gabriel McBride - (Book: Dakota Marshal (large print))
Garth Pendleton - (Book: Dance With the Devil)
Gabriel Manning - (Book: Dancing With a Rogue)
Gabriel Peralta - (Book: Dancing With Danger (ebook))
Gabriel - (Book: Danger in a Red Dress)
Gabriel Prescott - (Book: Danger in a Red Dress (reprint))
Gideon Bromley - (Book: Danger on Her Doorstep)
Grey Lawson - (Book: Dangerous Game)
Gabe - (Book: Dangerous Grounds)
Griff Knighton - (Book: Dangerous Love, A)
Gianluca Benedetti - (Book: Dangerous Solace, A)
Grey Kingston - (Book: Dare to Rock)
Gabriel Dare - (Book: Dare to Surrender)
Gavin Alexander
Earl of Seabrooke
- (Book: Daring Deception)
Guy Haywood - (Book: Daring Proposition, A)
Viscount Ravenworth
- (Book: Daring Wager, A)
Gabriel Fisher
Earl of Thornhill
- (Book: Dark Angel)
General Tulkhan - (Book: Dark Dreams)
Gil - (Book: Dark Fever)
Gabriel MacInnes - (Book: Dark Highland Fire)
Gabriel - (Book: Dark Legend)
Gregori, the Dark One - (Book: Dark Magic)
Gareth Morgan - (Book: Dark Moonless Night)
Gerard Dumont - (Book: Dark Oasis)
Grayson Lowell - (Book: Dark Obsession)
Gary - (Book: Dark Promises (hardcover))
Griff Sheldon - (Book: Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots)
Guy - (Book: Dark Victory)
Gabriel - (Book: Dark Visions: Collector's Edition)
Greyhill Danby - (Book: Dark Warrior Untamed)
Gideon - (Book: Darkest Lie, The)
Guntram Brandt - (Book: Darkness Captured)
Gage Sullivan - (Book: Dashing Doc Next Door, The)
Gaz - (Book: Date With a Surgeon Prince)
Glenn Blake - (Book: Daughter of Destiny)
Gibson Browning - (Book: Daughter's Place, A)
Gabe Madison - (Book: Dawn In Eclipse Bay)
Gaard - (Book: Dawnfire)
Geoffrey de Burgh - (Book: de Burgh Bride, The)
Grant Peterson - (Book: Dead By Dusk)
Grant Peterson - (Book: Dead by Dusk (reprint))
Griffin Powell - (Book: Dead by Nightfall)
Gage - (Book: Dead Man's Deal)
Giovani - (Book: Deadly Exposure)
Gates Bromley - (Book: Deadly Little Secrets)
Gabe McGregor - (Book: Deadly Reckoning)
Grayson Pierce - (Book: Deadly Sight)
Giles, Earl of Walrafen - (Book: Deal With the Devil, A)
Gabriel Sinclair - (Book: Dear Imposter)
Garret Hartswood - (Book: Dear Rebel (UK))
Grant Braeburn - (Book: Dear Santa)
Gabe - (Book: Dear to Me)
Gabe Swartz - (Book: Dear to Me (reprint))
Gervase St. Aubyn - (Book: Dearly Beloved)
Gray Harper - (Book: Deceived)
Gregory Ryans - (Book: Deception)
Geoffrey Pinchingdale-Snipe - (Book: Deception of the Emerald Ring, The)
Gyrr Thrane - (Book: Deep Heat)
Gabe Lasley - (Book: Deep Trouble)
Grey - (Book: Deeply in You)
Gideon Defender - (Book: Defender)
Gray Eagle - (Book: Defiant Ecstasy)
Gabriel Vaughan
Marquis of Halross
- (Book: Defiant Mistress, The)
Earl of Leftbridge
- (Book: Delectable Dilemma, A)
Grant - (Book: delicate)
Gave Bankovic - (Book: Delicious)
Grant Robinson - (Book: Delicious Destiny)
Gareth Mandeville - (Book: Deliciously Wicked)
Gabe - (Book: Demon Bait (ebook))
Grim - (Book: Demon Hunting with a Dixie Deb)
Greyson Dante - (Book: Demon Inside)
Greyson Dante - (Book: Demon Possessed)
Grady Finch - (Book: Desert Bloom)
Gabe Martin - (Book: Desert Fire)
Ghaleb Aal Omraan - (Book: Desert Surgeon's Secret Son, The (UK))
Gareth of Wyckmere, Sir - (Book: Desire)
Gareth of Wyckmere - (Book: Desire (First edition))
Geoffrey de Bron - (Book: Desire of the Heart)
Gideon - (Book: Desire the Night)
Gervais, Earl of Huntle4 - (Book: Desiring Lady Caro)
General Tulkhan - (Book: Desperate Alliances)
Gabe - (Book: Destiny's Touch (ebook))
Gavin McCain, Laird - (Book: Destiny's Warrior)
Garth Lawton - (Book: Determined Virgin, The)
Guy St. Edmond - (Book: Devil Claims a Wife, The)
Gerard Montgomery - (Book: Devil in Diguise)
Guy Trenton - (Book: Devil Moon)
Gareth Lowell - (Book: Devil She Knows, The)
Gray Sinclair - (Book: Devil's Due, The)
Gabriel Jordan - (Book: Dial "D" for Destiny)
Garth - (Book: Diamond Dad, The)
Gabe Kincaid - (Book: Dirty Sexy Knitting)
Galem Brent - (Book: Dirty Weekend (UK))
Gabriel O'Rourke - (Book: Disappear)
Gerd Crysander-Gillan - (Book: Disgraced Princess, The)
Gabriel Brant - (Book: Do You Take This Enemy?)
Greg Bellamy - (Book: Dockside)
Greg Bellamy - (Book: Dockside (reprint))
Grant Hardesty - (Book: Doctor's Christmas, The)
Giovanni - (Book: Don't Mess With... (ebook))
Gabriel Sinclair - (Book: Double Dealing)
Giles, Lord Rutledge - (Book: Double Deceit)
Gavin - (Book: Double Exposure)
Garrett Carlisle - (Book: Double or Nothing)
Grey Masterson - (Book: Double the Pleasure)
Gabe Deveraux - (Book: Dr. Devereux's Proposal (US edition))
Gabriel Velascos - (Book: Dr. Velascos' Unexpected Baby)
Gabriel Velascos - (Book: Dr. Velascos' Unexpected Baby (UK))
Gethyn Lloyd - (Book: Dragon's Lair)
Gabe Bonner - (Book: Dream a Little Dream)
Grant Stalker - (Book: Dreaming Dunes, The)
Gage Roundtree - (Book: Dreaming Pool, The)
Gervase de Seger - (Book: Dreams of Lilacs)
Graham Corley - (Book: Drifter, The)
Griffin - (Book: Drowning in Fire)
Gideon - (Book: Duchess Diaries, The)
Grant Chandler - (Book: Duchess Diaries, The)
Gabriel Campbell - (Book: Dueling With the Duke (ebook))
Geoffrey Cole, Sir - (Book: Duke's Double, The)
Gerrit Van Haren - (Book: Dutch Girl, The)
Gideon - (Book: Dying for Revenge)
Gage Hudson - (Book: Dying Scream)
Gregory Sherwood - (Book: Earl is Mine, The)
Gavin Romney - (Book: Earl's Honorable Intentions, The)
Gavriil Prakenskii - (Book: Earth Bound)
Gabriel - (Book: Earthbound Angel)
Gabriel - (Book: Earthly Delights)
Grant Weston - (Book: Echoes)
Gabe St. Clair - (Book: Echoes of Mercy)
Gabriel Edge - (Book: Edge of Danger)
Gunnar - (Book: Edge of Temptation (ebook))
Gideon Walker - (Book: Ellie Pride (UK))
Gareth Hamilton, Major - (Book: Elusive Bride, The)
Gabriel Ludlow - (Book: Elusive Lord Everhart, The)
Gareth Harcourt, Earl of Harcourt - (Book: Emerald Swan, The)
Gawain - (Book: Enchanted Warrior)
Giles ter Ossel - (Book: Enchanting Samantha)
Giles ter Ossel - (Book: Enchanting Samantha (reissue))
Giles ter Ossel - (Book: Enchanting Samantha (UK))
Giles ter Ossel - (Book: Enchanting Samantha (UK-reissue))
Garrick of Abergwynn - (Book: Enchantress)
Garrick Maginnis
Baron Abergwynn
- (Book: Enchantress)
George Frobisher
Earl of Chadleigh
- (Book: Encounter With Venus, An)
Gabriel Rourke - (Book: End Game)
Gage Richmond - (Book: Engagement Project, The)
Grant Cameron - (Book: English Bride, The)
Gage - (Book: Enjoy the Show (ebook))
Gryphon - (Book: Enslaved)
Gavin Carmichael - (Book: Enslaved)
Duke of Canfield
- (Book: Enterprising Lady)
Gideon Cross - (Book: Entwined With You)
Glen Duncan - (Book: Eternal)
Gray Donohue - (Book: Eternal Beast)
Gabriel Bouvier - (Book: Eve's Choice)
Gareth Solimere - (Book: Everlasting Enchantment)
Gustavo Owens - (Book: Everlasting Moments)
Griffin Davenport - (Book: Every Dark Corner)
Grady - (Book: Exchange of Fire (ebook))
Gray Bondurant - (Book: Exclusive)
Geoff - (Book: Expectations)
Gavin O'Donnell - (Book: Expecting a Miracle)
Grant - (Book: Expert's Guide to Driving a Man Wild, The)
Gray Dalton - (Book: Explosive)
Grieco Storm - (Book: Exposure Behind Closed Doors)
Gabe De Campo - (Book: Exquisite Challenge, An)
Gray Reed - (Book: Eye of a Hunter)
Gerard Vance - (Book: Eye of the Storm)
Gerard Vance - (Book: Eye of the Storm (large print))
George Atherby - (Book: Faint Heart)
Geoffrey Stephen Wyndham-Parkes - (Book: Fair Exchange)
Grant Gonzales - (Book: Fair Game)
Garth Taymor - (Book: Fair Imposter, The)
Graham Vaughn - (Book: Fair Warning)
Gareth Lloyd
Marquess of Roth
- (Book: Faith)
Grant Waters - (Book: Fall Into You)
Gabriel - (Book: Fallen)
Gabriel Loudon - (Book: Fallen)
Grant Carson - (Book: Fallen: Danielle (ebook))
Gabriel Falconi - (Book: Falling Angel)
Gavin Monaghan - (Book: Falling for Him)
Guy Jarrod - (Book: Falling for His Proper Mistress)
Gabe Reynolds - (Book: Family For Faith, A)
Grady Stillwater - (Book: Family for the Soldier, A)
Gideon - (Book: Family to Belong To, A)
Geoffrey Stratton, Sir - (Book: Fashion's Lady)
Gabe McKenna - (Book: Fast Women)
Gabe McKenna - (Book: Fast Women (Hardcover))
Gabe McKenna - (Book: Fast Women (reissue))
Gervase Mowbray
Duke of Wexford
- (Book: Faun's Folly, The)
Gabriel Tierney - (Book: Favor, The)
Gaius Domitus - (Book: Feel the Burn)
Gib - (Book: Fiance Wanted Fast!)
Gianni Coretti - (Book: Fiancee Caper, The)
Gabriel Messena - (Book: Fiancee Charade, The)
Gaz - (Book: Fifteen Candles)
Gus Hathaway, Superintendant - (Book: Fifth Member)
Graham - (Book: Fight to the Finish)
Gray Slaughter - (Book: Final Stand)
Garrett Mitchell - (Book: Finally a Bride)
Gage Bardeen - (Book: Finally Home)
Guthrie Thomas - (Book: Finally Home)
Geoffrey Barrett - (Book: Finding Bess)
Griffin Croft - (Book: Finding Miss McFarland)
Gage Coulter - (Book: Fire and Ice)
Guy of Rivaux - (Book: Fire and Steel)
Giles of Moray - (Book: Fire and The Fury, The)
Gideon Hawkes - (Book: Fire Flower, The)
Greg Landon - (Book: Fire in My Heart)
Graelam de Moreton - (Book: Fire Song)
Graelam de Moreton - (Book: Fire Song (reissue))
Gabe Steele - (Book: Fired Waitress, Hired Mistress (US edition))
Garrick Haardrad - (Book: Fires of Winter)
Garrick Haardrad - (Book: Fires of Winter (ebook))
Griffin Riddell - (Book: Firethorn)
Grayson Hall - (Book: Firewall)
Gus Hathaway, Chief Inspector - (Book: First Blood)
Garon - (Book: First Knight)
Gabe Hollingsworth - (Book: First Time Lucky?)
Gerard Innes - (Book: First Time with a Highlander)
Gareth Penistone - (Book: Five-Minute Marriage, The)
Gavin Kerr - (Book: Flame)
Grayson of Concordia - (Book: Flame and the Shadow, The)
Geoffrey Rordon, Viscount - (Book: Flames of Love)
Greg Armstrong - (Book: Flirting with Destiny)
Gavin Creed - (Book: Folly of Loving, The)
Graydon Montgomery - (Book: For All Time (hardcover))
Garth - (Book: For Always)
Giles Courtney - (Book: For Her Love)
Garrett Sinclair - (Book: For the Love of a Soldier)
Gabriel Zumbrenen - (Book: For The Love Of..)
Gray Eagle - (Book: Forbidden Ecstasy)
Giles Kent - (Book: Forbidden Fruit )
Grant Mason - (Book: Forbidden Ground)
Guy de Rochemont - (Book: Forbidden or for Bedding?)
Guy French - (Book: Force of Feeling)
Genn Danning - (Book: Forced Disappearance)
Gaius - (Book: Forest House, The)
Gideon Summerfield - (Book: Forever and a Day )
Gifford Knight - (Book: Forever And A Day)
Gabe Rodriguez - (Book: Forever Christmas, A)
Gregory Jones - (Book: Forever Christmas, A)
Gregory Jones - (Book: Forever Christmas, A (Large Print))
Gaston de Varennes - (Book: Forever His)
Gilbert Randall
Viscount Bedford
- (Book: Forever in Time)
Garrett Wichita - (Book: Forever Kind of Hero, A)
Gerald Morris - (Book: Forever Love)
Gabriel Franklin - (Book: Forever with You)
Garrett Reed - (Book: Forged by Desire)
Gideon Wells - (Book: Forget Me Not)
Gabe Renault - (Book: Forget Me Not)
Grant - (Book: Forget Me Not)
Grant Wadsworth - (Book: Forgotten Lullaby)
George Carstairs
Lord Rival
- (Book: Fortune Hunter, The)
Garrett Stone - (Book: Fortune's Hero)
Graham Foster - (Book: Fortune's Kiss)
Gareth de Vere
Marquess of Harwood
- (Book: Fortune's Lady)
Garrett Wolff - (Book: Fortune's Legacy)
Garrett Wolff - (Book: Fortune's Legacy (reissue))
Guy Blackwolf - (Book: Fortune's Secret Daughter)
Gilly, Duke of Sale - (Book: Foundling, The (new edition))
Gavin - (Book: Fountain Of Secrets)
Gus Taggert - (Book: Fournicopia)
Griff - (Book: Free Spirit)
Guy de Villeneuve - (Book: French Count's Mistress, The)
Gibson Moore - (Book: Friends To Lovers)
Gabe Salinger - (Book: From Russia With Love)
Gage Carson - (Book: From the Ashes)
Griffin Chase - (Book: From This Day Forward)
Grady Delaney - (Book: Frontier Christmas)
Geoffrey Carrier, Sir - (Book: Frost Fair, The)
Garrett Lord - (Book: Fugitive Fiancée)
Gideon Taney - (Book: Fully Engaged)
Grady Simpson, Captain - (Book: Fully Involved)
Garrett - (Book: Fun With Dick and Jayne)
Graham Winters - (Book: Fur Factor)
Gabe Kasper - (Book: Gabe)
Gabe Kasper - (Book: Gabe (reissue))
Gable Rawlings - (Book: Gable's Lady)
Gabriel Wendover - (Book: Gabriel)
Gabriel Devlin - (Book: Gabriel (ebook))
Gabriel Hawk - (Book: Gabriel Hawk's Lady)
Gabriel MacLaren, Detective - (Book: Gabriel Is No Angel)
Gabriel West - (Book: Gabriel West: Still the One)
Gabriel - (Book: Gabriel's Angel)
Gabriel Bradley - (Book: Gabriel's Angel (hardcover))
Gabriel Sinclair
Earl of Wakefield
- (Book: Gabriel's Bride)
Gabriel Caine - (Book: Gabriel's Fate)
Gabriel Ross Sullivan - (Book: Gabriel's Ghost)
Gabriel Sinclair - (Book: Gabriel's Honor)
Gabriel Emerson - (Book: Gabriel's Inferno)
Gabe - (Book: Gabriel's Lady)
Gabriel McGuire - (Book: Gabriel's Mission)
Gabriel St. Clair - (Book: Gabriel's Outlaw)
Gabriel Emerson - (Book: Gabriel's Rapture)
Gabriel Emerson - (Book: Gabriel's Redemption)
Gabriel - (Book: Gabriel's Woman)
Gage Ryland - (Book: Gage)
Gage Ryland - (Book: Gage (large print))
Gage Butler - (Book: Gage Butler's Reckoning)
Gabriel WarrenEarl of Angelwood - (Book: Game of Scandal, A)
Gabe Walker - (Book: Garnet (Hardcover))
Gavin Carstares
Earl of Glenlyon
- (Book: Gather the Stars)
Gabriel Stern - (Book: Generation 18)
Gabriel Stern - (Book: Generation 18)
Gabe West - (Book: Gentle Hearts)
Geoffrey Berkley - (Book: Gentle Warrior)
Geoffrey William Berkley, Baron - (Book: Gentle Warrior (First edition))
Garth Elkton - (Book: Gentleman For Dry Creek, A)
Garrett Monroe - (Book: Gentleman's Bargain, A)
Gray Parker - (Book: Gentrys: Abby, The)
George - (Book: George and the Virgin)
Gabe Conroy - (Book: Getaway Bride, The)
Griffin Luckadeau - (Book: Getting Lucky)
Gage Vicknair - (Book: Ghosts And Roses)
Gianni Fitzgerald - (Book: Gianni's Pride)
Gianni Fitzgerald - (Book: Gianni's Pride (UK))
Gideon Bolt - (Book: Gideon's Angel)
Gideon First - (Book: Gideon's Baby)
Gideon Hawk - (Book: Gideon's Heart)
Gabe Hadley - (Book: Gifts of Love)
Gray Daniels - (Book: Gingerbread House, The)
Grant - (Book: Gingham Mountain)
Gino Farnese - (Book: Gino's Arranged Bride)
Griffin King - (Book: Girl in the Clockwork Collar, The)
Griffin King - (Book: Girl in the Steel Corset, The (mass))
Griffin King - (Book: Girl in the Steel Corset, The (trade))
Griffin Shaw - (Book: Given, The)
Gracchus Valens - (Book: Gladiator's Honor)
Gaius Gracchus Valens - (Book: Gladiator's Honour, The)
Griffin - (Book: Goddess Boot Camp (hardcover))
Griffin - (Book: Goddess Boot Camp (paperback))
Gage Garrity - (Book: Going Under)
Galen Ben Raschid - (Book: Golden Barbarian, The)
Gil Barlow - (Book: Golden Ecstasy)
George Carlisle - (Book: Golden Locket, The)
Gregory Morgan - (Book: Good Dose of Pleasure, A)
Gage Reynolds, Sheriff - (Book: Good Husband Material)
Griffin Walker - (Book: Good Time, A)
Greg Holmes - (Book: Good Vibrations)
Gabriel Cormier - (Book: Good Woman Blues)
Grady Roberts - (Book: Grady's Wedding)
Galahad - (Book: Grail Prince)
Giles Wescott, Sir - (Book: Grand Style, The)
Guy Gautreaux - (Book: Grave Mistake, A)
Gray MacInnes - (Book: Gray)
Gray Quinn - (Book: Gray Quinn's Baby)
Grayson Ryland - (Book: Grayson)
Grayson Ryland - (Book: Grayson (large print))
Grayson "Cutter" Clark - (Book: Grayson's Surrender)
Gabriel - (Book: Great Estate, The)
Gray Hawk - (Book: Grey Hawk's Lady)
Gabriel Martinez - (Book: Grounds for Seduction)
Gryphon O'Connor - (Book: Gryphon's Quest)
Gryphon O'Connor - (Book: Gryphon's Quest (reissue))
Gavin Blackford - (Book: Guarded Heart)
Gabriel Maxwell - (Book: Guardian Angel)
Grant Landon - (Book: Guardian Groom)
Gerek Gunn - (Book: Gunn of Killearnan, The)
Gus Galanos - (Book: Gus and the Nice Lady)
Gavin, the Thief - (Book: Gwyneth and the Theif)
Gavin Daugherty - (Book: Haley's Mountain Man)
Grant Fargo - (Book: Hand-Picked Bride, The)
Gabriel, Lord Northcote - (Book: Happily Bedded Bliss)
Gavin Penderast - (Book: Happily Ever After)
Garrett McCabe - (Book: Happily Unmarried Man, A)
Graham Larkin - (Book: Happy Again (ebook novella))
Gabe Connally - (Book: Hard to Handle)
Gregor Ramsey - (Book: Harlot, The)
Gregor Ramsay - (Book: Harlot, The (reprint))
Graeme MacGrath - (Book: Haunted Warrior)
Garrett Lock - (Book: Having It All)
Guy Daley - (Book: He Calls Her Doc)
Gabriel Blaine - (Book: He Claims Me)
Gabriel Blaine - (Book: He Touches Me)
Gabriel Blaine - (Book: He Watches Me)
Gideon Westcott - (Book: Head in the Clouds)
Greg Garrison - (Book: Healing the Boss's Heart)
Gil Montero - (Book: Heart Divided, A)
Gulden - (Book: Heart of Gold)
Gary Lombard - (Book: Heart of Midnight)
Gabriel Ramirez
Marquis de Villena
- (Book: Heart of the Condor)
Gus McQueen - (Book: Heart of the West)
Gus McQueen - (Book: Heart of the West (reprint))
Garrett Primross - (Book: Heart Secret)
Grey Carteret - (Book: Heart's Blood)
Grady Reynolds - (Book: Heart's Forgiveness, The)
Graham Lockwood - (Book: Heart's Song, The)
Gavin King - (Book: Heat of the Moment, The (ebook))
Grant - (Book: Heaven Here on Earth)
Gator - (Book: Heaven in a Wildflower)
Gerard Grenfell - (Book: Heidelberg Wedding)
Gerard Grenfell - (Book: Heidelberg Wedding (reissue))
Gerard Grenfell - (Book: Heidelberg Wedding (UK-reissue))
Gayle Wyndham - (Book: Heir, The)
Geoffrey Somerville - (Book: Heiress at Heart, An)
Garrett Wyndridge, Sir - (Book: Heiress to Love)
Griff Cabot - (Book: Her Baby, His Secret)
Gib Murphy - (Book: Her Best Bet)
Greg Clayton - (Book: Her Best Christmas Ever)
Gabriel Taggert - (Book: Her Best Friend's Husband)
Gabriel Knight, Major - (Book: Her Every Pleasure)
Gavin Shane - (Book: Her Guardian)
Gavin Shane - (Book: Her Guardian (large print))
Gideon Rosedale - (Book: Her Ladyship's Companion)
Gideon Rosedale - (Book: Her Ladyship's Companion (mass market paperback))
Gregor - (Book: Her Long-Lost Husband)
Garret Underwood - (Book: Her Military Man)
Grey North - (Book: Her One And Only)
Giancarlo of Monticello,
- (Book: Her Own Prince Charming)
Grey Sellers - (Book: Her Private Bodyguard)
Grady Fletcher - (Book: Her Rocky Mountain Protector)
Grady Fletcher - (Book: Her Rocky Mountain Protector (large print))
Gabriel Langley - (Book: Her Secret Lover)
Garrett Frost - (Book: Her Secret, His Baby)
Gabriel Goodfellow - (Book: Her Special Angel)
Gabe Calloway - (Book: Here Comes the Bride)
Garrett Hamilton - (Book: Hero For Dry Creek, A)
Gabriel Flanagan - (Book: Hero In Her Heart)
Gabriel Forrester - (Book: Hero in the Highlands)
Grant MacQuarrie - (Book: Hero of a Highland Wolf)
Garrett Kelly - (Book: Hidden Away)
Gryphon Meridon - (Book: Hidden Heart, The)
Gareth - (Book: Hidden Hearts)
Graham Lawson - (Book: Hidden Obsession)
Gabriel Harper - (Book: Hidden Places)
Galen Steele - (Book: Hidden Pleasures)
Grif Laughton - (Book: Hide in Plain Sight)
Gabe King - (Book: High Mountain Home)
Gavin Renard - (Book: High-Society Mistress)
Gabriel Macpherson - (Book: Highland Call)
Geordie - (Book: Highland Duke, The)
Griffin Campbell - (Book: Highland Fling)
Gordon McHeath - (Book: Highland Heiress)
Gavin MacGregor - (Book: Highland Honor)
Gregor MacFingal Cameron - (Book: Highland Lover)
Graham MacKenzie - (Book: Highland Lovesong)
Gregor MacLachlan - (Book: Highland Nights (reissue))
Gavin MacKenzie - (Book: Highland Sanctuary)
Grant - (Book: Highland Wishes)
Guthrie MacNeill - (Book: Highland Wolf Christmas, A)
Griffin Lockhart - (Book: Highlander In Disguise)
Graham Grant - (Book: Highlander Never Surrenders, A)
Greer - (Book: Highlander Takes a Bride, The)
Gavin Patrick - (Book: Highlander's Bride, The)
Gabriel Stratton - (Book: Highwayman, The)
Gabriel Forester - (Book: Hint of Mischief)
Gabriel Forester - (Book: Hint of Mischief, A (ebook))
Garrett Marshall
- (Book: Hint of Rapture, A)
Greg Rogers - (Book: Hint of Splendor, A)
George Savas - (Book: Hired by Her Husband)
Gabriel Sloan - (Book: His Answered Prayer)
Gable Walker - (Book: His Baby to Love)
Gil Daniels - (Book: His Bare Obsession (ebook))
Griff Corbin - (Book: His Best Friend's Bride)
Griff Corbin - (Book: His Best Friend's Bride (reissue))
Garth Fraser - (Book: His Boots Under Her Bed)
Gavin Fitzjohn - (Book: His Border Bride)
Gabe Cassidy - (Book: His Brother's Keeper)
Gabe Cassidy - (Book: His Brother's Keeper (large print))
Graham Naquin - (Book: His Forever Girl)
Gideon O'Brien - (Book: His Holiday Family)
Gideon O'Brien - (Book: His Holiday Family (large print))
Galen Townsend - (Book: His Lady Midnight)
Gavin Brooks - (Book: His Lover's Little Secret)
Gage Raintree - (Book: His Only Wife)
Geoff Devonshire - (Book: His Royal Prize)
Gray Murdoch - (Book: His Tender Touch)
Garrett Andersen - (Book: His Trouble in Tallulah (ebook))
Greg Taylor - (Book: His Unexpected Family)
Greg Taylor - (Book: His Unexpected Family (large print))
Gabe Braddock - (Book: His Unlikely Lover)
Gareth Fitzallen - (Book: His Wicked Reputation)
Griffin Fairfax - (Book: His Wicked Sins)
Gawain Redcake - (Book: His Wicked Smile)
Gavin Jackson - (Book: His Woman in Command)
Gavin Montgomery - (Book: Hitched)
Gabe Trevino - (Book: Hitched to the Horseman)
George Challoner - (Book: Hitched!)
Graeme Hamilton - (Book: Hold on to the Nights)
Guerriro - (Book: Hold Onto the Night)
Gavin Riley - (Book: Holiday Games (ebook novella))
Grant Wyler - (Book: Home Again)
Grant Morrison - (Book: Home At Last (Hardcover))
Garreth Conroe - (Book: Home Fires)
Grant Saxon - (Book: Home Fires)
Gabe Gallagher - (Book: Home Love Built, The)
Grady McKinney - (Book: Home to Texas)
Grady O'Toole - (Book: Home, a Heart, a Husband, A)
Garret Beck - (Book: Homecoming Reunion)
Garret Beck - (Book: Homecoming Reunion (large print))
Gideon Jakeman - (Book: Hometown Cinderella)
Gus Morales - (Book: Honorable Woman, An)
Gage Farrell - (Book: Hope's Garden)
Gideon Thornton - (Book: Horseman's Frontier Family, The)
Gideon Lane - (Book: Hot and Bothered (ebook))
Garth Duncan - (Book: Hot on Her Heels)
Graham Chance - (Book: Hot Properties)
Geoffrey Girard - (Book: Hot Summer Nights)
Grady O'Toole - (Book: Hot Tamales)
Grant Barrett - (Book: Hour of Need)
Gabe Kendrick - (Book: Housekeeper's Daughter, The)
Gavin McLendon - (Book: How to Be a Scottish Mistress)
Gahn Sutherland - (Book: How to Handle a Highlander)
Giles Masters - (Book: How to Woo a Reluctant Lady)
Gage Dixon - (Book: Hungry Like a Wolf)
Garrick Blackthorn - (Book: Hungry Like The Wolf (ebook))
Gabe Wainwright - (Book: Husband for a Year)
Gavin Callahan - (Book: Husband for Hire)
Greville Falconer,
Colonel Sir
- (Book: Husband's Wicked Ways, A)
Gene and Simon - (Book: Hybrid Misfit)
Gio Carson - (Book: I Am SO Jinxed!)
Grant Sterling - (Book: I Do, But Here's the Catch)
Guiliano - (Book: I, Mona Lisa)
George Grant - (Book: Ice Maiden)
Gabriel Carr - (Book: Ideal Bride, The)
Geoffrey Hamelin - (Book: Ideal Husband, The)
Gage Drummond - (Book: Identity Crisis)
Gage Drummond - (Book: Identity Crisis (large print))
Granville Washington - (Book: If I Can't Have You (hardcover))
Griffin - (Book: If Only (ebook))
Gabriel Vincent - (Book: If You Leave)
Gunnar the Red - (Book: Immortal Champion)
Galen - (Book: Immortally Embraced)
Galen - (Book: Immortally Ever After)
Galen - (Book: Immortally Yours)
Graham Douglas - (Book: Impromptu Bride)
Gideon Graves - (Book: Impromptu Proposal, An)
Gabriel Sinclair - (Book: Improper Arrangement, An)
Guy - (Book: Improper Proposal, An)
George Pembroke
Viscount Sedgewick
- (Book: Improper Proposal, An)
Giovanni Mazetti - (Book: In Bed With Her Italian Boss)
Gabe Jordan - (Book: In From the Cold)
Gabe Jordan - (Book: In From the Cold (large print))
Garrick Throckmorton - (Book: In My Wildest Dreams)
Gabriel Murdock - (Book: In Pursuit of a Princess)
Gabriel Murdock - (Book: In Pursuit of a Princess (large print))
Gabe Thunderhawk - (Book: In the Arms of the Law)
Gabe Thunderhawk - (Book: In the Arms of the Law (reissue))
Gershon - (Book: In The Flesh (ebook))
Gordon Lachlan - (Book: In the Highlander's Bed)
Greg Lawton - (Book: In Your Wildest Dreams)
Giles, Earl of Wyndham - (Book: Inconvenient Marriage, An)
Gerard van der Maes - (Book: Independent Woman, An)
Gerard van der Maes - (Book: Independent Woman, An (reissue))
Gerard van der Maes - (Book: Independent Woman, An (UK))
Galen Vachon - (Book: Indigo)
George IV - (Book: Indiscretions Of The Queen)
Graedon Clegg - (Book: Indulge Me Tonight)
Gabriel Russo - (Book: Inescapable Temptation, An)
Gabriel Russo - (Book: Inescapable Temptation, An (large print))
Guy de Beauchamp
Earl of Warwick
- (Book: Infamous)
Gabriel Danti - (Book: Infamous Italian's Secret Baby, The)
Gabriel Raintree - (Book: Inn at Last Chance)
Gage Hollister - (Book: Innocence Defied (ebook))
Garrett Reaves - (Book: Innocent by Association)
Gervase Wakeford
Earl of Huntley
- (Book: Innocent Deceiver, The)
George, Viscount Wyndham - (Book: Innocent Miss, An)
Gideon Faulkner - (Book: Insider, The)
Gavin Hunter - (Book: Instant Father)
Grant Parker - (Book: Intercepting Daisy)
Germaine - (Book: Intimate Deception)
Geoffrey Hampton - (Book: Into His Arms)
Gareth Wolff - (Book: Into His Private Domain)
Gage - (Book: Intoxicated (novella))
Gabriel Bainbridge, Duke of Garwood - (Book: Intrigued)
Gideon Callahan - (Book: Invasion of Justice (ebook))
Georgie McCabe - (Book: Invisible Cord, The )
Gerald FitzDesmond
Earl of Kilgarvan
- (Book: Irish Earl, The)
Gaelan PenDragon - (Book: Irish Princess, The)
Gideon Ironheart - (Book: Ironheart)
Gavin Cahill - (Book: Irresistible)
Griff Towers
Air Force Colonel
- (Book: Irresistible Forces)
Gavin Fortune - (Book: Irresistible Fortune)
Griff Branchard - (Book: Irresistible Stranger)
Gordan Kramer - (Book: Island Magic)
Guy Walters - (Book: It's a Guy Thing)
Gareth St. Clair - (Book: It's In His Kiss)
Gavin Guthrie - (Book: It's Only Love)
Guido Barberi - (Book: Italian Billionaire's Ruthless Revenge, The)
Gabriel Gessi - (Book: Italian Boss's Secretary Mistress, The)
Gabriel Gessi - (Book: Italian Boss's Secretary Mistress, The (UK))
Gustavo Ferrara - (Book: Italian's Rightful Bride, The)
Gianfranco - (Book: Italian's Runaway Bride, The)
Gianfranco - (Book: Italian's Runaway Bride, The (UK-Large Print))
Gilbert Lindsay - (Book: Jacaranda Bend)
Gage Calloway - (Book: Jessica)
Grayson James - (Book: Jewel of Atlantis)
Griff Morgan - (Book: Jilted Bridegroom, The)
Geoffrey - (Book: Joanna)
Geoffrey - (Book: Joanna (reissue))
George Brooks
Adam Morgan
- (Book: Josephine and the Soldier)
Geoffrey Montgomery, Baron Delavale - (Book: Journey to Enchantment)
Grant Wilder - (Book: Journey to Sand Castle)
Gavin Rutledge - (Book: Just A Kiss Away)
Guy Dennison - (Book: Just Before Dawn)
Garvin MacCrae - (Book: Just Before Sunrise)
Garrett McNamara - (Book: Just for the Night)
George Warren
Duke of Berlinwick
- (Book: Just Impossible)
Marquess of Thayne
- (Book: Just One of Those Flings)
Gardiner Gentry - (Book: Just Say Yes)
Geoffrey Dorrington
Earl of Cheriton
- (Book: Just Say Yes)
Gideon Taylor - (Book: Kansas City's Bravest)
Giles Brentwood
Duke of Havenhall
- (Book: Kathleen)
George Madigan - (Book: KCPD Protector)
Garrick Taylor - (Book: Keeping Her (novella))
Guy Wilder - (Book: Keeping Her Up All Night)
Guy Wilder - (Book: Keeping Her Up All Night (UK))
Greg Hawkins - (Book: Kid to the Rescue, A)
Grenville Martyn - (Book: Kindness of a Rogue, The)
Griffin King - (Book: King Next Door, The)
Giffard Maclennan
- (Book: King of Storms)
Garrett - (Book: Kinky Katy (ebook))
Gareth Fenton - (Book: Kiss at Midnight, A)
Gabriel - (Book: Kiss at Midnight, A)
Giles Channing - (Book: Kiss Me Kate)
Gabriel Cain - (Book: Kiss Me, Kill Me)
Grant Chapman - (Book: Kiss Remembered, A)
Gregg van Halen - (Book: Kiss to Kill, A)
Grant McMurtie - (Book: Kiss to Seal the Deal, A)
Grant McMurtie - (Book: Kiss to Seal the Deal, A (large print))
Garrett McAllister - (Book: Kissed By Cat)
Garrett Beal - (Book: Kissing Bridges)
George Dashwood - (Book: Kissing Garden, The)
Griff Green - (Book: Kissing Her Scrooge (ebook))
Gabe DeLuca - (Book: Kissing Under the Mistletoe)
Greyson Corey - (Book: Kit and Kisses)
Gage Parker - (Book: Klondike Hero)
Geraunt de Paine - (Book: Knight in Waiting, A (UK))
Garteh Sommerville - (Book: Knight's Lady)
Gowain FitzWarren - (Book: Knight's Rebellion)
Geoffrey de Lanceau - (Book: Knight's Vengeance, A)
Guillelm - (Book: Knight's Vow, A)
Guy Northbridge
Gilles du Soleil
- (Book: Knights Elemental, The)
Gawain, Sir - (Book: Knights of the Round Table: Gawain)
Gaylord Humphrey, Sir - (Book: La Casa Dorada)
Gaylord Humphrey, Sir - (Book: La Casa Dorada (reissue))
Gareth Blackthorn
Duke of Balmarough
- (Book: La Flamme)
Grant - (Book: Labrynith of Stars)
Galean - (Book: Labyrinth of the Beast)
Gerard Sinclair - (Book: Laces for a Lady)
Gavin Prescott - (Book: Lacey's Retreat)
Gareth Lynley
- (Book: Lady Althea's Bargain)
Gareth Ripton-Jones - (Book: Lady Anne's Lover)
Gideon Albury - (Book: Lady Beneath the Veil)
George Beame
Viscount Oakfort
- (Book: Lady Elmira's Emerald)
Griff - (Book: Lady Liberty)
Glen Ashton,
Duke of Somerset
- (Book: Lady Madcap)
Grant Dunmore - (Book: Lady of Seduction)
Giles - (Book: Lady of the Storm, The)
Grant St. Benedict, Captain - (Book: Lady Patience)
Gideon Fox,
U.S. Deputy Marshal
- (Book: Lady Renegade)
Greer Barrington - (Book: Lady Risks All, A)
Garth Evernden - (Book: Lady Rosabella's Ruse)
Viscount Howell
- (Book: Lady Whilton's Wedding)
Gregory Rushton - (Book: Lady's Gambit, A)
Giles Blenhurst - (Book: Lady's Lament, A)
Geoffrey Chalfont - (Book: Lady's Masquerade, The)
Guy Trevelyan - (Book: Lady's Revenge, A)
Graeme Campbell - (Book: Laird of Stonehaven, The)
Garth Kessel - (Book: Lakeside)
Garth Culhane - (Book: Land of Enchantment)
Griffyn Renaud - (Book: Last Arrow, The)
Greyson Meadows - (Book: Last Awakening, The (ebook))
Gabe Powell - (Book: Last Chance Cowboy)
Grant Trumbull - (Book: Last Chance Summer (ebook novella))
Gavin Dawson - (Book: Last Kiss)
Griffin, Duke of - (Book: Last Night with the Duke)
Geirolf Ericsson - (Book: Last Viking, The)
Geirolf Ericsson - (Book: Last Viking, The (mass market))
Gerard Percy
Earl of Wanstead
- (Book: Last Waltz, The)
Gabriel Beck - (Book: Last Words)
Gabriel Mendoza - (Book: Lavender Field, The)
Griffin Lawless - (Book: Lawless Man, A )
Garon Grier - (Book: Lawman)
Garon Grier - (Book: Lawman (reissue))
Garon Grier - (Book: Lawman (UK))
Gavin Magadan - (Book: Lean Mean Loving Machine)
Garrett Stark - (Book: Leave it to Max)
Garrison Taggart - (Book: Legacy of Lies (ebook))
Griffin Jackson - (Book: Legal Attraction)
Galen de Marlowe - (Book: Legend, The)
Giles Russell - (Book: Lemon Cake, The)
Gilles de Courmont - (Book: Leoni)
Gray Phillips - (Book: Lesson to Learn)
Gray Philips - (Book: Lesson To Learn (UK))
Gareth St. John - (Book: Lessons After Dark)
Garrett Walker - (Book: Lessons in Indiscretion)
Garrett Walker - (Book: Lessons in Indiscretion eBook)
Gabriel Sinclair - (Book: Lethal Deception)
Griff Lott - (Book: Liar, The (hardcover))
Grey Dempsey - (Book: Light of the Moon)
Grady - (Book: Light to My Path, A)
Guy Gerrard - (Book: Like Enemies)
Greg Bradford - (Book: Like Father, Like Son? (Hardcover))
Greg Thomas - (Book: Like Never Before)
Gareth Kendrick - (Book: Lilac Seduction)
Griffin St. John - (Book: Lion's Shadow, The)
Gabe Fontenot - (Book: Little Bit Guilty, A)
Gideon Pearsall
Viscount Warton
- (Book: Little Bit Wicked, A)
Garrett Brand - (Book: Littlest Cowboy, The)
Guy Miller - (Book: Long for Me (ebook))
Gray Longwalker - (Book: Longwalker's Child)
Gavino Mendez - (Book: Look of Love)
Gunnar Wells - (Book: Look of Love)
Grayson Wallace - (Book: Look-Alike Lawman)
Grayson Wallace - (Book: Look-Alike Lawman (large print))
Guy, Viscount Chillings - (Book: Lord and the Mystery Lady, The)
Giles Carlton - (Book: Lord Carlton's Courtship)
Geoffrey, Baron Dancy - (Book: Lord Dancy's Delight)
George Travers - (Book: Lord Dashwood Missed Out (novella))
George Pennington
Viscount Frederick
- (Book: Lord Freddie's First Love)
Gerald Kane - (Book: Lord Kane's Keepsake)
Godric St. John - (Book: Lord of Darkness)
Gabriel Hawk - (Book: Lord of Fire (ebook))
Gideon - (Book: Lord of the Dark)
Gray de Valence - (Book: Lord of the Dragon)
Gilles - (Book: Lord of the Keep (ebook))
Gabriel Angelstone - (Book: Lord Scandal)
Gary Lindstrom - (Book: Lost Cause)
Gabriel Hazard - (Book: Lost Enchantress, The)
Gray Caldwell - (Book: Lost in a Dream)
Guy Frabosa - (Book: Lost In Love)
Gideon Bannatyne - (Book: Lost In Shadow)
Griffin Shaw - (Book: Lost, The)
Gabe O'Roarke - (Book: Louisiana Lovesong)
Gator Landry - (Book: Louisiana Lovin')
Guy - (Book: Love By Design)
Griffin Phillips - (Book: Love Comes Calling)
Graham Trevelyan
- (Book: Love Forever After)
Earl of Castleton
- (Book: Love in Disguise)
Greg Hollis - (Book: Love Letters)
Gavin - (Book: Love Me (ebook))
Gavin - (Book: Love Me More (ebook))
Grant Connelly - (Book: Love Me Sweet)
Gabriel Moretti - (Book: Love of Vengeance, A)
Gwaltney Harris - (Book: Love Remembered (ebook))
Gage Lowell - (Book: Love Shack, The)
Graham Peters - (Book: Love So Deep, A)
Gabe Spencer - (Book: Love Undercover)
Grady - (Book: Love Water Memory (hardcover))
Giles Noble - (Book: Love's Duel)
Gavin St. Clair - (Book: Love's Legacy)
Garit Behringer - (Book: Love's Timeless Hope)
Gardner Kegan - (Book: Lover and Deceiver)
Garth Blackfire - (Book: Lovers' Moon)
Greyson McCallum - (Book: Loving Arrangement, A)
Giles D'Evreux,
- (Book: Loyal Hearts)
Giles D'Evreux,
- (Book: Loyal Hearts (UK))
Gabriel - (Book: Lucifer's Angel)
Gabriel, Earl of Sarne - (Book: Lucinda)
Garrett Lynch - (Book: Luck of the Devil)
Geoffrey St. Athan - (Book: Lucy's Christmas Angel)
Griffin Stone - (Book: Lullabies And Lies)
Gareth Knightley - (Book: Lyndhurst and Lydia)
Gilmour MacGowan - (Book: MacGowan Betrothal, The)
Gabe MacGowan - (Book: MacGowan's Ghost)
Griffin - (Book: Mad About the Earl)
Grayson St. Cyre
Lord Cliffe
- (Book: Mad Jack)
Gabriel - (Book: Mad Knight's Bride, The (ebook))
Gavin Paige - (Book: Made For Each Other )
Georges, Marquic Cruzy-le-Chatel - (Book: Madeleine's Christmas Wish (ebook))
Gabriel St. John - (Book: Magic for Joy)
Gideon van der Vorst - (Book: Magic of Living, The)
Gideon van der Vorst - (Book: Magic of Living, The (reissue))
Gideon van der Vorst - (Book: Magic of Living, The (UK-reissue))
Gabe Masters - (Book: Magnate's Pregnancy Proposal, The)
Gregory Wishart
Earl of Edgerton
- (Book: Magnificent Masquerade, The )
Grey St. Bride - (Book: Mail-Order Brides, The)
Gabe Hunters - (Book: Mail-Order Husband)
Greg Chandler - (Book: Make Room for Daddy)
Gabriel Dillard - (Book: Make-Believe Husband)
Guy - (Book: Making Mischief)
Gabe O'Connor - (Book: Man for Maggie Moore, A)
Gabe Cooper - (Book: Man from Gossamer Ridge, The)
Greg Dumas - (Book: Man In The Mist)
Grant Edwards - (Book: Man She Can Trust, A)
Grant Edwards - (Book: Man She Can Trust, A)
Garret Kelly - (Book: Man Tamer, The)
Gabriel O'Shaunessy - (Book: Man That Got Away, The)
Grant Clifton - (Book: Man Who Had Everything, The)
Gabe Sanchez - (Book: Man Worth Remembering, A)
Gabriel Caruso - (Book: Manhunter)
Gabriel Sparhawk, Captain - (Book: Mariah's Prize)
Gilbert Ingraham - (Book: Marian's Christmas Wish)
Gideon - (Book: Marked by Moonlight)
Gideon March - (Book: Marked by Moonlight (reissue))
Gavin Lawrence
Marquess of Arinmede
- (Book: Marquess, The)
Gage Morgan - (Book: Marriage Agreement, The)
Gage Morgan - (Book: Marriage Agreement, The (UK))
Gabriel Verne - (Book: Marriage at a Distance)
G.T. - (Book: Marriage in a Bottle)
Gabriel Delaney - (Book: Marriage Knot, The)
Gage Forrester - (Book: Marriage Made on Paper)
Gage Forrester - (Book: Marriage Made on Paper (large print))
Gideon Sparks, Captain - (Book: Marriage Minded)
Gage Baron - (Book: Marriage on the Edge)
Griffin de Grandaise - (Book: Marriage Test, The)
Garrett Hughes - (Book: Marriage to Fight For, A)
Gabe Purvis - (Book: Married by High Noon)
Grant Smythe - (Book: Married for the Boss's Baby (ebook))
Gideon Langford - (Book: Married in a Moment )
Greg Wyman - (Book: Married in Haste)
Gerrick Green - (Book: Married in the Morning)
Greg Hogan - (Book: Married or Not?)
Gareth Rhayadar - (Book: Marry in Haste)
Gideon Rochelle
Marquis of Vere
- (Book: Marrying the Marquis)
Gabe Taggart - (Book: Marrying the Preacher's Daughter)
Garrett Cain - (Book: Marshal's Ready Made Family, The)
Geoffrey ae'Magi - (Book: Masques)
Gabriel of Whitestone - (Book: Master of Desire)
Gabriel Cabrini - (Book: Master Of Pleasure)
Gabriel Cabrini - (Book: Master of Pleasure (UK edition))
Gawain - (Book: Master of Swords)
Garrett McHale - (Book: Match for the Single Dad, A)
Garrett Cantrell - (Book: Match Made In Bliss, A)
Gavin Parker - (Book: Matchmakers, The)
Gabe Stockman - (Book: Mating Season, The)
Gabriel Meeks - (Book: Matrimony Plan, The)
Giles van der Tiele - (Book: Matter of Chance, A)
Giles van der Tiele - (Book: Matter of Chance, A (reissue))
Giles van der Tiele - (Book: Matter of Chance, A (UK))
Giles van der Tiele - (Book: Matter of Chance, A (UK-Large Print))
Giles van der Tiele - (Book: Matter of Chance, A (UK-reissue))
Greydon Brakenridge - (Book: Matter of Scandal, A)
Gordon Lane, Doctor - (Book: Matter Of Trust , A)
Gage Christensen - (Book: Maverick and the Manhattanite, The)
Guy McCann - (Book: Maverick, The)
Griff Mitchell - (Book: Maverick, The)
Garrett McKettrick - (Book: McKettricks of Texas: Garrett)
Garrett McKettrick - (Book: McKettricks of Texas: Garrett (reprint))
Garrick Swenson - (Book: Meadowlark)
Giles Steadford - (Book: Meddlesome Ghost, The)
Gregorii Harkov - (Book: Medusa Affair, The)
Gabriel MacGregor - (Book: Meet Me in Scotland)
Greenwich, Lord - (Book: Meet the Earl at Midnight)
Gavin Brice - (Book: Melting the Ice Queen's Heart (eBook))
Gabriel Stern - (Book: Memory Zero)
Gabriel Stern - (Book: Memory Zero)
Gabriel Cayne - (Book: Merry Christmas, Daddy)
Garrett - (Book: Message in the Bottle)
Gabriel - (Book: Messenger's Angel)
Griffin O'Dell - (Book: Midas's Bride)
Glenn Bridgman - (Book: Midnight Caller)
Gabriel McGraw - (Book: Midnight Crusader)
Gerard Pasquale - (Book: Midnight Enchantment)
Garrett Taylor - (Book: Midnight Magic)
Gage Tanner - (Book: Midnight Promises)
Grant Sullivan - (Book: Midnight Rainbow)
Gideon Renaud - (Book: Midnight Rose)
George Overton, Sir - (Book: Midsummer Moon)
Gunner Ainslie - (Book: Midsummer Night's Romp, A)
Gregory Donnelly - (Book: Midsummer's Eve)
Gian Di Luzio - (Book: Midwife's Courage, The)
Gar Lundstrom - (Book: Midwife, The)
Gabe Thorne - (Book: Millionaire and the M.D., The)
Gideon Falcon - (Book: Millionaire's Christmas Wife, The)
Gavin Hastings IV - (Book: Millionaire's Marriage Claim, The)
Gabriel Greppi - (Book: Millionaire's Revenge, The)
Garek Wisnewski - (Book: Millionaire's Reward, The (UK))
Gabe MacIntosh - (Book: Mine)
Gian Ren - (Book: Mine to Take)
Gabriel Woolf - (Book: Mine to Take)
Geoffrey of Warmaine - (Book: Minstrel's Song, A)
Gus - (Book: Miracle for His Secret Son, A)
Grant Kirby - (Book: Miracle of Love)
Grady Foster - (Book: Miracle Under the Mistletoe)
Greg - (Book: Miranda's Big Mistake)
Greg - (Book: Miranda's Big Mistake (reissue))
Gideon Whitbury
Marquess of Greyleigh
- (Book: Misfit Marquess, The)
Grenville Waiwright
- (Book: Miss Armstead Wears Black Gloves)
Gavin Sinclair
Earl of Brisbane
- (Book: Miss Carlyle's Curricle)
Gareth Stavely
Baron Lindale
- (Book: Miss Chadwick's Champion)
Gage Dalton - (Book: Miss Emmaline and the Archangel)
Garrick Slaughter - (Book: Miss Osborne Misbehaves)
Geoffrey Rathburn - (Book: Miss Woodley's Experiment)
George Barringer - (Book: Miss Wyndham's Escapade)
Garth Tolton
Earl of Sanderson
- (Book: Missing Grooms, The)
Grayson Cantrelle - (Book: Mississippi Flame)
Gabe Sloan - (Book: Mistletoe Hero)
Grant Roderick - (Book: Mistletoe Matchmaker)
Grant Roderick - (Book: Mistletoe Matchmaker (large print))
Greville Seton, Sir - (Book: Mistletoe Mischief)
Graham Stone - (Book: Mistletoe, Baby)
Garrick Farne - (Book: Mistress by Midnight)
Gareth Malloy - (Book: Mistress of Purity (ebook))
Gabe MacAllister - (Book: Mistress Scandal, The)
Geoffrey - (Book: Mistress, The)
Gawain - (Book: Mists of Time, The)
Grey Wilson - (Book: Molly Gets Her Man (ebook))
Gib Harden - (Book: Mom For Hire)
Guy Hardy - (Book: Mom In The Middle)
Guy Hardy - (Book: Mom in the Middle)
Guy Hardy - (Book: Mom in the Middle [Large Print])
Grant Price - (Book: Moment on the Lips, A)
Guy Tripopulous - (Book: Mommy and the Policeman Next Door)
Grady McCabe - (Book: Mommy For Hire)
Gryphon and Amber - (Book: Mona Lisa Awakening)
Gryphon and Amber - (Book: Mona Lisa Blossoming)
Gage Gatlin - (Book: Montana Legend)
Guy Westrope
Earl of Buckland
- (Book: Moonlight and Mistletoe)
Garrett Hughes - (Book: Moonlight in Paris)
Galen Donovan - (Book: Moonlust Privateer)
George Upperton - (Book: Most Devilish Rogue, A)
Gavin O'Neal - (Book: Most Shocking Revelation, A)
Garrett Cullum - (Book: Mother in a Moment)
Greg Stewart - (Book: Mother Knows Best)
Graham Kincaid - (Book: Mother's Secret, A)
Greg Novak - (Book: Motor City Wolf (E-Book))
Garrett Daines - (Book: Mountain Wild)
Gabe Sloan - (Book: Moving Target)
Gabe Piretti - (Book: Mr Strictly Business)
Grant Templeton - (Book: Mr. Right, Next Door)
Grant Templeton - (Book: Mr. Right, Next Door (large print))
Giles Rushford - (Book: Mr. Rushford's Honor)
Giles Rushford - (Book: Mr. Rushford's Honour (UK))
Griffin Powell - (Book: Murder Game, The)
Giovanni - (Book: My Carina)
Guy de Marche, Earl of Sedgewick - (Book: My Cherished Enemy)
Guy fitzAlan - (Book: My Enemy, My Love)
Gordon Barras - (Book: My Fair Highlander)
Garrick Asquith-Wolf - (Book: My Fallen Angel)
Gray MacKenna - (Book: My Highland Lover (ebook))
Gideon O'Riley - (Book: My Hope is Found)
Gregory - (Book: My Lady Faye)
Geraint, Sir - (Book: My Lady Innocent (UK))
Gideon - (Book: My Lady Mage)
Graham Falconer - (Book: My Lady Pirate)
Graeham - (Book: My Lady Runaway)
Gresham Sedgewick - (Book: My Lady Wayward)
Gareth Beaumont - (Book: My Lady's Guardian)
Gilen de Mowbry - (Book: My Lady's Honor)
Gavin St. Aldan, Earl of St. Aldan - (Book: My Lord Destiny)
Gideon Ravel - (Book: My Lord Vampire)
Gilead MacOengus - (Book: My Noble Knight)
Giles Blake - (Book: My Only Love, My Only Hate)
Gideon Poletti
- (Book: My Private Detective)
Grant Peterson - (Book: My Reckless Valentine)
Graham MacTavish - (Book: My Seductive Highlander (ebook))
Gabel de Amalville
- (Book: My Valiant Knight)
Gabel de Amalville - (Book: My Valiant Knight (reissue))
Gabriel Rossiter - (Book: Naked Edge)
Gregory Finch - (Book: Nanny Makes Three)
Gregory Finch - (Book: Nanny Makes Three (Large Print))
Gabe Wesson - (Book: Nanny's Homecoming, The (large print))
Gage Milano - (Book: Naughty Christmas Nights)
Gray Barnett - (Book: Naughty Corner, The)
Graham Brock - (Book: Nauti Enchantress)
Gideon Haverston - (Book: Nearly a Lady)
Grant Sheldon, MD - (Book: Necessary Measures)
Gwydion - (Book: Nectar from a Stone)
Guy Boyd - (Book: Needed: Full-Time Father)
Guy Boyd - (Book: Needed: Full-Time Father (UK))
Gavin Sheppard - (Book: Negotiating Point (ebook novella))
Glen Olsen - (Book: Neighborly Thing, The)
Gene Nelson - (Book: Nelson's Brand)
Gene Nelson - (Book: Nelson's Brand)
Gene Nelson - (Book: Nelson's Brand (reissue))
Gavin Sutherland - (Book: Never Again)
Gray Calhoun - (Book: Never Again)
Gareth Lloyd - (Book: Never Deceive a Duke)
Gareth Van den Hout - (Book: Never Say Never)
Graeme Montgomery - (Book: Never Seduce a Scot)
Gabe Griffin - (Book: Never Surrender)
Gabriel Moss - (Book: Never Tell)
Gabriel Sinclair - (Book: Never Trust a Rake)
Garrett Emerson - (Book: New Year's Wish, The (ebook))
Gabe Malone - (Book: New Year, New Love)
Garrett Taylor - (Book: Next Comes Love)
Gabriel - (Book: Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors)
Gabriel - (Book: Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men)
Gabriel Nightengale - (Book: Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs)
Gabriel - (Book: Nice Girls Don't Live Forever)
Gabriel MacBraedon - (Book: Night Before the Wedding, The)
Gator Fontenot - (Book: Night Game)
Gil Hanford - (Book: Night Hawk)
Gabe Carter - (Book: Night Heat (ebook))
Gabriel Seran - (Book: Night Lost)
Galen McManus - (Book: Night Mischief)
Gray Bannon - (Book: Night Moves)
Grieve - (Book: Night Seeker)
Gage Guthrie - (Book: Night Shadow)
Gareth, Lord Shenley - (Book: Night's Rose)
Gavin Nighthawk - (Book: Nighthawk's Child)
Gavin Nighthawk - (Book: Nighthawk's Child)
Gordon Kinkaid - (Book: Nightingale's Song, The)
Garrick Rowe - (Book: Nightrose)
Greg Stone - (Book: Nights Before Christmas, The)
Gideon - (Book: Nightwalkers: Gideon, The)
Guy Giroux, MD - (Book: Nightwatch)
Gabe Carver - (Book: Nikki and the Lone Wolf)
Gabe Carver - (Book: Nikki and the Lone Wolf (large print))
Gabriel St. John - (Book: Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake)
Gabe - (Book: No Apologies (ebook))
Gabe Maddox - (Book: No Chance)
Grant Kent - (Book: No Escape)
Georg Nicolaos - (Book: No Gentle Seduction)
Grey Sommers - (Book: No Longer a Gentleman )
Grant MacLean - (Book: No Need for Love)
Grayson Smith - (Book: No One Left to Tell)
Giles - (Book: No Place for a Dame)
Griff Turcotte
- (Book: No Quarter Given)
Gareth Mardon - (Book: No Way to Say Goodbye)
Gage Carswell - (Book: Nobody Does It Better)
Grayson Merimon - (Book: Not Planning on You)
Gareth Berenger,
Marquis of Highcroft
- (Book: Nothing Denied)
Griffin Benedict - (Book: Nothiung But The Truth)
Gabriel Sinclair, Earl of Blackstone - (Book: Notorious Angel)
Grant Farrell, Colonel - (Book: Notorious Angel, The)
Grant Farrell, Colonel - (Book: Notorious Angel, The)
Grant Farrell, Colonel - (Book: Notorious Angel, The (ebook))
Grant Farrell, Colonel - (Book: Notorious Angel, The (Hardcover))
Gabriel Diaz - (Book: Notorious Gabriel Diaz, The)
Gabriel Diaz - (Book: Notorious Gabriel Diaz, The (large print))
Griffin Remmington - (Book: Notorious Pleasures)
Garrett Burke - (Book: Notorious Proposition, A)
Giric Armstrong - (Book: Oath Broken, An)
Viscount Astor
- (Book: Obedient Bride, The)
Gene Brannick - (Book: Obvious Virtue, An)
Gabriel Carew
Earl of Trevellyn
- (Book: Offer to Love, An)
Gabriel Carew
Earl of Trevellyn
- (Book: Offer to Love, An (UK))
Grant Brewster - (Book: Oh, Babies!)
Grant Morrison - (Book: Older Man, The)
Gannon MacMagnus - (Book: On a Highland Shore)
Gannon MacMagnus - (Book: On a Highland Shore (reissue))
Griffin York - (Book: On Her Side)
Griffin York - (Book: On Her Side (large print))
Gabriel Connor - (Book: On The List)
Gregory Bridgerton - (Book: On The Way to the Wedding)
Girard - (Book: On The Winds Of Love)
Graham - (Book: Once a Gypsy)
George Gordon Audley - (Book: Once a Rebel)
Guy Harcourt - (Book: Once Burned)
Griffin Hunter - (Book: Once Burned (ebook))
Garrett Carter - (Book: Once is Never Enough)
Griffin St. Martin - (Book: Once More)
Gus Dennis - (Book: Once More With Feeling)
Gus Hoffman - (Book: Once More, At Midnight)
Garrett Gage - (Book: Once Pregnant, Twice Shy)
Griffin Verdi - (Book: Once Upon a Billionaire (ebook))
Greg Shaw - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas Night...)
Grim Mackintosh - (Book: Once Upon a Highland Christmas (ebook))
Graeham - (Book: Once Upon a Kiss)
Gabriel Gannon - (Book: Once Upon a Proposal)
Gowan Stoughton - (Book: Once Upon a Tower)
George Bentley - (Book: One Bride: Baby Included)
Giorgio Sabbatini - (Book: One Last Night)
Giorgio Sabbatini - (Book: One Last Night)
Grant Carter - (Book: One More Chance)
Garett Lazlo - (Book: One Night in His Bed)
Garett Lazlo - (Book: One Night in His Bed (Large Print))
Galen Kelly - (Book: One Night More)
Gavin Byrne - (Book: One Night With A Prince)
Graydon Gallagher - (Book: One Night with the Tycoon)
Gabriel St. James - (Book: One Summer)
Gray Preston - (Book: One Sweet Ride)
Grady Sloan's - (Book: One Texas Night)
Gentry Wells - (Book: One Wild Night)
Gian Urbano - (Book: One With the Shadows)
George - (Book: Only Beloved)
Garret MacQuade - (Book: Only Forever)
Greyson Ballantyne - (Book: Only in My Dreams)
Gil Chandler - (Book: Only Make-Believe)
Gunner Montay - (Book: Only the Best)
Grant Farley - (Book: Only the Brave Try Ballet)
Giff Jacobs - (Book: Only the Lonely)
Grayson Wyatt - (Book: Only With You)
Garth Remy - (Book: Operation: Monarch)
Gabe Cutter - (Book: Other Bride, The)
Gage Kingston - (Book: Other Woman, The)
Gareth St. John - (Book: Otherwise Engaged)
Gray Fisher - (Book: Out of Body)
G. K. Gifford - (Book: Out Of Control)
Grady Chastell - (Book: Outfoxed (ebook))
Griffith ap Powel - (Book: Outrageous)
Geoffrey Talbot - (Book: Outrageous Proposal, An)
Greg Hicks - (Book: Over Exposed)
Grant Waverly - (Book: Overnight Groom, The)
Garrett Stokes - (Book: Overnight Sensation)
Gerry - (Book: P.S. I Love You)
Gideon Steele - (Book: Pagan Enchantment)
Graham Tristan - (Book: Panther & the Pyramid, The)
Garner Townsend - (Book: Paradise Bargain, The)
Griffin Sampson - (Book: Parlor Tricks (ebook))
Grady Wilson - (Book: Partner, The)
Gideon Maitland - (Book: Passion from the Past)
Guy Masters - (Book: Passion's Thunder)
Grant Benson - (Book: Passionate Game)
Guy Boudreaux - (Book: Passionate Premiere)
Gil Harper - (Book: Past, Present and a Future)
Gabriel Valera - (Book: Paternity Plan, The)
Grayling (Gray) Dunston - (Book: Patterns of Love)
Gabriel Stern - (Book: Penumbra)
Gabriel Stern - (Book: Penumbra (resissue))
Gabriel Blackwell - (Book: Perfect Fit)
Gabriel Blackwell - (Book: Perfect Fit)
Graham Smith - (Book: Perfect Gem, A)
Gareth Simmonds - (Book: Perfect Lover, The)
Guy Cooke - (Book: Perfect Match, The)
Griff Stuart - (Book: Perfect Partners)
Gavin - (Book: Perfect Pitch (ebook))
Gage Thornton - (Book: Petals On The River)
Giannis Petrakos - (Book: Petrakos Bride, The)
Gerard Lacey - (Book: Phyllida)
Gerard Lacey - (Book: Phyllida (reissue))
Guy De Young - (Book: Pirate)
Gideon Horn - (Book: Pirate Lord, The)
Grayson Finley - (Book: Pirate Next Door, The)
Grayson Finley - (Book: Pirate Next Door, The (ebook))
Garrett O'Keefe - (Book: Pirate O'Keefe, The)
Gavin Broderick, Captain - (Book: Pirate's kiss)
Gideon Tate - (Book: Place Called Home, A)
Greg King - (Book: Play Dirty)
Griff Burkett - (Book: Play Dirty (Hardcover))
Greg Spencer/Spencer St. Gregory - (Book: Play It Again, Sam)
Gray Bennett - (Book: Player, The (reissue))
Grant Osprey - (Book: Playing For Her Heart (ebook))
Gib Collingwood - (Book: Playing Hard To Get)
Gabe Weston - (Book: Playing the Part)
Gabe Weston - (Book: Playing the Part (large print))
Gabriel Tauhou - (Book: Playing with Fire)
Graydon Canter - (Book: Playing with Trouble (ebook))
Garreth MacRieve - (Book: Pleasure of a Dark Prince)
Duke of Pevensey
- (Book: Plight of Pamela Pollworth, The)
Gabriel Stone - (Book: Power of Love, The)
Gabe - (Book: Power Shift (ebook))
Geoffrey d'Arbanville - (Book: Prairie Knight)
Grayson Kirkland - (Book: Prairie Song)
Guy de Bellemare - (Book: Prayer and a Promise, A)
Gil Chadwick - (Book: Preacher's Bride, The)
Gerald Stapleton - (Book: Precious Jewel, A)
Gerald Stapleton - (Book: Precious Jewel, A (reissue))
Giovanni Amato,
- (Book: Pregnant By The Italian Count)
Gavin Riordan - (Book: Pregnant Nurse, New-Found Family )
Gianluca De Rossi - (Book: Pregnant with the de Rossi Heir)
Gianluca De Rossi - (Book: Pregnant with the de Rossi Heir (UK))
Gunner Wilson - (Book: Pretty Lawless (ebook))
Gunnar Wilson - (Book: Pretty Reckless (ebook))
Gunner Wilson - (Book: Pretty Shameless (ebook))
Griffin Wright-Jones
Viscount of Breckenridge
- (Book: Price of Desire, The)
Grady Lewis - (Book: Price of Honor, The)
Grant Sutherland, Captain - (Book: Price of Pleasure, The)
Gideon McCabe,
- (Book: Primrose)
Gray Alexander - (Book: Prince Charming's Return)
Gareth, Lord Shenley - (Book: Prince of Frogs, The)
Gabriel Durham - (Book: Prince of Magic)
Gabriel Emerson - (Book: Prince, The (ebook novella))
Gavin Sinclair - (Book: Princess Under the Mistletoe)
Gabriel Morgan - (Book: Princess's White Knight, The)
Gage Parrish - (Book: Private Bodyguard, The)
Gage Dabon - (Book: Private Lies)
Grey Nichols - (Book: Private Pleasures)
Gage Powell - (Book: Prodigal Bride, The)
Gideon Hooley - (Book: Promise Box, The)
Gabriel Miller - (Book: Promise for Miriam, A)
Geoffrey Garrett - (Book: Promise for Spring, A)
Gavin Blake - (Book: Promise Me Spring)
Gabriel Phillips - (Book: Promise of Paradise)
Grady Stryker - (Book: Promise of Thunder, A)
Gareth Lindsey - (Book: Promise Once Made, A)
Gunter Behaim - (Book: Promise, The)
George Landris - (Book: Promises Beyond Jordan)
Gareth Carhart, Marquess of Blakely - (Book: Proof By Seduction)
Garrett Temple - (Book: Proposal at the Lazy S Ranch (large print))
Gideon Brand - (Book: Protected in His Arms)
Gus - (Book: Protected, The)
Grayson Sinclair - (Book: Protector's Promise, The)
Grayson Bridlington
Earl of Hawkeswell
- (Book: Provocative in Pearls)
Giles Lindsey - (Book: Prudent Partnership, The)
Grant Cassidy - (Book: Quarterback Draw)
Garrett Hancock - (Book: Question of Justice, A)
Gervase Frant - (Book: Quiet Gentleman, A (reissue))
Gervase Frant
Earl of St. Erth
- (Book: Quiet Gentleman, The)
Gervase Frant - (Book: Quiet Gentleman, The (new edition))
Gideon Zook - (Book: Rachel's Garden)
Gabriel - (Book: Radio Silence (ebook))
Gabe Coleman - (Book: Rage of Passion)
Gabe Coleman - (Book: Rage Of Passion (reissue))
Gabe Coleman - (Book: Rage of Passion (reissue))
Gideon Raintree - (Book: Raintree: Haunted)
Gray Baron - (Book: Raising the Stakes)
Giles Fitzalen-Hill
- (Book: Rake's Journey, A)
Guy Carlton - (Book: Rake's Progress)
Gabe Coulter - (Book: Ranch Called Home, A)
Gray Covey - (Book: Rancher and the Rock Star, The)
Gavin Blake - (Book: Rancher Returns, The)
Garth Colquitt - (Book: Rancher's Double Dilemma)
Grant Cortez - (Book: Rancher's Rules, The)
Gary Kidman - (Book: Rancher's Twins: Mom Needed)
Grason Spencer - (Book: Ransom)
Garet - (Book: Rapture's Delight)
Gallus Lucan - (Book: Raven's Quest (ebook))
Gallus Lucan - (Book: Raven's Quest (paperback))
Gareth Rochester - (Book: Raven's Ransom)
Gideon Westbrook
Viscount St. Justice
- (Book: Ravished)
Grayson McDonough - (Book: Raw Edges)
Gregory Talbott - (Book: Rebel and His Bride, The (ebook))
Griff Taylor - (Book: Rebel At Heart, A)
Gil Wakeham - (Book: Rebel in Disguise)
Griff Warren - (Book: Rebel of Copper Creek, The)
Gabe Burrell - (Book: Rebel, The)
Garrett MacLean - (Book: Reckless)
Gabriel Banner
Earl of Wylde
- (Book: Reckless)
Gabriel Santos - (Book: Reckless Night in Rio)
Germain de Belleforiere - (Book: Reckless Splendor)
Gideon Maddox - (Book: Red Carpet Christmas)
Griffin Cadogan - (Book: Red Hot Dragon (ebook))
Gideon Cross - (Book: Reflected in You)
Gabe Beauford - (Book: Reforming Gabe)
Grant Borrows - (Book: Relentless)
Grant Spencer - (Book: Relentless)
Greg Banning - (Book: Reluctant Cinderella, The)
Garrett Cantrell - (Book: Reluctant Heiress, The)
Geoffrey Curwen
Viscount Morpeth
- (Book: Reluctant Suitor, The)
Gregory Wallace - (Book: Reluctant Wife, A)
Greg Chalmers - (Book: Remembering That Night)
Gabriel Cole - (Book: Renegade)
Griffin - (Book: Renegade)
Gage Phillips - (Book: Renegade Cowboy Returns, The)
Gareth Denville - (Book: Reprobate Lord, Runaway Lady)
Gideon Merrill - (Book: Rescue Doctor's Baby Miracle, The)
Gideon Merrill - (Book: Rescue Doctor's Baby Miracle, The (UK))
Gideon - (Book: Resurrecting Midnight)
Gabe Moriarty - (Book: Return of the Bad Girl)
Guy - (Book: Return to Belle Amber)
Gabriel Donner - (Book: Reunion)
Garrett Dermonté - (Book: Reunited)
Garrett Dermonte - (Book: Reunited)
Gilrohan - (Book: Revealing Skills)
Galen Hawk - (Book: Revenge Wears Rubies)
Guy Heller - (Book: Rhinestone Cowboy)
Gabriel Webb - (Book: Rich Man's Touch, A)
Gervaise Valerian - (Book: Riddle of the Deplorable Dandy, The)
Gideon Avarest - (Book: Ride the Thunder)
Guy Michael Mathers
Viscount Kantwell
- (Book: Ride the Winter Wind)
Grant Callahan - (Book: Riding The Line (ebook))
Gideon Marshall - (Book: Right Kind of Trouble, The)
Giles - (Book: Ring of Desire)
Gareth Sandison - (Book: Ripe for Scandal)
Griffin Blackmoor - (Book: Risk Worth Taking, A)
Gage Harper - (Book: Risk-Taker, The)
Gil Webb - (Book: Risky Business)
Gabe Rizzuto - (Book: Risque)
Garrick De Vere - (Book: Rival, The)
Griffin - (Book: River of Dreams )
Gray Morgan - (Book: River's Dream)
Grant Emerson - (Book: Riverboat Seduction)
Gabe Davidson - (Book: Rocky Mountain Hero)
Grady Farrell - (Book: Rodeo Man)
Greyson King - (Book: Rogue)
Gabriel Wellsby - (Book: Rogue And The Hellion, The)
Garrett Mortimer - (Book: Rogue Hunter, The)
Grayson Rhodes - (Book: Rogue in Texas, A)
Grayson Rhodes - (Book: Rogue in Texas, A (e-book))
Griff Shaw - (Book: Rogue Who Came to Stay, The)
Gideon Harrow - (Book: Rogue You Know, The)
Gabe Deveraux - (Book: Rogue's Heart, A)
Viscount Ashwell
- (Book: Rogue's Masquerade, A)
Gene Crawford - (Book: Romantic and the Realist, The)
George Randolph - (Book: Rose)
Gaston de Thorne, Sir - (Book: Rose Among Thorns)
Gunnar - (Book: Rose and the Shield, The)
Gerard de Arnay - (Book: Rose Arch, The)
Gervase Maxwell - (Book: Rose Domino, The)
Giles Montague,
Earl of Kimbalton
- (Book: Roses for Harriet)
Galen Harris - (Book: Royal Heist)
Galen Harris - (Book: Royal Heist (large print))
Gage Weston - (Book: Royal Spy)
Gerald St. Simon - (Book: Royal Street)
Georgio Do Leone - (Book: Royally Romanced)
Griffin Reid - (Book: Rumor Has It )
Giles Harker - (Book: Rumors)
Grant Turpin - (Book: Runaway Heiress, The)
- (Book: Runaway Maid)
Gabe Hamilton - (Book: Rush)
Grady Wolfe - (Book: Ruthless Heart)
Geoff Fulton - (Book: Ruthless Need)
Garrett Lawrence - (Book: Sacred Secrets (ebook))
Grant Fennell - (Book: Saints and Scholars (ebook))
Grady Wilkes - (Book: Sanctuary Island)
Gabe Cantrell - (Book: Sand Dollar)
Gaylon D'Loe - (Book: Santa's Feast (ebook))
Grant Williams - (Book: Sarah's Garden (reissue))
Grey Richards and Heath Solis - (Book: Satin Sash, The)
Gray Wing - (Book: Savage Bliss)
Gray Eagle - (Book: Savage Ecstasy)
Gray Wolf - (Book: Savage Innocence)
Gray Wolf - (Book: Savage Innocence (reissue))
Griffin - (Book: Savage Lord Griffin, The)
Garth McClelland - (Book: Savage Surrender)
Grant Gallagher - (Book: Savannah Secrets)
Lord Woodbridge
- (Book: Saved by Scandal)
Grisham Abbot - (Book: Saved By the SEAL)
Grayson McCall - (Book: Saving Cinderella)
Gabriel MacBain - (Book: Saving Grace)
Graham Fitz Clare - (Book: Saving Midnight)
Garth Saxon - (Book: Saxon's Lady)
Gabriel Bond - (Book: Scandal Never Sleeps)
Garret Cagan - (Book: Scandal's Child)
Gavin Norfolk - (Book: Scandalous)
Gabriel Ansell
Earl of Campion
- (Book: Scandalous Again)
George Winterbrook
Earl of Weymouth
- (Book: Scandalous Journey, A)
Gregorios Venizelos - (Book: Scarlet Poppies)
Gabriel Blankenship - (Book: Scene of the Crime: Return to Bachelor Moon)
Gage Brewer - (Book: Scorched)
Grant Robertson
Earl of Straithern
- (Book: Scottish Companion, The)
Grant St.Williams
Earl of Byford
- (Book: Scottish Legacy, The)
Gordon MacDermond - (Book: Scottish Love, A)
Gawain Lammergeier - (Book: Scoundrel, The)
Gabe Bristow - (Book: SEAL of Honor)
Garrett Solomon - (Book: SEAL's Stolen Child, The)
Garth Vale - (Book: SEALed Forever)
Gidry Chavis - (Book: Sealed with a Kiss)
Giles Rutherford - (Book: Season for Desire)
Gavin Sawyer - (Book: Season of Hope)
Grant Monohan - (Book: Season of Joy)
Grant Monohan - (Book: Season of Joy (large print))
Galeazzo D'Ascanio - (Book: Season of Storms)
Garrett Forester,
Earl of Whitshire
- (Book: Season of Virtues, A)
Gavin - (Book: Season, The (hardcover))
Garrett Willows - (Book: Second Chance Match)
Garrett Willows - (Book: Second Chance Match (large print))
Gavin Matheson - (Book: Second Chance, The)
Grant Sheldon, MD - (Book: Second Opinion)
Gus Hathaway, Chief Inspector - (Book: Second Opinion)
Gabriel Jones - (Book: Second Sight)
Gavin Jarret - (Book: Second Sister, The)
Gideon Marshall - (Book: Secondhand Bride (reprint))
Gideon Stone - (Book: Secret Assignment)
Gideon Stone - (Book: Secret Assignment (large print))
Gianfranco - (Book: Secret baby, Convenient Wife)
Graeme MacKenzie - (Book: Secret Gift, The)
Gabriel Cynster - (Book: Secret Love, A)
Gray Scott - (Book: Secret Protector)
Gray Scott - (Book: Secret Protector (large print))
Gene Sajak - (Book: Secret Sins)
Gabriel Cruz - (Book: Secret Spanish Love-Child, The (UK))
Grayson de Camville - (Book: Secret Vows)
Gabe Hamilton - (Book: Secret Wedding Dress, The)
Gabe Hamilton - (Book: Secret Wedding Dress, The (UK))
Greg Antonelli - (Book: Secrets of a Small Town)
Duke of Cranwell
- (Book: Secrets Of The Heart)
Gideon Mayne - (Book: Seduced at Midnight)
Gabriel St. Aubyn - (Book: Seduced By A Stranger)
Gwain - (Book: Seducing Sir Gwain (ebook))
Grant Ashbury, Lord Westfield - (Book: Seduction is Forever)
Grayson Boscastle
Marquess of Sedgecroft
- (Book: Seduction of an English Scoundrel, The)
Gray Edwards - (Book: See No Evil)
Greg Healey - (Book: Seeking Single Male)
Gil Hamilton - (Book: Sensible Wife, A)
Gardner MacKinley - (Book: Separate Cabins)
Gabriel Venrure - (Book: Sequel)
George Randolph - (Book: Seven Brides; Rose (reissue))
Gaston Marchmont - (Book: Seven For A Secret)
Griffin Reed - (Book: Sex Quotient, The)
Gabriel Black - (Book: Sex, Lies and Valentines)
Gregori Holstein - (Book: Sexiest Vampire Alive)
Gabriel Ross Sullivan - (Book: Shades of Dark)
Grigori - (Book: Shades of Gray)
Galen - (Book: Shadow Highlander)
Garran - (Book: Shadow Magic)
Greg Conyers - (Book: Shadow of a Doubt (ebook))
Gio Corretti - (Book: Shadow of Guilt, A)
Gio Corretti - (Book: Shadow of Guilt, A (large print))
Gizeric the Vandal - (Book: Shadow of the Phoenix, The)
Gabriel Robichaux - (Book: Shadow Wolf, The)
Graydon - (Book: Shadow's End)
Griffin Fargo - (Book: Shadowing Ivy)
Gaven Matthias - (Book: Shadowlight)
Guy Reichourd - (Book: Shadows in Time)
Greg Barnes - (Book: Shadows on the Sand)
Gabriel - (Book: Shadows on the Soul)
Gabe O'Sullivan - (Book: Shaken and Stirred)
Griffin Crawford - (Book: Shame on You)
Gabe Steel - (Book: Shamed in the Sands)
Giancarlo Vellutini - (Book: Shameful Secret, Shotgun Wedding)
Gunner Ortez - (Book: Sharpshooter)
Gunner Ortez - (Book: Sharpshooter (large print))
Galeran of Heywood - (Book: Shattered Rose, The)
Galeran of Heywood - (Book: Shattered Rose, The (reprint))
Gabe McCord - (Book: Shattered Secrets)
Garrick Grayson - (Book: She's My Baby)
Griffin Strong - (Book: She's My Kind of Girl (ebook))
Grady Corbitt
- (Book: She's My Mom)
Giancarlo - (Book: She's on Top)
Giovanni - (Book: Sheikh's Unwilling Wife, The)
Giovanni de Verrazzano - (Book: Sheikh's Unwilling Wife, The)
Gabe Talmadge - (Book: Shepherd's Voice, The)
Gabriel Klein - (Book: Sheriff in Tennessee, A)
Greg Richards - (Book: Sheriff of Shelter Valley)
Greg Richards - (Book: Sheriff of Shelter Valley, The)
Gage Steele - (Book: Sheriff's Secret Wife, The)
Greydon Jefferies - (Book: Sheriff, The (ebook))
Gryph Chassyn - (Book: Shield's Lady)
Gryph Chassyn - (Book: Shield's Lady (reissue))
Gryph Chassyn - (Book: Shield's Lady
(written under pseudonym Amanda Glass))
Greg Bennett - (Book: Shirley, Goodness and Mercy)
Greg Bennett - (Book: Shirley, Goodness and Mercy (reissue))
Gareth Morant - (Book: Shocking Lord Standon, The)
Grant - (Book: Shocking Request, A)
Gage Mitchell - (Book: Shore Thing, A)
Gio Lorenzo - (Book: Shot of Red, A (ebook))
Gabe Riggs - (Book: Shotgun Daddy)
Grant Callahan - (Book: Shotgun Ridge)
Gus Atwater - (Book: Show No Fear)
Gabriel Jones - (Book: Show No Mercy)
Giovanni Moretti - (Book: Sicilian Doctor's Mistress, The)
Gio Cardella - (Book: Sicilian Husband, A)
Guido Corsentino - (Book: Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride)
Guido Corsentino - (Book: Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride (UK))
Gianni Firelli - (Book: Sicilian Marriage, The)
Giancarlo Cardinale - (Book: Sicilian Seduction, A)
Giovanni Calverri - (Book: Sicilian's Passion,The (reissue))
Gabriel Langston - (Book: Silent Groom, The)
Geoffrey Archer - (Book: Silent Guardian)
Guy Cavendish - (Book: Silent Knight)
Gage McDermot - (Book: Silent Night Sanctuary)
Gray Matthews - (Book: Silent Song, A)
Grant Corbin - (Book: Silent Witness)
Gervase Angier - (Book: Silk is for Seduction)
Guy Trident - (Book: Silver Bound (ebook))
Gamel Logan - (Book: Silver Flame)
George Claremont, Captain - (Book: Silver Lord, The)
George Claremont - (Book: Silver Lord, The (UK))
Geoffrey - (Book: Silver Love)
Gideon van der Tolck - (Book: Silver Thaw, The)
Gideon van der Tolck - (Book: Silver Thaw, The (reissue))
Gideon van der Tolck - (Book: Silver Thaw, The (reissue))
Gideon van der Tolck - (Book: Silver Thaw, The (UK))
Gideon van der Tolck - (Book: Silver Thaw, The (UK-reissue))
Greyson Crawford - (Book: Silver Wolf Clan (ebook))
Giles of Cambrai - (Book: Silverhawk)
Gabriel Swanfield - (Book: Simply Forbidden)
Geoffrey Swale - (Book: Simply Scandalous)
General Montcalm - (Book: Simply Scandalous Princess, The)
Gunner Brooks - (Book: Sin City Temptation)
Geoffrey Fitzroy - (Book: Sinful Deception, A)
Gabe Lewis - (Book: Single Dad's Triple Trouble (US edition))
Garrett McQuire - (Book: Single-Dad Sheriff)
Gabriel Huntford - (Book: Sins of a Virgin)
Grayson Sutherland - (Book: Sins of Viscount Sutherland, The)
Gino di Bartoli - (Book: Sister Swap )
Grant Thorlow - (Book: Sister Would Know, A)
Gabe Montgomery - (Book: Six-Week Marriage Miracle)
Garren Warrick - (Book: Sixpence Bride )
Giovanni Banderali - (Book: Skye's Trail)
Grady - (Book: Sleeping with Beauty)
Gideon - (Book: Sleeping With Strangers)
Garrett Brody - (Book: Sleight of Heart)
Gervase Ashford
Earl of Rosthorn
- (Book: Slightly Tempted)
Garret Sorenson - (Book: Slow Dancing on Price's Pier)
Garrett Drake - (Book: Small Town Protector)
Garrett Drake - (Book: Small Town Protector (large print))
Gabe Townsend - (Book: Small-Town Secrets)
Gabriel Hawksworth - (Book: Smuggler and the Society Bride, The)
Gunnar Larson - (Book: Snow Bride)
Grayson Alexander - (Book: Snowbound at Christmas)
Gil Daniels - (Book: Snowbound Sweetheart)
Griffin Vaughn - (Book: Snowed In With The Boss)
Garrison Richards - (Book: Snowy Mountain Nights)
Gideon Traherne,
Duke of Claremont
- (Book: So Reckless a Love)
Garrett Nevill - (Book: So Wild A Kiss)
Garrett Fortune - (Book: Society Bride)
Giles Gregory
- (Book: Society Catch, The)
Giles Gregory - (Book: Society Catch, The (UK edition))
Grenville Anders - (Book: Society's Most Disreputable Gentleman (ebook))
Grenville Anders - (Book: Society's Most Disreputable Gentleman (paperback))
Gray Turner - (Book: Soldier Surrender)
Graham Mcleod - (Book: Some Like It Scot)
Griffin Calverson - (Book: Somebody to Love)
Grant Chambers - (Book: Somebody's Baby)
Grayson Young - (Book: Somebody's Sinning in My Bed)
Grant Morgan - (Book: Someone to Watch Over Me)
Gabe Poston - (Book: Someone To Watch Over Me)
Gavin Conner - (Book: Something Borrowed, Something Blue)
Gabriel Rodriguez - (Book: Something of Heaven)
Greer Berkley - (Book: Song of Midnight Embers (ebook))
Garrett Keating - (Book: Soon-To-Be-Disinherited Wife, The)
Gavyn - (Book: Sorceress)
Garen Snyder - (Book: Soulless)
Guy de Salis
Marquis of Wakefield
- (Book: Sound of Snow, The)
Gabriel Cruz - (Book: Spanish Birthright, A)
Giles Norwood - (Book: Spanish Prize, The)
Giles Norwood - (Book: Spanish Prize, The (UK))
Gabriel Lancaster - (Book: Spanish Rose, The)
Gabriel Merrick - (Book: Spark)
Griff Ryland - (Book: Sparrow and The Hawk, The)
Garrick Drexel - (Book: Special Touches)
Garrett Bowen - (Book: Speed Trap)
Geddes MacCallum - (Book: Spellbound Summer)
Gerard Montfort, Sir - (Book: Spinster and the Wastrel, The)
Grey Coyote - (Book: Spirit of the Wolf)
Gareth Ludlow, Sir - (Book: Sprig Muslin)
Giovanni - (Book: Stand-in Groom)
George Laurence - (Book: Stand-in Groom)
Galactic Senator Stefan Marcone - (Book: Star Crossed)
Gregg Malleson - (Book: Star For a Ring, A)
Gunner Nilsen - (Book: Star Light, Star Bright)
Glen Masters - (Book: Star of Babylon)
Greyson Dane - (Book: Star Raiders)
Gabe Falkner - (Book: Star-Spangled Bride)
Gallant Voyager - (Book: Stardust Dreams)
Gerard van Doorninck - (Book: Stars Through the Mist)
Gerard van Doorninck - (Book: Stars Through the Mist (reissue))
Gerard van Doorninck - (Book: Stars Through the Mist (UK))
Gerard van Doorninck - (Book: Stars Through the Mist (UK-reissue))
Grant Masters - (Book: Starting Over on Blackberry Lane)
Gardner Griffin, Captain - (Book: Steal The Stars)
General Kalen Grady - (Book: Steel Caress, The)
Garrett Marsden - (Book: Stepping Over the Line (ebook))
Garrett Shaw - (Book: Still of the Night)
Greg Wright - (Book: Still Waters)
Gavin Carmichael - (Book: Stirring Up Trouble)
Gabriel Drumayne - (Book: Stolen Dreams)
Gabriel Renfrew - (Book: Stolen Princess, The)
Gavin and Angus MacLeod - (Book: Stolen Years, The)
Gage McKenna - (Book: Stranded)
Gareth Seymour - (Book: Stranger From the Past)
Gerard - (Book: Stranger I Married, The)
Gerard Faulkner - (Book: Stranger I Married, The (reprint))
Gabe Holbrook - (Book: Stranger in Town)
Gideon Ross - (Book: Strangers in the Night)
Gervais Fenton
Lord Sayre
- (Book: Streak of Luck, A)
Guy - (Book: Strength of Desire, The)
Gavin Daggett, the fifth Duke of Cropthorne - (Book: Strictly Forbidden)
Gerard - (Book: Stronger Than Yesterday)
George Landris - (Book: Strongholds)
Gray Chalmers - (Book: Substitute Lover)
Gray Chalmers - (Book: Substitute Lover (UK))
Grayson Del Rio - (Book: Suddenly Love (ebook))
Grant O'Hara - (Book: Suddenly..Marriage)
Giles Templeton
Duke of Tremont
- (Book: Summer Folly, A)
Grainger Egan - (Book: Summer Harbor)
Gavin McClure - (Book: Summer Heat)
George Bellamy - (Book: Summer Hideaway, The (reprint))
George Pritchard - (Book: Summer Idyll, A)
George Pritchard - (Book: Summer Idyll, A )
George Pritchard - (Book: Summer Idyll, A (reissue))
George Pritchard - (Book: Summer Idyll, A (UK))
George Pritchard - (Book: Summer Idyll, A (UK-reissue))
Grant Hunter, Senator - (Book: Summer's Storm)
Greyson Crawford - (Book: Summit of the Wolf (ebook))
Gideon O'Toole - (Book: Sunrise in a Garden of Love & Evil)
Gage Samargo - (Book: Sunroper)
Guillaume - (Book: Surgeon's Meant-To-Be Bride, The (UK))
Griffin Summerfield,
Marquess of Rothburn
- (Book: Surrender of a Lady, The)
Geoff Dias - (Book: Surrender, Baby)
Gawain Avenel - (Book: Swan Maiden, The)
Gabe Franklin - (Book: Swan Point)
Grayson Hawthorne - (Book: Swan's Grace)
Guy Faulkner - (Book: Sweet Addiction, A)
Garrett - (Book: Sweet Bea)
Garner Sloan - (Book: Sweet Deception (ebook))
Garreth Amberson
Viscount Tolver
- (Book: Sweet Doro)
Geoffrey Wentworth - (Book: Sweet Enemy)
Gabriel Devereaux - (Book: Sweet Madness)
Gamble Smith - (Book: Sweet Mercy)
Garrett Black - (Book: Sweet Misfortune)
Galen MacDonald - (Book: Sweet Revenge)
Galen MacDonald - (Book: Sweet Revenge (reissue))
Gareth Larkin - (Book: Sweet Summer Storm)
Gray Montgomery - (Book: Sweet Surrender)
Gray Montgomery - (Book: Sweet Surrender (reprint))
Grayson Kincaid - (Book: Sweet Talk (hardcover))
Grayson Kincaid - (Book: Sweet Talk (paperback))
Garrett Malloy - (Book: Sweet Tea and Secrets)
Gavin Carlisle - (Book: Sweet Temptation)
Garrison Fisher - (Book: Sweet Temptation)
Grayson Cooper - (Book: Sweet Texas Charm)
Gavin Cooper - (Book: Sweet Texas Kiss)
Gabriel Isling - (Book: Sweet Violet)
Grant Hill - (Book: Sweeter Than Honey)
Glendevtorvas - (Book: Swept Off Her Feet)
Grant Carter - (Book: Take a Chance)
Grayson Alexander - (Book: Take Me Twice)
Graeme - (Book: Take Me, I'm Yours (ebook))
Gabe Wilder - (Book: Take My Breath Away)
Gabriel - (Book: Taken Unaware)
Griffin Shaw - (Book: Taken, The)
Gabe MacKenzie - (Book: Taking the Heat)
Garth Redmond - (Book: Tale of Love)
Gunner Wilson - (Book: Talk Dirty to Me (ebook novella))
Gideon Chase - (Book: Tall, Dark & Fangsome)
Grant Berringer - (Book: Tall, Dark and Cranky)
Gabriel Steele - (Book: Tame Me)
Gabe Beaumont - (Book: Tame the Wild Wind)
Gordon Halpern - (Book: Tame the Wildest Heart)
Garrick Marlowe, Captain - (Book: Taming of Amelia, The)
Griffin Blake - (Book: Taming of Jessi Rose, The)
Gideon St. Claire - (Book: Taming the Last St. Claire)
Gideon St. Claire - (Book: Taming the Last St. Claire (large print))
Gabe Ramirez - (Book: Taming the Pirate (ebook))
Garrett Kingham - (Book: Tangled Hearts)
Gregory Ainsworth
Duke of Chatham
- (Book: Tangled Web, The)
Gabe Monihan - (Book: Target)
Grant Hamilton - (Book: Tea Planter's Bride, The)
Gage McGraw - (Book: Tell Me You Need Me)
Greg Fortnum
aka Andre Gregory
- (Book: Tempestuous Flame, The)
Gair - (Book: Templar's Treasure, The)
Gabriel Toussaint Giodarno - (Book: Tempt Me)
Gabriel Kenyon - (Book: Tempt Me Twice)
Grant Gardner - (Book: Temptation)
Gabriel Tiernan - (Book: Temptation Game, The)
Gabriel - (Book: Temptation Game, The (UK))
Gabe Ryan - (Book: Tempting Fate)
Grayson Westcott
Marquis of Wroth
- (Book: Tempting Kate)
Garrett Morganson - (Book: Tempting Stranger, A)
Greg Martin - (Book: Tender Betrayal)
Griffin Parks - (Book: Tender Heart, The)
Garrett Bernay - (Book: Tender Magic, A)
Gavin Jones - (Book: Tender Touch (UK-Large Print))
Grayson Vanderlyn - (Book: Tennessee Waltz)
Garrett Coltrane - (Book: Test Of Time)
Garrett Coltrane - (Book: Test Of Time (reissue))
Gil Montgomery - (Book: Testing His Patience)
Garrett Miller - (Book: Texan's Contested Claim, The)
Griff Baker - (Book: Texas Baby)
Gabriel Brandon - (Book: Texas Born)
Gideon Duval - (Book: Texas Gamble)
Graham Hollister - (Book: Texas Ransom)
Glen Patterson - (Book: Texas Two-Step)
Grant Lane - (Book: Texas-Made Family, A )
Gabriel Farley - (Book: That Camden Summer)
Gabriel Farley - (Book: That Camden Summer (reprint))
Garrick Tremayne - (Book: That First Interview)
Garrett Calder - (Book: That New York Minute)
Garrett Calder - (Book: That New York Minute (large print))
Gabe Randolph - (Book: That Night In Texas)
Griffin Trudeau - (Book: That Voodoo You Do)
Grady Jones - (Book: That Wintry Feeling)
Gabriel d'Aubrigny - (Book: Theft of Shadows)
Griffin Sinclair - (Book: Their Engagement Is Announced)
Garrett Anderson - (Book: There's Something About Werewolves)
Gabe Thornton - (Book: Thief of Hearts)
Gerard Claremont - (Book: Thief of Hearts)
Gerard Claremont - (Book: Thief of Hearts (reissue))
Graham Corbett - (Book: Things We Do For Love)
Gabe Thomas - (Book: Third Daughter's Wish, The)
Gus Hathaway, Chief Inspector - (Book: Third Degree)
Giles Haverill - (Book: This Is My Child)
Graham Larkin - (Book: This is What Happy Looks Like)
Gage Dalton - (Book: This Side of Paradise)
Gideon - (Book: This Stolen Moment)
Gabe Venture - (Book: This Time Love)
Geoffrey - (Book: This Towering Passion)
Gideon O'Riley - (Book: Though My Heart is Torn)
Garrett Dixon - (Book: Thread so Thin, A)
Gil Martell - (Book: Threat Of Love, The)
Gage Remington - (Book: Three Grooms and a Wedding)
Greg Hartly - (Book: Three's Company)
Gideon Hughes - (Book: Through the Looking Glass)
Garrett Scott - (Book: Thrown by a Curve)
Gray Cloud - (Book: Thunder Mountain)
Gray Cloud - (Book: Thunder Mountain (reissue))
Garret Brandt - (Book: Thursday's Child)
Garth Sheridan - (Book: Ties That Bind, The)
Garth Sheridan - (Book: Ties That Bind, The (Hardcover))
Gunner - (Book: Tiger's Den)
Gabriel Housely - (Book: Till Dawn with the Devil)
Gentry O'Keefe - (Book: Time for Us)
Grant Manning - (Book: Time of the Jacaranda, The)
Grayson McGonigle - (Book: Time To Remember, A)
Gideon Rossiter - (Book: Times Fool)
Gideon Drake - (Book: To Capture a Rake)
Griffin Stone
- (Book: To Catch A Flame)
George Drexel - (Book: To Catch a Rake)
Garrett of Avondel - (Book: To Charm A Knight)
Gabe Kincaid
Chief Detective
- (Book: To Die For)
Gray Pierce - (Book: To Have and to Hold)
Garrett King - (Book: To Kiss a King)
Gideon Cole - (Book: To Love A Thief)
Gareth Cavanaugh
Earl of Rathbourne
- (Book: To Love An Earl)
Griff Fortune - (Book: To Love and Protect Her)
George Simpson - (Book: To Love You More)
Garth - (Book: To Love, Honor and Betray)
Garth - (Book: To Love, Honor and Betray (reissue))
Gil Branton - (Book: To Save His Baby)
Graham Buchanan - (Book: To Scotland With Love)
Gregor MacLean - (Book: To Scotland, With Love)
Gavrael McIllioch - (Book: To Tame a Highland Warrior)
Griffin Sainthill - (Book: To Wed A Viscount)
Gabriel Sharpe - (Book: To Wed a Wild Lord)
Gabe McLaren - (Book: Tommy's Mom)
Grady Sullivan - (Book: Too Good to Be True)
Grady Nolan - (Book: Too Many Moms)
Gil Gerard - (Book: Too Near the Fire)
Grant Adams - (Book: Too Scared to Love (UK))
Gryffin Dwight - (Book: Too Tempting to Resist)
Gavin Lioncroft - (Book: Too Wicked To Kiss)
Gage Emerson - (Book: Torn (ebook))
Grant Deaver - (Book: Torn Loyalties)
Grant Deaver - (Book: Torn Loyalties (large print))
Grant Wilcox - (Book: Totally Texan )
Griffin Nash - (Book: Touch of a Scoundrel)
Gunnar Kinkaid - (Book: Touch of Lace)
Grayson Devlin - (Book: Touch of Passion, A (ebook))
Gideon, Viscount Carne - (Book: Touch of Scandal)
Duke of Calton
- (Book: Touch of Scandal, A)
Gray - (Book: Touch of Scarlet, A)
Greg Reid - (Book: Trading Secrets)
Gage Booker - (Book: Trap, Secure)
Gabriel Fawcett - (Book: Trapped at the Altar)
Graeme Langford - (Book: Treasure Me)
Grant Morgan - (Book: Treasured Vows)
Greggory Redcake - (Book: Trifling Favors)
Gabriel Harrison/Jonah - (Book: Triple Play)
Gil Spencer - (Book: Trouble at Lone Spur)
Gage McBride - (Book: Trouble with Christmas, The)
George Easton - (Book: Trouble with Honor, The)
Greg Bradford - (Book: Trouble With Thorny, The)
Gray Jackson - (Book: Trouble With Twins, The)
Graydon Payne - (Book: Troublesome Angel, The)
Graydon Payne - (Book: Troublesome Angel, The (reissue))
Graydon Payne - (Book: Troublesome Angel, The (reissue))
Gabe Slater - (Book: True Betrayals)
Gabe Slater - (Book: True Betrayals (hardcover))
Gabe Slater - (Book: True Betrayals (paperback-reprint))
Gabe Slater - (Book: True Betrayals (paperback-reprint))
Geraint Penderyn
Earl of Wyvern
- (Book: Truly)
Garret Boyd - (Book: Truly Daddy)
Gage Vincent - (Book: Trust in Us)
Gerrard Debbington - (Book: Truth About Love, The)
Gervase Darwen
Earl of Coldmeece
- (Book: Turkish Delight)
Gavin Reynolds
Viscount Grayson
- (Book: Tutoring Lady Jane (ebook))
Garrick Rodenheiser - (Book: Twelve Across (reissue))
Gabriel Keene - (Book: Twice Bitten (reissue))
Gabe - (Book: Twice in a Lifetime)
Gage Foster - (Book: Twice the Spice)
Galen - (Book: Twist in Time, A)
Gideon Cage - (Book: Twist Of Fate)
Gideon Cage - (Book: Twist Of Fate (reissue))
Graham Merrill - (Book: Two of a Kind)
Gideon Boylan - (Book: Two of a Kind)
Giulio Falcone - (Book: Ultimate Temptation)
Gunner - (Book: Unbreakable)
Gabe Randall - (Book: Unbreakable Bonds)
Grayson Renaux - (Book: Unbridled (ebook))
Gijs van Amstel - (Book: Uncertain Summer)
Gijs van Amstel - (Book: Uncertain Summer (reissue))
Gijs van Amstel - (Book: Uncertain Summer (UK-reissue))
Grey Stone - (Book: Unchained)
Gabe Logan - (Book: Uncle Daddy)
Gregory Ward - (Book: Uncommon Courtship, An)
George Fitzpatrick - (Book: Unconventional Courtship, An (novella))
Garth Holloway - (Book: Undeniable)
Gideon St. Goddard
Duke of Stanthorpe
- (Book: Undeniable Rogue, An)
Gareth - (Book: Under Camelot's Banner )
Grey Hamilton - (Book: Under Cover of Night)
Geoff Tremaine - (Book: Under Suspicion)
Gil Garcia - (Book: Under Suspicion)
Greyson Blakemore - (Book: Under the Boardwalk)
Gabe London - (Book: Under the Ginkgo Tree)
Geoffrey Westerly, Lord Staines - (Book: Under the Kissing Bough)
Geoffrey Westerly - (Book: Under the Kissing Bough (reissue))
Gerard Roch - (Book: Undercover Bachelor)
Griffin Black - (Book: Undercover Stranger)
Gus Raphael - (Book: Undercurrent)
Gray Hollowell - (Book: Undertow)
Gareth Clelland - (Book: Unexpected Delivery, An)
Greg Fisher - (Book: Unexpected Gift , An )
Grant Kincaid - (Book: Unexpected Gift, An)
Granville Leveson-Gower - (Book: Unexpected Passion, An (UK))
Giovanni Hamilton - (Book: Unfinished Business With the Duke)
Gabe Russell - (Book: Unfinished Dreams (ebook))
Gavin Mathis - (Book: Unforgettable)
Greg Braxton - (Book: Unforgettable)
Gideon Reynolds - (Book: Unforgettable Man, An)
Gideon Reynolds - (Book: Unforgettable Man, An (UK))
Gilbey Kentwell - (Book: Unlikely Hero, An)
Garrett Upton - (Book: Unlikely Lady, The)
Grayson Thorne - (Book: Unmasked)
Giles Verylan - (Book: Unquestionable Lady, An)
Guy Hawkhurst,
Duke of Wolverton
- (Book: Unsuitable Match, An)
Graeme Wilder
Viscount Halpern
- (Book: Unsuitable Miss Martingale, The)
Grant Elliot - (Book: Unsuspecting Heart, An)
Griffin Hancock - (Book: Untamed)
Gavin Thomas - (Book: Untamed)
Gavin Marshall - (Book: Until You)
Guy Tregellas - (Book: Untouched Mistress)
Guard Jamieson - (Book: Unwanted Wedding)
Gerald Courtenay - (Book: Unwelcome Alliance, An)
Garret Shaw - (Book: Unwilling Husband, An)
Gabriel - (Book: Up in Smoke)
Grant Sheldon, MD - (Book: Urgent Care)
Garron of Kersey - (Book: Valcourt Heiress, The (hardcover))
Garron of Kersey - (Book: Valcourt Heiress, The (paperback))
Gerard Marchant
Viscount Laverstoke
- (Book: Valentine's Day Fancy, A)
Giovanni Valtieri - (Book: Valtieri Baby, The)
Giovanni Valtieri - (Book: Valtieri Baby, The (large print))
Gideon Green - (Book: Vampire Mistress)
Giordan Cale - (Book: Vampire Narcise, The)
Gideon Green - (Book: Vampire Trinity)
Gabriel Dean, Peter Lukas - (Book: Vanish)
Gavin Montgomery - (Book: Velvet Promise, The)
Guido Calvani - (Book: Venetian Playboy's Bride, The)
Gabriel Westcott - (Book: Vengeful Bridegroom, The)
Gianluca Raffacani - (Book: Vengeful Husband, The)
Gregory Ryans - (Book: Vengeful Love )
Gabriel/Dillon - (Book: Venus Connection)
Grantham - (Book: Verdict: Parenthood)
Gordon Nash - (Book: Very Faery Christmas, A (e-book))
Gijs van Kessel - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The )
Gijs van Kessel - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The (reissue))
Gijs van Kessel - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The (Large Print))
Gijs van Kessel - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The (reissue))
Gijs van Kessel - (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The (UK))
Gregory Kline - (Book: Violets Are Blue)
Garrett Sutherland - (Book: Virgin Princess, Tycoon's Temptation)
Gilchrist Mackintosh
Laird of Clan Davidson
- (Book: Virgin Spring, The)
Gideon Holcombe - (Book: Virtue and Vice)
Garik Jacobsen - (Book: Virtue Falls (hardcover))
Gavin Stone - (Book: Virtuous Courtesan, The)
Gavin Stark - (Book: Viscount Risks It All, The)
Grayson Kendall
- (Book: Viscount Takes A Wife, The)
Guy Duquesne - (Book: Viscount, The)
Grayson de Klatch - (Book: Vision of Seduction)
Gabe McKeige - (Book: Vow, The)
Geoffrey Kirk,
Viscount Sherbourne
- (Book: Wagered Hearts)
Guy Keating - (Book: Wagering Widow, The)
Guy, Lord Keating - (Book: Wagering Widow, The (UK))
Gray Falconer - (Book: Wait for Me)
Gideon - (Book: Waking with Enemies)
Gabriel Valance - (Book: Walking on Air)
Garret Ruleman - (Book: Walking on Sunshine)
Giles Hayes-David - (Book: Wanted Woman)
Galar Arvid - (Book: Warrior)
Gabriel Huntley - (Book: Warrior)
Gray de Coursy - (Book: Warrior's Curse)
Griffydd DeLanyea - (Book: Warrior's Passion, A)
Garrick, Earl of Tarrant - (Book: Wary Hearts)
Viscount Radbourne
- (Book: Wary Spinster, The)
Gray James - (Book: Watchers in the Night)
Gray James - (Book: Watchers in the Night (reprint))
Gabe Ryder - (Book: Way Back Home, The)
Grey Carlyle - (Book: Way to a Man's Heart, The)
Gideon McGrath - (Book: Wedding at Leopard Tree Lodge, A)
Guy Radcliffe - (Book: Wedding at Wangaree Valley)
Gavin Greene - (Book: Wedding Beat)
Grant Forrest - (Book: Wedding Bell Blues)
Gabe Szulinski - (Book: Wedding Belle)
Gijis van der Eekerk - (Book: Wedding Bells for Beatrice)
Gijs van der Eekerk - (Book: Wedding Bells for Beatrice (reissue))
Gijis van der Eekerk - (Book: Wedding Bells for Beatrice (reissue))
Gijis van der Eekerk - (Book: Wedding Bells for Beatrice (UK))
Gijis van der Eekerk - (Book: Wedding Bells for Beatrice (UK-reissue))
Gavin Jarrod - (Book: Wedding His Takeover Target)
Garrett Winthrop - (Book: Wedding on the Way)
Gabe - (Book: Wedding Promise, The)
Garrett Blackwell - (Book: Wedding Secret, The)
Garrett Blackwell - (Book: Wedding Secret, The (UK))
Gideon Garza - (Book: Welcome Home Garden Club, The)
Gwenvael the Handsome - (Book: What a Dragon Should Know)
Gideon Redgrave - (Book: What an Earl Wants)
Gideon Nash - (Book: What Happened in Vegas...)
Grayson Elliot - (Book: What Happens at Christmas)
Griffin Reed - (Book: What If (ebook))
Grady O'Connor
- (Book: What If We Fall in Love?)
Gage Knight - (Book: What She Wants (ebook))
Gage Reeves - (Book: What the Bachelor Gets)
Grant Benton - (Book: What the Bride Wore)
Grady Wallace - (Book: What the Heart Wants)
Gennadi Yakovich Zhadov - (Book: Wheel of Fortune)
Graham Spencer - (Book: When a Lord Needs a Lady)
Gabriel Ballesteros - (Book: When Gabriel Called)
Grant - (Book: When He Came Home)
Grant - (Book: When He Came Home)
Gavin Blake - (Book: When Love Blooms)
Grady Jones - (Book: When Love Comes Home)
Grant Carter - (Book: When Opposites Attract)
Greydon Kane, Duke of Ryeton - (Book: When Seducing a Duke)
Gabriel Crowe
Earl of Shalford
- (Book: When the Slipper Fits)
Gib Cameron - (Book: When Venus Fell)
Grayson Lawrey - (Book: Where Aspens Quake)
Grayson Turner - (Book: Where Have All The Cowboy's Gone)
Gregory Brown, Reverend - (Book: Where Truth Lies)
Gray Shaw - (Book: Whirlwind Wedding, The)
Grant - (Book: Whispers of Love)
Griffin Moore - (Book: White Heat)
Gideon Landers - (Book: White Hot Holidays - First and Last)
Glenn Lambert - (Book: White Lace and Promises)
Griffin, the White Lion - (Book: White Lion's Lady)
Gabriel MacFeagh
Viscount Dunevin,
- (Book: White Mist)
Golden Eagle - (Book: White Wind)
Gray White - (Book: White Wolf (ebook))
Grant Hill - (Book: Who's Loving You)
Gabriel Boscastle - (Book: Wicked as Sin)
Griffin Boscastle
- (Book: Wicked Duke Takes A Wife, The)
Gabriel Mac Braire - (Book: Wicked Enchantment)
Grant Leighton - (Book: Wicked Pleasures)
Garrick Le Clere,
Marquess of Beauworth
- (Book: Wicked Rake, )
Guy Loughran - (Book: Widow in Paradise, A)
Grant Bishop - (Book: Wife by Design)
Gabriel Harrington - (Book: Wife He Always Wanted, The)
Gerard - (Book: Wild Hunger)
Gentry Broussard - (Book: Wild Man's Curse)
Gideon Payne - (Book: Wild Masquerade)
Gareth de Montforte - (Book: Wild One, The)
Gareth de Montforte - (Book: Wild One, The (ebook reissue))
Gareth Powell - (Book: Wild Roses)
Grant Cody - (Book: Wild Temptation)
Gabe Benton - (Book: Wild Western Nights)
Graham McNeil - (Book: Wild Wolf)
Griff Wilde - (Book: Wilde One)
Garrett Devlin - (Book: Wildstar)
Guy Grosvenor
Duke of Winston
- (Book: Willful Lady, The)
Geoffrey Ryder - (Book: Willful Miss Winthrop, The)
Gideon - (Book: Willow)
Gideon Marshall - (Book: Willow)
Gray Faulkner - (Book: Wind River)
George Landris - (Book: Wings of Grace)
Grayson Sinclair - (Book: Wings of Morning)
Gregory Langston - (Book: Winning Her Love)
Grant Sterling - (Book: Winter Magic)
Gabe Kendall - (Book: Winter Rose)
Gabriel - (Book: Winter Scandal, A)
Galen - (Book: Witchlight)
Grey Janeway - (Book: With All My Heart)
Garrison Wade
FBI Agent
- (Book: With Every Breath)
Gregory Blankenship - (Book: With His Ring)
Gage Maguire - (Book: With His Touch)
Grant Lawrence - (Book: With Malice)
Grant Stockard - (Book: With Open Arms)
Greyson Tyler - (Book: With This Fling....)
Gary Barksdale - (Book: Without A Doubt)
Gillian Fitzpatrick - (Book: Without A Trace)
Grey Scofield - (Book: Wolf at the Door)
Gabe Gentry - (Book: Wolf Creek Homecoming)
Grayson McCoy - (Book: Wolf Haven)
Gabriel Bellmonte - (Book: Wolf's Heart, A)
Grayson Hadley - (Book: Wolfishly Yours)
Guy Richardson - (Book: Woman At Willagong Creek )
George Talbot - (Book: Woman Of Passion, A)
Garrett Williams - (Book: Woman Tamer)
Garth Whitelaw - (Book: Wrangler and the Rich Girl, The)
Grant McClure - (Book: Wrangler's Bride, The)
Griff McPherson - (Book: Wrangler, The )
Grant - (Book: Wrong Man, The)
Gideon Wilde - (Book: Wrong Wife, The)
Grant Hastings - (Book: X-treme Dating)
Gideon Beaufort - (Book: Year's Happy Ending)
Gideon Beaufort - (Book: Year's Happy Ending (reissue))
Gideon Beaufort - (Book: Year's Happy Ending (UK))
Gideon Beaufort - (Book: Year's Happy Ending (UK-reissue))
Gabriel Von Brockman - (Book: Yesterday Once More)
Gio Carson - (Book: You Are SO Cursed!)
Grant Gilbert - (Book: You're My Baby)
George Gibson - (Book: You've Got a Hold On Me)
Duke of Cloude
- (Book: Young Lady from Alton-St. Pancras, The)
Garrett Berringer - (Book: Yours For the Night)
Gabriel Fairchild - (Book: Yours Until Dawn)
Guy Constant - (Book: Yuletide Match)
Gabriel Vaughan - (Book: Yuletide Seduction, A)
Gabriel Flynn - (Book: Zoe and the Best Man)


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