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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with H

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Henry Tobler - (Book: "What If" Guy, The)
Harrison Kemp - (Book: 30 Days)
Hunter Lloyd - (Book: 7B)
Hank Weisbecker - (Book: Abracadabra)
Harry Stratton Trevelyan - (Book: Absolutely, Positively (Hardcover))
Harry Stratton Trevelvan - (Book: Absolutely, Positively (reissue))
Harold Rayburn - (Book: Accidental Abduction, The)
Harry - (Book: Accidental Duchess, The)
Harry Milburn - (Book: Accidental Duchess, The (reissue))
Henri Lejardin - (Book: Accidental Heiress)
Heath Jefferson - (Book: Accidental Human, The)
Hank Larson - (Book: Accidental Lawman, The)
Harry - (Book: Accidental Romeo, The)
Harry Ralph Emerson - (Book: Accidental Werewolf 2, The: Something About Harry)
Hugh Hawksmoor - (Book: Aching for Always)
Hardin - (Book: After)
Hardin - (Book: After Ever Happy)
Hamilton Regan Thorndon III - (Book: After the Music)
Hamilton Regan (Thorn) Thorndon - (Book: After the Music (Hardcover))
Hamilton Regan (Thorn) Thorndon - (Book: After the Music (reissue))
Hugh Montgomery - (Book: After the Storm)
Hardin - (Book: After We Collided)
Hardin - (Book: After We Fell)
Hank Westlake
Detective Lieutenant
- (Book: Ahead Of The Game)
Herman Geoff - (Book: Aiding the Enemy (ebook))
Harrison Rowlan - (Book: Alaska Bride on the Run)
Hammond Cross - (Book: Alibi, The)
Harry Stephens - (Book: All Bets Are On)
Hendrick Simmons - (Book: All Roads Lead Home)
Hunter Hawk-Cole - (Book: All the Way)
Heath - (Book: All We Know of Heaven)
Hugh Littleton - (Book: Alone in the Dark)
Harry Lidge - (Book: Always a Temptress)
Hudson Decker - (Book: Anatomy of a Player)
Hector Garza - (Book: And Baby Makes Five)
Hunter Abbott - (Book: And I Love Her)
Henry Seldon - (Book: And The Miss Ran Away with the Rake)
Harry, Viscount Marlowe - (Book: And Then He Kissed Her)
Hugh Bradford - (Book: Angel in Scarlet)
Henry Haverigg
Marquis of Salmesbury
- (Book: Angel's Touch, An (UK))
Hunter Ryan - (Book: Angels Do Have Wings)
Hillary Hallsworth
Duke of Derrinham
- (Book: Annabella's Diamond)
Hale - (Book: Aphrodite's Passion)
Hugo Vigilant - (Book: Apothecary's Daughter, The)
Harry Roth - (Book: Are You Alone on Purpose?)
Henry Logan - (Book: Arrest)
Hayden - (Book: As Good As His Word)
Harry Braxton - (Book: As You Desire)
Hugh D'Abernon - (Book: At Her Service (reprint))
Hank Garrett - (Book: At The Golden Gate)
Hunter Maxwell - (Book: Autumn Lover)
Hank Montgomery - (Book: Awakening, The)
Hawk Adams - (Book: Baby in Blue)
Hank Adams - (Book: Baby Inheritance, The)
Hayes Bradford - (Book: Baby, Come Back)
Harrison Rothwell - (Book: Bachelor and the Babies, The)
Hyatt - (Book: Barefoot Baroness, The)
Hunter Manning - (Book: Bargain With The Devil)
Hugh Danby - (Book: Baron Next Door, The)
Hugh - (Book: Battle Of The Queens, The)
Hutch, Cam and Sawyer - (Book: Be With Me)
Hartley McPhail - (Book: Beachcomber, The)
Hope Gardener - (Book: Beautiful Dreamer)
Hunter Johnston - (Book: Beautiful Sacrifice (hardcover))
Hunter Johnston - (Book: Beautiful Sacrifice (paperback))
Hunter Osland - (Book: Beauty and The Billionaire)
Hunter Buchanan - (Book: Beauty and the Billionaire (ebook))
Hunter Buchanan - (Book: Beauty and the Billionaire (paperback))
Hayden Bedford - (Book: Because of the Ring)
Hunter Donahoe - (Book: Bedded at His Convenience)
Hugo Mansfield,
- (Book: Bedeviled Barrister, The)
Hardin - (Book: Before)
Haywood Morgan - (Book: Before the Scarlet Dawn)
Harry Kendall - (Book: Behind Closed Doors)
Hunter - (Book: Beloved)
Hayes Keller - (Book: Beneath the Badge)
Hudson McCloud - (Book: Best-Kept Secret, The)
Hudson McCloud - (Book: Best-Kept Secret, The)
Hunter O'Banyon - (Book: Betrothed for the Baby )
Harlan Jeffries - (Book: Better Than Bulletproof)
Holden Stark - (Book: Beyond Repair (ebook))
Henry - (Book: Beyond the Gathering Storm)
Hawk - (Book: Beyond the Highland Mist)
Hawk - (Book: Beyond The Highland Mist (reissue))
Holt Berringer - (Book: Big and Bright)
Hutch Carmody - (Book: Big Sky Mountain)
Harry Breedon - (Book: Billionaire Boss's Secretary Bride, The)
Hugh Parkinson - (Book: Billionaire's Bride of Convenience, The)
Hnery Davenport - (Book: Billionaire's Wedding Masquerade, The)
Lord Harcourt Arundel
- (Book: Bishop's Daughter, The)
Hawker - (Book: Black Hawk, The)
Hunter Ward - (Book: Blaze)
Halwyn Fitzpatrick - (Book: Blinded By Grace)
Henry Fitzroy - (Book: Blood Debt (reprint))
Henry Fitzroy - (Book: Blood Lines (reprint))
Henry Fitzroy - (Book: Blood Pact (reprint))
Henry Fitzroy - (Book: Blood Price (reprint))
Henry Fitzroy - (Book: Blood Trail (reprint))
Heath - (Book: Blood Wicked)
Henry Lockhart - (Book: Blue Moon)
Hank Coulter - (Book: Blue Skies)
Hardy Cates - (Book: Blue-Eyed Devil (Hardcover))
Hylan Dawson - (Book: Body Heat)
Harry O'Dell - (Book: Bodyguard)
Harris Knight - (Book: Bodyguard)
Harris Knight - (Book: Bodyguard, The)
Hank Mitchell - (Book: Bolted)
Hunter Bragg - (Book: Boneyard Ridge)
Harris Chisholm - (Book: Bonny Bride, The)
Hartford Goodnight - (Book: Book of True Desires, The)
Heath Kennedy - (Book: Border Hostage, The)
Hauk - (Book: Born of Fury (hardcover))
Holt Price - (Book: Born to Love)
Hadrian Northmore - (Book: Bought: The Penniless Lady (US edition))
Henry Myies - (Book: Bound for Bliss)
Hawk Taylor - (Book: Bravo, Tango, Cowboy)
Hawk Taylor - (Book: Bravo, Tango, Cowboy (Large Print))
Huck McCabe - (Book: Breakwater)
Harrison "Mac" McRae - (Book: Breeding Evil)
Hunter James II - (Book: Bride for Hunter, A)
Heath Renier/Holden Renshaw - (Book: Bride of the Wolf)
Hawke/John Winterhawke - (Book: Bride Wore Spurs, The)
Hudson de Sance - (Book: Bride's Secret, The)
Harley - (Book: Brides of Serendipity)
Hauk Michaelsen - (Book: Burned (ebook))
Holden Greystone - (Book: Burning Passion, A)
Hugh Balfour - (Book: Business Arrangement, The)
Hunter Sinclair - (Book: Butler's Daugher, The)
Hugo Montagu - (Book: Call Down the Moon)
Henry Colton
- (Book: Captain's Return, The)
Hawk Sinclair - (Book: Capture the Sun)
Holt Tyler - (Book: Captured by a Cowboy)
Holt Tyler - (Book: Captured by a Cowboy (reissue))
Harry - (Book: Caring For His Baby)
Haydon Tremayne - (Book: Catching Katie (UK))
Hugh Sedgewick - (Book: Catherine's Heart)
Hunter - (Book: Chained by Night)
Hathaway Wycoff - (Book: Challenge, The)
Humphrey Dewesbury - (Book: Chance Encounter, A)
Henry - (Book: Changeling Bride, The (ebook))
Henry , Earl of Allsbrook - (Book: Changling Bride, The)
Holt Savage - (Book: Chaos Bound)
Hywel Benedict - (Book: Chase A Green Shadow)
Hal Rochester - (Book: Chase the Dawn)
Huck Galvin - (Book: Chasing Desire (ebook))
Hutch - (Book: Christmas at Twilight)
Hank Ledbetter - (Book: Christmas Cowboy, The)
Hank Ledbetter - (Book: Christmas Cowboy, The (reissue))
Haso van der Eisler - (Book: Christmas Wish, A)
Haso Van der Eisler - (Book: Christmas Wish, A (reissue))
Haso van der Eisler - (Book: Christmas Wish, A (UK))
Haso van der Eisler - (Book: Christmas Wish, A (UK-reissue))
Harry Bishop - (Book: Circle of Deception)
Hawk Carter - (Book: Class Action)
Hayden Stryker - (Book: Clipped Wings)
Hugh Marsh - (Book: Clockwork Heart, A)
Hawk MacKenzie - (Book: Code Name: Princess)
Harrison Cahill - (Book: Cold Case Murder)
Hunter of the Wolf - (Book: Comanche Moon)
Hunter of the Wolf - (Book: Comanche Moon (reissue))
Hap Walker (Texas Ranger) - (Book: Comanche Rose)
Harry Rubinstein - (Book: Coming Out)
H.L. May - (Book: Coming Up Roses)
Hunter Cross - (Book: Command Performance)
Hugh of Ryebourne - (Book: Commanded To His Bed)
Henry Seymour, Sir - (Book: Commerical Enterprise, A)
Harrison Starr - (Book: Company We Keep, The)
Hacon Gillard - (Book: Conqueror's Kiss (reissue))
Hugh de Lacy - (Book: Conqueror's Lady)
Hunter Myles - (Book: Contracted: A Wife For the Bedroom)
Hunter Myles - (Book: Contracted: A Wife For the Bedroom (UK))
Hank Knight Horse - (Book: Cool Hand Hank)
Hank Lawson and Kyle Gilchrist - (Book: Corralled)
Hank Foye - (Book: Cougar's Trade, The (ebook))
Hunter Blueeyes - (Book: Council Of Fire)
Hunter Blueeyes - (Book: Council of Fire [Large Print])
Henri Rouselle - (Book: Count's Charade, The)
Henry Duke - (Book: Country Dance)
Viscount Ramsdell
- (Book: Country Flirtation, A)
Hunter Smith - (Book: Courage to Say Yes, The (ebook))
Hunter Smith - (Book: Courage to Say Yes, The (large print))
Henry Blakesley - (Book: Courtesan's Secret, The)
Henry Ashton - (Book: Courting of Philippa, The)
Henry Plantagenet - (Book: Courts Of Love, The)
Hugh Slater - (Book: Courtship in Granite Ridge)
Hugh Crowne,
- (Book: Courtship of Colonel Crowne, The)
Harlan Patrick Adams - (Book: Cowboy and His Wayward Bride, The)
Hardy Jones - (Book: Cowboy and the New Year's Baby, The)
Hank Tyler - (Book: Cowboy and the Princess, The)
Hugh Gallagher - (Book: Cowboy Comes Home)
Hank - (Book: Cowboy Enchantment)
Holden McCabe - (Book: Cowboy to Marry, A)
Hank McCabe - (Book: Cowboy Under the Mistletoe, A)
Henry James Randolf III - (Book: Cowboy's Secert Twins, the)
Hank Robbins - (Book: Cowgirl and the Unexpected Wedding, The)
Heath Brantley - (Book: Crazy for the Competition)
Hudson Savage - (Book: Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch)
Hudson Savage - (Book: Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch (UK))
Hal Griffin - (Book: Crimson Moon)
Hawk Monroe - (Book: Crossfire)
Hayden Stryker - (Book: Cupcakes and Ink (ebook))
Henry Somerton,
- (Book: Cupid's Calendar)
Harry D'Amant - (Book: Cupid's Kiss)
Hale Crandall, Detective - (Book: Daddy Protector)
Hunter Phillips - (Book: Daddy's Girl)
Helios - (Book: DamNATION)
Hugh McAlden - (Book: Danger of Desire, The)
Hart Moreland - (Book: Dangerous Man, A)
Henry Langdon - (Book: Dangerous to Know)
Harrison Danner - (Book: Danner's Lady)
Hunter Marks - (Book: Dare, The)
Harry - (Book: Daring Miss Lassiter, The)
Henry Angel - (Book: Dark Angels (reprint))
Harold Wyatt
Earl of Hartley
- (Book: Dark Seduction)
Holt Adams - (Book: Dark Side of the Moon, The)
Hector Dean - (Book: Dark Taste of Rapture)
Hancock - (Book: Darkest Before Dawn)
Hawk Luna - (Book: Darkness Bound)
Harrington Vale - (Book: Darling)
Hunter - (Book: Dating4Demons)
Hunter Solozano - (Book: Dead Right)
Harrison Blake - (Book: Deadly Dance)
Hunter James - (Book: Dear Love Doctor)
Hunter Braxton - (Book: Dearest Beloved)
Harry van Zandt - (Book: Deep Breath)
Hunter Fitzsimon - (Book: Defeat the Darkness)
Hunter Scott - (Book: Defiant Love)
Harry - (Book: Deirdre and Desire)
Hugh - (Book: Demon Angel)
Hunter - (Book: Demon's Daughter, The)
Harrison Fleming - (Book: Desire in His Eyes)
Hamish Neville - (Book: Destiny's Daughter)
Hilary St. John - (Book: Devil in My Arms, The (ebook))
Heath Macnachtan - (Book: Devil's Heart)
Hawk Hawkinvale, Major - (Book: Devil's Heiress, The)
Hunter Barclay - (Book: Devon)
Henry Logan - (Book: Disarm)
Henry Faringdon,
Marquis of Burford
- (Book: Disgraced Marchioness, The)
Henry Faringdon,
Marquis of Burford
- (Book: Disgraced Marchioness, The (UK))
Henry Ravenhurst - (Book: Dishonorable Proposal, A)
Hal Blane, Sheriff - (Book: Doc Wyoming)
Hugh Armstrong - (Book: Double Exposure)
Heath Donovan - (Book: Double Play)
Heath Packer - (Book: Downtwon Debutante)
Holden McKee - (Book: Dr. Dad to the Rescue)
Henry VII - (Book: Dragon and the Rose, The)
Huroth - (Book: Dragon Wife)
Haden Black - (Book: Dreaming Awake)
Hank Cassidy - (Book: Duchess for a Day)
Hugh Fitzroy - (Book: Duke of Pleasure)
Hawk St. Claire, Duke of Stourbridge - (Book: Duke's Cinderella Bride, The)
Hayden Latimer - (Book: Duke's Marriage Mission, The)
Hart Mackenzie - (Book: Duke's Perfect Wife, The)
Henry Cooper - (Book: Duplicitous Debutante, The (ebook))
Hunter - (Book: Dusk with a Dangerous Duke)
Harrison Thornwick - (Book: Earl Claims a Bride, The)
Hepplewood - (Book: Earl's Mistress, The)
Hawke - (Book: Ecstasy Untamed)
Hugh O'Neill
Earl of Tyrone
- (Book: Emerald Enchantment)
Harrison Stapleton - (Book: Emergency Doctor's Daughter, The (UK))
Hayden Campbell - (Book: End Balance)
Hal Bailey - (Book: Ends Of The Earth, The)
Hans Kauffmann - (Book: Enemy in My Arms)
Hugh Armstrong - (Book: English Doctor, Italian Bride (UK))
Harry Oberlin - (Book: Entangled)
Henry VI - (Book: Epitaph For Three Women)
Hunter Dade - (Book: Even the Score (ebook))
Harek Sigurdsson - (Book: Even Vampires Get the Blues)
Hunter Waters - (Book: Ever Always (ebook novella))
Hunter Claybourne - (Book: Ever His Bride)
Henri - (Book: Evergreen Gallant)
Harlan 'Cowboy' Jones - (Book: Everyday, Average Jones)
Henry Powell - (Book: Everything Must Go)
Harper Hamilton - (Book: Evidence of Desire)
Hunter Reece - (Book: Exposing the Heiress)
Henry Phillips - (Book: Fabulous Emily Briggs, The)
Harper Smith - (Book: Fade to Black)
Hugh - (Book: Faery Queen (paperback))
Hamlet - (Book: Falling for Hamlet (hardcover))
Hudson Bennington III - (Book: Falling For the Rebel Heir)
Haden - (Book: Falling Under)
Hugh Russell
- (Book: False Fortune)
Hunter Semmes - (Book: Familiar Christmas)
Harad Dukhan - (Book: Familiar Oasis)
Hank Dalton - (Book: Familiar Texas)
Huntington Phox - (Book: Family Be Mine)
Houston Jericho - (Book: Fantasy Factor, The)
Huge, Lord Ashby - (Book: Farewell the Heart)
Huge, Lord Ashby - (Book: Farewell the Heart (UK))
Harden - (Book: Farm Girl)
Harlan Erikson - (Book: Fatal Fortune)
Hugo van Elven - (Book: Fate Is Remarkable)
Hugo van Elven - (Book: Fate Is Remarkable (reissue))
Hugo van Elven - (Book: Fate Is Remarkable (UK-reissue))
Hunter McLean - (Book: Father-To-Be)
Hank Logan - (Book: Fathers and Other Strangers)
Hunter Garrity - (Book: Fearless (ebook novella))
Hank Brownlee - (Book: Finding a Family)
Horatio Gates Spafford - (Book: Finding Anna)
Hank Cutler - (Book: Fiona and the Sexy Stranger)
Haydn Lomax - (Book: Fire in the Heart, A)
Hop Kincaid - (Book: Fire Inside (ebook))
Hop Kincaid - (Book: Fire Inside (paperback))
Harry Brodie - (Book: Fireman Who Loved Me, The)
Hunter Tyrrell - (Book: Flame Lily)
Henley - (Book: Flashes of Me (novella))
Hunter - (Book: Flood of Sweet Fire, A)
Harry Acton - (Book: Folly's Reward)
Hunter Coltrane - (Book: For Love and Family)
Hunter Coltrane - (Book: For Love and Family (reissue))
Hawk McCade - (Book: For Love of Hawk)
Hunter Brave Wolf - (Book: For Old Times Sake)
Henry Atticus Richard Ward - (Book: Forbidden)
Hawk - (Book: Forbidden Magic)
Hall Marshall - (Book: Forced)
Hern - (Book: Forest Lord, The)
Heath Masters - (Book: Forever After)
Harrison De Nay - (Book: Forever His)
Hunter MacBeth - (Book: Forever My Love)
Hawke Lonechief - (Book: Forsaken Canyon)
Harry Crisp - (Book: Fortune Hunter, The)
Henry Farlow - (Book: Freedom to Love (ebook))
Holden MacGreggor - (Book: French Kissing)
Holden Maxwell - (Book: Gamble, The (ebook))
Holden Maxwell - (Book: Gamble, The (paperback))
Hutch - (Book: Gentle on My Mind)
Harry Watson - (Book: Gentleman Caller)
Hank Branson - (Book: Gentleman Insists, The)
Hugh Talverton - (Book: Gentleman's Trade)
Hal - (Book: Gentlemen Prefer Mischief)
Heath - (Book: Ghoul Next Door, The)
Heath - (Book: Ghoul's Guide to Love and Murder, A)
Hugh Duncan - (Book: Girl Gone Wild)
Hank - (Book: Girl He Knows, The (ebook))
Harry Gerard, Lord Ainsworth - (Book: Girl With the Persian Shawl, The)
Hubert Ashley - (Book: Glass Palace, The)
Hades - (Book: Goddess of Spring)
Hezekiah - (Book: Gods and Kings)
Holt Kincaid - (Book: Golden Echo)
Hugo Duran - (Book: Golden Leopard, The)
Marquis of Mandersely
- (Book: Golden Songbird, The)
Harry - (Book: Good at Games)
Hank Sandusky - (Book: Grass Is Always Greener..., The)
Heath - (Book: Green Lightning)
Hunter McCrary - (Book: Guess Again)
Holden Price - (Book: Guns and the Girl Next Door)
Hiram Dooley - (Book: Gunsmith's Gallantry, The)
Horatio Glendenning - (Book: Had We Never Loved)
Hunter - (Book: Half-Breed's Bride)
Hunt - (Book: Half-Breed's Lady)
Hawk - (Book: Halfbreed Warrior (reprint))
Hunt McIver - (Book: Handful of Sky)
Harry Barrett - (Book: Hands On)
Hannah Goodloe - (Book: Hannah's Journey)
Harry Crandall - (Book: Hard Man Is Good to Find, A)
Harley Handleman - (Book: Hard To Handle)
Harden Tremayne - (Book: Harden)
Harden Tremayne - (Book: Harden (Hardcover))
Harden Tremayne - (Book: Harden (UK))
Hunter Adams - (Book: Harder They Fall, The)
Hart Branson - (Book: Hart's Last Stand)
Hart Hampton - (Book: Hart's Victory)
Harvard - (Book: Harvard's Education)
Harry Cathcart - (Book: Hasty Death)
Hawk Cameron - (Book: Hawk's Flight)
Hawk - (Book: Hawk's Woman)
Hawke Therrien - (Book: Hawke (ebook))
Hawke Masters - (Book: Hawke's Pride)
Hoyden Garreth IV - (Book: He's the Rich Boy)
Hunter McBride - (Book: Heart Of A Mercenary)
Heath Raven - (Book: Heart of the Raven)
Hank Chavez - (Book: Heart of Thunder)
Hank Chavez - (Book: Heart of Thunder (ebook))
Harry Graham - (Book: Heart's Command)
Hunter Redhawk - (Book: Hearth Stone)
Hart - (Book: Hearts of Darkness)
Heath Beckett - (Book: Heath's Hope)
Hugh MacDonald - (Book: Heaven Forbids)
Henry Lee Watson - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Harry Talvace and Lord Isambard - (Book: Heaven Tree Trilogy)
Hamish Douglas - (Book: Heir's Chosen Bride, The)
Hades - (Book: Hell Kat)
Hugh Fauconier - (Book: Hellion)
Harry Hemingford - (Book: Hemingford Scandal, The)
Hugh Duclair, Count de Freyncourt - (Book: Her Banished Lord)
Hal Langdon - (Book: Her Moment in the Spotlight)
Hugo Thurston - (Book: Her Outback Rescuer)
Hugo Thurston - (Book: Her Outback Rescuer (large print))
Heath Langston - (Book: Her Secret Husband)
Holt Jefford - (Book: Her Small-Town Hero)
Viscount Westhaven
- (Book: Hero Returns, The)
Hunter Sinclair - (Book: Hero To Count On, A)
Henry D'Alton
- (Book: Hers To Command)
Hamie Doyle - (Book: Herself)
Henry Brenneman - (Book: Hidden)
Holden Abbot - (Book: Hideaway Cove)
Hawk - (Book: High Stakes)
Harcourt Murray - (Book: Highland Guard)
Haydn MacGowan - (Book: Highland Hawk)
Hunter - (Book: Highlander's Folly, The)
Harrison Drake - (Book: His and Hers)
Hugo Fullbright - (Book: His Bought Mistress)
Hale Donovan - (Book: His Bride to Be)
Harrison Lawless - (Book: His Business, Her Baby)
Harry Morant - (Book: His Captive Lady)
Hank Ballantyne, Detective - (Book: His Child or Hers?)
Hank Judd - (Book: His Favorite Cowgirl)
Harry Vane,
Earl of Toulouse
- (Book: His Lordship's Landlady)
Hunter Barrington - (Book: His Love Lesson)
Hunter Reed - (Book: His New Jam (ebook))
Harris Qiillan - (Book: His Pretend Mistress )
Hayden MacKenzie - (Book: His Wedding-Night Wager)
Hank Bishop - (Book: His Woman, His Child)
Hank Bishop - (Book: His Woman, His Child (Hardcover/Large Print))
Heath Powell - (Book: Holding on Tighter)
Heath - (Book: Hole Me Close)
Hank Corsaut - (Book: Home to Stay)
Holt Jackson - (Book: Honky Tonk Christmas)
Hank Renshaw - (Book: Honorable Intentions)
Hugo Devenish - (Book: Honorable Thief, An)
Henry Birch - (Book: Hope Springs on Main Street)
Hunter Calhoun - (Book: Horsemaster's Daughter, The)
Hosea Stevens - (Book: Hosea's Bride)
Huntington St. John - (Book: Hot Ice)
Huntington St. John - (Book: Hot Ice (reissue))
Henk Hofstra - (Book: Hot Pursuit)
Henry Beck - (Book: Hot Under Pressure)
Hugh Franco - (Book: Hot Zone)
Hugues Martin - (Book: Hotel Vendome (hardcover))
Harry Bolt - (Book: Hotter Than Wildfire)
Houston Hayes - (Book: Houston, We Have A Problem)
Harlan Jones - (Book: How to Lasso a Cowboy)
Hunter - (Book: Hunter)
Hunter - (Book: Hunter)
Hunter - (Book: Hunter (Hardcover- Large Print))
Hunter - (Book: Hunter (reissue))
Hunter O'Hare - (Book: Hunter's Heart)
Hunter - (Book: Hunter's Prey (ebook))
Hunter Cole - (Book: Hunter's Song)
Hunter MacDougall - (Book: Hunter's Touch)
Hunter Wyman - (Book: Hunter's Vow)
Hawk McMillan - (Book: Hunter, The)
Hartley Grenville - (Book: If He's Wild)
Hugh MacCarrick - (Book: If You Desire)
Hank Wyatt - (Book: Imagine)
Hunter - (Book: Immortals: The Gathering)
Henry Eldridge - (Book: Improper Bride, The (ebook))
Henry Stanton
Marquess of Talford
- (Book: Imprudent Wager, The)
Harris Davidson - (Book: In Bed With Beauty)
Hugh Lawson - (Book: In His Eyes)
Hugh Lawson - (Book: In His Eyes (large print))
Holt Ramsey - (Book: In Hot Water)
Hawk McKenna - (Book: In the Arms of the Rancher)
Hunter Calgary - (Book: In Too Deep)
Harry Lonnigan - (Book: In Too Deep)
Harry Finn - (Book: Incorrigible Playboy, The)
Harry Finn - (Book: Incorrigible Playboy, The (large print))
Harrison Montgomery - (Book: Indecent Proposal)
Hades - (Book: Inferno)
Heath McPherson - (Book: Inherited Twins, The)
Hayden Stryker - (Book: Inked Armor)
Heath Sinclair - (Book: Intoxicating (ebook))
Hugh Battancourt - (Book: Irresistible)
Harrison Curzon - (Book: Isabella's Rake)
Harper Porterfield - (Book: Island of Deceit)
Harry Blake - (Book: Island of Dreams)
Harrison Kane II - (Book: It Happened at Midnight)
Henry Middlebrook - (Book: It Takes Two to Tangle)
Hugo Kinnaird
Marquess of Barrington
- (Book: Jade Vendetta)
Ham Reece - (Book: Jagged)
Huntley Anderson - (Book: Jaguar Pride)
Harper English - (Book: Jaq's Harp (ebook))
Heath - (Book: Jasmine Paradise)
Hunter Smith - (Book: Journey to Quiet Waters)
Hank Jackson - (Book: Just a Cowboy)
Huxley Benton - (Book: Just a Lot More to Love)
Hunter Boone - (Book: Just Once)
Henry Hawker (Hawk) Sinclair - (Book: Just One Night)
Hunter Coleburn - (Book: Just the Husband She Chose)
Harry, Lord Lismores - (Book: Kathleen)
Hunter Gordon - (Book: Keeping Her Safe)
Holt Kincaid - (Book: Kincaid's Dangerous Game)
- (Book: King's Ransom)
Hawke - (Book: Kiss of Snow)
Hagan of Erbyn - (Book: Kiss of the Moon)
Hagan of Erbyn - (Book: Kiss of the Moon)
Hagan of Erbyn - (Book: Kiss of the Moon (reissue))
Houston Carrington - (Book: Kissed by a Carrington)
Henry - (Book: Kissing the Bride)
Henrik Lazar - (Book: Knight Avenged)
Hugh de Florisoun - (Book: Knight to Remember, A)
Hugh Manhill - (Book: Knight's Enchantment, A)
Hugh de Montagne - (Book: Knight's Return, The)
Hercules (Lee) Daltry - (Book: Ladies' Man, The)
Horatio Cave, Viscount Darien - (Book: Lady Beware)
Harry de Vaux - (Book: Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventures)
Hugh Brooks - (Book: Lady in Question, The)
Hosea Bush - (Book: Lady Jasmine)
Henry Aldred - (Book: Lady Madeline's Folly)
Hugh Deverill,
- (Book: Lady of Independent Means, A)
Hugh Deverill,
- (Book: Lady of Independent Means, A (UK))
Henry Marchnight - (Book: Lady Polly)
Henry VIII - (Book: Lady Raised High, A)
Hugo Robinson
Knight Templar
- (Book: Lady's Choice)
Hjelmer - (Book: Land to Call Home)
Hugh - (Book: Last Chance Beauty Queen)
Hank Mathis - (Book: Last Resort, The (ebook))
Harry - (Book: Last Summer of Innocence, The)
Harry Jordan - (Book: Last to Know (hardcover))
Hal North - (Book: Last Woman He'd Ever Date, The)
Hal North - (Book: Last Woman He'd Ever Date, The (large print))
Heath Sheridan - (Book: Last-Minute Bridesmaid)
Hen Randolph - (Book: Laurel)
Heath Monroe - (Book: Lawman's Honor, The)
Hunter - (Book: Left for Undead)
Harry Pye - (Book: Leopard Prince, The)
Hamid - (Book: Let's Get It On)
Harry Tyne - (Book: Letty)
Hane - (Book: Lexa and the Lost Warhorses)
Hunter Anderson - (Book: Liberating Lacey)
Heath Cannon - (Book: Like One of the Family)
Heath Cannon - (Book: Like One of the Family (large print))
Hugh Damon - (Book: Little Girl Lost)
Henry Fitzroy - (Book: Little More Love, A)
Hank Braden - (Book: Little Texas Two-Step, A)
Harrison Yates - (Book: Little Too Hot, A)
Harding Casey - (Book: Littlest Marine, The)
Hawk Wainwright - (Book: Lone Wolf)
Hugh Crale
Earl of Pendarvis
- (Book: Lonely Earl, The)
Haywood Beatty - (Book: Looking After Lily)
Hunter Bell - (Book: Looking Glass, The)
Harry Glendower - (Book: Lord Diablo's Demise)
Harry Davenport, Earl of Castleton - (Book: Lord Harry's Angel)
Hugh Carrick
Viscount Iverbrook
- (Book: Lord Iverbrook's Heir)
Hugh O'Neill
Earl of Tyrone
- (Book: Lord of the Isle)
Hector Maclean - (Book: Lord of the Isles)
Harry Portman - (Book: Lord Portman's Troublesome Wife)
Harry Sebastian - (Book: Lost Night, The)
Hunter Pierce - (Book: Lost Yesterday)
Hunter Kincaid - (Book: Love and a Blue-Eyed Cowboy)
Homer - (Book: Love Bade Me Welcome)
Hugh Lancaster - (Book: Love Be Mine)
Heath Rayne - (Book: Love Come to Me)
Harry Curthoys - (Book: Love Lies Sleeping)
Hal Kessler - (Book: Love Match)
Hawke Grayson - (Book: Love on Trial )
Hawke Grayson - (Book: Love on Trial (reissue))
Hawke Grayson - (Book: Love on Trial (reissue))
Hunter Allen - (Book: Love Story)
Hunter Russell - (Book: Love Takes All)
Hades - (Book: Love Underground: Persephone's Tale)
Hunter Radley - (Book: Love's Funny That Way)
Heath Rayne - (Book: Love, Come to Me)
Henry Castle - (Book: Loves Me, Loves Me Not)
Harrison "Mac" Mackenzie - (Book: Mac's Bedside Manner)
Hal Latimar - (Book: Madrilene's Granddaughter)
Harold Williamson - (Book: Mae's Promise)
Hugh de Greyhurst, Sir - (Book: Maiden's Heart, The)
Hunter Pryde - (Book: Mail-Order Bridegroom)
Harlan McClain - (Book: Major Nanny)
Harlan McClain - (Book: Major Nanny (large print))
Harry Halligan - (Book: Making Ends Meet (ebook))
Holt Cassidy - (Book: Manhunting in Manhattan)
Hatbrook, Marquess of - (Book: Marquess of Cake, The)
Heath Bodine - (Book: Marriage in Name Only)
Harry - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A)
Harry Jones - (Book: Marriage Project, The)
Hugo Montpelier - (Book: Marriage Resolution, The)
Hugo Montpelier - (Book: Marriage Resolution, The (Large Print))
Harry Beverley - (Book: Married By Christmas)
Harley Kerr - (Book: Marry Me, Cowboy)
Henry Miner - (Book: Marry Me, Marine)
Henry Miner - (Book: Marry Me, Marine (large print))
Hugo Stratton
- (Book: Marrying the Major)
Hugh Phillippe Junot - (Book: Marrying the Royal Marine)
Lord Mallory
- (Book: Mary Ashe)
Lord Mallory
- (Book: Mary Ashe (reissue))
Henry Devonshire - (Book: Master of Fortune)
Heath Champion - (Book: Match Me If You Can)
Hugh Douglas - (Book: Maternal Instinct (UK))
Henry Lovell - (Book: Matilda's Wedding)
Henry Lovell - (Book: Matilda's Wedding (reissue))
Henry Lovell - (Book: Matilda's Wedding (UK))
Henry Lovell - (Book: Matilda's Wedding (UK-Large Print))
Henry Lovell - (Book: Matilda's Wedding (UK-reissue))
Hollis Pritchett - (Book: Maverick for Christmas, A)
Harley Fowler - (Book: Maverick, The)
Hawk Maxwell,
Zeke Maxwell
- (Book: Mavericks, The)
Holt McKettrick - (Book: McKettrick's Choice)
Hakim El Aran - (Book: Medusa's Sheik)
Haldiman - (Book: Merry Month of May, The)
Holden Drake - (Book: Merry's Christmas)
Hugh Leighton
Viscount Rayneworth
- (Book: Merry, Merry Mischief)
Harm Connolly - (Book: Mesmerizing Stranger)
Hunter Galen - (Book: Midnight on the Mississippi)
Hank Emrich - (Book: Midnight Prey)
Harlan McClaren - (Book: Midnight Seduction)
Hunter - (Book: Midnight Special / Coming on Strong)
Hugh Carlyle - (Book: Midnight Waltz)
Hugh Emerson - (Book: Millie's Fling)
Holden Fortune - (Book: Million Dollar Marriage)
Hudson Stack - (Book: Millionaire Next Door, The)
Harrison Rochester,
- (Book: Millions To Spare)
Harrison Carlisle - (Book: Misadventures in Seduction (ebook))
Henry Grayson - (Book: Miss Billings Treads the Boards)
Harrison Belmour, Earl of Penwyck - (Book: Miss Darby's Debut)
Hardin - (Book: Miss December)
Viscount Blayde
- (Book: Miss Keating's Temptation)
Harry, Duke of Eddington - (Book: Miss Timothy Perseveres)
Harrison Trent - (Book: Missing Millionaire, The)
Harrison - (Book: Mission Irresistible)
Hawk Mallen - (Book: Mistletoe Mistress)
Harry Pennington, Earl of Anneslea - (Book: Mistletoe Wager, The)
Hawk Dyhart - (Book: Moment in Time, A)
Hutch Kincaid - (Book: Mommy in the Making)
Houston Sadler - (Book: Mommy Mystery, The)
Hunter McKaslin - (Book: Montana Dreams)
Holt Tanner
Deputy Sheriff
- (Book: Montana Lawman)
Harvey Perkins - (Book: Moon in the Mango Tree, The)
Hunter Cole - (Book: Motherhood Campaign)
Holt Murphy - (Book: Mountain Angel)
Heath Foster - (Book: Mountains Stand Strong)
Harrison Montgomery - (Book: Mr. Montgomery's Quest)
Hal Blake - (Book: Music of Love, The)
Henry Wright - (Book: My Dear Duchess)
Hunter Zaccadelli - (Book: My Favorite Mistake)
Harrison Payne, Earl of Bryden - (Book: My Favorite Thief)
Hank Wells - (Book: My Give a Damn's Busted)
Hudson Kincaid - (Book: My Kind of Wonderful)
Harlan - (Book: My Prerogative)
Heath - (Book: My Storybook Romance)
Holden de Ware - (Book: My Warrior)
Hawk Delgado - (Book: Mystery Man)
Harry Redmond - (Book: Nanette)
Hank Tyler - (Book: Natural-Born Protector)
Harry Ambrewster - (Book: Nerd Who Loved Me, The)
Harrison (Harry) Bainbridge - (Book: Never Love A Cowboy)
Hunter McCabe - (Book: Never Tell)
Hamish - (Book: Newborn Baby for Christmas)
Hamish - (Book: Newborn Baby for Christmas (US))
Holden Cameron - (Book: Night Diver (hardcover))
Hunter Powell - (Book: Night Jasmine)
Harrington Bates - (Book: Night Music)
Hawk - (Book: Night Way)
Hugh Corbaille - (Book: No Dark Place)
Heath Sawyer - (Book: No Escape)
Heath - (Book: No Ghouls Allowed)
Hank Shelter - (Book: No Ordinary Cowboy)
Hawk - (Book: No Other Man)
Hayden Black - (Book: No Stranger to Scandal)
Hugh Deverill - (Book: Noble Rogue, A)
Havelocke James - (Book: Nonpareil, The)
Havelocke James - (Book: Nonpareil, The (reissue))
Hakan - (Book: Norse Jewel (ebook))
Hunter Kirkland - (Book: Northern Star)
Hunter Strahm - (Book: Not a Moment Too Soon)
Hugh Brannon - (Book: Not Quite As Advertised)
Havergal - (Book: Notorious Lord Havergal, The)
Harry Jordan - (Book: Now or Never)
Hunter - (Book: Nowhere Man)
Hunter - (Book: Obsession (ebook))
Hunter Cabot - (Book: Officer and a Millionaire, An)
Hal Carlow - (Book: Officer and a Proper Lady, The)
Hawke Madison - (Book: On Wings of Love)
Hawke Madison - (Book: On Wings Of Magic)
Holden Thomas - (Book: Once a Cop)
Holt Winston - (Book: Once a Cowboy...)
Harry Remington - (Book: Once Upon a Thanksgiving)
Hunter Breckinridge - (Book: Once upon Forever)
Hunter Callahan - (Book: One Heart to Win (hardcover))
Hunter Callahan - (Book: One Heart to Win (paperback))
Henry Carter - (Book: One Little White Lie)
Hardison Hollister - (Book: One Night in Texas)
Hayden St. Clair - (Book: One Night of Scandal)
Hugh - (Book: One Night Stand)
Hudson Vale - (Book: One-Night Alibi)
Hudson Vale - (Book: One-Night Alibi (large print))
Hugo Dysart, Sir - (Book: Only Hope, The)
Heath Sullivan - (Book: Only Time Will Tell)
Hank Wilkins - (Book: Open Country)
Hank Wilkins - (Book: Open Country (mass market paperback))
Hoe Dillon - (Book: Original Cyn)
Henry "Cutch" McCutcheon - (Book: Out On a Limb)
Hal Granger - (Book: Outback Boss, City Bride)
Harlan McKinney - (Book: Outlaw Lawman)
Harlan McKinney - (Book: Outlaw Lawman (large print))
Hunter Mitchell - (Book: Outlaw's Redemption, The)
Hawk Rain - (Book: Over the Top (ebook))
Haso ter Brons Huizinga - (Book: Paradise for Two)
Haso ter Brons Huizinga - (Book: Paradise For Two (reissue))
Haso ter Brons Huizinga - (Book: Paradise for Two (reissue))
Haso ter Brons Huizinga - (Book: Paradise for Two (UK))
Haso ter Brons Huizinga - (Book: Paradise for Two (UK-reissue))
Hamish O'Donnell - (Book: Partners For Ever (UK))
Harris Chesterton - (Book: Passion and Pretense)
Hugo Starling - (Book: Passion Favors the Bold)
Henrico Augostini - (Book: Passion's Journey)
Hero Hargrave - (Book: Passionate Ghost, The)
Holt Landry - (Book: Past Sins)
Harrison Black - (Book: Patchwork Family in the Outback (large print))
Henrik Grenick - (Book: Penalty Play (ebook))
Harrison Landingham - (Book: Perfect Mistress, The)
Hugh Sebastian - (Book: Perilous Attraction, A)
Henry Thorne, Captain - (Book: Phantom Lover, The (reissue))
Hunter Night - (Book: Phantom Rider (ebook))
Harry Bensen - (Book: Picking Up the Pieces)
Henry Mariner,
- (Book: Pirate's Daughter, Rebel Wife)
Hayden - (Book: Place to Call Home, A (hardcover))
Harry Sanders - (Book: Playboy's Protégée, The)
Harry Hunter - (Book: Players)
Harrison Masters - (Book: Pleasure Trip, The)
Hugh of Clan MacKay - (Book: Pledge, The)
Harry Stephens - (Book: Plus-One Agreement, The)
Hugh DeLeon - (Book: Poisoned Serpent, The)
Harrison - (Book: Portrait of his Obsession (ebook))
Heath Saxon - (Book: Pregnancy Proposal)
Heath Sanders - (Book: Pressing the Flesh (ebook))
Hunter Carmichael - (Book: Pride of Lions)
Heath Williams - (Book: Primitive Passion (ebook))
Hank McCauley - (Book: Prince's Cowboy Double, The)
High Wolf - (Book: Princess and the Wolf, The)
Hugh Jordan - (Book: Princess's Proposal, The)
Haydan Kent - (Book: Prisoner, The)
Holden Kincaid - (Book: Private S.W.A.T. Takeover)
Halstrom - (Book: Professor, The (ebook))
Hershall Digman - (Book: Promise Me Today)
Holt McMaster - (Book: Promoted: Nanny to Wife)
Holt McMaster - (Book: Promoted: Nanny to Wife (Large Print))
Hugo - (Book: Proposal, The)
Hallam Ravenscar - (Book: Protected by the Major)
Harris Truman - (Book: Protecting His Princess)
Hunt Gresham - (Book: Protecting Molly McCulloch)
Hayes Cameron - (Book: Protector (reissue))
Hayes - (Book: Protector, The (hardcover))
Hunter Kincaid - (Book: Pure Chemistry)
Hilton Dorsey - (Book: Pure Paradise)
Hugh Drummond - (Book: Pure Silk)
Hugh - (Book: Pure Silk)
Henry Walsh - (Book: Pursuit of Mary Bennet, The)
Hubert Challenge
- (Book: Quadrille)
Henry VIII - (Book: Queen's Mistake, The)
Henri Gillet - (Book: Quest, The)
Holt Evans - (Book: Racing Hearts)
Hugh, Marquess of Ormond - (Book: Racing With The Wind)
Hayden Winters - (Book: Rain Sparrow, The)
Holt Rawlins - (Book: Raising The Rancher's Family)
Hugh Kendrick - (Book: Rake's Ruined Lady, The )
Harry Akeham,
Earl of Ainsty
- (Book: Ramillies)
Harlan Adams - (Book: Rancher and His Unexpected Daughter, The)
Harlan Hamilton - (Book: Rancher's Bride, The)
Holt Calhoun - (Book: Rancher's Unexpected Family, The)
Holt Calhoun - (Book: Rancher's Unexpected Family, The (large print))
Harry Gowan - (Book: Randall Thanksgiving, A)
Hart Daniels - (Book: Raveled Ends of Sky)
Henrik Vance - (Book: Raw Redemption)
Harrison Stone - (Book: Ready-Made Family, The)
Harry Kincaid - (Book: Real McCoy, A)
Horse - (Book: Reaper's Property)
Holt Chamberlain - (Book: Reckoning, The)
Holt Chamberlain - (Book: Reckoning, The (large print))
Harper - (Book: Red Lily)
Harry Reed Hamilton - (Book: Redemption (Hardcover))
Hadrian - (Book: Reluctant Prince, The)
Hauk FitzWyborn - (Book: Reluctant Princess, The)
Hugh Rowland - (Book: Reluctant Thief, The)
Harper Stoyan - (Book: Reluctant Vampire, The)
Harry Fleming
Earl of Graystone
- (Book: Rendezvous)
Hayes Cardwell - (Book: Rescue at Cardwell Ranch)
Houston Whitford - (Book: Rescued in a Wedding Dress)
Heath - (Book: Return of the Stranger, The)
Harry MacMillan - (Book: Return to Sender)
Harrison Rivers - (Book: Rich Man's Baby, The)
Hawke Kennedy - (Book: Rich Man's Royal Mistress, The)
Hawke Kennedy - (Book: Rich Man's Royal Mistress, The (UK))
Hastings Adair - (Book: Riddle of the Reluctant Rake, The)
Hagan Ansdar - (Book: Right Mr. Wrong, The)
Heath Brown - (Book: Right Twin, The)
Hugh Nowlin, Sir - (Book: Rival Heir, A)
Hal Lindsay - (Book: River Devil, The)
Hatcher Jones - (Book: Road To Love, The)
Hugh Davenport - (Book: Rogue in Sheep's Clothing, A)
Harry Romney, Honorable - (Book: Rogue's Lady, The)
Holt Mallory - (Book: Rogue, The)
Horton High - (Book: Romancing Cody)
Hugh Eavleigh, Sir - (Book: Rosamund)
Hugh MacColme, Major - (Book: Rose in Scotland, A)
Henry of Ravenscrag - (Book: Rose of Ravenscrag, The)
Hastings of Trent - (Book: Rosehaven)
Harrison Monteque - (Book: Royal Protocol)
Hunter Leigh - (Book: Royal Ransom)
Hayden Rothwell - (Book: Rules of Seduction, The)
Hayden Fitzwalter - (Book: Runaway Countess, The)
Marquis of Aldeborough
- (Book: Runaway Heiress, The)
Marquis of Aldeborough
- (Book: Runaway Heiress, The (UK))
Marquis of Aldeborough
- (Book: Runaway Heiress, The (UK- Hardcover- Large Print))
Hart Sanders - (Book: Runaway Lone Star Bride, The)
Hugo Murphy - (Book: Running on Empty)
Hayden/Ailig - (Book: Ryality Bites)
Hunter Davis - (Book: Safe by the Marshal's Side)
Hawk Winchester - (Book: Safe In His Arms (ebook))
Hawk - (Book: Savage Passion)
High Hawk - (Book: Savage Tempest)
Harry - (Book: Savannah Breeze)
Harrison Kincaid - (Book: Say Yes)
Hunter Grant - (Book: Scandalize Me)
Hayden - (Book: Scandalous Duke Takes a Bride, The )
Harry Harmon - (Book: Scandalous Life of a True Lady, The)
Hadrian Braxton-Lowell
Duke of Clayborough.
- (Book: Scandalous Love)
Hadrian Braxton-Lowell
Duke of Clayborough
- (Book: Scandalous Love (reissue))
Harry Wright - (Book: Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright, The (reprint))
Henry Challoner - (Book: Schooling the Viscount)
Harry Chattan - (Book: Scottish Witch, The)
Heath Stone - (Book: SEAL's Baby, The )
Heath Stone - (Book: Season For Family, A)
Henry - (Book: Season of Open Water)
Henry - (Book: Season of Open Water )
Hank Monroe - (Book: Second Chance Cowboy)
Hunter Brown - (Book: Second Nature)
Heath MacLaren - (Book: Second Summer (ebook))
Hassan Kamal, Sheik - (Book: Secret Agent Sheik)
Holden - (Book: Secret to Dating Monsters, The (ebook novella))
Hawk - (Book: Secrets of Seduction)
Hunter Davis - (Book: Seducing Hunter)
Harrison Tolly - (Book: Seduction of Lady X, The)
Hugh Pendragon - (Book: Seeker, The)
Hawk Stone - (Book: Seeker, The)
Harry Dudley
Earl of Milverton
- (Book: Sensible Match, A)
Hunter Kingston - (Book: September Moon)
Hugo Ramsey
- (Book: Servant of Quality, A)
Hen Randolph - (Book: Seven Brides: Laurel (reissue))
Hank Masterson - (Book: Sex Diet, The)
Hallie DiBarto - (Book: Shades of Heaven)
Hunter Long - (Book: Shadow Hunter)
Hawk - (Book: Shadow of the Hawk)
Hassan Al Abbas - (Book: Sheihk's Heir, The)
Hassan ben Khalifa Al-Qadim - (Book: Sheik's Chosen Wife, The (UK))
Hassan ben Khalifa Al-Qadim - (Book: Sheikh's Chosen Wife, The)
Hassan Al Abbas - (Book: Sheikh's Heir, The (large print))
Harun El-Kanar - (Book: Sheikh's Jewel, The)
Harun El-Kanar - (Book: Sheikh's Jewel, The (large print))
Haidar Aal Shalaan - (Book: Sheikh's Redemption, The)
Harry Buchanan - (Book: Shock Engagement, The)
Hayden Olson - (Book: Silence the Whispers)
Hunter Thornton-Payne - (Book: Silent Truth)
Harris Trevell - (Book: Silk and Secrets)
Harry Danger - (Book: Silken Bonds)
Hunter Morrison - (Book: Silver Linings)
Hugh Abbot - (Book: Silver Linings )
Hugh Abbot - (Book: Silver Linings (reissue))
Hugh Abbot - (Book: Silver Linings (reissue))
Harry Oliver - (Book: Silverbridge)
Hamish Adams - (Book: Single Dad's Marriage Wish, The)
Heath Murphy - (Book: Situation: Out of Control)
Hugh Marsh - (Book: Sky Pirates)
Hunter Slade - (Book: Slade's Woman)
Hugh MacLean - (Book: Sleepless in Scotland)
Herr Weckler - (Book: Smile of the Stranger, The)
Heather Sampson - (Book: Smoke and Ashes)
Hunter Fletcher - (Book: Smooth Talkin' Stranger)
Hyde Vandemeer - (Book: Snowbird)
Hunter Bedford - (Book: Snowbound with Mr Right)
Hal Sinclair - (Book: Snowflake Wishes)
Harry Maxwell - (Book: Soldier's Secret, A)
Hugh Weston - (Book: Some Die Telling)
Hamre Bjorklund - (Book: Sophie's Delemma)
Henry VIII - (Book: Spanish Bride, The)
Harry Smith - (Book: Spanish Bride, The)
Hawk Bledsoe - (Book: Special Agent's Perfect Cover)
Hazard Maine - (Book: Special Treatment (UK))
Hunter Garrity - (Book: Spirit)
Harry Blake - (Book: Spirit Willing Flesh Weak)
Hugo Lawrence - (Book: Spring Proposal in Swallowbrook)
Hank - (Book: Spurs & Mistletoe 2: The Harder They Fall )
Harte Delancey - (Book: Star Witness)
Harte Delancey - (Book: Star Witness (large print))
Harlan Danway - (Book: Steeplechase)
Hunter Walsh - (Book: Stolen Ecstasy)
Hunter Walsh - (Book: Stolen Ecstasy)
Hunter Kincaid - (Book: Storm Dancer)
Hanson - (Book: Storm Watcher)
Harold English - (Book: Strange Fits of Passion)
Earl of Hawksworth
- (Book: Stranger in my Arms)
Harry Westbrook - (Book: Suddenly Dating)
Harry Porter - (Book: Suddenly You)
Harry Porter - (Book: Suddenly You (large print))
Hugh Prentice - (Book: Sum of All Kisses, The)
Hunter Morgan - (Book: Summer Of The Unicorn)
Hank Cooper - (Book: Sunset Promises)
Hank Cooper - (Book: Sunset Promises)
Honorable Andrew Langham-Jones - (Book: Surgeon's Miracle, The)
Hamilton Fletcher - (Book: Surrender of Nora, The)
Hunter - (Book: Surrender to Me)
Hunter - (Book: Surrender to Me (reprint))
Hal Benson - (Book: Suspicion)
Holt Bradford - (Book: Suzanna's Surrender)
Hawkin Play - (Book: Sweet Ache)
Hunter McKee - (Book: Sweet Anger)
Heath Murdock - (Book: Sweet Blessings)
Hawk - (Book: Sweet Savage Splendor)
Hugh Barret - (Book: Sweet Southern Caress)
Hawk - (Book: Sweet Spot)
Harrison Gamble - (Book: Sweet Talk Me)
Han - (Book: Sword Dancer, The)
Hugh, Lord Latham - (Book: Tabitha's Tangle)
Hugh Christie
Laird Glenloch
- (Book: Taken By The Laird)
Henrik Magnusson - (Book: Taken by the Vampire King (ebook novella))
Haakon Haroldson - (Book: Taken By The Viking)
Hunter Chase - (Book: Taking Her)
Hollis "Griff" Griffin
- (Book: Tall, Dark and Difficult)
Hardwick - (Book: Tall, Dark and Kilted)
Hugh Gordon
Duke of Roxbury
- (Book: Tame the Wild Heart)
Hugh Douglas
- (Book: Tamed by a Laird)
Hugh Licorne - (Book: Tapestry of Dreams, A)
Hugh Licorne - (Book: Tapestry of Dreams, A (reissue))
Hadley Fullerton - (Book: Taste of Seduction, A (ebook))
Hank Riley - (Book: Tea and Destiny)
Hank Riley - (Book: Tea and Destiny)
Hunt Cicero - (Book: Teardrop Lane)
Harry Rutledge - (Book: Tempt Me at Twilight)
Harmon Bass - (Book: Temptation's Trail)
Hadrian Ross
Earl of St. Aubyn
- (Book: Tempting Fate)
Harrison Walgrave - (Book: Tempting the Earl)
Houston Leigh - (Book: Texas Destiny)
Hank Langley - (Book: Texas Millionaire)
Hudson Stone - (Book: Texas Ranger, Runaway Heiress)
Harlan Boyd - (Book: Texas! Sage)
Harlan Boyd - (Book: Texas! Sage (hardcover--reissue))
Harlan Rockwood - (Book: That Stubborn Yankee)
Harper Montgomery - (Book: Thick As Thieves)
Hunter St. John - (Book: Thirty Nights)
Harry, Duke of Sommersville - (Book: This Magic Moment)
Hawk Blackmoor - (Book: Throwback)
Harry Wells - (Book: Ticket to Love)
Hari - (Book: Tiger Eye)
Hari - (Book: Tiger Eye (reissue))
Henri Foucault - (Book: Time for Eternity)
Henry - (Book: Time Traveler's Wife, The)
Hauk Valbrand - (Book: Timeless)
Harry Wilde - (Book: Timely Matrimony)
Hector - (Book: Tingle All the Way (ebook-novella))
Earl of Deversham
- (Book: To Catch An Earl)
Hunter Greye - (Book: To Hunt a Sainte)
Hamish MacRae - (Book: To Love A Scottish Lord)
Holt Wilde - (Book: To Love a Wilde)
Heath Griffin - (Book: To Seduce a Bride)
Harres Aal Shalaan - (Book: To Tempt a Sheikh)
Hunter Greymore - (Book: To Tempt the Wolf)
Henry Herbert - (Book: To Wed in Scandal)
Hal Anderson - (Book: Tomboy, The)
Hogan O'Shea - (Book: Tomorrow's Dream)
Hosea Bush - (Book: Too Little, Too Late)
Heath Moreton - (Book: Too Wicked to Tame)
Harlan Jameson - (Book: Totally Yours)
Hunter Carson - (Book: Touch of Heaven)
Hunter Carson - (Book: Touch of Heaven)
Hawk Donovan - (Book: Touch of the Beast, A)
Houston Bookout - (Book: Touchstone)
Harry Fallbrook
aka Earl of Fallbrook
- (Book: Townhouse for Tessa, A)
Hadley Blanchard - (Book: Treacherous Temptation (ebook))
Hunter Blackwell - (Book: Treasured by Thursday)
Howard - (Book: Trial By Fire)
Hunter Callaghan - (Book: Triplet Secret Babies)
Hamish MacHugh - (Book: Trouble with Dukes, The)
Harry, Marquis Rosse - (Book: Trouble With Harry, The)
Harry Rosse - (Book: Trouble with Harry, The (reissue))
Heath Gerlach - (Book: Troubled Waters)
Horatio Darcy - (Book: True Darcy Spirit)
Henry De Vere - (Book: Truth Within Dreams)
Henry O'Neil - (Book: Turncoat, The)
Hank Friesen - (Book: Twins For the Teacher)
Hal Treverne - (Book: Tycoon's Delicious Distraction, The)
Hunter Dolan - (Book: Tycoon's Valentine Vendetta)
Hal Waterman - (Book: Unconventional Match, An)
Hugo Fitzsimmon, Sir - (Book: Unconventional Widow, An)
Heath Jameson - (Book: Undercover at City Hospital)
Henry Lake - (Book: Undercover Scoundrel, The)
Hunter Graham - (Book: Undercover Texas)
Hunter Graham - (Book: Undercover Texas (large print))
Haydon Bowen - (Book: Unexpected Bride, The)
Harrison Starbuck - (Book: Unexpected Suitor, An)
Harrison Kingsley - (Book: Unintended Groom, The)
Hugo Darracott, Major - (Book: Unknown Ajax, The)
Hugh - (Book: Unknown Ajax, The (new edition))
Henry Ashton
Marquess of Mandeville
- (Book: Unlaced)
Holden Harris - (Book: Unlocked)
Henry Ashford - (Book: Unspoken Vows)
Hayden Campbell - (Book: Untamed Highlander)
Hayden Moreland
Earl of Westfield
- (Book: Unveiled)
Harry Lester - (Book: Unwilling Conquest, An)
Harry Lester - (Book: Unwilling Conquest, An (reprint))
Hal Underwood - (Book: Unzipped)
Hartley Ross, Sir - (Book: Valentine Charm, The)
Hayden St. James - (Book: Valentine's Day Gambit, A)
Hawke Morran - (Book: Valley Of Shadows)
Hadrian St. Claire - (Book: Vanquished)
Hugh of Castlerock - (Book: Veil of Passion)
Hoyt Baxter - (Book: Velvet (Hardcover))
Hugo Rothschild - (Book: Victoria and the Rogue)
Harry Sinclair - (Book: View to A Kiss, A)
Hector - (Book: Virgin Queen)
Hugh Montgomery
Marquess of Ravensworth
- (Book: Virtuous Lady, A)
Hawk Chandler - (Book: Wager, The)
Howell Whittington - (Book: Waking Up in Dixie (hardcover))
Howell Whittington - (Book: Waking Up in Dixie (paperback))
Holden Walker - (Book: Walks in Shadow)
Hank Cooper - (Book: Wanderer, The)
Harlan Cole - (Book: Wanted Man, A)
Harlan Cole - (Book: Wanted Man, A (large print))
Heath Jameson - (Book: Wanted: Outback Wife)
Hugh - (Book: Wanted: Wild Thing)
Heath - (Book: Warcry)
Harrison Rand - (Book: Warrior Rising)
Halldor O'Donar - (Book: Warrior Untamed)
Hu Morgan - (Book: Warrior's Way, A)
Heath Boscastle - (Book: Wedding Night of an English Rogue, The)
Hayden Dean - (Book: Werewolf Wears Prada, The)
Harry Norcliffe - (Book: What a Devilish Duke Desires)
Harper Reynolds - (Book: What A Girl Wants)
Hugh Dulonget - (Book: What She Wants (reprint))
Henry of Anjou - (Book: What the Duchess Wants (ebook))
Heath Bartlett - (Book: When Seducing a Spy)
Hunter McCoy - (Book: When Somebody Loves You)
Hyna Blue - (Book: When Sparks Fly)
Harry Ballantine - (Book: When Twilight Comes)
Hugh Templar - (Book: Whisper His Name)
Hazard McAllister - (Book: Whisper of Midnight)
Harte Delaney - (Book: White Lily)
Holt Atley - (Book: White Tiger)
Hunter Whitelaw - (Book: Whitelaw's Wedding)
Hank Davis - (Book: Whole New Man, A)
Hunter Robertson - (Book: Wicked Company)
Viscount Bonham
- (Book: Wicked Gentleman, A)
Harrison Frost - (Book: Wicked Lies)
Harrison Frost - (Book: Wicked Lies (ebook))
Harry Fitzroy - (Book: Wicked Pursuit, A)
Hugh of Beaucaire - (Book: Widow's Kiss, The)
Hunter Reece - (Book: Widow's Protector, The)
Hunter Reece - (Book: Widow's Protector, The (large print))
Hank Riverton - (Book: Wife for a Week)
Harry Griffith - (Book: Wild About Harry)
Harry Griffith - (Book: Wild About Harry (reissue))
Howard Barr - (Book: Wild About You)
Hunter - (Book: Wild Nights, Silver Dreams)
Harrigan Mahoney - (Book: Wild Roses (reprint))
Hunter Kincaid - (Book: Wild Thing)
Hawk Reynolds - (Book: Wild Winds)
Horatio Merivale - (Book: Wildest Shore, The)
Hunter Tate - (Book: Winds of Promise)
Hunter Merrick - (Book: Wishful Thinking)
Henry Hawker (Hawk) Sinclair - (Book: Witchchild)
Holman Devonshire, Count - (Book: With All My Heart)
Hod Dolan - (Book: With Song)
Harley Forester - (Book: Without A Past)
Heber - (Book: Women of the Bible: Jael's Story )
Heath Stamp - (Book: Working with the Enemy)
Hank Mitchell - (Book: Worth the Trouble)
Hugh Pritchett - (Book: Wrapped and Strapped)
Harrison Connors - (Book: Wrapped in Wishes)
Hugh McCallum - (Book: Wrong Bride, The)
Heathcliffe - (Book: Wuthering Heights)
Heath - (Book: You Make Me)


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